i say this irl too sometimes

in my feminism class my professor always gives us a question and we all answer it and todays was “whats your most treasured memory” and since i just spent the weekend with The Gf i was like “i just saw my long distance gf for the first time and it was amazing. and disclaimer i didnt finish my essay because i was too gay” and then everyone laughed and i guess i forgot that ppl don’t just say that they’re too gay irl and my professor was like “did you just say you were too gay” i was like yeah and she thought that was a valid excuse for not doing my essay so. art school is great sometimes

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Dean has been trying to be open with Cas, telling him he's worried, we're better together and Cas doesn't really respond except with what could be called flippancy saying I didn't mean to add to your burden or betrays him again. So it's not that Dean needs to open his mouth, it's that when he does, he's shut down. This happens a lot in the series with other people too and I think we undervalue how much that shapes Dean's willingness to open up. As in, I think we often ignore it completely.

This is an interesting point, and the thing is, we’ve come so far in this ‘haha, we’re not describing a relationship, #no homo’ thing that the tropes of the genre have started to have an impact on the actual narrative of the show. Like, one of the main reason I don’t like romance movies is the lack of clear communication between the two main characters. I mostly hate it in its classic ‘chick flick’ form - ie, a woman going on and on with her girlfriends about how perfect this guy is and being encouraged to do all sort of ridiculous things to catch his attention rather than just talk to him - but if the movie is not subtle, I’m even capable of hating those pregnant ‘I wish I could come out and say it, but I’m too manly to’ pauses because, come on. Sometimes I truly find romance movies are the plague of our societies and are way, way more dangerous than horror or violence or whatever, simply because they set a model of behaviour for situations we actually encounter IRL - and the idea that we can’t communicate openly and honestly with each other, especially in a romantic relationship, is often at the centre of whatever demented story they’re telling.


I guess this is to say that miscommunicaton is a classic romantic trope and the most usual way to keep lovers apart (short of, let’s say, family obligations, mind control spells and terminal illnesses - not that Supernatural has used any of those, of course), which means neither Dean nor Cas are, at this point, to blame for any of it. It’s simply how the narrative goes, and one of the most tried-and-tested ways to preserve some semblance of UST and will they won’t they even in those circumstances where it’s very clear that yeah, they will. 

You say Dean’s been opening up, has been clear about what he wants, and that’s true. Dean’s been incredibly direct this season (and the last), not only with Cas, but with Sam and Mary as well. I think it’s unfair, though, to say we ignore it - some days, it seems we talk about little else: performing!Dean walls coming down, that’s a huge bout of character development, especially considering Dean’s worst fear is people leaving him, and, well - if you don’t come clean to someone, if you don’t tell them how much they mean to you, then you can hold on to the illusion they left because they didn’t realize how much they would hurt you - but if you’re clear about your feelings and you do your best and they still leave - ouch. Dean’s faced this dilemma with both Mary and Cas this season, and basically lost both times. His ideas of creating some kind of patchwork family - all of them safe, happy, and living right there in the Bunker where Dean can keep an eye on them and protect them - yeah, that didn’t work. Despite the unusually honest conversations he had with them, both Mary and Cas continue to do their own thing without much regard for Dean’s feelings - and I feel like I need to stress it’s not only a character’s ‘fault’, but a narrative need: to keep Dean on edge, and to make him miserable.

Something else we need to consider is that Cas is new to humanity and sees things from a completely different perspective. To him, human feelings are - well, not irrelevant, but I think he sees them as something so complicated and changeable that it’s not really worth analyzing them. Like, consider his impatience when Dean asked for help in how to deal with Mary - Cas is millions of years old. Planning a conversation, however life-changing that conversation may feel in the moment, is completely irrelevant on the long term - a speck of meaning against the backdrop of eternity, or even of a human life. When he shuts Dean down, he’s not saying he doesn’t care about Dean feelings; he’s saying everything will sort itself out, and why do humans always stress so much about such small and transient things? It makes no sense. Oh, and another thing that presumably makes no sense to him is Dean’s worry over him - Cas was created to obey and walk into battle and die, if necessary - nobody’s worried about his happiness or wellbeing for thousands of years - why would Dean? Cas is an angel - Cas is the (self-appointed) Winchester’s guardian - not the other way around. I know they keep telling him they care (sort of), but, again, different species here. And Cas also knows, because he’s seen it, that (unlike angels) humans are built to withstand grief and loss - that both Dean and Sam have done it, several times (that despite everything they’ve endured, they can still be sort of happy). To him, his own death is perhaps a matter of regret, of things unfinished, but certainly not something that’ll hurt either Sam or Dean in any definitive way - which is why he prefers to be out on the field and keep them safe, rather than staying close to them and avoid danger.

