i screamed at the second picture


I rewatched Malec scene at Magnus’ from episode 6
First picture: we have thie chandelier. The same is on the picture number 3 and we see that they are gonna kiss.
In the second picture, in the background we see something red. For me it looks like the bed from picture number 5!
And finally gif number 4. Look how they are standing on the third picture (at directions !!!!)
Just to clear!

I’m really sorry for that. I needed to share this with someone because I’m freaking out right now.
When I realized this I screamed at the whole house and now my sister run into my room to check if I’m okay(again, exactly because the first time was when I saw the pictures at the balcony. Yeah, you know which ones.) BUT I’M NOT OKAY!

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just my weird brain which can’t wait any longer for episode 7?

Sorry if you didn’t understand me clearly. I was writing this so fast and I didn’t have time to think.

Favorite timmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme, my FAVORITE THING TO DO. IT’S TIME FORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR WWE COMMENTARY WITH SHANNON YAYYYYYYYYY though it should prob just be called Wrestling Commentary with Shannon bc I do people out of the wwe sometimes too. 

Growly baby, grr. 


Listen to me, this gif. Thsi fucking gif is the sexiest thing I have ever ever ever seen in my entrie life. LIKE THE HAIR PUSH BACK THE LITTLE BREKTHY TURNING INTO A SMIRK LIEK LSGM.G mfl

HE IS BITING. AND HAS MOUTH GUARD. BITING. MOUTH. GUARD. BELT. Too much, overload sorry goodbye. 

Like, this pic is super hot but all I can focus on in knee bear. Who I have named Koda. After Brother Bear. 


Like, I don’t think I’ve ever watned someone to flip me off more??? How is he so hot? 

He looks so good in this outfit, like this whole ensemble is 1000/10. Tie me up with the tie, I would be okay with it. 

Sweet lil baby peach. :’) I love this so. 

okay okay okay but hear me out… Imagine him looking up at you like that when you’re scolding him or something, like and you look back and you’re like what? AND THEN BAM YOU GET FUCKED. 


He looks so cute here. Like one of those pop punk band bassists or something okay. (also looks like a fuck boy but eh) 

He looks so good in this jean vest thingy??? Like??? WH Y D OESN’T HE WEAR IT MORE BURY MY ASS IN THIS VEST. 

Cute lil baby peach :’) Honestly can you believe. 

Come bite me next daddy. 


He looks so relaxed and gym ready here I’m. 




“Shannon how many biting pics do you have?” Ya know what, maybe if this BOY DIDN’T BITE EVERYTHING IWOULDN’T HAVE THIS MANY, HOW ABOUT THAT CAROL? 



Yeah, you guys, he was Team Rocket ADN HE FOUGHT PIKACHU I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS BOY

Lil bean took a selfie in a giant bean


Contribution to bae’s @hardcorewwetrash Thirst Party Saturday. 

I bought a sketchbook to draw and show it during an interview for an art school AND I MADE THIS IN THE TRAIN
i can’t be serious for a second

I hope they will be open minded because if they have something against lesbians some of my drawings will make them scream.

I’LL POST THE NEXT PICTURES IN A NEW POST WITH UPDATES I HAVE TO GO NOW (yeah because there are four of them.)

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can you do one where the reader is a fan and meets josh for the first time?? thanks :) love u tay


“Come on, Jenna. Hurry up, we’re going to miss our chance!” you say, dragging her away from the guy she was just talking to and closer to the door you know Josh would be walking out of any minute now. “Do you know how often chances like these come about? Never. So stop talking to boys and help me get a picture!”

“Y/N. Chances like these come about all the time.“ Jenna says, she doesn’t seem annoyed though, so that was a nod in your direction. "I should know, you drag me all over the place any time you hear Josh is within a five mile radius.”

“That’s not true!” you protest. Jenna just gives you that look, the one she always uses when you’re full of shit. Okay, so maybe it’s a little bit true. But, it’s not your fault, really, all you want is a picture. Just one. “Okay fine. But still, today might be the day that I actually, finally get a picture with Josh, and that’s never going to happen if we’re standing on the other side of the road.”

Jenna just laughs, because she’s a really fucking good friend who puts up with your shit, like trailing her out of bed at two in the morning to try and get a picture with Josh.

The crowd is relatively small for a change, which is good, the less people there were, the bigger your chance was to get noticed. There’s only a few girls (and boys) crowding the door of the hotel Josh is about to leave, but not enough to cause too much of a scene to the clearly underage, drunken teenagers stumbling their way out of pubs. You stay near the back of the crowd, not wanting to push past people because you know how annoying and rude that is. It’s not too bad anyway, you can still see the door fairly well.

Jenna stands next to you, burying herself further into her jacket, because apparently it’s cold at two in the morning in the middle of winter, who would’ve known? (Clearly not you because you decided to put on a t-shirt with rolled up sleeves). “So, you think today could be the day then?” Jenna says, eyes raking over the small crowd in front of you.

“Well, yeah. There’s usually a lot more people than this so surely it’ll be easier to get noticed.” you barely gets the full sentence out before a loud scream from somewhere in front of you rings out.  Followed by a few more. A lot more. You snap your head toward the door, knowing that screaming can only mean one thing. And that’s when you see it. The messy yellow hair that you’ve seen so, so many times before but has never actually been this close to. And shit, he isn’t half close.

Josh makes his way through the people, stopping for pictures and hugs and you feel your heart beating rapidly in your chest because this is it. This is finally it.

It doesn’t take long for Josh to get to you. And you’re pretty sure you can hear his heart beat over everybody’s screaming. Josh frowns for a second before saying “You must be freezing.” And you have to tell every single cell in your body not to explode because Josh Dun just spoke to you.

“What? Oh. No, I’m fine. Can’t even feel it.” you say, and it’s true, you can hardly feel anything. “Could I get a picture? With you, that is. A picture with you.”

