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Don’t Come Down

Summary: Bucky takes you to a concert to give you an escape from your worries (Modern AU).

Word Count: 1,476

A/N: Part of the Lovely Little Lonely story collection, this fic is inspired by ‘Don’t Come Down’ by The Maine. 

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Please…I’m begging you,” Bucky pleaded with a pout, clasping his hands together. “Please just do this one thing for me, and I won’t ask you to do this again. I promise.”

“Bucky, you know I can’t come with you. I have so many assignments to do. I can’t afford to lose any time to work on them,” you reasoned as your crush best friend groaned dramatically, lagging behind you as you made your way to the campus library. “Why don’t you ask Steve or Sam to go with you? I’m sure they’re able to.”

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Hold You

Author: @sincerelystiles
Pairing: Scott x Reader
Word Count: 1,765

Warnings: triggering, very angsty. 

A/N: i just needed to write out some angst and i love scotty so much so here you go kids. 

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You gripped the edges of your lunch tray tightly, your fingers turning white as you leaned on your tiptoes; your head in the air as you searched for your small group of friends. The bold red head’s laugh could be recognised in the most crowded place and you smiled when you finally saw her turn around; a wide smile on her face as she laughed at something Stiles had said. Falling back to the base of your feet, you rushed over to them, excited to tell them your idea for your upcoming art project.

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Connor Murphy x Reader: Boy next door

{Very basic but hey. Connor’s phone number is supposedly the Easter bunny’s number. Anybody wanna call & see if that’s true? Feel free to request one shots or headcanons! That would be awesome.

This was it. You were finally finished moving into your new house in a new city with new everythings. Nothing was familiar. Your dad had gotten a major promotion in his job, which would require a move. A move specifically 3 states away from home.

You were happy for your dad, really. You were just a little less happy for you. Being a teenage girl, starting over completely at a brand new highschool in a new city with no friends was going to be a challenge. You weren’t going to lie; you were terrified. Tomorrow marked the beginning of the new school year.

In the meantime, however, you found yourself getting ready for a dinner with your neighbors; the Murphy family. Your parents were thrilled when they received the invitation, and despite all your desperate protests you were being forced into going. You were less than thrilled, to say at the least.

“(Y/N), are you ready?” Your mom called from outside your room. You finished brushing your hair, took one more look to observe your finished look for the night, and yelled back.

“Yeah, I’m coming!”

You muttered to yourself. “Let’s get this over with.”

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Best Friend confesses Series: WOOZI

This is part two of a new series of Seventeen imagines. Feel free to message me and say who you want to see confessing next.

You know Woozi never meant to say it. But you still spent the whole evening yesterday replaying the Seventeen live interview video about a hundred times and trying to work out what the strange feeling in your chest was when you heard his words.

There is was, your best friend, your delightful, interesting, intelligent, stoic yet adorable best friend, sitting there with his newly re-dyed pink hair and his serious, focused face. Telling the interviewer that the inspiration for his latest song came from some night walks around the city with his girlfriend. 

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Soccer Mom: Tom x WOC

Requested: Tom and Reader attend Paddy’s soccer game

“I can’t believe I get to see my little Paddy play!” You clapped excitedly. Tom smiled and wrapped his arm around you. You saw your future brother-in-law take the field and you screamed, “Go Paddy!”

“You should probably wait until the game starts, love.” Tom laughed. “Oh sorry.”

The game started off well, with Paddy assisting two goals. You could hear Tom cheering under his breathe.

Half time was here and Paddy ran up to you two, “So how am I doing Y/N?”

“Amazing sweetie!” You gave him a high five and smiled. He smiled and started talking to Tom for a bit, “Okay, I need to get back to the team.”

“I am so proud of him.” You gushed. “I swear you like Pads more than me.” Tom frowned.

“I do.” You said jokingly. 

The game started back up and you made sure you paid full attention. You groaned when you saw that the other had the ball. The whole crowd gasped when suddenly the kid with the ball kicked it and it hit Paddy in the face. 

“Oh hell no!” You got off the bench and stormed onto the field, “Y/N!” Tom yelled after you. You felt your legs marching fast until you reached the other teams coach. “You need to teach your kids to aim better you piece of shit!”

“I know you saw my little brother get hit! I outta sue the shit out of you!” You went on a rant until Tom placed his hands on firmly on your shoulders, “I am so sorry sir, my girlfriend is just very passionate!”

“Come on Y/N.” You shrugged his hands off of you and walked over to Paddy who had a ice pack on his face. “Are you okay hun?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. Just gotta shake it off.”

You sat back on the bleachers and gave the parents dirty looks for staring at you. “I can’t wait to see what you’re like when we have children.”

I Can Manage On My Own (Lafayette x Reader)

(75 where the reader gets into a fist fight over civil rights and shocks Lafayette by winning, please? :)


Happy Sunday everyone! Enjoy!

You sat at your table and gripped your glass in anger. Lafayette quickly took notice, placing his hand on top of yours and rubbing gently in an attempt to soothe you. His hand rubbed gently on yours, reminding you that there were more important things than giving some idiot your attention. He was always incredible at calming you down; as fiery and hot-tempered as you sometimes were, gentle reminders from him subdued you instantly. However, this lasted about three seconds. Then the man, slightly tipsy with booze, spoke out again.

“All I’m saying, is if these people are actually looking for equal rights, then why can’t they bother to learn to read or write?”

You felt your blood begin to boil again. Like any slave had ever been given the opportunity or resources to become legible. This man had been at the bar for as long as you and Lafayette had been there, and was trouble since he first walked in the door. He sat and spewed racist, ignorant garbage every chance he found, loudly and obnoxiously enough to reach the ears of every patron in the restaurant, and probably the entire block.

“Their colored, uneducated selves deserve to be kept beneath us!” he continued, as he raised his mug of beer into the air, expecting cheers or applause. Everyone kept silent, and those seated close to him did not even bother to look at him.

You sighed and tried to direct your attention back to Lafayette. You two had a night off, and were trying to enjoy it. This man had other plans.

“And look, the revolutionaries in this bar sit in silence, knowing they can’t argue!” the drunken man called out, directing his attention to your table.

It was difficult to tell a regular man from a revolutionist. Their outfits were very similar, and did not stand out in a crowd. However, you were immediately recognized as one. The fact that you were a woman, not wearing a dress spoke volumes about you immediately, given the time period. Your white shirt, blue coat, and dark brown boots instantly set you apart from the crowd, and you could easily be labeled a revolutionary in the blink of an eye.

You couldn’t hold your tongue much longer, despite Lafayette’s best efforts.

“Sir, we are not agreeing with you. We are simply trying to ignore your idiotic statements, just as everyone else here is.” you stated, bold and unforgiving.

He seemed shocked by your response.

“And why do you, woman, think you have any business talking to me like that?”

“Excuse me?”

“Ah, I’ll speak a little slower so that you can understand, whore. Your. Lips. Weren’t. Made. For. Talking.” he spat, then proudly took another swig of his drink.

You stood up, hands curling into fists.

Lafayette immediately got up as well, placing his hand on your shoulder.

“(Y/N), arrêtez. He is not worth your time.” he said, desperately trying to coax you into sitting back down.

“You expect me to just sit here and take his insults?” you angrily asked, turning back to face him.

Non, we should just leave. Calmez-vous. Let idiots be idiots.”

“My good man,” the man suddenly spoke up again. “The next time you bring your bitch in here, be sure to keep her on a leash and a muzzle.” 

Now, it was Lafayette’s turn to step towards the man, beginning to steam with anger.

“(Y/N), sit down. I will take care of him.” he said, placing his hand on your shoulder and gesturing to the chair for you to sit before he pounded the man.

“I can manage on my own, thank you.” you said, refusing to move. “You don’t have to fight all my battles for me.”

“I don’t want you getting hurt, (Y/N), sit d-”

“He’s right, sweetheart! Wouldn’t want to hurt those pretty hands of yours!” the man called out, scooting out of his seat and walking towards you, grinning and preparing for a fight.

