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They had been waiting in the pilots lounge, chatting, teasing, the usual that they did these days.

At one point, Douglas pulls Martin toward a more secluded corner of the lounge, giving him a gentle kiss as he pulls Martin into his arms.

“Douglas,” Martin chuckles, giving Douglas a squeeze around his middle, “Someone could be watching.”

“Who, exactly? There’s one other pilot in here, and she dozed off long ago.” Martin just snorts, grinning up at his beau, Douglas loving the sight so much, he felt his heart skip a beat, provoking something that had been on his mind as of late,

“Would you like to get married one day?” 

To Douglas’ surprise; Martin doesn’t look shocked nor embarrassed. He just looks very slightly surprised, a thoughtful expression coming to his face.

“Well…Yes. I suppose I do,” He nods to himself, looking so sure of himself, “Yes. I really would.”

“And that person you would marry; would that person be me?” Douglas jokes, his eyebrow cocked, making Martin laugh.

“Of course you. Who else?”

“I don’t know. I’ve seen a person or two gazing upon you with a lascivious stare on our adventures.”

“Well, I must not have noticed, as I only have eyes for you,” Martin grins, making Douglas chuckle himself,

“So,” Martin continues, a light blush blooming on his cheeks, “Are you about to propose to me?”

“Hmm… Possibly one day. Maybe this is the pre-question? Will you marry me if I ask you to marry me?” 

They’re both grinning stupidly at one another, rocking lightly together.

“Yes… Yes I will say yes when you ask me to marry you.” The smile he gives to Douglas; oh, Douglas felt even more smitten than when they began dating.

He takes Martin’s hand, placing a loving kiss onto his palm,

“Terrific. I’ll have a bundle of orchids at the ready.”

They both laugh, hugging one another tight.

* * *

Tiny Marlas finally scanned, WOO! >u> ❤

I couldn’t think of a fanfic with my other scans from the other night, but here’s one for now. UwU Hopefully I’ll have something for the others soon enough. :)

But anyhoo, I do so hope you enjoy, m’dears!


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