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just a quick psa

today I finally realized that my free trial on boords.com (the website I use to make my storyboards) is expiring and I can’t get the full subscription for various reasons.

And after a lot of anxiety and panic I have figured out a new method to share my boards. It’s not as elegant, BUT .. it will suffice until I find an even better solution.

I just really wanna keep making these storyboards and share them with you guys!!!

From now on you can access my existing boards via google drive (I’ve already swapped the links if anyone wondered) and I will take pictures/scans of my template pages (bc I just love doing these things on paper sorry).

The only problem might be the marginal notes … I will do my best so you can decipher them, I SWEAR 

Sorry for all the inconveniences, I hope you guys will still continue to enjoy my stroyboards, despite the ‘new’ format. 

I love you guys so much! Thanks in advance!

Akamatsu and Ouma’s relationship.

As most of you may know, I really, really hope that Ouma and Akamatsu get some kind of important interaction.

In previous NDRV3 trailers, we’ve seen this screenshot, which has made a lot of people think that they will probably be friends.

Look, Akamatsu actually smiling at him! And, hey, Ouma’s smiling too. Isn’t that cute? I don’t know if this will be from a Free Time Event or not though.

And then, this week, in a Famitsu scan (credit to the always great @jinjojess for it!), we can find this new picture.

It’s very different from the first one. As we know already, in this new feature called Scrum Debate, all the people in the trial will divide into two sides according to their opinion on the issue being discussed at the moment.

Ouma probably doesn’t use Akamatsu’s way of thinking - so they’re in opposite sides. He looks interested on it, while she doesn’t look all that good about having to this. 

The point I’m trying to get is that I hope Ouma and Akamatsu have friends/enemies kind of interactions. As pointed out by some people already, Iruma, Rantarou, Ouma and Akamatsu usually appear together in a lot of pictures. 

I’ve seen people talking about Akamatsu/Rantarou and also some about Iruma/Akamatsu, but I haven’t seen all that much going around about Ouma/Kaede when, from the pictures we have and both’s reactions, it’s also very interesting.

Merry Christmas @Nightwonder7 ! I was your Secret Santa >8) !
Sorry I’m at family’s house I will get you a better scan later I swear!
Thank you again for your picture , you put a lot of love and effort into it , I really love it! ( honestly you’re great with backgrounds , that is something I’m still learning to do) but I’m sending you good vibes and love! Happy holidays !


So I’ve had a few questions in the past asking how I colour my pictures and I’ve FINALLY got my ass into gear to create this post showing how. I’m pretty sure those with better equipment and more experience with digital may well cringe at my technique, but I sadly have to make do with what I’ve got and, at the very least, it gets the job done.

The example I’m using for this is my Phantom of the Opera Batjokes pic which can be seen properly here

1. So the program I use is GIMP. If you’ve not heard of it, it’s free art software that works like a basic version of programs such as Photoshop and can be downloaded online to pretty much any computer.

Once shaded, the drawing is scanned and opened up in GIMP. Now for this picture there is a lot of black and it looks messy as Hell and once upon a time I would’ve coloured all the black in with pencil but, to be honest, its just easier to colour the black in digitally and it saves my poor little 4B pencils from having to work quite so hard.

2. I'm very particular with the order of how I draw my pictures and colouring is no different. The first thing I colour is always the skin and it’s literally a case of putting the opacity level down pretty low and then just colouring over the section. It’s basic but it works :D

If I want a picture to be particularly vibrant I’ll adjust the opacity but generally I stick with keeping it quite low so the detail of the shading underneath isn’t lost.

3. Then it’s on to the Batsuit, which is usually coloured a pretty blue, because it fits in with the comics pretty well and I just like the way it looks, really. Of course my main go to reference for the suit is from The Dark Knight because I just frikkin love that Batsuit! Although, for this picture I’ve made the nose of the cowl more pointy because I thought it would fit in with the period feel more.

4. Now for Joker, it’s actually kinda hard to see any colour on there, but if you look carefully between this pic and the previous one you’ll see a difference:

The reason I use the turquoise for his skin is because with everything else coloured in, his skin kinda looks dull and lifeless if left untouched. But the hint of colour gives it a nice almost metallic effect that I really like. Of course the opacity is extremely low, because anything more would leave him looking like a Smurf and I think even J would struggle to pull off that look!

5. Now it’s on to the hair and eyebrows for J. I don’t have a set green I use, it differs depending on the kind of J I’m using and pretty much how I feel at the time. I do often go more towards the bluish hint with the greens though, cos dat purdy.

With the hair it’s usually one layer of colour, before highlighting a few strands just to make them stand out more. I don't often make the eyebrows as vibrant as the hair because it’s a bit much for the face otherwise.

6. And now one of my favourite bits to do! J has messy make up in this pic (which I always enjoy!) and instead of the normal paintbrush tool I use for everything else, I go for the airbrush one, just to make the smudged lipstick more realistic and to keep the edges soft.

