i saw this video for the first time today

PINOF Through the Ages

ah, November, that special time of year between halloween and christmas where i can buy “fun sized” (read “thumb sized”) chocolate bars and tinsel in the same aisle at walmart…

it’s also that time of year where members of the phandom, young and old, come together and collectively binge watch all the PINOF videos in preparation for the newest installment, as we wait with bated breath for what fresh hell we’re gonna be hit with this year.

today, i would like to share with you my observations of PINOF Through The Years, as we embark on the fucking trip that is sure to be PINOF 9…

Phil is not on fire (25 October 2009)

- can you IMAGINE what the hell Phil’s parents and/or brother must’ve thought when they were filming that/saw it for the first time?! Phil brings home this random kid he found in a train station and they start giggling like actual 12 year olds and wandering round the house talking about The Shining, using the exercise equipment Phil has probably never stepped foot on in his life, and drawing on their faces in sharpie? i can fucking HEAR Kath saying “Phil…honey…are you on the drugs?” and Martyn cackling like a lunatic in the background at his brother and his weird friend….

- Dan is trying so. damn. hard. not to laugh throughout the entire video.

- Speaking of Dan, even back then he was a sassy, cocky lil shit… “every animal makes that noise with you…” “wow Phil, i bet they’re all so glad they can see the diagram…” “no, okay, Phil has really crappy GHDs that don’t even work…they don’t even work…they are Poundland GHDs.”

- everyone always talks about The Tackle™ at the end of the video, but not NEARLY enough people talk about the lil smirk Phil gives the camera just before it…like, seriously?! that’s a “haha, here goes nothing!” kinda smirk. thats a “lol watch this!” kinda smirk. thats a “give the people what they want” kinda smirk…im just sayin’…

Phil is not on fire 2 (29 May 2010)

- okay, first of all, Dan…sweetheart…did you borrow that cardigan from your mum?

- Dan: “if you could choose which surname you had, what would be your decision?” Phil: “…umm…” *almost imperceptible but still definitely there jumpcut* Phil: “Striker!”….yeah, yeah, yeah, alright, everyone knows that Phil really said “yours” in an incredibly sheepish and embarrassed voice to Dan that made him go “awwww!….you’re cutting that out…”, but lets appreciate the editing skills it took to make the cut so completely (almost) seamless….

- oh. my. GOD! there is an ENTIRE post JUST about the microwave moment, but i have to reiterate it again for those who have recently entered this hellscape: imagine you are Phil Lester, a 23 year old adult with an ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEGREE, and in comes this adorable 18 year old twink trying to tell you that “microwave” is a fucking onomatopoeia! if i was Phil, THIS would be the moment i’d never let Dan live down. fuck “hello internet”, if he ever pissed me off i’d just be like “yeah, well, at least i know microwave isn’t a fucking onomatopoeia…” and walk away. argument done, you win every time.

- and that being said, again, lets appreciate how much we can learn from the facial expressions of Philip Michael Lester. in that moment, the look he gives Dan is pure “are you fucking serious…?” it is incredulity in a nutshell. it is shock and fondness and “oh my god you are such a twat…”. if there were a dictionary of facial expressions, Phil’s face at the moment Dan says fucking microwave is his favourite onomatopoeia would be the one next to the definition of “wtf?”

Phil is not on fire 3 (1 November 2011)

- 2011 was, by far, the WORST year for Dan and Phil’s hair. tragic. absolutely tragic…

- wow, Dan was right, every animal DOES make the same noise to Phil, including horrific genetic hybrids of land and sea mammals…

- Dan’s ability to almost unhinge his jaw is terrifying…and i’m sure has played a part in lots of phanfic that i’m definitely not going to look for ever…

- okay, seriously guys?! the word is vagina. say it with me: vagina. come on! all together now! it’s not a *awkward silence and weird hand gesture*, it’s not a “birth area", it’s just a vagina…for someone who knows so much about placenta, it strikes me as odd that Dan can’t say the word vagina out loud…

- i’ve never heard anyone giggle as much as Dan does in this video…

Phil is not on fire 4 (12 September 2012)

- the hair is better this year…slightly…

- whoever decided that those face mask things were a good idea needs to be buried alive…the way they look when they move is so horrifying, it gives me nightmares.

