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Summary: Y/N starts to feel insecure about herself and Daniel is there is raise her up.

Disclaimer: All the things that are mentioned in this are words of fiction aka it’s not real. I’ve literally just made this up and as always credits to @kngniel for the gif

Member: Daniel from Wannaone x fem reader 

Rating: Smut/Fluff

Words: 1767

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Say Yes to the Dress

A/N: How about bridal shop AU? What happens when Tony spots a beautiful bride to be sitting on the dirty New York sidewalk? 

This is my submission for @yourtropegirl alternative coffee shop AU challenge.

Warnings: None cause I’ve never done anything wrong in my life. Tony will back me up on that.

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anonymous asked:

18, Reddie, highschool AU, Richie is really into art so he's always in the art room working on something new and Eddie really wants to learn more about him so he joins the art class. Thank you!

(Thanks for the cute prompt anon! Apologies for the delay, life’s been a little tough on my lately!)

Eddie Kaspbrak walked past the art room for the third time in the space of a week. He stopped just in the doorway, his eyes landing on the curly haired teen that was currently hunched over a table, scribbling vigorously. From where Eddie was standing, he could see that the teens fingers were covered in black charcoal and chalk, which meant he was working on a piece of art. Eddie bit down on his lower lip as he considered taking a step into the room and actually speaking to the boy. Richie Tozier his name was, Bill had informed him after cheerleading practice one day. Eddie hadn’t known how Bill had figured out about his crush, at least he didn’t until Bill explained that he had saw Eddie gawking at Richie when he was drawing on the bleachers during practice.

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Time After Time (Part 6a of 10)

Summary: AU. When the reader’s parents divorce, her mother moves her to a new town, right next door to Bucky Barnes. This is their love story.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,051

Warnings: language, fluff

A/N: I want you to picture your own face in the one part, smiling brightly. You’ll know what I mean.

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6a - 6b - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

Age 20

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Happy Birthday alliswell21!

Firstly, we want to apologize to @alliswell21 for the delay of her gift. We hope you had a lovely birthday on the 21st of October! To ad further cheer to your day, the wonderful @wildlyglittering has written a special Everlark fic just for you! We hope you enjoy it :)

Title: Into the Woods

Gift for: alliswell21

 Rating: M

 Trigger warnings: swearing, sexual situations

 Author’s note: I’m so sorry for the delay. I am an incredibly slow writer. Please slap my wrists for this one.

“Is that a Pumpkin Spice Latte,” murmured the voice, honeyed and low, in my ear, “or are you drinking the blood of your enemies?”

               “Ugh,” I made a sound of disgust and shrugged away from him, making sure my shoulder collided with his jaw as I moved. Great, I thought. Golden-douche is here. One hour without him was all I wanted today, just one solid hour. 

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More love than imagined

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x reader

Words: 1651

Warnings: Non really. Pretty happy. Possible fluff?

A/N: This is my first ever poly fic (or fic for that matter). I’m not polyamore so I was a bit out of my league. I hope you like it and if you decide to comment be nice.

Hamilton Poly!Hamsquad x reader

”Oh come on! You can’t simply be so oblivious to the fact that I basically did this all by myself!” you nudged Herc to his side earning a light groan from him and multiple laughters around boys. You were still a bit nervous around the boys. Polyamorous relationship was as foreign as the Chinese writing. You had decided to give it a chance.

5 months ago…

When you had first met the squad you were extremely nervous. You had first met John at the opening of your art exhibit at this little gallery in the heart of New York. He had heard about you from his co-worker and as an art enthusiast he had no second in thinking whether to go or not.

You had outshined at the opening and the speech you had prepared went perfectly. By the end of the night John was completely smitten. He came to you right before the end of the party and introduced himself all shy and blushy. He was adorable. You smiled at him and as he asked for your number you already had it ready written on a napkin.

You and John met the next day and as you were walking down the street with your freshly brewed coffees he had gathered enough courage to tell you his relationship status. Truthfully, you were a bit taken a back but you quickly recovered from that. You had always been open to everything and you quickly told John that it sounded nice. He granted you a big smile and asked if you wished to see his boyfriends. You were surprised (again) but agreed to meet them the next day at their apartment.

