i scream when andy came out

Opinions on the episode and show so far

Finished watching episode 6 and the promo. I really loved the acting in this episode, it’s by far the best acting in the show and Asher’s acting was so good I almost cried in the auditorium scene. Amber coming back with the “Amber Alert” thing got me mad and also creeped me out and it looks like she doesn’t understand or care about the seriousness about it. Plus, this is the first time I’ve gotten mad at Celia when she said there was “no such thing as mental health day” or something around those lines.

Now with the promo. I screamed so loud when I saw that Amber and Jonah broke up that I’m surprised none of the neighbors came and knocked the door to see if something had happened. I really hope that what Jonah is gonna tell Andi is not that he likes her because it’s just too soon in his time single and in the show. Like, I’m loving the show a lot so far but I believe everything’s going too fast and the reactions to the dramatic and important parts of the show (Andi finding out the big secret and hers and Bowie’s reaction to finding out who they were) needed more work and weren’t real. I mean, you just don’t say “Whoa” after that is slipped out.

Those are the only flaws I’ve seen in the show so far and I hope they’re fixed somehow soon.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Summary: YouAU Challenge for @iwantthedean where I’m a closeted fan-fiction writer/hunter with the Winchesters and after a hunt goes awry, I wake up in Vancouver, no Dean, no Sam, just Jared and Jensen. How’d I get here? Will I find my way back? Will I want to?

Characters: Andi, Dean, Sam, Rowena, Crowley, Jensen, Jared, Misha, and others.

Pairing: Andi x Sam/ Andi x Jared

Warnings: possible cursing, angst, fun, for the sake of this story everyone is single, nsfw bc let’s face it, I’m going all out, because nicole said we could.

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Bad Day - Andy Biersack

Anonymous asked: 

hey babe, can i have a smutty imagine where andy is rough and stuff.. thank youu

Anonymous asked: 

Can you do one where Andy had a really bad day at work amd when he comes home hes all rough with Y/N?

~(A/N:) I’ve mixed the two together as you both wanted the same thing really. Hope that’s okay!~

-smut warning-

You were stood against the basin side, just washing up what you had had for lunch finally as you liked to keep on top of everything. It also pleased Andy, although he’d never say or mention if the house was messy, he too loved it clean and tidy. He had been out all day rehearsing and touching up in the studio. 

Your hips bounced side to side as the music from your stereo filled the house loudly. A light smile was on your lips as you felt utterly content. You had been living with Andy for two years now. And you both had been together for 4 years. Your music was so loud you didn’t even hear Andy come in and he slammed that red front door you both painted 2 years ago with fury and annoyance. 

You jumped as you felt strong hands grip your bouncing hips and you went to swing your arm around to hit whoever you thought would be kidnapping you. But your wrist was stopped and your saw the not-so-pleasant eyes and face of your boyfriend. Andy had grabbed your wrist and you knew what will happen. You could tell he was frustrated, angry and annoyed. And he gets that out no “better” way than sex. 

“Andy, come on. How about we talk about it before you go full out thrusting into me?” You asked taking off your wet rubber gloves. 

A simple and slightly harsh “No” fell from his lips and he span you around and lifted you to sit on the breakfast bar you had in your kitchen. It was no lie that this did turn you on, a lot too, you just thought there could be a better way for Andy to get out his anger. 

You were soon both stark naked and Andy had pinned your wrists to the side and he leant down and you felt his tongue starting to caress your parts. He sucked and nibbled on your clit, making you writhe and moan which caused him to hold your wrists tighter as he continued quickly. 

“Ohh, Andy!” You cried, you were so sensitive if he spent long enough he could bring you to your climax with the skill of his mouth. 

He pulled away, knowing you would and he quickly thrusted into you, moaning out loudly. He began pounding into you, his pace quickening and quickening. 