Finally, something about the mixtape scene. 

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So uh.. I'm not really sure on my sexuality.. I say I'm bisexual but the only people I've been attracted to and the only relationships I've been happy with are with girls?? ((I am a female btw))

I had a similar issue, I never really had any interest in guys except fictional ones. And the thought of being with one irl sort of repulsed me. It took me a long time to accept I’m lesbian, even to this day I struggle with it sometimes due to compulsory heterosexuality. And that may be your problem, too. You could be bi, or lesbian, but I can’t tell you what you are because I’m not you! That’s up to you to figure out. There’s no rush, take it one step at a time. (:

i really love your analysis about figure skaters and their programs, its deep but not enough to get repetitive ily

lmao sometimes it does feel repetitive to me though, because i answer similar questions a lot. i don’t try to get “deep” either, most of the time i just say what’s on my mind.

whos underrated and who gets enough attention in figure skating?

justice for takahiko kozuka and akiko suzuki. there are really too many underrated skaters to list…

im so exited about olympics im trying to get my irl friends into figure skating!!!

good luck with that. during sochi my irl friend who knew nothing about skating sent me a text saying yuzuru was hot, then never mentioned skating again. alas, that’s the extent of my irl friends caring about skating.

thoughts about mai mihara? :)

she’s a sweet girl but her programs bore me, they’re very junior. i also find her expression and movements rather generic and stiff. i’m not really a fan of her skating, more a fan of her off-ice, but i’m still rooting for her to improve and do her best. i think getting better choreo would help a lot with that, so we’ll see how her new programs look.

Of the top 6-10 men skaters, who do you think deserves their PCS the most or underrated the most? (top 2-3)

justice for patrick chan

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hiiii can I just say that I love your account it's absolutely amazing, but more than that I love all your tags?? like I always check what you guys have to say about the photos and for me it's a part of what makes this acc so good :)))

I’M SMILING IRL!!! This is the cutest message omg. I know a majority of us tag the photos we post and sometimes we go HARD (I’m always typing in all caps oops), but to know you enjoy it and can probably relate sometimes– makes me happy. ^^ Sometimes I actually look at replies and reblogs to look at everyone else’s reactions/tags, too! And thank you so so much for this message, and for supporting our blog~ It’s moments like this that make me feel closer to you all, no matter where we’re from, who we are, or what we’re going through in life right now. We have such a great community going. ;u; Sorry this got really long but this made my night and I just had to let it out! Have a lovely week. <3
- Kristi

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your therapist sounds really nice

She is very compassionate and genuine and even makes the effort to connect things to her own experiences. Sometimes therapists are just nebulous beings that try to pretend they don’t exist irl. I worry a lot about how I appear, for example and she always tells me “you say you think people see you as ____ but that’s not my experience of you. It’s ___” I expressed surprise in being able to help someone and she said “oh yeah me too I really worry about clients when I have bad sessions but then they show up and I did help them just by a small thing I said!”

I even told her some of my concerns with my last therapist and she asked for details so she could avoid that discomfort. I really trust her which is way important in there. I can let her know I’m having vivid ideation or urges and she doesn’t immediately try to put me in the hospital too, she just works with them

She does do the awkward silence thing sometimes and when I don’t know what to talk about, she goes through her notes and we find something . If I’m too scattered to really talk well, she has me do a few grounding exercises with her. If I’m feeling self conscious we don’t face each other at all. And sometimes when I’m saying something that isn’t helpful or wrong, she gently lets me know my thinking is flawed idk it’s just. Really nice.


I…finished the Captive Prince trilogy…in a week. I’ve nerver read a trilogy this fast (never read trilogies anyway lol).
The story is so good. Captivating. Sexy. In fact, saying that Captive Prince is amazing would be an understatment tbh.