John’s POV

As I had told Y/N about my relationship with Lafayette, Hercules and Alexander. I was so nervous and I felt butterflies down to my stomach and I was just about to flee when she said that it sounded nice. I was overjoyed. I had told the boys about her and now she was so openly accepting. It felt amazing. Of course I knew that this didn’t mean anything yet but there was this one part of me that felt so certain. Lafayette had grown tired to hear my blabbering over Y/N so had asked me to bring her by.

We made to plans to meet at the apartment the next day and I was so excited that I basically skipped to home. I rushed the stairs up and opened the door as fast as I could ever had. “Hey!” I shouted from the door. I saw Laf and Alex were on the couch. Alex writing as usual on his laptop and Laf watching some French television series. “Hi. How was your day?” Alex asked without rising from his seat. “Amazing! We went to get coffees with Y/N and then we walked back to her atelje! I told her about us and she’s coming over tomorrow! I want you to meet her!” I chanted and gave Laf and Alex kisses to their cheeks as I was making my way towards the kitchen. “How did she take it?” Alex had raised his gaze from the screen now interested in the conversation. “She took it really well actually. To be honest I never doubted it. She is so nice and sweet!” I said and blushed a bit and quickly turned my back or the teasing would be endless. “She seems to be very nice from all that you have told us.” Laf said and I just hoped that tomorrow would go well. I hoped it so much.

Your POV, second person

You were nervously smoothing out your hem and held a bottle of chardonnay leaning against your hip. John had sent you their address. You had took a cab from your apartment. You walked the stairs up and gave the wood of the door a timid knock. I heard movement from inside and saw John open the door. He had a huge smile across his face and it mirrored itself on your face too. He leaned for a hug and you allowed it and gave him a hug. He squeezed you assuringly. You gave the room a scan and saw three men behind his shoulder. You parted and you gave him the bottle of wine. “Here. I thought I should bring something and I recalled that you said you liked chardonnay. This is my favourite” you smiled. “It is! I like this one too and so does Laf!” he seemed so excited that it made you smile even wider. You had always been quite nervous to meet new people. during the many years of art shows and other that kind of encounters you had gained some sort of confidence but with three pairs of unfamiliar eyes staring at you, you felt your confidence leaving your body. John took you by your hand and let you to those men.

“Hi.” You said timidly and waved a bit while your arms were close to your body. They gave you awkward smiles and held out their hands as you shook them. Alexander as he introduced himself was first and his hand shake was firm but gentle. “Hercules Mulligan, pleasure” said tall and muscular man and his eyes were kind and warm. ”Pleasure is all mine.” You said and gave him a warm smile. Lastly there was a tall, lean man. He was either stressed or pissed so your handshake was a bit more timid that with Hercules. “Lafayette.” He said with a very clear French accent. “Nice to meet you” you smiled and he smiled back. So he was stressed.

You arranged yourselves around the couch and placed snacks on the small table. The conversation went smoothly, they asked you about your art and you asked Hercules about his tailoring and Alexander about his writings. You felt relaxed and you enjoyed your time with the boys. They each made you laugh.


You had spent a month with the boys in the friendzone and during that time something happened to you. You had never even dreamed about falling in love with multiple persons at once and that was odd enough but you never thought that even one could love you but now you had four. Four amazing persons in love with you. You had no clue.

One night you decided to have a talk with the boys and without you knowing it, they needed to talk to you too.

You hailed a taxi to get you to their apartment. You were nervous and quietly nibbled on your thumb. “You okay?” The driver asked. “Yeah. Just meeting somebody important.” I smiled back at him. “I bet he is extremely lucky to have you visit” he said and winked. I smiled back at him and wondered what he had said. ‘I think I’m the lucky one. If I am…’

The cab pulled over at the curb and I handed him a bit extra and thanked him for the ride. I rose from the car and took three deep breaths. This night would change everything. Either for god or bad. Here we go. you nodded to yourself and took the first step.

You knocked on the door and Lafayette opened the door. “Hello Y/N. Comment allez-vous?” He asked and gave you a friendly smile. “Good, thank you.” You said voice trembling just a bit. He led you to the couch. “What’s the matter?” He asked with concern in his voice. It warmed you from the inside. Knowing that someone cared for you. “I need to talk to you. Is everyone here?” You asked and twirled the hem of your shirt nervously between your thumb and index finger. “They are. Give me a moment I’ll call them down.” He said and rose from the couch and walked to get them. You sat on the couch thinking through what you’d say to them. It had been only them for so long and you were mentally preparing for a broken or awkward friendship.