“Oh yes!! Oh (Y/N)!” Andy proclaimed himself as his thrusts started to get a little harder and rougher. You were writhing now, head becoming dazed from all the pleasure. He soon felt your walls starting to lightly clamp on his length, signalling that you were starting to reach your climax. “Cum for me (Y/N)!" 

You moaned loudly, screaming Andy’s name along with incoherent profanities. 

"I said cum for me!!" 

"Oh Gooood!” Your body began to shake and your eyes shut tight as you came hard with Andy still thrusting into you. He too soon released into you and you jolted feeling him but had always loved the feeling. 

He brought his thrusts to a stop and you could see his eyes had cleared from clouds of lust and anger. You were both panting as Andy pulled out of you. “I love you, God, thank you for letting me do that when I need to”. 

“Anything for my love,” you smiled. 

“You remembered to take your pill this morning didn’t you?" 

You nodded, "Always”. 

“Good,” he chuckled, “As in the moment I forgot a condom”. 

You giggled, sitting up and wrapping your arms around Andy as he did the same to you. “Your lucky then, as I am not wanting kids just yet Mister”. 

“Marriage first then, ey?”


(A/N: Sorry it took me so long to get this done! I hope you like it! )


“Andy.” You moaned as your boyfriend sucked on your neck, leaving a noticeable love bite. He put his hand over your mouth to shush you, “(y/n) we have to be quiet.” He smashed his lips into yours and slipped his tongue in your mouth. After you two had stripped, he slipped on a condom and just as he was about to thrust in his mother came in. You both scrambled for your clothes as she screamed and ran out. “Shit,” Andy sighed. Your face was red, he looked for your shirt and his boxers and he gave them to you to cover up with.

A few minutes later Chris came up with a confused look. “Why did your mom scream?” When he got a look at you both he busted into a fit of giggles, “Oh I see.” He said as he turned to leave. You both heard Amy yell from down stairs, “YOU BETTER BE WORKING ON MY GRANDCHILDREN!” You hid your face in your hands and Andy chuckled. “Well,” he said with a hint of a amusement, “that was embarrassing!”

Sorry this one was a bit short! Requests are open and I’m posting a few soon!

Spider: Andy Biersack: Black Veil Brides:

Spider: Andy Biersack: Black Veil Brides: Bandom:

          You and Andy have been engaged for 2 months now. You were in the shower until you saw something that made you come out. You screamed as the spider came next to your face. You turned off the water and wrapped your wet body in a towel as you ran out of the bathroom.

          “Are you okay I heard screaming?” Andy asked when you came running out.

          “Andy there is a big ass spider in the shower; go kill it!” You ordered.

          “Go kill the spider yourself,” Andy scoffed.

          “Andy kill the spider please.” You plead. “You’re lucky I love you.” He smiled going in the bathroom. He killed it then threw it in your trash can.

          “Thank you Andy I ‘wove you. You saved me.” You smiled.

          “I love you too (Y/N).” He smiled.

{Requested by anon :3}

You were cleaning around the house and spending time with your little six year old daughter Melanny. Little melanny was such a cheerful and happy little girl full of life, she always did make your day and managed to put a smile on your face. Especially now that your husband Andy was away on tour. He has been gone for a very long time and you havent even heard from him since, sure there were a couple of phone calls and skypes here and there. But most of the time, he was very busy, so busy that he couldnt even talk to you over the phone for atleast five minutes.

You missed him so much, but there was nothing you could do to bring him back home sooner. And speaking of Andy, little Melanny was also missing him, “Mommy, do you know when daddy is comming home?” She asked. You shook your head, “I dont really know when he will be back sweetheart.” You replied. She looked down on the floor hugging her teddy bear that was given to her by Andy in sadness. “Why does daddy always have to go away?..” she muttered in a very dissapointed tone. “Aww honey, you know that daddy is a huge rock star, he has to go and entertain his fans.”
“We are more important than his fans.” You went over and gave her a huge hug followed by a sweet kiss on her cheek. “Oh sweetie, I know you want daddy to never go away, but its his career Mel, you’ll understand when youre older okay honey?” You told her and she nodded.

