i saw your world fall apart

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I love how we got "Waiting for Me" when Star started liking Marco, and now, "I Don't Want to Know" for Marco liking Star!!! v e r y subtle :))))))))))))

As a punch in the face.
Let’s look at both lyrics, just to hurt us.


Darned if I knew / that I’d find you / in the last place I thought you would be / What could I do / ‘till I saw you / waiting for me / And if I catch your eye / it feels like I could fly / Out from my lonely world into yours


All my plans are falling apart I don’t wanna know the things that I know / And I don’t wanna see the things that I’ve been shown / But I can’t shut my eyes so I’ll walk away alone tonight

I expect a third song, this time with a positive outlook, to spell out the moment Star and Marco are both going to truly realize they want to be with eachother.

Unsent: Jughead Jones X Reader (Part Six)

Part 6: His Only Constant

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five

Confession time.

Words: 1,179

WARNINGS: IF YOU HAVEN’T FINISHED RIVERDALE, DO NOT READ THIS. SPOILER. Cursing as always I am so sorry for my potty mouth.

Okay you guys we are starting the second half of this crazy journey, crazy right? I never imagined a story I wrote would gain this much love so fast, enjoy. <3 - Juggie xx

P.S. I listened to Good Times by All Time Low while writing this and almost cried. :’)

“I love you, y'know.”

What did that mean? As a best friend, something more? It drove you mad all day to the point you had to avoid him until meeting him at Pop’s after school. But even as the time came you were getting more and more anxious. What were you even going to say?

You walked in and of course Jughead was already there, except this time he was sitting in his usual booth without his laptop out, making your nerves rev up times a hundred. His full attention is going to be on me, great..

“(Y/N).” He greeted you as you sat across from him.


“What’s happening with us?”

You fiddled with the end of your shirt underneath the table, feeling anxiety well up. How much were you willing to admit? ‘I want to me more than your friend, but it’s causing problems.’ “Change.”

He sighed and leaned forward, resting his forearms against the table and holding his hands tightly together. A silence hung uncomfortably above you and you wanted nothing more than to run out the door and never turn back. The result of this conversation would either be you leave as friends, lovers, or broken people who couldn’t co-exist anymore. All your lives it felt as if the stars aligned when you were with him and the chemistry was undeniable, but ever since you acted on your feelings it seemed like the two of you were at odds.

“Change,” Jughead suddenly spoke up, pulling you out of your thoughts and causing your eyes to shoot up to meet his. “Change is hard for me. When my mom and Jellybean left, it felt like my world was falling apart. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact they were gone, and why they would just leave me there.” You heard him sniffle a little, so you reached across and gently placed your hands over his clenched fists to soothe him. He released his death grip a little at your touch, and took that as his motivation to continue. “You were my constant through it all, (Y/N). When the dynamic of my family was changing, when I was homeless and living at the drive-in, when they arrested my dad,” you saw a tear sliding down his cheek so you climbed out of your side and slid into the booth next to him.

Wrapping your arm around his shoulders you stopped him, “I know Jug. I was there for you because you’re my best friend.” You sighed, what would you say next? 'Because I love you.’ “I don’t want to ever stop being your best friend.”

Your heart was shattering and you felt as if you were falling into in endless pit, reaching for anything that stop you from dropping but there was nothing. Confessing to Jughead couldn’t be the right thing right now, with everything he’s been through. He needed you to do what you do best, to be his best friend.

'It’s just so goddamn hard though. I am so in love with you.’

He shifted so he was looking at you, and as you retracted your arm he took both your hands in his. “You are the best thing that has happened to me. Even all the way back when I met you at the park and you told me your mom didn’t want you talking to Southside trash.” You laughed at the memory, a tear finally escaping from your eyes. “(Y/N), I don’t want to stop you from becoming who it is you’re meant to be, I don’t want to stop you from changing. I just,” he looked down at your hands before giving them a squeeze, refusing to meet your eyes. “I just want us to never change. I want to always be there for you, and you do the same for me. To have each other’s backs. I couldn’t handle it if you left me (Y/N), you’re the only person who hasn’t.

So many thoughts were pounding inside your mind, clouding your judgement for what you thought would be best for him. Your brain said he needs a friend but your heart screamed for you to give it up, tell Jug how you feel, because it hurts knowing this boy was not given all the love he deserved. He deserved to be protected, he deserved to have consistency, he deserved so much more than he was given.

He deserved to know the truth.

Before you had the chance to speak he changed the subject, “I don’t blame you for ignoring me last night. I’ve been a jerk this past week. I don’t know exactly why I’ve been so on edge, but I don’t want to be. I want us to be normal again, but something is changing.”

Gathering all your courage you smiled at him, “Jughead, things are going to change for us, but for the better.” This was it, you knew this was the right time and place, the right atmosphere, the right thing to do for him and yourself. He smiled at you, waiting for an explanation. “I want you to know, I mean, you deserve to know, that Jughead, I-”

“What’s going on here?” Betty and Kevin slid into the booth across from you, carrying some milkshakes. Jug immediately released your hands and put his underneath the table. You did the same while Betty slid a milkshake over she had ordered for you. She usually was such a good friend for doing that but right about now you wanted to scream at her. That was your chance! That was your confidence!That was all you felt you could do!

“Nothing, just two pals being pals.” Veronica thankfully answered for you, probably sensing how awkward you and Jughead felt. She slid in next to her new girlfriend and Archie took a seat next to you.

Archie took a sip of his milkshake and wiggled his eyebrows at you, “Are you sure? (Y/N)’s looking quite red.”

“Actually, I just remembered my mom needs me home right now. We’re supposed to be having a family movie night.”

“Awh, leaving so soon?” Kevin complained as you climbed out through the booth behind you. You gave them all a wave and a smile, “Sorry, rain check.”

From Juggie: You know, you promised us all a rain check, which means you now owe me TWO hang-outs.