“Sure, love” -love! - before standing next to you and smiling.

You take a second to react because you can smell him, but then as you bring your phone up, already having the camera open. You place your finger over the volume button to take the picture and -

Josh is pulled away.

“Sorry, Josh. You don’t have time for anymore pictures.” A big bulky guy says.

“But I-”

“No, Josh. We need to leave or you wont be in Boston in time.” You decide right then and there that you do not like the bulky guy.

Josh looks over at you apologetically. “I’m so sorry. Another time, yeah?“ And he’s gone before you can even reply. Which is kind of a good thing because you’re pretty sure your voice would break in a very embarrassing way and you would probably start crying.

Jenna seems to realize this because she puts her arm around you and says, "It’s okay. We’ll keep trying, babe” as she leads you towards the nearest bar.

- - -

“I was so close” you say, drunkenly to an equally-as-drunk Jenna.

“I know, babe. I saw” she says, rubbing your back in a way that is supposed to be comforting and probably would be if you weren’t piss drunk and ready to puke.

“I was so close. I had my finger on the button, Jen. I was so close.”

“I know, I know. But next time, yeah. Even Josh said so.” And that’s when you realize that yeah, Josh did say that. Josh spoke to you. Josh Dun spoke to you.



“I’m gonna puke” And then you do.

- - -

“Come on, Y/N. You’ve been locked up in your room for three days. Three days, Y/N. You know how weird that is for you. Just stop moping and come out with me,” Jenna says from outside your bedroom door.

“I’m not moping.” you say into your pillow, it’s a bit muffled but whatever. “Moping is pathetic and I am most definitely not doing it.”

“Fine, fine. Well, whatever it is your doing. Stop doing it and come out with me.  It’ll be fun, we’ll just go somewhere quiet, yeah? A small bar or something.”

You make a noise which clearly means fuck that, but you get up anyway because you just really want to get Jenna to stop complaining about you. “Fine. Just let me get ready.”

And half an hour later you come out of your room, hair in a ponytail and dressed in black jeans and a sweater.

“There she is! Nice to see you’ve stopped moping.“ Jenna snickers.

"I wasn’t moping!” you groan.

- - -

You do just go to a bar, which you’re very thankful for because you can’t really deal with dancing and people. There’s a few people in, not too many, making it fairly quiet except for the occasional drunken shout coming from the guys in the corner.

You go over to a booth in the back because you refuse to sit too out in the open, being the unsociable loser you were right now. Jenna goes and buys them the first round, coming back with two drinks in hand. They finish them quickly enough. And it starts to relax you. Makes you forget about stupid bulky guy pulling Josh away from you and by the third round, you decide it’s your turn to buy drinks.

You stumble a little on your way to the bar, which you will never admit if anyone brings it up, but when you do get there, you order the drinks and suddenly feel someone stand next to you.

“Hey,” you hear a voice say. And for a second you think maybe you’re actually still in your bedroom not-moping and this is all a dream because fuck if you didn’t know that voice. But then you look up and Josh is right there. Josh Dun is right there and you just know that this is real life because your dreaming skills could not imagine the way his cheeks are slightly flushed and his smile is slightly crooked and holy shit.

“Uh, hey.” you say, going for casual but it ends up just sounding like a very high-pitched squeek. Josh laughs though, which. Wow.

“So I do believe I owe you a picture.” he says. And that’s the exact moment that you stopped breathing for a whole like, twenty seconds, because Josh remembered him.

“I, uh, yeah. I mean, you don’t have to if you don’t want. Like, you don’t owe me it.” You reply, your cheeks turning slightly pink.

Josh laughs again, pulling out his phone. “Don’t be stupid. I want to.” he says, before holding the camera out in front of their faces, telling you to smile. You do, of course. And Josh does too and the picture turns out amazing and everything is perfect until you realize.

“But it’s on your phone.” you say with a frown, “can we take another?” You’re already pulling your phone out but then Josh speaks again.

“No need,” he says with a grin “I’ll send it to you.”

You frown again, “But you don’t have my number.”

And that is when Josh’s grin turns into a smirk, “I will if you give me it.”

Holy shit.

You struggle to stay calm when Josh hands his phone over for you to put in your number, and your hands are shaking as you thumb it into the phone, but you get the job done and hand it back.

“I’ll see you soon then, yeah?” Josh says pulling you in to a short hug, and you just nod and hug back because you don’t know what else to do. And then Josh is pulling back and shooting you a small smile before making his way over to the booth where his friends must be.

You completely forget about the drinks as you make your way back over to Jenna, smiling like an idiot as Jenna has a gaping grin on her face. Your own grin only widens when your phone vibrates in your pocket and you pull it out to see a text from an unknown number saying ‘Call me sometime, love.’ along with the picture of you and Josh.

And, yeah. You’re definitely going to do that.

Tae and Jimin in “Spring day”

You can take this as a theory or as an AU

According to Blood Sweat and Tears, Tae shouldn’t be human. So we know, he’s probably not really there with bts and that the whole motel scene is probably just a memory.

Now I don’t exactly know what Taehyung is, but he’s different from the rest of the boys. And so is Jimin.

I want to go out on a limb here and say that since Jimin’s character seems a lot more gentle and reassuring, then maybe Jimin is an angel. That’s describing his natural nature. (If you scratch out when he was “tempted” in Lie.) He’s a creature like Tae but also not the same. They could possibly be beings that linger around bts.

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Friendly reminder to all the people screaming murder and riot to Yana in case the spoilers are true: pls have so much dignity as to leave her Twitter/Tumblr alone. It's her story and they are her characters. You are not entitled to demand for her to apologise or change the story in any way comfortable to you. Thank you very much & carry on. (Not aimed at you thedarkestcrow but you got such a wide presence that I thought most might see this through your blog)


Thanks Anon for bringing up that topic.

