i scanned this in my old apartment


Here’s the scene storyline if theres anyone who doesnt understand whats going on above.

Im too lazy to finish the comic so I’ll just type it down instead. I apologize if my grammar and spelling are terrible. Pls bear with me.

——(Guardian AU)——

The apartment room was lit warmly by the small lamp, Flug’s figure slumped on his old study table. He can faintly hear the ‘guardians’ walking around, probably scanning the place. He involuntarily rolled his eyes behind his goggles, huffing—Honestly, he doesnt care if Sir Black complaint about his apartment. He’s too tired to care, being in the forest for too long drained all his energy.

Flug’s eyes then landed on the small pot infront of him. The poor plant was all dried up and bald from his absence. The pretty petals were now withered and is sitting pitily under the dried stem. He felt a small pang of disappointment and sadness in his chest as he gently poked the stem, the last dying leaf slowly dropped down. He sighed, despite his limbs protesting, he stood up and dragged himself off the table. The plant is dead, better well to throw it away. He dragged himself to the storage room, pointedly ignoring the screams of his limbs. A pair of black eyes stared at his back with curiosity as the tall white figure stood on the hallway. White Hat felt himself frown, his wings twitching behind him. As much as he learned from the scientist, he knows that he’s beyond exhausted…judging by how hes slumped over and arms acting like noodles. He stepped inside the room, giving it a quick glance before settling his gaze on the pot.

He tilted his head, turning his body fully towards the table and strolled to it. “You have a very interesting flower…” White Hat spoke as he knelt down beside the table, his palms reaching up and acted as a support on his head and watched the pot.

Flug paused from tearing the trash bag away from its box, his white orbs glancing towards the room. What the…interesting?? That small dead plant is interesting? Flug almost let out a snicker but he was too darmn tired to give a crap. With another tired sigh, he snatched the trash bag and headed back to the room.

“White Hat, that plant is dead. Its not needed anymore so I’m going to-” Flug stopped his sentence as his gaze landed on the scene infront of him. White hat was humming faintly, both palms on his cheeks. His wings were folded, as always, and he seems be focused on something.

“May I ask who is it from or perhaps you raised this one on your own?”

And that something was the plant.

Once was dead rose, is now blossoming with red roses and healthy green leaves and stems. It’s petals almost look like it glowed under the lamp and its leaves are up and alive, no signs of brown or yellow spots. Like it never died and was just in its perfect health.

What the-?! How-

Flug felt himself twitched as he faintly saw a small glint of blue smoke, disappearing as soon as he landed his gaze on it. Ah, of course. Flug’s eyes shot back to White Hat, who was still kneeling beside the table, eyes sparkling as if he just saw the most purest thing wake up for the first time. Flug’s mind gears turned, his posture relaxing.

“…You can revive living things…?”

“I can?”

Flug’s train if thought halted as he heard the gentle voice of the angel. Wait, what? He then placed his hands on the table, slightly leaning on it slowly, as if he’ll destroy the rose when he moved too fast.

“…you just revived the rose.” Flug stated, glancing at White Hat. The Angel tore his gaze away from the flower, lifting his jaw off of his hands. “I did?”

Flug felt a twinge of irritation and a bit of amusement. Does he not know thatbhe possesses this ability? “Uh, of course you did, it happened infront of you.”

“Oh? I thought it was doing it on its own…is that not how plants work?”

…does this guy even know how to take care of a plant?

He turned to look at White Hat, whose eyes are now wide with curiosity and confusion. Flug felt the othet darker presence lean on the door, a smug smirk on his face as he watched both Flug and the angel.

Flug pushed down an exhausted sigh from his throat, pointly ignoring Black Hat’s presence as he became a but uncomfortable at the angel’s curious but also hopeful look. Looks like he’s going to explain more things than he thought he’ll be.

That was my mother’s rose.

wolfieroleplays  asked:

Sanvers or someone drags Kara for a night out to cheer her up after losing her job, end up in a gay club and there's more than a few women hitting on her, one coming off particularly hard and Kara is flustered. In comes her savior in the form of one Lena Luthor a la Kate (Dates, can't remember her surname lol) and Kara is even more flustered. What happens next is up to you~

This was fun!!! Thanks for sending this, I hope it gives you all a bit of a fun jolt. [Not Canon in terms of timeline - Lena/Kara are more like ep 2/3 status, even though Kara is fired from her job. Maggie knows Kara is Supergirl. Carry on…]

Off the Record - on AO3 or under the cut!

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Can I Be Him?

Anon Requested: “Hello can you please do a scenario where Y/N is Hispanic and she’s been asked to be in her younger family member’s quince due the fact that’s she’s very short and has a baby face despite being 20 but she has trouble with the dances (she is no dancer) so she asks Jimin for help and he starts catching feelings but she’s dating Yoongi.”

Author’s Note: Hi anon! I hope you enjoy your scenario! I combined a song with it as well! I also don’t know much about quinceaneras but I tried my best!  

Summary: Y/N needed help to improve her dancing skills for a quinceanera she was in. Yoongi suggested that she ask Jimin for help and he happily agreed. It got tough for Jimin as each day passed by, because his feelings for you grew stronger. Will Jimin confess to you or will he hide his feelings for the sake of his friendship with Yoongi?

Word Count: 3,779

Song: Can I Be Him - James Arthur


Originally posted by jikookshandshake

“Y/N! You got mail!” Yoongi yelled as he entered your apartment. He set the mail on the kitchen counter and headed towards the fridge, on the search for some food.

“Last time I checked it doesn’t say Min Yoongi on the envelopes.” You nudged him as he was heating up noodles in the microwave with a fork in his mouth. “And, you don’t live here.” You winked at him and grabbed the letters that were on the countertop. You scanned each one, until a blue envelope caught your eye. It was from your younger cousin, you ripped it open to be invited to her quinceanera.

“Oh my gosh she’s old enough already!” You said out loud reading the invite. Yoongi came up behind you and read the invite over your shoulder while slurping up his noodles.

“Who’s old enough?”

“My cousin! She’s having her quinceanera, and I’m in it!” You squealed to Yoongi. “I get to wear a nice dress but not as beautiful as hers of course, and get pictures, and dance.” Yoongi choked on his noodles at the last part. “What?” You asked him, confused.

“Y/N, you dancing?” He had a point there, you were horrible. You had two left feet, and no rhythm. You leaned your back against the countertop and sighed. “I know I suck.” You gave him a sheepish grin before smiling at him.

“What are you smiling at?” He had noodles hanging out of his mouth.

“How about you teach me!” You batted your eyelashes at him as he started to laugh.

“That’s not me Y/N.”

You went up to him and clutched his arm as you looked at him in the eyes. “Please Yoongi, I won’t ask for anything else please with a cherry on top.”

“Y/N if you needed help rapping or writing a song I could help, but dancing isn’t my speciality.” You let go of his arm and groaned.

“I’m gonna look like a fool!” He started laughing and you shot him a glare and he stopped right away. He could tell you were upset and needed an idea and fast.

“Why don’t you ask Jimin?” You looked at him and shook your head. “Oh come on, he’s good at dancing, and he will know what to teach you. You’ll be a pro by the time the party arrives Y/N.”

“I suck Yoongi, I don’t wanna show all of the others!”

“So go to Jimin and let him help you improve your suckiness babe!” Yoongi motioned for you to come to him and you did, and he wrapped his arms around you and placed a kiss on top of your head. “When’s the party?”

“Four months away.” Yoongi set his chin on top of your head.

“Well then you have enough time to get rid of your two left feet.” You slapped his arm and grabbed the invitation off of the counter.

“You are lucky I love you Min Yoongi!” You yelled to him as you walked to your bedroom to grab your cell phone to call Jimin.

“Love you too Y/N!”

You walked into the room

And now my heart’s been stolen

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Letters; Dear Tyler Joseph

Description: An alternate universe where the story is told through letters mailed to Tyler by his ex girlfriend, you.

Tyler received an unexpected letter from his ex girlfriend, Y/N L/N, who is now also a singer from a famous band, Dark Knights.

Y/N=Your Name, L/N=(Your) Last Name, POV=Point Of View

Chapter 1: The Start of Something New

Letter 1: December 21, 201X


I heard the doorbell ring and I hurriedly shuffle to the front door.

“Who could this be,” I mutter under my breath.

I opened the door and it revealed a guy in his late 30’s. He wore a light-blue button up shirt and had a tattered messenger bag hanging loosely on his shoulder. He had a tired look on his face and his hand held a few letters.

I slightly questioned his lack of clothing considering it was only about nine degrees outside.

“Are you…”

He stopped for a moment and re-read the writing on one of the letter he was holding.

“Tyler Joseph?” he continued.

“Yes,” I answered.

He then proceeded to give me the letter.

“Mail,” he said.

I accepted the letter, unsure at first. I thanked him and he was off.

I went back in the apartment, closing the door quietly and went in the living room.