You looked up at Lafayette. You’re pretty sure he saw the absolute death in your eyes because he sighed, released your shoulder, and pressed his palm to his face. He knew there was no stopping you now.

Mon Dieu,” he mumbled into his hand. “Just please don’t get yourself killed.”

You looked at the man. He was still smirking, lifted his hand up and waved towards himself in a “come and get me” kind of manner, completely underestimating your abilities. 

The crowd of patrons eagerly watched, waiting for something to happen. There wasn’t a single other sound hanging in the air.

You cracked your knuckles.

“You’re gonna look real funny with your teeth pushed in.” you said through gritted teeth.

He raised his fists, and lazily swung at you. You quickly dodged it, then responded with an uppercut to his chin as he wobbled back into fighting position. He, still impaired by the sudden pain and alcohol, held onto the side of the table as he landed a sharp kick to your gut, followed immediately by his fist colliding with your cheek. You stumbled back, quickly stood up, and felt every fiber in your body catch fire. 

There was no way you were going to let this idiot hurt you. 

You stepped towards him, and almost with inhuman speed, landed a solid punch straight into his gut. He doubled over, and you used the opportunity to grab the back of his head by his hair. You them raised it, and then smacked it down onto the table he was using to support himself. You felt yourself lose a bit of control and you continued whacking his head into the wooden surface, a small pool of blood beginning to gather there.


He deserved this.


He’s a racist.


He’s a sexist.


He is the scum of the earth. 

You suddenly felt arms grab yours, and began to pry your hands out of his hair. You didn’t fight back, knowing that you had done the damage that needed to be done. You were then escorted by two very flustered bar tenders out of the establishment, as the observers of the fight cheered and the man crumpled to the floor, limp with unconsciousness. 

You were shoved out of the door, and onto the street, the darkness of night enveloping your body. You stood there, and began to catch your breath, your heart and adrenaline levels still skyrocketing. Your midsection and cheek throbbed slightly from the punches and kicks he placed on you.

The doors sprang open again as Lafayette exploded through them, quickly making his way over to you. 

“(Y/N)? You are okay?” he asked, cupping your face into his hands and scanning you over and over for visible signs of injury.

“I’m fine, Laffy.” 

“Are you insane? Did you see how much bigger he was than you? Oh, mon Dieu, you are an absolute moron. What if he had hurt you? Really hurt you? Are you such an impulsive person that you risk your well being due to your emotions towards people who don’t matter?” he rambled.

What you had done finally began to sink in, and you realized how stupid the entire situation was. You really had worried Lafayette. You hung your head in shame, regretting the past fifteen minutes.

“But still,” he began. “That was incredibly bad ass.”

You lifted your head up and looked at him, a grin slowly forming on your face as you saw him beam down at you.

“I just wanted to show him his place.” you humbly responded.

“Show him his place? (Y/N) you kicked him out of his place, out of the door and off the face of the Earth! I’ve never seen a more expertly-executed ass whooping!” He exclaimed, excitement and pride in his voice as you giggled, laughing at his choice of words.

He continued to explain his favorite parts of the fights to you: the crowds’ reactions, and the reluctance of the bartenders to step in and stop you, both because they knew the asshole deserved it, and because you were a bit scary. He recounted these facts like a little kid, brimming with animation and enthusiasm. You couldn’t help but laugh at it; he was being absolutely adorable.

“But honestly, mi amour, I didn’t know you had it in you,” he ended, looking like a proud parent.

You shrugged. 

“What can I say? You learn a lot of fighting techniques when you’re building a new nation.”

“You’re absolutely incredible,” he said, still not quite over the excitement of the events that just took place. “But you’re not hurt? You’re okay?”

He brushed his hand along your cheek, and took notice when you winced in pain.

“Just fine, Laffy.” you lied.

He tutted and examined the forming bruise closely. 

“How about you come and stay the night at my place?” he offered. “I know a special remedy for cheek bruises.”

“Oh really?” you asked, having a hard time believing there was any cheek bruise ailment. “And what may that be?”

“This.” he replied, swooping down and quickly pressing his lips sweetly to your cheek.

You blushed deeply as he stood back up, looking down at you, eyes brimming with endearment.

“And there are more of those awaiting at your house?” you asked, flirting.

“Plenty.” he said, cocking his head down at you and waiting for a response. 

“Well we’d better get going then,” you said, taking his hand and beginning to lead him down the road.

He quickly joined your side, arm wrapping around your shoulders as you walked further into the night. The restaurant still shone with light, alive with sound and laughter, as if the brawl had never even happened.

Helpless (Part 2)

Originally posted by pinkcollapse

Pairing: Jerome X Reader X Barbara

Word Count: 2600

Warnings: possessive behavior is possessive.

-Part 1- -Part 2-

You knew Gotham had its underground world, you never imagined actually setting foot in it. The club he snuck you in was filled to the brim with bodies jumping and slamming into each other, low red lights mixed with quick flashes, the beat almost nonexistent under the mess of other instruments and the song being screamed out.

Jerome lead you to a thin but long hall guarded by a rather large man, his face stoic and thick. “Hey Ted-!” In a hard swing Jerome’s head snapped to the side. You waited stiffly, him rolling his jaw before coming back to the bouncer with a smile. “Good seeing you again too!”

“That’s a warning, you start the shit you did last time and I’ll beat you until Princess here has to take you to the hospital in a body bag.”

Glancing down at your glittery blue show dress you pulled the tux coat you stole from Jerome tighter, whispering what you wanted to mock, “Bit redundant.”

“Come on Teddy! I thought we were friends-” Ted hit him again in the same place and you worriedly brought yourself close to Jerome, keeping your voice as low as you could without being drowned out.

“I’m sure there are other places to go. You don’t have to-”

“Just let him get it out of his system.” Jerome waved, a spot of blood on the corner of his teeth as he rubbed his quickly darkening jaw. He huffed dramatically, but smiled, “Can I speak with Jeri now?”

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anonymous asked:

Okay so I just got this imagine idea. Basically it would take place during a ball and it features Severus and the person who he has feelings for(she likes him back,neither have had the courage to speak up yet)somehow they end up dancing toghether. While she is distracted Severus glances at her and whispers "Beautiful" at the sight of her, when she turns to ask what he said he covers it up by saying that he meant the music.I haven't thought of an ending but please write it!Doesn't have to be long

Severus Snape stood at the corner of the ballroom like a particularly ill-tempered shadow, practically itching to leave.

Truth be told, he hated Ministry functions- all these disgustingly smug Ministry bastards in their disgustingly expensive robes rubbing shoulders with others like themselves gave Severus the worst sort of indigestion.  Though he had no appetite, he was, in fact, holding an empty champagne flute that he’d unceremoniously emptied at least three times in a nearby bush simply to avoid having to be asked for the fifty-millionth time if he’d like some hors d’oeuvres by one of the over-eager Ministry house elves.

He sighed heavily when the champagne flute refilled itself as though by magic and glared at the nearby house elf, who’d frozen mid-snap.  With a slight wave of his hand, he dismissed the elf, who looked as though she was about to start boxing her own ears right then and there for displeasing him before disappearing with a sharp pop. Severus took a step to try and explain that this wasn’t necessary, but then he realized that since it hadn’t worked on all of the house elves he’d grumbled at over the years at Hogwarts for trying to be helpful and making things worse, it probably wouldn’t work on her either.

The only reason he was at the stupid event was because Minister Shacklebolt (damn him!) had told him that the galleons he’d be receiving along with whatever the bloody award of the week was this time were contingent on his attendance.  He looked up at the ornate clock near the far side of the ballroom and sighed.  There were still forty-five minutes until midnight, and Severus only had eyes for the Ministry’s clocktower. Once it chimed even a single time, he could finally disappear from this godforsaken place like a sour-faced Cinderella.