This is very important and I second that! We’ve only seen one picture of the next chapter for now and nothing is certain yet. But if what we fear is true it’s part of the story. And whether we like it or not it doesn’t give us the right to send any inappropriate messages or hate to the creator of the story. Yana and her team are working very hard on it and she has proven many times that she’s putting much thought into her work. So whatever happens in this chapter (or in the future), sending rude words to Yana and/or her team is never acceptable. Everyone is free to like or dislike how the story progresses but there’s no need to harass the creators about it.

By the way, that also applies to how we all interact with each other as a fandom. ;)

But I trust in my followers not to do something like that. :)

Valkyrie has the vapours

Sooo… I am on week 3 of being sick with bronchitis and/or walking pneumonia, so forgive me for my ramblings and for taking so long to post.  Here’s my report from the front lines.  (I’m without my laptop so this will be a challenge.)  You might want to grab a beverage because I’m going to put this all in one post.

THAT HORRIBLE FEELING WHEN YOU REALIZE YOU MIGHT NOT MAKE IT TO THE CON IN TIME:  I came down with a stomach bug on Wednesday night (on top of the bronchitis) and was too sick to fly on Thursday morning.  Though the airline was able to rebook me on an afternoon flight, delays meant I would miss my connection.  After an hour standing at the JFK ticket counter during which options slipped away, I was finally able to secure an alternative flight… but had to endure a coach window seat for 6 hours despite having paid for a first class seat.  Thank god for the copious amount of drugs in my system that I was able to remain calm and get a little nap before running through LAX, rebooking yet again when I discovered a better connecting flight, and finally arriving at SeaTac after 1:00 am - 12 hours after I was originally supposed to land. The silver lining was that I was too distracted by the drama to be nervous about what I would say to Cait and Sam.

WAIT, WE’RE QUEUING UP HOW EARLY?  Luckily @chrismosstree and @myguiltyolpleasure scoped out the situation on Thursday afternoon and figured out exactly when and where we needed to be.  I awoke around 5 am after a couple hours of sleep to bid them farewell as they headed for the convention center, taking advantage of their generous offer to hold a place for me in line. Despite being dizzy and queasy I made my way down the street to our “holding pen” outside the main hall to wait for the panel discussion with Sam and Cait.   We were able to meet up with the lovely @supertam87, @sileas84, and @side-eyeing-you and chatted with a lot of other fans while we waited… and waited… and waited.  Seriously, you guys, attending a comic con is all about standing around and monitoring your fluid intake to make sure you don’t have to go to the bathroom at the wrong time.  Luckily I was dehydrated from the decongestants so I didn’t have to worry too much.

OH, MY GOD, IT’S STARTING!  Being in line so early paid off as we got 5th row center seats in the auditorium.  The hall was huge and completely filled up in a matter of minutes.  I feel like you miss so much in the room because you’re trying to switch from watching them on stage, to seeing them blown up on the screens to the side of the stage, to snapping pics, to trying to anticipate whether they are about to do something cute so your camera is at the ready.  Initial impression was that the panel was merely okay, but I’m jaded by having attended the NYC Apple Store event last year where it was a much more intimate setting and they were less guarded.  I’ll have to watch the video to see what I missed because I’ve seen a lot of cute gifs on tumblr.

GOOD LORD, HAVE THESE PEOPLE NEVER MANAGED LINES BEFORE?  The convention organizers came across as very disorganized.  Rather than routing us toward the hall through a series of roped off rows like an airport security checkpoint, we were crammed together in a pen behind some gates like cattle in a feed yard about to go to slaughter.  That set the tone for the day as staff struggled to figure out what to do with us as we queued for photo ops and autograph sessions.  All sense of time was lost as we stood packed cheek to jowl in very stuffy conditions.  By the time we approached our solo pics with Sam I was a sweaty mess - some combination of nerves, the cramped quarters, and the Robitussin.

A TOTAL OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE:  I turned into a blithering idiot during the photo ops.  For those of you who haven’t done this before, the process is similar to school picture day but with more yelling.  There is a tiny mirror hanging outside this curtained off area.  I seriously thought I was going to hyperventilate as we got close to the front of the line.  You have only a second to realize you are a sweaty mess before you give your ticket to someone and are waved into the booth.  You see Sam smiling with a fan plastered to his side while a photographer screams, “READY!”  *click* “NEXT!”  Then you are thrust toward Sam and he says hello while clasping you tightly.  You are too tongue-tied to say anything and too blinded by his beauty to look him in the eye.  "READY!“ *click* "NEXT!”  It’s over.  You can’t believe it happened, but you assume it did. Emotions were running high and we skipped away, giggling uncontrollably.  Then got back in line for the joint photo op and the solo Cait session…. which took all afternoon.  Observations: I’m shorter than I thought I was after seeing myself next to them.  Sam’s jacket is unbelievably soft and I’m surprised I didn’t pet him (or maybe I did - who can remember).  He smells really good (not that @chrismosstree would know…).  He’s also thinner than I expected.  Not skinny, but not beefy like in S1.  (He’s the same height as my brother but seems so much taller.) Cait’s legs are ridiculously long and her waist is in line with my bust.  She glows. It was all a blur.  I pride myself on being unflapable, but I was - well - flapped.  I was shy and embarrassed and nervous and excited and couldn’t put a sentence together, all at the same time. 

