i screamed into the night

ouma is already a problem, but I’ll never get over little kiibo;; hang in there saihara! 

soooo uh it turns out our leaseholder for our place is a raging alcoholic and has been lying to us about our room mate’s payments and loses our payment slips/forgets and accuses us of not paying…..we’re working out trying to find another place but right now we can’t afford an actual move…..if you can donate to koleniko707@gmail.com, please do, we have to avoid being at our own home now because of how bad he’s gotten and we are so tired

Which is to say, scientifically speaking of course, speaking from the point of view of mere facts and logic and you know, what with the science and all…  I just thought that it was time for us to make a life together.
—  Carlos the Scientist, Toast (episode 100)

Ozian 1: I hear she has an extra eye that always remains awake!
Ozian 2: I hear that she can shed her skin as easily as a snake!
Ozian 3: I hear some rebel animals are giving her food and shelter!
Ozian 4:I hear that Elphaba Thropp has an eight pack. That Elphaba Thropp is shredded.

The “my little random moments of pleasure” series - The one with the bunny - SN:12x11