- the “gu-hoy!” noise Dan makes in this video (ts 3:21 if you’re at all interested) is my text alert on my phone and it makes me panic every time i watch it because im like “wtf is someone texting me for at 11:53 pm?!” but then i realize it’s just the video and that i’m actually still very alone and have no friends…

- (bloopers bonus!) petition to have 2012 be known in the phandom as, ‘The Year Dan Was Finally Comfortable With The Word Vagina’. that’s all it was guys! he learned a new word and just wanted to show how broad his vocabulary had become!

Phil is not on fire 5 (22 November 2013)

- and right off the bat we’re affronted again by the fact that Dan and Phil have zero concept of how female anatomy works….

- this is probably the most uneventful pinof in the entire series.

Phil is not on fire 6 (6 November 2014)

- to return to the hair discourse, i firmly maintain that 2014 was the best year for their haircuts/styles.

- Phil has no concept of what a sassy face is…

- #StopPhil201X needs to just be a recurring thing every year…

- that poor, poor snake…

- petition for Dan to sing the national anthem at every tour stop in 2018

- the idea of Dan trying to carry on the legacy of Phil Is Not On Fire after Phil’s death is so damn heartbreaking to me…i need a minute

- my lil demon soul is convinced that Phil was doing *something* to Dan’s neck when they both tried to fit through that sweater…i mean, look at his face when he laughs and says “stop". seriously?!

- something about Dan with his fringe swapped, on the wrong side of the bed, and wearing Phil’s shirt makes me feel almost uncomfortable, but in a way that i’m not entirely sure how to process…

- (bloopers bonus!) to reiterate! every animal does, in fact, make the same noise to Phil. this has now been confirmed 3 times.

- (bloopers bonus!) the amount of pleasure Phil is able to derive from any mention of Hello Internet warms the deepest recesses of my soul like the light of the sun after a 1000 year winter.

Phil is not on fire 7 (29 November 2015)

- uh, excuse me? do not drag my country in such a way. Canada is indeed real. it’s where maple syrup comes from. as someone who enjoys the simplicity of a good pancake, i expected better from you Mr. Philip.

- i feel so bad for their neighbours during the stress mushroom tug of war…like, can you imagine what those poor people must’ve thought of them? i’d love to interview their neighbours one day…better yet, their neighbours should write a book: “I Lived Next To YouTubers For 5 Years: The Adventure" and just have it be a chronicle of every weird thing they ever witnessed/encountered.

- with every passing year, Dan’s knowledge of fanfiction tropes and writing styles becomes increasingly disturbing…hide the smut everyone Daniel Howell is coming for it.

- Phil! with the puns! honestly Dan, how do you put up with this man?

- (bloopers bonus!) the way dans voice changes when he grabs Phils underwear and is just ENTHRALLED with the fact that he’s colour coordinates his boxers to his bedsheets is probably the single most disgusting thing i have ever witnessed in my entire life…i mean, i love it, but why are you SO EXTRA?!

Phil is not on fire 8 (29 November 2016)

- NOTHING in the animal or cutlery kingdoms should be born or created in the way Phil describes the birthing process of a spork!

- okay. OKAY! i love the fringes, i really do. i’m a fringe fan from way back, but the hair pushed back thing they get going on sometimes? i can get on board with that.

- aaaannd at 1:57 into pinof 8, the little game i like to play called “Phan or Viktuuri" had all of its lines blurred so far beyond recognition i’m not even sure which universe i’m living in anymore.

- the PSA for “staying hydrated"…such a harmless, and beautiful message about health and self care that the phandom managed to turn into a sex meme…but no one is surprised by that now, are they?

- i need to know why that stock photo exists in the first place…also, why the hell was Phil wearing sandals in November?

- (bloopers bonus!) Phil: “phil is not on fire 8! this time its…what the tagline?” the phandom: “…gayer than ever?” Dan: “full of regrets.” the phandom: “…i mean I GUESS!!!”

