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“To Bonnie Lynn and Edward [III] I said, ‘I have a good picture of you all in a happy time and I am going to send it to you.’ One of the best pictures in The Living White House is of Ed White, young and strong, arms aloft, poised on the edge of the White House swimming pool. He had just tossed Bonnie high into the air.”

-Lady Bird Johnson, A White House Diary

The White and McDivitt families spent the night at the White House in June of 1965 after Ed and Jim received the NASA Exceptional Service Medal following the success of Gemini 4.

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Exhibition Pamphlet Company Guide

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1. Cover, Opening Spread, Furudate’s Illustrations (x)
2. Promo posters and photo montages for all plays (x
3. Karasuno First Years (x)
4. Karasuno Second Years (x)
5. Karasuno Third Years (x
6. Aoba Johsai Third Years (x
7. Aoba Johsai First and Second Years (x
8. Kuroo and Kenma (x
9. Nekoma (x
10. Aone and Futakuchi (x
11. Datekou (x
12. Tokonami (x
13. Coach and Alumni (x


Scarecrow in the Batman Unlimited children’s book Better Call Batman!, the book basically retells the story of the movies with simple sentence structure for early readers. It also comes with stickers! (no scarecrow stickers unfortunately)

These type of books do a really good job at replicating the style of the source material, the illustrations inside are full of color and life!


Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune in Amour Eternal Visual Book
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Code: Realize: ~Princess of Genesis~ Art Book Cover

Here’s the second otome half of tonight’s batch.The textless version of the cover illustration of the book, featuring both Arsène Lupin & Cardia Beckford. It’s only one more week until the launch of the game and I can’t wait for it! Very excited as it seems incredibly interesting with it’s steampunk setting and spin on gothic/victorian literary figures. Even though my main focus will probably be on Van, I do look forward to Lupin’s route very much, which is rare since usually in otomes I feel the title male character tends to be over-hyped, but I feel strongly Lupin is worth his salt every bit!

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Since you’ll eventually become witches, you should be called magical girls.


Angus McBean creating the plaster-of-paris robes for his portrait of Vivien Leigh as Aurora (photographed by his assistant John Vickers). In the finished portrait the robe has an addition of a modesty-preserving sprig of flowers. 

“It involved making plaster clothes for her, so on the occasion of her first visit, we first of all stretched her as tightly as possible over a minimum of underclothes with a sheet of white rubber. She was put slightly reclining on a scaffold board. She had to have some support because the operation would be lengthy and the plaster drapery, when wet, and very heavy…When Vivien came, she slipped into the dress from behind. The front of the dress, it turned out, was a little too plongé for those days, so a spray of cherry blossom was popped there, and at the last moment, I scattered more blossom on the clouds. The picture caused a lot of attention but it must have been due to Vivien, not myself, becayse as a photograph it does not rank very high amongst my other surrealist efforts."