To Juggie: You’re right, I’m sorry.

From Juggie: No need to be sorry, I kind of like hanging out with you.

To Juggie: Kind of?? :)

From Juggie: Okay, a lot, but that’s understandable because you’re my best friend. :P

Unsent: Just your best friend, I know.

From Juggie: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” - Gandhi. Good night (Y/N).

To Juggie: Good night Jug.

Unsent: I wanted to tell you today, I wanted to tell you so bad. But don’t worry, I haven’t given up. I will tell you I love you if it’s the last thing I do Jughead Jones.

Unsent: I really love you, y'know.

That’s all folks! Don’t miss the next installment, ask to join my Unsent tag list! :)

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What if MC had a younger, maybe hotter, sister that tried to flirt and seduce everyone in RFA + V and Saeran?

Jesus Christ DO I HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH THIS *well she was like one of my best friends and jesus pent up aggression gonna be on this post LOL 

MOD Saeran happily serving you :) 

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Starset Starters - Pt. 2

{as requested by anon}

Back to the Earth

  • ❝I succumb to the weight of the world.❞ 
  • ❝Is this death or rebirth?❞

Last to Fall

  • ❝This sky is lonely and gray.❞ 
  • ❝The world is cold, but it’s beautiful.❞
  • ❝I wish you were here now. I miss your soul.❞
  • ❝You lost your light when the darkness called.❞
  • ❝The world is changing, but I’m still the same.❞
  • ❝Will you lose control?❞
  • ❝I could never desert you.❞
  • ❝I could never let go.❞
  • ❝I will not be afraid.❞

Bringing it Down

  • ❝I saw it in your eyes.❞ 
  • ❝I’m falling apart.❞
  • ❝The lie’s collapsing.❞
  • ❝There’s something inside you that isn’t right.❞
  • ❝You’re bringing it down on top of us.❞
  • ❝Silly me, I thought I had it.❞


  • ❝I lost myself into the night.❞ 
  • ❝I still feel small.❞
  • ❝The monsters are my only friends.❞
  • ❝There’s no angel in you in the end.❞
  • ❝All that I was I’ve left behind me.❞
  • ❝I think you made me this.❞
  • ❝This is my unbecoming.❞


  • ❝You filled me up with hate.❞ 
  • ❝Can you change me?❞
  • ❝You’re the love that I hate.❞
  • ❝My soul and my youth seems it’s all for you to use.❞
  • ❝The monster always wins.❞
  • ❝I’ll lift you up and then I’ll let you go.❞
  • ❝Who knew the emptiness could be so cold?❞


  • ❝I’m not giving up.❞
  • ❝I don’t wanna let you go.❞
  • ❝I can’t stand to watch this.❞
  • ❝You know what I want before I tell you.❞
  • ❝I can be what you want.❞
  • ❝I will wait in the dark for you.❞
  • ❝You can run away.❞


  • ❝You’re all I know.❞ 
  • ❝You leave me frozen in time.❞
The End

read on ff.net a03

Emma grabbed Killian’s hand under the table as she held him tightly. She had so much she wanted to say to him, so much of which she didn’t know how to form words about.

She felt like she was a mess inside, so much was racing through her mind and she didn’t know what to do.

“Are you alright, love?” Killian asked her softly, as he held her tightly in return, “Do you want to step outside for a moment.”

She nodded, as he read her mind. She needed a moment to gather her thoughts in the wake of the final battle, not having been able to comprehend entirely what it meant to her and for her happiness.

He made their excuses, before gathering her by placing an arm around her shoulders and leading her to the front of Granny’s where she had kissed him for the first time with the intention of pursuing a relationship with him. So much had seemingly changed since then, and she could barely process it all.

“What’s the matter, Love?” he asked her, seating her down beside him on the bench.

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Rumor Has It

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Summary: You built up walls to prevent the rumors from getting to you, but now they came crumbling down

Word Count: 2024

Originally posted by rainbowboombox

You usually walked down the halls of your university with your headphones on at full blast. Ever since your relationship with BTS’ Jeon Jungkook went public a few months ago, people always would step aside whenever you brushed past them or whisper about you behind your back. You knew that those who whispered were probably talking smack about you. 

You loved Jungkook with all your heart, and you knew it would break him if he found out that the rumors about you made you upset. That’s why you decided to build up walls, block them out, and tell Jungkook that they didn’t bother you. You’d put your music on at full blast because the rumors wouldn’t make you upset if you didn’t hear them.

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If you wrote a soulmate au with Davey Jacobs, I'd marry you.

Summary: A world in which when you meet your soulmate, you see color. Davey x Reader 

A/N: I loved writing this!! Thank you for the request!

You grew up hearing the stories from your parents. They told you how when you met your soulmate you started to see colors. It was very gradual process, when you first met them you saw dull colors but slowly you would start to see the vibrant colors. Finally, you saw all the colors when you were truly in love with your soulmate. When your parents died it felt like your whole world was falling apart but then you met Jack. Jack showed you a whole new world, he taught you how to sell newspapers and fight the Delancey brothers. He also introduced you to your new family, the newsies boys.

Years passed and you still hadn’t met your soulmate. You watch your friends fall in love and listened enviously to them talk about how beautiful all the colors were. Soon it seemed like you were the only one who hadn’t met them. You knew that you were 17 and still had plenty of time but it always seemed like you were missing out on something amazing.

The day started out like usual. The boys and you were looking through the pape and joking around with each other. It wasn’t a good headline today, another week of the Trolley Strike. You, Race, and Albert were talking about what angle you would use to sell when you heard a commotion over by Weasel and the Delanceys. Jack walked over and you looked over. There were two boys, probably brothers, talking to Jack and Weasel. The rest of the newsies standing laughed at something Jack said and then you all headed out.

