i scanned a lot of pictures * *

would anybody be interested in a kind of sketchbook walkthrough video? bc I can’t post full sketchbooks as picture posts and I also don’t want to scan that much but I kinda like how the october/november sketchbooks turned out.

the lightning thief musical booklet!!

so i scanned all the lyrics to all the songs and the pictures from the booklet that came with the cd for the lightning thief musical!! it’s pretty long (30 pics) and they’re in order as they appear in the booklet so here it is under the cut :)

As much as I love Fingon, it’s weird that I don’t draw him more. Here, have some sunshine!

Being pregnant with Tom's child would include...
  • Finding out the very next day he left for his latest movie press tour
  • Panicking because you knew he’d be gone for at least five or six months
  • “Shit, what am I going to do?”
  • Telling your best friend first
  • “Shit Y/N, what are you going to do?”
  • “Why thank you for your help!”
  • Deciding not to tell him until he came home
  • Him worrying one day he called you because you were extra sensitive and missed him a lot
  • Your mom going to your scans and check-ups with you
  • “Congratulations, you’re having twins”
  • “WHAT THE F-”
  • Calling Tom like every two hours after knowing this
  • “Baby, when are you coming back?”
  • “I dunno, probably in like two months, why?”
  • “Oh… nothing, I just miss you so much!”
  • Crying everytime after hanging up
  • Except one time you didn’t
  • And Tom heard you sobbing your lungs out
  • And he got so worried he took the first flight home
  • He arrived late at night
  • Only to find you laying on your side on the couch, with a duvet, watching a movie and eating chocolate covered popcorn
  • “Y/N?”
  • Dropping the bowl
  • Looking at him with wide eyes
  • “Tom?”
  • “Yeah, it’s me baby, are you alright?”
  • You immediately standing up to run and hug him
  • Your five-month belly already showing under your pajamas
  • Running to his arms and him holding you, shocked, believing he was imagining things
  • But when you pulled away
  • And he saw you
  • He couldn’t believe his eyes
  • “Y/N what the fuck”
  • “…surprise?”
  • Him asking a LOT of questions
  • “How long have you known?”
  • “How far along are you?”
  • “Is it a boy or a girl?”
  • “TWINS?”
  • “Oh my I need to sit”
  • Showing him all the scan pictures you got
  • “Tom… are you crying?”
  • “No, I just, I got something in my eye it’s all”
  • Tom apologising for being absent for so long
  • And calling EVERYONE
  • “HAZ, I’M HAVING TWINS! Well, Y/N is, but, ya know what I mean…”
  • “Mom, guess what? We’re having twins!”
  • “Jacob, oh my goodness, I’m going to be a dad! TWINS!”
  • Him having to go back to work but promising he’d spend every minute with you as soon as the tour is over
  • But you offered him a different deal
  • And leaving with him for the rest of the tour
  • The whole cast of the movie taking care of you by Tom’s request
  • Especially Harrison
  • “Y/N why are you standing up you need to sit down here take my chair”
  • Going back home a month and half later
  • By then you were six and a half months pregnant
  • So, according to the doctor that left you like a month to prepare everything you needed
  • Tom refusing to let you carry anything heavy
  • Preparing and ensambling their nursery almost all by himself
  • You having to rest completely from the beginning of your seventh month
  • And just as the doctor predicted,
  • you went into early labor…
  • …a month and half early
  • “Tom, the babies are coming.”

When the sun found the moon
She was drinking tea in a garden
Under the green umbrella trees
In the middle of summer ~

In honor of the eclipse 

My Artistic Process

Hi everyone!  I got a question from @ellenoftroy​ about my artistic process so I thought I’d post the process for this fox in a dress painting, especially because I’ll be running a contest to give away the original tomorrow!  I’ll probably make a prettier post at some point, but for now, here’s how I work!