He snorted into the champagne flute at the thought, pretending to be in the middle of drinking it to avoid yet another overstuffed Ministry official who looked like he was about to come over and talk to him.  He’d worn his blackest, least-ornate robes, the buttons fastened all the way up to his chin like armor against being considered sociable or in any way conspicuous. He looked over at the other recipients, which were basically a bunch of the members of Dumbledore’s Army (the wankers, he thought, all dressed up like they’re playing at being like their elders), and some of the other professors from Hogwarts. Minerva had already saved him a couple of times from nosy gawkers, but she was in the middle of dancing with Phineas Fickleboro, the esteemed Transfiguration researcher from Istanbul, and Severus knew that she wouldn’t be able to save him if someone happened to find him in his concealed space behind the fat marble pillar in the shadows of the ballroom.

A buzzing near his ear made him flinch and he swatted at it instinctively. Unfortunately, he forgot that he was holding the champagne flute with champagne still in it, and ended up pouring it all over the place.

There was a loud thump as something heavy hit the ground and a shrill squeal assaulted his ears, making him wince.

“HEY! What the feck do you think yer doin’?!”

Severus knew that voice. He turned his head slowly, as if this would change the truth of the person who lay sprawled out on her back, her robes drenched in champagne.

“Miz Skeeter. Apparently, you have taken my previous instructions to buzz off rather literally,” Severus said, stepping back and glowering at her. “Good evening.”

He swept off, hoping that he looked like he was stomping away in fury instead of fleeing.  Skeeter had been merciless since his survival had come to light- following him everywhere during the day and having Prophet interns tail him at night. The damn woman was a pest who was obsessed with writing unflattering articles about him. Normally, Severus wouldn’t care.

He’d been called worse by friends, after all, and Skeeter was no friend.

However, he was also in the process of having several new potions patented, and plans to open his own owl-post apothecary, so he was doing his best to avoid as much negative press as was possible.

“Mr. Snape! A word, please!”

Skeeter had apparently found her wand and cleaned herself off, for she was following after him at a frightening speed. Severus turned away from her to find that he was mere inches from the dance floor.  A murmur of interest filled the room and Severus felt his cheeks growing warm with embarrassment, but at the next bellow from the harridan behind him, he forced himself into the crowd of dancers.

Suddenly, someone had taken his hand and he felt himself spun around to find Minerva’s laughing eyes and cat-ate-the-canary smile as she led him away from the livid journalist.

“Thank Merlin,” he said, before he could compose himself, “I was beginning to think that bitch was going to cast a Permanent Sticking Charm.”

Minerva chuckled. “Well I knew that it would take a fairly extreme situation to get you out into the light of day-”

“It’s half an hour to midnight, Minerva,” Severus replied, unimpressed.

“Be that as it may, it’s good to see that you’re finally putting all those years of teaching Slytherin House to dance to practice, even if it’s little old me,” Minerva continued, twirling him out and then bending him backwards in her arms.

“You do know that I’m supposed to be the lead,” Severus said, once she pulled him up out of the dip, his cheeks going slightly pink.

“You’re three decades too young to lead me anywhere, and you know it,” Minerva chuckled as they two-stepped towards the other side of the dance floor.  They stopped and clapped politely with the rest of the crowd as the music ended. “Now, then, what are your plans for the rest of the evening?”

Severus was about to reply when he felt a finger tap gently on his shoulder and he spun abruptly, his eyes widening with surprise.  There, before him, stood a young woman who looked rather familiar, though he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

Her hair was short, though ringlets of chestnut brown hair curled around her face in a wild sort of way that filled Severus with a strange heady sensation in his belly. She wasn’t heavily powdered or garishly dressed. There was a simplistic, natural air to her that he instantly envied, but she carried herself with a power and confidence that made her look older than her years. Her eyes were golden and seemed to shimmer in the light of the many candles floating above them.

Instantly, Severus found himself transported back to his stammering, awkward, teenaged self.

“Severus, you’re gawking,” Minerva politely whispered to him, and he shut his mouth, which had been hanging open and making him look (he was certain) like a total moron.

“Good evening, Minerva, Mr. Snape,” the woman said, curtseying slightly

“Good evening, Miss Granger,” Minerva said kindly.

“Please, I’ve told you a hundred times that it’s fine to call me Hermione. I feel like a first year when you call me that!” Hermione laughed, and Severus noticed that her teeth were even and white.

His mind flashed back to his cruel words about her teeth, before, and he hated himself just a bit more than he usually did.

“Old habits die hard, Miss Granger, but I’m sure that there are others who can be more easily persuaded to change their ways,” Minerva replied, a very peculiar smile playing across her lips as she looked at Severus and then looked at Hermione and back to Severus again.

“What?” Severus asked pointedly, glaring at Minerva, who waved mildly and melted away into the crowd, leaving him behind before he could stop her.

“I’m didn’t wish to bother you, Mr. Snape,” Hermione said, turning her bright eyes on him and completely stopping his scowl in its tracks, “but I saw you and I just needed to thank you to your face. You saved my life, you see…and-”

They both abruptly turned towards a horrible screeching sound.


Hermione turned away from him for a moment, placing her body squarely between him and the practically rabid journalist, her hands moving up to rest on her hips.  

And then, an odd thing happened.  

Though Hermione hadn’t made a sound, Rita’s expression went from full of fury to bug-eyed with fear.  Slowly, she backed away and then, when she’d reached the nearest doorway, she turned and practically ran out of the building as fast as her legs could carry her.

Hermione turned back, her face still midway between the intimidating murder-scowl she’d obviously been aiming at Skeeter, but when she finally looked up at him, her face had returned to the almost radiant picture of joy. She had protected him, but not in a way that he’d needed to ask for like some groveling, simpering fool. It filled him with a dangerous, pleasurable warmth and he couldn’t bring himself to look away from her.

“Beautiful,” he breathed out, before he could keep the thought from escaping his lips, and then, “Shite! I mean…the music is…er…beautiful…and…er…I was just going-”

His cheeks burned with embarrassment and he stared up at the cursed clock, which seemed to have only moved a minute or two past the half-hour mark.  Damned thing. Hermione laughed, but it wasn’t a derisive sound. On the contrary, she sounded so merry that he almost joined in.

This was it. He must be going mad.

She held out her hand. “If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love to have this dance.  These Ministry functions are so boring, but it looks like you know what you’re doing, and besides, it will pass the time so that we can both get back to our research.”

This got Severus’ attention as he took her hand, leading her back onto the floor as the band began to play a downtempo waltz. “Research?”

“Yes,” Hermione said, mirroring his lead fairly well, though she was obviously about as rusty as he was. “I’m doing research on Ancient Runes and their usage in perpetually renewable charm energy. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of money in the field even though it’ll be dead useful once I finally get it up and running. Hence my attendance at this pompous affair.”

Severus nearly fell over. It had not occurred to him that anyone other than himself (Minerva, perhaps, but she always enjoyed seeing everyone and was far more social than he would ever be) would feel similarly, much less need the money for ostensibly interesting (although complicated) research projects.  Thinking about his own research made him realize something important.

“So…er…,you mentioned that I…helped you,” Severus said awkwardly. “What, exactly might it have been?”

Hermione smiled mysteriously and Severus felt his heart skip a beat. “I’ll show you if you’d like…when we’re done with this dance.”

Severus swallowed a mysterious lump that seemed to have appeared in his throat, and he willed his palms not to sweat.  The way that she said those words was both seductive and innocuous. It was maddening not to know which it was.

And though he was trying very hard to tell himself otherwise, Severus really, really wanted to find out.

The song ended as soon as the clock struck midnight and Severus blinked rapidly, wondering where the time had gone.

“Thank you, Mr. Snape,” Hermione said, curtsying slightly.

“It’s Severus actually,” he heard himself say.

“Well, then,  Severus-”

“Oi! Mione!”  The slurred speech came from their left and they both turned to see a stumbling, drunken Ron Weasley being held barely upright by a sheepish looking Harry Potter. “G-weh from th’ git thar.”

Hermione let out a huff of exasperation and stomped over to Harry.

“He got into a drinking contest with a centaur,” Harry explained. “She won.”

“She godda mostest perdy trac’s o’ land,” Ron hiccuped. “I wanna ride ‘er like a pony. Coconuts ‘n everythin’…giddyap!”

