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Holding hands | M!Corrin x Takumi

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Little zero in 12D and cyber elf x in 12A ?

I tried to keep it not to OOC for Zero; i feel like he wouldnt show extreme emotions…

Also i drew Axl for my own enjoyment 

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I saw a post in the main tag saying that the seed of cruel desire is about Yuuki's love for Zero and how purebloods go crazy for the one they love, like how Yuuki did after Zero was attacked in Memories. Just wanted to hear your thoughts on this?

Hi Anon~ 

Yeah, I’m definitely aware of the post you’re referring to lol… 

I suppose I should start off with what I think the ‘seed of cruel desire’ actually is. Tbh, I don’t really disagree with what you and others have said. 

Imo, the ‘seed of cruel desire’ refers to a Pureblood’s potential to go crazy for the one that they love, and their ability to become obsessive and consumed by this love. In some respects, such a love is arguably a very frightening concept, however, given all the talk of ‘a vampire’s love’ and such, this just appears to be how vampires, or specifically Purebloods, do things. 

With regards to who is the subject of Yuuki’s desire though… This is where opinions will be split. 

I myself believe that Yuuki’s ‘seed of cruel desire’ is for Kaname. Because we see her at her most fearsome when she acts for Kaname’s sake. In VKM Chapter 7, we literally see Yuuki admit that she had wanted to kill all vampires as part of her plan to revive Kaname. 

This is not a trivial thing. This is huge.

 Yuuki is literally willing to commit genocide for Kaname’s sake. 

And this is practically the definition of what the ‘seed of cruel desire’ is. Yuuki is willing to plunge the world into darkness through mass murder all for Kaname’s sake, and it’s only when she finds out that she’s pregnant and is responsible for another life, that she changes her mind. 

In contrast, her reaction to when Zero was attacked is nothing compared to this. Like okay, she makes a threat to a few vampires, but it’s nowhere near what she was willing to do when she lost Kaname.

And I’m not trying to glorify Yuuki’s actions but the fact is, when it comes to Kaname, Yuuki would do anything for him. She would ‘plunge the world into darkness’ without a second thought, and that passion, that ‘cruel desire’, is something that she just doesn’t show for Zero. 

The other side of the ‘seed of cruel desire’ is the idea that, by holding back these cruel desires, you could suffer endlessly. 

And I honestly think that this is what Yuuki is going through right now. Even when she asks Zero to start dating, Yuuki explains that her desire to be swallowed up by Kaname won’t go away. Those thoughts just won’t fade from her mind, even though she’s ready to be with Zero. 

There’s also the fact that Yuuki’s ‘vampire side’ has always been shown to desire Kaname, to the point where she wishes to consume him. 

(Taken from Chapters 51 & 66 respectively)

And this desire is something that seems to be exclusively for Kaname. Her vampire side, her desire to ‘love as a vampire would’ they are all connected to Kaname

Even when Yuuki consumes Zero as he dies, Yuuki states that it is Zero’s wish to be consumed rather than hers. 

Yuuki is granting his last request. She is loving him like a vampire would because Zero asked her to. She is loving him like she loves Kaname because she was asked to. 

And I feel like I may have gone off on a tangent here but, what I’m trying to say is, Yuuki’s love as a vampire, her love as a Pureblood, her ‘seed of cruel desire’, it is solely for Kaname, and Hino has been showing us this since the original series

I hope I answered that well enough for you Anon! Thank you for the message and feel free to come again ^_^

Credit to AeF for the scans~ 

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hi there. im really loving all the cute zeki fluff we're getting in this chapter but one thing that bothers me is yuuki saying she thinks of kaname whenever she and zero hold hands. predictably yume fans have jumped on this to say she still loves kaname but maybe it's just that she feels guilty? id love to know your thoughts on this ^^

This ask is from over a month ago [sorry, anon orz], but I happened to see this exact argument being made in the tag just now, sooo I considered that this line of dialogue might’ve been more divisive than I’d previously thought and it could use a reply. :)

Let’s add some context first for my reading.

After Kaname Kuran had failed in his efforts to monopolize his fiancee Yuuki’s affections due to her attachment to Zero Kiryuu, he committed suicide/sacrificed himself because he realized his mistake in interfering with and manipulating their lives, saying that he always knew it was Zero and Yuuki that should’ve been together.

In her mourning, Yuuki began hesitating in being as demonstrative as she once was with Zero. Upon taking his hand, though, she admitted that simply holding on in public made her think sadly upon the man whom she could not save nor remain faithful to.

I can agree with those that claim that Yuuki still loved Kaname, that was never a question. 

However, everyone should know by now that she loved Zero more [since it’s common knowledge in-universe that a vampire’s love manifests in the satisfaction found within the blood of “the one”].

Knowing all of that, and despite her feelings, Yuuki waited before entering into a relationship with Zero for several years. Because of this, I think Yuuki was hurting FOR Kaname as she held Zero’s hand. After all, Yuuki could now escape with Zero to their special place, rendezvous with him and be happy, she could hold hands with him whenever he was near, have him lay in her lap or her in his, hold each other as they drank blood, and she could move their relationship at any pace she pleased.

But she was overtly aware that their attachment was what caused Kaname to despair,

And with Yuuki pretty much admitting that she “wouldn’t let [Zero] go,” it’s easy to imagine her inner turmoil.

Yes, I’d say her remembering Kaname in a lot of scenes is rooted in her guilt, and Zero feels sympathetic toward her plight. During this scene when she took his hand, he reassured her that there was nothing wrong with her [because there really wasn’t, as harsh as that sounds to Kaname]. And Zero promised her directly after that he would love even the part of her that held onto his memory.

