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St. Patrick’s by the Bottle (Part 5)

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,837

Warnings: angst (you should really just expect this from me lol), language, not a lot of cheating going on in this one, Daddy!Dean feels (bc that is def a warning)

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A/N: I hope you guys really love this part as much as I did!! Big thank you to all of you who voted on what the twins gender would be!! Feedback would be greatly appreciated!! :*

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Thinking Out Loud- Part 11

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Pairing: Carlisle x OC / Bella x Edward

Words: 3821

Hey guys, so it’s past midnight over here and I had a long week. This is probably full of grammatical horrors which will make your eyes bleed and I’m very sorry about that. Plus, I haven’t proofread it so I hope I didn’t write too many stupid things.

I really hope you’ll like it! Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think! Feedback is always appreciated and very encouraging!


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That Place in the Fields(A Richonne AU short story)

  That Place in the Fields
He could see her in the distance across the expansive field that separated their houses. Michonne’s smile was visible even with her so far away. A heat wave had hit Georgia, and the devil himself was torching the air around them. Rick wiped beads of sweat off of his forehead. The blades of grass on the ground did not move a bit; there was no breeze to cool anything down. He put his hands up like a sun visor to cover his eyes, the sunlight was blaring out.

“Hey there, Rick,” she said with a bright smile. He loved that smile. Dreaming about that smile got him through some difficult nights. Michonne had went away for two years to live in South Africa. She had just returned home for the summer, and decided to move back in with her parents. Rick had a similar situation, but for different reasons.

“Hey, ‘Chonnie, what’s going on?” Rick said leaning against the banister. He didn’t have his shirt on, just some blue jean shorts. Could you blame him? It was just so depressingly hot  outside. He was a bit bronzed by the rays of sunlight that dispersed all over his bare chest, arms, and back. The sweat made him glisten like a Grecian statue. Michonne shaded her eyes as well, looking up at Rick.

“Not much. Bored as hell. My parents went to the big mall in Atlanta, but I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to sit in the car while they argued over directions.” Rick laughed. Whenever her parents took them to the mall when they were in high school, they always argued on the way there, and made heart eyes on the way back. He always thought they were the coolest people ever. “What are you getting into today?” Michonne added.

“I’m feeling the same way you are. Bored. I’m a bit restless, so I had to come outside and get some fresh air, even in the devil’s heat.” Rick said walking towards the steps. “You wanna come inside? I got some tea and lemonade. I’m pretty sure we can find ourselves some great show to binge watch.”

He raised his hand waving her up the stairs. “Come on, ‘Chonnie.” She still looked the same he thought as she ascended the few steps to his wrap around porch. Her locs were a little longer, he noticed, as she walked up the stairs. They were mid way down her back now.

She apparently was hot as well.  Droplets of sweat appeared over her brows and she used the back of her hand to wipe it away. Some droplets formed in the area above her cleavage, rolling down tantalizingly between her breasts where they disappeared into her purple tank top. Her shorts were frayed at the bottom and sat just below her round ass.

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Life Eclipsed, Part 1

Name: Life Eclipsed

Type: Vampire/Supernatural!au, College!au, ANGST, some fluff & humor. It actually turned out really dark-where did this come from?

Pairing: BTS x Reader (I know who Y/N will end up with-  who do you think? Let me know!)

Rating: Mature. There is no smut- there are plenty of blogs that can do that better, but a lot of dark themes.  See warnings below. I do not endorse any of these things in real life.

Warnings: Language, underage drinking, (sort of controlling friends), eventual bloodshed (it IS a vampire fic). Also, let’s be real, the biting scene isn’t romantic at all, and kind of painful so read with caution.  Disclaimer: Consent is sexy. Anything else is unacceptable. Only bite if they say yes!

 Word Count: 4,946 

A/N: I’m sorry that Third Base didn’t make it up last week-it’s long and unwieldy and I need to get some inspiration to do some serious editing. So, to stay somewhat on schedule and not become a total Tumblr recluse, I’ve decided to post this vampire fic.

A/N 2: This was supposed to be a one-shot, but it is so long! It’s over 11 full pages single-spaced on my computer. So, I’ve split it up and made it into at least two parts. Get pumped <3

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The knock at your door startles you from your textbook. You always ended up procrastinating during the daylight hours, which meant that at night you often studied into the wee hours of the morning, after everyone else had gone to sleep. Everyone except for one person, that is-Park Jimin. You get up from your desk, joints popping, a sure sign that you have been sitting for too long. You casually fling open the door, already on your way back to your desk. Before it seemed possible, Park Jimin is clinging to your back like a koala, almost knocking you off balance.