“THAT IS SO COOL!”  On to the autograph session and a two hour wait to deliver the Doll Frasers to Cait.  They had been packed in their little trunk and carried around all day while I mentally rehearsed what I would say.  A few people asked what was in the box (I carried it in a giant clear zip lock bag to guard again rain.) As I explained that our friend makes costumes for a set of Jamie and Claire dolls and poses them in scenes from the show, one woman asked if @outlanderedandoverhere had a booth at the con where she could buy her own set!  (There’s an idea for a revenue stream, Fiona…)  There were handlers taking each item to be autographed and passing them to Cait and Sam so that by the time you were in front of them the item was signed and you could be on your way.  I was a little worried that they might not allow gifts because I didn’t see anyone in front of me doing it and I had visions of carrying the trunk around for the next week only to have to ship it back to the U.K.  I knew I had to be quick and concise, so I removed the trunk from the bag and unlatched the lid.  I flipped it open and set the thr trunk down in front of Cait, telling her that we saw the Doll Fraser calendar on the wall in their makeup trailer and thought the cast and crew might like their own set of dolls to play with.  She said, “Yeah, yeah!” and lit up like a Christmas tree.  Seriously, smiling ear to ear and digging through the trunk.  I pointed out the charity t-shirts and she said, “That is so cool!”  She just could not stop staring at them while I babbled on about how the Doll Frasers have been adopted by our community.  Finally the handler tried to move on to the next fan and Cait sighed and reluctantly closed the trunk before tucking it under the table.  She even made a little sqeeing noise.  Sam was sitting too far away and occupied with signing to notice, and they were running waaay behind, so there was noopportunity to alert him to the transaction. However, the Doll Frasers were clearly a hit.  No telling where they go from here (I assume all gifts were sent to production offices in Scotland) but hopefully we’ll see or hear about them again at some point.

After that we were FINALLY finished for the day and headed out to meet up with other fans for dinner.  And, honestly, that was the best part of this event: meeting up with so many of you.  I have laughed (and coughed) so much in the last week that my abs might actually form a “six pack.” 😂  And I love how willing everyone is to share their experience and that so many are interested.

Some of you have asked about the cock blocking story.  It’s not that interesting and requires props and facial expressions to convey properly so it’s best done in person.  For some reason (ahem, @c2bend and @rainmanjdog) it’s taken on a life of its own.  Truly, I’m not trying to be a tease so I’ll see if I can figure out a way to tell it with @chrismosstree’s help.  We’re off to dinner now but will be back online later. 

tl:dr  Overall impressions are that Sam seemed very tired and a little guarded, Cait could not have been more lovely nor down to earth, and that we are an amazing, funny, smart, and lovely group of women.  Mwah!

He’s only been walking for about a minute before something in the air changes. Frowning, Castiel Novak looks up from where he’s been watching his step to take a look at the copse of trees around him, shivering slightly against the wind. The rain has finally cleared to give way for sunset–gold light spilling across hill and rock. It’s beautiful in an ancient, abandoned sort of way… but something in the air has him alert and careful. 

This glen demands respect.

He pays special attention to his steps from then on, careful not to put his feet anywhere outside the marked paths. 

The more Castiel walks, the faster his heart beats and his body curls into itself, and suddenly, the nice Scottish man who picked him up on the side of the road and drove him to the fairie glen doesn’t seem so crazy.

“They’re there,” he’d said sagely, nodding up the road. “Ye canna see ‘em, but they are. And if they choose you, lad, well… ye best do whatever they want, because fairies are a fickle sort.“ 

Dunvegan, the faerie castle, is a big and imposing outcropping of rocks, and after seeing the old and new spirals on its other side, Cas carefully makes his way to the top. There are a couple of people making their way back down, and he nods to them as they pass. 

But to get to the top, he has to climb up a narrow passageway. He goes from thinking he can fit with his backpack, to being completely stuck.

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make it happen, Netflix

k i’m gonna need a TRC Netflix Original Series for the following reasons:

  • Blue’s wardrobe, done on a $10 budget and crafted exclusively from vintage home decor
  • Gansey’s wardrobe. you didn’t even know those colors existed. designer polo shirts are the show’s second-biggest expense (the first being cars, obviously)
  • how much loaded staring can we pack in between Ronan and Adam per episode
  • Blue passes Gansey her yogurt spoon and we cut to his inner screaming for a solid minute
  • every scene at 300 Fox Way has totally different female extras going about their business and doing random psychic rituals in the background so over the course of the series we get the impression that about 342 women live in this household
  • Ronan has a huge bird on his shoulder in almost every scene and not a single person reacts as if this is unusual
  • as the series progresses, his entourage expands to a pack of adorable animated woodland creatures. again, no one comments at all
  • Henry Cheng is That Guy. he has one line in the pilot. he keeps showing up at the most random of scenes just to drop a quip or two. viewers are like, hey, it’s That Guy again. it becomes a running gag. gradually his presence builds until we get to the TRK season and suddenly That Guy becomes Our Guy.
  • every time Adam walks into a room, it’s in slow motion, accompanied by bishie sparkle, jazz saxophone, and a gentle Cabeswater breeze ruffling his dusty hair
  • speaking of jazz sax, whenever Gansey asks someone, “What do you know about Welsh kings?” you can hear the solo from Careless Whisper playing softly in the background
  • time does not exist for Noah like it does for normal people. neither does the fourth wall
  • seriously he stares into the camera like he’s on The Office approximately four times per episode. at some point he gives up and just starts talking to the audience. these insights can be quite cute and funny except sometimes they’re cryptic as hell and sometimes there will be a random split-second shot of a skull super-imposed onto his face
  • in a special two-part episode Ronan and Adam brush hands and we cut to a solid ten minutes of Ronan’s internal screaming, which segues into a montage of explosions and burning oceans, hauntingly scored by Philip Glass, intercut with religious imagery and closeups of Adam’s knuckles. (the second half is Adam’s reaction)
  • the musical episode.

anonymous asked:

What is the second honeymoon phase theory?

Right now is a perfect time to answer this question.

The Honeymoon Phase is when you’re completely obsessed with someone. When your love for each other is passionate and thriving. It’s exciting. It’s intoxicating. You can’t get enough of each other. We all know the basic understanding of it.

As I said before the average time for The Honeymoon Phase is “good” for is about 2 years just because if our psychology allowed us to run on that much adrenaline so much for longer we’d probably die haha.
(It’s how relationships end after a duration of a few months or years is because they’ve “lost that spark”)

But, people don’t realize is they can get into a SECOND Honeymoon Phase. Usually after quite some time has passed and both the individuals have grown within themselves and also with each other. It happens after experience and events. When you start to fall in love all over again.