“Who was at the door?” my fiancé, Jenna, asked.

It had been a tradition for her to stay at my apartment for Christmas. It was fun to have someone and not be alone for once.

“No one important, just the mailman,” I answered.

She noticed the letter in my hand, and pointed at it.

“Who’s that from?”

I scanned the letter. I read the somewhat familiar handwriting.

‘Y/N L/N’, it read.

My heard skipped a beat.

“Um, it’s from my uh…“ I trailed off.

I quickly thought of a name.

“It’s from Michael, my old friend from high school,” I lied.

She raised an eyebrow, unconvinced of my answer. I crossed my fingers behind my back praying to god she won’t ask any further.

“Okay…” she said, dragging the “ay”.

She lightly kissed my cheek and proceeded to go to the kitchen.

I sighed and sat down on the couch and opened the letter. I pulled out the paper inside and rest my back on the couch, already feeling light-headed. I started to read the letter, memories started to flood back to my brain.

Dear Tyler Joseph,

        Hey. We haven’t talked in quite some time. I heard you’re in a long-distance relationship… again. That’s stupid. Wasn’t that the reason why your last relationship ended? Long-distance? Didn’t you say that the distance was suffocating you?

You know, that really got me thinking. Was it really the distance or was it because you’re tired of me? What does she have that I don’t? Was I not good enough? Was I too clingy?

        It was certainly surprising when someone told me that you proposed to her. I’ve always thought you were the kind of person that would rather be free than to be tied down by marriage. Since whenever I ask you about it, you just shrug.

I guess I wish I knew that the girl you wanted to marry and the girl you envisioned to be the one you’re going to spend the rest of your life with just wasn’t me. Then, I would’ve got out of your way instead of sacrificing everything I had for our relationship, counting on something that would never happen.

I know that our relationship wasn’t the best, but at that time. It felt right. It felt… good. I felt like life, for once, had a purpose.

When I first saw you, my heart skipped a beat. My breath was taken away and I couldn’t breathe. I was taken aback. I was like, “how could someone be so pretty,”

My lips pulled to a smile and I reluctantly let the memories seep in. Reliving every single one of them.



As I was sitting down on a bench, I eyed everyone that passed me. I have learned that for me to get through this school year, I would need to make friends, but the end of the school day is nearing and I haven’t made any. I haven’t even made at least one conversation today!

“Damn you social anxiety,” I muttered under my breath.

I continued to eye the students. No one seems to notice. I searched for the kindest looking one to make friends with. As I search through the sea of people one student caught my eye.

I felt like I knew him from somewhere else. I scanned his features and looked at him up and down. He had hazel eyes, chocolate brown hair, and a gorgeous smile.

I realize that it was that boy that lived a couple of houses away from me. I silently praised the Lord for having me move in that neighborhood.

“Damn, how could someone be that gorgeous,” I whispered.

I stared at you in awe. I was completely frozen still. Then, you looked back at me and I felt my heart do flips.

I stared at him in complete awe. I was completely frozen still. He then looked back at me, but I didn’t notice. My mouth started to turn to the shape of an “o” as I take in all his features. He smiled at me and I quickly closed my mouth. I started to feel my cheeks heat up so I looked away. I look back at him for a second and he chuckled. My cheeks were probably as red as a tomato.

You know, if you didn’t come up to me that day. I would’ve had no friends and probably be completely lonely. I was completely surprised, too, when you introduce yourself to me. I didn’t expect it because who would be friends with me? And I probably looked like a pervert to you since I eyed you up and down like a dumb ass.

I played with the hem of my shirt and bite my lip.

“Nice going, Y/N, now you’ll never make any friends,” I said to myself.


I jumped a little bit at the voice. It sounded soft and alluring. I looked up and saw it was the boy that I made eye contact a while ago.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you,” he said with concern in his eyes.

“Um, uh, i-it’s okay,” I stuttered out.

“My name’s Tyler,” he said.

He smiled at me and pulled up his hand for me to shake.

“Y/N,” I said, shaking his hand.

And that was the start of our love story.

Best Job in the World

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi (BTS)

Word Count:600+

Genre: Fluff

Originally posted by yoonmin

“I’m home!” I yelled out as I closed the front door behind me. It rang out in the large apartment and oddly no response came my way. Which with two three years old was never a good thing. I pass by the living room, scanning it the abandoned couch. Where the last place I left my husband two hours ago watching frozen with our two three-year-olds. I shuffle deeper into the apartment to our kitchen to put down the shopping bags I was carrying. I plopped the bags down on the table and started to rack my brain to where one grown man and two mini humans could have gotten to. But I didn’t have to think for long because a pair of small feet came running into the kitchen  

“Mommy! Mommy look at my hair!” I look down to my son and let out a laugh. Someone had tried to put his short hair into pigtails.

“It looks amazing my little monkey. Who did that for you?” I kneel down and gave him a squeeze.

“Appa did!” he giggled out.

“He did?” I smile out. I was surprised, yoongi never went anywhere near hair. He always said I help with anything just don’t make me do their hair. I might ruin it. “Where’s your sister?”

“With Appa.”

“Can you take me to them?” I ask. He nods and takes my hand leading me to yoongi and I bathroom. I found yoongi with a face of concentration that rivaled the one he made while in the studio. He had our daughter sitting on the counter, a laptop with youtube open next to her and about a hundred hair ties and bobby pins surround them. It might have been the cutest thing I have seen. I sat leaning against the door frame listening to him mutter under his breath. Our son had walked over to them and sat next to yoongi while looking up, watching him do his sister’s hair.

Yoongi stopped for a moment and look down next to him. A soft smile broke across his face and he went back to braiding our daughter’s hair with a chuckle.

“Appa are you done yet?”

“Almost there baby.”

“But I’m tired,” she said with a yawn. Well, it was almost time for their afternoon nap.

“I know but if you stay awake for me, I take a nap with you.”

“Really ok!” she straightened up a bit. Slowly but surely yoongi finish the last braid he was on and stood back to admire his work.

“I didn’t know you could braid hair.” yoongi looked at me and gave a sheepish grin.

“When did you get back?”

“A few minutes ago. But when did you learn to braid hair?”

“Well, when your daughter asks you braid her hair like Anna from Frozen. You braid her hair like Anna from Frozen.” he laughs out.

“Appa,” our daughter mumbled out as she made grabbing hands, about ready to fall off the counter. I saw yoongi face soften and he walked back over to her, picking her up in his arms. She snuggled into Yoongi neck.

“You might want to get that little guy too.” I point down to where our son had fallen asleep on the floor. Yoongi bends down and scooped up the little guy with his other arm and straightened back.

“What do you say to appa for braiding your hair.” I placed a gentle hand on our daughter’s back.

“Thanks, appa,” she said as she snuggled closer to yoongi. Her eyes drooping close. Yoongi just looked at her with the softest eyes.

“You know I alway though being a producer and making music was the best job in the world. But this is better, this will alway be better.” he smiled at me. I smiled back at him and give him a kiss on the cheek. Yoongi carefully walked out of the bathroom with two sleeping masses attached to him.  I watched as my whole world walk out of that small bathroom.

I didn’t name the kids in this because I thought I leave it up to you guys. As always I hoped you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I loved writing it!!<3

Inktober 12/31. When selecting the prompts I would do for this month, I decided that if none of the prompts for a particular day stood out for me, I would go back and draw one from one of the previous days. And I decided if I made it this far I would treat myself by drawing something that I like. So for Space #2: The Alien Empress(es), here are the Diamonds, looking like some old manga cover. 

Yes, everything here is fountain pen and brush pen ink, apart from a bit of white paint on the Earth. Yes, I used my sparkly inks for both Diamonds, but I couldn’t get it to show up in the scan (you can just see it on Blue’s sleeve).

Inks used (this is gonna be a lot): Sailor Storia Lion; R&K Hellblau; Diamine Golden Sands, Blue Lightning, Eau de Nil, Safari; Iroshizuku Kosumosu; and the black watersoluble ink cartridge that comes with the Kuretake no. 8 brush. I’m afraid my dream of using up some of my ink samples this month will never be realized, as it takes only a few drops to color a whole page like this.

Lynx17 Flashfic: The Apartment

“You go in first.” said Zarya.

“What? And step into my own booby traps?” said Lynx Seventeen. Lynx paused at the door of their apartment, placing their hand a few inches away from the console. They swiveled one antenna backwards towards Zarya. “Clever of you. But unfortunately, many of my traps are heat-seeking.”

Zarya put a hand on the omnic’s shoulder with a frown. “What traps would you put-”

The door clicked open, followed by an outraged meow. An assertive bundle of fur lunged forward through the opening, winding its way between Lynx’s legs before zeroing in on Zarya’s. The cat was a cloud of thick fur with dark points accented by a faint tabby pattern. It strode up to Zarya and began making figure eights around her boots, purring a deep constant thrum, before turning a frosty-eyed gaze back to Lynx.