For his eyes, they’re green but I add yellow highlights to make the green seem more acidic, cos J’s eyes ain’t just any ol’ green!

7. And then it’s colouring in J’s suit and, yeah, he may be the Phantom, but he still likes purple! It’s exactly the same process as the rest, just slapping the colour over the top.

8. So, with all the colouring done, it’s time to adjust the contrast and shading. I use the burn tool for that and just generally go over the entire picture two or three times until I think it looks right.

9. And then I fill in all the black sections…

10. …before colouring in the background and then using the burn tool again just to go over any parts that I think need a little extra adjustment, mainly around the eyes and the hair, just picking up the shadows that need to be a little bit darker.

11. Aaaaaaand we finally get to this! The finished product!

I’m just gonna take a moment to squee over how happy I am with the mask! I was worried at first, but after shading it looks ok woohoo! 

So I hope that was interesting and now you finally know all my arty secrets! (They’re absolutely not all that secret and pretty simple and basic but *shrugs*). If there is anything else you wanna know feel free to ask and as always thank you, thank you, thank you for all the support and kindness, it means the world to me. Y'all gorgeous!!!!


Christmas with Jeonghan
  • all about the Christmas aesthetics
  • you think your way of decorating is good? he takes it to the next level
  • “What do you think, Hannie?”
  • “It’s… okay, but…”
  • and proceeds to change quite a bit of it
  • you roll your eyes and pat him on the shoulder while shaking your head
  • he’d also want a lot of pictures of said aesthetics! he’d try different angles and lighting, and whenever he has his phone (or an actual camera) in his hands, ready to take pics, you know to prepare yourself to hear “Y/N, come here!”
  • one time you’re half-asleep, trying to enjoy your breakfast in peace, when Jeonghan pops by the kitchen door
  • “Y/N, I want to take a picture of you by the window now that the sun is rising.”
  • you give him a long stare
  • “Jeonghan, I literally just woke up.”
  • he’d scan your slightly disoriented appearance and grin
  • “If you think it would be my first time taking photos of you in that state, you’re wrong.”
  • before you realize that you’ve never given him the permission to take such pictures, he’s already laughing loudly as he returns to the living room
  • either way, you’d most likely give in and finish eating, after which you’d quickly freshen up a little and possibly tame your hair before joining your boyfriend
  • he’d have set everything neatly: the window is bordered by some deep red curtains, inside of the window there’s an electric candle THING and on the windowsill, he’s placed a couple of small decorations
  • like, a couple of elves and the tiniest Christmas tree
  • instead of taking a photo of only you, though, it ends up being a photo of you both
  • you don’t mind, because you get to squeeze his cheeks with your forefinger and thumb so that his lips get all puckered and cute
  • much to your enjoyment, that’s exactly when he takes the photo
  • he’d give you the cutest pout and steal a kiss while you giggle
  • that becomes his new favorite photo (and his home screen wallpaper, while he keeps the lock screen as a simple one)
  • ok now while he might be into the photos and aesthetics and decorating and all that, he’s not as much into cleaning because he’d much rather just lie down
  • you refuse to clean up the whole place alone, though, so he ends up doing a bit of this and that anyway
  • and asks for a kiss after every little thing he’s done
  • he’s dusted one shelf in the living room? kiss. another shelf? kiss. vacuumed the bedroom? kiss. turned off the lights you had forgotten on in the kitchen? kiss.
  • you’d bake something together, let it be gingerbread cookies or some pie or something completely else
  • it’d be messy and you’d both have flour and dough everywhere
  • whatever it is that you’re making, you bet Jeonghan’s taking some dough to his mouth every couple of minutes
  • “That’s not really good for you…”
  • “I’ll deal with it later. It’s good, you should try!”
  • …and it is good but you decide that one of you eating it is enough since you still have to actually make something out of the dough
  • Jeonghan would get you two presents
  • one is more as a joke, and it would probably be related to some inside joke you have
  • like at best he’d get you a bell that says “Ring for sex” or a very brightly colored hat or scarf or just about anything
  • the other present, however, is full of his affection towards you and has been chosen with care
  • and because it’s got so much of his feelings in it, he’d be stressing about whether or not you’ll like it until the very moment you unwrap it
  • when he had been wrapping it, you had almost walked in on him
  • you had spent a good five minutes giggling by yourself at his reaction, his eyes all wide and hands flailing as he stumbled over his words and loudly said that you couldn’t come there because he was working on something secret
  • so when the time to open the presents finally comes and you’re practically glowing with happiness, Jeonghan is at least twice as happy
  • you’d get him something he had explicitly said he wanted and a stuffed giraffe toy you knew he’d like
  • he’s incredibly excited about both, and it makes you laugh because honestly he’s too much
  • he would spend most of the holidays making sure you’re feeling good and happy, because at the end of the day your well-being is his number one priority
  • Jeonghan would suggest you stay up late on Christmas Eve, and when the clock hits midnight, he’d give you a soft kiss and wish you a merry Christmas
  • and hell if he had never looked as attractive as he does in that moment, in candlelight late at night
  • wraps you in a silver, shiny ribbon that you couldn’t fit on the Christmas tree and pulls you into a kiss when it’s getting late
  • you grin and play with the bell of the Christmas hat he’s wearing while kissing him
  • he could spend hours just looking at the Christmas tree with you by his side and enjoy being close to you with such a beautiful atmosphere around you
  • would also be very up for some moderately Christmas-themed fun in the bedroom but that’s a whole other story

