i saw this yesterday and had to keep from screaming

Surprise (Tom Holland x Reader )

A/n this is based off of the picture that Toms dad posted on his Instagram of Tom and Tessa cuddling!

“Harrison where are you? No, obviously I don’t see you. Well if you see me then why don’t you come here? Bye Harrison” I groaned and hung up my phone. Harrison called me yesterday and told me to get on the next flight to come see him and Tom. I can’t lie, I was surprised that Harrison was able to keep this whole thing a secret from Tom. I looked above the crowd and saw Harrison’s goofy smile, he had his arms waving in the air and he was screaming my name. Laughing to myself I walked over to him and squeezed him into a tight hug. “ missed you y/n ” he said into the top of my head. “ missed you too haz, now let’s go I can’t wait to see Tom!” Harrison helped me with my bags and we walked off to find his car.

“ You know Tom has really missed you. These few weeks away from you have really put a damper on his mood.” I put my head down completely understanding how Tom felt, because I felt the exact same way. “ I feel terrible that it took me so long to come visit.” I mumbled. I think Harrison realized that I was upset because he looked over at me, “ He doesn’t care about how long it took, he’s just gonna be happy to see you. He’s began to cuddle with Tessa to fill your spot.” I laughed thinking how cute they both probably look.

“We’re here!” I hadn’t realized that I dozed off until I was woken up by Harrison screaming. We are finally at Toms hotel, which is actually really far from the airport. We got out of the car and again Harrison helped me with my bags. In the elevator I can’t help but crack up at how excited Harrison is, he was jumping up and down talking about how he’s so proud of himself for keeping this from Tom. We walked out of the elevator and I followed him to Toms room. As he unlocked the door I felt nervousness and excitement wash over me.

The second the door was unlocked I ran in and saw the most adorable sight I’ve ever seen. Tom was laying on his side with one arm over Tessa, his stomach against her back side. I couldn’t help but pull out my phone and take a picture of the two of them. I jumped when the shutter on my went off, trying my best to cover it but Tom must have heard it because before I knew it he was flying out of bed and running towards me. He pulled me into the tightest hug ever and lifted me off the ground. I wrapped my arms around his neck, tangling my hands in his hair and my legs went around his waist. “ What the hell are you doing here? How’d you get here? Are you staying? I’ve missed you so much!” Tom pulled away and kissed me before I could answer his questions. I wasn’t complaining though. The kiss was long and slow and so overdue. I groaned as Tom tried to pull away, “ no no not yet.” I pulled him back and gave him a quick peck.

Later that evening Tom and I were laying in bed watching a movie with Tessa laying in a ball at the end of the bed. “ I’m so glad you’re here.”
Tom mumbled, just above a whisper. I nodded in agreement, “ I love you Thomas Stanley Holland”

“ I love you too darling ”