They all came to the living room and you rose up. Laurens was trying to give you a hug. It broke a bit of your heart but you asked him to sit down with the others.They all adopted anxious looks on their faces, it hurt your soul. “So umm… I know that I didn’t inform you that I was coming over but I really had to. So let me have my little monologue. So…” you took a deep breath “I’m quite sure that I’ve fallen for you. All of you. This is very new to me and I’ve never felt anything like this and fills me up in away I never knew I could be filled with love. John, you found me. You are my shield. You make me feel protected in every way. Hercules, your warm eyes made me feel happy and warm from the first time you laid them on me. You are my rock. Alexander, oh how I adore your imagination and ambition. You are my sight. every paragraph that you write creates worlds. Lafayette, you are my heart. In conclusion you are my heart. That’s it. That’s all I can say to you. That’s all I am.” You sat/collapsed onto the coffee table. The confession had took all of your strenght. You had laid outa all that you were and had. You raised your gaze to look at them. They all looked… astonished. They weren’t pitying. They weren’t sad or mad.

John was the first one to move. He rose and walked over to you. You didn’t have a chance to say anything when he bent down and hugged you. Soon the others followed and you ended up in a giant group hug. You started to cry and next up was all the guys comforting you and even kissing you on your cheeks and making you laugh. This felt right. This felt home. This was your home.

brillek  asked:

Crystal horse master race? Elaborate! Are you a crystal nazi!?

Heil the Crystal Heart!

Crystal Horses are the 100% best horses.

They’re ageless, they’re shiny, and they ring when you squeeze them.

They’re also the underdog. They’re super rare as OCs despite being a canon species. Everyone loves bat ponies and griffons and even changelings, but when was the last time you saw a Crystal Pony?

I super love Crystal Ponies. All of them. 

Art Museums

Zach Dempsey X Reader 

Word Count: 303

Requested: Anon

Request: can you do an imagine where the reader and zach go to an art museum and it’s all cute and fluffy. and at like one point the reader is admiring a painting and zach is just admiring the reader and the reader notices and she’s like why are you starin at me and zach says something cute in response. sorry if this is a bit long.

Originally posted by rafaelasgomes

You and Zach had been together for a while now and there was nothing that seemed to be able to pull you guys apart even after you heard what he did to Hannah, even though it did start a really big fight.

Today you were going to an art museum you were both curious and had ever gone, it was the only place in town that neither of you had been to before, you were driving down to the Gallery, you were in the passenger seat, the sun was out it was a nice day. “(Y/N) be careful.” Zach warned as he drove eyes fixed forward.
“Careful of what?” You asked.
“You’ve got your hand out the window.” He reminded you.
“Uh huh.” You hummed as you looked back out the window “the only thing I’ve got to watch out for are people trying to catch a high five.”
“If you say so.” Zach shrugged and you smirked.
“I do.” You nodded.
“Well okay then.” He smiled squeezing your thigh gently before letting his hand rest there.

You guys got to the Art Museum and you were in awe of the things that you saw, there was so much some of the work was even interactive, there were camera’s displays and everything, you were standing in front of a piece admiring it and you felt a pair of eyes on you, you looked over and saw that it was Zach “Why are you staring at me like that?” You asked and he smiled softly.
“Just admiring the artwork.” He winked walking back over to you and wrapping his arms around you.
“Take a picture it’ll last longer.” You smiled.
“Don’t mind if I do,” He smiled putting his phone up in front of the both of you and taking a selfie.

Requests and general question!

Sweet Tooth

Genre: Smut

Characters: Wonshik x Original Character [Yejin]

Summary: You wanted to move your relationship with Wonshik and no matter how many times you started something, nothing happened. However, what happens when 

Word Count: 2044

Credit to gif owner


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mothergoblin  asked:

You capture the 'toxic boyfriend' life perfectly in your comics. I was in a similar situation, with a creepazoid who 'respected' my established relationship but became an emotional/physical parasite. I just see so many similarities, it's not as pronounced, but it's was there. And your ART style. Man. Everyone says it's hyper real. To me it feels more textured. Like eating food with a good texture (mousse) Or the noise you hear in ASMR vids, It's incredibly satisfying and a joy to see.

