i screamed a little before i realized it was dead

*slams fists into table*







VIXX Adventures- Leo (Pt. 1)

Summary: You’re thrown into a labyrinth with ten levels filled with monsters and the bare essentials to survive. Maybe with some help from Leo you’ll make it through this dangerous game alive. 

Length: 2234

Genre: Action, scifi, adventure, smut (not this chapter) 

Note: Please read VIXX Adventures Intro before reading this chapter

 Series: Part 1, Part 2

I pushed open the door and walked into a dark room. There was a curtain of golden chains hanging in front of me and that was it.
“Well that was a bit anticlimactic.” I whispered to myself as I walked into the room.
Walking over I slowly pushed my way through the curtains of chains to find myself in a long dark hallway.  The walls were gilded golden and shown enough in the torch light that you could see where you were going. Looking up toward the ceiling all I could see was a clock that used military time counting down every hour in the day. The path abruptly turned in two different directions once I hit the end of it. Humming to myself I picked the path to the right I got to what looked like a dead end but right as I was about to turn around and head back the other way a screen popped up on the wall it was a holographic image with a catalog of weapons. Just then a voice started speaking.

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Caring for My Demon (One-Shot) Kakeru Kamui

For theluxpain! I hope you like it love! Thank you for writing me a fanfic!

We all waited for Kakeru to come home, he’s been out all day and hasn’t come home. He has been coming home late for weeks now, I remember when he didn’t come back till 5 o’clock in the morning.

What if he’s cheating on me? What if he.. No he wouldn’t do that. I can’t think that way!

That’s when the front door opened, “C-Cecil..”

He looked pale as a ghost, his eyes glossy, he was soaked, and he wobbled over towards me. “Help.. Me.”

He collapsed onto the floor and fear shot through me, “Get him to my room quickly!” I ordered the Demon’s around and none of them protested.

Kakeru’s P.O.V

~2 Hours Before Passing Out~

I left work after saying goodbye to Cecil and was walking briskly down the street, then it started to rain. Ugh! Are you kidding me? What a pain.. I muttered cuss words under my breath as I soon was soaked.

I had been coming home late every night due to work. Demon work that is, I never had a break. I always was toasting someone, I just wanna spend a nice time with Cecil not having to worry about all that bullshit.

The weird thing was, I started to feel dizzy and off balance. I wobbled slightly over to the side but I had to stop myself just to make sure I wouldn’t fall over.

What is happening to me? Is this human body not working properly? I stood straight up, still feeling groggy, and walked through the rain once again.

My condition gradually got worse and I started to feel sick, I quickly walked into an alleyway and leaned onto on of the buildings. The Demon house is only a couple blocks from here…

“O-Oh.. No.. I think I’m gonna-” Before I could finish my sentence my world went totally black.

I woke up into a black void, the world was nowhere to be seen.

“W-Where am I?” I groaned and sat up. That’s when I realized… I looked over to a void which soon became part of where I was.

All the demons were gathered around a grave,”I can’t believe.. Cecil’s dead..”

My eyes grew wide and my heart stopped, “NO!” I screamed it, I was practically hysterical.

As much as I hated the little munchkin I loved her too. I scrambled to get up and as soon as I did, all the demons turned to look at me.

“It’s all your fault.”

"Why couldn’t you have been there for her?”

“Your the reason…”

“Your the reason she’s gone.”

“Your the reason she died.”

My heart throbbed with guilt, even thought I didn’t know why she was dead. They all moved out of the way as I slowly walked up to the casket being put in the ground.

"It’s all YOUR fault!” Meguru touched the back of my neck with his demonic hand angrily, making me cower down in pain.

I sat up with a gasp to be face to face with a homeless man, who was rummaging through my briefcase.

"H-Hey! What the hell do you think your doing?”

The man was startled at my awakening and looked up, putting his hands in the air, “I was just looking for your I.D. I swear! You’ve been out for 2 hours!”

Ugh I still feel pretty crappy, “I-I need to get home..”

I shakily stood up and the man stopped me, “Are you sure you don’t need some assistance?”