“I shall forever regret taking him to see Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” Harry groaned. “Mind lending me a hand? I’m about ready to hex him.”

“C’mon, Ron, let’s get you home before you hurt yourself again,” Hermione sighed, her expression beyond exasperated.

It wasn’t until after she’d disappeared into one of the giant floo fireplaces with her two friends that Severus finally realized that he still did not know what she had meant to show him.

Or if he’d ever see her again.

“Come on, Severus,” Minerva said, clapping him heartily on the shoulder, “you’re free to leave now, or did you forget while you were mooning like a lovesick teenager over your dance partner?”

“I was not mooning!” Severus snapped, pulling away from her in a huff.

“Your lovesick expression says otherwise!” Minerva called out from behind him.

“She’s far too young!” Severus shot back. “It’d be disgusting.”

“You know what’s disgusting?” Minerva asked. “People who hide behind faulty logic to avoid their feelings.”

“HAH!” Snape practically yelled. “Perhaps I prefer logic! Logic is safe. Feelings are for dunderheads!”

He finally reached the border of the wards and Apparated away, his ears still burning with embarrassment as they picked up the sound of Minerva’s knowing laughter echoing through the cold night air after him.

“You didn’t have to stay for the after-party to get the monetary incentive for this award,” Minerva mused, handing him a glass of sparkling cider. “And yet here you are. And in some rather new-looking and well-tailored attire at that. Curiouser and curiouser.”

“You do know what they say about curiosity and cats, MInerva,” Severus replied with a sniff.

“Don’t be such a drama queen,” Minerva replied. “You’re merely feeling a bit twitterpated, is all. It’s not the end of the world.”

“That still remains to be seen,” Severus quipped back dryly.

A rather handsome wizard appeared, bowed, and reached out his hand. “May I have this dance, Mademoiselle McGonagall?” he said, his voice thick with a prominent accent.

“Oh, it’s been years since I’ve been a Mademoiselle,” Minerva giggled. “I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for your Miss Granger on the dance floor, Severus.”

“She is not my Miss Granger,” Severus growled irritably.

“That remains to be seen,” Minerva replied with a wave as she was whisked off to the dance floor.

In the end, though he diligently searched for her, she found him again. He turned, trying to force himself not to grin like an idiot when he saw her standing there, her eyes sparkling.

“Hello again,” she said. “Are you…okay?”

“Why do you say that?” he asked.

“You look sort of like you’re in…pain?” She tilted her head slightly and he had to bite his tongue not to make an embarrassing squeeing noise.

“Oh, I’m quite all right,” he managed to grit out, “You know how it is.”

“Actually, I’m glad that we both decided to stick around. I’d hoped we could have another dance.” Hermione blushed and Severus tried to avoid locking his knees. It would not do to keel over in front of her, after all.

“Indeed,” he replied, taking her hand and trying to mirror what he’d seen other wizards with proper etiquette training do.

“I must  admit, I am looking forward to it,” he said, twirling her around gently, not daring to look her in the eye when he said it.

“Oh?” she asked.

“The…thing you mentioned…that I helped you with?” Severus wanted to disappear into his shoes. He’d been practically obsessing about it for the past few weeks, but he’d had very little luck guessing at what it could be.  But what if he was overreacting? Blowing things out of proportion? Hermione seemed to be humoring him with her smile and her sparkling eyes, but what if she-

“Well, while we’re admitting things, I was a bit intimidated by you at first,” Hermione admitted, cutting off Severus’ frenzied thoughts instantly, “but now that I’m talking to you, I feel rather silly about having been afraid.  You’ve definitely changed for the better, Severus.”

Severus could feel his cheeks flushing at the sound of his name. Normally, he disliked how harsh his first name sounded when spoken aloud, but Hermione made it sound beautiful.

“What about your two male cohorts?” Severus asked, trying not to let any overt malice enter his voice. He did not want them to interrupt yet again.

He’d seen the headlines earlier that year regarding the big, public fight that had ensued after Weasley had asked for Hermione’s hand in marriage, and she’d refused politely, citing her desire to continue her studies before settling down. Potter, on the other hand, was determined to force Severus to join his happy family, much to Severus’ dismay.  He sent letters, cards, and even tried to visit his house from time to time.  Severus had become very skilled in the art of pretending that he was never home.

“Oh, they’ve been up in the VIP room for ages,” Hermione replied, gesturing to the stairs that wound up on the side of the room and opened up into some sort of second floor atrium with charmed glass windows that shone brightly with magic so that the people on the other side could see out but no one could see in. “That’s where all the good food is, and they don’t make you dance.”

Severus glared up at the windows, as though he’d be able to see into them if he did so, but they remained opaque.

“Harry has a hard time going out in public without either being assaulted by rabid fans or attacked by people who want to be the one to kill the guy who killed Voldemort.”

Severus winced at the name out of habit though his arm did not actually hurt when she said it, thanks to his patented Cursed Wound Salve.  He’d begun work on it immediately after he’d realized that his cursed snake bite and the faded Dark Mark still had some residual power left in them that left him with debilitating pain, especially when the weather changed.  It had taken him almost a year to perfect it, but after he had finally erased the lingering reminders of the two biggest mistakes of his life, he’d slept soundly ever since.

The song finally ended, and he found himself being led easily by Hermione out to a balcony where they could be alone.

“Don’t worry,” Hermione assured him, “This won’t take long.”

She grinned at him conspiratorily, and before he knew it, he found himself smiling back at her.  This revelation made him blush, which made him feel increasingly out of his depth. Then, she pulled out her wand, warding the doors shut and turning back to him.

Instinctively, Severus felt his fingers itch to curl around his own wand. He didn’t like being backed into a corner without an escape route, even though his bloody heart was shouting at him to shut up and stop being so goddamn suspicious all the time.

“I’m sorry,” Hermione said, noticing his discomfort, “but it was necessary…I don’t want anyone to disturb us.”

She pulled her arm out of her sleeve until she was bare up to her shoulder and showed him the clean flesh on her upper arm. “During the war, Bellatrix tortured me and carved a word with a cursed knife right here, but thanks to your salve, it’s completely gone.  It…it really helped me heal in more than one way.”

Severus immediately felt guilty about all of the amorous thoughts that he’d been harboring.  Here he was, looking at her like a regular letch and she had just wanted to show him how well his potion had worked.


“You can touch it if you’d like,” Hermione said, indicating the soft skin on the side of her upper arm.  The way she looked at him was pure sex, and Severus had to stomp on his other foot with one dragonhide boot to refrain from doing as she’d said.

“Actually, I would like to cast a diagnostic spell, if you would let me,” he replied thickly, pulling out his wand and waiting for her reply. The truth was, he didn’t trust himself to touch her. It was too dangerous. It was already dangerous enough to look.

She nodded.

He cast the spell, moving his wand over the length of her arm, marveling at how there was not even a trace of the curse left over. Without thinking, he gently placed his fingers against her skin and ran them over the space she’d indicated earlier.  Her skin was soft and whole.  

“Beautiful,” he breathed again, this time not bothering to apologize.  It was, after all, true.

Hermione let out a soft noise, something between a purr and a sound of agreement. When Severus looked up at her face, he noticed that her pupils had blown wide as she watched his fingers sliding against her supple, silken skin.

“Also,” she said shyly, “I used it on this one as well, and it…well…I hope you don’t mind me showing you…”

This time, she seemed to hesitate before moving to unbutton her plain brown robes down to her waist. Pulling them to the side enough to show a flash of her bra and her sun-kissed skin underneath, Severus inhaled sharply.

The massive scar- the one he’d helped Madam Pomfrey heal after that horrible night in the Hall of Prophecies- it was-

“Gone,” he said, his voice cracking slightly. His fingers reached out as though of their own accord, to touch the space between her breastbone where the thick cord of cursed scar tissue had been. This time, as he traced his fingers against the softness of her skin, she shivered with delight and made a soft panting noise, obviously enjoying his attention.