The next few days were a blur. You learned that the two new boys were brothers, their names were Davey and Les. You hadn’t talked to either yet but you sensed that they were good guys since they were helping with the strike. When Davey talked about seizing the day, you immediately agreed with him. You guys couldn’t give up, you were so close to victory! For a few minutes it seemed that you had won until Weasel returned with a whole bunch of goons.

You were able to get a few good punches in but as you turned around you felt a fist connect to your face and you fell to the ground. The pain was almost unbearable and as you fought to hold back tears, you felt someone grab your arm help you and practically drag you away.

The two of you finally stopped in an alley, you looked up to see who had helped save you. It was Davey, it was much more handsome up close. He had very defined cheekbones and his hair looked soft. His eyes stared into yours and you wondered what color they would be. Race always said that he thought your favorite would be green, and you secretly hoped his eyes would be that color. “(Y/N)?,” he asked. “Thats your name right? Are you ok?”
You nodded and took a deep breath. “Um, thank you,” you said. You couldn’t stop staring at his eyes. He stared back and smiled. “Well, thats good,” he said. He looked out onto the street. “Look (Y/N), I gotta go. Les, I need to find him.”
“Of course, go. I’ll see you soon.”
You watched him run out onto the street. You took a minute to catch your breath but then something caught your eye. It was an old bin, nothing special, but to you it was the whole world.  It was dark, dull color, but it wasn’t black or white. You felt yourself let out a little laugh and felt yourself smile like never before.

The walk back to the lodging house was better than ever. You saw deep browns and maroons, of course you didn’t know the names to colors and they weren’t particularly pretty colors but nonetheless they were there. When you got back to the lodging house, you laid down on your bunk smiling to yourself. Race came over to you.
“What are you smiling about (Y/N),” he questioned.
“Race, what was the first color you saw?”
“Brown, I think.” He looked closer at you. “Why?”
You shook your head and turned over on your side. Even with the bruise forming on your cheek and most of your friends hurt, you couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

I hate how I can’t ask you how you’re doing so I pretend that you’re miserable.
I tell everyone how you’re a wreck, how I abandoned you, how you can’t sleep and you cry. You cry so much.
Even if it’s untrue I want to believe it. I want to believe that you’re so goddamn miserable that on your planet Earth the sun never shines and you miss me and you realized that you love me. You love me so much.
And it’s sad really because I saw you the other day and you were laughing. And your sun was shining.
It’s my world that’s falling apart without you.
—  Why Did You Forget About Me?
Welcome To The End Of The World

Originally posted by brothersinsync

Summary: The reader wakes up one day after an accident and finds herself in a nightmare scenario…

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader (eventual)

Word Count: 2,800ish

Warnings: language, zombie apocalypse, mentions of blood & death

A/N: If you’ve seen the show you might have noticed I used the start of TWD as a basis for exposing reader into this world…

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prompt: malec + wedding

He was beautiful. He always was, but today stood in front of Alec, Magnus seemed to shine even more than usual. He was in a dark grey, three-piece suit, his eyes lined with black and his hair stood tall. His eyes seemed to shine as he looked up at Alec as if he was the centre of his universe. And Alec couldn’t stop the shine in his own eyes as he looked at the love of his life.

And he couldn’t believe that he was about to marry him.

Alec was so caught up in looking at the beautiful man in front of him that he missed his cue for when the minister asked for him to speak his vows. It took an elbow in his back from Jace for him to snap out of it, a grin stretching across his face as Magnus laughed, too happy to be embarrassed. It was his wedding day; he was allowed to be distracted, especially with Magnus in front of him.

“Magnus, you have changed my life. You walked into it seven years ago, all colourful and glittery and I knew in that moment that I saw you that nothing else would matter till I got to take you out on a date. And then I did. And now I can’t even remember a time where you weren’t in it, where you didn’t mean something to me, and honestly I don’t want to remember a time without you. I don’t want to know what my life would be like if I didn’t have you in it.

“You’ve made me a better person. You’ve made me happier and stronger and most importantly you’ve shown me that it’s okay to be free, to be who I am. You’ve helped me grow to be the man that I am today and you’ve shown me that I deserve to be loved. I love you so much, Magnus. You are the light to my day, the sun in my sky, and the love of my life.

“I vow to always love you, till the end of forever. I vow to kiss you goodnight every evening and to kiss you hello every morning. I vow to try to remember which of your shirts get dry cleaned and which ones don’t. I vow to remember to take my shoes off at the door. I vow to support you and be by your side through everything, even your questionable interior design ideas. I love you, Magnus, so much. And I can’t wait to spend forever with you.”

Alec reached over to wipe a tear that was rolling down Magnus’ cheek, trying to contain the ones that were threatening to spill from his own eyes. He still looked like the most beautiful man in the entire world, even with tears falling, and his makeup slightly smudged from where he was wiping them away.  Magnus laughed softly, trying to clear his throat and to compose himself, so that he could recite his own vows. 

“Alexander, I’m not being dramatic when I tell you that you brought meaning to my life. The minute I saw you trying to act like you weren’t staring at me, I was hooked. And the moment I managed to bring that beautiful blush to your cheeks, there was no one else I wanted to even think of being with apart from you. You gave me reason to love and to be loved and my life would truly be dull without you in it.

“I am so lucky to be able to walk this earth at the same time as you. To be able to hold your hand and to hold you and to kiss you every day. You made me a happier man, and you showed me that love can be good and strong and that it can uplift you and make you feel on top of the world. You’ve showed me that, when love is true, it will always be there, and you are always there for me, Alexander. You mean the world to me, you are the stars and the moon and the sun all in one.

“I vow to never leave your side no matter what, and to always try to see eye-to-eye with you. Even on my afore mentioned interior design ideas. I vow to support your fashion choices and I vow to always be there to hold you after a long, hard day. I vow to make you laugh even if you don’t want to. I vow to love you till my dying breath and forever isn’t enough time to spend with you, Alexander. I love you, so so much.”

And if Alec was able to keep himself from crying before, then he was a stronger man then, because now all he could feel was tears rolling down his cheeks and love blooming in his heart. Everything around him in that moment seemed to fall into the background, and all that Alec could see was Magnus.

All he could feel was Magnus sliding a ring onto his finger. And all he could hear was Magnus saying I do. And all he could do, when he was finally given the chance, was to grab the man in front of him by the lapels of him jacket and kissed him with all he had. And the kiss felt like home. It felt like everything good that was in the world, was being pressed right against his lips. He could taste their tears, and soon it became impossible to kiss when the smiles overtook their faces.

And that night when they were dancing slowly together, heads pressed together and bodies as close as humanly possible, Alec looked into his husband’s ­– husband’s– eyes and he realised that forever isn’t a time frame, but it’s the man stood right there in front of him.

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Hello, I just discovered your blog and I saw that you had written books. What book did you write because I would like to read them actually, thank you.

Hello dear anon, welcome to my blog :) Here are my two published books:

S.T.A.R.G.A.Z.E.R (download for free here)
a free collection of 12 poems about the LGBTQ+ spectrum, sexuality, gender identities, love and finding yourself

Sunblind (download for 5€ here)
“Do you want to set the world on fire tonight?”
Sunblind is an anthology about the love of two boys on the verge of falling apart. Set in the modern world, the old legend of Icarus with a modern twist is told through the eyes of both lovers, sometimes alternating, and a collection of voicemails, texts, post-its and notes filled with unexpected twists and turns reminiscent of a leap of faith.The book features over 70 pieces and is divided into three parts which piece together the life of Icarus and Apollo, and their story which struggles for love, dependency, fear and more.

In Your Eyes, I Thought I Could See the Edge of the Universe

Second part of a Park Jimin soulmate!AU story 

Summary: They aren’t soulmates. (part 1)

Originally posted by mochifairyjimin

He kissed me.

My entire world collapsed and rearranged itself as I tasted his lips. I lost all contact with reality when he told me that he loved me too, that he’d been repressing those feelings for years now. I think I started crying then, unless it was laughing… Perhaps both.

We decided that night that we would never hide how we felt again. In a fairy tale, the story would end like this: on a happily ever after.

But as you may know, life is a bitch.

Although we wanted to be free to love one another, many things stood between us. Most just saw us as monsters. Who were we to go against God, the Universe, or whatever fitted their view of the world? Still, some (from the younger, more progressive lot) rooted for us. Defying destiny itself was the epitome of romanticism, wasn’t it?

Of course, we had discussed this topic. Our conclusion was always the same: soulmate or not, he was my world, I was his, and being together meant being happy. We had seen soulmate-couples fall apart. They stayed together, most of the time (who else would they turn to?), but they were miserable. Even if you’re with your soulmate, a relationship takes work- it takes mutual understanding, it takes patience, it takes compassion… Jimin and I had all that.

Waiting for your soulmate is a game of luck; even though the majority ends up winning, some are left behind. Sometimes soulmates are born on opposite sides of the Earth.  Sometimes they pass by one another without meeting eyes… In the saddest cases, one of the two dies before they have the chance to meet. There are systems that attempt to help people find their soulmates, evidently, but to this day they aren’t very efficient; it’s as if trying to force fate’s hand only keeps your soulmate further away.

Jimin and I decided to gamble – on the table, our futures. In a world so broad, we hoped our soulmates would also find the path to happiness… without us.

On top of destiny and other grand schemes, we had “normal” shortcomings. Park Jimin was in the heart of millions. They loved him, I truly believed they did, but he was my best friend and my life companion. Still, I had no right to keep him to myself, and I ended up sharing him with the world, for his carrier made him happy. I won’t deny there were moments of jealousy and others of anger, but I was always able to go on, to encourage him and force a smile when necessary.

It was difficult, but not more than our years of long-distance friendship. Although his career became more demanding by the day, whenever he had a second, he would be mine. At times, I even found myself forcing him to get to sleep.

The negative impact my very existence had on his career didn’t last for long either, for he was talented and truly deserved the world. Being in the public eye wasn’t easy, and a few times I came to resent him, in a way… As the years passed, things calmed down. We had gotten used to the controversy regarding our couple and as he continued to travel the globe, I studied.

When I got my first stable job, we began to discuss the future in more details. We knew we couldn’t settle down just yet, but we also knew one day we would. We had been together for so long, in so many different ways… It seemed everything would keep going our way.

On a Sunday afternoon, our daze was shattered. I was eating out with my parents when he called me, and as soon as I heard his voice, I knew something terrible had happened.

“Calm down,” I said softly, but already my insides were twisting. “Jimin, calm down, take it slowly.”

“I- I…” he breathed.

“What is it?”

“I- I ran, I didn’t know- I didn’t know what to do!”

“What are you talking about?” I asked, my voice breaking a bit more with each word.

I heard him panting.

“Jimin,” I pleaded. “I don’t understand.”

“I love you,” he said in a brittle voice. “I- I love you so much.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” I questioned, though I knew the answer.

“I love you so much,” he repeated in a whisper.

“Jimin…” I said slowly, and I felt the words getting stuck in my throat. “D-did… Did you… Meet…”

All I could hear were his short intakes of breath. I choked back a sob.

“Y-you did,” I let out with a nervous chuckle.

“I… I love you,” he said again.

And I loved him too…

But maybe that wasn’t enough.

Music Series: What Am I Living For by Solomon Burke (trequel to Leather and Lace)

And finally, the trequel (part three) to Leather and Lace & Anchor.

This is an old song, and I love this version of it. I hadn’t heard it before now, but it’s very romantic and sweet, especially with his soothing voice.

This is “What Am I Living For” by Solomon Burke. You can hear it via my Spotify playlists, I Love You Long Time, and the Harry Styles imagines playlist. xo


Trigger Warning: Miscarriage


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But you’re not weak.
You’re exciting. You’re limitless, as far as your imagination goes.
I think some parts of you are fragile but every other part is full of more than this world is capable of handling and that’s why you feel trapped because you can’t do everything you need to do.
You’re too alive for the place you live in.
So it drags you down and you feel like you’re not strong.
But I’ve never looked at you and saw someone who wasn’t able of holding herself together no matter how many times she falls apart.
—  Nicole Torres // youre strong
Drunk Confessions (Hoseok x reader)

☆Just the fluff

☆Summary: After going out to drink with the boys, you and a drunk Hoseok head home and you have just the best confession that you ever heard.

☆Words Count: It’s short, so i don’t think it’s a big deal.

☆Warnings: Alcohol, drunk boyfriend Hoseok and just the fluff.


-Be careful where you step, you can get hurt.
-Ah…thank you.

Slowly, you walked with Hoseok, who had his arm wrapped around your shoulders to support, to the couch.
You sat him down in the middle of countless cushions on the fluffy surface.

-Ah…(Y/N)-Ah…My head hurts.
-You shouldn’t have drunk so much.Thank god Jin brought us. Stay there, I’ll get you some medicine and some water for you to take.

He said pulling you by the wrist and wrapping your waist with his arms as he placed his face against your belly.
It was Namjoon’s idea, they would have a day free of rehearsals, dances or new productions, so he gave the idea of ​​all of you going out to drink and play chit-chat.
But Hobi eventually crossed the line next to Yoongi and Namjoon. At least you brought him home before he started to undress and dance in the middle of the restaurant.

-Hobi…Come on, I need to get medicine for you.
-I…I love you, you know that? So, so much. You were the best thing that happened in my life…
-…I was so happy when I met you again after that fansign, you were so beautiful…And cute. AH! I fell in love the instant I saw you! I don’t know what I would do without you in my life, to support me on every decision I make, every dance or song I create.
You made my world more colorful. You help me in my insecurities and get me up whenever I’m about to fall apart.
I love your smile and the way you look embarrassed when I praise you without you being prepared. And I love the way you sleep in my hoodies when I’m not at home so you don’t will miss me and feel me closer to you.
I love to see you smiling cause you always make a cute face while laughing, or the way you dance to one of our songs like there was nobody but you in the room.
Or the way you cry over a drama or get stressed cause of one silly thing.
Even the way you get cramps on your periods and the way you smile when a buy sweets for you to feel better.
The way that you always take good care of me or my health when i’m not eating right because of my job and you always make delicious foods for me.
Or the way that you always will hold me after a hard day at work and do everything you can do to make feel better and relaxed, or just when you just let me hold you for a long time just because i want to.
My heart hurts every time I make you sad or I see you crying, I can’t bear to see you sad because you are the Sun of my Heaven, and all I need is you and that you are smiling.
It’s these reasons and many others that make me love you and think how beautiful you’ll be when I see you in white walking up to me. I love you, I love you, I love you.

Tears ran down your cheeks at the moment, of course you knew Hoseok loved you, but you’ve never heard him make a confession like this before, never in your almost three years being together, he’d rather show off than talk, and think he needs just a little blood alcohol to drop it.
You smiled slightly and looked at him, only to find him looking at you with eyes full of admiration and love.
For you he was much more than Jung Hoseok from BTS, for you he was the guy that made you feel the butterlflies over and over again, that brought you happiness, peace and love all at once, you just didn’t know how you would do to be able to live without him.
You bent down enough to give him a long, meaningful kiss on his lips, which he smiled against the kiss.

-I love you, Hobi. So, so, so much.
-I love you. Till the end of my life.

Are You Seriously Proposing Right Now? (Derek Hale Imagine)

Okay, I’m just gonna randomly post pretending as if I haven’t been inactive for the majority of the summer…..

Hey guys! I’m back! Don’t mind the text above!

In honor of the last 10 episodes of Teen Wolf silently dying inside I’m writing more imagines for the pack! Starting with my favorite sour wolf who is making his return!

Now, not sure how the rest of the season will pan out, but I’m excited and silently dying inside.

Also, considering I don’t know how the rest of the season will go, I won’t be really focused on the “big bad” here. Basically it’s just full of jokes and banter because well, I have no idea what will happen.

Requests are little weird right now… but for right now, I’m doing the ones that interest me or give me inspiration

Originally posted by hobrien

Being human, you really didn’t have anything to contribute to the pack besides that brain that these brutes seemed to be lacking often. You were just that human friend to Scott and Stiles that the Nogistune seemed so obsessed with. Ever since Void!Stiles kidnapped you, you asked Derek to train you to fight. And with the countless times he’s saved you and the extra training session, you two began to fall for each other. So when he became an evolved wolf and left Beacon Hills, the pack thought you would leave, too.

Frankly, they wanted to get you far away from the town to keep you safe. But to their surprise, you, so adamantly, stayed. 

But now with summer nearing its end and college around the corner, you decided to leave Beacon Hills to settle down in your new normal life. 

It all started after you finished unpacking and decorating your room as you stared outside your window, wondering many things. How was the pack? Would Liam be able to protect the town and its people? Where the hell was Derek?

You were pushed out your thoughts when your phone rang. You looked down and smiled seeing Stiles’s name and weird picture pop up on your phone. You answered and greeted him with, “miss me already, Stilinski?” 

“(Y/N)-Oh my god. Thank god you answered. Look you have to get to Beacon Hills like umm… right now!” He ranted on about hunters, possessed spiders, rats, and wolves.

“Woah, calm down, Mieczyslaw.” You said, waving at your roommate who walked into the dorm and slumped into her unmade bed. “What are you talking about?” 

“Look, I knew that leaving Liam in charge was a bad idea as is, but the town’s going up into flames… Well… not literally, but with how things are going, I’m not surprised that people are going to set houses on fire. Scott, Malia, and Lydia haven’t even left. They can’t leave the town.” He then filled me in about how when we set him free, we must’ve released something along with him. 

“I knew we should’ve left you with The Wild Hunt.” You sighed, glancing at your roommate who was too focused on her phone to even comment about what you said. “Do you really need me? You guys have been wanting me to leave for so long and now-”

“Derek’s wanted for mass murder.” 

“Stiles!” You heard a familiar, deeper, voice say. 

Your train of thought stopped in its tracks as you subconsciously began to stuff clothes into a bag. “I’m on my way.” You said, thanking the heavens that your college wasn’t exactly too far from Beacon Hills and that classes don’t start until a week. 

And now you’re in the crossfires of a fight against the pack and these hunters. You tried to stay out the way, but seeing as the hunters ambushed the pack, it was hard. 

You kept an eye out on Derek, not wanting to your recently reunited soulmate to die. You screamed as a hunter grabbed your arm and aimed their gun but you ducked and kicked them down. You then grabbed their gun that had fallen from their hands due to their fall and knocked them out with the hard metal.

Derek ran to you as the pack began to retreat. Wounds and gashes were laced around his body as the blood began to fall, but he made you and your safety his priority. 

You all ended up in the Police Station, under Sheriff Stilinski’s protection. “You’re hurt.” You broke the silence, helping Derek out of his bloodied shirt. 

“No shit.” He groaned, sliding down against the wall. Derek looked at you and weakly smiled. “Sorry… Are you okay?” You nodded, sitting beside him. 

“Are you?” You asked, watching the wounds slowly healing themselves.

He nodded. You both sat in silence for a while until he broke the silence. “I can’t bear the thought of losing you.” You glanced at him. “I lost you when I walked away from the pack. When I was running from the FBI, all I thought was how I wouldn’t be able to see you again and that I have to keep running if I did.”

“We still have to clear your name.” You commented. 

He chuckled. “The thought about not being able to see you ever again hurts me. When that hunter aimed their gun at you, I began to run towards you. I thought this was it. This is the moment my whole world falls apart. And the relief that came over me when I saw you defend yourself… It felt like the whole world lit up again. I love you, (Y/N). I don’t think I’ve ever told you that, but I love you.” 

You smiled. “I love you, too, Derek.”

“I love you so much and… and I can’t imagine my life without you. I don’t have a ring, but I promise as soon as everything is done, I’ll get you one, but… (Y/N), will you marry me?” 

Stiles groaned. “Are You Seriously Proposing Right Now?

“Shut up, Stiles.” Lydia scolded.

You felt the biggest smile appear on your face as you leaned into gently kiss Derek. “Yes, Derek. Of course I’ll marry you.” 

I’m sorry if this is rushed or a little weird. I’m trying to get back into the groove of actually writing imagines because I’ve lost my touch. 

When the Sun Comes Up (Trixya) - Imogen

“Can’t we just cuddle in your bed instead?”

Katya lets out a startled laugh before trailing his arm around Trixie’s shoulder. He whispers mock-seductively into his ear, “You have no idea how long I’ve waited for you to ask me that, Tracy.”

AN: Hi! Thank you all so much for the lovely feedback on my last fic! Thank you especially to Dare, your writing is so perfect and my favourite thing on here and I totally freaked out when I saw that you liked it. 

This is the start of a multi-chapter, set in the real world and full of angst™️, feelings and Russian terms of endearment. This first chapter is set a while ago.

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anonymous asked:

So this has been on my mind for days so I had to share. What if Chuck and Herc had been at the Academy for whatever reason when Knifehead hit? Do you think they would have gone to see Raleigh, since Herc is a fellow Ranger? How do you think little Chuck felt watching his favorite non-relative Rangers fall like that? Do you think Chuck demanded Herc take him to see Raleigh? And if he did, do you think they would've walked in on Raleigh screaming for Yancy?

*rubs hands together*

This is a top-shelf ask, and it’s gonna get the royal treatment. Because I, too, have wondered, and I’ve even been tempted to write about it.

So, to start: “What if Chuck and Herc had been at the Academy for whatever reason when Knifehead hit?”

I think it’s a general fandom consensus that Chuck idolized the Becket brothers during their glory years. I mean, he borderline hated his father (never; he never ever hated Herc for one second, no matter how bitter and angry he was), he was already beyond determined to become a jaeger pilot and get revenge for all the things… and here are these two young, stalwart, unpredictable but HIGHLY EFFECTIVE blokes who are killing kaiju left and right and making all the headlines.

It doesn’t hurt that they’re also pretty to look at. But that’s beside the point.

Young Chuck, too angry and hurt to look up to his own father (we’ll not talk about Scott because that’s a whole ‘nother bag of snakes to lay straight), would’ve been very likely to grasp onto these kids – because Raleigh really was just a kid when they joined the program – who were everything he wanted to be, saving the world and shit. I can’t imagine him NOT idolizing them, frankly.

So maybe he pestered Herc – who had NO idea what to do with his prickly, ball-of-rage-and-gall son he’d saved in a moment’s blind panic when he realized he couldn’t save both of them and Angela would kill him if he’d saved her and left Chuck to die – to take him to the Academy. Not to meet the Beckets, of course not, why would he want to meet those stupid American wankers? But to get a feel for the Academy itself, since he was by-God going there himself as soon as they quit with the bullshit age restrictions and accepted him.

And Herc, guilty and lost and with nothing but the war and his already-dodgy brother and his small, angry, standoffish son who never wanted ANYTHING because he was always so angry… made it happen. Maybe it would lessen some of that anger. Maybe… they could get past it if they could just spend some time together. Fun time, not shatterdome time.

Now: “Do you think they would have gone to see Raleigh, since Herc is a fellow Ranger?”