I shook my head, picked up the briefcase he was rummaging through and left the alleyway.

I’m surprised that old man wasn’t trying to steal my stuff! That dream.. While I was passed out freaked me out a bit. I haven’t been spending enough time with her.. I feel bad. Then it hit me, I wonder if it’s a sign.. What if Cecil is dead? I panicked and ran back to the Demon house immediately.

Cecil’s P.O.V

We got Kakeru into my bed and changed him out of his freezing clothes.

“His temperature is at 103.3.” Haruhito sighed and put the thermometer back down on my beside table.

“Well he isn’t gonna die, he’s not in the fate database plus ya know.. He cant.” Shiki spoke up from behind us.

"All we gotta do is wait.” Satoru said displeasingly. I know he’s worried, but I wish he wouldn’t be that cold.

The rest of the demons eventually left, going to sleep soundly in their rooms, “Cecil take good care of my brother, okay?” Meguru smiled and gave me a friendly pat on the back before leaving, closing the door softly behind him.

God Kakeru look at the mess you have gotten yourself into.. I sighed and rubbed the bridge of my nose. Although I’m glad he’s not dead.. I held his hand in mine and gently stroked the top of his hand with my thumb. Please be okay..

~A Couple Days Later~

“Come on! Let me feed you!” I groaned.

“F-Fine..” He opened his mouth and I put a spoonful of chicken noodle soup in his mouth.

“Who made this?”

“I did.” I said confidently and he chuckled, “I’m surprised it didn’t suck.”

Ugh! I swear I’m gonna kill him one day! I popped him on the side of the head and he tested my patience, “Nuh-uh-ah!~ Ya gotta he nice to the sick people- ACHOO!”

Kakeru suddenly sneezed, interrupting his own sentence which made me burst into laughter.

“H-Hey! Shut up or I will toast you!”


Kakeru gradually got better, he was able to get out of bed and do things on his own, but the truth was he wanted to spend time with me so he acted sick.

“So please…” His cheeks flushed as he rubbed his neck shyly. “Will you please pamper me more?” I couldn’t help but say yes to my adorable boyfriend’s request. I did want to spend a lot more time with him.

That night, I promised to sleep beside him, “Thanks.. For taking care of me.” He said in a soft tone behind me.

I grinned sleepily and propped my head up, turning my head to look at him, “Your welcome, I enjoyed taking care of you.”

He smiled and wrapped an arm around me, “I love you Cecil.” He gently kissed my lips before cradling me in his arms, sending me into a sweet deep sleep.

anonymous asked:

Can you write a fic where Ali and Emily go to an amusement park and Emily wants to go a on roller coaster but Ali hates them so she comforts her and puts her arm around her and Ali feels safe for the first time in a long time Thanks so much I love your emison fan fiction you're so talented(:

As she gazes up at the monstrous rollercoaster (seriously, what sane person even thinks to build something that high, with that many loops, that does upside down, never mind to go on it, for fun?) directly in-front of them, she really, really wishes that she hadn’t agreed to come.

But the other three (and their boyfriends), were all going, and Emily had used those puppy dog eyes that Alison had long ago learned that she’d never be able to refuse, and it had turned into some weird quadruple date thing.

And it’s nice, in a way, to be able to spend time with everyone like this, with the threat of A finally off their backs, where they can have a summer of acting like normal eighteen year olds before they disappear off to college, but she’d rather spend time with her girlfriend and her friends at a place that wasn’t somewhere with rides that looked like they could probably kill you.

“Come on,” Hanna says, dragging Caleb by the hand towards the queue, “this is the shortest the line’s gonna get, let’s go.”

Spencer and Toby are only a step behind them, and Aria glances up at the ride, a little unsure, before shrugging and following with Ezra in tow, and Alison can only stare up and hear people screaming and wonder when she turned into the sensible one in the group, because how is that ride even safe?

“Ali?” Emily calls softly, when she realizes that the blonde has stopped dead in her tracks, and Alison dreads to think what expression is on her face. “Are you coming?”