“Yah, Jimin,” you half-shouted, half-sighed, knowing that no amount of protest on your part would change his mind. Not that you really minded- he was one of your oldest childhood friends, and it was a stroke of luck that you had ended up in the same college dorm (him on the floor below you) to face college together.

He clung closer and you knew that your studying was over. You got up and moved to your bed, where the two of you turned on your favorite show and snuggled platonically. During middle school and high school, you had been completely smitten with Jimin, but he seemingly never reciprocated your feelings. So you figured that it was better to have him in your life as a friend than as a romantic partner.

And it was a lucky thing that he was still in your life, because it helped you to grow your social group. You did like people, but tended to the serious and studious side. Jimin could seemingly read people like a book, learning what made them tick and all of their secrets.  But being the person that he was, he never shared this information or caused any kind of social drama.

Through Jimin, you had been able to make many new friends, and there were six others in particular that you frequently hung out with. If Jimin was your childhood best friend, Taehyung had become your college best friend. Whenever you were too stressed or serious, he would always know how to make you laugh. When your head was full of class material, he would bring you back to the real world and make every day an adventure. It was easy, it was comfortable, and he was a calming presence in your life. And despite whatever drama or teen novel may have predicted, there was no drama between your old and new friend. They each had their time and place in your life, and the three of you often hung out together, forming a complementary trio.

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Do You Believe in Soulmates? Part 8


Summary: You have to explain everything to your team. 

Warnings: Angst, Fluff (if you stare at it long enough)

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“Wait you know each other?” you all but scream out turning from Rossi, who was sitting across from you and to Crowley who was now standing to your right side.

“Of course, we know each other doll,” Crowley replied trying to brush a hair away from your face. You flinch away at the action and glare at Rossi demanding an explanation. Next, to you, you feel Reid’s hand squeezing yours, you don’t dare turn around as you know that the image he has of you is about to be shattered into a million pieces and whatever he feels towards you will disappear

“When you’ve been at this job for as long as I have Millie, you tend to run into peo- the supernatural,” Rossi explained.

“Hold on, what’s going on?” Hotch intervened thoroughly confused at the situation happening in front of him.

Before you could reply Rossi asks, “Wait, so she’s a hunter?” Directing his question at Crowley who nods saying, “Not just any hunter, she’s a Winchester.” Rossi’s eyes widened at this statement, looking at you with a sort of admiration. You looked around to the rest of the team, who were staring at you with nothing but confusion. Seeing their faces, you sigh, you knew that the time would come where you would have to explain the supernatural to them, but you had secretly hoped it would never come to pass because you knew that as soon as you explain, you’d have to leave the FBI.

Your brothers were standing behind Rossi, silently giving you the support you need to get through this. They knew how difficult this was going to be for you, at the beginning you hated the boys for putting you in the FBI, but they knew this team had grown to be a second family for you. From the way, you were acting around Reid, they also knew that you loved him more than you’ve ever loved anyone before. Letting go of Reid’s hand you move away from the table and walk towards your brothers.

“My name is (Y/F/N) Winchester, and I am a hunter,” you started. “I’m not the type of hunter that hunts deer and bears during their weekends. You know the stories that you heard about when you were little about things that go bump in the night? Well, it’s all real and I hunt them. Vampires, werewolves, ghost, ghouls, leviathans, angels, demons. It’s all real.” You pause to take a breath but couldn’t find the courage to keep looking at your team anymore. You turned your attention to your brothers and continued, “These are my brothers, Sam and Dean. Believe me, if you want to believe me but everything I’m saying is true.” A painful silence filled the bar you could feel the team struggling to come to terms with this newfound information. You would never blame them for not believing you, they were people of science, people of proof. This type of stuff is hard for normal people to accept let alone FBI agents who based their entire careers of finding proof, and the sciences of the mind.

“She’s telling you the truth,” Rossi confirmed. You were thankful for his help, the team held Rossi to a high level of respect so having him confirm your confession made things a bit easier for them to swallow.

“So why did you join the FBI?” JJ asked, you tried to read her expression but at that moment she was wearing an expressionless face.