“You have to understand,” Hermione gasped, “I wanted to write you a letter and leave it at that, but I couldn’t…I had to…I had to see you…let you…”

“Hermione,” Severus bent forward, his breath clouding against Hermione’s cheek, “I…I do not think it is wise for me to keep doing this.”

She angled her head up so that his breath came hot against her lips, which were as flushed as her cheeks. “And why is that, Severus?”

He shivered to hear his name said in such a way. “Because…I…I want to…I…”

Hermione nudged her way upwards until her lips nearly touched his. “But what if I told you that I wanted you to?”

Severus was inordinately glad for the ward on the door behind them as he firmly pressed his lips against her with a moan loud enough to warrant casting a Muffliato for good measure.  Her fingers curled around his hips gently and he sagged into her, letting her pull him against her with a sigh of need. Trailing kisses down her neck, her ran his tongue against the naked skin of her arm in the place that Bellatrix had marked so cruelly.   Hermione kissed him everywhere she could reach as he kissed her, holding her tightly as he did so.  There was something about her that had drawn him in from the beginning, but here, now, it was a lesson in holding back against his overwhelming desire to take her then and there.

Her fingers were sliding down the slight gap around the waist of his trousers and he moaned loudly into her mouth at the pleasure this brought him. Even with his long, imposing robes, he always wore trousers underneath, but at the moment, he was very much regretting having them.

“If we don’t stop soon…it might go too far,” he panted, as she began undoing the buttons at his neck.

“I don’t care,” she replied ardently, “This may be my only chance to see you…to properly…to let you know that I…”

She kissed him firmly and pulled away with great effort. “I’ve read all of your papers. They’re brilliant. Your potion for cursed scars saved my body, but it also saved my mind. I was having flashbacks, nightmares, pain…it was hell.  Anyone who can make such an amazing item and sell it at such a modest fee is someone I can’t help but feel for, especially in light of…everything.”

“Well, then, let me prepare a rebuttal,” Severus replied. “You are gorgeous.” He kissed her nose. “You are kind.” He kissed her cheeks. “You are smart.” He kissed her lips. “And you are a force to be reckoned with.” He kissed her chest above where her heart lay. “I came to this damnable function because I needed to see you again. I would be an utter dunderhead if I walked away from all of that in the name of propriety.”

With that, he kissed her mouth deeply, his mind going blank with pleasure.   Behind them, the clock began to strike midnight and Hermione mewled with delight underneath him.

“Shall we?” Severus asked, pulling away, his wand at the ready.

“Oh, yes, please,” Hermione replied, her eyes half lidded.

His heart hammered in his chest as he grabbed her tightly around the waist and they Disapparated just as the last stroke of midnight faded away.

Harry Hook - “Decisions”

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Request: “heeey could u make a harry imagine with #114 and #209? like the reader wants to go to auradon and they start fighting but everything ends fluffy 💟💟 keep up the good work”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: Fighting, slight jealousy, and sexy makeouts (No smut though)

“Just let me know your decision by tomorrow, Y/N.” Ben smiled as you gave him a friendly hug. 

“I will, thank you so much for the opportunity. I really appreciate it.” You smiled as you broke the embrace. 

He nodded with a smile and went back over to his spot with Mal. You now held in your hands a letter of welcoming from Auradon Prep. 

Ben had begun selecting new students from the Isle to come back with him to Auradon once the fighting had stopped. You were completely ecstatic.

 Being a complete science nerd, you loved learning and while the Isle had good schools, it wasn’t even close to what Auradon Prep offered. 

“Congratulations, Y/N!” Carlos exclaimed once he saw the parchment in your hands. 

“Thanks Carlos.” You smiled widely. 

“Harry must be so proud of you, huh?” He smiled referring to your boyfriend. Your eyes widened as you came to the realization: You had to tell him.

“I haven’t told him yet actually.” You admitted softly, a sad expression reflecting on your face. 

“I’m sure he’ll react great, don’t worry about it.” He said patting your shoulder and bounding off to join in a conversation with Jay. 

How were you supposed to do this? “Hey, I’m going across the sea to a place I’d promised I’d never want to go!” He wouldn’t take it lightly, you knew that.

As you made your way through the crowded ship, you attempted to replay the words to say once you saw Harry, but you couldn’t bring yourself to find any kind of right way to say it. 

Once you got to his door, you began to feel nervous as you held the letter. With a soft knock, you were invited into the surprisingly neat room. “Hey, Y/N.” Harry smiled placing a tender kiss on your lips. 

You kissed back, glad for the comfort that these moments always gave you comfort. “Whatcha got there, love?” He smirked snatching the paper from your hands in a quick motion. 

“Harry don’t!” You exclaimed, but he already had the letter in his grasp. You watched hesitantly as he read it over, his expression turning harsh. 

“You aren’t actually going, are you?” He asked finally looking at you. 

“I was going to think about it. Ben needs my decision by tomorrow.” You said moving closer to him. 

“What’s to think about, Y/N? Those people hate us, even with Ben trying to protect us. It isn’t worth it!” He said getting significantly more upset. 

“This is an amazing opportunity for me Har. Auradon has an amazing science program and I could really excel.” You sighed trying to calm him down. 

“And what about us, huh? What’s gonna happen when you meet a fancy prince who’s rich and can give you more than I can?” He exclaimed loudly. 

Your eyes widened. “Harry, you know I love you. Only you!” You were angry now, how could he be so insensitive to the situation? 

“You know what? I’m leaving.” Harry scowled getting up to go to the door. You stepped in front of the door menacingly blocking the exit.

 “Don’t you dare walk away from me!”

“We can work something out, okay?” You soothed calming down a bit. He ran a hand through his hair and nodded, trying to understand.

 “Hey, look at me.” You smiled softly grabbing his face and moving it so you could look into his eyes. 

“You are the most amazing person I have ever met, okay?” You started a smile appearing on your face. “And nothing in that school of royals could ever change my feelings for you.” You finished kissing him lightly on the jaw. 

You chuckled at the slight moan that fell from his lips.

 “Again.” He breathed softly. 

 “How about you make me, Hook.” You smirked releasing him from your embrace swiftly.

 A familiar look appeared in his eyes as he pushed you against the wall and began to attack your neck with light kisses, making you giggle.

 “I love you, Y/N.” Harry muttered pulling away from your neck and placing a similar kiss on your jaw.

 “I know.” You smirked while kissing his cheekbone.

Daisies and Sword Fights

(this is the first fic I’ve written in about 8 or so years, so do forgive me if it’s terrible lol. ) A ThorinxReader 

    You have met the dwarves the night the company came to stay with Master Baggins. From the moment you saw their rambunctious and charming behavior, you knew that if you could, you would definitely join the company with Bilbo. It took most of the night to have Thorin Oakenshield, leader of the company and King under the mountain, to allow you to come along. Both Gandalf and you had told him of what help you​ could be and after many long hours of arguing, he reluctantly agreed. 

    As you traveled you made friends with most of he company. You loved Fili and Kili’s playfulness, joking with them often. You had also become acquainted with Ori, the scribe enjoying the talks you had together and asked you many questions. Bombur enjoyed cooking meals with you, and you would talk about exchanging recipes once Erebor was retaken. 

    After your first fight with the trolls, you began training with anyone who would let you, hoping to get better with the few weapons you had. Luck was on your side though, having found a sword your size in the trolls nasty cave. Dealing was your main teacher,strict and firm, but gave kind encouragement seeing your dedication to get better. 

    During your travels you found yourself drawn to the King, seen his bravery and his dedication to the quest. You’ve come to admire him and even possibly love him. For his broody moodiness and those small chances when you’ve seen a teeny smile beneath the scowl. His strong will and caring nature. While it was hard to get along some times, he really tried his best, you supposed. 

   After fighting off goblins,running into orcs and Azog, then making it across plains on giant eagles, Gandalf had brought you the the home of a shape-shifter. You had run from his animal form, locking yourselves in during the night as he roamed and tried to get in. Most of the company had gone to bed at some point late into the night, but you, Gandalf and Thorin were still awake. You watched the door, as the other two conversed about the issue soon ahead. It was hours, about Dawn when the shape-shifter, Beorn, finally back into his home. He was ginormous, intimidating, but you planned on talking with him later that day to try and help. The three of you finally lie down after you here the quiet coming from the direction of Beorn’s room. 