“I…” She forces her eyes back down to land on Emily’s face, sees the excitement in her eyes and why was her girlfriend an adrenaline junkie? “I think I’m gonna sit this one out.” She feels ill just looking at it, as it whizzes by and then up to the top of another loop, the tracks clicking ominously.

“What? Why?” Emily’s expression turns puzzled, and doesn’t she know that there’s a reason why Alison had shut down every suggestion for going to a theme park whenever one of the girls had suggested it in the past?

“I don’t… I don’t like them.”

“You don’t like rollercoasters?” Emily asks, and there’s an amused smile pulling at her lips and Alison pulls her hand away from Emily’s grasp, wounded, but then the brunette is stepping closer and sliding her arms around the blonde’s back and she relaxes instantly. “Then why did you say you wanted to come here?”

“Because you wanted to,” she replies, hiding her face in the crook of Emily’s neck because it’s really kind of pathetic, how she’ll agree to do anything Emily asks, or wants, in a heartbeat, because she loves her.

“Are you guys coming?” Hanna’s voice calls out from over Emily’s shoulder but Alison doesn’t move, finds that the scent of Emily’s perfume and shampoo soothes the paralyzing fear that spreads through her at the thought of having to get on that thing.

“No,” Emily calls back, and Alison pulls back at that, a frown on her face because Emily’s been talking about going on this stupid thing the whole way here. “We’ll meet you guys later.”

“What are you doing?” Alison asks when the brunette turns back to face her. “You’ve been looking forward to this all week.”

“Not as much as I’ve been looking forward to spending the day with you,” she replies easily, with that smile on her face that only ever seems to be directed at Alison. “And I can always go on it later, but I’m not leaving you waiting here on your own.”

It’s not the first time that Alison’s been struck by the realization that she doesn’t deserve someone like Emily Fields (and it undoubtedly won’t be the last, either), but she’s learned not to ever say that out loud because Emily gets upset, so instead she leans upwards to press their lips together in a sweet kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Emily murmurs back, brushing another gentle kiss to her cheek before straightening up, dropping her arms from around the blonde’s back and taking one of her hands, instead. “Let’s go find something else to go on – do you think you can handle the carousel or is that also too scary for you?” 

Catch and Release

I wrote about three-quarters of this a few months ago but could never figure out how to finish it, and today while I was waiting to get my hair cut it all kind of came to me. This was originally titled L’angst.txt, in case you’re curious about what happens in it.

Rating: T
Word Count: 1,550 words
Summary: Just as soon as she has him, she doesn’t.
Note: This is a pretty dark one. Major character death, graphic violence, thoughts of suicide, etc. Also platonic/possibly related Rivamika! I don’t write this one much/ever? I did a little canon fudging here, so assume Levi knows his last name.

“Don’t tell anyone,” he says.

“Tell anyone what, Captain?” she asks, looking up at him as she cleans and polishes her three-dimensional maneuvering gear. Three months earlier she would have glared up at him wordlessly, her jaw set in a fierce, hard line. Now she simply looks up at him with the earnest respect of a well-trained soldier before her superior officer.

Even as her dark eyes bore into him, the licking flames of the campfire reflected in their infinite depths, her hands are moving, working a rag in tight little circles over the steel alloy.

“My last name.”

Mikasa freezes. Levi has always been simply Levi. A last name would mean that he is human, that he is simply one of them.

The wind does not have a family name. Why should the captain?

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Good sir. Can you make any suggestions for stories I should read. I'm having withdrawal issues

You’ve known this your whole life.

Kissing my husband goodbye this morning made my stomach roll over in a way it never had.


Because early this morning something happened. Something I can’t explain.

I woke up at 3:06 AM. I remember, because when I woke up I opened my eyes to the glowing red numerals of our alarm clock. Why does that matter?

Because the alarm clock is on my husband’s night stand.

I yawned and rolled onto my back, staring at the ceiling, confused as to how I got to his side of the bed. When I looked over to my side, every muscle in my body froze.

My husband lay on his back, his mouth wide open.

My husband never sleeps that way. He says that laying on his back gives him sleep paralysis.

That doesn’t matter though, that’s not what made me freeze.

A little girl stood on my husband’s chest, bent at the hips, her long black hair hanging down from her head and just brushing his cheeks.

The girl’s knobby knees stuck out from under her dress. Her knees were covered in spider webs of tiny black veins, spreading from the front of her knees to the backs. Her dress was white, but stained black in places.

I remember biting back a scream as the girl scratched at her leg and a chunk of grey flesh fell to the mattress. It hit my husband’s right arm and rolled to a stop against my chest. I could feel the little girl’s flesh squirm with life and baking heat.

Before I could pull away, the girl’s arm shot out and grabbed the chunk. I watched as she brought the grey meat to my husband’s mouth, dropping it in as she let out a deep, gurgling giggle.

The girl brought both hands to my husband’s chin and proceeded to work his jaw, making my husband chew what she placed in his mouth.

“Swallow,” I heard the deep voice say from behind the little girl’s hair.

My husband swallowed on command for the voice.

“Open,” the voice whispered.

My husband opened his mouth and tiny black things began to fall into his mouth. The girl’s head turned towards me as she hummed a song I couldn’t place. A nursery rhyme, I think.

When she brushed her hair away from her face, I threw myself out of bed. Dark-edged creamy white pustules nested at both corners of the girl’s mouth, crisscrossed with trails of black veins.

Up until that point, I thought I was experiencing sleep paralysis, but the moment my ass hit the carpet and my feet started kicking back towards the corner of the room, I knew that I was fully awake and this was happening.

The little girl winked at me, torn lips pulling back in a smile that made me want to scream.

The girl only had one eye, but it was nothing more than a milky white orb whose surface was riddled with rotting pock marks. Where the girl’s left eye should have been was a cave.

Sharp black teeth glistened in the faint light as more of the black things fell from the girl’s mouth into my husband’s.

It was at that moment that I finally realized what the black things were.

The little girl nodded at me like she’d heard what I was thinking, before whispering, “Dead flies.”

Bile rose in my throat.

The little girl perched on my husband’s chest as she turned to face me.

“Now you know,” a deep voice whispered from within the smiling little girl, even though her mouth never moved. “Most of you can’t see us, but all can feel us. That itch on your face right before you drift off to sleep that keeps returning?”

The little girl giggled deeply and touched her long hair.

“Ever wake up in the middle of the night and feel the need to clear your throat?”

The little girl opened her gaping mouth a little wider and more of the dead flies rained down upon my husband’s face.

You’ve known this your whole life.

I found my voice and asked, “What do you want?” in a hoarse voice that didn’t sound like my own.

“Him,” the little girl said. “Car wreck.”

The little girl twisted her head sideways, folding it in toward her chest.

Then I woke up to my husband shaking me, that little smile on his face as usual.

Oh. So it was just a dream, you’re thinking to yourself. Probably sleep paralysis.

It wasn’t though. My husband woke me up this morning in that same corner of the room I’d pushed myself to earlier.

“What are you doing?” He asked. “Did you sleep on the floor last night?”

I answered something noncommittal and went to take a shower, convinced that it was a dream or that I was coming unhinged.

Downstairs, 20 minutes ago, I kissed my husband goodbye as he left for work.

When I walked upstairs, I found this on his side of the bed.

Three perfect piles containing six insects each.

6, 6, 6.

I’ve tried calling my husband, but his phone goes straight to voicemail every time so I’m sitting here with the phone next to me, waiting for it to start ringing. Waiting for someone to tell me that my husband is dead.

Cause of death: Car wreck.

I’m trying not to think of all the times I’ve had an itch on my face at the edge of sleep. I’m trying not to think of all the times I’ve woken up in the middle of the night and needed to clear my throat.

I’m trying not to think of that little girl standing on my chest as I fall asleep.

Try not to think of her when you go to bed tonight, because when you open your eyes, she might be staring down at you, her black teeth glistening through torn lips.

I’ve known this my whole life, and so have you.