“A couple of years ago, an ancient monster broke out of its confinement. They were called Leviathans. They had the ability to shapeshift into anyone or anything they wanted and had an appetite for people. They started to kill off members of the government and other places of power and taking their place. We had to find a way to stop them before they could do any more damage. Knowing that we were coming after them, they tried to stop us by starting a case against us with the FBI. I joined the FBI to figure out who was the leviathan behind it and what their endgame was. The plan was for me to resign as soon as we defeated the leviathans but I decided to stay because, well, I liked the job. And before I knew it I was getting transferred to the BAU,” you explained in one breath. JJ seemed relieved, maybe she thought you were on an undercover mission to kill all of them, and this was all just an act.

“The undercover missions?” Hotch questioned.

“They were all cases that my brothers and I worked, cases of the supernatural. You can call up any of those police officers and ask if I’m telling you the truth,” you answered. Hotch studied you for a second, assessing if you were telling the truth. He might not have read into your microexpressions before but now he was looking into every flicker of the eyes, every twitch of a muscle, in a bittersweet surprise he found himself believing you.  

“Why are you telling us this now?” Morgan spoke up next.

“The case that we’re working on right now is not a normal serial killer case,” you reply calmly.

“So you’ve been lying to us all this time? Was everything a lie, the hours I spent with you, the feelings I felt for you? All this time you were a lying two faced bitch?!?!” Reid screamed, and at this, you let out a sob you were trying to hold back, your heart wrenched from inside its cavity. The rest of the team was surprised at his outburst and their expressionless face softened as they saw the tears fall down your face.

“No Spence, I wasn’t lying to you,” you managed between sobs, “You have no idea how much I wanted to tell you all, but that would only bring more trouble. I really don’t have a choice now, I wish you all didn’t have to know about this. The only thing I lied about to you was that my last name is (Y/L/N). Everything else that I have told you, I have done for you, I have felt for you is all real.” After saying this you mustered up enough strength to look at Reid, and in his eyes, you saw everything you feared you would. He looked at you with disbelief, along with what you interpreted as the betrayal. Seeing his face your knees buckle and the floor was quickly approaching, thankfully your brothers caught you before you face planted into the ground.

“Listen, I may not be as smart as you guys, but I know my little sister and for the past couple of years, she has been nothing but genuine and caring towards you guys,” Dean growled as you collapsed onto Sam’s shoulders sobbing. “Sure she may have not told you the whole truth, but would you have believed her? She told us on several occasions on how you guys are the best at reading people, even with that you can’t tell that she’s telling you the truth. Man, I get it, your whole life has been on based off of science and proof but that doesn’t mean you know everything the goes on in the world.” Dean turned his attention to Reid, “And if you ever talk to my sister like that again, I will rearrange your limbs. You understand, String beans?” Reid just stared at Dean with the same intensity Dean was staring at him.

“Yes, yes. She’s a hunter, the supernatural exists, I’m the King of Hell. Can we move on?” Crowley commented annoyed. Though he would never admit it, he did have a soft spot for you. Given that you talked your brothers down from harming him several times in the past, so seeing you cry was not something that he particularly enjoyed. However, at the sound of his voice you turned around and with all the strength you had and clocked Crowley square in the face. “On what grounds was that for?” he asks a little taken aback, and hurt.

“On the grounds that you’re a douchebag,” you angrily growled, Rossi and your brothers tried their best to silence their chuckles. “Why are you here?” you demanded.

“Right well, you see. The prince and princess of hell are here and they’re trying to gain power,” Crowley explained.

“We know they’re here chuckles!” you grunt.

“Power for what?” Sam asked.

“To overthrow me,” Crowley replied as if it was obvious.

“Why would they need to gain the power to overthrow you? I mean they are the Prince and Princess of Hell, they are officially the ones that were supposed to take over Hell once Azazel was killed, and Lucifer was back in hell. You became the King of Hell just by chance,” you said, slightly amused at the look on Crowley’s face. You tried to not break into tears once again, as you took another look around to your team. Reid was burning holes of hatred into your soul, while the others tried to swallow the information that was being said.

“Oh doll, I’m offended that you think me that weak. Sure I became King of Hell by chance but it does take a lot of power to overthrow me. Abaddon tried it through manipulating my followers, but since her untimely death, and the torture that I unleashed upon her followers no one has dared to fall away. So the Prince and Princess are trying to gain power through an ancient ritual,” Crowley explains.

“So how do we stop them?” Dean ask.

“Well, you should start with calling that angel boyfriend of yours,” Crowley sasses.

“I’m not any of their boyfriend,” Cas said as he appeared behind you, making you jump.

“Okay, Cas is here. How do we stop them?” Dean said after elbowing Cas for startling all of you.

“We can’t really stop them from doing what they want. The only way to stop this is to kill the Princess,” he lays out.

“Why only the Princess?” Sam questions.

“Because, Moose, she is the one that wants to overthrow me in the first place. The prince is just following her around like a puppy. Once she’s out of the picture he’ll go back to doing what he was doing before,” Crowley sighs out, clearly showing his annoyance at having to explain this to the four of us.

“Okay so find her, trap her, and kill her. Simple enough,” Dean states as he moves to the table Sam and he was previously sitting at pulling out the duffle bag full of weapons he put there. Sam chuckles at this and you roll your eyes.

“When has a hunt ever been simple for us?” you retort. Dean just gave youa bitch face and continued to take out weapons laying them out onto an empty table nearby. “So how so we find this princess of hell, and how do we kill her?” you direct your question to Crowley.

Crowley looks at you as if you were a pathetic pet, “I was just going to wait for her to walk through the door.” You opened your mouth to return his comment with a witty remark when you hear a chair scraping against the floor.

Chuckling Reid stands up and walks before the head of the group. “Spence?” you call out unsure of his new behavior, and that’s when you see it. His eyes. His black, cold eyes.

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The Beginnings

AU: Vampire!Kihyun

Description: A short story of how your boyfriend, Kihyun, became a vampire.

Word Count: 713

Pairing: Kihyun x Reader

Genre/Warnings: angst(?), blood, mentions of death


He was the childhood best friend. The guy you’ve known your entire life. You grew up together, went to each other’s birthday parties together, played tag in the park together. The two of you were best friends, inseparable from the moment his bratty, four year old self moved into the house next door. Naturally, you remained best friends with him throughout high school, finally becoming official just as senior year ended. And just as naturally, you applied to and attended the same college. Together, as always.

So how did this happen?

“Kihyun,” you screamed, “ KIHYUN!” You dashed towards his falling body, catching him just before his body hit the concrete beneath you. Panting hard, you looked up at the attacker and fumbled for pepper spray, only to watch as the mysterious man melt into the shadows.

“Y/N…” Kihyun gasped, clutching at his bleeding neck, “Y/N… h-he… bit me.”

“What?! Kihyun, please… We need to stop the blood. You’re hallucinating from losing that much.” You hurried to remove your jacket as he let his hand fall from his neck. Pressing the jacket into the wound with one hand, you took out your phone with the other, calling 911.

By the time the police and paramedics arrived, Kihyun was unconscious. Thankfully, it seemed like the blood had stopped, but he still lost a dangerous amount during the wait. As he was lifted on a stretcher into the ambulance, you gave the police a rundown of what you saw.

You and Kihyun had been walking back to the dorms after grabbing dinner at a restaurant you’d been eyeing for weeks. Kihyun had walked a bit ahead while you lazily lagged behind, calling you a slowpoke. You took your eyes off of him for just a second to look at an interesting antique shop’s window, and when you looked back, Kihyun was stumbling backwards from a man and falling.

After you repeated your story to the detectives, you were driven back to the dorms, causing quite a commotion in the residence hall you lived in. You were questioned by everyone, but you could only shrug in answer. You locked yourself in your dorm room, and waited the night out. Sleep would have been a mercy, a way to forget the sheer terror you felt watching the man you loved fall towards the ground. At least he was safe now, in the hospital, and under professional care.

When morning finally came, you leaped out of bed, catching a taxi straight to the local hospital. You rushed to the receptionist’s desk and told the secretary Kihyun’s name. The lady typed it into the computer, preparing your admission wristband, and paused. She looked up slowly, and with pity in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, ma’am. It appears that the patient in room 1122, Yoo Kihyun, died last night of immense blood loss. According to the doctor’s report, he had already lost a large amount by the time he arrived in the ER. His unconscious body suddenly jolted, and due to unknown reasons, his blood spurted out violently from his initial wound.”

You felt your face drain of color, and you leaned against the receptionist’s desk for support. “You’re saying that all of your goddamn professional training couldn’t stop the blood from one small wound?” You heard your voice grow louder and louder, and by now, you were borderline shrieking.

“It was more than just that, ma’am. Under such mysterious circumstances, Mr. Yoo had lost every ounce of blood in his body in just under ten seconds. It was as if the blood was forcibly pulled from his body.” Her eyes grew wider as she continued to read the doctor’s report. “We’ve never seen anything like it.”

You stumbled back, the tears starting to fall uncontrollably. You had been together since forever, and now, you saw the future you wanted crumbling to pieces. Wailing out loud now, you ran out of the hospital and into the streets, earning the stares of many pedestrians as you pushed passed them. You eventually walked all the way back to the dorms, having wrung your tears dry.

As you slowly made your way up the steps, not even having the willpower to raise your head, you heard a sharp intake of breath.

“… Y/N?”

Imagine you and Dean always fight, but one day he pushes you too far

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader and Dean have known each other a very long time and have always been together! But they have always picked fights and bully each other but then Dean says something stupid so Sam comes and comforts the reader and derek still don’t understand what he did wrong! A really detailed request sorry and it would be awesome if you made the reader a strong tomboy who never cries but it would be awesome if you could do it really sensible and sad and drama but romantic love a fan


The first time you met the Winchester boys was exactly two weeks after your father died. Your parents had been hunters for as long as you could remember, but they greatly underestimated the demon who killed your father.You were only ten years old at the time, but suddenly you had to be the responsible one. Your mother was a wreck – never leaving your hotel room, refusing to eat, drinking herself sick. Then one day, she simply packed up all your bags and told you to get in the car.

By the end of the next day, you had reached a cheap motel halfway across the country. Instead of checking out a room, you mom simply dragged you up to one of the doors and knocked. The door was opened by a boy who looked maybe a year or two older than you, with short cut hair and brilliant green eyes. He stared at you, then at your mom. “Uh, who are you?”

“Dean!” A man appeared behind the boy, dark-haired and in need of a shave. He nodded a greeting to your mother, moving his son aside so that the two of you could come in. Once you entered, you saw that there was another, younger boy sitting on one of the beds, brown hair flopping into his eyes.

Your mother introduced you to her old hunter friend, John, and his two sons, Dean and Sam. She told John about what happened to your father, ending her story with a long swig of her drink. “John, I need your help to kill the sonofabitch.”

It was eventually decided that your mom and John would go after the demon, leaving you with John’s boys. You stayed with them in that hotel room for about a week, and got to know both of them pretty well. Sam was more shy, liked to read, and didn’t know about the things his dad hunted. Dean was the responsible one, who knew everything and took care of Sammy, but at the cost of his childhood. By the time your mom and John returned, stinking of sulfur and covered in blood, you knew that you had met the two best friends you would ever have.

What you didn’t know was that you had also met the boy you were going to fall in love with.


*Seven years later*

“But mom, Homecoming is this weekend! It’s my senior year, my last chance to go to a Homecoming dance. Just this once, tell John to call someone else to help him with the hunt. Please.”

“(Y/N), you know how important this is. John thinks it might be the thing that killed Mary. We have to check it out.”

You grit your teeth, biting back the threat of tears. You didn’t cry. End of story. “So what? I’m supposed to sacrifice my high school experience – which, by the way, is my last chance at ever experiencing anything close to normal – because John Winchester is an obsessive prick and needs backup?”

“(Y/N)!” You mother glared at you, hands on her hips. “Young lady, John Winchester helped me avenge your father’s death. And I plan to do the same. Now go pack your stuff. We’re leaving in twenty minutes, even if I have to drug you to get you in the car.”

You spent that night sleeping in the back seat of your mother’s car, and much of the next day on the road. It was early evening by the time you reached the motel where the three Winchesters were camped out. Your mom dropped you off, and you exchanged a quick hello with John before going up to the door and knocking.

The door was opened by a very attractive boy with short hair and brilliant green eyes. He smirked down he saw you, moving to let you into the room. “Hey, shortie. Long time no see.”

You rolled your eyes. “Shut it, Pie Boy.” You stepped into the room, throwing your stuff down on one of the beds and moving to hug Sam. You had always thought of Sam kind of like the little brother you never had. “Hey, Sammy. Wow, you’ve grown so much. I think you’re taller than me now.”

“Hi, (Y/N).” He hugged you back, before the two of you sat down on the bed. “How have you been?”

“Well.” You sighed, laying back on the bed. “My mom made me skip Homecoming so she could go hunting with your dad. So much for that normal senior year experience she promised me.”

Dean scoffed. “So what, you actually had a date to the dance?”

You bit your lip, glaring at him. “If you must know, I was going with a group of friends.”

“Figures,” Dean muttered. He stood up, grabbing the keys to his dad’s car. “I’m going to get dinner. You two want anything?”

You and Sam relayed your food orders, and Dean left without another word. You groaned, turning to the younger Winchester. “Is he this much of a dick to everybody?”

“Nah.” Sam shrugged, patting your shoulder. “You two have always picked fights with each other.”

“I don’t know why.” You muttered, glaring at the ceiling in frustration.

That night, dinner was a nightmare. Sam tried to make polite conversation, but you and Dean kept making rude comments towards each other. Finally, Sam stood up and sighed. “Look, I’m just gonna go to bed. Goodnight.”

Once he was gone, you shot Dean a glare. “I don’t see why you have to be so rude.”

He glared back. “Maybe because you’re all bitchy and defensive every time I try to talk to you.”

You stood up, stomping to the door and slamming it open. You didn’t stop until you were outside, sitting on the curb at staring up at the stars. You weren’t going to cry. Especially not over Dean Winchester.

“You might wanna be careful out here.” His voice was so much deeper than the last time you saw him. He sat down next to you, leaving a couple of inches between the two of you. “Dad thinks there might be a hunt waiting to happen in the woods outside of town.”

You sighed, shivering. Dean noticed and scooted closer, wrapping his arm around and pulling you into his side. You leaned your head on his shoulder, and he tucked his chin over your head. You spoke in a whisper. “Why are we so mean to each other?”

“I don’t know.” He murmured, gently rubbing your arm. “You know that, besides Sammy and Dad, you’re the most important person in my life, right?”

“I know.” You whispered, snuggling closer to his side. You turned your face up to look at him, sinking into those gorgeous eyes. Your breath hitched. He really was beautiful. You’d never thought of him in a romantic way before, but it was hard not to at this point.

“(Y/N…” He leaned down, his lips hovering over yours, as if he was afraid of offending you. You leaned up to meet him, pressing your lips against his. He kissed you gently and passionately, and you replied with every bit as much enthusiasm. His hands moved to your shoulders, rubbing circles with his thumbs. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer.

It was Dean who finally broke away, leaning his forehead against yours and wrapping his arms around you. “We should go back inside.”

“We should.” You agreed. “But first…” You leaned up, connecting your lips to his once more.


It had been years since that night. Your mom was gone. John was gone. There had been several times that you had thought you’d lost Sam or Dean too, but they always came back. You’d been living and hunting with them for a while now, and although you and Dean had shared many more heated moments in the last few years, it wasn’t anything official. You weren’t a couple, although you were definitely more than friends. And he was still constantly annoying you.

“Damn it, (Y/N)!” Dean yelled as he paced the motel room, occasionally shooting you a glare. “What were you thinking?!”

“That you and Sam were in trouble.” You muttered.

“We had it under control!” Dean stepped towards the bed where you were sitting. “You could have died, (Y/N)!”

“So could you,” You pointed out. “That vampire was going to attack Sam. What was I supposed to do?”

“We could have handled it! But instead, you throw yourself in there and get injured, and then the entire nest swarms us because they smell blood!”

“Dean.” Sam warned, sensing that Dean was dangerously close to pushing you over the edge. “She was trying to help.”

“We all could have died!” Dean growled. “I swear, (Y/N), sometimes I wish we had never agreed to let you hunt with us.”

“Dean!” Sam stood up, moving to stand between you and his brother. You bit your lip, glancing down at their feet. Dean grabbed his jacket and keys, slamming the front door behind him.

Sam sat down on the bed next to you. “(Y/N), he didn’t mean it.”

“Whatever.” You hissed, bristling like an offended cat. “Can we please just sew up my flesh wound?”

“Oh course.” Sam helped you roll up the blood-soaked fabric of your shirt, exposing the gash just above your left hip. He got up and began to gather supplies. “You know, Dean doesn’t mean to upset you. He’s just scared.”

“Of –” You gasped as Sam started to clean the wound. “Of what?”

“Losing you.” Sam stared earnestly into your eyes before quickly returning to tending your injuries. “You know, you mean more to him than you think. He gets so scared when you’re hurt, (Y/N). He doesn’t want you to know it, but he needs you.”

“Dean Winchester doesn’t need anyone.” You muttered. “Except maybe you. But you’re his brother.”