    You woke up later, before everyone else. Your dreams had been filled with nothing but orcs and goblins and prevented you from sleeping to long. You found Beorn in the kitchen,sitting at the table enjoying his breakfast served by many different animals all carrying trays and what not. You greeted him and ask if you could join him before sitting down. He explained his dislike for dwarves calling them greedy and selfish. You shared with him your adventures and how​ the company had come to love you and even protect you. You explained how they all helped you learn and accepted you as a member of the company. He admired your honesty and kind words and allows your company to stay in his home for a few days. 

   Two days had passed and you had spent most of your time in the wild flower fields enjoying watching the giant bees work and the quiet of your surroundings, something you needed after all that you’d been through. 

    You then noticed you hadn’t really trained in a few days, and thought it was not a good idea to slack off. You sat for a few moments more and soon found a way to fix that. You get up and make your way back towards the house.You find your company leader stoic and in thought on the porch at the front of the house. You approached him slowly, admiring how his hair fell gracefully off his shoulders but felt a pang of sadness at how tense he seamed to be. You cleared your throat to get his attention. He looks up with a glare; even coming out of his thoughts his brooding never stops. Once he notices it’s you, his face softens a little, yet the look persists. He waits for you to speak first. 

    “I don’t mean to bother you, but I noticed how tense you had become from sitting here so long and I wanted to suggest something.. if you don’t mind.” You speak hesitantly as you watched his facial expression changes from irritation to mild curiosity and he nods for you to continue.

    “I wanted to ask… well.. As I’m sure you’ve noticed I have been working hard training to be a better fighter. “You pause for a moment to take a deep breath and encourage yourself on. He bore into you with his intense crystal blue eyes.

   ” I’ve gotten help from almost everyone I could and you are the only one I have yet to get advice from. I was rather curious if you wouldn’t mind sparing with me?“ You felt ridiculous, as if you were just rambling on and on. He looked at you surprised and considered it for a long moment. Just when your nerves had gotten the best of you and you were ready to tell him to forget it, he nods. 

    “That does seem like a logical idea. I must warn you i will not go easy on you.” He informs you, smirking. “I never expected you to.” You reply before quickly grabbing your sword and walking in silence the rest of the way, heading in the direction of the flower fields. 

    You both stop there in the middle of the field, having much room to move about. You step a foot or two away from each other and draw your weapons. You both get into a fighting stance, but make no move. For a moment you just stare into the others eyes, not as if you were going to fight, but as if you were seeing each other for the first time in the light of the slowly setting sun.

    The moment is ended as Thorin suddenly lunges at you and you barely have time to block him. You jump back, then forward again, making to strike his side, but the attack is quickly turned against you. As the sounds of metal on metal rind out over the quiet hills, members of the company come out to watch.        

    Fili and Kili watch in awe and confusion as Bilbo soon comes up behind them. He looks between the two and the fight and becomes puzzled by their expressions. 

    “What’s the matter?” He asks them both. 

   “Uncle has never looked like this before..“Fili stated, eyes wide.

    “It’s as if they are dancing and not fighting.” Kili comments and Bilbo turns to observe this. The two are indeed dancing, movements completely in sync with the occasional step out of order which causes the on lookers gasp as they duck and cover out of the way. 

    Thorin and you sparred for what seemed like hours, while it had only been maybe one. You were becoming fatigued, tired from the amount of effort you had begun putting into your swings. Thorin noticed this and went for your feet, causing you to panic and jump, which gave him the opportunity to hit you square in the chest knocking you down to the ground. You were shocked and stared up at him and he placed his sword to your throat. You turned your head only a little and smiled pulling a hand full of flowers from your side. You looked at them a moment before holding them up to him.

    “I surrender. You were a truly worthy opponent. “You say, lowering his sword, he started at the flowers, a small blush forming on his cheeks and surprise in his eyes. You slowly stand up and gesture the flowers for him to take once more.

    "Do you not like daisies?” You ask and he quickly takes then from you. Glancing at you quizzically.“ You do understand what I’m offering right?” Suddenly a real smile appears on his face, and he laughs. 

    “Of course I do! I just had no idea you saw me like that.” He looked embarrassed and looked back at the house, noticing the crowd that had congregated to watch them fight. He turns to you again. “Now allow me to answer..” He takes a small part of your hair and began braiding it. You watched has his hands worked quickly and soon he was pulling a bead from his own hair and placing it in yours. You beamed at him and let your hand run over the braid a few times, feeling it’s intricate weaves and the details on the bead. Then, in a moment of you give a small scream of excitement and grab thorin, both hands on his cheeks and pull him in for a kiss, catching him completely off guard. He soon recovers and kisses you back before pulling away placing his forehead on yours, smiling happily for the first time. You hear mixed reactions and turn to see the company both cheering and groaning as coin pouches are tossed between a few members. Both you and Thorin just laugh and shake your heads. 

 (And that’s it! I hope it wasn’t to awfully terrible! Ps:not my gif, credit to owner)

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a/n : just want to thank @simplyaroha for helping me with the ending. I hopeeeeee you readers like thisssss hehehehh.

You have been friends with Moonbin for a long time, he was once your neighbour down the street when you were younger. Whenever you’re bored and had nothing to do at home, you would go over to Moonbin’s place to hangout or you both would go out together. After Moonbin moved away, you were unable go over to his place to hangout, like old times, however Moonbin made sure that both of you won’t lose the friendship by frequently meeting up.

Recently, Moonbin texted you to join him and his friends out to a carnival this weekend. You hesitated at first as you did not know how his friends would be like. You were the type of person who is really shy and awkward when meeting new people. After Moonbin constant persuasion, you gave in and agreed to go on this trip with him and meet his friends for the first time. Moonbin assured you that his friends aren’t bad, and that their actually really nice and friendly.

Days went by fast and the weekends are finally here. Moonbin texted you to get ready at 12 he would be fetching you to the carnival. He’s friends will also be meeting him at the carnival. You told Moonbin that he do not have to fetch you there but he refused to listen and insisted on meeting you at your place first. Thinking of an outfit to wear, you picked out a dark purple crop t-shirt matching it with a demin jacket and jeans. After changing, you went to grab your bag for the day and went downstairs, “mmm 11:50am, maybe I should grab something to munch on first”. You went over to the fridge grabbing a chocolate bar and an oreo cupcake , you decided to pass the oreo cupcake to Moonbin as it is his favourite snack.

At 12 o’clock sharp, the doorbell rang. Your mum headed towards the door but you stopped her, telling her it’s just Moonbin and you’ll be heading out with him today. When you opened the door, you see Moonbin standing there wearing a dark red t-shirt with jeans. He had a smile on his face looking happy and excited seeing you. He leaned in to give you a hug and you return one, since young you’ve been this close so it feels normal hugging him back. “This is for you, I found it in my fridge and I guess you would want it” you passed him an oreo cupcake. He thanked you while eating the cupcake as you head out locking the door behind you.

The carnival wasn’t far from your place despite having to take a train over. As you were reaching the carnival, you see many people crowd around the venue with excitement written on their faces, mostly family, friends and tourist. Following Moonbin, you looked around trying to guess which ones are his friends. While looking around, you saw 5 guys wearing different coloured t-shirts laughing and joking together. You guessed those were Moonbin’s friends because of their happy attitude. When you realised Moonbin is indeed walking towards them, you suddenly begin to feel small and shy.

“Hey!!! guys!!” Moonbin yelled while walking towards them, grabbing all of their attention as they face towards Moonbin and you.

“Wahhh hyung! You’re finally here, do you know how much I wanted to abandon you for the rides?” the guy with a yellow t-shirt said.

“Dongsaeng-ah, don’t be like this” MoonBin replied.

You stood there feeling awkward, not knowing any one of them as Moonbin greeted them with those guy handshakes. Moonbin turned towards you before saying,“ guys, this is y/n”.