“Yes, I know,” said Lynx.


“And you have every right to be upset,” replied Lynx.

Zarya froze as the cat sniffed at her boots, standing up on her hind legs while placing one paw onto Zarya’s calf.

 “You have… a cat?”

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Can I Be Him? - Alternate Ending

*Bold part is the same as the original ‘Can I Be Him?’.

Word Count: 5,899

Originally posted by megymi95

“Y/N! You got mail!” Yoongi yelled as he entered your apartment. He set the mail on the kitchen counter and headed towards the fridge, on the search for some food.

“Last time I checked it doesn’t say Min Yoongi on the envelopes.” You nudged him as he was heating up noodles in the microwave with a fork in his mouth. “And, you don’t live here.” You winked at him and grabbed the letters that were on the countertop. You scanned each one, until a blue envelope caught your eye. It was from your younger cousin, you ripped it open to be invited to her quinceanera.

“Oh my gosh she’s old enough already!” You said out loud reading the invite. Yoongi came up behind you and read the invite over your shoulder while slurping up his noodles.

“Who’s old enough?”

“My cousin! She’s having her quince, and I’m in it!” You squealed to Yoongi. “I get to wear a nice dress but not as beautiful as hers of course, and get pictures, and dance.” Yoongi choked on his noodles at the last part. “What?” You asked him, confused.

“Y/N, you dancing?” He had a point there, you were horrible. You had two left feet, and no rhythm. You leaned your back against the countertop and sighed. “I know I suck.” You gave him a sheepish grin before smiling at him.

“What are you smiling at?” He had noodles hanging out of his mouth.

“How about you teach me!” You batted your eyelashes at him as he started to laugh.

“That’s not me Y/N.”

You went up to him and clutched his arm as you looked at him in the eyes. “Please Yoongi, I won’t ask for anything else please with a cherry on top.”

“Y/N if you needed help rapping or writing a song I could help, but dancing isn’t my speciality.” You let go of his arm and groaned.

“I’m gonna look like a fool!” He started laughing and you shot him a glare and he stopped right away. He could tell you were upset and needed an idea and fast.

“Why don’t you ask Jimin?” You looked at him and shook your head. “Oh come on, he’s good at dancing, and he will know what to teach you. You’ll be a pro by the time the party arrives Y/N.”

“I suck Yoongi, I don’t wanna show all of the others!”

“So go to Jimin and let him help you improve your suckiness babe!” Yoongi motioned for you to come to him and you did, and he wrapped his arms around you and placed a kiss on top of your head. “When’s the party?”

“Four months away.” Yoongi set his chin on top of your head.

“Well then you have enough time to get rid of your two left feet.” You slapped his arm and grabbed the invitation off of the counter.

“You are lucky I love you Min Yoongi!” You yelled to him as you walked to your bedroom to grab your cell phone to call Jimin.

“Love you too Y/N!”


Jimin was on the ground stretching, when the door opened up and he looked up to see you. You were wearing black sweatpants, with a loose tank top and baseball hat. You walked to the right and found a chair to set your things on it. You then walked over to Jimin and sat down beside him.

“Thanks for doing this Jimin, it truly means a lot.” Jimin smiled at you as you started to stretch your legs.

“No problem Y/N. It’ll be fun!”

“Fun for you but not for me, I’m horrible so just warning you right now.” Jimin started to laugh as you chuckled yourself.

“Well I’ll fix that.”

“Thank you. I asked Yoongi if he could help but he told me if I needed help with rapping then he would help, apparently dancing isn’t one of his specialities even though he does it all the time.” You scoffed and looked down at floor as you stretched. Jimin nodded his head with a smile on his face.

His heart needs to stop beating so fast, it’s only you. You were nothing special, you were a good friend, a good person, and most importantly you were Yoongi’s girlfriend.


“Well, you weren’t THAT bad.” Jimin panted, taking a drink of his water as you bent down grabbing your own.

“Yeah okay.” You rolled your eyes at him, and gave him a half smile.

“I mean we have what? Four months to improve?” You nodded your head. “We have more than enough time.”

“You believe in me too much Chim.” You nudged his arm, and set your water bottle back down.

“Well, everyone has to start somewhere!” You walked back to the floor, and started practicing the moves again.

“I guess.” You sighed as you couldn’t get a move correct.

“Here let me help.” Jimin came in front of you, and placed his hands on your hips to make you stand still. “Now your right leg needs to be here.” He bent down and grabbed your leg and pushed it back a little. “And your arms need to be here.” He adjusted your arms and he walked around you to be on your backside. “And you head needs to be looking this way.” And when he turned your head to face that way, your eyes locked and Jimin stared at you. Silence fell over the both you. He didn’t know what to say, his heart was beating fast, and he was in a trance.

You coughed and Jimin moved his head and looked at the ground. “Like this?” You asked him. He looked at your stance, and nodded his head.

“Yeah, just like that.” What is going on with him? His heart needs to calm down, his thoughts about you need to stop. He can’t have you.


You had the whole practice room to yourself today as the boys just needed the studio. You were practicing the moves that Jimin told you practice, and you got just a little better. Finally taking a break, you sipped from your water bottle while scrolling through your phone.

MY: How’s dancing going baby?

You giggled at his text, and typed away with a smile on your face.

Y/N: I feel like an idol!

MY: If only you could dance like one ;)

That little shit. You scoffed.

Y/N: Oh trust me I will out dance you after this!

MY: Well we’re done with the studio session so Jimin should be over soon! I’ll be in the studio until you’re done. See you later, practice hard!

Y/N: Yes sir.

You waited for Jimin to walk into the room, and as you waited you were singing quietly to the songs that came on the stereo. And as one of your favorite parts of a song was coming up, you were belting out the lyrics when the door swung open, and your face went beat red.

“Sorry.” You told Jimin as he set his phone down and took off his hoodie. “My singing is also horrible but were not fixing that.” You laughed at the joke, and Jimin laughed as well and walked over to you.

“Keep singing then.” He smiled at you with his hands in his pockets. You shook your head at him. He wanted to hear more of your beautiful voice, he didn’t care if you could sing or not.


As the day came to an end, you and Jimin had accomplished a lot. Even though you were laughing most of the time, Jimin decided to teach you more moves because he thought you were doing better. You thought it was for the benefit of the doubt but he was the teacher so you complied.

You and Jimin were in the middle of the room, screaming out song lyrics to end your day of practice. He was singing horribly, just like you, which made you laugh even more. You both got caught up with each other because you didn’t hear the door open to reveal your boyfriend walking in.

He put an arm around your waist and kissed your smiling face. “How’s my future idol girlfriend?” You rolled your eyes at him and slapped his chest walking away from him to grab your water bottle.

“I think in no time she’ll be a part of a new girl group.” Jimin crossed his arms as he told this to Yoongi, they both chuckled. “She’s REALLY good at singing too.” Yoongi hid his laugh as he brought the back of his hand to his mouth.

“Oh trust me, I hear enough of Y/N’s singing and I’m still questioning on why she hasn’t tried out to become a trainee.” You all laughed as you walked back over to your boyfriend and linked your arm around his and leaned your head against his shoulder. Jimin couldn’t help but go pale at the sight, and feel a tinge of sadness in his heart. “Ready to go?” Yoongi looked down at you and you nodded your head.

“I need a shower, and some food.” You commented as Yoongi kissed your forehead.

“How about I stay over tonight, and cook some dinner.” You patted his chest and grinned.

“Sounds like a plan chef Yoongi.” You winked at Jimin.

“I won’t be in the dorm tonight so tell the guys.” Yoongi told Jimin and he nodded his head. You three walked out of the practice room together, but Jimin lagged behind. He watched you and Yoongi leave hand in hand and he couldn’t help but want to replace Yoongi with himself.


He heard the music faintly, as he walked into the building. Who could possibly be here this early in the morning? He thought he was the first one, but maybe one of the guys beat him here. Yet, it shocked Jimin when he opened the door and saw you laying on the floor with your hood up, sleeping.

He turned on the rest of the lights, and couldn’t help but realize that the song that was playing was the song that you two were singing together a month ago. He walked over to you and bent down and you didn’t even stir. How long have you been here?

“Sleep in a bed next time Y/N.” Jimin whispered to you as you were still sleeping but he got a quiet response.

“We got into a fight.”


“What?” Jimin sat down beside your body.

“We got into a huge fight Jimin.” Couples fight, and get into arguments, it’s healthy. He knew when you and Yoongi fought you would always make up, but by the way you were talking and how you ended up in the practice room, something was off.

“About what?” He rubbed your arm for you, a simple gesture just to try to get you to calm down a little bit.

“I don’t even know! We were both just tired, and hungry, and stressed and we took it out on each other to the point that I left my own house!” Then you sat up and stared Jimin. “Why the fuck would I leave my own house! Why didn’t I just tell him to leave!” Jimin chuckled.