Oh, my, yes. That would’ve been #1 on the list for Chuck, though he would never have admitted it. Young Chuck would have put it as an after-thought, an “Oi, while we’re here, can I maybe meet that youngest pilot bloke and tell him not to rest on his laurels because I’MA be the youngest pilot any day now?”

And Herc, likely hoping the Beckets’ easy-going manner and friendly smiles would coax back some of the brilliant, happy little boy he’d lost back in Australia, set that shit up like it was nothing.

Then: “How do you think little Chuck felt watching his favorite non-relative Rangers fall like that?”

Okay, Satan. YOU ASKED FOR IT.

Because even so young, Chuck was no stranger to the concept of mortality. Sure, the jaeger program had, up to this point, been a resounding success. That doesn’t mean he’d missed how badly we’d fared against them before the giant robots. How much of our own planet we’d poisoned fighting them off with nukes because… what else could we do?

He was a bright kid. Too bright to NOT know what was happening.

So even though the jaegers hadn’t started falling in earnest yet, he knew there was a distinct possibility of it happening sometime.

But not the Beckets. Not those shining examples of youth and ingenuity overpowering brute strength and terror. Not now. Not YET. Not when he was supposed to meet them TOMORROW, dammit.

They… they were… humanity was WINNING. How could it have gone so wrong?

Herc, of course, got immediately sucked into a strategy meeting because, even then, Stacker Pentecost knew who he did and didn’t trust. Chuck was worried because Herc had made mutterings about how stupid it was to call what happened “disobeying orders” because you don’t bloody get to argue an impossible order when a goddamn kaiju pops up in your bloody face, and it sounded like… maybe the younger Becket was in trouble.

BIG trouble. Get-kicked-out trouble.

If he lived, which wasn’t expected. Because everyone knows that when your Drift partner dies, so do you.

It wasn’t his mother dying all over again. He’d never met the kid, after all. But… he had a Becket brothers poster on his wall in his bunk, and one of those brothers was already gone, and the other one was in critical condition and rumored to be more than half out of his mind in the med bay (understandable, considering how much of him must’ve been yanked out with his brother’s body), and apparently going to be kicked out in disgrace if he DID live, and….

For a while, young Chuck couldn’t do anything but sit on the edge of his bunk and, well… not cry, exactly. Again, it wasn’t grief. It was… a loss. A loss of hope. A blow to his dream of being the youngest jaeger pilot and kicking kaiju ass and saving the world.

He’d always wanted to be Raleigh Becket. Now, Raleigh Becket was damn near a vegetable and might not live out the week.

So: “Do you think Chuck demanded Herc take him to see Raleigh?”

HELL NO. Are you kidding? The little bastard snuck away when Herc was off in yet another meeting about what to do now that the world knew the jaegers might not be enough anymore.

He just needed to KNOW, okay? Maybe… it wasn’t all over before he ever got a chance to prove himself. Maybe… Becket could still be okay. Maybe… and he was rather proud of this one… maybe he could actually be of comfort. Maybe they could be friends.

Hell, if he played his cards right, they might even end up as co-pilots. Him and Raleigh Becket. Kicking kaiju ass and saving the world.

So you bet your ass he snuck away. I won’t divulge whether or not he was humming theme music as he kid-ninja-ed his way to the medical bay (he totally did, and he was blissfully unaware that literally all the shatterdome personnel he passed saw him; they were just too gobsmacked themselves to do anything about some kid running around while the world was falling apart around them).

And finally: “And if he did, do you think they would’ve walked in on Raleigh screaming for Yancy?”

Not exactly. Not screaming, anyway. More… constantly weeping in both physical and mental pain, unable to grasp that the presence in his mind was gone – but sort of wasn’t at the same time, which was worse; like a phantom ache but inside his mind instead of in a missing limb – unable to stop repeating his brother’s name, though his voice was little more than a harsh whisper.

He was strapped to the bed. At first, Chuck was FURIOUS. How DARE they? This was one of the best jaeger pilots in the world, dammit!

But there was blood on the pale blue hospital johnny, a blotchy stain over the right flank, a weirdly tidy patch in a geometric pattern over the left shoulder and chest, and before he could make a right ass of himself, he realized the restraints were an attempt to get Becket to hold still and stop reopening his injuries.

Jesus. This wasn’t… he couldn’t….

Was there anything left in that young, handsome, All-American blonde head but a dead man’s name and unendurable pain?

Chuck lost his nerve. It was only for a moment, but it was long enough for him to turn away from the demoralizing sight on the bed. Long enough for him to take a step toward the door, toward telling himself none of this had happened, because if this had happened to Becket, it could happen to HIM, and he damn well wanted to pilot a jaeger someday, and to do that, he had to get that image out of his head.

That could be HERC, and he had to get away right now because no.

Then, the constant, hoarse litany of broken Yancys stopped, freezing Chuck just inside the door.

A soft, soul-weary sob.


Gritting his teeth, young Chuck turned his stubborn self back around and faced the truth. The truth was Raleigh Becket, strapped to a hospital bed, cheeks wet and almost blistered from the constant stream of tears, lips cracked and voice wrecked and body scarred and broken in a blood-stained hospital johnny.

“Mr. Becket?”

Jesus. He sounded like an idiot.

But the restless would-be thrashing stilled.

“Uh… do you… need anything?” He narrowly avoided facepalming. “I mean, I could… are you thirsty? I can get you–”

Raleigh Becket suddenly screamed, full-throat, his body arching against the restraints, fresh blood staining the pale blue. If Chuck had been even a few years younger, he’d have pissed himself in terror.

It was a near miss, even now.

“Raleigh, stop! Jesus, mate, please stop!”

Because the scream went on, hoarse and throat-tearing and awful, and years later, after he’d picked a fight with the has-been, he’d go back to his bunk in a fury and suddenly remember that scream and how it had seemed to reach down his throat and grip his guts in a frigid clutch until he just wanted to sit down right there on the floor. Until he clapped his hands over his ears because surely his eardrums would burst from the intensity of it.

