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Maedhros & Fingon

// Thank you!!! :D poor Finrod is seeing a lot today lol elves need to learn to lock their doors haha //

Send me two names and my character will react to accidentally walking in on those two in bed with each other.        

Earlier that week, Findekano had broken a string on his harp and rather than taking it to be fixed, Findarato happily offered to help. He had plenty of extra wire stashed away for his own harp after all. Today the new string had finally been tuned and after a while of playing to ensure it was correct he left with the harp in hand to return it to it’s owner.

Fingon had told him he would be out hunting with his brothers for the weekend so Finrod decided it might be a pleasant surprise to drop it off at his cousins room for when they returned. One thing did seem odd however…he knew for a fact that Turgon was not out hunting and had never heard of such plans… nor was his cousin the hunting type. Perhaps Fingon had only went with Argon and mentioned both brothers by mistake. What ever the reason, never in a million years would he suspect a lie from one of his closest friends. Such a thing would never cross his mind in the least! Kano did after all seem distant lately as if in another world, perhaps he was bored and needed things to do.

The walk through the palace did not take too terribly long and once he reached the door to his cousin’s chambers he had no hesitation when grasping the handle. No one was there, he could quickly walk in and leave. Whilst pushing open the door, his free hand fiddled with his pocket to take out a packet of harp strings he had planned to give Findekano just in case another broke. Immediately a cacophony of sounds filled his ears including one rather loud cry of ecstasy in the throws of passion. It startled him so greatly the harp strings fell from his hand and his eyes shot up to see the eldest Nolofinwean astride none other than their cousin Maitimo.

His eyes went as wide as saucers. Findo scrambled backwards with an arm outstretched behind him to feel for the doorway and in such a state of shock he nearly fell over his own feet. Grabbing the doorway kept him from stumbling at least. The previous sounds faded into startled gasps and there was no mistaking the curses from the redhead as Finrod left, frantically shutting the door behind him.

All the Swears

I’ll admit that I say them
Yes I know that’s bad
But come on life sometimes
Can make me really mad
Or when I’ve had a few
And I’m having some fun
And I really cut loose
I will say more than one
Then I say my Hail Mary’s
And I hope and I pray
That He will let me in
When it’s my turn some day

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Photo Credit: Auntie Mims

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getting drunk is fun and honestly who cares as long as you're not trying to drive or something equally stupid, you're not hurting anybody? lmao I MISS getting drunk I miss having fun and getting to let loose, no ones saying it's the most "mature" thing but who gives half a fuck it's fun and harmless if you're responsible about it smh