“I couldn’t tell you Y/N.” He licked his lips. “But I do know that Yoongi loves you, a lot.” You nodded your head at Jimin’s words. You needed someone to reassure you about your relationship with Yoongi right now, because you for one, don’t know what’s going to happen. “You both probably didn’t mean anything you said last night, just think about it, and give each other some space and talk about it later today.” He patted your shoulder and he wiped the tears that were falling from your eyes.

“Thanks Min.” You managed to give him a soft smile.

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Klaine fic - “The Ties that Bind” (Rated NC17)

Blaine and Kurt are dating, in a long-term relationship, with New York City as their playground. Everything is as close to perfect for the two of them as can be, especially for Blaine, who’s living the dream as a songwriter beside his up-and-coming designer boyfriend, both of them without a care in the world. Until one night, he’ll find himself connected in a bizarre way to seven other human beings he’s never met, trying to solve a mystery - the hunt for a killer and to save a life, all while trying to come to terms with his new forced membership into the collective. 

(This is a re-write that I got several requests for, based off of the Netflix series Sense8, with a little loose interpretation on some of the specifics - i.e., how the collective get their powers and why, what they need to accomplish as a collective, and the fact that all the players aren’t necessarily spread all over the world. Quite a few of them are in NY. Also, this story is going to focus on Kurt and Blaine, with the other characters being satellite to the story, though their stories may end up being explored deeper in one-shots. YOU DON’T NEED TO BE FAMILIAR WITH THE SHOW SENSE8 TO FOLLOW THIS. THIS STORY EXPLAINS IT ALL.) Warning for violence, blood, psychic abilities, psychic bonds, angst, anxiety, sex work, and death (not Kurt or Blaine).

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Chapter 1 - In the Beginning (3518 words)

“Where are we going?” Kurt giggles, glancing over his shoulder at the club behind them, search lights from the rooftop flashing and music bumping so loud Kurt can barely hear himself think. They’ve left their friends inside, drinking, partying, and getting high. Kurt and Blaine weren’t very sneaky about cutting through the crowd and ducking out the back entrance, but odds are their friends don’t really miss them.

“You’ll see.” Blaine smirks, pulling Kurt closer as they make their way out into the dark parking lot.

“Can’t this wait until we get back to our place?” Kurt asks with a clue as to what Blaine has in mind. He’s not all that thrilled about doing the dirty in the backseat of Blaine’s BMW, not out here, but it’s better than a stall in the bathroom. Besides, it’s been a long night of grinding against his gorgeous boyfriend’s body in the tight confines of this new and slightly-off-the-beaten-path night club.

Honestly, if Blaine hadn’t thought of this, Kurt would have himself.

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citymarketroses  asked:

list 1, number 23, calummm. thanks jenna 💓

23. “Is that my shirt?

(this turned out SO MUCH LONGER than a little blurb, i got carried away, oops)

There was not a single bone in your body that wanted to go to Luke’s birthday party tonight. Yes, the other boys were still some of your best friends, but ever since you and Calum broke up, things haven’t been the same. 

Ashton and Michael were in charge of planning Luke’s party, and it was a surprise, so you don’t even know if Calum knew that they had invited you. The boys had said that it would mean a lot to Luke if you went, but you didn’t know if you could stand seeing Calum. 

Mustering up the courage to go, you threw on an old tshirt and a pair of ripped blue jeans, paired with your favorite black boots. A simple outfit that you didn’t think twice about. You grabbed your phone and wallet and sped out the door before you could change your mind. 

It was about a ten minute walk to the boys’ house from your apartment; the walk reminding you of all of the nights you and Calum would spend between these streets. Your mind was filled with memories and you began to regret going to the party. You decided to show up for twenty minutes, chit chat a little, then hopefully get out of there. 

Before you could even make it through the door, you were being pulled away by a familiar boy. Ashton dragged you through a small crowd of people, bringing you face to face with the birthday boy himself. 

“Hey, (y/n)!” Luke yelled, pulling you into a big hug. “I didn’t expect to see you here!” 

You smiled, hugging him back. “I had to come say happy birthday, of course!” you yelled over the loud music. He pulled away, passing you a beer from the table behind him. 

“How are you?” he asked, but before you could answer, you heard the one voice that you were dreading to hear. 


You shut your eyes, taking a deep breath before turning around to face the boy whose voice you knew all too well. When you turned around, there was Calum, standing with a beer in hand, a surprised look on his face. 

“Hey,” you said calmly, letting out a shaky breath before taking a big sip from the bottle in your hand. 

“W-what are you doing here?” he asked, stepping closer to you. 

“Saying happy birthday to one of my best friends,” you snapped sarcastically as if he didn’t know that you and the other boys still kept contact with each other. 

He let out a huffed laugh, taking a sip of his drink. His eyes scanned your body, stopping on something before his eyebrows furrowed into a confused look. “Is that my shirt?” 

You stopped–wait, what? You looked down at the old tshirt you threw on, not realizing that you’d accidentally picked up one of Calum’s that he must have left at your apartment. “Oh, uh, I guess you left it at my place,” you said, becoming conscious of Luke still standing closely behind you. He knew that you were uncomfortable just by your body language. “I’ll give it back to you tomorrow.”

“Keep it,” Calum said sternly. 

“Okay?” you replied, your words coming off as more of a question than an answer. 

“Night, (y/n),” Calum said, turning on his heel and walking back into the house. 

You turned around to face Luke and Ashton, who were watching the confrontation quietly. “That was awkward,” you said, taking a swig of your beer. 

“Uh, yeah,” Ashton replied. “He’s been acting weird–like that, lately. Guess I know why now,”

“Yeah, sorry about that. I should probably go,” you said, handing your beer to Luke knowing that he would finish the leftover alcohol. “Happy birthday, Luke,” you said, giving him a small smile and heading back to where Ashton had dragged you from earlier. 

You made it onto the sidewalk in front of the four boys’ home before you were stopped by a familiar voice. “Hey, (y/n)!” 

“What do you want, Cal?” you asked, not bothering to turn around to face him; thinking it would be too painful to see his beautiful face again. 

“The shirt looks good on you, keep it,” 

I wake up, stretch, and piss. Dirty light streams through the blinds, but I haven’t known what day it is for a while. How long have I been here? The mirror regards me out of the corner of his eye. Old enemies, we are. His face is a violent explosion of jagged edges and broken glass. I did that to him a while ago when he tried to show me my face. We don’t talk anymore. There’s a knock at the door. “Your paper, sir.” I scan the headlines and freeze when I see my face looking back at me. The article describes my life in saccharine soundbites. I haven’t left my apartment in thirty years. I’m survived by my cat, four guitars with broken strings, three hundred notebooks, and a bathtub full of slightly used cigarettes. I watch the men come in, and I watch them carry me out. So this is what happens when a man stands still.

anonymous asked:

Hanna, how do you make finished illustrations? I am so keen on sketch booking and feel so free but when it comes to time to make serious images and make portfolio or website ready pieces, I fall apart. Any tips or advice?

my trick is - I almost never make finished illustrations!

I just make a dumb sketch with a coloured pencil. and then later at some point I ink an old sketch I once did. then at some other point I scan this old inked sketch I’ve got. and I’ll spend some time now and then and blob some colours on it, and woa, hey, there’s a picture (honestly) 

My Only, My Hiro- YandereTadashi Chapter 1

This is an expansion of rochichan’s yandere Tadashi comic. 

Here’s the link to both parts:

Part 1: http://rochichan.tumblr.com/post/106207061565/maybe-since-we-have-yandere-hiro-we-have-yandere

Part 2: http://rochichan.tumblr.com/post/106357151265/can-we-have-another-yandere-tadashi-please-d


Hiro was just walking back from the university. Tadashi was cleaning up his lab and at first Hiro waited for him. But after waiting for a while he decided to go ahead and start on his way home. The sun was beginning to set, and Hiro didn’t want to walk home in the dark. Hiro had no way of knowing that simply wanting to be home before dark, would change his life forever.

As Hiro was walking it was beginning to get darker and darker so he took a shortcut he had taken many times before. It was not an alley. And he hated it when people called it that. It was just a gap between two buildings. One of them an apartment that barely anyone lived in, and the other an abandoned building…okay maybe it was an alley. He just never thought of it that way because he’d never felt in danger walking down it. Alley’s were supposed to be seedy places, covered in garbage, infested with rats and alley cats. This was just a space in between two nice looking red brick buildings and the only thing that could be considered dirty in it was an old aluminum trash can. Hiro slipped in between the two buildings and started heading for the cafe. He was almost half out of it when he heard “Hey you!” from behind him.