It’s why couples are so HAPPY after their wedding or their Honeymoon (it’s called the Honeymoon Phase for a reason)

Some say the second time around is better. Because you already know everything about that person, so you just get to enjoy their company now. You get to love the little things, and want to share it with the world. You fall deeper in love more than you thought that you ever could

Dan and Phil are easily in the Second Honeymoon Phase.
After time with their work and touring the world and finally having done “life things” they’re able to have more time to focus on each other.
Can’t you see it?

This didn’t just start either. The signs start to show around gamingmas actually. When the tour had ended. They were finally alone, enough time to relax and recollect themselves.

The way they share things, and information with us. The little stories. The anecdotes. The pictures. The travels. The schedules. Each other.
They share bloody everything.

This aquarium trip and the fact that they shared maybe a bit too much of it is a dead give away. The silhouette pictures? The selfie? The overall happiness vibe? This little holiday away before a convention is something they both needed.
It’s also something they’re deciding on sharing with the world and I think that alone is beautiful. Because two years ago we would have been dead where we sit if they started to do this shit.

It’s The Honeymoon Phase. Because 2 years ago they weren’t in it. (Minus Japan because Japan is just like how they are right now in Singapore)

It’s a beautiful thing that they’re sharing with the world.
They’re in love.
And no one should take that away from them.
So if they feel like they’re finally comfortable enough to share pictures of their dates then by all means do so!
Because I’ll be here in the corner screaming about it and also wishing I could have someone to go through a Second Honeymoon Phase with.
Love is beautiful, and it deserves to be shared.


Request: Can you make one were the reader and Josh are in Disney Land and they go on rides and stuff like that please


A/N: i don’t know how the hell are called the cars where you sit in the rides, so i call them “ride car”

REQUESTS HERE!! / Masterlist

“Oh, my God! Joshua it’s Mickey!” you screamed with excitement while you grabbed your boyfriend’s arm.

“(Y/N) please be mature, we’re not even inside the park” Tyler said rolling his eyes. Jenna looked at him with both brows raised. “What?”

“Ignore that his here, babe.” Josh whispered to your ear.

You smiled and gave Josh a little kiss on his tattooed shoulder. It wasn’t the first time that the guys and Jenna went to Disneyworld but that was your first time there and that was the reason for your excitement.

Once that you entered in the park, Josh opened his arms. “I can smell the cotton candy, baby.”

It was true, you could the smell cotton candy and popcorns too. Certainly, that day was going to be great. Jenna got close to you and put an arm around your shoulders. Both of you smiled.

Some workers gave to each of you a little hat with Mickey’s ears. Tyler and Josh put them on  for a picture. The hat was cute but maybe it wasn’t a good idea using it in the rides, but the boys kept them on.

“Who’s ready for the rides?” Tyler asked. “I think that I’m not.”

All of you decided to go to a part of the park called Adventureland. According to Josh, there was an aquatic ride. A lot of Disney characters said hello to you while you were walking near them. Maybe they reconogised the boys, but it meant a lot to you. You couldn’t stop smiling.

“I love it.” you heard that Josh said, but you were too distracted looking around you so didn’t answered to him. “Babe you’re worse that Tyler when we came the first time!”

“Yeah, yeah, Tyler.”

“Are you even listening to me?”

“I think that the answer to that question is no.” Jenna said while her and Tyler laughed. “She’s excited. Leave her.”

Josh shook his head, gave you a kiss on the cheek and wrapped his arm around your waist. The feeling of him being to close made you come back to the reality. You two didn’t get separated until you arrive at the aquatic ride that Josh mentioned. Before taking a sit next to your boyfriend, you saved your phone and Josh’s hat in your backpack. Obviously, you didn’t want it to get wet.

Tyler, who was sitting in front of Josh, turned back and looked at you. “I hope that you don’t shout as much as Josh did the las time, (Y/N).” you laughed. Jenna turned his head too.

“That’s not true. The only who shouted that day was Tyler.”

“I did it on purpose, of course.”

You put your hand on Tyler’s face and pushed him back. The ride was starting to move. From your seat, you could see the people who had just got out the ride and then you knew that wearing a white T-shirt that day had been a very bad idea. Josh put his hand on your thigh to capt your attention. When you turned your head to look at him, he kissed you in the lips. A smile appeared on his lips when he realised that you were surprised.

“What’s this about, Joshua?”

“It’s about I love you.”

“Oh, come on! Not here!” Tyler said. You hit him on the back of his head in response.

“Good punch, baby.” Josh said before giving you another kiss.

“Thank you.”

“Josh you’re out of the -”

Tyler stopped talking when he realised that the ride car were about to plummet. Josh raised his arms just like Tyler and everybody in the car started to scream. Seconds later, you felt the water falling onto your body. Fortunately you were in  the middle of July.

“Please tell me that they haven’t took a picture of us.” you laughed, pulling on your shirt that had stuck in your body because of the water. “I’ve seen a flash up there.”

“Probably. I’ve seen it too.” Jenna answered shaking her hair. “I bet that we look so sexy in that picture.” 

“I think the same. I’m completely sure.”

Josh helped you to get out of the ride car and winked at you when you gave him back his Mickey hat.

“Babe.” he called you. “Right now I’m seeing to much.”

You looked confused and he pointed to your shirt with his finger. However, you smiled. “It’s not the first time that you see this bra, Jishwa.

“Neither the last.”

Suddenly, Josh pulled you up from the ground and carried you on his arms for a while. “Hey Ty, why don’t you take a picture?” your boyfriend said.

“Sure. Where’s your phone?”

“On my back pocket. Take it, you know the password.”

“Como on, bro. Don’t make me do that.”

At last, Tyler took Josh’s phone from his pocked and took the picture of us.

“Done, love birds.”

The red haired boy let you again on the floor and kissed you on the forhead. You loved when he did that.

“Hey Josh, you have something on your lips.” you said smiling.


“A kiss.”

You kissed him and put your arms around his neck. He grabbed you tight and pulled you closer.

“I love you so fucking much, (Y/N).”

“I love you more.”

You two felt to arms around your bodies by surprise. 

“I love you too much more, love birds.”

“Tyler you’ve ruined everything!”

You don’t own me part 13 // Final

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Word count:  2962 // the end comes with a bang :D

Warnings: Strong ANGST! Violence, attempted rape. Please don’t read it if you are sensitive to these topics.

Author’s note: There will be no excerpt to this because it would spoiler too much :D Just enjoy the end ;) 

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part 1 || part 2 || part 3 || part 4 || part 5 || part 6 || part 7 || part 8 || part 9 || part 10 || part 11 || part 12


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“Are you FUCKING kidding me?”

Wow. It’s like Bucky is narrating Clint’s internal monologue. He finally conquered the Dog Cops season finale just as the sun was coming up, and now whatever the fuck the yardarm is the sun is for certain not over it and Clint’s being woken by a shrieking assassin. He groans and considers burying his head under the pillow, but Bucky’s swearing is getting progressively more distressed, and for reasons beyond him Clint kind of cares about that.

He rolls over, blinks up at the ceiling for a second, blindly fumbles for his aids and blearily hooks them in. Then he flops onto his side, places a supportive hand on Bucky’s knee, and aims his sleepy groan in the vague direction of sympathetic.

“I told ‘em Hawkeye,” Bucky says, shaking his tablet angrily but belied by the disappointment in his tone. “How did they fuck up this bad?”

Clint caterpillar wriggles up against the pillows, blinks until the screen comes into focus.

CUPID’S ARROW THAWS WINTER SOLDIER! The headline screams, and under that is a picture of - oh, shit - of Bucky laughing with Katie.

Clint snorts, somewhere messy between hysterical and appalled, and claps a hand over his eyes like anything less than brain bleach will work at this point.

“Shit, Clint,” Bucky says, “I’m sorry, I thought we could finally wear our rings out, I didn’t mean to -”

“This is the best thing I have ever seen,” Clint says, still half muffled under his hand, “holy fuck I can’t wait to tell our future kids.”

“Our -?” Bucky’s voice is kinda faint, and when Clint finally lowers his hand, his gobsmacked face matches it.

“Like we’re not gonna,” Clint says.

“Our -?” Bucky repeats, still kinda lost, but this time with a slow dawning smile.

“Happy anniversary,” Clint says, “best anniversary present ever.” And maybe the kiss he presses to Bucky’s lips is a little distracted, what with picturing the look on Katie-Kate’s face when she sees this shit, but he’s got a lifetime to improve on it.

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A friend told me she was doing Leeloo and that it would be funny if I joined them and did Ruby Rhod. Before I knew it we were thinking of ways to do his voluptuous wig and his unique outfit.

This cosplay first started with the leopard suit. Pretty simple except I had to make the head opening (forget what its called) a bit wider. After doing that, I started working on his puffy collar. To make it puffy I added batting to the inside of it. His staff was actually made by the same friend who suggested doing him in the first place, it was a pole covered with leopard print fabric and has a spray painted speaker on top so I can terrorize people with my robot voice and horrible music. As for his hair I cut up a old wig an inch away from root then added layers of batting to cover a wig, then took a bottle and rolled up many layers of batting to make his pompadaur.

Well right of the bat, I didn’t expect to have such a positive reaction from the attendees. The Fifth Element is an old movie and I didn’t think anyone has seen it, but I was very very VERY wrong. I got stopped for a picture before even entering the convention (which was awful because it was so cold) by a man I was sharing an Uber with. When I started seeing the parents who were chaperone or even people who didn’t even come to the Gaylord for Magfest recognize me and tell me how much they love the movie it makes me feel really great. This is going to sounds sappy but seeing people smile and scream Ruby’s lines from the movie made me really happy and it never got old

I got quite a few, but I’ll keep it too the 4 best ones haha. First one, I was walking through the lobby trying to get to the escalator and I heard a guy say something like ‘oh look a Ruby Rhod’ which was normal I heard that a lot, but right then and there this one guy ran up to me, pointed at my face, and just screamed. I, to this day, don’t know if he was screaming words or what was happening, but he didn’t ask for a picture or say anything after that he just left as soon as he came. The people around me who witnessed this were just as confused as I was. It was hilarious, really. For the second one, Somewhere there’s a video of me singing Yeah by Usher on a stage as Ruby because I was an idiot and raised my hand when Professor ShyGuy asked if there was anyone in the crowd who could say 'Yeah’ like Lil Jon. Apparently he’s a fan, who knew? Thirdly, One fan carried me up 2 flights of stairs as Ruby, which was awesome and I felt it important to share because I never get carried haha. At one point I broke the bluetooth speaker that was on top of my rod and to fix it I went to Tech Ops to see if I can solder the wires back to get it to work and Voi-la it did end up working and somewhere out it there someone has a picture of me as Ruby soldering my rod.

– CometCarter

LoveBug Jugbug p2

                                                                                                                                                                                   part 1 can be found here: 


Summary: Jughead is infatuated by a photography student named Y/N, what happens when y/n possibly captures Jason Blossom’s killer on camera.

Warnings: Probably swearing. Hardcore fluff, so prepare I’m about to dish some serious feels

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Y/N’s Pov

After that night at the drive in Jughead and I had been hanging out almost everyday. We had worked on intently looking through all of my photos taken from the July 4th weekend to see if we could find anything else interesting or unusual. But there was nothing to be found. Except from the one photo, that I didn’t even realise at the time would be so significant in the Jason Blossom case.