I wanted to draw Nicaise because he’s my fav character with Laurent. And I have a thing for fictional young boys… :D

EDIT: OK WOW. This is getting way too far. I’m sorry English isn’t my first language so I can’t express myself well, but when I said that I was “like the regent lolol” it was A (BAD TASTE) JOKE. I said it lightly, like I’d say anything else. I’m sorry if that shocked some people here, expecially because pedophilia is a strong subject, but I didn’t mean to hurt anybody’s feelings.
It hurts me when I read post saying that I’m a pedophile. Like seriously, people??! I know people on tumblr tend to jump easily on conclusion and you can get bashed for ANYTHING here, that’s why I rarely post stuff. This community scares me sometimes.
Again, I didn’t mean that I enjoyed Nicaise or other little boys in the books to be touched by old men. It was just a way to speak, to mock myself because I like little boys. Yes I like little boys but in FICTIONAL WORKS. Idk they seem pure, fragile, but at the same time we know that children can be very mean to each other. I just like drawing them sometimes. But it’s FICTIONAL. That’s funny because irl I hate children and don’t find them cute or anything. Anyway, again, I didn’t mean to say hurtful or disgusting words. But please don’t jump on bad conclusion. Nicaise is too precious to start a fight over a caption drawing that was at first meant to be funny (or not) and sarcastic.

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honest opinion: I am very glad to have you in my life. I am sorry that my drama queen ass walks away from my problems and crashes my car when I cry too hard and I talk too much or sometimes too little but never about what I should be saying. but I love you with more of my heart than I thought I still had reserved (after I gave the most of it to your dog) and when I get back I want to get a haircut and start saving for a tattoo and hug you for however long you'll let me. stay rad and stay fab. ❤️

I love you so much, and I’m just glad you’re okay.
Let’s go get our hair cut together. And you can help me decide if I should dye it or not.
I feel really bad for Elly the rest of the week because she doesn’t have either one of us to visit her, but you’re doing awesome dancy things and I get to see family so it’s okay.
You can hug me as long as you like. 2121

In neko atsume
I named an orange tabby after our recently deceased cat, George.
She keeps appearing on top of the little cat tower in the game,
Always looking out to the viewer. George loved to lay in the top of her cat tower too irl.

It’s just coincidence, but I like to think George is coming by to say hi sometimes.

What i love about the moon signs

Im just gonna say that except for one moon sign i believe i know two or more people who have one of each moon sign so

Aries; i only know one aries moon person and they are soooo fun imo. theyre always up to try crazy new things and they overall make things more interesting. bc they also have some earth to ground them, their behaviour doesn’t get obnoxious. They have energy that rubs off on u which is good too. A fave

Taurus; this moon sign… Only knew one. And not even personally. I believe he was the more tolerable one out of his group of friends

Gemini; i know several gem moons and i can say with certainty!! I cannot share a home with one lol…. Theyre either too messy for me or toooo into the randomest of details when noticing something its… Too much. Incredibly funny ppl, very charming but may speak out of turn too often foe my liking. I can talk about anything with them usually. Too moody for me but they lighten up quickly. Also kind of a fave

Cancer; cancer moons are nice but if they have a scorp mars run… Lol but just based on moon here, theyd do anything for u or at least theyd try and if they dont get due recognition theyll get pissy but youll probably get second chances. Let them know u appreciate them time to time and theyll be satisfied tho

Leo; i know one leo moon… Uh very energetical like aries but not as fun imo sorry…. Might get offended easily, and will remeber a compliment u give forever

Virgo; oooho aaaah my moon sign. I know two others with it irl. I think they are hard workers, not really made for the spotlight. Uuhhh not much to say tbh, bt sometimes i finish the sentences of this one fellow virgo moon

Libra; this moon sign is cute i think, i know two people with it insofar as i am aware. Tendency to pout (yes both of them), romantics. I get a long well enough. As an earth moon tho, i feel they are a bit too spacey to share deep down stuff with at times, same with gem moons unless we’re rlly close

Scorpio; i only know one and shes quiet very quiet

Sagittarius; uhh i admit a bit obnoxious, but sag moons have pluto conjunct so yea my condolences. I know three. They are like gem moons, funny, but they know when to be quiet.