Aughhhh people who push your boundaries like that are the worst! I spoke to an older man once at my campus and he “walked me” to class for weeks after that!

He once saw me enter the train car behind his on the subway, RAN OUT OF HIS CAR, ONTO THE PLATFORM, AND JUST BARELY SQUEEZED THRU THE DOORS OF MY CAR SO HE COULD SIT WITH ME! I told him he had to fuck off after that… Turns out he had been walking a lot of 5'0 and under girls to class, OH LORD. blarf.

Thanks for the nice message!! :-) mmmm, art…

We'll Show Them: Chapter Six- Luci

a/n: I’ve finally come home so I can write much faster now, so here’s chapter six! Big thanks to grandma for the beta-ing, and all the other Brits of course.

summary: Shea takes Sasha on her mystery date the day before her public meeting, which leads to confessions, even more emotions, and a problematic photographer.

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@hotarubi-e wanted Lance with no. 30 for the ‘I love you’ prompt meme.

I went with an aesthetic writing style I sometimes do, so I hope you like it! It’s from Lance’s POV.

Inspired by @rayurya’s artwork here!

The snow was beginning to fall in thick flakes, flurries of frothy snow filtering through the branches and landing on us and around us.

You said that we had better head inside, eyes bright and cheeks akin to apples. Some flakes landed on your hair, jewels of stars amongst the night sky. A few landed on your lashes as you looked upwards and you blinked them away, smiling when I stuck out my tongue to catch them.

I shuddered as a cold wind blew. You picked up the picnic basket and wrapped the plaid blanket around the two of us, your warm arm wrapping itself around my waist. We stood side by side, your warmth seeping through my sweater, eyes looking into mine. They were of a dark chocolate, flecks of gold and snow as it whirled around. We were our own fortress against the elements.

Your scarf lay abandoned on the ground and I picked it up, hand brushing against the crimson wool. As I wrapped it around your neck, you looked at me, cheeks staining a bright jacqueminot. A painter brushing watercolour over porcelain skin. It covered your mouth when done, like you were keeping a secret.

You mumbled those three words under your breath quickly, pink, cold hand finding mine, averting your eyes in favour of the ground.

I squeezed your hand and smiled because I knew.

I love you.

Stage Left - A Robbie Kay x Reader imagine - Part 2

I have a few good ideas for this fic! bare with me and the kinda shitty and choppy writing.. I’m trying my best to get back into the swing of things haha But I hope that you guys like this part. Please give me some feed back, send in some requests and such! I love you all and I’m so happy to be back.

Part one

Originally posted by lets-play-pan

(Why is he so damn perfect?)

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You Promised Me Paris

“You promised me Paris.”

“I know. I remember,” Wally sighed. He ran his fingers through her golden hair and marveled at the feel. Every nerve in his body seemed to be working overtime, even more than usual. He was twice as hyper aware. The softness of the bed, the ticking of his watch on the dresser, the dog snoring on the floor of the bedroom.

“What are you thinking?” Artemis whispered. Wally blinked once and looked down at her.

“I’m thinking that this is much nicer than the hell I just came from. The burning skin and the wind screaming and the loneliness.”

He felt her shiver under his touch and the speedster felt terrible for just a moment. She was the one who rescued him and pulled him back home. She saw him with his burned clothes and disoriented gaze as he tumbled from the Speed Force into their laps in the icy wind of the tundra. She was the one he focused on the entire time and used as his lifeline back into his world.

Wally nuzzled his lips against the top of her head and tried to squeeze Artemis close.

“Don’t. Don’t you feel guilty.”

“We should have stayed behind.”

“You mean I should have stayed behind,” the redhead snorted. Artemis was silent, and he knew she was agreeing. “I couldn’t have, Art. I was needed.”

“No. They didn’t need you. I needed you, Wally.” Her voice cracked and so did her body and she curled into him before he could see the tears pour from her eyes. Wally felt his heart shatter for what felt like the hundredth time in the last two weeks since he had returned home. She had every right to be selfish. He didn’t even want to think of how awful things must have been for her in the 3 months following his… death, for lack of better word. It still blew his mind that they presumed him dead and had a fucking funeral for him.