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picture day 🌼 peter parker

requested: anon

tagged: @ttholland>@clubparker@spideysensesparker @t-oodles

summary: you decide to wear one of peter’s shirts for picture day, causing nothing but cute fluff between you and you’re beautiful boyfriend.

warnings: LOTS of fluff, you know what it isssss :’)

“Why don’t I have at least one cute thing in my closet?” you whined in annoyance after throwing another piece of clothing on the ground. Picture day was by far your least favorite day of the year, and that’s exactly what today was. The struggle of your hair not being frizzy, to finding the perfect outfit - it was the worst day, a day that should not exist. Every year you had a horrible picture that was plastered in the yearbook forever, making you a lot more insecure about your appearance than you were before. You were far from photogenic. It didn’t help that your mom felt obligated to buy the picture every single year and framing them in the living room as if it were some masterpiece.

Eyes scanning your closet, nearly losing all hope and thinking why don’t i just say i’m sick and skip school, you land on the perfect shirt. You borrowed your boyfriend Peter’s clothes often, loving the sweet scent they had, hardly ever feeling lonely when wearing them. You had at least 4 of his sweatshirts and t-shirts, all of them stolen which led to you getting texts saying: ‘babe did u take my red hoodie????? I can’t find it.’

His red flannel was by far your favorite. It was the first article of clothing that you ever borrowed of his, being very special to you - you stole it. He literally doesn’t know why half his damn wardrobe is missing. Such a clueless, sweet boy.

“Perfect.” You smiled, holding the article of clothing to your chest, taking in the scent of your boyfriend, and put on the flannel, not even thinking that Peter would notice. It won’t make a difference, you thought.


“Oh, my god, i look horrible.” you exclaim, holding your new ID card that had your picture displayed on it, walking out of the cafeteria where picture day took place. It was by far the worst picture you have ever taken. Your hair gotten frizzy due to the gloomy weather, eyebrows looked wonky, and you absolutely hated the way your smile looked.  I swear the flannel was going to help. It definitely did not help.  Why is my life so messy, like my hair.

“You look fine, dude. Don’t worry.” Your friend assures you. The only thing you were worried about was Peter seeing how awful you looked. Not that he’d break up with you or anything, because homeboy was way too in love with you, but it was embarrassing and you just wanted to delete the photo from your memories and the world.  “I can’t let Peter see this. Never. I look so gross.” You say running your hand through your hair, wishing the photo would burn into a million pieces as you and your friend walk the nearly empty halls.

“Have fun stopping him from doing so,” you turned around to see Peter walking towards you with a sweet smile on his face. It was mid afternoon, and the poor boy hadn’t seen his favorite person all morning. He was especially excited to see your new ID photo. Your friend slowly and awkwardly walks away, muttering something about having to go wash their cat. Bitch, you’re allergic to cats. 

You mentally throw your shoe at her before walking closer to your boyfriend, very nervous.

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[Edit: Since I’ve been asked a lot, I bought the calendar here]

⟡ Pictures taken by me. Please CREDIT ME if you repost! ⟡


Welcome to City Hall

um. so i have a lot of sentiment attached to this picture, since it was maybe the first properly completed piece of art i’ve done in a few years (i know i’ve uploaded things recently, but it took a while to get this scanned). sometimes you get stuck in a rut and then a spark of inspiration comes along that kicks you up the backside until you go find your watercolour set, and for me that spark was the MBMBaM tv show, apparently. episode 2 is probably my favourite, and the scene with Mayor Williams (if i may call you Mayor Williams) is one of many many many highlights.

there’s lots of little errors that i keep picking up on (i was Extremely Rusty especially in the inking department) but mainly i’m just very proud of finishing this and i hope it makes someone smile like the show made me smile (eg. like a big goof).


Some panels from book 13 of the Kirby manga. Since it came out to promote Planet Robobot, you can expect a lot of Susie and Haltmann.

This book is on my list to be debound, so I can scan full chapters and stuff, but I don’t have an extra copy yet. Dunno when exactly it’ll be, but I won’t leave you Susie fans hanging!

We Are Family

Lance Week Day One: Family

So I know I’m cutting it extremely close, but I was at work today. Anyways, here’s my first entry for Lance Week. Enjoy!!