Capricorn; i know one. Stubborn and private

Aquarius; i know several. They always talk about how they dont care about something. Lots of complaining

Pisces; a cute moon sign. Quiet like scorpio, but ultimately nicer like cancer. They are probably into weird stuff too. They can be frustrating at times. Immense creative potenial. I know two with this moon sign… They also have all the other same astro signs lmao

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Why do people always categorize Scorpios as assholes? They are like Scorpios are sly sneaky bastards and watch your back and stay away from them and they will cut you up with their words alone.. I know I am not an ass and I can barely stand up for myself, let alone rip people to shreds and sometimes I wonder while seeing posts that bash Scorpios that what if I am an asshole and don't know it and people actually hate me irl and are too nice to tell me that?

To be honest, I have no idea. Scorpios are (usually) not assholes. They’re clever, determined, ambitious, but not super rude or anything. Some Scorpios like to have power over things, so that might be why people categorize them as assholes. I will say that I don’t think that people hate you in real life. Based on the info you gave me about yourself, you are not an ass. One of my good friends is a Scorpio, and she’s one of the nicest and funniest people I’ve met. Stereotypes of the zodiac signs, like Scorpios being assholes, aren’t always the full explanation of what a sign really means. 

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hi~. first, i just want to tell you that i love your fics a lot <3 second, if i may ask, what is your opinion on how jungkook is often characterized as this over-confident cocky bad boy in fics? kind of an asshole, even. judging by the amount of fics portraying him like that, it makes me wonder if they they honestly think jungkook is like that irl. to me, watching the group's dynamic, jungkook seems more like this kind of endearingly awkward childish guy who looks up to his hyungs a lot. (1)

we all know he relies on and look up to his hyungs a lot. he himself has said countless times that he’s really shy, and we’ve all seen how often the others has to coax him to speak up. the other members’ description of him doesn’t match with the cocky bad boy image he gets in the fics either.. i mean, to me, he seems to be babied a lot? sometimes the others get this parental-vibe towards him by saying how much he’s grown, how well they raised him, etc. (2)

don’t get me wrong, i’m not trying to say jungkook is fragile to the point where he’ll break if the wind blows a bit too strong, lol, i just… don’t understand why portraying him like that is so popular, because he seems to opposite of that? wow sorry for the rant (3/3)

for me characterization is definitely a kink!! i like to read good characterization, taking from components of their personality irl, so for me - i don’t read “”confident cocky bad boy”” jungkook in fics at all? for me it’s almost like i’m doing jungkook a disservice by making him out to be something he’s not - which is rude, confident, cocky, bad, and an asshole. because he’s not. 

sometimes i feel like the people who write those things truly do believe that? because why else would they constantly write it? the fun part about writing for me is not to fill in pre-occupied molds - bad boy, good boy - but to mold the story for the characters. how would jungkook react in this situation? how would yoongi? neither of them are bad people, but one is more reticent than the other. 

jungkook is an introvert - he’s called himself that many times. he self-identifies as one, and so i write him as an introvert. once he gets close to people he breaks out his funny and dorky and meme side. slowly he’s showing us parts of himself on fancams, but he’s still told us many, many times that he’s shy, which is why i cringe when fans ask him personal questions - as a person who is chronically shy as well, i feel anxious when i get asked things that are too personal that i didn’t give up information of before. i dont know about him, i hope that doesn’t happen to him.

the thing about famous people is that others think they can do whatever they want. they can say whatever they want, they can attribute whatever they want to that person, they can do anything because it’s not like that person will care anyway, right? but that stuff eventually does hurt that person, because if they’re famous, another fan might think that way of jungkook and spread it around. 

in reality, he’s a shy, quiet person, who has his loud and funny moments around people he’s comfortable with - aka bts. take, for example, how he was in the first few episodes of flower crew, where he was obviously not comfortable. or in celebrity bromance with minwoo, where he was noticeably shy and eager to have minwoo like him. he’s a sweet kid that tries to do things for others - for his fans especially - and for his hyungs, as we’ve seen time and time again in the small snippets he shows us. 

taking that all away seems…kind of awful. 

