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Connor McDavid - Coffee Boy pt. 2

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You were nervous. You were beyond nervous, you were pee your pants and shake like a chihuahua nervous.

Your hands nervously played with the edges of your dress as you glanced at the clock. Connor would be picking you up for your date.


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Today marks 300 days of keto for me. I must say, it has not been difficult. I love the freedom I have… eating food that I like, but also food that makes me feel good, food that is returning my body to a healthy state, and giving me so many mental benefits as well. Keto was developed for brains after all. I’m alert, clear, focused, calm 90% of the time, and I’ve never slept deeper. Did I mention the euphoric happiness that happens once two decades of depression lifts? Best!

This isn’t like a diet or a weight-loss challenge for me. There are no cheat days… there’s no clean/dirty eating or good/bad diet days. There are just days. Days without emotional attachment to food. I eat to stay in ketosis, eat for energy and vitality, eat for survival.

When I hear statements like “it’s easier for you to give up carbs” I want to laugh/die on the inside. My insulin resistant PCOS makes me MORE addicted to carbs and sugar than the average person. As a child, eating entire boxes of pecan pinwheels by myself, or scoring Hostess Cherry Pies every time I was at the bread store with my mom. Downing pints of ice cream. Living for cheese danishes. Doesn’t anyone remember that time my goal was to become a professional baker? No? It’s not easier for me people. I’m not magic. I just made a choice and I’m stubborn about it.

I’m proud of myself. I’ve tried to stay as humble and as dismissive of compliments as possible through this whole process, but I’m really fucking proud of myself.

240lbs -> 159lbs in 300 days. I’d take measurements but the full moon triggered my shark week :/


American High School Sports AU!Moonbin
  • he’s a fast runner and has deadly accuracy so
  • perfect combo
  • star forward AF
  • center AF too
  • the school’s soccer team isn’t really popular or well known until Moon Bin joins it
  • it’s actually really really bad
  • until this kid who’s being scouted by national clubs comes in freshman year and BAM
  • you guys have the best team in the district because apparently all you needed was a good center
  • the other sucky ass one was graduating so that was good too
  • having somebody as good as Bin boosts the morale of the team and they start actually winning games and shit
  • you along with the rest of the school are really shocked
  • sometimes you’ll see him in the halls with his friends and you have the urge to congratulate him (mainly to get close to his face) but you swallow it because hes super popular and you tend to lay pretty low
  • but one day he comes up to you after math class, which you have together
  • “i didn’t understand this, and you’re good at math, and if i get another bad grade i could get kicked off the team, so if you could tutor me”
  • hes not getting bad grades
  • hell he understands the concept perfectly
  • he just wants to get close to you
  • you find yourself agreeing because why not and the two of you meet up in the library a week later
  • Bin tells himself that he will totally confess that he thinks you’re cute and doesn’t need math tutoring but he gets tongue tied and you’re both red 
  • you slave through an hour of math together when neither of you need help clearing the concepts
  • *sigh*
  • the things you do for love
  • but after a few more unneeded tutoring sessions he gathers up the courage (finally!!!!)
  • and asks you if you want free tix to the state championship soccer game
  • you contemplated for a second because shit you literally know nothing about soccer except for that the god in front of you is A++++ at it
  • but he seems like he really wants you there and well they’re free so you end up thanking him and saying he’ll see you there 
  • you miss it but when he leaves he’s red and he yells “YES!” really loudly a few blocks away
  • cliche af bin cliche
  • but anyways fast forward a few weeks and youre all dressed up in your school colors for the big game a few hours away and you’re ready to catch the bus to watch it but you get a text
  • from Bin ofc
  • “i’m going a little bit earlier than the rest of the team to check out the field and get in my element alone, i can drive you if you need”
  • you really don’t wanna get on the bus and hey, a car ride from Bin is free so you say “yeah ofc” and give him your address and a few minutes later you’re in the passenger seat of your crush’s car
  • pull game strong 
  • you both keep silent until he hits this red light like ten minutes away from the field and he randomly goes “i know all the math, I just wanted to talk to you so I had you tutor me” and you’re like ‘waiT WHAT” but the light turns green and you’re speeding down the road in his convertible
  • the wind is too loud so you can’t say anything or hear anything until the next red light when you say “I like you too” and its his turn to go “seriOUSLY”
  • you can’t talk until you reach the field and you’re both red
  • he parks the car and you guys go in, you handing in your ticket like an hour before the actual game is supposed to start
  • while he changes into his jersey you sit in the bleachers and wait and eventually watch as he jogs a little bit, trying to feel at home in the foreign field
  • eventually he stops his warm up and jogs up into the bleachers to sit next to you
  • “you’ll cheer for me when we play, right?”
  • “I’ll be louder than anyone”
  • he kisses your cheek and just sits there next to you in comfortable silence until the other players and people start arriving
  • you softly wish him good luck, and then he’s running down to the field, ready to play his heart out 
  • they win, with Bin scoring the winning goal 
  • later on he says he only won because of how loud you were cheering but you say it’s because he’s amazing
  • it doesn’t matter, because the best part of the game was the hours you spent together after it, sitting in a fast food restaurant, laughing and talking and stealing shy kisses, smiles never leaving your faces

( @barristabin taught me shit on soccer which is why I was able to write this so kudos to cassies assies !!)