This moment was basically another retread of Zeki’s main dilemma that took place during Sayori’s lifetime. But I suppose I never really wrote my thoughts on those chapters since I was on hiatus during most of them, so thanks for the ask, anon~

If you’re extra bored and haven’t read it yet, here’s my post from a few days ago about the scene that follows. [x]


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and in the end, that’s what really counts.

who shalt not be named is pissing me off greatly. Along with their followers. I have learned SO MUCH self restraint and control not responding to most of who shalt’s IDIOCY. I think they know that they fucked up their career (which is probably now over or will be soon).They have burned so many bridges with the show. And in the entertainment industry people know people. 

The show is proud of their canon ship and the character of Lexa, that is why they talk about them. If you were proud of something you created and that has affected so many people positively….why wouldn’t you want to talk about it? Also, that is the story they are telling, if you don’t like it then LEAVE. If the story is pissing you off that much…GOODBYE. Go watch something you enjoy and stop spilling hatred. ALSO, saying that guest stars don’t work as hard as main cast members is complete bullshit. I’m out. 

The Choice Chemistry nomination is usually meant for who worked best together; who makes the best team THAT YEAR and frankly, no disrespect to Bellamy and Clarke fans in general, whether you ship it as romantic or ship them as bros, this season was not worthy of their nomination. 

Season 2 would’ve made loads of sense and I think even the uproar would be less of an outcry, but after what went down in Season 3 with Bellamy’s character development and Clarke literally having zero to do with anyone till 3B the Choice Chemistry nomination is not deserving whatsoever. 

Do Bob and Eliza work well together? Absolutely, there is zero doubt in my mind that they work exceptionally well. They all do! But Season 3 Bellamy and Clarke DO NOT deserve this nomination. 

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Hey, do you think Yuuki and Zero ever married? Despite what Zero said to Yori? I mean, the fact that they had their son implies that they did, but I suppose it's possible that they still had a family without marriage. But would Zero really want to start a family with Yuuki without taking that big step first?

Hello dear! c: 

I do believe Zero and Yuuki eventually got married before they had their son, mostly for the fact that it just feels more of  Zero’s character to want them both to be fully committed to their relationship before they truly start a family of their own. Zero would want Yuuki’s full consent towards wanting to be with him and having a family together. He’s NOT the type to accidentally knock her up and completely forgo the repercussions of their actions.

I feel like i’m constantly stressing this since not many see it from Zero’s true personality. Zero wouldn’t force any sexual intercourse on Yuuki, and if anything escalated between them he’d always cut it off short since that’s just how truly cautious he is, and would feel like he’s taking advantage of Yuuki if they went too far. His very flaw of being hesitant isn’t there for show. lol 

He’s not the type of man that needs to get in her pants before he eventually dies just to have experienced having sex with her. -rolls eyes- He actually loves and RESPECTS Yuuki completely. So, the fact that they have a son together is a huge sign to me that Yuuki does actually marry Zero or at least agrees to be his life-long partner with him. But the point is Zero would never pressure Yuuki into anything if he wasn’t sure that was what she truly wanted. After chapter 92 or so, Zero had stopped trying to dictate what would make her happy, ie. fully learning his mistake of pushing Yuuki away and towards Kaname leading inevitably to her heartache. He learned from his mistake and every action he’s made so far by the end of the manga was out of the sureness of where Yuuki truly stood. How would he know? By seeing it in her blood. 

He knew how she felt for him, knew his place in her heart, and respected the people she cared about in her life. That is why after Yori passes away, Zero pushes the idea for them to both live their own life the way they want to, and he knows Yuuki wants to with him, he knows she loves him, and he’ll always do whatever it takes to ensure her happiness. Zero’s true selflessness lies in his desire to act upon Yuki’s desires more so than his own. He gives her the utmost power to fully decide what she wants out of life, and he’ll humbly follower her wishes cause that’s all he’ll ever want, her happiness.

Some people fail to realize that if Yuuki truly just wanted Zero as a friend, that is exactly what Zero would be. He’d respect Yuuki completely to honor her desire and just be the friend she needed in her life till she ended her life to make Kaname human or when he finally turned to dust, himself. It’s as simple as that.  But obviously she was in love with Zero because she DID want to be with him, and they did start a family of their own on top of already raising one together. :)

On Yuuki’s spectrum, I truly hope she wouldn’t just wistfully give Zero a baby boy just in hopes to make HIM happy despite if she didn’t truly love him because that’s not how it works. Nor do I think Yuuki’s that bad of a person to do that to Zero, she’s considerate and compassionate for a reason. She truly cares and loves him and would want to cherish him properly. Not just having a child with him to appease him, that’s just not how either of them are at all.

Gah! Sorry, sweetie, i’m not hounding you about all this since i obviously have a bone to pick about this issue. LOL It’s just such a reoccurring argument that grates me the wrong way when i see in the tag at times. I feel like Zero gets mischaracterized too often when in fact he has always been a good man, a virtuous man for the most part. He thinks poorly of himself but ironically acts upon his high morality since he leans more towards humanistic principles. People tend to really forget these aspects of Zero’s character..

Anyway, I mentioned this earlier but I want to flush out this idea a little more here, I think it’s what Yori says to Zero after he makes the lame excuses on why he and Yuuki haven’t settled down that eventually drives him to propose to Yuuki. Yori points out to Zero that he won’t last forever and should enjoy his time with Yuuki and stop dancing around finalizing their relationship, but at that time, Zero couldn’t be bothered by it because there wasn’t any true reason to push them towards settling down, there still was no immediate rush. It wasn’t till Yori’s death that it was the wake up call Zero needed to open his eyes to the fact they BOTH, Zero and Yuuki, needed to seize their life in their own hands and finally live the life they wanted instead of living the way they were. And I can’t be happier that they eventually do get to truly be together. c: