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Unsent: Jughead Jones X Reader (Part Six)

Part 6: His Only Constant

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Confession time.

Words: 1,179

WARNINGS: IF YOU HAVEN’T FINISHED RIVERDALE, DO NOT READ THIS. SPOILER. Cursing as always I am so sorry for my potty mouth.

Okay you guys we are starting the second half of this crazy journey, crazy right? I never imagined a story I wrote would gain this much love so fast, enjoy. <3 - Juggie xx

P.S. I listened to Good Times by All Time Low while writing this and almost cried. :’)

“I love you, y'know.”

What did that mean? As a best friend, something more? It drove you mad all day to the point you had to avoid him until meeting him at Pop’s after school. But even as the time came you were getting more and more anxious. What were you even going to say?

You walked in and of course Jughead was already there, except this time he was sitting in his usual booth without his laptop out, making your nerves rev up times a hundred. His full attention is going to be on me, great..

“(Y/N).” He greeted you as you sat across from him.


“What’s happening with us?”

You fiddled with the end of your shirt underneath the table, feeling anxiety well up. How much were you willing to admit? ‘I want to me more than your friend, but it’s causing problems.’ “Change.”

He sighed and leaned forward, resting his forearms against the table and holding his hands tightly together. A silence hung uncomfortably above you and you wanted nothing more than to run out the door and never turn back. The result of this conversation would either be you leave as friends, lovers, or broken people who couldn’t co-exist anymore. All your lives it felt as if the stars aligned when you were with him and the chemistry was undeniable, but ever since you acted on your feelings it seemed like the two of you were at odds.

“Change,” Jughead suddenly spoke up, pulling you out of your thoughts and causing your eyes to shoot up to meet his. “Change is hard for me. When my mom and Jellybean left, it felt like my world was falling apart. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact they were gone, and why they would just leave me there.” You heard him sniffle a little, so you reached across and gently placed your hands over his clenched fists to soothe him. He released his death grip a little at your touch, and took that as his motivation to continue. “You were my constant through it all, (Y/N). When the dynamic of my family was changing, when I was homeless and living at the drive-in, when they arrested my dad,” you saw a tear sliding down his cheek so you climbed out of your side and slid into the booth next to him.

Wrapping your arm around his shoulders you stopped him, “I know Jug. I was there for you because you’re my best friend.” You sighed, what would you say next? 'Because I love you.’ “I don’t want to ever stop being your best friend.”

Your heart was shattering and you felt as if you were falling into in endless pit, reaching for anything that stop you from dropping but there was nothing. Confessing to Jughead couldn’t be the right thing right now, with everything he’s been through. He needed you to do what you do best, to be his best friend.

'It’s just so goddamn hard though. I am so in love with you.’

He shifted so he was looking at you, and as you retracted your arm he took both your hands in his. “You are the best thing that has happened to me. Even all the way back when I met you at the park and you told me your mom didn’t want you talking to Southside trash.” You laughed at the memory, a tear finally escaping from your eyes. “(Y/N), I don’t want to stop you from becoming who it is you’re meant to be, I don’t want to stop you from changing. I just,” he looked down at your hands before giving them a squeeze, refusing to meet your eyes. “I just want us to never change. I want to always be there for you, and you do the same for me. To have each other’s backs. I couldn’t handle it if you left me (Y/N), you’re the only person who hasn’t.

So many thoughts were pounding inside your mind, clouding your judgement for what you thought would be best for him. Your brain said he needs a friend but your heart screamed for you to give it up, tell Jug how you feel, because it hurts knowing this boy was not given all the love he deserved. He deserved to be protected, he deserved to have consistency, he deserved so much more than he was given.

He deserved to know the truth.

Before you had the chance to speak he changed the subject, “I don’t blame you for ignoring me last night. I’ve been a jerk this past week. I don’t know exactly why I’ve been so on edge, but I don’t want to be. I want us to be normal again, but something is changing.”

Gathering all your courage you smiled at him, “Jughead, things are going to change for us, but for the better.” This was it, you knew this was the right time and place, the right atmosphere, the right thing to do for him and yourself. He smiled at you, waiting for an explanation. “I want you to know, I mean, you deserve to know, that Jughead, I-”

“What’s going on here?” Betty and Kevin slid into the booth across from you, carrying some milkshakes. Jug immediately released your hands and put his underneath the table. You did the same while Betty slid a milkshake over she had ordered for you. She usually was such a good friend for doing that but right about now you wanted to scream at her. That was your chance! That was your confidence!That was all you felt you could do!

“Nothing, just two pals being pals.” Veronica thankfully answered for you, probably sensing how awkward you and Jughead felt. She slid in next to her new girlfriend and Archie took a seat next to you.

Archie took a sip of his milkshake and wiggled his eyebrows at you, “Are you sure? (Y/N)’s looking quite red.”

“Actually, I just remembered my mom needs me home right now. We’re supposed to be having a family movie night.”

“Awh, leaving so soon?” Kevin complained as you climbed out through the booth behind you. You gave them all a wave and a smile, “Sorry, rain check.”

From Juggie: You know, you promised us all a rain check, which means you now owe me TWO hang-outs.

To Juggie: You’re right, I’m sorry.

From Juggie: No need to be sorry, I kind of like hanging out with you.

To Juggie: Kind of?? :)

From Juggie: Okay, a lot, but that’s understandable because you’re my best friend. :P

Unsent: Just your best friend, I know.

From Juggie: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” - Gandhi. Good night (Y/N).

To Juggie: Good night Jug.

Unsent: I wanted to tell you today, I wanted to tell you so bad. But don’t worry, I haven’t given up. I will tell you I love you if it’s the last thing I do Jughead Jones.

Unsent: I really love you, y'know.

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The End

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Emma grabbed Killian’s hand under the table as she held him tightly. She had so much she wanted to say to him, so much of which she didn’t know how to form words about.

She felt like she was a mess inside, so much was racing through her mind and she didn’t know what to do.

“Are you alright, love?” Killian asked her softly, as he held her tightly in return, “Do you want to step outside for a moment.”

She nodded, as he read her mind. She needed a moment to gather her thoughts in the wake of the final battle, not having been able to comprehend entirely what it meant to her and for her happiness.

He made their excuses, before gathering her by placing an arm around her shoulders and leading her to the front of Granny’s where she had kissed him for the first time with the intention of pursuing a relationship with him. So much had seemingly changed since then, and she could barely process it all.

“What’s the matter, Love?” he asked her, seating her down beside him on the bench.

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Rumor Has It

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Summary: You built up walls to prevent the rumors from getting to you, but now they came crumbling down

Word Count: 2024

Originally posted by rainbowboombox

You usually walked down the halls of your university with your headphones on at full blast. Ever since your relationship with BTS’ Jeon Jungkook went public a few months ago, people always would step aside whenever you brushed past them or whisper about you behind your back. You knew that those who whispered were probably talking smack about you. 

You loved Jungkook with all your heart, and you knew it would break him if he found out that the rumors about you made you upset. That’s why you decided to build up walls, block them out, and tell Jungkook that they didn’t bother you. You’d put your music on at full blast because the rumors wouldn’t make you upset if you didn’t hear them.

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Welcome To The End Of The World

Originally posted by brothersinsync

Summary: The reader wakes up one day after an accident and finds herself in a nightmare scenario…

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader (eventual)

Word Count: 2,800ish

Warnings: language, zombie apocalypse, mentions of blood & death

A/N: If you’ve seen the show you might have noticed I used the start of TWD as a basis for exposing reader into this world…

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anonymous asked:

What if MC had a younger, maybe hotter, sister that tried to flirt and seduce everyone in RFA + V and Saeran?

Jesus Christ DO I HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH THIS *well she was like one of my best friends and jesus pent up aggression gonna be on this post LOL 

MOD Saeran happily serving you :) 

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I hate how I can’t ask you how you’re doing so I pretend that you’re miserable.
I tell everyone how you’re a wreck, how I abandoned you, how you can’t sleep and you cry. You cry so much.
Even if it’s untrue I want to believe it. I want to believe that you’re so goddamn miserable that on your planet Earth the sun never shines and you miss me and you realized that you love me. You love me so much.
And it’s sad really because I saw you the other day and you were laughing. And your sun was shining.
It’s my world that’s falling apart without you.
—  Why Did You Forget About Me?

anonymous asked:

Hello, I just discovered your blog and I saw that you had written books. What book did you write because I would like to read them actually, thank you.

Hello dear anon, welcome to my blog :) Here are my two published books:

S.T.A.R.G.A.Z.E.R (download for free here)
a free collection of 12 poems about the LGBTQ+ spectrum, sexuality, gender identities, love and finding yourself

Sunblind (download for 5€ here)
“Do you want to set the world on fire tonight?”
Sunblind is an anthology about the love of two boys on the verge of falling apart. Set in the modern world, the old legend of Icarus with a modern twist is told through the eyes of both lovers, sometimes alternating, and a collection of voicemails, texts, post-its and notes filled with unexpected twists and turns reminiscent of a leap of faith.The book features over 70 pieces and is divided into three parts which piece together the life of Icarus and Apollo, and their story which struggles for love, dependency, fear and more.

anonymous asked:

So this has been on my mind for days so I had to share. What if Chuck and Herc had been at the Academy for whatever reason when Knifehead hit? Do you think they would have gone to see Raleigh, since Herc is a fellow Ranger? How do you think little Chuck felt watching his favorite non-relative Rangers fall like that? Do you think Chuck demanded Herc take him to see Raleigh? And if he did, do you think they would've walked in on Raleigh screaming for Yancy?

*rubs hands together*

This is a top-shelf ask, and it’s gonna get the royal treatment. Because I, too, have wondered, and I’ve even been tempted to write about it.

So, to start: “What if Chuck and Herc had been at the Academy for whatever reason when Knifehead hit?”

I think it’s a general fandom consensus that Chuck idolized the Becket brothers during their glory years. I mean, he borderline hated his father (never; he never ever hated Herc for one second, no matter how bitter and angry he was), he was already beyond determined to become a jaeger pilot and get revenge for all the things… and here are these two young, stalwart, unpredictable but HIGHLY EFFECTIVE blokes who are killing kaiju left and right and making all the headlines.

It doesn’t hurt that they’re also pretty to look at. But that’s beside the point.

Young Chuck, too angry and hurt to look up to his own father (we’ll not talk about Scott because that’s a whole ‘nother bag of snakes to lay straight), would’ve been very likely to grasp onto these kids – because Raleigh really was just a kid when they joined the program – who were everything he wanted to be, saving the world and shit. I can’t imagine him NOT idolizing them, frankly.

So maybe he pestered Herc – who had NO idea what to do with his prickly, ball-of-rage-and-gall son he’d saved in a moment’s blind panic when he realized he couldn’t save both of them and Angela would kill him if he’d saved her and left Chuck to die – to take him to the Academy. Not to meet the Beckets, of course not, why would he want to meet those stupid American wankers? But to get a feel for the Academy itself, since he was by-God going there himself as soon as they quit with the bullshit age restrictions and accepted him.

And Herc, guilty and lost and with nothing but the war and his already-dodgy brother and his small, angry, standoffish son who never wanted ANYTHING because he was always so angry… made it happen. Maybe it would lessen some of that anger. Maybe… they could get past it if they could just spend some time together. Fun time, not shatterdome time.

Now: “Do you think they would have gone to see Raleigh, since Herc is a fellow Ranger?”

Oh, my, yes. That would’ve been #1 on the list for Chuck, though he would never have admitted it. Young Chuck would have put it as an after-thought, an “Oi, while we’re here, can I maybe meet that youngest pilot bloke and tell him not to rest on his laurels because I’MA be the youngest pilot any day now?”

And Herc, likely hoping the Beckets’ easy-going manner and friendly smiles would coax back some of the brilliant, happy little boy he’d lost back in Australia, set that shit up like it was nothing.

Then: “How do you think little Chuck felt watching his favorite non-relative Rangers fall like that?”

Okay, Satan. YOU ASKED FOR IT.

Because even so young, Chuck was no stranger to the concept of mortality. Sure, the jaeger program had, up to this point, been a resounding success. That doesn’t mean he’d missed how badly we’d fared against them before the giant robots. How much of our own planet we’d poisoned fighting them off with nukes because… what else could we do?

He was a bright kid. Too bright to NOT know what was happening.

So even though the jaegers hadn’t started falling in earnest yet, he knew there was a distinct possibility of it happening sometime.

But not the Beckets. Not those shining examples of youth and ingenuity overpowering brute strength and terror. Not now. Not YET. Not when he was supposed to meet them TOMORROW, dammit.

They… they were… humanity was WINNING. How could it have gone so wrong?

Herc, of course, got immediately sucked into a strategy meeting because, even then, Stacker Pentecost knew who he did and didn’t trust. Chuck was worried because Herc had made mutterings about how stupid it was to call what happened “disobeying orders” because you don’t bloody get to argue an impossible order when a goddamn kaiju pops up in your bloody face, and it sounded like… maybe the younger Becket was in trouble.

BIG trouble. Get-kicked-out trouble.

If he lived, which wasn’t expected. Because everyone knows that when your Drift partner dies, so do you.

It wasn’t his mother dying all over again. He’d never met the kid, after all. But… he had a Becket brothers poster on his wall in his bunk, and one of those brothers was already gone, and the other one was in critical condition and rumored to be more than half out of his mind in the med bay (understandable, considering how much of him must’ve been yanked out with his brother’s body), and apparently going to be kicked out in disgrace if he DID live, and….

For a while, young Chuck couldn’t do anything but sit on the edge of his bunk and, well… not cry, exactly. Again, it wasn’t grief. It was… a loss. A loss of hope. A blow to his dream of being the youngest jaeger pilot and kicking kaiju ass and saving the world.

He’d always wanted to be Raleigh Becket. Now, Raleigh Becket was damn near a vegetable and might not live out the week.

So: “Do you think Chuck demanded Herc take him to see Raleigh?”

HELL NO. Are you kidding? The little bastard snuck away when Herc was off in yet another meeting about what to do now that the world knew the jaegers might not be enough anymore.

He just needed to KNOW, okay? Maybe… it wasn’t all over before he ever got a chance to prove himself. Maybe… Becket could still be okay. Maybe… and he was rather proud of this one… maybe he could actually be of comfort. Maybe they could be friends.

Hell, if he played his cards right, they might even end up as co-pilots. Him and Raleigh Becket. Kicking kaiju ass and saving the world.

So you bet your ass he snuck away. I won’t divulge whether or not he was humming theme music as he kid-ninja-ed his way to the medical bay (he totally did, and he was blissfully unaware that literally all the shatterdome personnel he passed saw him; they were just too gobsmacked themselves to do anything about some kid running around while the world was falling apart around them).

And finally: “And if he did, do you think they would’ve walked in on Raleigh screaming for Yancy?”

