i screamed a little before i realized it was dead

Bethany Young is alive & Lesli Stone is in the grave

We all have said it before there has to be a reason we have only seen Bethany Young as a child. I have made many theories about who Bethany could be and I think now I know exactly who Bethany is. All the clues I realize that I do have real scream she isn’t dead. That she is an important character still and that we will find out in season 7 who she really is.

I feel like Marlene is even hinting to us that she is important. Why did Lesli a name and friend of Mona we never heard of even come up? Lesli Stone is the mystery girl in the grave. And Bethany Young assumed her identity. 

I have said this before but we know Charlotte didn’t call the cops on herself.  And two names above her name is the name D. Lazarus. Bethany is a name of derived from the biblical town Bethany in which Lazarus resided. It was also the place where his two sisters Mary and Martha lived. I think it’s too much of a coincidence. 

Big Rhonda was supposedly Bethany’s room mate and new a lot about Bethany and her horse. But then we find out that Lesli Stone was also her room mate that doesn’t add up. 

9705 Season 5 episode 7  The Silence of E. Lamb is it a coincidence that these numbers match up. Or that 9 minutes and 39 seconds into the show we meet Big Rhonda and she goes off about the drawing Aria lays out of Bethany’s. 

Also Sept 7 was the code put into the brain room of Charles. Sara claimed she was given some kind of cupcake or something on that day. And it seemed to hold some significance because Alison went missing on Sept 1. 

This drawing of Mrs. D and  the top picture look to similar the outfit and hair is styled exactly the same.  If she really was dead how could she truly draw this?

What did Jessica lie about? We know that Jessica brought Bethany a horse but we don’t know why? Charlotte said Jessica was having an affair with Bethany’s dad but I don’t buy it. Knowing now about Mary it could have well been her that slept with Bethany’s dad. Or Charlotte lied about why Bethany was so angry that night. 

If the new big bad was someone actually new they wouldn’t have to were masks. So it’s clear it is someone we seen before and I think when we all seen those black rims again Lesli came to mine. She wore glasses for no other reason then to wear them and had a whole set up them. 

Lesli seemed to have her own agenda and she definitely wasn’t happy with Mona. It wasn’t a hey I’m happy your okay kind of situation. It seemed like Lesli has a lot to hide. And having to go talk to the cops probably had her nervous as hell. But we know that Lesli had chips in rats the same as the girls had on them. Charlotte got them from somewhere? was she blackmailing Lesli into helping or was she a willing participant? 

What do you think is real Lesli Stone in that grave?