i say those a lot you can ask anyone who's ever played minecraft with me

Preference #2 - Coming Home From Tour During The Night (Clean)




You were asleep up in your room. You knew the tour had just ended but you figured he’d be by the next afternoon. You hadn’t even tried to pick up yet, or do anything to prepare for Ashton’s return. Of course, some noises down in the rest of the house started during the night. You whined into your pillow before you became awake enough to question what the bloody hell was making the noises in your house. Even though you were just in your underwear and Ashton’s old shirt, you grabbed the heavy flashlight by your bed and padding down the stairs.

“Oh hey babe, I was just coming home… I’ll be up in a minute.” Ashton said with a big smile. You blinked at him and the flash light tumbled to the floor narrowly missing your foot. Ashton jumped at the bang but you kept staring at him standing still.

“I’m dreaming… And I’m going back to bed.” You mumbled turning around and shaking your head.

“You’re not dreaming!” Ashton called.

“No, no, no… I am dreaming. I’ve had the dream where you come back early before so I am going back to bed dream-Ashton, good night.” You said beginning to climb up the stairs.

“Babe… come on…” You heard his heavier footsteps fallowing you. Then you felt his big warm hand on your arm. That one touch and you knew it was real.

“Ashton?” You said in a whisper.

“There we go. I’m home, Y/N.” He said gently pulling you to him. You gingerly wrapped your arms around his shoulders, as if at any moment he’d have disappeared as if truly a dream.

“You’re really back…?” You whispered as you began to hug him tighter.

“Yup. Miss me?” He said with a smile.

“Yeah,” You confessed and he leaned in to kiss you briefly.

“Now, let’s go to the bedroom.” He said suddenly lifting you up in a princess carry.

“Are you gonna…?” You asked.

“Not tonight. I’m too exhausted and you were sleeping not ten minutes ago. Really, my plan was to just crawl in bed and hold you.” He admitted carrying you into the bedroom.

“So tomorrow then?”

“I’m all yours…” He said kissing your forehead laying you down on the bed.

“And I’m all yours…” You said.

“I love you.”

“Love you, too.”

“Now to the sleeping.” He said getting under the covers. He wrapped his arms around you under the sheets. “This is my favorite way to sleep…” He mumbled closing his eyes. You rolled yours snuggling against him, relishing in the moment you had. Tomorrow would be the fun stuff.


You were asleep when your phone vibrated under your pillow. You groaned as the noise reverberated through the fabric of your bed. While you pissed that someone had wrecked your sleep, you didn’t mind when you saw it was Cal. You knew the tour had ended so you were super excited to him soon.

“Hey sweetheart!” He said happily. It already brought a smile to your face.

“Hey Cal, how was the tour?” You asked sitting up in bed.

“Fantastic! But I’m outside. Can you let me in?” He said. You felt your heart speed up with anticipation.

“You’re outside?” You repeated.

“Yes and I don’t have a jacket so it’s getting fucking cold. Can you let me in?” He said and you scrambled out of the bed, in the process getting tangled in the sheets and landing on your butt.

“Ow…” You moaned. You stood up and moved toward the buzzer to let him into the apartment.

“Babe did you hurt yourself?” He said as he walked into the lobby.

“I fell on my ass.”

“I’ll kiss it better.”

“Hahaha kiss my ass.” You mumbled leaning on the wall by the door.

“I set that up brilliantly…”

“You’re going to have to anyway, for being gone so long…” You reply hearing him enter the elevator in the background.

“I won’t mind, but will you kiss me?” He asked. You heard the elevator door open so you hung up the phone and opened the apartment door.

“Of course. Welcome home.” You say as he steps up. Your arms naturally wrap around his neck pulling him down to your level. He smirks kissing you dropping his bag on the floor before bringing your body flush against his, in the place you both knew it fit even though it’d been months.

“Ok baby… I’m home.” He says pulling away, with that big smile of his. You giggle tracing your fingers lightly over the features of his face and the tattoos peeking out of his shirt, reveling in being able just to feel him again.

“You’re home.” You echoed smiling and giggling. Abruptly, his hands closed around you and you were in the air. In another moment, you were thrown over his shoulder. He kicked the door shut before jogging through the rest of your apartment. He tossed you lightly onto the bed laughing. He peeled off his skinny jeans and kicked off his shoes and tugged off his shirt before jumping onto the bed with you. He hurriedly threw the covers over your bodies tangling your limbs together.