Hiro glanced back and saw a stocky man with mop black hair dressed in plainclothes,smoking a cigarette. His nose was curled in a sneer twisting his nose piercings into odd angles. Hiro narrowed his eyes. Ever since he’d quit bot fighting he had been dogged by Yama’s thugs trying to get a rematch out of him. He turned around and continued walking trying to ignore him. “Hey I’m talking to you!” the thug yelled.

Hiro turned around again and snapped “What do you want?”

The thug scowled. “Yama’s gettin impatient. He’s challenged you and no one ever ignores a challenge from Yama.”

“Yeah well there’s a first time for everything! Tell Yama I’m not interested.” Hiro retorted.

“Hey you little bastard! Don’t you understand English?!” The thug yelled.

“I’ve told all your little friends this and I’m telling you too! I’ve quit the bot fighting business!” Hiro reached into his shoulder bag and pulled a stack of bills out of his wallet, chucking it at the thug. “Here! If it’ll get Yama off my back! Now leave me alone!”

The thug grabbed Hiro by the shoulder and forced him up against the brick wall. The thug pulled a knife and held it under his chin. Hiro’s eyes widened and he pressed himself as close to the wall as he could to avoid the tip of the knife that was scarcely pricking the skin on his neck.

“Yama ain’t lookin for money. He wants his pride back. And I ain’t here to persuade ya. I’m here to bring ya to Yama by any means necessary. And guess what?” The thug leaned forward, a malevolent smirk on his face and an insidious look in his eyes. “He said he didn’t care what shape you was in. Just as long as you can play. Said I could have a little…fun with ya first.”

Hiro’s heart race and terror surged through his bloodstream. He could feel the thug’s breath on his neck and he twisted his head away and squeezed his eyes shut. He felt tears prick his shut eyes and he grit his teeth but didn’t dare scream ,should he get his throat cut out.

Somebody please help me!” He screamed in his mind.

The next thing he heard was a horrible crushing sound. Opening his eyes the first things he saw were the thug’s body flying off to the side and bruised knuckles that were clenched so hard they were white.

“Tadashi!” He cried out in relief. It seemed Hiro’s brother had come to rescue him again. Hiro looked up at his brother….and his joy faded. His brother was….different. He was panting heavily and his eyes were filled with hatred, revulsion, and another dark something that he couldn’t interpret. He barely had time to process this before Tadashi threw himself at the thug and began viciously beating him. The thug tried to defend himself but Tadashi knocked the knife from his hand. Tadashi punched him again and again, breaking his teeth, blood was beginning to stain his knuckles. The thug gurgled through the blood and broken teeth in his mouth, his face was swelling and turning purple.

“Tadashi!” Hiro cried out, surprised at his brother’s sudden violence.. “STOP! He’s had enough! HE’S HAD ENOUGH!”

Tadashi stopped hitting him, but he wasn’t nearly done yet. He looked down at the thug who continued to gurgle for mercy. Time seemed to stand still for those few moments, before Tadashi’s hand uncurled, reached for the discarded knife on the ground, clenched it in his fist, and raised it above his head.


The knife came down and punctured his chest. The thug was screaming through the blood in his mouth which, horrifyingly, also caused him to begin to choke on his own broken teeth. The knife was pulled out of his chest and thrust into his stomach. Tadashi stabbed and stabbed at the thug, blood splattering all over the ground and all over Tadashi. The thug was convulsing and writhing in his own blood, his pleas for mercy muffled by the blood, gagging as his broken teeth scraped at the inside of his throat.

Hiro stood there, a horrified expression frozen on his face,tears in his eyes, trembling violently as Tadashi continued to plunge the cold steel into the thug’s chest and stomach. Finally ,after what seemed like an eternity, the thug stopped struggling and Tadashi’s hand stilled. Hiro’s violent shaking spread into his speech as he stuttered out in small voice thick with fear “T-T-T-T-Tadashi?”

His older brother turned his head and looked at him. His face was covered in blood and his eyes were full of concern and relief, a slight smile was on his face. The image of such a common expression for his brother with his face covered in blood, as he leaned over the body of the man he just murdered, made Hiro nearly vomit. The tears that were resting on the brim of his eyes began to stream down his cheeks.

Tadashi rushed over to him. Hiro was frozen in place as Tadashi kneeled down and drew him into his arms, placing one hand one the back of his head and the other on his back.

“Shhh. Shh. It’s okay now, Hiro.” Tadashi attempted to soothe the trembling boy. Hiro felt sick as he felt the blood on his brother’s hands seeping into his clothes and smearing into his hair. As terrified as he was, he was unable to move. He felt a horrible stew of emotions stirring up in his stomach. He was petrified as he tried to comprehend what he just saw. His brother, his sweet, charming, loving, gentle brother who would never hurt anyone, had just murdered a man. Once his mind put the pieces together, brain cells firing, he jumped away from his brother.

He looked up at his brother’s confused expression. “T-Tadashi-what the hell did you do?!” Tadashi reached out toward him and said

“It’s okay Hiro. He won’t hurt you anymore.” Hiro flinched away from his brothers hand. “What you did to that guy was insane! You shouldn’t have done that!” Hiro was nearly screaming.

Tadashi looked slightly confused. “Don’t tell me you expected me to let that guy go after seeing him touch you like that.” He stated, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “NO! It’s not even that! It’s-You-You didn’t have to kill him! Why would you do that?!”

Tadashi began to approach his little brother again, his hand outstretched to take his brother’s hand. “Hiro, you need to understand I did that because I love you-“

“DON’T TOUCH ME!” Hiro cried, slapping his brothers hand away from him. A strange unhinged expression came over his brothers face.

“Why don't you understand?”

He whispered dementedly.

“Why? Why? Why? Why? Why don’t you understand I did this because I care about you?!”

He was starting to shout now and Hiro turned to run but Tadashi grabbed his wrist and gripped it so hard, pain shot through his arm. “Dashi! AH! Let me go!” 

“Why don’t you understand I had no choice?! He would have destroyed you! He could have killed you!“ Tadashi was gripping his wrist harder and harder until it felt like he would break it, and Hiro kept thrashing more and more scratching at his older brother’s fingers, trying to get free.

"Why don’t you understand I only want to protect you! You don’t understand! I will make you understand!

"GET AWAY FROM ME!” Hiro screamed finally tearing himself away from Tadashi’s grip and running as fast as he could down the alley and away from Tadashi. The older boy stood shocked for a moment before his face contorted in anger. His eyes shot around the alley before they fell on the aluminum trash can. He grabbed the lid. Hiro was rounding the corner out of the alley when Tadashi started running.


Hiro heard his name roared by his hysterical brother. He let out fearful whimper and forced himself to run faster. His lungs were burning but he didn’t dare stop running. He was headed around to the back of the abandoned building where the large wall of tall wooden fence broke off for a short chain link fence. All he needed to do was hop the chain link fence, cut through that back yard, get inside the cafe and call 911. He was just about to jump the fence when Tadashi cut him off and started to advance towards him.


Frantic and filled with adrenaline Hiro’s eyes darted around before laying eyes on the back door to the abandoned building. He rushed for the door.


He screamed. Hiro wrenched the door open, ran inside and slammed it behind him. It didn’t stop his brother for long. Tadashi threw the door open. His maniacal eyes scanned the trashed old apartment.


He heard heavy running steps on the floor above him. A smile curled onto his lips. Hiro bolted into the old bedroom, terror surging through his veins as he heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. He quickly raced into the attached walk in closet ,buried himself behind the old hung up coats and hid. A few moments later Tadashi burst into the room. Hiro heard him tromping around the room. “Where are you!?” He hissed. The sound of furniture crashing filled the air. The commotion suddenly stopped and the only noise the terrified boy could hear was the heavy breath of his pursuer and his own pounding heart. He prayed his brother would give up and look somewhere else. The tension hung heavy in the air and pressed with titanic weight on his chest. Hopelessness and fear filled his body as he heard steps coming toward the closet. He pressed himself to the wall behind the coats not even daring to breathe as he heard the knob turn and the door open. His brother entered the closet, his eyes scanning over the room. Hiro’s hands were clamped over his mouth to prevent the terrified whimpers from spilling from his lips. His stomach sank when he saw his brother approach the corner of the closet he hid in. He saw Tadashi’s hands weave between the coats and pull them aside. His face curled into a smirk. “There you are!” He hissed. Hiro darted out from between the coats and ran for the door, but in two quick strides Tadashi had beat him there and shut the door pinning him against it.

Hiro was trapped. Pressed up against the door he looked with terrified eyes into the dark ones of his brother, a wicked glint was in his eyes, trash can lid clenched in his hand.

"I really didn’t want to have to do this Hiro! I didn’t want to have to hurt you! But bad boys who misbehave must be punished!” He barked.

Hiro’s eyes filled with tears as he whispered hopelessly “Dashi! Please don’t!” Tadashi’s assured expression faltered for a moment as he looked down at his terrified little brother. But he put his doubts aside. This was for his own good he told himself. “Now be a good boy,” He drawled. “and lie down for your nap!” And with that Tadashi raised the trash can lid and struck his little brother hard across the side of his head. Hiro slumped to the ground, unconscious. Tadashi scooped up his brothers lifeless body and left the abandoned house.