“Please… Please, I’m sorry,” Wally pleaded, but he knew it was useless, and so he just held his blonde spitfire while she wept. “I’ll take you to Paris,” he whispered in her ear. Artemis hiccuped a laugh and dug her fingers into his shirt, latching on like she’d never let go.


The was a beat or two of silence and Wally began focusing on the watch and the bed and the dog again.

“But I’m not eating any snails.”

He laughed, deep and loud and so vibrantly that Artemis had no choice but to smile.

A/N: this is all over the place. I might come back and clean it up because it’s 11:37 PM and I need to be in bed because the dogs have to be at the vet by 9 but I’m just not tired… So I let my mind wander and this was born. Ta-dah…

Spring And Summer

Summery:  Really, Hanschen thought he was going to kill someone. Ilse had woken him up at an ungodly time in the morning and proceeded to annoying in a way only Ilse could. However, he could always hide out in Ernst’s and Wendla’s cabin. Or better yet, wake Wendla up as payback for sticking him with her stupid girlfriend.

It’s also on Ao3 and the sequel to this 

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peachteasweetie  asked:

1 and 5 for you and Jack? (love that ship btw!! I remember when I first found your blog and saw some Midnight Crew art years ago!)


Is your F/O a fan of PDA? If so, how far do they go with it?: i imagine he’s only rly affectionate in public when he’s feelin particularly possessive or jealous of someone else getting even a lil bit of my attention,,, on the daily i imagine a squeeze of the waist or grabbing my ass is the norm. the latter especially if he’s gamblin. for good luck, yknow.

Who is the big spoon? Who is the little?: we’re prob around the same height so i think we can switch it around w little to no problem! but he prob likes being the big spoon… makes him feel all macho ‘n shit. 

Winchester Preference - First Date


Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

When Sam showed up at your door, you could tell he was nervous. When he saw you, he gave you that cute little upside down smile you love as he happily gave you a bouquet of simple beautiful flowers.

“H-Hey, (Y/N),” Sam smiled just a teeny bit more confidently now, yet shifting on his feet nonetheless.

“Hi, Sam,” You greeted after you thanked him for the flowers and leaned up to kiss his cheek. You giggled at the furious blush on his face. “I’m ready to go, but let me just put these in a vase. You’re welcome to step inside while I do.” You opened the door wider.

“Yeah, sure, go ahead,” Sam nodded as you closed the door behind him. Sam helped himself to the couch and heard you rummaging through your kitchen. So many thoughts were running through his mind. Was he doing everything right? Was he forgetting something? Would this work? He wanted it to, but it’s been so long.

“Sam, are you okay?” You questioned when you returned, noticing him rub his palms on his jeans. “Where’d you go just now?”

“What? I’m here. I’m fine,” he chuckled, scratching the back of his neck and meeting your eyes.

“We can,” You began, looking at your front door and and shyly rubbing your arm. You know Sam won’t judge you for your ideas and for speaking your mind. “We can have dinner here, watch a movie, and just talk, here… instead if you want.”

“What? But, uh, I, um,” Sam stuttered. Did he have a long face on and have you think he didn’t want to go out? He stood up from his seat now, eyes softer.

“It’s been a while for the both of us, Sam. We can do this slow, in a place where we’re both comfortable, yeah? Unless, well, if you still wanted to go to that big thing in the city that you originally planned?”

“No, no, I like your idea. It sounds so much better since it’ll be just you and me,” Sam’s demeanor changed to one that was more relaxed, and it helped you ease off the first-date jitters. He stepped closer, reaching his warm hand up to brush your hair out of your face and leaning down to sweetly kiss your forehead.

“So… you, me, pizza, beer, and maybe an action movie in my living room as a first date?” You laughed, totally relaxed in his arms.

“Anything sounds good to me,” He agreed. “As long as I’m with you.”


Originally posted by dancewithmejensen

“Did I mention that you look amazing tonight, princess?” Dean complimented, opening the door to the Impala and being a gentleman as always.

“Only like a hundred times, Dean,” You laughed and shook your head at him.

“Well I’m gonna tell you more times than that,” Dean beamed sweetly. “‘Cause it’s true,” he added before he closed the door and stepped around the car to the driver’s side.

“You still haven’t told me where we’re going, ya know,” you pointed out and raised a brow at him suspiciously. “You’ve been stalling a proper answer.”

“You’ll see when we get there,” Dean winked as he started up the car and drove. Ugh, sometimes he can be so cryptic.

The drive was taking a while, and you hate to admit it, but your patience was running thin with your curiosity getting the best of you. Just as you were about to question Dean yet again, colorful flashing lights came into view on the road ahead.

“We’re going to the carnival?!” You screeched excitedly, turning to him with wide eyes and a smile from ear to ear. You can hear the screams of the people on the rides and smell the unique scent for carnival fried food. “But I thought that–”

“It’s the last and closest one in town before they leave again for the season. I remembered you being a little upset when you didn’t get to come last time, so I thought it would be good for a first,” Dean informed, eyes soft as he glanced at you. “And if I remember correctly, you said you were craving a funnel cake. Even went as far as bet that you can beat my ass in–”

“Every ticket game,” You grinned wickedly. “Because I can, and I will.”

“Oh you’re on, princess.”


(Originally posted by darlingcap)

“This is so nice!” You gasped in surprise. You squeezed John’s warm hand and pressed to his side as you both walked in sync. “How did you know about this place?” You looked up to the illuminating, twinkling bright lights hanging above all along the sidewalk going down for blocks.

“I saw a flyer and thought that there wouldn’t be anyone else I’d rather come here with than you,” John answered, smiling down at you. “I knew you’d like it.”

John brought you to an art walk where people were showing and selling their unique creations all around the center of a small town. They held galleries in their own homes and small museums every first Friday of every month. There were even games, activities, and charity funds for families with children and lots, and lots of food.

“This is great! I don’t just like it, I love it,” You leaned up and kissed his bearded cheek. “Thank you for bringing me here, but I didn’t peg you for the art type, John.”

“Doesn’t mean I can’t stop and appreciate it, sweetheart. Besides, the night is fresh and I’m having a good time with a beautiful girl on my arm… I could die a happy man right now,” He beamed with a wink. “C’mon, let’s go through here.”

He tugged you by the hand toward the entrance of an old two-story house. People were looking around quietly at the paintings on the walls as soft music played in the background. Others were purchasing handmade goods from the older ladies of the house, and some artists were working on their new pieces in a corner where people can observe the birth of their creations up close.

John wouldn’t even let you appreciate the artwork properly as he distracted you with his hilarious comments on the abstracts and some snobby rich that were giving you weird looks from afar. You both ended up stumbling out laughing and returning to the walk. Maybe it was the way he held you close and the little looks he sent your way that didn’t go unnoticed, but something told you that there was going to be plenty more adventurous dates like this in the future.

A/N: For the buddy boo, @samuelfuckingwinchester. Sorry this took so long or if it sucks and that I’ve been a little under a rock for the past two weeks. Also, I think I want to continue John’s part a little more, bc @kittenofdoomage has inspired and has given me the feels. UUUuuughhhh sorry for mistakes too

The Mysterious Miss Matthews

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 

Chapter Nine: Pretenders
Word Count: 2,626

Riley’s laughing tapers off, her cheeks set into the slight ache from smiling so much and she slumps back in her chair. The five other teens continue to laugh around her. Quietly, Riley picks up her bag and stands to leave.

“Where you going, Riles?” Maya reaches for her friends arm, her fingers brushing against Riley’s wrist.

Riley gives the blonde girl a warm smile, “I’m a little tired, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Everyone gave her their own variation of a send off as she left the bakery and return to their previous joking around. Lucas however stares after Riley long after she’s disappeared from view.

The following day Riley needed alone time. Instead of taking the subway to school she has her father drive her in and instead of a group lunch in the cafeteria Riley opts to sit alone but not at her usual ‘alone’ spot by the tree. No, her friends now knew where to find her if they looked so instead the brunette hides away in the library.

Even though her plan seemed fool proof Riley is discovered at lunch but not from one of her new friends but by Charlie Gardner. He was so stealth with his approach that he startles Riley when he takes the seat across from her.

“Sorry,” Charlie chuckles quietly, “I have tendency to unintentionally sneak up on people.”

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anonymous asked:

Hello *^* could I request for a kissed by the baddest bidder where the guys are the teachers and MC is the student? Thank youuu😁😁☺️☺️

These sound more like prompts idk but I hope you like them!

Eisuke: The loved and admired Math teacher Eisuke Ichinomiya. Rumors had it around school that he was actually the dean of the school, and just taught to keep everything hidden about the school and what really went on. And of course, one day you were sent to his office to give him some test papers. “Mr. Ichinomiya sir I have these papers for––” Glancing to what was in his hands you saw confidential files for extorting money out of a rival school and froze. In your panic he pinned you against the wall, “Hmm, not bad Khim Loong.” Frozen under his glare you didn’t speak as he stared you down, “I-I promise not to say anything!” You yelped, squeezing your eyes shut in fear. “…” He didn’t respond at first before you heard him lean back, “For now,” He said, causing your eyes to open and watch as he leaned in close to your ear, “You’re mine.” 

Soryu: Ever since you’ve been having history troubles, Mr. Oh had took it upon himself to tutor you after school. Although, the more time you spent together, the more you realized just how different he was from his classroom personality. He seemed mean, yet taught well, and before you knew it you had fallen for him in your personal tutoring time after school. However, what you didn’t realize was how different his life really was from what you thought. “Khim!” Mr. Oh called out to you as a goon held you captive. “Stop running away from the Dragons Soryu!” The guy called out, and in fear you squeezed your eyes shut. Bang! Smack! What felt like seconds you were moved around and in warm, save arms of Mr. Oh. “Mr. Oh…” you whispered and he only pulled you up in his arms, “Thank god your okay…”

Ota: You watched him paint every day after school when all his fans left. You couldn’t help it. Someone as talented as him being a art teacher? It was just so strange to you. Catching your eye you bolted from the door way in embarrassment, running down the stairwell and hiding in the corner, “I can’t believe he saw me,” You whispered, pressing your hands to your cheeks. “I see you every day.” The voice made you jump, and looking up you saw Mr. Kisaki staring down at you from the railing, “You look like a puppy watching me. You really want to speak to me that badly?” He asked, the normal friendly smile on his face taking on a more dark look, causing you to gulp. What were you getting yourself into?

Baba: “And now for the kiss!” Baba, the drama teacher said, leaning in close to you. “Ok ok!” you yelled, pushing against his chest as he fell to the floor, “Stop fooling around!” And with that the bell rang, and you went to the back of the theater to change out of your costume and back into your uniform. “Khim~” Baba called out, peeking into your room and wrapping his arms around you. “I said not to do that at school!” You yelped, wiggling in his arms, “I’ll write you a pass. Or I can get Lulu to write you a doctors note.” He whispered in your ear.

Mamoru: “Mr. Kishi!” You called, shaking him awake in the teachers lounge. “Mmh?” He moaned, blinking a few times to adjust to the harsh white light of the teachers lounge. “How many times are you going to skip home room? Here,” You said, handing him the attendance and homework for the day, “You were supposed to collect this.” Annoyed, you placed the papers on his chest and made way to leave the room, before his hand reached out and pulled you in close to him, “Mr. K-Kishi!?” You yelped, tumbling into his chest. “Relax kid,” He said, pulling you closer into his arms, “Just give me five minutes and I’ll let ya go.” He whispered into your ear, falling back to sleep and leaving you worried and your heart racing. 

Luke: Before you knew it, he was kissing your neck and chest. What was supposed to be a physical for the first years ended up in him taking a early lunch, locking you in the nurses office, and relentlessly pushing you down onto the bed and stripping off your shirt. “M-Mister Foster please…!” You pleaded, trying to cover your exposed chest when the door flew open, and someone yanking him off of you. Looking wide eyed you saw Mr. Ichinomiya and the other teachers glaring at the school nurse. “Luke, how many times do I have to remind you!” Mr. Ichinomiya yelled, proceeding to scold the nurse as you rushed to button up your blouse. Just who were these teachers?

Hishikura: “Wrong…Wrong…Wrong…” He muttered, handing back the tests in the class one student at a time before reaching you, taking the time to look up and meet your eyes before giving you a subtle, teasing smirk, “Wrong.” As he went on to the next students you felt anger and embarrassment well up inside you before looking over your test and seeing the note written on the top. ‘After school come to my place for tutoring. Be there by 5.’ What sounded so innocent you knew wasn’t as you shoved the test into your folder and glared at Mr. Hishikura as he only ignored you.