Lance was a middle child, so he was used to being the one who kept the peace between everyone. He was also used to being left out of things a lot. Too young to hang with his older sibling, and too old to play with his younger ones. This is how he often found himself among the adults in his family. They found it cute how he’d like to sit with them and join their conversations about politics, sports, and religion. It was this reasons his parents placed a lot of responsibilities on him. Watch your younger siblings while we’re at work, keep your older ones from fighting, make sure everyone eats if we’re late, clean up the place before bed. It was a lot of work placed on his small little shoulders, but one of his greatest fears was disappointing his parents. So, he’d just grin and bear it.

When he joined the Galaxy Garrison, he didn’t really have to look out for anyone but himself, and his best friend Hunk of course. It was so liberating not having so many responsibilities and worries like he did back home. No one expected too much from him, and since the groups were separated by age he was just right to hang out with everyone. Not too young and not too old. It was perfect. Well not to perfect, the one thing that remained the same was him always being compared to someone. Back home it was his older brother. Then at the Garrison, it was Keith. Got shot up into space and he’s still being compared to Keith. Still, things weren’t so bad, or at least that’s what he had convinced himself the for the first few months.

After a while, the quietness of the castle started to get to him. If he wasn’t making the noise himself, it had a far too eerie feel to the place. Though as time passed he started to quiet down, not wanting to annoy everyone just so he can keep himself sane. When he talked to Blue about it, she decided to fill his head with the sound of the ocean to comfort him, especially on restless nights. It still wasn’t the same. Who would’ve known that Lance would miss the constant bickering that his home provided?  

One thing that apparently remained, however, was the separation between everyone that had Lance feeling alone. He wasn’t smart enough to talk tech stuff with Hunk and Pidge, he wasn’t strong enough to train with Shiro and Keith, and he was too human to relate to anything to Allura and Coran talked about. Heck, even the mice had each other to converse with. And while Lance of course still had Blue, it just wasn’t the same as having an abled bodied person to interact with. Once again, he was alone.

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Sutures and Stitches [m] Pt. 2

→ Genre: Angst, action, fluff, mature (mentions of blood, wounds, medical jargon) (smut in future chapters)

→ Jeongguk/Reader

→ 3.2k words

Summary: hitman!jeongguk and medstudent!Y/N bestfriends!au; Jeongguk always shows up to your place or hospital whenever he gets hurt because you guys are best friends and you patch him up, but he has no idea that every time you stitch up his wounds, it tears open new wounds in your own heart. 

part 1 | part 2 | part 3

“You’re seriously sitting here scared of a tiny needle when you have a goddamn 9mm bullet embedded in your proximal deltoid muscle?!” He grinned, “Old habits die hard. And damn, I could get used to how hot you are with med words.”

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Meeting The Gallaghers (Ch.1)

Veronica’s half sister has lived the big life with her rich father after a few things go south in her home she is sent to live with her mom’s side of the family. Y/N has been spoiled her whole life and has never struggled with anyone, this is all to change when she meets the Gallaghers.

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You don´t listen // Montgomery de la Cruz

A/N: I´m from Germany so I have no idea how the schools in America are like. 

It was a week ago that you last had spoken to Montgomery. The last time was at the party of Bryce Walker. You were so drunk, that he had to drive you home and walk you to your front door. And that´s when you did something you regretted. You kissed him, you kissed him in your drunken state, but the worst part was that he pushed you away. He didn’t even want to kiss you and it hurts. The problem was that you had a crush on that brown haired boy with freckles, but since that night you couldn´t look at him, you were too embarrassed.
You were walking through the hallways of Liberty High, making your way to communication class. You sat down in your usual seat in the classroom. You were the first on in class so you pulled out your phone, answering texts from Jessica and Sheri. “Hey Y/N, how are you?” You looked up and saw Sheri standing in front of you. “Hey Sheri, I´m good and you?” You greeted her with a small smile. “Good, I never thought I would see you here today?” She exhaled with a small smile. “What do you mean?” You tried to sound confused, but of course you knew what she meant. This was the only class you and Montgomery had together and to avoid him you skipped it. “You skipped this class for almost a week.” She said and you rolled your eyes. “Well, I´m here now.” You answered and she nodded, sitting down in front of you and started conservation about something that happened during cheerleader practice. People started to gather in and with them also Montgomery and Bryce; of course they had to sit down on our table. “Hello Lady´s.” Bryce greeted you smirking. Sheri greeted him with a short hello while you just nodded. “Y/N, haven’t seen you in a while, you look good.” Bryce shoots you a smirk, winking at you. “Thanks Bryce.” You said and rolled your eyes. You sighed in relief when Mrs. Bradley came through the door and began her lesson.
For the rest of the class you scribbled in your text book, avoiding every glance Montgomery shoots you. After the bell rang you almost stormed out of the class room, making your way to the library, the only quiet place and also the best one to avoid Monty. “Y/N, wait a minute.” You heard Montgomery shout after you and you quickened your pace. He turned you toward him and looked at you confused. “What?” you snapped pushing his hand off of your shoulder. “You have been avoiding me.” He simply stated and you rolled your eyes. “I have not and now excuse me I still have an essay to write.” You tried to walk away from him but he stopped you again. “Is it because of what happened at your porch last week?” he asked and you took in a sharp breath. You shook your head no, avoiding his gaze. “Come on, Y/N/N, look at me.” He whispered and grabbed you hand, squeezing it slightly. “Stop Monty.” You said and pulled your hand out of his grab. “Stop being nice. That makes hating you a lot harder.” You whispered and you knew it was childish but it was your way to protect yourself. “You hate me, but kissed me?” he asked clearly amused. “God, I take everything back. You´re an asshole.” You mumbled more to yourself and walked away from him, not only hurt and embarrassed but also pissed. “Come on, Y/N/N, it was only a joke.” You shook your head, tears starting to well up.

You sat in the library trying to focus on your essay. But every time you tried to form sentences your thoughts to that arrogant jock. Maybe it was your own fault. When you didn’t kissed him and controlled your emotion, you wouldn´t be in this situation. You could no longer pretend to see him just like a friend, like you didn’t fall for him.
Your phone, what was lying next to your text book, began to vibrate. You looked down and saw that it was Sheri, asking you if you want to go get a coffee with her after cheerleader practice. You told her that you will wait for her at the parking lot. After half an hour later you made your way into gym deciding to wait on the bleachers for Sheri.
When you stepped into the gym Sheri instantly spotted you. “Hey Y/N” she greeted you with a big smile and waved at you. Your gaze wandered around the gym and you spotted Montgomery. You thought about leaving again, but decided against it; it would look stupid and childish. So you sat down on the bleachers, pulling the book you were recently reading out of your school purse. You tried to focus on the words written in your book, but your eyes always wandered toward Monty. To say he look good in his baseball shirt and sweatpants was an understatement. You noticed that you began to bit your lips and instantly stopped, turning your attention back to your book.
“Hey Y/N, do you wanna play with my bat?” Bryce shouted flirty at you and the rest of the boys began to laugh; except for one jock who shoot daggers toward Bryce, what you didn’t noticed. “I think you couldn´t handle my swing, Bryce.” You shouted back, with a fake smile on your lips. The boys behind Byrce laughed and with them the Monty. But Bryce wouldn´t give up and walked toward you. “Well, but I can try. I could skip the rest of practice and we could go over to my house.” He leaned on his baseball bat smirking and winked. “In your dreams, Walker.” You looked back down at your book, feeling uncomfortable that the whole gym is watching the scene. “But we could make this dream come truth.” He smirked up at you and you sighed. “Stop talking before I throw up.” You shoot him another fake smile, hoping he would finally stop. He lifts his hands in defense and turned around, going back to his friends and continue practice. Your eyes meet Monty´s and he shoots you small smile.