Not exactly. Not screaming, anyway. More… constantly weeping in both physical and mental pain, unable to grasp that the presence in his mind was gone – but sort of wasn’t at the same time, which was worse; like a phantom ache but inside his mind instead of in a missing limb – unable to stop repeating his brother’s name, though his voice was little more than a harsh whisper.

He was strapped to the bed. At first, Chuck was FURIOUS. How DARE they? This was one of the best jaeger pilots in the world, dammit!

But there was blood on the pale blue hospital johnny, a blotchy stain over the right flank, a weirdly tidy patch in a geometric pattern over the left shoulder and chest, and before he could make a right ass of himself, he realized the restraints were an attempt to get Becket to hold still and stop reopening his injuries.

Jesus. This wasn’t… he couldn’t….

Was there anything left in that young, handsome, All-American blonde head but a dead man’s name and unendurable pain?

Chuck lost his nerve. It was only for a moment, but it was long enough for him to turn away from the demoralizing sight on the bed. Long enough for him to take a step toward the door, toward telling himself none of this had happened, because if this had happened to Becket, it could happen to HIM, and he damn well wanted to pilot a jaeger someday, and to do that, he had to get that image out of his head.

That could be HERC, and he had to get away right now because no.

Then, the constant, hoarse litany of broken Yancys stopped, freezing Chuck just inside the door.

A soft, soul-weary sob.


Gritting his teeth, young Chuck turned his stubborn self back around and faced the truth. The truth was Raleigh Becket, strapped to a hospital bed, cheeks wet and almost blistered from the constant stream of tears, lips cracked and voice wrecked and body scarred and broken in a blood-stained hospital johnny.

“Mr. Becket?”

Jesus. He sounded like an idiot.

But the restless would-be thrashing stilled.

“Uh… do you… need anything?” He narrowly avoided facepalming. “I mean, I could… are you thirsty? I can get you–”

Raleigh Becket suddenly screamed, full-throat, his body arching against the restraints, fresh blood staining the pale blue. If Chuck had been even a few years younger, he’d have pissed himself in terror.

It was a near miss, even now.

“Raleigh, stop! Jesus, mate, please stop!”

Because the scream went on, hoarse and throat-tearing and awful, and years later, after he’d picked a fight with the has-been, he’d go back to his bunk in a fury and suddenly remember that scream and how it had seemed to reach down his throat and grip his guts in a frigid clutch until he just wanted to sit down right there on the floor. Until he clapped his hands over his ears because surely his eardrums would burst from the intensity of it.

The sudden memory – how could he have forgotten? it had haunted his nightmares for years, though he would never admit it – would send him into the jaeger bay to work on Striker, and he and Herc would have yet another shitty argument about how Chuck would never be good enough.

And he would again remember that scream and how he’d wanted to maybe be Becket’s friend, his co-pilot, but he had instead damn near pissed himself and, in a panic, had used the kerfuffle of all the running medical personnel to skulk away like a coward, instead.

He never told Herc.

But eventually, after Pitfall and a few tentative, awkward conversations that slowly became easier and full of more laughter than painful silences, he did tell Raleigh.

But you’re not weak.
You’re exciting. You’re limitless, as far as your imagination goes.
I think some parts of you are fragile but every other part is full of more than this world is capable of handling and that’s why you feel trapped because you can’t do everything you need to do.
You’re too alive for the place you live in.
So it drags you down and you feel like you’re not strong.
But I’ve never looked at you and saw someone who wasn’t able of holding herself together no matter how many times she falls apart.
—  Nicole Torres // youre strong

Okay! I’m not sure if this is totally different than what you wanted, but I hope it’s not! I was a bit confused by the wording on anon’s so I combined them Lol I’m dumb. I really really REALLY enjoyed writing it and had so much fun! I think it turned out good and I like the ending! I hope you like it! Let me know what you think! Enjoy!


The boys and girls sat at opposite ends of the table, sitting quietly and waiting to dine. Tom played with his fingers and looked around the dining hall nervously. He all the sudden felt a hand grasp his horn and push his head. “Thomas! Sit up straight!” The headmaster demanded. Tom gulped and nodded, sitting how he was instructed. Tom swallowed hard when a princess was seated in front of him. He looked away. She appeared human, humans were above demons and he had no business looking directly at her.

“Hello, prince Tom.” The princess said, reading the name card in front of the demon. Tom literally jumped at her voice and tried to smile.

“H-hello your highness.” He swallowed hard and averted eye contact. Tom glanced down at the name card and saw he was sitting across from princess Marco. Now that a higher was sitting across from him he had to take on the duty as a standing sentry. A demon guard. He had to be ready to protect her in any circumstance, that’s what demons were for. Disposable royalty warriors meant to serve others above them.

A while passed before the meal began. Princesses and princes dined politely. Nobody spoke though, all of them waited to be spoken to by the person higher than them, and then the other would speak and so on. So conversation was short, light and boring. Tom finally allowed himself to relax a little bit, but was grabbed by his horn again.

“Thomas!” The headmaster hissed. “Headmistress Heinous of Saint Ogal’s for princesses would like to see what one of our soldiers has to offer. Please follow her, answer any of her questions and show her how we train you demons to be worth something.” He commanded. Tom nodded and quickly got up out of his chair. “Good boy.” He grinned. Tom smiled very nervously.

“Th-thank you.” He stated and ran to escort the headmistress away. She sneered at him and looked over at the headmaster.

“Do your soldiers always walk in front?” She asked. Tom gulped and took a few steps away, so he was behind the headmistress. “That’s better.” She sneered.

“Oh get off your high horse.” A voice mumbled. The entire room fell silent and all eyes landed on the princess sitting at the end of the table.

“What did you just say to me?” Miss Heinous demanded. Marco stood up and crossed her arms, narrowing her eyes at the headmistress.

“I said to leave him alone. He’s doing his best.” Marco hissed. Mis Heinous gasped and turned to the headmaster.

“Sir, you have to forgive this outburst. She in no way reflects Saint Ogal’s for Princesses.” She promised. “Princess Marco has been an issue to us for a long time! And we are working on breaking her.” She promised. The headmaster crossed his arms.

“I trust you know how to handle this wayward girl, Miss Heinous. I’ve seen many lost causes exit your school broken and crushed young women.” He told her.

“Good sir, you flatter me.” Miss Heinous smiled. Marco rolled her eyes and the headmistress flashed an angry look.

“Please, you’re my guest, allow me.” The headmaster insisted. He snapped his fingers. “Thomas, please escort Princess Marco to a reconditioning room.” He demanded. Tom nodded and the headmaster smiled. “Good boy.” He told the demon. Tom made a move to walk near the human princess and stopped. “Thomas, what on earth is the holdup?” Headmaster asked, growing annoyed.

“I-I can’t.” Tom responded. The headmaster growled and raised his eyebrow.

“And why not?” He demanded.

“You said she’s above me. She’s a human princess, and I’m a demon. I can’t force her to do anything, she’s above me.” Tom said. He then grabbed his head in his hands. “B-but you’re the headmaster, I have to do what you say but she’s a human princess, I have to act as her sentry for as long as needed but that wasn’t the order that was given!” Tom cried. He began pulling at his hair, unsure of what to do, he felt like a robot malfunctioning.

“Thomas! Stop this now!” The headmaster ordered. Tom kept rambling, people were beginning to whisper and nobody know what was happening.

“What do I do!? I don’t know what to do!? What do you want me to do!?” Tom cried. He felt like his world was crashing down around him and everything was falling apart. But a voice cut through and stopped this all from happening.

“What do you want to do?” It asked. Tom’s head jerked up and he saw Marco had walked around the table to stand in front of him.

“I don’t understand your question.” Tom told her. Marco rolled her eyes.

“If you want to bring me to reconditioning… I won’t fight you. But of you don’t, I won’t force you.” Marco explained. “What do you want to do?” She asked again. Tom gave her a very confused looked and she smiled. “Not just this… if you could do anything that’s possible, right now, what would it be?” Marco asked.

“What should it be?” Tom asked. Marco shook her head.

“My opinion doesn’t matter, what do you want t to be?” She asked again. Before the moment could be finished two school guards came over and seized both the children. The headmaster turned to Miss Heinous.

“You’ll have to excuse that outburst, demons really are unstable creatures, we try our best to make them worth something here, but this one seems like a lost cause.” He said with fake sadness. The guard tightened it’s grip around Tom and the demon’s eyes widened. “I’ll take care of him, don’t worry.” The headmaster assured.

“No!” Tom screamed. He began to kick. “I want you to let me go! Let me go!” He screamed and twisted in the guard’s grasp. Marco looked at him fighting the confinement and smiled. She began yanking away from her guard too, twisting and kicking it. Soon all the students who were sitting at the table got up one by one and started hitting and kicking at the guards that were confining their peers.

The students didn’t stop there, as soon as they finished that they began destroying the room and chanting some phrase Marco started. “It’s not criminal to be an individual!” The chaos picked up and the headmaster and mistress stood in the center of the room, unsure of what to think or do. Marco smiled evilly up at them and crossed her arms, Tom was standing behind her with a similar smile.

“We got it from here, you two are dismissed.” Marco smiled. “Keep quiet and get out of here.” She demanded. Tom reached over and patted the headmaster on the head.

“Good boy.”

Starset : Vessels (2017)  Sentence Starters


  • If you lead, I will follow
  • I will be your Apollo
  • I’ll feel your gravity
  • I’ll stay and never leave
  • I’m here tonight
  • Shine your light and set me free
  • Take the darkness out of me
  • Shine on me
  • You are my fate
  • Give me warning
  • I seek the stars above the world to be the guide
  • They are pale against the light in your eyes
  • Send your signal out and bring me back to you


  • Something blocking your reception 
  • It’s distorting our connection
  • Now the silence screams that you are gone
  • You’ve tuned me out
  • There’s something here that’s broken
  • There’s something here with no end
  • Cause I can feel your soul fade
  • I can feel your heart change
  • I bared my soul for you
  • My heart was bulletproof till you took off the jacket
  • I was doing this all for you
  • I tried to save you now I’m swallowed
  • You wanted war

Die For You

  • I will run alone tonight 
  • I know your eyes
  • I saw the truth inside the real you
  • I know you’re lost when you run away
  • When are you coming home?
  • There’s no pain that I won’t go through even if I have to die for you
  • The only hell I know is without you
  • Until I bring you home
  • I’ll bring you home


  • We should have been afraid of heights
  • I was trying just to get you
  • I’m dying to forget you  
  • I fell behind
  • We were one in the same
  • You left me with a bittersweet taste
  • I’ve been dying just to see your face
  • All I wanted was to say “goodbye”
  • They don’t know my heart


  • The void is calling 
  • Don’t fear
  • It’s ok I promise
  • I don’t know what to say
  • I’m going to want you till the stars evaporate
  • A thousand armies won’t stop me
  • Just tell me to stay
  • Your beauty conquers the darkness
  • I’ll fall in love with you again
  • Don’t leave me lost here forever
  • Bring me back to you

Into The Unknown

  • It’s calling me 
  • Are you out there waiting?
  • It takes more than eyes to see
  • Take the path less traveled
  • Is this real or in my mind?

Gravity of You

  • I feel it pulling me 
  • I feel the past that’s died there
  • I feel you pull me through 
  • It’s boring holes in me
  • I feel you here with me
  • I will risk it all to own it

Back To Earth

  • Set me free 
  • I succumb to the weight of the world
  • I fall from the sky

Last To Fall

  • The world is cold but it’s beautiful 
  • I wish you were here now
  • I miss your soul
  • You lost your light When the darkness called
  • My soul is burning
  • I’m still the same
  • And will you be bold
  • Will you lose control?
  • I could never let go

Bringing It Down

  • I saw the creature deep inside 
  • I’m falling apart
  • There’s something inside you that isn’t right
  • There’s something that haunts your dreams at night
  • You’re bringing it down
  • Silly me
  • I came so close this time
  • I still thought I could make it mine


  • I lost myself into the night 
  • I clipped my wings and fell from flight
  • There’s no dreams in the lakes only monsters
  • And the monsters are my only friends
  • You always knew me
  • There’s no angel in you in the end
  • All that is left is the change
  • I think you made me this


  • You filled me up with hate 
  • You thought I’d forget
  • You’re the war that I wage
  • Can you change me?
  • This is the world you’ve created
  • Seems the monster always wins
  • Who knew the emptiness could be so cold?
  • I am the darkness
  • I’m a monster


  • If I had my way I would run to the rescue
  • It never works that way
  • But I’m not giving up
  • I don’t wanna let you go but I can’t stand to watch this
  • You had me under spell right from the start
  • You’d know what I want before I tell you
  • You are the sun, I am the full moon
  • I can be what you want
  • I will wait in the dark for you
  • I’m in the dark ‘till you light the way


  • You come in waves 
  • Then you fade away into nothing
  • You leave me froze in time
  • You’ll never know the beauty I see when you open your shadows
  • They’ll never know the worlds that I see in the darkness you don’t show 

“I’d like to tell you that everything went as planned, but it didn’t. I’d like to tell you that we never lost our way, even when the roads got too dark to see; but we did. I’d like to tell you that there’s an explanation. A reason that everything happened the way that it did; there isn’t. These are our Misadventures.”

Dive In, take a breath, blow the smoke through the hole in my chest. Still choking on the bed, found your waste while the ember red keeps falling down and burning holes. 

Pull the trigger tight and watch our distances explode. If Texas Is Forever, where is your home sweet home?

Pull the plug, I’ll keep on shaking and thrustin’ about your apartment, drowned on the blankets, Floral & Fading

Even with Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed, I can’t run because betrayal won’t come from my enemies. 

Save yourself, don’t ever look back; nowhere to go and so we both spin around in Circles

Today I Saw The Whole World, and I think heaven has a plot to take my life. Listen, I’m the one who made you, I’ll be the one who brings you down. 

We’ll look at the lights, over the atmosphere, eat Gold Medal Ribbon ‘till we die. Up here, it’s self-sabotage, suffocation, and stale taste of blood. 

These stars defy love, so I close my eyes and sleep inside your worn-in Bed outline. And it won’t be long until we drop the match, when I burn to your fingertips, you can throw what’s left.

Isabelle hides so I can find my way, I’d give anything just to surround your dreams. // Isabelle hides, so I can’t find my way. I’d give anything to carry on and one in the same way. 

Dear Evan Hansen Act 1 Lyric Starters
  • “Have you been writing those letters to yourself?”
  • “Can we try to have an optimistic outlook, huh? Can we buck up just enough to see the world won’t fall apart?”
  • “Maybe this year, we decide: We’re not giving up before we’ve tried.”
  • “I’m proud of you already. “
  • “Anybody maybe happen to know how the hell to do this? I don’t know if you can tell but this is me just pretending to know.”
  • “The scary truth is I’m flying blind and I’m making this up as I go.”
  • “I already said I’d go tomorrow. “
  • “Another masterful attempt ends with disaster!”
  • “I’ve learned to slam on the brake, before I even turn the key, before I make the mistake, before I lead with the worst of me.”
  • “No slipping up if you slip away.”
  • “Step out of the sun, if you keep getting burned.”
  • “Will I ever be more than I’ve always been?”
  • “When you’re falling in a forest and there’s nobody around do you ever really crash, or even make a sound?”
  • “Feels like we could go on for forever this way.”
  • “There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”
  • “We could be alright for forever this way.”
  • “We’ve been way too out of touch. Things have been crazy, and it sucks that we don’t talk that much.”
  • “I should tell you that I think of you each night, I rub my nipples and start moaning with delight.”
  • “Why would you write that?!”
  • “This needs to be perfect. These emails have to prove that we were actually friends. Just—I’ll do it. “
  • “I’ve gotta tell you, life without you has been rough, and I miss talking about life and other stuff.”
  • “Just fix it!”
  • “I’ll take your advice, I’ll try to be more nice.”
  • “All that it takes is a little reinvention, it’s easy to change if you give it your attention. All you gotta do is just believe you can be who you want to be.”
  • “I’m sending pictures of the most amazing trees. You’ll be obsessed with all my forest expertise!”
  • “Dude, I’m proud of you, just keep pushing through. You’re turning around, I can see.”
  • “Thanks for every note you send.”
  • “I’m just glad to be your friend.”
  • “Our friendship goes beyond your average kind of bond. But not because we’re gay.”
  • “Why should I play this game of pretend, remembering through a secondhand sorrow? Such a great _____ and wonderful friend. Oh, don’t the tears just pour.”
  • “Why should I go and fall apart for you?”
  • “Why should I play the grieving girl and lie, saying that I miss you and that my world has gone dark without your light? I will sing no requiem tonight.”
  • “I gave you the world, you threw it away, leaving these broken pieces behind you.”
  • “When the villains fall, the kingdoms never weep.”
  • “After all you put me through, don’t say it wasn’t true: That you were not the monster that I knew!”
  • “He thought I was awesome? _______? How?”
  • “There’s nothing like your smile, sort of subtle and perfect and real.”
  • “Whenever you get bored you scribble stars on the cuffs of your jeans.”
  • “But, he kept it all inside his head, what he saw he left unsaid. And though he wanted to, he couldn’t talk to you, he couldn’t find the way.”
  • “But we’re a million worlds apart… And I don’t know how I would even start.”
  • “Did he say anything else?”
  • “He just seemed so far away…”
  • “And how do you say, ‘I love you’?”
  • “Guys like you and me, we’re just the losers who keep waiting to be seen, right? I mean no one seems to care or stops to notice that we’re there, so we get lost in the in-between.”
  • “You can somehow keep them thinking of me and make me more than an abandoned memory.”
  • “No one should come and go and have no one know he was ever even here. No one deserves to disappear.”
  • “That doesn’t mean that you’re not worth remembering.”
  • “No one should flicker out or have any doubt that it matters that they are here.”
  • “We have to do this. Not just for _______… for everyone. “
  • “I didn’t realize ______ meant this much to people. “
  • “Have you ever felt like you could disappear? Like you could fall, and no one would hear?”
  • “Maybe there’s a reason to believe you’ll be okay.”
  • “Even when the dark comes crashing through, when you need a friend to carry you and when you’re broken on the ground, you will be found.”
  • “I don’t understand, what happened?”
  • “It’s so easy to feel alone, but _____ is exactly right—we’re not alone, none of us. “
  • “You are not alone.”

Act 2

The thing about unrequited love is that it’s this dirty little secret, it’s something you can’t tell anyone about, some dark aspect of yourself that no one gets, the shadow in your past, because how can you explain something that never happened? How can you tell someone that you were in love with him for two years, and he never even kissed you? How can you explain your first heartbreak as something everyone just chalks up to childish fantasy, no more wounding than a scraped knee? 
So no one knows.

And it’s worse when they ask you about your first love and you have to choose what to say, you step around the words carefully–because he told you that you were pretty and he talked to you every day and the two of you pulled pranks and stayed up until 3am talking, and you were in love with him. It’s all true, the bits of glitter in an era filled with the imminent threat of lights going off onstage. It can sound like your love wasn’t one-sided, if you tell the glimmering part, the little anecdotes where you thought, “there’s no way I love someone this
much,” the moments that where the world stopped, where you felt like you were coming apart and being put back together all at once.

Because no one wants to count lonely love, the love that left you alone every New Year’s Eve, every Valentine’s Day, the love that had your heart stopping every time you saw his car, the pit falling into your stomach when he didn’t show up to the party even though he promised he’d go, the tears you had to swallow because he was in love with her and you had to smile while they twirled on the dance floor.

No one could know about this ugly, gross thing inside of you, and no one ever understood why you never noticed any of the guys who asked you out, and none of your relatives got why you didn’t have a boyfriend yet, and you were slit-your-throat, insane, late-night-poetry in love with him, and you were sad and no one could know, you were lonely but you pretended you weren’t, you pretended to be happy, you laughed at his jokes and you gave him relationship advice, you were there for him when he cried about her, you told him all the things you were supposed to tell him and none of the things you meant, because what you meant was “I love you” what you wanted to tell him was “you belong with me”, you listened to Taylor Swift so much it clawed at you, and he was there for you in all the ways you didn’t want him to be, and gone in all the ways you needed him.

And there was no happy ending–no magic kiss, no violent breakup fight, even. Nothing to indicate the fire that pulsed through your veins, the way he smelled like home, felt like home, was home to you.
One day, you moved away and he stopped talking to you, out of sight out of mind, and you had to stop going on Facebook because he’d always post about her, and you had to stop talking to your friends because they’d tell you how he was, and even though you knew you were being strong, you felt like you were breaking. Your time since you last saw him grew into months, and still you dreamt about him, still you found yourself staring at his number in your phone, still you couldn’t help but write about the last time you saw him, how you’d wanted to tell him how you felt but the words stopped in your throat, and he told you he would miss you but he  must not have meant it. 

And even when the pain faded, and you stopped looking for him in every empty room, and you stopped writing about him, and you finally accepted that the two of you would never happen, hundreds of nights later, you still weren’t better, because he’d ruined you.
You felt like he was it, and if he couldn’t love you, if he could just act like all those years together never happened, if he could do this to you without ever coming close enough to touch, then how could you ever fall in love again?

—  “First Love (part 1)”
Regret//Jung Hoseok

Pairing:J-Hope x Reader

Genre: Angst, fluff

Summary:Anonymous said:
Please do an Hoseok request when he gets into a fight with his girl but immediatsely regrets it and stands outside in the rain.

Author’s Note: OOOOOH I really like this concept c; I hope you enjoy the read~

xoxo Sara

It was hours of silence with Hoseok. Usually, Hobi was never quiet, and it took a lot to shut him up. But today was different. He wasn’t looking at you the same, wasn’t acting like his normal self around you, and it worried you beyond belief. You were convinced he would tell you at some point, but after four hours of complete silence, you couldn’t take it anymore.

“Hoseok, I-“

“(Y/N), tell me the truth,” he said softly, swallowing roughly as he kept his eyes on the TV. You shut off the TV, but his eyes stayed on the blank screen.

“Tell you what truth?” You questioned softly

“Are…Are you cheating on me?”

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The Problem with Soulmates (Part 3)

Summary: Unsure of what to do, you turn to a familiar face for guidance. The question is, does the arrival of your soulmate only complicate matters further?

Warnings: Light swearing

Word Count: 826

A/N: This is part 3 of the Body Swap series. I hope you all enjoy it. Please let me know if you want to be tagged in future fics or if you want me to continue the Body Swap series. (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7)

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You didn’t make it far. You couldn’t. Part of you felt like it was crumbling the farther away from him you got, so you ended up on the bench with the crying man. You sat beside him, taking in large gulps of air as you tried to focus yourself on something other than TJ and the fire he’d ignited inside of you.

“What happened?” You blurt out, turning to face the man, his shoulders shaking violently from his tears.

“My wife and I thought we were soulmates… turns out her soulmate’s my brother…” The man confesses, wiping the tears from his face with the back of his shirt sleeve. “We were so certain, and then last night happened and everything just fell apart. She was crying, I was crying. We couldn’t do anything but cry. When I woke up this morning, she was gone and all she’d left me was a bloody note… we were gonna start a family together, I was ready to give her my whole world and she threw it all away for my brother!” He exclaims, his sudden anger scaring you slightly, but you couldn’t be scared for long as you saw fresh tears beginning to fall down his face.

You rummage through your bag, pulling out a pack of tissues and hand them to him, offering him a gentle smile. “I wish I could offer you more than tissues, but it’s all I’ve got. No amount of people telling you ‘You’ll get through this’ will make you feel better, only time.” You say, closing up your bag, your eyes darting up to the coffee shop where you see TJ watching from the booth. He offers you a tentative wave, but you duck your head, a small sigh slipping past your lips.

“What about you? What’s got you looking like that?” He says, turning his attention to you, his eyes bleary from all the tears he shed.

“My soulmate’s in there.” You say, pointing at the coffee shop to where TJ’s sitting, your heart aching to be in there with him, yet you try to ignore it.

“What’s the issue then? Don’t you like him?” He asks, handing you the rest of your tissues.

“It’s not that I don’t like him. He’s one of the most attractive people I’ve met. It’s just I’m pretty sure he won’t like me…” You say, shaking your head as your gaze refocuses on the coffee shop, only for your brows to knit together in confusion.

“Well, I think you’re about to find out. Good luck… and thank you for listening.” The man says, patting your arm gently before rising from the bench and walking down the street.

“Is this seat taken?” TJ asks and you have to fight the urge to smile at the sound of his voice.

You shake your head, scooting over for him. “Not anymore.” You mutter under your breath as TJ takes a seat beside you.

You sit there in silence, neither of you turning to face one another, the two of you both still unsure of what to do. The New Year’s day buzz had started to die down, most people choosing to head home if they hadn’t already found their soulmate, ready to begin the search again tomorrow.

“Look, I know I’m not what you were expecting, but we can make this work.” TJ says, breaking the silence as he turns to face you, taking hold of your hand.

“How?” You ask, your voice as faint as a whisper as your eyes meet his, butterflies rapidly beating their wings inside of you.

“I’m not quite sure. All I know is that I felt something pulling me to this coffee shop today, and that feeling only grew stronger when I realised who you were. I don’t know if you felt it too, but I don’t want to give that feeling up.” He says, his eyes fiery and glistening with determination.

“Neither do I.” You admit, your cheeks burning from your sudden honesty. You couldn’t understand how it was so easy to be honest with him when sometimes you struggled to do that with even some of your closest friends.

“Then let’s be friends; we’ll see where things go from there.” He says, rubbing the back of your hand with his thumb, offering you a soft smile.

You let a smile grace your features, letting out a long breath, your posture relaxing slightly from what it was before. “Friends…” You muse, testing out the way the word rolled of your tongue and matching it with the man before you. “I like that.” You say, letting out a small laugh as you watch TJ visibly relax.

“Good, do you wanna finish off getting coffee, or do you have something else in mind?” He asks, cocking an eyebrow as he lets out a soft chuckle.

“Coffee’s great.” You say, rising from the bench and heading back inside the coffee shop, your hands still entwined.

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Xayah x Rakan fanfic here! ( part 1?)

“How can you be so oblivious?”, she shouted at him. Xayah and Rakan had just finished a mission and Rakan would have nearly died if Xayah hadn’t showed up.
He looked at her, amused from her reaction. “The mission is finished, right?”, “Yes.”, “Well, that’s what matters”, he said with a small smirk on his lips.
She walked close to him and hugged him tight. Her heart was about to jump off her chest. When she saw him being pinned by 10 men, she felt her whole world falling apart around her. “I would die, if I lost you”, she whispered on his chest. His hands snaked around her waist and pull her closer to him. “You know I could never leave you alone. Even in the afterlife, I will be by your side”, he said and kissed her head. Oh, how she loved these little moments they have. These little moments of affection they have after dangerous missions. These gives her hope. Hope that they’ll make it, that they’ll win, that no one will tear them apart.
Rakan was the first one to pull away. “We must leave, right?”, Rakan asked, with his charming smile. Xayah pushed him playfully and laughed. “Yes you’re right. Let’s go”. Rakan let her walk first, while he followed behind, smiling at the beauty in front of him.

( Hoped you liked it^^)

Ribs (Jerome Valeska x reader)

request: Jerome x reader where she knew him before he killed his mom and he kidnaps her after he escapes and she hates how he changed so much thanksss 

words: 2244 (holy shit)

warnings: kidnapping, mentions of murder (obvi), swearing

i only changed this a little, so instead of it being after he escaped, it’s basically after all the shit that he caused and dying and whatnot okay? okay.

song i used was ribs by lorde btw


this dream isn’t feeling sweet
we’re reeling through the
midnight streets
i’ve never felt more alone
feels so scary getting old.

You were lost.

It wasn’t your fault, it was dark and Gotham was a big city. It really didn’t help that all the buildings looked the same in such low light, or that you had just moved there a few days before. You moved quickly down the sidewalk, tugging your jacket tighter around yourself and glancing around. It wasn’t safe on these streets at night, you knew that for a fact, so you just wanted to get home.

You froze as you heard the sound of footsteps, your body going rigid. You couldn’t tell if they were getting closer, as they simply echoed throughout the seemingly deserted street. You started walking again, slightly faster this time, but you didn’t make it very far.

A hand clamped over your mouth from behind and a strong arm wrapped around your torso. You were too afraid to even try to scream. The stranger leaned in close to your ear and you could feel their breath on your neck.

You whimpered into their palm, thrashing around in their grip to try and free yourself. It was no use, and it only made them hold onto you tighter.

“Don’t make any noise, and we won’t have any problems, you got it?” They hissed, making you nod and shut your eyes, tears slipping down your cheeks.

“No need to cry, I’m not gonna kill ya…” They feigned sympathy, a maniacal laugh sounding from their throat. “Probably.”

Something about them seemed so familiar, yet you couldn’t put your finger on it. Your brain was too overwhelmed with panic to consider the possibilities. Instead you focused on the fact that you were literally being kidnapped, and would most likely die over the course of the ordeal.

“Let’s go.” The voice said rather gruffly, tugging you down the street.

You were uncomfortably nestled under their arm so they could keep a hand over your mouth, but it was obviously slowly them down. They stopped, and without looking at you said, “If I uncover your mouth, you do not scream. Okay?”

You nodded quickly, and they promptly removed their hand. You obeyed the orders given and dared to look up at them. Their face was mostly concealed by a high collared coat, the dark making it hard to make out the rest of it. They were tall and very broad, so you found it to be in your best interests to just listen to whatever they said. You’d likely have no chance fighting against them.

“Alright. Now let’s go.” They grabbed a hold of your arm and pulled you along behind them, you stumbling to keep up.

Whoever this was, they were giving you quite a lot of leverage. If you weren’t so intimidated, you’d by all means have tried to escape already.

Maybe they didn’t intend on actually killing you after all…

With slightly less worry clouding your judgement, you managed the comb back through your memory, hoping you could remember what about them was so familiar. It wasn’t their voice, you’d remember one that chilling. It couldn’t be their face because you hadn’t seen it yet. Their laugh…surely you’d remember one so haunting…

That was it. You’d heard that laugh, you’d heard it so many times. You knew their laugh so well, because it belonged to one of your best friends. Oh god, it wasn’t…


They stopped, which immediately confirmed your fears. You stumbled to a halt and swallowed hard, your heart in your throat. They turned to face you and pulled the collar down on their jacket, exposing their face.

Your heart dropped. He looked the same, yet somehow, so different. His skin was still pale and his eyes still bright. The freckles that scattered his face were barely visible in the dark, but they were still there. He wore his hair styled up, instead of neatly parted, and he had grown so much since you last saw him.

The thing that chilled you the most was the smile that slowly curled on to his lips. No longer did it evoke happiness in you, because it didn’t resemble that. It was malicious and caused you nothing but fear.

“Hiya Doll.”

You couldn’t speak. You felt like you were going to throw up, your hand travelling up shakily to cover your mouth. Jerome rolled his eyes, sighing exasperatedly.

“Yeah yeah, get it over with. ’Oh Jerome how could you? You were so sweet, so charming, such a perfect boy’…” He mimicked you quite offensively, still grinning, but it didn’t phase you.

“What the fuck!” You exclaimed, eyes wide and staring up at Jerome with anger and confusion written all over your face.

“Hey hey keep it down!” He whisper-yelled, looking around himself frantically.

“Or what?” You countered, no longer as afraid as before. This was Jerome, you knew him inside out. He wouldn’t dare hurt you.

At least that’s what you thought.

“Or there’ll be a pretty big slash across your pretty little neck.” He spoke through gritted teeth and brandished a blade suddenly. He let the tip touch your throat and you immediately shut up, nodding quickly.

He laughed silently, moving in closer. He pressed slightly harder, making your heart beat insanely fast. Then just as fast as he pulled it out, he flicked the blade back in. His eyes lingered on you a moment too long before he roughly grabbed your wrist again, yanking you down the street.

“God why don’t you just rip my arm off.” You whispered angrily, glaring up at Jerome. Despite the threat he just made, you still felt as if you should question his every move. If he was still as easy to rile up as he used to be, then maybe you could make him angry enough to draw attention to the two of you.

“Believe me, I would.” He muttered, and suddenly all hopes of being saved were diminished. He began to unlock a door.

If he took you inside, it was probably abandoned, meaning there’d be no one to hear you. He pushed it open and stepped away, letting go of your arm. You rubbed it gently and glared at him, but he just presented the doorway to you, as if inviting you in.

“After you…”

“Not like I have much of a choice.” You spit, walking into the front hall of the building. It appeared to be some sort of apartment, but it looked more than abandoned. It was a wreck.

“You’ve got a temper, don’t you?” Jerome tsked, fiddling with the door to lock it again.

“You know, this place is so close to falling apart, I could probably just tap the door and it would fall over.” You rolled your eyes and he threw a sneer over his shoulder at you, before giving up and spinning around.

“Do you know why I brought you here?” He asked, his voice rising to a normal level.

“You wanted to talk to me and you’ve always had a flair for the dramatic?” You guessed, cocking an eyebrow at him. “I mean the knife to my throat was a little extra but-”

“Well I couldn’t exactly ask you to a coffee shop or something considering I’m one of the most high profile criminal figures right now.” He rolled his eyes shaking his head.

“What’d you do rob a bank with that little knife of yours-”

“I killed her.”

You paused mid sentence and just stood there, dumbfounded. “What…”

“I did it. I finally killed her.” He wore a grin that gave off childlike excitement, and it made you feel sick.

“Who did you kill?”

He gave you a look as if it should’ve been obvious. “My mom.”

“Oh god Jerome…” You couldn’t even look at him. It felt like he was a stranger.

When the two of you were younger, he told you his mother beat him. You vowed that as soon as you got the chance to leave the circus, you’d take him with you, away from everything bad. Of course, when the time came, you were unable to bring him along with you. You knew things were bad with him and his mother, but you thought that he would simply get out as soon as possible, and leave it all in the past. You never imagined he’d resort to murder.

“You look less than happy.” He stated, making you widen your eyes and you suddenly go off on him.

Happy? You expect me to be happy? I don’t see you for 2 years and come to find out you murdered someone, and you want me to be happy?” You yelled at him, and watched the way his tough outer shell crumbled.

He stood there in front of you, his lips parted slightly, looking as if his whole world was falling apart. He stood in front of you as the wounded boy you knew before, and you saw how much you still meant to him, even after all this time.

“I’m free…” Jerome said quietly, and you felt yourself slowly deflating. “You can be too.”

You shook your head in disbelief, staring down at your feet with wide eyes. This wasn’t happening. You looked up at him rather sadly, still slowly shaking your head.

“You’ve lost your mind.” You breathed shakily, and watched the hurt paint his features.

It was his turn to shake his head. He reached out for you, but you were fast in taking a step back. He lowered his hand.

“I thought you’d understand.”

“Understand what, Jerome?” You spat, your hands shaking and your eyes watering. He went to speak but chose against it, instead clenching his jaw and averting his eyes to the floor. You stood in silence, never tearing your eyes away from him.

“I thought you could join me.” He finally spoke, making you glare at him. “We could be a team. We could unstoppable, just you and me. Like it used to be.”

“It can’t be how it used to be, Jerome. Because you’re not you.” You tried to keep your voice steady. He glared right back at you, his face hardening upon hearing your words.

He shook his head roughly, jabbing a finger at you. “I’m still me, you’re the one who changed!” He yelled, startling you. “You used to support me no matter what, now you’re basically telling me to go to hell! News flash Doll, I’ve already been there!” His face went red in anger and you stood shell shocked, unable to speak.

You watched him yank back his jacket and expose his neck. You could see a very prominent scar on his pale skin, and you swallowed hard, letting him go on.

“I literally died, Y/N!” He pointed at the scar. “I got stabbed in the neck by someone I trusted, and some fucking way, I was brought back to life!

Your eyes went wide, and you filled with confusion, shaking your head slowly. That was impossible. He was crazy. You started to back up slowly, and Jerome didn’t even care, just followed you, still yelling.

“Yeah, you missed a lot!” He laughed, throwing his arms out at his side. “I was running this place! I took over the GCPD, killed the commissioner…” He noticed your change in expression after he said that, and it only made him laugh harder. “Oh yeah, I must’ve forgot to tell you; I killed a whole shit ton of people. For fun!

You felt your back hit the wall and took a deep breath, processing everything. Your hand covered your mouth to muffle a sob, and you shut your eyes, hearing Jerome let out that horrible laugh you had once loved to hear. You had to get out of there. This wasn’t the boy you used to know so well, this was a maniac.

“I was finally free. I was the one in power.” Jerome’s voice fell to a low tone again, making your panic decrease slightly. “I wanted that again, but this time for both of us. So what do you say, Doll? You with me?”

He looked to you with hopeful eyes, a small smile on his face. His mood had changed so alarmingly fast that you were still reeling from his outburst just moments ago. You refused to look at him, shaking your head and swallowing hard.

“No..” You breathed, his face falling once again. You didn’t wait to see how he reacted, just made a run for it, fumbling with the door for only a second, before you were back out on the street. To your surprise, he hadn’t gone after you. In fact, he remained in the same spot at the end of the hall.

You stood for a only a moment, before turning and running again, in hopes of getting as far away as possible. You were no longer scared, just sad. Jerome was always the better of the two of you. You understood people grew, and changed. Hell, you had done just that. But not like this. He was so bright and full of life, no matter how shitty things were for him at home. Now, you no longer saw him as that beautiful boy you spent hours with talking about absolutely nothing. The boy who you trusted with everything, and the boy who vowed to protect you from any harm.

You saw him as a monster.

I want them back
the minds we had.

A Year of Lies

Pairing: John x Reader
Word count: 976
Warnings: Angst
Challenge: Taylors’s 600 follower celebration Prompt: How long have you felt that way?

Part 1 of Unwanted

Your eyes sparkled as John slipped the simple ring on your finger. He smiled up at you, love in his eyes. Cupping his cheeks, you pulled him up into a loving kiss. His arms wrapped around your waist, holding you close as he stood. John had cooked you an amazing meal, proposed with dessert, and now planned on showing you how much he loved you.

However, in the back of his mind, he was doubting this. Did he do the right thing by proposing? Could he see himself getting married, and having a family now? The boys were both grown, both hunting out on their own.

He deepened the kiss, forcing the doubts down. He loved you, and wanted you happy.

Chewing on your pencap, you looked over the different types of flowers. “Babe?” You looked up, smiling at John. “Do we have to have flowers?”

He raised an eyebrow. “What woman doesn’t want flowers at her wedding?” John teased, hiding any doubts that could have upset you.

You sat back and sighed. “One who can’t figure out which ones she likes?” You admitted. “How the hell did Kayla make this look so easy?” The year before, your younger sister got married, looked flawless, and had planned the whole thing in six months. Your wedding was a year away, and you were doubting your abilities.

Coming over, he pulled the book away from you. “Take a break.” He told you. “Come on, we’ve got a case.” John told you, making you sigh. “I know, it’s stressful, sweetheart, but we’re hunters.” You knew he was right. Getting up, you smiled when he put his arm around you.

“What’s the case?” You asked, and just like that, you went from bride-to-be to hunter.

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request for: @supernatural508

song: that don’t sound like you by: Lee Brice

 pairing: Reader x Dean

 word count: 1,129

 I hope this is okay, it’s my first song request. Enjoy! :)


 You scrolled through your phone, pausing as you saw Dean’s name. It had been almost a year since the two of you had broken up and you thought now would be a good time to try to be friends. You pressed call and let the phone ring until you heard Dean’s familiar voice on the other side.

“Hello.” He said.

 "Hey, Dean.“ You smiled, despite the fact that he couldn’t see you.

After a few seconds, you heard him gasp, "Y/N.”

“Yeah. I was wondering if you wanted to meet up the next time you come to New York.” You told him, twirling your finger around your short, brown hair.

“I’m actually there now.” You heard him smile through the phone. “How does coffee at our usual place in ten minutes sound?" 

"Great.” You told him, honestly, “And, Y/N?" 

"Yeah, Dean." 

"I’m glad you called.” He admitted. 

Girl, I’m glad you called, first heard you talk

It took me a second cause I couldn’t hear your drawl

And that don’t sound like you 

No, that don’t sound like you 

“Me too.” The truth is, you’ve missed Dean for a while now. Some of the happiest moments you’ve had, had been with Dean by your side, laughing the night away with meaningless, little conversations.

“Y/N,” Dean broke your thoughts. “I have to know, are you happy?" 

Your smile faded from your face as you thought about your new life with your boyfriend. "Yeah, I am." 

I know it’s been a while, I don’t mean to pry

But when I asked you if you’re happy I didn’t hear a smile

And that don’t sound like you 

Nah, that ain’t the girl I knew you always sounded like

"I’ll see you in ten.” Dean quickly said, before hanging up the phone.

You shrugged, grabbing your purse and jacket before walking out of the front door of your apartment. The cool, fall breeze flew through your hair as your beat up converse hit the polluted streets.

When you arrived at the coffee shop, you saw Dean already sitting at your usual table outside. 

“Dean!” You called his name, smiling.

He turned around and stared at you, pausing for a few seconds before smiling. 

Truck tires on a gravel road

Laughing at the world, blasting my radio

Cannon ball splashing in the water

Doing whatever whenever you wanted

What did he do?

‘Cause you don’t sound like you anymore

Dean took in your new appearance in shock. He couldn’t believe the same girl in front of him was the same girl he had dated only a year ago. You looked much thinner, almost to the point of it being unhealthy and your eyes didn’t sparkle the same way they used to. Dean noticed that you didn’t wear your favorite pair of jeans and a band t-shirt, but now wore a white t-shirt and a blazer instead. Dean’s heart broke at the sight of your now short hair. He smiled at the thought of your long brown hair that he used to spend hours running his fingers through and wished that you hadn’t cut it.

Your pretty brown hair, you always loved it

Guess he didn’t like it so you just cut it

And that don’t sound like you

Nah, that ain’t the girl I knew you always sounded like

Dean smiled at you, pulling the chair out for you to sit down. “I ordered your usual already. I hope that you don’t mind.”

You smiled at his gesture and said, “That’s perfect, actually, thank you.”

“So how’s that dream of yours coming along? Did you write that book yet?” Dean asked you. 

“Actually, I’ve decided to go into business.” You told him with a small nod.

“What changed your mind?” He asked you.

“Chris.” You told him truthfully.

Dean nodded and took a sip of his coffee. “I’m guessing he’s your new boyfriend." 

Truck tires on a gravel road

Laughing at the world, blasting my radio

Cannon ball splashing in the water

Doing whatever whenever you wanted

What did he do?

'Cause baby you don’t sound like you anymore

Oh, anymore

Dean sat there in shock. He knew a girl who wouldn’t let anyone change her mind. A girl that would watch the world fall down and crumble at her feet before she gave up her dreams. Now, the only reminder of the girl he once knew were the beaten up converse on your feet. 

He wanted you to come back to him. Dean wanted you back, that’s why he agreed to come meet you for coffee today. Actually, he had been thinking about it for a while, he just didn’t know how to start talking to you again. 

The only thing that Dean knew for sure, was that this guy you were dating, Chris, was no good for you. Dean knew that the two of you were meant to be, and he was ready to do whatever it took to get you back to being your true self: the girl with the laugh he fell in love with.

"Y/N,” Dean began, “You don’t seem happy to me." 

You put on a fake smile and answered, "I am.”

Dean placed his hand over yours. “Come back with me and leave him behind. He’s changing you into someone you’re not.”

That town, that job, that guy

You can leave them behind, girl, you know you’re better than that 

If you wanna come back, you can come back

Baby, come back to

You thought about what Dean said for a moment and looked at your reflection in the coffee shop window. 

The blazer and the t-shirt had been Chris’ idea along with cutting your hair. He told you that it would look more professional in the business world. And you, you had been so happy that he chose you out of all the girls that you followed his every word hopelessly. Ever since you met him, you had forgotten how to think for yourself. 

The girl looking back at you was a stranger, and for the first time you were seeing it. 

Truck tires on a gravel road

Laughing at the world, blasting my radio

Cannon ball splashing in the water

Doing whatever whenever you wanted 

What did he do?

'Cause you don’t sound like you

Gimme the girl I knew

'Cause you don’t sound like you anymore

Mmm, anymore

You looked back at Dean and nodded. “Help me pack?”

“Of course.” He smiled at you and grabbed your hand as the two of you walked back to your apartment.

Dean had never been happier that you called him today.

Girl, I’m glad you called, first heard you talk 

Took me a second cause I couldn’t hear your drawl