“He’ll be back, I promise he will not be gone forever sweetheart, now come on, its getting late and its way passed your bedtime.” You said as you carried her. “I dont wanna go to sleep.” She complained. “Melanny you cant be staying up late you know that.” You carried her upstairs and tucked her in her small bed. “There you go.”
“Mommy, can you tell me a bedtime story?” She begged.
“You never asked for a bedtime story before.” You say a little confused. “Thats because daddy was always the one to tell me, it was our special thing, but he’s not here so, can you tell it to me?” She pleaded with an adorable smile. That smile reminded you of Andy, she looked just like him with when she smiled.

“Okay then, I’ll tell you a story honey.” You assured her. Moments later after you told her the story, Melanny was fast asleep, her breathing slow and peacefull. You pressed your lips on her forehead and covered her with soft and warm blankets. You smiled before you shut off the lights and left her room. Meanwhile you were comming back downstairs, your husband happend to come through the front door. Tour was over and he was so happy to be with his family again. You stepped inside the kitchen, you were hungry so you wanted to make yourself a little snack. Andy smiled big and slowly sneaked up behind you. “Hey!!” He shouted. You screamed and turned around quick, your mouth dropped in shock, you couldnt believe that your husband was standing right in front of you.

“Oh my God…Andy?…” He chuckled and smiled big, “Well who else would it be?” He asked. A tear of joy escaped your eye and you jumped into his arms. The two of you embracing each other. He didnt want to let you go, he missed you just as much as you missed him. He attacked you with his lips all over your face and head. “I cant believe youre home…youre finally home..” you said with your face buried in his chest. “I know baby me too…I cant believe I get to hold you again.” His eyes widend and leaned away for a moment. “Where’s Melanny?” He asked with so much sparkle in his beautiful blue eyes. “She’s already asleep hon.”
“I dont care I wanna see my little girl.” He says making his way up the stairs, and of course you followed after him. Andy quietly opened the door and his heart instantely became warm as he saw his little daughter peacefully sleeping. He carefully sat down on her bed and stroked her little cheek.

It warmed your heart as well to see how much he loved Melanny, ever since the day she was born Andy was the best father ever, his daughter meant the world to him like you. “She so big now…” he whispered. You nodded, “She’s growing up very quickly.” You say. He kissed her soft cheek and smiled even bigger to see the teddy she was hugging. “She still has this old thing?” He loudly whispered. You giggled and nodded once more, “She held on to it ever since you gave it to her.”
“Awww my little baby.” He cutely cooed kissing her cheek once more. “Daddy loves you.” He softly said. The two of you left her room closing the door behind. “You have so many things to unpack, you want me to help you?.” Andy shook his head, “Nah, Im really tired lets just go to bed.” He said grabbing you by the waist and pulling you to your bedroom.

He plopped himself on the bed and opened his arms, “Come here beautiful.” He said. You blushed and snuggled up to him. Now that Andy was finally home there was something that youve been wanting to tell him ever since the day he left. “Andy…”
“Hmm?” He muttered. “There’s something that Ive been wanting to get off my chest for a very long time.” You confessed. He opened his eyes and looked at you with concern, taking your hand into his big one and caressing it with his thumb. “What is it (Y/N)?” He questioned. “Well…Melanny is pretty big now…I mean she’s six years old, she’s not even an infant anymore, I miss those days when she was so tiny and chubby, when we got to craddle her in our arms…and..” you felt his finger touch your lips. He laughed a little, “Babe no offense, but get to the point.” He ordered. You giggled, “I want another baby…” you finally confessed.
Andy was surprised by your words, he never thought you would want another child. Especially because he went away often.