The first thing Hiro registered as his mind teetered on the edge of regaining consciousness was a stinging pain on the side of his head. As he groggily struggled to arouse himself from the clutching darkness he became aware of his body yet again and began to stir slightly. But when he attempted to move his body he found he couldn’t get far as something was hindering him. His confusion caused him to rise more quickly. His eyes opened and his blurry vision came into focus and as it did he realized that he did not recognize his location. The walls were dark indicating it to be nighttime and the only light in the room was moonlight spilling through a small window above a bed that he seemed to be resting on. Finally dropping his eyes to his immobile limbs Hiro was horrified to find his arms and legs bound to the bed with what appeared to be a black wire. He struggled against them for a second but stopped when he realized his back was pressed up against something solid and warm. Two strong arms wrapped around his chest. Hiro didn’t even have to turn to know who his captor was.

“D-dashi?” he uttered.

“Hey baby bro.” he cooed into his ear, nuzzling into Hiro’s hair. “Your awake.”

“Where are we?” he whimpered.

“Somewhere safe……somewhere no one will ever hurt you again…..”


“Shhhh its okay now. Shhh….”

Hiro felt tears filling his eye’s and cascading down his cheeks. Tadashi turned Hiro toward him and wiped his tears away with his thumbs. Tadashi wore a calm and contented expression as he cradled his brothers face in his hands. “Shhh! Now don’t cry! This is a wonderful thing!” He pressed his forehead against Hiro’s and looked him in his terrified eyes. “It’s what we’ve always wanted!Just you and me and no one else! Forever!“ 

 His voice took on a gravely and grim tone. He then drew him into his arms and threaded his fingers into his hair.

To be continued…..

The Beginning of the End of the World

This is my first 10k imagine! Please leave feedback. I’d love to hear from everyone. I hope you enjoy! Thank you.


You scan the horizon for zombies, just as you do every evening before you go inside the abandoned gas station/convenient store that you have been lucky enough to live in for the past who knows.. Weeks? Months? Maybe even a year? The convenient store was built with an apartment like complex above it, maybe the old owners lived there and worked as a cashier during the day. You made yourself comfortable and even hung up posters you’ve scavenged over the years of the zombie apocalypse, they even make you remember the old days where you would fan girl over boy bands and beg your mom to buy you tickets.

You could say you’ve made yourself at home.

You look through the binoculars and thankfully the only thing you see is a beautiful golden, pink, and purple sunset. You begin collecting your things that happen to follow you everywhere; your water bottle, machete, and your all time favorite sniper rifle that your dad gave you at the beginning of the end of the world, a dark brown SR-25, with the help of this bad boy you’ve killed well over 1,000 Z’s.

When you turn around to go down the flight of stairs that leads to your apartment you hear a scream, it sounds fairly far so your first instinct is to duck. You crouch and slowly walk over to the edge of the building and pull out your rifle. As you look through the scope you see a group of maybe five or six people running very fast towards the store and behind them is a herd of about 20 zombies following closely. You roll your eyes, throw your sniper rifle over your shoulder, pull out a small handgun and run down the stairs. “I guess I’m not sleeping tonight” you spit out as you make your way to the shop.

You open the door that is usually locked to keep anyone and anything out to let the strangers in. How ironic? They all make their way in and once they realize what’s going on all weapons are pointed at you.

“You’re welcome” you say sarcastically with your hands raised in surrender.

“Thank you, sorry. You never know who you can trust nowadays” an African American women, who you believe to be their leader, stated as she lowered her weapon signaling the others to lower theirs.

“I’m Y/N, may I ask what’s going on out there?” you say with your hand still placed on your handgun, just in case.

“We were looking for supplies and there was just too many” says a black haired boy nervously but doesn’t let his guard down. He’s around 18 or 19. Your age. You can feel him look you up and down and you see his cheeks turn a pinkish color as he clears his throat.

You pull your eyes away from the boy and push your h/c hair behind your ears. “Well if you’re going to stay with me tonight I’d like to know your names, and please no funny business. If you steal from me I WILL kill you.” you say with a harsh tone making everyone uneasy. You wouldn’t say you’re necessarily a scary person but your daddy didn’t raise an average little girl who dressed up in pretty pink dresses and would go to dances. No, your dad was in the Marines, he was as badass as they get. You were able to shoot a gun at the age of seven, he taught you how to properly scare people into doing what you say.

“I understand completely,” the women who spoke earlier said, “I’m Warren. The old man here is Doc-”

“Hey! I’m not that old!” Doc shouted. I’m guessing he is the clown of the group.

“As I was saying -coughs- before I got rudely interrupted,” Warren looks over at Doc and looks back at you rolling her eyes, “This is Addy, Vasquez, the weird blue looking guy is Murphy-”

“Wow, so now I’m weird looking” Murphy states throwing his hands up in the air. You giggle a little making the black haired boy, you haven’t been introduced yet, smile.

“And finally, the kid that’s smiling at you funky is 10k,” Warren continues making 10k uncomfortable and he looks at the ground, drops the smile and avoids eye contact with you.

“10k?” You ask.

“-clears throat- um it’s how many Z’s I’m gonna kill.” 10k barely gets out, all choked up still trying to avoid your gaze.

“Woah there 10k, I’ve never seen you all shaken up before.” Addy says, curling her lips into a smile. This group must pick on this poor kid a lot.

“Well it’s nice to meet all of you. I don’t have many bedrooms but I have a few couches and loveseats. What’s mine is yours!” You say walking off without a care in the world. Letting the group make themselves at home.

“Well if you need me, I’ll be in the kitchen” Doc states, spinning around leaving everyone to fend for themselves.

10k follows you.

“Can I ask you a question?” He walks in front of you stopping you in your tracks. You look up at him and notice his big blue-green puppy dog eyes, you couldn’t see them before, they’re very beautiful. You snap out of it quick to answer him.

“Shoot.” You say looking back at him and you can tell you make him feel weak, not weak like you’re stronger than him but weak as in you barely know him and he would probably do anything and everything for you. You have a knack for knowing if a guy likes you. He leans on the wall of the staircase trying to hold himself up.

“How can you trust us so easily?”

“Are you suggesting that I shouldn’t trust you?” You sass back, brows furrowed.

“N-no I just, you’re just.. You’re a young girl all by herself.” He tries to get out but keeps stuttering.

“Listen buddy I can take care of myself. Okay?” You say in a stern voice laying a single finger on his chest to let him know you’re serious. You take one last look at him and his gorgeous eyes before heading upstairs. You try to make a dramatic exit so 10k wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about you. When you walk up the stairs you let your hips swing side to side to force his eyes onto your butt.. If they weren’t there before. You can feel 10k staring at you, it worked, you turn to the right and slam the door and lock it. You back into the door biting your lip letting out a small smirk. 10k is a very attractive boy and he makes you feel like you can’t breathe, you can never let him know that you think he’s cute. For all you know him and his group are leaving tomorrow, after the Z’s disperse. You jump into bed and silently fan girl at the fact a teenage boy is here, a very very cute teenage boy, here, in your store.

Your Dad would hate the fact that 10k even confronted you. He was always very protective over you, especially after your mother passed away. Now you’re all you’ve got. You have to protect yourself. You stay strong and think to yourself, I’m old enough to date now dad it’s okay. You smile and fall asleep to the thought of you making the black haired boy blush.


I may or may not write a part 2 depending on if I get feedback so pls pls pls let me know if you liked this fan fic! Thank you


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Genre: angst/fluff

Length: :D

Summary: You and taehyung are childhood friends, but things happened to Taehyung and changed him. You get to be his classmate in High School, but he end up embarrassing you in front of the class, and this end up you being bullied. HS ended and now you’re in college. Will you finally be free from the bullies?

Warning: Trigger warning(bullying) and Bad words

Part 12/?

Gif credits

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My desktop is about eight years old and prone to crashing and restarting without so much as a by your leave, so it leaves me plenty of time to doodle in the meantime. This is one of the results - just started playing around with a pen (not even a pencil) and remembered that I hadn’t drawn anything Hogan’s Heroes (apart from my “cover pictures” on FF.net) and I miss these guys like crazy. I actually scanned it with a 10 centimes coin for the scale :D

So happy belated birthday, rose-of-pollux! I coloured it for you, knowing you love Newkirk and LeBeau (and Schultz) as much as I do :o) It’s really, really doodly, but I hope you like!

Kitten Hybrid! Luke

Pairing: Y/N and Luke

Warning: Smut duh

Words: 1K+

Summary: Y/N is going on a first date with hybrid Luke even though they’ve been talking for a while. 

Written by Liv edited by me :)

Originally posted by lipringsandsnapbacks

Despite knowing Luke for quite some time, I’d never have guessed that we’d be considering a relationship together now - or that he was a hybrid. At first you were a little freaked out because he had cat ears on the top of his head as well as human ears. But after he talked about it and you understood it more it became one of the things you loved the most. We were so close, and had been speaking non-stop for months, then out of the blue over the phone he stuttered out the question.

I was surprised to say the least. The shy boy at school who would sit at the back of the class and make sure all his work was in one time was now your kitten boyfriend. And you couldn’t be happier. He was the definition of breath taking. His light blue sparkling eyes that when he got even a bit excited went the most amazing dark blue, like when once the sunset disappears you get the light blue fading into the dark blue. He was just so amazing. When he first told me about being a hybrid he was so nervous and was enough to convince me he was a keeper. He was so scared to lose me, and it made me feel special.

Now I was getting ready for our first date, yes we’d obviously spent time together but it never got to the point where it was a actual date, so Luke said that we should . My hair in ringlets falling down my back and my eyes bright with excitement. 

I glanced at my appearance in the mirror one last time, smoothing my skirt down. I looked cute, even I knew that, and my makeup was on point. I was trying so hard to impress him, even though I already knew I didn’t need to. I wore my floral skirt and a white blouse along with a fedora. After picking up my bag, I went to my car and drove to the restaurant where we’d agreed to meet. Playing my favourite album from McFly and screaming the words as loud as I can. 

The restaurant was fancier than I had expected, and a waiter in a suit and tie led me to Luke waiting at a small table towards the back. A cap was balanced carefully on the back of his head and he smiled widely when seeing me. He had a white shirt on and black jeans, he looked so beautiful and broad. 

The waiter didn’t look too impressed at his attire, but I sat down before he had chance to comment.

“Y/N, you look gorgeous.”

I blushed, smiling down at my hands.

“And you look very handsome.”

He had a similar reaction, and I smiled watching him.

“Handsome as he may be, caps do not fit our dress code,” the waiter sneered, looking him up and down. “Either take it off or leave.”

I saw the fear flash in Luke’s eyes, he couldn’t take it off obviously. He’d be stupid to take it off in a crowded restaurant and reveal his cat ears.

“We’ll just go then.” I replied confidently, standing up and grabbing his hand.

We went outside, his car wasn’t here so I assumed he’d walked.

“I’m so sorry, it’s all ruined.” He gushed, looking at me with so much regret and sorrow.

“Lukey, it’s fine, nothing is ruined. We can go back to my place.”

He nodded and we got in my car and made the short journey to my apartment. Every now and again I would look over at the beautiful man sitting beside me with his eyes never leaving the trees and flowers out the window. When we arrived back we resorted to cuddling up on the sofa and watching old shitty movies. His eyes were fixed on the screen, but mine were scanning his gorgeous features, my hands itching to touch him.

Slowly, I placed my hand on his upper thigh and rubbed circles with my thumb. His eyes fluttered shut and he pulled his lip ring between his teeth. I took this as a signal to go ahead and began palming him through his jeans, a low moan escaping his lips.

I kissed and sucked a trail down his neck, as his hand gripped my hip tightly.

“Y/N.” He whimpered slightly and I pulled away to look at him.

He didn’t speak, he just ran his tongue over his lip, his kitten eyes boring into mine as I watched them cloud over with lust.

I got rid of his jeans and boxers fast, and positioned myself straddling him. I pulled off his shirt and threw it across the room. I scattered love bites across his collarbones, earning soft moans and an occasional quiet meow. The love bites turned a deep purple and looked so dark and beautiful against his pale skin. I sat up and grinded down on his bare cock. Which started to leaked out pre-cum so I reached down and started stroking him. He threw his head back and let out whimpers.

His lips found my neck and sucked harshly as my hand gripped his shoulder. He unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it off my shoulders, kissing over them as it fell off my arms, he reached under my skirt and pulled down my panties whilst rubbing quickly over my pussy and then our lips collided in a heated kiss. I ground myself down on him again, rolling my hips this time feeling all of him. He was rock hard already perks of being a hybrid and yanking my bra off which he slide of my arms and chucked it behind him. 

I lifted myself and let him roll up my skirt to my hips then lowered myself back onto him, both of us moaning animalistically. He gripped my hips hard and I began bouncing, at a fast pace the whole way through. My hands resting on his chest to keep me upright and his face buried in my boobs every now and then biting down onto them. His moans were sending vibrations across them, causing me to throw my head back in pleasure and pushing my boobs further into his mouth.

He met my bounces with thrusts and soon we were both a mess of panting and sloppy kisses. My bounces were slower and his thrusts uneven, my legs were shaking as I hit my orgasm and Luke soon followed. His hat had slipped off and I stroked his ears gently as his cum dripped down my thighs. I grabbed a hold of his hat and placed it on my head. I leant forward and rubbed around his ears. His eyes fluttered shut and he purred softly, with me smiling in response. I climbed off of him and rolled next to him.

We didn’t need a fancy restaurant, this was the best first date I’d ever had with a beautiful man I can call my boyfriend hybrid. 



A friend of mine showed me how to use Google Maps. I’m sure you’ve seen it. It lets you use satellite images to look at locations all over the world. A few years ago, I was in a car accident.

Since then, I really don’t leave the house that often. It’s difficult, and the idea of a seeing a car drive by me makes me feel lightheaded. I was fascinated by the fact that I could see all over the world, almost like being there. I could virtually walk down the streets, and it almost felt like I was really there.

I became instantly hooked. It gave me a real eye on the world. I could go to almost any major city, and I did. I’d seen streets in China, Japan, Germany, England… so many places. I’d even gone to tourist attractions like the Great Barrier Reef and Dracula’s castle.

My favorite was to go to random places in major cities and see how many people and animals I could find. The faces of the people were always blurred to protect their privacy, but it was still enjoyable to see them out there, enjoying their life, walking like it was no big deal.

“She must have good taste,” I laughed.

I zoomed in closer and noticed the grey bag she carried on a grey and purple shoulder strap. She was walking in a relaxed manner, one hand trailing the wall beside her. I bet if I could have seen her face, I would see that she was smiling. I began to feel a little sad. I let my hands fall onto the arms of my wheelchair and looked at her for a minute more. I wished that I could be there, walking so carefree with her. That wouldn’t happen though, until I died. I was stuck in this chair.

I sighed and zoomed out of Tokyo. Enough of this for tonight. I turned off the computer and went to bed.

I got up early and decided to look around Paris. Paris was always fun. I liked the look of the city, with all of the old, beautiful buildings and so many people to watch. I randomly zoomed to an area and saw a street lined with old brick buildings, a few small shops, and an old tan brick church. Ahead was an intersection, and dozens of people walked by. A balding business man walked quickly past, looking back at an old woman, hair covered with a scarf, carrying a large purse. A curvy woman in black pants that were too tight stared into a store window, and two women led a group of small children around a corner.

I spun the view around a few more times, and then saw something peculiar. Sitting on the bench at the bus-stop were two people. One of them was a young woman with her feet stuck in front of her in a relaxed manner. She was wearing a pair of red sneakers, like my own. I was startled for a moment as I noticed the black pants, white t-shirt, and black hooded jacket. Her dark brown hair was tied loosely behind her head. A grey bag sat on the bench beside her, the shoulder strap hooked over her shoulder.

“This is crazy,” I thought. “It can’t possibly be the same woman. This is a different country, different continent even. How could it be her?”

This was stupid. It wasn’t as if these were live photographs. They were taken ahead of time and then stored. It’s not like she was in two places at once. She could just be a traveler. Besides, without seeing her face, it was impossible to tell it was the same person. Brown hair was probably the most common hair color in the world. Those red sneakers were something I purchased online. I’m sure a million other people did too. I shook my head and went to fix some lunch.

When I got back online, I decided to look at Berlin. I picked a random street, as usual. It looked pretty empty. There were brick buildings lining the streets, looking more like factories than anything else. There were also empty lots, full of long grass and piled gravel. There wasn’t much to see at all, really. There was a line of motorbikes and a car with two German flags sticking up from it. After more searching, I found one kid. He looked like he was dressed for school, a jacket thrown over his bag. He was intently looking at some kind of mobile device. I was disappointed. I started to leave, but then I caught something out of the corner of my eye. I turned the view, and there they were. Those damned red sneakers.

She was standing on a street corner, next to some kind of sign post. She had a hand on the post, looking down the street, as if waiting to cross the street. I stared in shock. How could she be there too? Even if she was traveling, there’s no way I would find her every time. Even finding her in Paris would have been one heck of a coincidence, but this? This was crazy. Was this some kind of joke? Had Google decided to play a prank on its users that used their product so much? It would have been a great joke…

I did a quick search, looking for a note about a woman that shows up like Waldo. There was nothing. I looked through articles on strange things you can see on Google Maps, but none of them mentioned the woman that travels the world with you. This was crazy. Had my self-imposed isolation driven me mad? Had I become so lonely that I created a hallucination for myself?

