i saw your world fall apart

I hate how I can’t ask you how you’re doing so I pretend that you’re miserable.
I tell everyone how you’re a wreck, how I abandoned you, how you can’t sleep and you cry. You cry so much.
Even if it’s untrue I want to believe it. I want to believe that you’re so goddamn miserable that on your planet Earth the sun never shines and you miss me and you realized that you love me. You love me so much.
And it’s sad really because I saw you the other day and you were laughing. And your sun was shining.
It’s my world that’s falling apart without you.
—  Why Did You Forget About Me?
But you’re not weak.
You’re exciting. You’re limitless, as far as your imagination goes.
I think some parts of you are fragile but every other part is full of more than this world is capable of handling and that’s why you feel trapped because you can’t do everything you need to do.
You’re too alive for the place you live in.
So it drags you down and you feel like you’re not strong.
But I’ve never looked at you and saw someone who wasn’t able of holding herself together no matter how many times she falls apart.
—  Nicole Torres // youre strong

You have to understand,
I never wanted to break your heart.
But you showed up one day
And my entire life started falling apart.

Even though neither of us could have predicted
The horrors we saw that night,
I let the storm grow within,
And almost destroyed your light.

I panicked when you first tried to kiss me
Because I knew it’d pull me under.
I’m still drowning in the waves,
Your lips must be the world’s eighth wonder.

So please don’t leave me now.
I’ll give up everything if I have to.
You know, if my mom was alive
Maybe I’d tell her about you, too.

The way we fall together, you and I,
It is like gravity.

It is a force that can reach into the furthest corner of space and time;
Gravity will never let go. We have done that,
You and I.
I see our fingers brush in the middle of a sandstorm on a distant planet and when your hand takes mine,
I can feel both our bodies singing with our shared stubbornness. Together, we have bridged the whole universe.

Gravity can never truly be removed from an environment. It is not like light, nor sound. There is nothing anybody can do to take it away.
I am sitting on the lab floor as my entire world falls apart,
(I see a flare appear in the sky,)
And I take your hand.

You do not see gravity. It is quiet,
It does not shout. What Newton saw underneath his apple tree was only an effect.
I do not see us fall. Rather, I feel it.
In my bones,
In my heartbeats,
In the way my head seeks out your shoulder and it feels like we have slotted back into place. We are quiet, as your lips brush my hair and I tilt my face upwards to find you.
You are soft, and I obey the laws of physics.

The closer two objects are, the stronger the gravitational pull is between them.
The closer we get together,
The easier it is to fall.

The way we fall together, you and I,
It is like gravity.


—  maybe some things are inevitable

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"No, I won't let you die." (Stiles S)

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He could barely do anything when he saw you, laying on the floor bleeding out, his whole world seemed to crumble and fall apart. He fell to his knees just in front of you, “(y/n)…”

Your eyes fluttered to look up at him, “Stiles, you- you have to go- you have to get to Scott.”

Stiles shook his head, eyes filling with tears, “I can’t.”


“No, I can’t let you die.” His voice trembled as he tore his hoodie off, pressing it onto your wound, “Scott!” He yelled loudly, “Scott, you have to help us!”

“Theo, Stiles. Scott’s with Theo. He’s-He’s trying to- He’s going to kill Scott. Stiles-” You choked on your own blood as it trickled out of you mouth, “Stiles, go- go to Scott. Save him.”

“I-I’m not leaving you. I’m going to get you some place safe. I’m not leaving.”

/ one

I know sometimes I’m a jerk- of how I treat people cold blood and pretend like there’s nothing happened. But to tell you, I really am not that kind. It’s just that I am half-complete. I tend to look my other parts at people who surrounds me with love or the sensation I have always wanted to feel. To others, it’s cynical- but to tell you, it’s not. It always felt like the walls in my spine doesn’t seem to substantiate themselves and refrain from falling apart.

/ two

I tend to find comfort from people who mean the most to me. Like that of a how constellations combine and practically swing amidst the corners of the world. Ignoring the void. Just pure happiness.

/ three

I saw you standing there- your gaze towards mine. Again I remembered my demented universe. How pain altered everything I took tight grasp on- how I tried to fix you when I myself, is broken.

/ four

I let go.