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Rave Reactions (Avengers x reader)

Good afternoon! I hope your days are going well, I an currently at the beach, spending my Easter on the sand. I wrote all night last night, trying to catch up on requests. I’ve been getting a lot of Peter ones, so just a heads up that I won’t be posting Peter fic after Peter fic. The reason being that I need to keep a variety on my blog, and also come up with my own story lines. Thanks for understanding, xoxo

Request by Anon: Could I request a Avengers team x tony daughter reader.. where she’s a total goth raver. She’s got all the rave gear including a black mask that covers half her face kind of like the winter soldiers. Plus the creepy eye contacts and neon hair extensions. She comes back from a big rave and buck & Steve are just like WTF is that?! She just laughs at them which creeps them out all the more. But then tony comes in and gives her a big hug. And everyone just has a good laugh. Sorry if it’s long.

Warnings: Reader is is raver (?)


Last night was a complete blur. All you remember was the hot, stickiness of the abandoned warehouse and the feeling of lustful bodies pressed up against yours. It was 10am, and you were just getting back to the tower. You crashed with a friend the night before because you didn’t want to be going around New York, drunk and alone. As you walked across the hall, you stopped in front of a mirror, checking to see how you looked. 

Your makeup was slightly smeared, but it looked good above your black face mask that you always wore. The mask only covered the lower half of your face. You got the idea from Bucky, who almost had the exact same thing. It kept your identity hidden, so that nobody would be able to recognize that you were Tony Stark’s daughter. All you wanted to do was have fun without people pestering you with questions about your father’s work. Your hair was a little tousled, but at least your extensions were still intact. Against your H/C hair, the neon blues and greens of the extensions contrasted noticeably. You met your own gaze in the reflection and were a little startled, forgetting that you left your contacts in. You were wearing black out contacts, leaving no white of your eyes to be seen. They were beginning to irritate your eyes, and you decided that they were the first things to be taken off when you reached your room. You tried to flatten out your hair, so that it didn’t look as awful as it did, before continuing your route to your bedroom. 

You walked into the living room, seeing Steve and Bucky chatting on the couch. You gave them a smile, and began to walk away when Steve yelled, completely scared and caught off guard by your appearance. 

“What the hell?!” He stood up, eyes wild. 

“Jesus Christ, F/N. What happened?” Bucky raised his eyebrows at you in disbelief. At least they could still tell who you were, right? 

“You almost scared the living daylights out of me. But seriously, what the heck happened with you last night?” Genuine concern was written all over Steve’s face as the two men approached you. They looked at you, up and down, observing your appearance. “And when the hell did you start dressing like that?” 

You stood, baffled at the two grown men who were honestly scared for you. You began laughing, your voice filling the room. You had seen people’s reactions before, but never like this. They usually just gave you a weird look and went on their way, but Steve and Bucky were something different. 

“Steve… why is she laughing like that? It’s beginning to scare me.” Bucky gave him a sideways glance, slowly backing away from you. 

“I don’t know, but I’m getting creeped out. Those contacts are really getting to me.” He looked away from you, moving away with Bucky. You continued cracking up, doubling over, gripping your stomach as it started to ache. Once you let it all out, you sighed, wiping away some tears from laughing so hard. 

In the midst of everything, Tony walked in, wondering what all the commotion was about. When he saw you, he let out a deep exhale and quickly strode over to you, pulling you into a hug. 

“You had me a little worried there, kiddo. Next time, tell me where you’re staying. Got it?” He gave you a stern look and you nodded. 

“Sorry Dad.” You gave him a sheepish smile, and he pulled you back into a hug. Watching all of this were Steve and Bucky, their jaws slacked at how nonchalant Tony was being. You didn’t notice till one of them let out a small scoff. “Are you guys okay?” You huffed out, cracking a smile. 

“F/N, I don’t think they’re used to seeing you like this.” Tony gestured at your interesting outfit. 

“And you are?” Bucky chuckled, realizing that this was normal for him. “I thought someone seriously fucked her up.” He ran his hand over his face, relieved that you were safe. 

“Bucky. Language.” Steve punched him playfully in the arm. “I don’t want to know what happened, and I don’t want to know how.” He pinched the bridge of his nose, shaking his head with a smile. 

“Guys, honestly. I’m fine.” You were laughing again and this time, all three men joined in. This was definitely one for the books. Seeing their faces when they first saw you were priceless, and you wished you could have gotten a picture of it. “Can we just take a second to remember that Steve literally screamed when he saw me?” You pointed at the super soldier, causing more laughter to erupt in the room. 

You definitely weren’t going to forget this. That was for sure. 

I hoped you liked this anon, if you’re out there. Remember that I love you all and that I think that you’re all so amazing. Much, much love. xoxo


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The Met Gala

I was sitting at home, in my small apartment waiting for my friend Justin to come by. I had known Justin since I was 19, which wasn’t such a long time since I recently turned 20, but it was like we had known each other forever!

It usually took Justin about 20 minutes to get here, but weirdly enough he was late, and usually he was never late?

I decided to call to see what he was doing, but he wouldn’t pick up his phone, which made me worried, but not even a few minutes later I heard a knock on my door. I went out to my door and opened it, there he stood, looking good as always. Okay, I might have had a little crush on him ever since I met him, but I knew I wasn’t his type, so I just acted like nothing was happening.

“Hey Y/N/N,” Justin said as he attacked me. We had actually not seen each other for a while because of Justin’s tour, but it was fine.

“Hey,” I said, then I went inside my apartment and sat down on the couch.

“So, you know I have this event in like a week, right?” Justin asked me as he sat down beside me.

“Yeah, you’ve been talking about it since forever,” I told him with a chuckle. Justin chuckled, too, then he cleared his throat and looked me directly into my eyes.

“I just found out Selena is coming, too,” he told me, which made me furrow my eyebrows.

“So?” I asked him, which made him sigh.