The sudden memory – how could he have forgotten? it had haunted his nightmares for years, though he would never admit it – would send him into the jaeger bay to work on Striker, and he and Herc would have yet another shitty argument about how Chuck would never be good enough.

And he would again remember that scream and how he’d wanted to maybe be Becket’s friend, his co-pilot, but he had instead damn near pissed himself and, in a panic, had used the kerfuffle of all the running medical personnel to skulk away like a coward, instead.

He never told Herc.

But eventually, after Pitfall and a few tentative, awkward conversations that slowly became easier and full of more laughter than painful silences, he did tell Raleigh.

Starset : Vessels (2017)  Sentence Starters


  • If you lead, I will follow
  • I will be your Apollo
  • I’ll feel your gravity
  • I’ll stay and never leave
  • I’m here tonight
  • Shine your light and set me free
  • Take the darkness out of me
  • Shine on me
  • You are my fate
  • Give me warning
  • I seek the stars above the world to be the guide
  • They are pale against the light in your eyes
  • Send your signal out and bring me back to you


  • Something blocking your reception 
  • It’s distorting our connection
  • Now the silence screams that you are gone
  • You’ve tuned me out
  • There’s something here that’s broken
  • There’s something here with no end
  • Cause I can feel your soul fade
  • I can feel your heart change
  • I bared my soul for you
  • My heart was bulletproof till you took off the jacket
  • I was doing this all for you
  • I tried to save you now I’m swallowed
  • You wanted war

Die For You

  • I will run alone tonight 
  • I know your eyes
  • I saw the truth inside the real you
  • I know you’re lost when you run away
  • When are you coming home?
  • There’s no pain that I won’t go through even if I have to die for you
  • The only hell I know is without you
  • Until I bring you home
  • I’ll bring you home


  • We should have been afraid of heights
  • I was trying just to get you
  • I’m dying to forget you  
  • I fell behind
  • We were one in the same
  • You left me with a bittersweet taste
  • I’ve been dying just to see your face
  • All I wanted was to say “goodbye”
  • They don’t know my heart


  • The void is calling 
  • Don’t fear
  • It’s ok I promise
  • I don’t know what to say
  • I’m going to want you till the stars evaporate
  • A thousand armies won’t stop me
  • Just tell me to stay
  • Your beauty conquers the darkness
  • I’ll fall in love with you again
  • Don’t leave me lost here forever
  • Bring me back to you

Into The Unknown

  • It’s calling me 
  • Are you out there waiting?
  • It takes more than eyes to see
  • Take the path less traveled
  • Is this real or in my mind?

Gravity of You

  • I feel it pulling me 
  • I feel the past that’s died there
  • I feel you pull me through 
  • It’s boring holes in me
  • I feel you here with me
  • I will risk it all to own it

Back To Earth

  • Set me free 
  • I succumb to the weight of the world
  • I fall from the sky

Last To Fall

  • The world is cold but it’s beautiful 
  • I wish you were here now
  • I miss your soul
  • You lost your light When the darkness called
  • My soul is burning
  • I’m still the same
  • And will you be bold
  • Will you lose control?
  • I could never let go

Bringing It Down

  • I saw the creature deep inside 
  • I’m falling apart
  • There’s something inside you that isn’t right
  • There’s something that haunts your dreams at night
  • You’re bringing it down
  • Silly me
  • I came so close this time
  • I still thought I could make it mine


  • I lost myself into the night 
  • I clipped my wings and fell from flight
  • There’s no dreams in the lakes only monsters
  • And the monsters are my only friends
  • You always knew me
  • There’s no angel in you in the end
  • All that is left is the change
  • I think you made me this


  • You filled me up with hate 
  • You thought I’d forget
  • You’re the war that I wage
  • Can you change me?
  • This is the world you’ve created
  • Seems the monster always wins
  • Who knew the emptiness could be so cold?
  • I am the darkness
  • I’m a monster


  • If I had my way I would run to the rescue
  • It never works that way
  • But I’m not giving up
  • I don’t wanna let you go but I can’t stand to watch this
  • You had me under spell right from the start
  • You’d know what I want before I tell you
  • You are the sun, I am the full moon
  • I can be what you want
  • I will wait in the dark for you
  • I’m in the dark ‘till you light the way


  • You come in waves 
  • Then you fade away into nothing
  • You leave me froze in time
  • You’ll never know the beauty I see when you open your shadows
  • They’ll never know the worlds that I see in the darkness you don’t show 

“I’d like to tell you that everything went as planned, but it didn’t. I’d like to tell you that we never lost our way, even when the roads got too dark to see; but we did. I’d like to tell you that there’s an explanation. A reason that everything happened the way that it did; there isn’t. These are our Misadventures.”

Dive In, take a breath, blow the smoke through the hole in my chest. Still choking on the bed, found your waste while the ember red keeps falling down and burning holes. 

Pull the trigger tight and watch our distances explode. If Texas Is Forever, where is your home sweet home?

Pull the plug, I’ll keep on shaking and thrustin’ about your apartment, drowned on the blankets, Floral & Fading

Even with Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed, I can’t run because betrayal won’t come from my enemies. 

Save yourself, don’t ever look back; nowhere to go and so we both spin around in Circles

Today I Saw The Whole World, and I think heaven has a plot to take my life. Listen, I’m the one who made you, I’ll be the one who brings you down. 

We’ll look at the lights, over the atmosphere, eat Gold Medal Ribbon ‘till we die. Up here, it’s self-sabotage, suffocation, and stale taste of blood. 

These stars defy love, so I close my eyes and sleep inside your worn-in Bed outline. And it won’t be long until we drop the match, when I burn to your fingertips, you can throw what’s left.

Isabelle hides so I can find my way, I’d give anything just to surround your dreams. // Isabelle hides, so I can’t find my way. I’d give anything to carry on and one in the same way.