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a request

I realize art belongs to everyone but at the same time, I did a lot of these scans myself and it’s really time consuming work along with the other things I do with this blog. So, I would appreciate it, if  people reblogged rather than just taking the pictures and reposting them.  I know which scans are out there and which ones came from here, and it’s a little disheartening to see followers not reblog those. Thanks!

To celebrate the upcoming anime adaptation of how Ran and Shinichi met, here is a colorized angry Shinichi. Because the boy was already a pissy crime radar when he was only five ! I used a good quality scan from the 87th volume of Detective Conan. This colorization is dedicated to @animeoriginal.

Free to reblog.

Please do not steal, repost or use this picture without asking me first. Even if it’s just a colorization, I take a lot of time and effort to make them. Thank you.

art by Gosho Aoyama

colored and edited by me, Shin Red Dear


“Lucie catches up on posting stuff she did” part 5 !

More diary comics ! I’m nearly all caught up now (except I did more since…)

Sorry the last one is a picture, I gave the original to my mom and forgot to scan it beforehand.

I’m working on a lot of things these days, so I’ll post new stuff soon !

MFF Badge: Erasmus

A traditional badge for Axel Wolf. A cub version of his character Erasmus with his winter outfit.

This was done with watercolors, touch markers and a white pen.
Personally I like this work a lot, and it looks better in person than scanned. At the end of all the badges series I’ll share a picture of all the laminated badges.


We started walking around the neighborhood. Everything was quiet, you could hear a pin drop if it wasn’t for the traffic and sounds of distant beeping. I took out my phone, scanning through my pictures. Raven stayed by my side until I came to a stop. “What’s up?” She briefly said. I motioned my head for her to stand by me. I placed my phone in front of us and pointed at it. She slightly smiled. 

Raven: “Wow Carma.. that’s your sister? She’s gorgeous. You look a lot like her…”


Jungkook Wings Album ‘Thanks To...’

Scan credit to verni1230 on twitter ~

(Please take out with credits to jeonheart@tumblr if you use! Apologies for any mistakes or spelling errors I made! Feel free to correct me if there are any)

Jungkook Thanks To…

Our family that is one-of-a-kind under the sky

My mom, dad, and older brother

Even if I normally act indifferent, please understand that I’m not like that inside, haha.

I’ll call a lot and send you lots of pictures. Even if I don’t listen to you (?) I’m still your son.

Thank you for always being my strength. I love you.

Jeon Hasa-nim [his brother]… Well, you can suffer, haha.

I’m joking. You’ll probably be leaving the military soon. Before you do, come out and think about what you’ll do [afterwards]. I’d like to have a meal with you soon.

[Continued under cut]

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what she says: I’m fine

what she means: Exo’s new photobook dear happiness was released and everyone is just so beautiful and they look amazing and they look like they’re having a lot of fun and every picture captures something new and i need all those pictures now such as scans and someone please help

“Let’s Go Treasure Hunting!” by リスノ [Risuno] from Vol. 2 of the Danganronpa ½ Comic Anthology series

Since Tumblr won’t let me post more than 10 pictures in a photo post (the comic’s 12), you can read the whole thing at the original resolution here.

Apologies in advance for the pages not being in perfect condition. I had to scan the pages in two parts and then combine the parts together.

As a bit of a translation note, there were a lot of SFX that I didn’t really translate (Hajime’s determined yelling noise on page 3, for instance). I either didn’t have the space to put the note in or figured it was easy enough to guess.

mmm love relistening to the crystal kingdom arc and picking up on all the juicy juicy foreshadowing griffin sprinkled around for us that we never caught until the end of the suffering game arc oh boy

also love that he hinted at who kravitz was a good five or six episodes before we ever got an explanation, when no3113 said she scanned the crystal monster and said it was “of undead origin with divine energy” which i’m assuming is dead boy + raven queen powers = undead w/ divine energy

Scans provided by seiyoko (Thanks a lot!)
Translation by me

The limited edition of Mikagura School Suite album comes with an official stats book of Mikagura main characters so I tried to translate it! Splitting it into two parts because of reasons orz. I’ll upload it later..
Anyway, it’d be better to right-click the pictures (I’m pretty sure it comes as 1280 px??) if the texts are hard to read.

Thanks for seiyoko once again for providing scans! \o/