i scored big time with this find

I really wan’t sure how to approach this topic last night. The last theory I posted had a lot more pieces to be presented with. This is very incomplete, as fusion is still a new concept within the episodes I have seen.

After Giant Woman ended and I finished the scoring, I took the time to write down notes and possible things to watch for in future episodes regarding fusion. I started with finding patterns in how features for a fusion are chosen. Personality, color palette, general shapes that make up the silhouette, and how the gem chosen for the fusion connects the component gems to each other.

Then I decided to look for limitations in a fusion. Does Opal have Pearl’s control over sand? Would Opal be able to use the door within the temple if she could fit (she’s pretty big so probably no)? Pearl’s and Amethyst’s gems don’t disappear or move when Opal is formed. The cut of their gems don’t change either, the color however does change. The gems change to a white base with a reflection of light colors that is most notable in Amethyst’s gem. I came to the conclusion that she could probably still open the door using the respective keys of her components gems. And thats when it hit me.


Garnet has two gems of different cuts with the same color. And in Together Breakfast shows us her using those gems to activate two keys of different colors on the temple door. Episode 4 showed me the exact scenario I wanted to see with Opal, but did it with Garnet.

I really, really want to say with confidence, that Garnet is a fusion. But I’m not sure I can. There is so little evidence at the current moment and I have to wait for more information about fusion before I can declare this a true, solid theory. My previous notes and theories post had many more examples to use. And a possible answer as to why it could be so. That made me feel more confident in the theory.

But I don’t have a “why”. And it severely changes my confidence with this theory. Pearl said fusion is for only for deadly situations. While Garnet does get into deadly situations, it seems to be no more deadly than what the other gems encounter. 

For now, this will not be considered a theory post. Just a notes post. Though it will be tagged theory simply for convenience.

Do not prove me right or wrong I want to figure this out myself.

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“Well, if the time comes, I hope you can find someone who treats you with care, and respect.”

“Thanks, boss, but that won’t happen. Here’s ta hopin’ you score wit’ a sweet-ass broad.”

“That won’t happen either.”

“Agree ta disagree, Jamie. We’re hopeless, but at least we’re hopeless together.”

“Misery loves company, I suppose.”

“Don’t it, though?”

Interview after SP of nationals (my translation from yahoo.news)
–After the performance.
“Honestly, I am regretful. I want to focus on tomorrow, but I also want to think about what was good and what needs further reflection.

–For reflection?
"The 1st mistake (fall on 4S) was big. In terms of score, one mistake made a big difference.” (OR he could mean “My score was quite good considering this.” This part is vague.)

–That 4S, you also had a mistake during afternoon practice.
“I thought I fixed it during 6 min warm-up but maybe the form was a little off. There will be practice again tomorrow so I will look towards that.

–How was it for the mental aspect?
"I was very relaxed rather than nervous. Inside me, I thought it was good but maybe it wasn’t good after all. A competition happens only for that one time, I have to find a good state (of mind) to have. It will be difficult but I will look towards tomorrow and work really hard to have a good performance.”
–Did you relax too much?
“I did. Good state, bad state, every competition is different. I have to find a good balance.”

-What was the reason for over-relaxing?
“The environment. Peers, juniors, seniors were there, I can hear the Japanese language. Somehow it made me relax.  

-What was the mood of the nationals?
"It was tensed. There was also Japanese style of cheering/support, so it was a different environment.”
-About the score?
“When people hear it’s 102, they might go "ah~~” If you think back, two years ago, 102 is very high and it is not possible unless you have no mistakes at all. Putting in 2 quads is something big.“
-Tomorrow’s free prog?
"Good points and bad points, I will sort them out carefully, and work hard towards tomorrow.”

-Why could you not skate clean?
“I think there is an issue with physical strength. My concentration was alright but you need a balance of physical and mental strength. But then, saying that becomes an excuse. I want to skate clean in any kind of situation.”

-Why did the 4S fail?
My body axis. When I jumped, my head went back, the step-out was big. I can correct it for tomorrow.

original article: headlines.yahoo.co.jp

One of the longest-held traditions of ancient Paladin bonding activities is the sacred art of the cuddle puddle. Promotes trust, harmony within the group, and the ability to decide once and for all which of the Paladins is the best snuggler. Hunk’s streak has been going for a long time now with his cuddly bearhugs, but will Lance manage to top his score with his patented octopus cling?! Find out next time and don’t leave out the other heavy hitters like Takashi “backrubs are the fastest way to your heart” Shirogane and Pidge’s deadly koala hold attack, here on Voltron: Legendary Cuddler!