“So, how much did you miss me?” He asked smiling.

“A lot…” You whispered as he leaned in to kiss you.

“I bet I missed you more…” He said his breath washing over your lips. “Hmm… I love you…” He said pulling you closer.

“I love you, too.” You whisper resting against his chest.

“Ok, go to sleep. I promise to kiss your ass tomorrow.” He said kissing the top of your head.

“Sounds good.” You mumble against him.


You were up to begin with, running around on your friend’s Minecraft server, just to amuse yourself. The tour was over so that meant Michael would be back within the text twenty-four hours. You knew if you stopped for a moment, you’d get nervous. Even if you tried to go to sleep, you’d just be thinking about what would happen when he got back, remembering all the times from before he left. If you weren’t gonna try to sleep, you’d start trying to fix your hair, your outfit, the house, everything. But by playing Minecraft, you could deny that reality while the back of your mind spun with those thoughts. You were on the bed focused but only focusing on not focusing on Michael’s return.

That was until a big mass jumped on top of you.

“Y/N! I’m home!” Michael said squeezing you.

“What the hell?!” You cried moving to slap him away.

“No! I’m home! I’m not letting you go!” He said holding you tighter.

“At least let me breathe!” You said closing your laptop. Once it was out of the way, Michael pulled you closer.

“Can you breathe?” He whispers above your ear.

“Uh huh…” You sigh.

“Good.” And he snuggled against you. You smiled to yourself, moving closer to him.

“I didn’t think you’d be back yet.” You said in the silence that had settled.

“I came back as soon as possible. I’m offended at the lack of welcome back cake.”

“How about welcome back kissing?”

“That is ideal…”

“Welcome back sex?”

“Don’t be a tease now…”

“Who was the one who partook in a lot of phone sex?”

“I initiated it, but you were quite willing.”

“I don’t remember it like that…”

“That’s ‘cause you like to act like you’re innocent, even though I know better.”

“Mikey, don’t you remember? Good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught.” You said with a giggle.

“I caught you, now you’re mine.” He replied.

“Am I? I don’t know, there was this guy but he left for months so who really knows…” You said playfully. Suddenly, his lips were pushing against yours hard.

“But I bet no one else can do that stuff with you like I can.” He said holding you to him.

“I know, you’ve ruined me, made me unfit for anyone else.”

“Hahaha, yeah, remember that night… Our first time… Your first time…”

“You were surprisingly sweet and gentle… Even if you’re really kinky as hell…”

“I’m not that kinky, I’m mostly a pervert.”

“Did you creep on anyone else?”

“No… you’re my favorite one, because I can say it to you and watch you get both turned on and uncomfortable…”

“Yet somehow you even got me to love you.”

“I am the luckiest guy on earth.”

“That you are.”

“And now that I’m back in your bed, I am not getting out of it for weeks.” He said stretching and sliding the covers up over you.

“How will I ever get rid of you?” You sighed snuggling against him.

“You can’t, ever. You’re stuck with me.”

“I love you Mikey.”

“I know.”


“I love you too, don’t worry.”

“You say that…”

“I mean that.” You smiled to yourself at those words. He flicked off the lights, in another moment, he was breathing evenly.

“Typical…” You sighed resting your head on his chest to go to sleep as well.

“Night sweetie.” He breathed.

“You’re missing out on sex.”

“No, I am enjoying sleeping with you.” He mumbled wrapping you up in his arms.

“Hmm, then I’m missing out on sex…” You sighed.

“Tomorrow…” He said, his last word before he was actually asleep.


Tomorrow… The last word dancing through your head among the rainbows and celebrities and day dreams that filled your head in the moments before sleep. He’d be back home tomorrow. You could feel his touch tomorrow. You could hear his voice tomorrow. You could feel each other tomorrow. You only had to wait one more day and the only thing really standing between you and that day was the night. Ironic, considering the nighttime had become your favorite time since in dreams, it was like he’d never left. You’d had to bring yourself to the edge of exhaustion during the day, doing literally everything, just so you’d be able to sleep. Sleep was preferable. In sleep, time passed quicker, and time had been your enemy for the last few months.