stage presence =/= who they are inside. jungkook has said himself to minwoo that things have changed on stage; they’ve learned to flirt with the camera. who they are when they’re singing is not always who they are behind the scenes. the only way you can see that is through bangtan bombs and other videos like that, where they’re open and free and not working

the hyungs really do care for him because they’ve been around for a while, and i suspect that they baby him a lot because when he joined bts, he must have had a tough time. he was young and no doubt his emotions were hard to control and things impacted him more as a kid, no matter how many times he said “i’m fine” to his hyungs. seeing him finally admit that when the other members are tired, he’s tired, is both a show of personal growth and a validation for all that the other members have done - because jungkook feels their pain and cares for them more than himself, which is something he’s always done, and it just shows how well bts has raised and cared for him for jungkook to look out for them as much as he does. admitting it so shows how he’s matured. i think he realizes that saying you’re tired doesn’t mean you’re weak - it just means you need a break. 

i think a little bit of fragility is good for everyone!! it’d be nice if he did have some times to be vulnerable and fragile, hopefully around his support system, because we all need to let our defenses down for a while; it’s ok to be fragile and weak sometimes, because being strong all the time is impossible. 

i guess why that “idea” is so popular is because people see what they want to see, and a lot of marketing has been around the bad boy concept, and jungkook played his part a little too well. he’s really not like that in real life, and most of the time, i don’t understand why people can’t differentiate between that either. ;;

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So there's this girl... We are in nursing school together and we were introduced to each other by mutual friends and as we talked a bit, I started to like her a lot. I went out with my friends and she came too. We had fun and at the end of the night SHE HUGGED ME!!!! We still don't talk a lot, but I do run in to her at school sometimes. It took me 3 times to just say hi instead of akwardly saying something like helloooo. So I guess my question is: How do I stop being so awkward around her?!?

Sorry it took forever to respond! 😶

I was waiting until the weekend because I’ve been busy irl, but when I read your ask I thought it was so sweet! 😄

I can imagine that I would be a bit flustered too if I had been in your place. It’s hard to know the context of the situation though because I don’t know what your relationship with her is like.

Was it just a friendly hug?

If so, then there’s not really a reason for it to be awkward. It can be a sweet memory for you.

If you think there could be more feelings brewing, than you should talk to your friend about it. I’ve never been in this situation so I can’t be sure what is best to say (anyone is welcome to give their opinions on this!), but I…I honestly don’t know. Keep it casual. Don’t turn it into a big deal.

Anyone have any additional pointers?

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i don't mean to overstep any boundaries, but as someone who's been abused by "friends" all my life, i hope u know what they've done is absolutely not ok and could count as emotional abuse if it keeps happening. you should never have to be afraid around real friends. if you need, take a break from them and think about how you feel. i'm not saying u need to ditch them, but sometimes friends can turn out to be not so cool, even after a long time :/ i wish you all the best

thank u so much for sending this anon i’ve been thinking abt this a lot and it’s rlly good advice thank u…

Another suspicious thing about jikook. Is it just me who are seeing this? 

Recently, they will be touchy with other members, hands on waists, around shoulders and so on when they’re on camera. The usual stuff. But JM and JK seem to keep the touches pretty light between the two of them. They’re not hugging, leaning on each other, or anything other than occasionally touching hands and arms and even then it’s very brief (thankfully some got captured on camera lol). But of course, they still share looks. And there’s a strange vibe between them even when they only share brief touches. And of course JK stares at JM a lot.

But most of the recent jikook moments (not including the stage performances) happen when they don’t know a camera is on them (except for that ot7 photo with JM in JK’s lap). They seem to touch the most when they think not many people will notice. And I guess they’ve mostly been like that. We got many on-cam moments back in April-May. And let’s not forget how it seemed like the other members were trying to keep them apart at fansigns and events during that time. But now they seem to try and keep it off-cam. They kept things mostly off-cam in Bonvoyage, but there were moments when you could catch them together in the background. And of course there was the moment when JK grabbed JM’s hand and JM asked if he wanted to arm wrestle, and JK didn’t seem like that was his intention. They didn’t even do it on a table which made it seem more like an excuse to hold hands if anything. That moment was just strange. But even though these days they seem more distant on-cam, they’re still seen alone together quite a lot. I don’t know, but I sometimes get the feeling they’re intentionally being careful around each other on-cam.

What do you think? Do you feel this too?

Like I’ve said before, I’m 60% convinced they’ve got something going irl and only jikook themselves can un-convince me of this.

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If you're still taking prompts! The ever famous- I-got-locked-out-of-my-apartment-and-you-decided-to-wait-outside-with-me with Dave and Tavros (??)

I am still taking prompts!  Until Friday, in fact!