You lay on your bed finally finishing your essay that was due in two days. A knock on your door tear you from your essay and in your doorway stand your mother a smile on her lips. “What is it, Mum?” you asked, returning the smile. “Well, there is this good looking boy standing in our living room, asking to see you.” She simply stated and you raised your eyebrows surprised. “Wait, what good looking boy?” you asked her confused, sitting straight up in bed. “You know the one with freckles. He says his name is Montgomery.” She answered and you let out a sigh. You got up and walked behind your mother downstairs. Midway down the stairs you stopped, looking at Monty with a frown on your face. He was talking to your father and they seem to get along, normally your father hates every male that comes near you. “What are you doing here?” you asked from your spot on the stairs and Montgomery turned around, a nervous look on his face. “Uhm, I wanted to talk to you.” He said and shoots you an even more nervous smile. “Are you two together? I mean is he your boyfriend?” asked your father and looked at you delightful. “No dad, we are not together.” You look at your father who held now a slight disappointed look. “Come Monty, we´re going to my room.” You said and began to walk upstairs again, hearing him sprinting toward you. “Keep the doors open you two.” Your mother shouted after Monty and you. “God, Mom stop.” You mumbled, but by her snickering you knew she heard you.

Montgomery stands in the middle of your room, looking at your pictures and the books in your bookshelf. “You have a lot of books.” Montgomery mumbled scanning through your books. “So that´s what you wanted to talk about?” you asked amused, standing next him after closing the door. “No, of course not.” He said, finally turning toward you. “So that night when you kissed me, I pushed you away, not because I didn’t want to kiss you but because you were drunk. I doesn´t want to take advantage of your drunken state.” He said and you laughed sarcastically, which earned you a confused look from Montgomery. “You don’t have to say this so I feel better. It´s ok. You didn’t want to kiss me, it was my fault that my feelings overwhelmed me, so no need to feel bad.” you rambled looking at your hands. “Like always you don’t listen. I want to kiss you since middle school, but you were drunk and I wasn’t sure you really wanted to kiss me, so I pushed you away.” Your head immediately shoot up when his words had sunken in. “You want to kiss me since middle school?” you asked surprised, a small smile forming on your lips. “Well, yeah. Your lips look really kissable.” He mumbled and you chuckled at his words. “Same goes to you, I guess.” You whispered smiling at him. “Why didn’t you kiss me, when you wanted to do it since middle school?” you asked amused, lifting an eyebrow playfully and he rolled his eyes. “We´re friends and I didn’t want to ruin it. You´re one of the few people who put up with my bullshit.” He whispered taking a step toward you. “Yeah, you can count yourself lucky, de la Cruz.” You smiled at him, also taking a step forward. He hummed approvingly, his hands wandering to your hips, pulling your slowly closer to him, while your hands rested on his triceps, making their way to his shoulders and then to his neck. Before you could make another remark his lips were pressed against yours. You pulled him closer by his neck, enjoying the kiss. It was better than that night. He gingerly bites down on your bottom lip, which elicited a moan from you. Monty used the opportunity to deepen the kiss, while he pulled you closer by your hips, your hands tugging slightly at his hair. When someone cleared their throat you broke away, panting slightly. You looked at your mother, who held an uncomfortable smile on her lips. “Yes mom?” you asked; your cheeks flushed out of embarrassment. “I, uhm, just wanted to bring you kids something to drink and a snack.” She mumbled, putting the tablet down on your desk. After making her way back to the door she looked at you with a smile on her face. “So you´re sure he´s not your boyfriend?” she asked and you groaned in annoyance. “Bye mum.” You said and pushed her out of the door, closing it behind her. “That was awkward.” You said laughing. Monty nodded and walked toward you, pulling in another kiss. This was one was much shorter, but not less sweet. Monty pulled away, too early for your liking, smiling down at you. He leaned his forehead against yours before asking: “So, tomorrow Monet´s after school?”

ch aesthetic tutorial

yeah so i’ve gotten a lot of compliments (thanks!) and tutorial requests about my aesthetic edits lately, so i decided to make one. boom. it’s really not that hard. i use photoshop, idk if this tutorial will work with other programs but you can try it out and let me know :) 

so if you wanna know how to make these types of edits keep on reading 

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A little over a month ago, I was able to purchase the TMM 2004 Calendar. It was actually a lot bigger than I thought it would be, so I had to scan each picture in parts and put them all together. Despite how hard it was, I’m glad that we’ll finally get some high quality scans of these pictures. To start us off, here’s the front cover.