Leaving the Berlin image on my screen, I sent a text message to a friend, asking him to look at the locations. I asked him if he saw the same woman. Then I waited, hands sweating, heart thumping in my chest. I jumped when my phone beeped with a return text message ten minutes later. The text read, “I see the lady you’re talking about in Berlin. I didn’t see her in Paris or Tokyo. Is this some kind of game, or what? Are you okay?”

I didn’t respond, instead returning to the locations in Tokyo and Paris. There she was. She was there, but it was different. She no longer sat on the bus-stop bench, in Paris. She was standing in front of it, looking for something in her bag. In Tokyo, she was blocks away, squatting down to pet that calico cat. I shivered. Who was she? What was happening?

I switched the map to Brussels. It was another city street. It was lined with old looking buildings, with shops on the ground level, and what I guessed was apartments above. I quickly scanned the streets. They were empty, other than a stocky woman in a bright blue sweater. I did a second sweep. She wasn’t there. I sighed in relief. I couldn’t believe I was getting so worked up about this.

It was nothing but a coinci– I stopped, my eyes frozen on the screen. There was a building at the point of a fork in the road, white with a black-ironwork-framed balcony jutting from the second floor. I hadn’t seen her, as I had been looking at the sidewalks. There she stood, standing on the balcony, her head tilted in the direction of the camera, almost like she was coyly looking toward me. My breath caught in my throat.

I switched to Sydney. She was leaning against the wall, inside the doorway of a bright blue Carricks Pharmacy building. London showed her getting ready to step onto a red double-decker bus, her head turned to look over her shoulder. She was everywhere I looked. She stood on a brick sidewalk on a bridge in Venice, she walked across a yellow barred crosswalk in Zurich, and in Hong Kong, she stood between a Wing Lung Bank and a McDonald’s adjusting the strap on her bag. In each picture, she came closer and closer to looking directly at me with her blurred out face.

My heart felt like a terrified bird, slamming around inside my chest. I couldn’t catch my breath. I wasn’t sure what to do. I couldn’t call the police. Should I send screenshots to Google?

I clenched my fists tightly and closed my eyes. Who was she? Was she following me? Was I following her? I wish I could see the expression on her face, know what she saw when she looked back at me. I wanted to get out of the chair and run. Why is it that the only thing that made me feel free again was the thing that made me feel even more trapped? I had to know.

I typed in the name of my town and zoomed into a random street. It was a couple of miles from my house; the gates to the city park were shown in the clarity of daylight, despite it being night here. There she was. There… There she was. She was only a few miles from my house, standing under the ironwork arch that stated the name of the park. She looked directly at the camera, directly at me. I felt like I might throw up. She was near me, and she was watching me. She was coming for me. What did she want?

I typed in the name of the apartment complex where I live. I could see the outside of the building. The parking lot was full of cars, and there were a few blurred out children on the playground. I searched everywhere for her. She wasn’t in the parking lot or on the sidewalks, not hiding between the buildings or standing in the playground. I even scanned each of the cars, behind the bushes, and each of the blurred windows. She wasn’t there. I curled tightly around myself and lay my head down on the desk.

This place was safe. I didn’t leave the apartment anyway. I would never use Google Maps again. I would never see her again. She could stay at the park for all I cared. I smiled to myself and was surprised to find a tear slipping down my face.

“I’m safe,” I said to myself in a whisper. It felt good to hear it out loud. “I’m safe.”

As I said it, there was a knock at the door. A chill ran down my spine. I had a camera hooked to my computer that showed who was at the front door, which made it easier for me, with my mobility issues. I slowly reached for the control to show myself who was outside, but my hand trembled furiously. As I touched the control, I realized my mistake. The last of Google’s images that I’d seen had only shown the outside of the building. Just the outside.

I looked at the screen and saw a woman in a white t-shirt, black pants, and black hooded jacket and carrying a grey bag with a purple and grey striped shoulder strap. Of course, there were those red sneakers. She looked directly at the camera, her face still a complete blur. As I tried to stifle a scream, she raised a hand and knocked loudly on my front door.

viictoireweasley  asked:

Spencer/Caleb in Capitol Hill before Spencer gets Ali's letter

This was so much fun to write. I’ve completed my descent into shipping trash. 

They’re balancing boxes of Chinese takeout between them, and Spencer’s regaling Caleb with the story of some intern in some politician’s office somewhere who’s got on her last nerve, and Caleb’s trying his hardest not to drop any food because her irritation lends itself to a seriously great impression of her newfound ‘arch-enemy’ and it’s hilarious.

“Stop laughing at me!” she scolds, but it holds no heat because after weeks and weeks of caffeine fueled late nights, it’s feels so good to look up from a phone and see a friendly face. Caleb’s promise of a Game of Thrones marathon and a night where she didn’t go cross-eyed reading proposal drafts had been the light at the end of a very long tunnel and she’d forgotten what it felt like to laugh.

They manage to maneuver themselves into Spencer’s building and since Caleb is still laughing at her expense, she feels no remorse dumping her half of the takeout in his arms while she fishes through her purse for the small key to her mailbox.

“Anytime now Hastings,” he calls from behind the armful of styrofoam, and misses Spencer’s smirk as she pulls out her mail, locks the box and strides right past him.

“This is why Laurel doesn’t like you,” he mutters when he catches up to her in the elevator.

“Her name’s Lauren, and do not get me started again or I’ll be thinking of her while watching Game of Thrones and end up thinking up ways to poison her kale smoothies.”

“You wouldn’t go for the smoothie, that’s way too obvious.”

“Protein bar?”

“Much better.”

By the time they reach her door she’s gotten it out of her system and smiling widely because a night of takeout and bingewatching is the best way to destress, and if Caleb’s with her, then even better. He’s still in New York, technically, but he’s been picking up contracts in Washington pretty frequently, and Spencer gets to see him at least a few times a month. She’s never told him, but every time he visits she looks forward to seeing him more and more.

(Every time he leaves, she’s a little sadder.)

“So how long are you staying?” she asked, kicking off her heels.

“I’m in for five more days, then back to New York,” he replied, grabbing some plates from a cupboard, moving around her kitchen with familiar ease.

“And the constant flying isn’t getting on your nerves?” Her tone is light, but Caleb has known Spencer long enough to be able to tell when she’s hinting at something.

“Spence…” He trails off, eyebrow raised, and she can’t hold in her grin.

“Look, I saw you talking to my boss earlier,” she confessed, “and she seemed pretty impressed with you.”

“We were just making small-talk because some people take forever to finish phone calls.”

Spencer rolled her eyes artfully, “Don’t deflect, you looked interested!”

There’s no use denying it, she’ll only needle him for ages. “I was interested, you guys are doing good work.”

That’s not exactly what she expected to hear, though Spencer can’t really pinpoint what it was she wanted to hear in the first place. She deflates, just a little, and out of the corner of his eye, Caleb notices.

“And maybe she hinted that there could be a spot for me there.”

Spencer can’t help the wide smile that breaks out on her face, and before she even knows details she’s imagining what it would be like to have Caleb in the same city as her all the time, to talk with, to laugh with, to bitch about coworkers and watch her favourite shows and-

Her mind works so fast that for just a second it crosses a line, a line she swore she would never cross. She made that promise to herself in a park on the other side of the ocean while watching a sunrise and it was hard then but it’s gotten even more difficult since. Still, she holds on.

“So when do you start?”

“Relax Spence, she didn’t even offer me an actual job,” Caleb laughs, but even he can’t hold back his excitement.

“If Rebecca said there’s a spot then trust me, she’ll give you the job,” Spencer replies, still grinning widely as she flipped through the stack of mail in her hands. Her hands stilled at a light blue envelope.

“Don’t sound too excited, I’m going to have to find a place here which means I might have to crash on your couch for a couple of weeks,” Caleb called over his shoulder as he got to the task of dividing all the food. It wouldn’t be the first time he crashed at her place, and though he gets a hotel room every time he’s in DC for a short time, he definitely wouldn’t mind imposing on her if she let him. They were easy and comfortable together, he knew to start a full pot of coffee first thing and she ate the toast he inevitably burned.

Yeah, this could work.

It could work so well that a full five minutes passes while Caleb lets his imagination run away from him. It’s only when the food is fully plated just the way they like it (he gets the extra spring roll, she gets the extra dumpling) that he realizes Spencer has been completely quiet for a while.

“Spence? Something wrong?” He turns to find her and she’s still standing there, but her hands are clutching a piece of paper, knuckles white, and she looks like she’s a million miles away.

“Spencer?” Caleb’s seriously worried now, she’s never this silent. For a wild moment he wonders if it’s her mother’s health, or her parents finally settling the divorce, and his hearts thuds in his chest the longer she remains quiet. Finally, she looks up.

“It’s from Alison.”

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