Well, shit.  And you thought today was going to be a good day.

You knock a little louder, but you know Bro isn’t inside.  It’s too early for him to be home.  Just your fuckin’ luck.  But, hey, it could be worse, right?  You could be a homeless drug addict with crippling arthritis and a bad infection in places you don’t want to think about.  Hell, you can come up with a whole host of hypothetical people who have it worse than you do, and you’re not them, so there’s that.  Really, you only have to wait another hour or two for Bro to get off work, and as long as he hasn’t forgotten his keys, too, you’ll both be golden.  And what’s an hour?  You can blog on your phone for that long, even though it’s hot as lucifer’s sweaty ballsack in the hallway and your apartment has no working central air conditioning ever.  But what’s new?  It’s hot in your apartment, too.  The day isn’t ruined.  Thanks, optimism.

You settle against the wall opposite your apartment door with as relaxed a posture as you can manage.  You don’t want anyone passing by to think you’re some sort of loser idiot who forgets his keys at home and has to wait for his big brother to come rescue him.  You have an image to maintain.  It’s bad enough most the people in your tenement have no idea what a big deal you are online.  And if anyone does know, they haven’t had the guts to approach you about it.  Frankly, you can’t blame them for that.  You’re hot shit, to put it lightly. 

You hear footsteps come down the hall, but you don’t look up.  Can’t risk eye contact or anything else that would alert anyone to your stupidity.  You scroll through your blog and pretend to be way busy.  But the footsteps stop near you.  And they pause.  They’re still pausing.  Why the fuck are they pausing this long jesus christ did they forget their fucking keys too or–

“Uh, hey.”

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To the NT/allistic people who tell me I don’t have ‘real’ speech issues...

Ahahahaha…ha! Okay, fold up your judgment and shove it back into your pocket. I’ll goof off with my stim toys while you do that.

Okay, ready?

Just because I’m capable of speaking doesn’t mean it’s easy for me. Just because I make speaking look easy doesn’t mean it is easy.

My thoughts begin as concepts like a milky swirl of things that mean other things. From those meanings I mentally run through lists of words to match what those concepts mean, but some words may change the meaning of a statement into something unintended so I have to be careful of which words I choose.

Great! I’ve got words I can use to speak now! Hold on, nope, not yet. Grab a seat because this is where it gets complicated.

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I'm a queer girl and it ALWAYS make me mad when straight boys say that it's hot when two girls make out or that lesbians/bisexual girls are hot. But when it comes to gay/queer men they say it's nasty and gross. And it really make me fucking angry. I really don't like straight boys. Do you sometimes feel this way? I'm sorry if this bothers you.

yep. str8 ppl fetishizing queer girls is basically the most annoying most enraging thing that happens to me irl i cannot even fuckin tell u how boiled i get

thank god for friends irl that i know on tumblr who call that shit out way more articulately than i do lmao

anonymous asked:

hey, sorry about this but i've known that i'm not straight for about 6 months, but i've never really felt comfortable as identifying as bi, idk why just a personal thing. i stumbled across the term heteroflexible which means being primarily attracted to another gender but sometimes rarely attracted to the same. when i found that it was like a huge breath of fresh air you know, like i knew what i was. but then i did further investigating on it and it seems people on tumblr think it's biphobic 1/2

2/2 // and i just feel bad for identifying as it because people say it’s bad because you’re “too scared to be bi” or “trying to force your way into lgbt when you’re straight.” only 4 people i know in irl know and idk i just feel bad for identifying as it because people call it biphobic. would you? how can i change it if it is?

You know what, you do you. If heteroflexible is the label you want to go with, go with it.  I will say that bisexuality is the attraction to two or more genders, *not* necessarily to the same extent, not necessarily at the same time, not necessarily in the same way, so even if you were 99% into people of a different gender but part of you was like “man, that person of the same gender is +A” you could ID as bi if you wanted to. Like bi does not at all mean equally attracted to men and women. 

I definitely don’t think that calling yourself heteroflexible is in any way damaging the bisexual community though, so like, you know, you call yourself whatever you want to, and do whatever makes you comfortable. 

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Hey! I really enjoy your work. You’re IG is interesting too. Would you ever consider some sort of collaboration with Baths?

yeah, we keep saying we’re gonna make a video game together sometime soon!!! I love him! He’s one of my bffs irl