“And you’re the woman he loves.” Sam said it so matter-of-factly, like it was common knowledge. “He depends on you.”

“Really?” You winced as Sammy began to sew up the gash in your side.

“Really.” Sam finished stitching you up and pulled you into a hug. “You should talk to him about it.”


Dean stumbled in early the next morning, drunk. You waited for him to sleep it off, while Sam went to do… something. You forgot what he said, but you were fairly sure it was just an excuse to leave you and Dean alone. Once he woke up and drank a couple of cups of coffee, you sat down next to him on the couch. “Did you mean it?”

He glanced at you, sipping his third cup of coffee. “Mean what?”

“When you said… you know, when you said that you wished I never came hunting with you.”

“Of course I meant it.” You felt your heart sink, but Dean kept talking. “If we hadn’t let you come with us, then you wouldn’t get hurt like this. We put you at risk every day, and it kills me. I…” He met your eyes, his own glimmering with hidden emotion. “I couldn’t live with myself if we got you killed, (Y/N).”

“I’m not going anywhere.” You promised, moving closer to him. “I need you. And Sammy. You two are the only people I have left.”

Dean slid his hand onto your leg, setting his coffee down. “(Y/N)…”

You moved closer to him, wrapping your arms tightly around his torso. You buried your face in his shoulder, and felt him kiss your hair. He gently lifted your face, leaning down to press his lips to yours. It was every bit as amazing as your first kiss, and for a moment you were a lovesick teenager again, completely in love with Dean Winchester.

When he broke away he kept you cradled in his arms, kissing your forehead. And then he said it. Three words, the three words you had given up on ever hearing.

“I love you.”

You smiled, pecking his lips again. “I know.”

Far Far Away - Part 9

Hello all! I hope you had a great weekend :D So this is part 9. I remembered that @huffee-hugsandcoffee​ requested a dancing part earlier so… I might have added one in. Also, you guys might hate me for this part too. Or still hate me from all the other times I was a jerk and pulled people apart/riled shit up. But anyway, I hope you like it! Thanks for reading! 

Part 9:

Rae perched on the edge of her bed, anxiety welling up in her chest to form a big lump. She had daydreamed many times about what it would be like to have her F in her room. The things they did to each other in her head were too dirty to even mention, but every time she thought back to them a shiver of pleasure went down her spine.

But this wasn’t that time. Finn was in her room, but he had no idea Rae was R. He sat on the edge of her bed, sipping his drink and surveying her room.

“So what are ya doing here?” Rae asked, nervously running her fingers through her hair. “I’ve never seen you at one of Vicki and Amy’s parties before.”

“I’m looking for someone.” Finn responded, sheepishly grinning up at her. “Ya see, I’ve been chatting with this amazing girl but I’ve never actually talked to her in person. I was supposed to meet her at the Reader’s ball but she left before I got the chance to see her.” He paused to pull something out of his pocket.  “I found this in the garden. I think she left it for me.” He explained.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I absolutely loved, The Last 100 Years, and I was wondering if you thought about writing something about Caroline and Kol's adventures together! I really enjoyed how you wrote their relationship and that wonderful scene of vulnerability between them! I'm curious about how Klaus felt when he learned about how long they've been traveling together lol! Your writing is wonderful!

I’m so glad you enjoyed Surprise and The Last 100 Years. This prompt actually fits well with a requested outtake from Istanbul, when Klaus healed Caroline’s werewolf bite and discovered her friendship with Kol. I am so sorry that this isn’t exactly what you asked for, I just don’t think I’m up for a direct sequel to the other stories. I like where they’ve ended right now (though I will never say never when it comes to future inspiration).

Anyway, I hope this is a satisfactory substitute, and that you enjoy it just as much as its predecessors! Your compliments are truly an honor, and I hope I do them justice. Thanks for the prompt!

Five Years a Secret || Klaroline

Klaus took care to shut the door quietly, though Caroline was already sleeping peacefully. Her eyes had been listless when he pressed his bloody wrist to her mouth, too near a miserable death for his liking. She didn’t latch onto the wound right away, and he feared his late arrival had accomplished the unthinkable until he finally felt her draw from his veins.

Relief flooded him as he cradled her gently to his chest. Caroline drank slowly, but he could see her color returning as the blood healed her. Coming to awareness, her eyes raised to meet his concerned gaze, and Klaus allowed himself a deep breath in a release of extreme tension.

She was going to live.

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