The 5 boys turned their attention to you, “Ahhh, so you’re the girl that Moonbin kept talking about. Do you know how much Moo-” one of the boys spoke up.

“Yahhh, hyung !!” Moonbin shouted while trying to cover his friend’s mouth. The other 4 boys were laughing at the scene, as you felt your cheeks redden. “Moonbin talked about me to his friends?” you thought to yourself. 

Once the laughter died down, the boys started introducing themselves. “Hi y/n, I’m Eunwoo” Eunwoo introduced as he was wearing a light blue t-shirt, “and the person who’s wearing green t-shirt is JinJin, yellow t-shirt is Sanha, dark blue t-shirt is Rocky and orange t-shirt is MJ”

After they introduced themselves, you and the boys begin heading towards the ticket entry. The carnival had a ferris wheel, roller coaster, different rides -like the pirate ship and a haunted house, game booths and food stalls. There were drink carts around too! The guys decided to enter the haunted house first, you weren’t really scared of haunted houses so going in there was fine for you. The seats on the ride were 2 by 2 so the guys decided to play rock paper scissors to decide who seats with who. Moonbin asked if he could sit with you however they insisted you should play too, so you can be more comfortable with them and not feel left out. 

You end up being paired with MJ, as you entered the haunted house, a strong wind from the side gushed out shocking you and MJ as he screamed. Looking at MJ’s reaction, you giggled. However after the second time MJ screamed, you couldn’t hold your laughter and begin laughing at him. After the ride was over you were still laughing as MJ, his face looking pale and frighten. As you entered the gift shop, you scared MJ by jumping out behind the pillars. Everyone laughed except for Moonbin, his expression was cold and hard as if he was mad at you or something. You stopped laughing and asked if he’s alright however he just shake it off by saying he is.

Next, you and the guys went on the roller coaster with the same partner. While the roller coaster was ascending upwards, MJ turned towards you and said, “you know Moon bin kept talking about you”
“…I didn’t know that, he probably miss his old hometown” you mention not trying to feel shock about it, “maybe” was the last thing MJ said as it reaches the top. You were unsure by what he means by ‘maybe’ but you were too busy screaming your lungs out as the roller coaster goes downwards. You felt the  adrenaline feeling as the wind gushed towards your face making your hair fly everywhere. MJ was screaming his lungs out too while lifting his hands up in the air. After the rides over, you cant help smiling and laughing at how fun the ride was. You and MJ started talking about how fun the ride was and how other roller coasters can’t be compared to this ride.

“Why don’t you two go on it again since it’s soo fun” Moonbin interrupted, his voice filled of sarcasm.

“Hyung, you okay? you sound unhappy” Sanha asked as Rocky nod his head agreeing.

“Yeah, what’s up Bin” this time it was eunwoo who asked.

“You aren’t acting like yourself” JinJin stated.

“ It’s nothing.” Moonbin replied in a monotinus tone.

“Doesn’t sound like nothing” Rocky replied. Eunwoo looked at MJ and Sanha but they shrug their shoulders in respond.

Suddenly JinJin asked Moonbin “ Are you jealous that y/n kept laughing and pairing up with MJ??” with a smirk on his face. Waiting for a responds, Moonbin kept quiet while looking at the ground. 

“So… I’m right !” JinJin laughed as Sanha shouted “MOON BIN LIKES Y/N~~ ” in a singing voice. Moonbin’s cheeks begin turning red, same goes to mine, as he chased Sanha.

After chasing Sanha around, Moonbin came back telling us that he’s going to get a drink. He left before anyone could mention a word. “I’ll go too” you said, telling the boys before running off to catch up with Moonbin.

“Moon Bin ! wait up ! I’ll follow you” You shouted loud enough for Moonbin to hear as he stopped and waited.

Walking to the drink stall was awkward as you and Moonbin did not talk to each other.  Reaching the drinks stall, Moonbin asked you to wait one side as he went to order drinks. You found a place to sit along the side while waiting for Moonbin to come back. Siting there, you begin to wonder what to say to stop the awkwardness around you and Moonbin since this has never happened before. Moon bin came back with 2 drinks in his hand, he ordered a cherry apple blend for himself and an ice blended grape juice for you.

“So-” “So-” , you and Moonbin both said at the same time.

“You first” you said, not wanting to start the topic first.

“ohh okay, well…Sorry for being cold towards you just now” Moonbin replied.

“Noo, I’m sorry for not talking much to you since we entered the carnival” you said apologetically.

Moonbin sighed, “Don’t apologise, you’re not the one that was throwing a temper just now…..”

After hearing that, you looked down at your fingers fidgeting on your lap,you continued feeling guilty that Moonbin always not putting the blame on you even if you are in the wrong.

“Hey,Y/N” Moonbin called however you were deeply in your thoughts.

Without realising, Moon bin stood up and walked over to you. He held your chin, lifting it upwards facing him. He looked straight into your eyes with sincere concern making your stomach filled with butterflies. That’s the exact feeling your mother described you on how she felt when she was in love with your father in her younger days. You had never thought about your feelings for Moon Bin until today, after all it had just happened.

“Y/N, it will never be your fault. Okay?” Moon bin said with sincerity.

“Why are you always putting the blame on yourself when it’s not, Moonbin?”

“I will never do it to the girl I like” 

You stared at him blankly as you repeatedly blink your eyes, not believing what you’ve heard. “Girl that you like….?” you repeated.

Moon bin’s eyes widened. He looked away from you while mumbling to himself “snapwhatdidisaytoherno”

Looking at how flustered Moonbin was, you smiled goofily to yourself as you took your grape juice and sipped saying, “ Ilikeyoutoo”

Hearing that Moonbin turned his head to you in a flash, “Say it againhe asked

You quickly stood up taking his drink and pushed it into his hands, “Too bad if you didn’t catch it”, sticking your tongue at him. Suddenly a voice interrupted the both of you. “Binn, can we sit the Transformers ride already? We’ve been waiting forever for you two” Eunwoo came up from behind and asked.

Moon Bin looked at Eunwoo for a while before replying, “Wait Two minutes okay?” Eunwoo nod his head slowly, “Alright, I’ll tell the rest, hurryy okay” 

Right when Eunwoo walked back to the boys, Moonbin nudged you in the elbow, “Say it”.

“ It ” You replied laughing while running back to the boys. When Moonbin caught you, he sling an arm over your shoulders. “I’m not letting you leave my side” Moonbin whispered in your ear as he winked at you making you blush furiously.

“ So you guys together now?” JinJin said while wiggling his eyebrows pointing towards you and Moonbin, making everyone laugh as you blushed. From that day onwards, you and Moon bin started dating.

Love Letter ~ Draco Malfoy imagine

It was a sunny day at Hogwarts; students lounged about in their dorms and common rooms, preparing to watch the big quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin.

You were leaning against the rails of the astronomy tower, looking up at the sky with your best friend, Draco Malfoy.

Yes, Draco Malfoy.

You and Draco had been best friends since you were partnered up in potions during your first year, and even though you were a Gryffindor, you both were still as close as two friends could be.

However, you had been harboring the biggest crush on him for a very long time. You always wanted to tell him, but you would end up talking yourself out of it every time.

But, this time, you had a plan.

“Are you nervous for today?” You asked, looking over at Draco who stood next to you.

“Of course, not! We are going to destroy the Gryffindors today,” Draco said with a proud smile on his face.

You jokingly glared at him.

“No offense,” he said sheepishly, still smiling.

“None taken, you arse,” you teased, nudging his arm. He let out a chuckle and looked back up at the sky. After a few moments of silence, he finally spoke.

“Well, I better go get ready. I’ll see you after the game, alright?”

“Okay. Break a leg, Malfoy,” you smirked, pulling him into a hug.

After you had let go, Draco had held on a few seconds longer…

~After the game~

The game had ended and Gryffindor had won the match. Draco searched for your face in the crowd, but couldn’t find you.

Just before he was about to leave the field, a girl, who he had seen you hang out with a few times, ran up to him.

“Take this,” she said, handing him a folded piece of parchment.