BTS as Kingsman (Jungkook)

Originally posted by celinet7

-Umm so we already know this guy is good at everything

-So passing the tests to be a kingsman is like a piece of cake

-He could do it in his sleep

-Escape a room full of water? Done.

-Jump out of a plane with possibly no parachute? Done.

-Punch a guy in the throat? his fave activity.

-Like this kid is superhuman?????

-Codename: Lancelot

-The newest recruit and very eager to please the other kingsman

-Okay so since he became a kingsman he has never failed a mission and he prides himself on that

-Like whenever the guys are teasing each other he just kinda brings it up

-Actually he ALWAYS brings it up

-‘Hey lancelot remember that time you almost landed in the water when you were riding the motorcycle off the dock and onto the boat but you thought the boat was moving slower than it really was and wow that was funny’

-‘Hey gawain remember the time you successfully completed every mission assigned to you? Oh wait- that never happened.’

-‘Besides, i still got on the boat didnt i?’

-‘Yeah but you also lost a $50,000 motorcycle in the ocean’

-‘Maybe if SOMEONE *cough* tristan *cough* hadnt accidentally tipped off  a security guard we wouldn’t have been in that situation’



-The floor wrestling ensues

-Lets get into it!!!!

-Jungkook never declines a mission so when arthur came up to him and was like’ i need you to take out this beloved celebrity because shes really a criminal mastermind’ hes kinda like ‘ yeah sure.’

-So his kingsman friends hook him up with an invitation to one of the most prestigious events of the year which is a ‘charity’ gala hosted by evil drug cartel leader criminal mastermind Lee Somin.

-He rolls up to the event  in style and steps out of the vehicle with his secretly badass umbrella in hand (weapon of choice: umbrella gun) and people are like taking pictures of him and they dont know why because nobody has ever seen this man but he looks handsome so he must be important.

-Hes like posing and stopping for pictures and as soon as hes clear of the crowd he just kinda reaches to his ear and pushes down on the little in-ear piece hes got in and ‘Galahad. Make sure those pictures are erased before the end of the night’

-‘Got it, lancelot’

-The glasses on his handsome face are working overtime as they scan everyones face and jungkook reads through their basic information just to see if he can rid the world of any scum. Two birds with one stone you know

-‘Alright lancelot. You should be able to see a picture of somin on the glasses. She’s going to have a lot of security around her so you might want to try to get her alone’

-Jungkook is a lil stunned because shes beautiful and she looks so flawless

-How can an innocent baby like her possibly be behind such evil

-How is jungkook going to get through this

-‘How am i even supposed to kill her?’

-‘The small case i handed you earlier contains a syringe with a fatal dose of phenytoin. It should do its job’

-‘Alright. Ill report back to you when its done.’

-The night goes on and jungkook has 0 luck even getting near somin like its frustrating for him to not be able to get in and out for a mission.

-Actually he hasnt even seen somin

-He! Needs! To! Succeed!

-So jungkook decides to take a lil break and he goes to the bathroom and splashes some cold water on his face and admires himself in the mirror because hes handsome and whatnot.