“You want another one?…” he questioned. “Yes…I dont know I guess its because I miss Melanny being a baby, I mean dont get me wrong I love out little girl but, I want her to have a sibling dont you?” Andy agreed but he was still a little iffy about it. “Honey please think about how adorable it would be to have Melanny and her little brother or sister playing together, growing up and going to school and all that, just the thought of it makes me so happy.” Your husband’s face went from iffy..to happy. “You really feel strongly about this dont you?” He said pecking your cheek. “I understand if you dont want a second baby…”
“Oh no no no (Y/N) of course I do, I think it would be great to have another baby I can hold, but the only reason Im insecure about the idea is because…Im away almost all the time, and I dont wanna miss out on this other baby growing inside of you like Melanny.” You looked down, “Is there any way you can stay.” He caressed your hand even more, “I’ll think of a way, but in the meantime…” he said leaning in and kissing your neck. You havent felt that type of pleasure for a long time, so you embraced it, “Babe we dont have to do this now…” you say breathless.
“I know…but I love you and missed you and…I want this baby too…” he mumbled, his soft and smooth lips still dancing on your neck and chest. Soon the two of you were making love like never before, the way he moved inside of you slowly and carefully but deep, was the most wonderful feeling in the world. You were so happy to be sharing your soul with your one true love again.
The next morning, it was odd that you were happy to have morning sickness again. Also your breasts were sore, you had all the symptoms and you couldnt be more happy to have them. But now it was time to make sure you really were pregnant, Andy had already gotten you the test, so you immediately used it in the bathroom. You stepped outside and waited on your bed. Melanny came in, “Hi mommy.” She happily greeted. “Hi sweetie come here, give me a hug.” You said opening your arms. She ran to you and sat on your lap giving you a really big bear hug, “Did you have fun with daddy?”
“Uh huh, he took me to get ice cream and he got me a new teddy! See?!” She says all excited showing you. “Woow thats geat honey, sounds like you had a lot of fun.”
“Yeah! Im so glad daddy is back!” You giggled and kissed her cheek, “Me too baby girl, now listen, mommy has a really important question for you.” She smiled, “What is it mommy?” She eagerly asked. “What if I say, that mommy and daddy were going to give you a baby brother or sister?” Melanny’s face lit up, “Im gonna have a little sibling?!!” She yelled jumping up and down of happiness.

It warmed you inside to see how happy and excited she was. You didnt want to get too happy yourself. You went inside the bathroom after a couple of minutes and checked your test. It was positive, “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeess!!!” You shouted.
Andy came rushing when he heard you, “Babe why did you scream?” He asked. “Look…Im pregnant..” you replied holding up the stick. His mouth dropped and then a smile formed. “Youre pregnant!!” He yelled happily grabbing you. Melanny joined in on the jumping, Andy carried his daughter and kissed her, “Did you hear that sweetheart mommy’s gonna have another baby!” He said.
“Yaaaaaay!!” Little Melanny yelled. All three of you were so excited for the comming of your new baby.

Throughout all nine months, Andy had been there all the way, he was so happy that the next tour wasnt anytime soon so he got to see his new baby grow inside of you. You were now at the hospital with him in labor, Melanny was with her grandmother Amy, so she wasnt there with the two of you. Your contractions were unbearable, you had forgotten that you had to face them again. “Uggggh!!! Fuck!! This is worse than the last time!!” You screamed. Andy held on to your hand tightly not letting go for even once second. He never even stepped out of the room for anything. “You got through this before you can get through it again (Y/N)..” he assured you. “Dammit when can I get the fuckin epiduro?!!” You questioned. The doctor came back to the room and checked you down there. “Oh my….” he muttered shocked. “Something wrong?” Andy asked worried. The doctor shook his head, “No, good news actually, (Y/N) is ready to push, she’s ten centemeters dialated…” he said.
“What?!” You and Andy said in unison. It was even that long ago that you stepped into the hospital. “Thats great but this is still hurting me badly…” you mumbled. “Alright (Y/N) on the count of three, you push hard, 1…2…3!!” You began to push and push, the doctor, the nurses, and your husband kept encouraging you all the way. You were so tired and felt like you couldnt push anymore, “Okay one more push (Y/N)!” The doc ordered. Even though you were out of breath, you have the hardest push ever. Then it happend, the two of you heard the sound of your new baby crying, you guys never knew the sex of the baby, you wanted to keep it a surprise. “The baby’s here…” Andy mumbled letting a tear of joy escape his eye. “So doc…what is it?” You asked weak. “Congradulations, its a healthy baby girl.”