Somewhere after a dream where Luke was the main actor in Footloose, you felt something moving around you in your haze as you turned over in your sleep. In that hazy state where you intended to do was turn over but the real world was mixed with dreams.

The second you felt the movement, you jolted awake without actually moving. Somewhere in your head, you cursed that something hairy like this would happen on the last night before he was back, when he could protect you. But you didn’t sleep with a lacrosse stick under your bed, within reach, for nothing. Without Luke you could protect yourself fine.

Without moving too much, you dropped your hand down over the side of the bed. Your fingers closed around the cool metal of the shaft. In a fluid movement you whacked the stick into the figure crawling toward you on the bed.

“Ow! Holy Fuck! Don’t hit me! Stop!” You got in a few more good hits before you recognized the voice.


Your boyfriend.


“Sorry! I thought you were an intruder!” You said dropping the stick to the floor.

“So you beat me up? Hell of a way to welcome me back!” He said banging around as he roughly turned on the lamp. “Ow!” He said again, loudly, glaring just a little.

“Sorry! I didn’t meant to!” You said reaching out toward him. You’d hit his upper arm, side, and a leg.

“Least you missed my balls…” He sighed inspecting his body.

“What were you doing sneaking over the bed?” You asked crawling over to hug him gently from behind.

“I was getting into the bed with you.” He said rubbing his arm.

“Oh Luke… I’m sorry…” You said seeing the red marks.

“I keep forgetting you can pack a punch. Then I remember you bruised Michael playing a video game.”

“…Shit got a little too real…” You said kissing his shoulder.

“No kidding. That’s what I get for trying to be romantic or something…”

“I’m glad you’re back.” You said pressing your face into his back.

“Yet you hit me.” You said rubbing the marks.

“I was defending myself!”

“From your own boyfriend.”

“You were supposed to get here tomorrow.”

“Baby, it’s after midnight.”

“You little shit.”

“I wanted to be back with you sooner rather than later… then I couldn’t wake you up.”

“You’re impossible.”

“I love you though.”

“Even though I beat you up?”

“We are not telling the guys that.”

“Promise. We’ll just say you slipped on the stairs.”

“I wish that didn’t actually happen.”

“I love you.”

“Hmm… So can we actually get in the bed now? Without giving me more bruises?”

“Yeah… I’m so sorry…”

“Just be my nurse tomorrow. My voice is a bit messed up from all the shows…”

“Ok baby, didn’t know you were into costumes.”

“I knew you being friends with Michael would haunt me.”

“I love you baby.”

“I know… Now let’s just sleep. I’ve got no energy once you hit me.”

“Sweet dreams, Lukey.”

“Sweet dreams, Y/N.”

I don't know how many of you play Skydoesminecraft's Pixelmon Servers, but please, please listen to this.

Sky is nothing but a figurehead, the staff and leaders have nothing to do with him and vice versa. But I’ve noticed how *incredibly* sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and plain corrupt they really are.

First off the staff are supposed to treat everyone equally, but I know from my time as a gym leader that is not the case. On multiple occasions my friends were insulted on there both to them and behind their backs in staff chat, which I could see as a gym leader. One of the staff, an admin on the Sky Four Server, IGN Kitanaxox, has on multiple occasions put down people who are trans, claiming they’re ‘lying’ to everyone by asking to be called by their gender and to be used pronouns likewise, and by saying they are a trans-boy or trans-girl.

Another admin on Sky Four is XinFengXing or something along those lines, I apologise, who has gone so far as to mute me and others, and even kick and temp ban multiple people for defending Transgenders by saying it’s ‘innapropriate’ though it’s perfectly acceptable to insult transgender and call them liars. Any time he is asked to stop them he refuses, saying he won’t do anything because it ‘isn’t a lie’ though it’s a clear disrespect, and against the staff rules to ignore disrespect. Yet NO ONE DOES ANYTHING just saying ‘go to the forums’ in which no one ever responds.

On to a more personal case, I was hired as a water gym leader for around a month, in this time I was the subject to MANY cases of verbal abuse by the staff, saying I’m ‘worse’ then them because gym leaders are staff, calling me weak and going so far to, get this because surprise surprise, KICK ME AND OTHERS FOR DEFENDING ME saying I’m disrespecting the staff for saying they’re wrong.