-Hes walking out but out of the corner of his eye he sees a woman running down the hal and she sounds distressed? ? ? She also looks a little bit like Somin??? Should he go or


-Okay so he follows her down the hall and she turns a few corners and theres a set of stairs that she  climbs and then a long empty hallway except for one room at the end of the call and that is her destination

-She seemed to know her way around so maybe she is his target

-Jungkook walks into this room quietly and shuts the door behind him making sure to lock it and he finds this girl sitting on the bed in an extremely extravagant dress and beautiful locks of hair cascading down her back but shes hyperventilating and maybe even crying

-Jungkook retreives the syringe from its case and sneaks over to the bed. He just puts her in a loose headlock


-Hes got the syringe to her neck and this girl just starts struggling because WHAT IS GOING ON HERE

-She’s holding onto the arm he has around her neck in order to get him to loosen his grip and when it doesnt work she thrashes a little because let her go dude

-‘Pl-please dont kill me…’ jungkooks heart breaks because she sounds so broken but he snaps out of it because of course she would play innocent she doesnt want to die

-‘Nice try. I know who you are. Lee Somin. I must say I’m a little surprised that such evil could be so active in someone that looks so angelic’

-‘I’m not. Please. I’m not Lee Somin. I swear! I’m her doppleganger. A body double whatever you want to call me but please dont kill me.’

-The desparation in this girls voice has jungkook easing up on the force hes using but hes not exactly convinced.

-‘Theres no way you can prove that so i just have to assume youre lying to me so that you can live’

-When jungkook begins pressing the needle into this girls neck hes hesitant but he has no choice

-‘NO NO NO. I’m L/N F/N. PLEASE BELIEVE ME. I can! I can prove it!’ Youre scratching at his arm in hopes he’ll let you go. This guy is literally holding your life in his hands right now

-‘Somin. She needed me to do this because of all the people trying to kill her. I’m expendable to her. She probably has the next look alike lined up already. I can prove im not Somin.’

-Jungkook was ready to inject the phenytoin but a nagging feeling in the back of his head stops him and he decides to give you a chance!!!

-‘Okay. Prove it.’

-‘Somin. She has a tattoo. It’s on her hip. On the left side. They’re flowers I don’t have one. I’m not Somin.’ jungkook is startled when you stop trying to pry his arm off your neck and instead begin bunching up your dress on the left side.

-The right side of the dress was fairly open with a slit going dangerously high up your leg. Somin made sure you were dressed in a way where nobody could see that you weren’t her and the lack of tattoo would be a dead giveaway.

-Its only now that jungkook is noticing how revealing this dress it. The black dress is mostly lace with small patches of black fabric under the lace in areas that should be covered

-Theres an extremely deep v neckline in the front and the dangerously high slit up the right side and the dress was also backless???

-How is this even staying on your body

-Stop staring jungkook stop staring

-Jungkook vaguely remembers seeing the tattoo in a picture in one of the drug cartel files.

-You could still be lying. Theyve got some decent makeup capable of covering tattoos nowadays

-Thats how he finds himself trailing his hand from the side of your body down to the side of your thigh.


–Jungkook embarassed because he just put his hands on this beautiful woman without thinking about it half becuase he wanted to make sure she wasnt lying to him and half because her body was so beautiful and tempting

-Youre blushing because his large hand feels so warm on your body and the sudden contact you werent expecting in such an intimate(?) area might have elicited the smallest of moans from you and oh god you hope he didnt hear.

-‘Could you please get the needle out of my neck…’

-Jungkook jumps a bit but quickly does as asked and begins apologizing profusely as he lets you go

-‘Im so sorry. I didnt know I swear. Do you know where Somin is?’

-You nod your head but the tears that begin forming in your eyes let him know how scared you are right now

-‘Please dont make me do this. I just want to get out of here. I’ll tell you anything you want just please get me away from all of this’

-Was this it. Was jungkook going to fail his first mission ever to spare you from any more of the horrors youve faced here or was he going to be selfish and make you give Somin up right now essentially making you a target and putting your life in more danger

-Jungkook is kind of conflicted right now but as not only a kingsman but also a gentleman he knows he cant do that to you so he decides itd be best to get you out of here now and worry about Somin later.

-‘Okay. I’ll get you out of he-’ jungkook is interrupted by loud banging on the door.

-‘Y/N! Are you in here? You’re supposed to be out there doing your damn job. You know the rules and if you dont follow them I have permission to kill you remember?’

-The look of fear on your face makes jungkook a lil mad

-Okay a lot mad

-You constantly feared for your life and the reason for that was standing right outside that door?