“You know I’m still in love with her,” he told me, which made a big knot form in my stomach. I gulped and looked down at my lap.

“What do you want me to do? I can’t do anything about it” I told him, then I grabbed the TV-remote and started looking through the different channels.

“You can do something about it, go with me as my date,” he told me. I turned around with my mouth wide open.

“Are you serious?” I asked him as a smile formed on my lips.

“Yeah, then maybe Selena can see that I have "moved on” and then she’ll get jealous, and then we’ll get back together,“ he told me with a big smile. I rolled my eyes, but eventually I nodded my head and faked a smile.

"Sure, I’ll go with you as your "date”,“ I told him as I rolled my eyes once again. Justin smiled widely, then he pulled me into his arms and hugged me tight.

"Thank you, you have really saved me,” he told me, then he pecked my forehead and grabbed the TV-remote.

Tonight was the night of the big event that Justin had invited me to. I had used the whole week trying to figure out what to wear until Justin finally told me that it was a formal kind of event.

I decided to let Justin see a side of me he had never seen before, so I went all in with the makeup. Also instead of just curling my hair, I decided to also wear a hair chain. My whole outfit was kinda boho, and I honestly loved it! I was wearing the most beautiful navy blue dress from Koh Koh and my shoes were from Louboutin.

And as a surprise for Justin, I had gotten a lip piercing, which was totally not my style, but I honestly loved it, it complimented my lips, there, by the way, were these really cool ombré lips.

Justin picked me up at 9pm, in a limousine. When I had opened the door for Justin he literally dropped his jaw.

“Whoa,” he said as he kept looking me up and down. “You look absolutely stunning!” he told me, then he took a step closer and pecked my cheek. “Thank you,” I told him, then I grabbed my clutch and went out of the door. Justin closed the door behind us. he was completely shocked, which made me smirk. I had mainly got this dressed up to impress him because maybe that would make him realize what he’s missing out on. A girl’s allowed to dream!  

Justin opened the door into the limousine for me, then he got in himself.

The whole ride he kept complimenting me, which I had nothing against, it just made me feel good.

“But seriously Y/N/N, you look really good!” Justin said, which made me blush, but only a little!

“Justin, I think I’ve got it now! You’re not used to seeing me like this” I told him with a chuckle. “I’m not, I mean even though you aren’t wearing outfits like these every day, you’re still really beautiful,” Justin told me. I furrowed my eyebrows and giggled.

“You think I’m beautiful without all of this?” I asked me as I pointed at my makeup and clothes. Justin nodded his head and grabbed my hand.

“Of course,” he told me, then the driver pulled up in front of the red carpet.

“What is this event exactly?” I asked him as I looked out of the window.

“The Met Gala,” he told me, which made me widen my eyes.  

“Why didn’t you tell me before?!” I asked him as I started squealing.

“Because I knew you would react like this, and then you would deny going with me because you would realize your biggest celebrity crush would be there,” he told me. I immediately stopped squealing as I realized Zac Efron would be there.

“OMG, I’m not going with you! Zac can’t see me like this, I look horrible!” I told him as I started hyperventilating. Justin chuckled, then he opened the door and went outside and onto the red carpet. He reached out his hand for me to take it, I hesitated a few seconds, then I grabbed his hand and let him help me out of the car. The screams around us got wider as we walked down the red carpet. After taking a few pictures Justin saw Selena and ran off leaving me standing there completely alone, but fortunately, Zac came down the red carpet. He saw me staring at him and came over to me.

“Hello, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before, what’s your name beautiful?” he asked me as he grabbed my hand, then afterward he placed a kiss on it.

“Y/N,” I told him. Zac looked up at me and smiled. “What a beautiful name,” he told me.

We started talking, and I told him he was my all time favorite celebrity, but unfortunately we got interrupted by Justin.

“Y/N, are you ready to go inside?” he asked me. “You just go, I’ll be there soon,” I told him, then I went back to my conversation with Zac.

“But we need to get some other pictures taken,” he told me, then he dragged me away from Zac. “I’m sorry Zac, talk later?” I asked him. Zac chuckled and nodded his head, then he waved and turned around.

“Why would you drag me away like that?” I angrily asked Justin as we waited in line to get our picture taken.

“Because you were supposed to help me get Selena back, not flirt with Zac!” he told me. He grabbed my hand tightly, which made me groan.

After we got our picture taken we went inside. We sat down at our table, where Justin immediately started apologizing. Throughout the show, I believed Justin was forgetting everything about Selena. We both truly had an amazing time, and the night ended way too soon. Justin and I were now on our way back to my place, but when 20 minutes had passed, and we were still not at my house, I realized something was going on.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked Justin as I looked out the window.

“Nowhere”, he told me, but soon a recognized the street. We were on our way to his house.

“Why are we on our way to your house?” I asked him as I leaned back in the seat.

“I heard you say that you thought the night had ended way too soon, so I thought we could continue the fun at my house,” he told me. I smiled and nodded my head. “Sounds like a plan,” I told him.

We arrived at his house a minute later. Justin helped me out, then he said goodnight to the driver. He grabbed my hand and followed me up to his door. Butterflies were flying everywhere in my stomach, which made me smile. Immediately as we had gotten inside Justin did something unexpected. He pulled me into his arms, then slowly he leaned in towards me.

“What about Selena?” I lowly asked him. “She made me realize that I wasn’t in love with her, I was in love with somebody else,” he told me, then he placed his lips on mine and slowly we started making out.

“Do you realize that this could end our friendship?” I asked him. Justin just nodded, and then he kissed me again, which made me smile.

“I don’t mind ruining our friendship now that we can have a relationship” he told me, then he picked me up and carried me into his living room and laid me down on the couch.

I finally got my prince, my one and only!

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Please tell me what you think - I hope you liked it? ♡ Happy easter to everyone, and to those who doesn’t celebrate easter, just happy Monday, if a happy Monday even exists? ♡