To a lot of you this won’t matter, probably not even be seen but for Transgenders, sympathisers, and especially Skydoesminecraft fans this is a BIG DEAL if anyone watched his live cast a while back or the video he posted after, he talks about how much he struggled with depression and wants nothing more then to make sure this happens to no one else by making them happy, hoping he can brighten their day. But things like this are going on behind the scenes of his server and no one has done anything because none of the staff even care, and no one is stopping them.

I beg you please, I don’t know about the other servers, they may be accepting, but Sky Four on skypixelmon is heartless and cold towards Transgenders, homosexuals, and anyone who tries to help them. Please boycott the server. Stop them from doing it and bring it to their attention that this needs to STOP!

alphacentaria  asked:

Sly I have been watching you scene you in Beta Minecraft and I love you ever scents. But you have just broke my heart. I was on the prison server on the creature server. You came on. I try to ask you a quick question but you didn't respond. I try to say hi but you did say hi back. You are my inspiration. My My idol and all i want for you was to say Hi and I would be even more grateful if you awenser my question. That made me cry because you couldn't take 1 second to say Hi. So thanks Sly.

Unfortunately I jumped in the server not to say hi to fans but to see things that are being worked for you guys!  Since one of my main job for me in the creatures is to make sure the server is going to be a great experience for all of you!  on top of that im no where near any of my “real” computer so I was struggling to see what I needed to see yet alone answer to fans that were there!  If me not answering makes you think less of me, Im ok with that!  My “fans”  right now know that im working on music and not for the creatures atm and they are ok with that!  But im assuming you just wanted a response?  like you did in the server right?  so here’s your answer to the question as I did look at it didnt answer. 

No I cant play with you personally cuz tbh I dont have the time for it, plus its really hard to please everyone!  If I personally played games with you I would need to find the time to play individually with every fan (you do the math)  aka is nearly impossible!  So I just play on the server as much as I can when im on my real computers!  Nothing personal!  Hopefully this can make you calm down and hope this doesnt come back to me for voicing the same way you did! 

Cuz lets be honest!  We as The Creatures do a shit ton of things to make peoples life better thru entertainment and even makes people life better thru things such as “Make a Wish (we have done 3 already)”  or even “charity Streams” but the moment we dont do exactly  do what people want us to do that or change to what exactly you want us to be, seems that everything positive and nice thst we have done for those we care “which is you guys”  it seems to go out of the window and we are terrible people! 

Who knows maybe things will change maybe things wont!  At this point I have a tough enough skin since I’ve been doing this for years!  Regardless hope I answered what ever question your mind created thinking I didnt care about you!  I say your mind cuz only you believe that, and thats not how I feel ;) 

Also since you didnt ask me to make this private response I’ll assume like you did about me, that its cool to post this as a public answer, cuz this is not just directed at you but at fans that either dislike me or any of the creatures for no apparent but just because our tone of voice or how loud we are or anything to be honest!  Because lets be real, a lot of you guys get mad at certain creatures and say horrible things to us in the comments section yet Im pretty sure if you would actually give us the time of day or see us in real!  You would see that we are just a bunch a goofy dudes trying to use our shenahnigangs to make your life better in the form of entertainment!  and plus I betting a pretty penny and from my experience that none of you would do say what you have the balls to say in the internet to people just enjoying what they do to their face!  Either you would get disrespected back or much worst!  Because I feel that a lot of you guys forget we are human at times!  AS much as you hate getting bullied or see social injustices, or just anything negative!  We hate it to!  Dont know if people get mad at some of us because we get to do what we love for a living, but believe me all those amazing things that we get to do or have didnt come easy!  Instead of us hating on other people doing their thing, We focused on becoming bigger and better people for the sake of the “good” fans that support us! 

This good fans btw are not only the oens that support us in everything we do btw Good fans are fans that can tell us what we do wrong in a biased non critical way!  Like anyone out there we respond better to people that make sense and have coherent thoughs and not “This person is boring keep him out, This person is never there and he doesnt matter, I really hate this “insert name of person”  But hey end of rant!  Enjoy your day person that left me this msg and thanks for being around made serving as link to possibly end shitty fans (not saying that you are one, just trying to make sure you know that since your brains already played a trick on you once)

Have fun reading all that ^.^

and much love homie!