-Jungkook is interrupted by gunshots being fired through the door and you like literally scream in terror oh my gosh he must save you.

-He literally envelops your body with his own to make sure you dont get hurt.


-The guy outside the door is not having any of this so down goes the door and jungkook springs into action.

-Like this guy has no time to even process what just happened because before he can even aim his gun jungkook already has his umbrealla gun out and pointed at this guys chest.

-Youve got your ears covered but obviously since youre in close proximity you can still hear the gunshot and feel the blood splatter and oh my gosh who is this guy

-‘Come on weve got to get out of here before more people show up.’

-‘Wait. I dont even know youre name’

-He thinks for a second about whether he wants to give you his real name or not

-‘I’m jungkook and we have to go so we’ll save the proper introductions for later’

-Jungkook holds his hand out for you and even if youre a little scared of him you grab onto it and follwo his lead because hes your best chance at survival right now

-‘Galahad. I need an exit route. NOW’

-‘I’ve had one ready for you since you exited the car. If you walk back down the hall and take a right and then a left you can get to a room with a balcony. The balcony is right above the swimming pool. It’s deep so don’t worry about hitting the bottom. From there you can exit out the back gate. I can disable the security system and have someone there for you in 1 minute.’

-‘You’re a life saver’

-You have no idea whats going on because this guy is talking to himself and now he suddenly seems to know where hes going and youre having a hard time keeping up because youre not used to so much physical activity but you want to live lol

-When you reach an unfamiliar room and he begins leading you to the balcony you stop dead in your tracks when you realize what he wants to do

-‘No wait I can’t swim. I can’t do this. Its too high I..’

-‘Y/N. We have to go we dont have much time!’

-‘No I can’t. You go. I won’t tell Somin about you and you can just escape by yourself.’

-‘That’s not happening’

-Jungkook pulls you to the balcony and no matter how hard you try to pull away from him its no use. He picks you up off the ground effortlessly which catches you off guard but it is what it is

-‘Wrap your legs around my waist and your arms around my neck and don’t let go. Take a deep breath.’

-‘Oh god oh god  I can’t’ Two men barge through the same door the two of you came in from and the rest is a big blur to you.

-You hear jungkook count down from 3 and then youre falling and suddenly theres water all around you. Its cold and you panic a little and and begin screaming underwater only to be left with a lack of oxygen.

-Now youre really panicking because you dont know how to swim and your hands are flailing but what youre really doing is tiring yourself out which could lead to dro-.. Oh wait now youre above water

-Jungkook has managed to get both of you to the edge of the pool and he gently lifts you out as you cough up some water.

-He lifts himself out and barely gives you any time to recover before hes dragging you out a gate and towards the same vehicle that brought him here.

-Just as the two of you get into the car many gunshots are fired but none of them hit the car as it drives off

-You look over at a soaking wet jungkook and he looks even more handsome than he did earlier if thats even possible. He wasnt super handsome when he had a needle in your neck and he was trying to kill you but   those are just minor things you know.

-Jungkook looks over at you too and suddenly youre embracing him tightly with your face in the crook of his neck

-‘Thank you so much. I owe you my life.’

-He clears his throat and wraps an arm around your body as well

-‘Maybe not your life. I’ll settle for…dinner?’

-LIKE 3 weeks later Jungkook is sitting in hq with the other guys and here they go again teasing each other

-‘Hey Lancelot remember when you failed that mission and ruined your perfect record?’

-‘Hey Gawain remember when you saved a smoking hot girl from a terrible life and made her your girlfriend? OH WAIT. THAT WAS ME’

-And again the floor wrestling begins.

A/N: This is one of my favorites. Yoongi is still #1 though because that’s my man. 


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  • okay!!!! we’re back with everyone’s favorite emo for this request
  • this is how i picture wonwoo looking before he glos up ignore mingyu
  • so okay,,, wonwoo, despite what everyone originally thinks, had no interest in becoming a model
  • like… at all
  • model was the furthest thing on his mind when he was thinking about what to do with his life

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