“What is this?” He asked, giving her a weird look.

“Just take it!” she insisted, placing the note in his hand before walking off.

He unfolded the parchment and saw that it was a letter.

Written by you.

It read:

“Dear Draco,

I assume the game went well; I spent most of the match writing this letter, but I’m sure you played brilliantly. Now, I wrote this letter because I don’t have the confidence to say this stuff in person. I get really nervous around you so I guess this is the best way to tell you.

So, here goes.

I like love you.

When I’m with you, I feel happy. You make me laugh and you’re always there when I need you.

After the match, I’m going to be in the astronomy tower; if you wanna talk, come meet me. If you don’t…

I’ll have my answer.



You sat against a wall in the astronomy tower, hoping Draco would show. It’s been a while since the game ended, and you started to think he wasn’t going to show.

You let out a sigh and stood up.

You began to make your way to the stairs, when suddenly, you saw Draco at the top step. A small smile began to form on your face.

“I was beginning to think you had gotten freaked out and weren’t gonna show,” you breathed, gazing up at him.

“Yeah, I’m sorry, I just…” He sighed, looking down at his shoes. “I wrote something, too.” Draco handed you a folded parchment.

You opened it up, but before you read it, you handed it back. “Read it to me,” you said.

“Okay…” He looked down at the paper.

“(Y/N), I read your note, and I had no idea you felt that way… If I had known, I-” he stopped.

“Are you okay?” You asked, placing a hand on his shoulder.

He was silent. He just kept looking at the paper. Suddenly, he crumpled it up and looked up at you.

“Draco-” Before you could finish your sentence, Draco pressed his lips against yours. You were stiff for a moment; you were actually kissing him!

You melted into the kiss as he placed one hand on your cheek while the other held your hand. Tingles ran down your spine and you felt as if the whole world was still around you.

When you both pulled away, you began to blush while a smile crept on your face.

“Sorry, I figured this would be better than just reading how I felt off the letter,” he smirked, brushing your cheek with his thumb.

“Definitely,” you smiled, pulling him into another kiss.

~The End~
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Rudely Interrupted - Brandon Mashinter

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Helloooo!  So I swear I’ve never heard of this guy before but he’s a BABE!  I hope you guys all like how this turned out! Let me know what you think! Much love pals! <3

Word count: 887

Warnings: couple swear words, some steam but not full smut

Request: “Could you write something for Brandon Mashinter where he and the reader are “celebrating” and it gets somewhat steamy but before anything happens they’re walked in on by some of his teammates?” - @fuckingshiteater

Up next: Leon Draisaitl


“WOOOO!” you cheered from the box with the other wives and girlfriends.  The Blackhawks had just finished a road trip and after winning this game, had ended up with a seven game winning streak.  And Brandon had scored tonight’s winning goal so that was just icing on top of the cake.  You hadn’t seen him in a couple weeks and after all the success he had, you figured the two of you could celebrate privately at home.

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Imagine going to a bar with the guys and Baz gets jealous that a guy keeps flirting with you

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It was a good day, the boys had just come back from a job, not much of a pull but enough to get you all by for a little while until you found the next big job for them to pull. As a way of celebration, it was decided that you were all going to go to a bar downtown.

It was a nice place, albeit quite busy. Music was loud and the drinks were good, and there was no shortage of people for the guys to hit on. Baz acted as a wingman for Pope for a while, trying to get him laid for the night. It wasn’t going very well as it seemed most of the girls wanted Baz instead, at least he was smart enough to turn them away. Craig was loudly singing some karaoke with a handful of girls, all of whom were blatantly trashed. Deran was leaning against the bar not far from you talking with a girl that seemed to have some class.

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Thank you! Thank you very much!’ Aaron said bowing slightly when the music faded out ‘So the next song means very much too me. It played in many important situations in my life like road trips and dancing in my underwear in kitchen’ he smiled ‘But the reason why all of them were so important was because of one person’ the crowd cheered making Aaron look down with a big smile. They knew who he was talking about. ‘Who unfortunately…. couldn’t be here tonight’ he took a deep breath and tried to cover that his smile faltered ‘But I’m gonna sing it today anyway! To be closer to her….Jesus this was cheesy…’ he laughed and pinched the bridge of his nose. ‘Alright! Alright!’ he raised his hands and silenced the crowd ‘Okay without further ado… Blonde hair blowing in the summer wind A blue eyed girl playing in the sand…’ he started singing and the musicians had a hard time getting through the cheers.

Aaron clasped the microphone and closed his eyes. He remembered every time he had heard this song with you. It was played on promenade next to the beach where he met you. He heard it playing through your door when he came to invite you on a first official date and his hand were sweating. It was the song both of you sung on top of your lungs while driving and the song that was a background noise in the morning when he asked you to move in with him. He heard it multiply times when you sung it in the shower or hummed mindlessly during evenings when both of you layed in bed. It was the song that when played loudly always ended up with you twirled by him on a dance floor or you sung it in obnoxiously loud duet only in your underwear while cooking. It was a good song. Your song.

Yet you weren’t here today to hear it. 

He knew it wasn’t your fault. You had to go to London because of your work. He had his job, you had yours and he understood that. The only problem was that he hadn’t seen you for three months. Both your schedules were so busy that you could barely find time to talk for longer than a half of hour. Add time-zones to the mix. But you always managed to communicate. There was always a good night phone call from both of you when you knew the other went to bed and you both woke up to detailed e-mails describing each others days if you couldn’t talk it through. It was hard but you managed.

You had called him before he went on stage and told him how proud you were but he still couldn’t help that there was only one face he really wanted to see in sold out Irving Plaza and his heart ached a little bit when you were nowhere to be seen. 

Aaron opened his eyes and looked at the crowd. People were singing with him, filming and dancing. He couldn’t help but smile and get more into his rock star role he simply adored. 

‘Ain’t we all just runaways I knew it when I met you I’m not gonna let you
’he sung but his voice faltered when he looked to the left ‘I knew it when’ a laugh bubbled from his throat and he covered his mouth for a while, the biggest smile making its way on his face ‘I held you’ he continued but everyone notice that something was off. But he only looked at his left where you stood laughing and singing along. When you saw him staring at you you waved and mouthed to come back to singing pointing at the crowd‘I wasn’t letting go’ he finished. The music kept playing when he looked at the crowd ‘I’m sorry I’m so sorry….just…give me a second…I…one second’ he said looking back at you. He nodded at the band to don’t stop and jumped from the stage quickly passing chairs to reach you.

What are you doing crazy?’ you laughed when he bumped into one of the sits and apologized profusely ‘Get back on stage I-’ you were cut by a pair of lips connecting with yours. It was sweet yet sure and longing.

You are here’ Aaron smiled placing his palms on your face 

Yes I am silly’ you said putting your hand on his wrist ‘I couldn’t miss it could I?’ this question earned you another short kiss. 

You’re staying?’ he asked his fingers rubbing small circles on your cheeks.

You nodded ‘I finished everything. I’m all yours’ he kissed you once again but this time it was stopped by cheers from crowd who finally noticed what was going on. You both turned in their direction. Aaron turned completely red and looked down at you.

Sorry’ he laughed when he saw all the phones pointed at you.

You don’t apologize me but get on this stage!’ you shouted pushing him lightly and slapping his butt ‘For luck!’ you giggled when he looked at you with mocked shock on his face. He quickly reached for your hand and pulled you for one more kiss before he jumped back on stage.

I’m so sorry for the small interruption but wow… today is definitely one of the best days of my life…I…Oh God’ he laughed and put his head in his hands ‘Sorry for lack of professionalism but I love you!’ he shouted to the microphone pointing at you ‘I love you and I missed you!’ crowd cheered and clapped. 

Aaron took the microphone from the stand and told the band to come back to the tunes he stopped at ‘ We used to look at the stars and confess our dreams hold each other till the morning light...’ 

You were definitely the one who shouted the loudest when he put his hands in the air and returned to his rock star role.

Your favourite rock star.

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this guy gives me chest pains….
>here< you can hear his performance of this song if you haven’t before