You and Andy smiled at each other, you welcomed your second little princess with open arms. After she was cleaned off and wrapped up, she was placed into her daddy’s arms. He smiled so lovingly at her, “Hi there princess..Im your daddy…”
“And Im your mommy..your big sister is gonna be so happy to meet you.” You tell her. Her tiny hand grabbed Andy’s finger and a slight smile formed on her face. She was perfect, “Welcome to the world…Harmony…” he softly said.
A week had passed you finally came home from the hospital with baby Harmony. You were rocking her in your arms, Andy giving her loving kisses. Melanny was dropped off and she jumped when she saw her parents. “Mommy!! Daddy!!” She yelled happily hugging you guys. “Hey sweetheart, look this is your new baby sister.” You tell her. She sat down next to the two of you and smiled at Harmony, “She’s so cute.” She complimented. Andy gently grabbed her out of your arms and placed her in Melanny’s. “How cute is that?” He said. She placed a kiss on her baby sister’s cheek…
“Hi Harmony…you and I are gonna be best friends…I love you…”

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We need that story. How'd you run over your brother?

((OOC: Okay, so when we were younger (I was about 9 and evan was about 5) Evan still couldn’t ride a bike. Not wanting him to be left out, I would put him on my handle bars and cart him around with all the kids in the neighborhood.

We would do this all the time and it was never an issue until the day they put speed bumps in on my court. 

neither of us were prepared for his butt to come off the handlebars when they did so he went down and the road had an… extra speed bump for half a second. 

Of course I jumped off my bike and checked to see if he was okay, and he was. 

When I got over there he was laughing, so I started laughing, and then my mother came out screaming so I stopped laughing…..

The rest is pretty dull XD))


MEET & GREET! Submit your meet-and-greet stories to bryanstarsfanpictures@gmail.com. They are posted throughout the week.

This is the story of the time I met Crown The Empire. First I got VIP Meet & Greets to meet Crown The Empire with my sister on September 2nd on the Welcome To The Resistance Tour. I got them for my birthday! :) we had to show up 2 hours early for the VIP to meet them and I had saw Brandon come out of the bus right by us and he was over by his trailer and I asked him if I could get a picture and he said yes and we did he saw my VIP laminate and said “oh you got VIP huh?” I said yes! And he said “that’s about to start soon I will see you in there!” And I went back in line. Once we got in all of CTE was lined up at a table I got so excited! We waited and we walked up and got a poster all signed by them and first I met Benn the Brandon then Andy and Dave then Brent and then Hayden. When Brandon was signing my poster I told them i loved their new album and a huge smile appeared on there faces and they said “awe! Thank you!” Andy said “its a good one huh? Are you exited for the show I want to see you sing your guts out!” And I said “oh I will be screaming and singing a lot!” And he laughed. All of them shook my hand.  Then we went back in another line and got our group pictures taken with them. Right after my sister got her picture taken someone came up with tacos and they all grabbed a taco and took the next pic with the tacos it was pretty funny. Crown The Empire was all just amazing! I will never forget that concert! Benn gave me is guitar pick and Brent walked over and handed me his drum stick but someone grabbed it out of my hands. I was pissed haha! But Danny (Benn’s brother) gave me the set list for Crown The Empire:) it was amazing.