- (bloopers bonus!) everything about this blooper reel just confirms even more solidly that Dan is the biggest Phil fan in the world. i’m not gonna wax poetic about the compliments or the comparisons to sunshine or anything else, because at this point is it really necessary? no. i thought not.

and there we have it. just in time for PINOF 9 to be released, a full (and much more in depth than intended) recap of the saga thus far…wake me up when Gamingmas starts, cuz after this video comes out, i’m gonna need a solid week of sleep


ttoboba tea’s twitter dumps! EyyY! 

1st pic: Wanted to draw myself in winter clothes! It’s my first time experiencing winter and it’s wonderful! (I saw snow for the first time today ; A ;)

2nd pic: Drawing my child Heart with different emotions!!

3rd pic: crazy cat MoRTY cRAZY CAT MORTY AAAAaAA

4th pic: Those adorable lovebirds are from this cute video called Rainbow Connections. Please watch it. *wipes away tears*

Reasons To Love Svt

  • not so Subjectively the best group ever 
  • They were supposed to debut years before they actually did 
  • The fact they kept going after something like that 
  • Like we get upset when a single members been training for a long time cough sm rookies cough
  • But svt as a group had to wait 
  • But when they did debut they were such a hit 
  • Like carats couldn’t be more proud
  • They grew in popularity so fast too 
  • We couldn’t be more proud 
  • The relationships between the members is half the fun
  • They love each other like family so much 
  • Constantly looking out for each other 
  • Seungkwan feeling bad about his body?
  • 12 other members will be right by his side to reassure him he’s perfect just the way he is
  • Mingyu messing with the filters because he’s worried about his skin color?
  • Someone will be saying he doesn’t need a filter within seconds 
  • When chan graduated a good handful went to go see him
  • Like if that isn’t love what is?
  • With 13 members you’d think someone is bound to get left out 
  • And not that it doesn’t always happen 
  • The members do make efforts to include each other 
  • They are always having fun no matter how tired they are or how late it is
  • Turning lights out on each other when they are taking showers 
  • Playing rock paper scissors at restaurants to see who has to ask the owner to play their songs 
  • You can just tell they genuinely love each other like family 
  • Like lets be real
  • If you spent so much of your time with that large amount of people 
  • You would totally find someone, if not multiple people that clash with your personalty 
  • And i’m sure these guys have had that happen
  • But they’ve worked past that
  • To the point where us fans cant even tell 
  • And boy we find out a lot of things lol
  • What Im trying to say is that they are totally accepting of each other and i find that amazing
  • They love their carats so much 
  • So so much 
  • Like when they each wrote an encouraging letter for students taking the SAT
  • The amount of work they put into making their performances perfect for their carats 
  • They’ve been through so much for us
  • They always bow so deeply at their concerts and it breaks me 
  • Seventeen in carat land was honestly the most beautiful thing
  • Their carats love them just as much, if not more
  • Like ask a carat what they love about svt
  • And they will either go on for hours 
  • And never run out of things to say
  • Or just be so overwhelmed they can’t even say anything
  • Because their love for the boys is just too much
  • Its adorable
  • All of them are super sweet people 
  • Constantly encouraging the members 
  • And always so content with anything svt gives us like 
  • Carats are so sweet
  • Super artsy too i dont understand 
  • Predebut videos are better than any other groups omg 
  • Your bias list is never safe when stanning svt because everyone is perfect 
  • All the carrot puns we can make and they make
  • They are literally a giant meme 
  • And they never fail to put a smile on our face 
  • Idk if yall have noticed but svt has been making an effort to be more active on social media 
  • They even did live shows on instagram 
  • And they’ve posted so much stuff on all their social media 
  • They blessed us with their dance covers of happiness and wild eye 
  • Synchronization kings 
  • When i first saw wild eye i was so confused 
  • Because i thought my video had frozen
  • But nope
  • That was just part of the dance
  • They have such a unique style
  • Like three units but one group
  • And they still all function as one working group 
  • 13 members, 3 units, 1 team = Seventeen 
  • Hella attractive 
  • Like seventeen is just made up of 13 visuals 
  • Everything they do is so amazingly aesthetic 
  • Their music is perfect 
  • That one time we thought we were getting a dark concept 
  • And it said Only for today 
  • And we were like !!!!!!!!
  • But they literally meant only for one day
  • It was just a black and white filter 
  • And we were freaking speechless 
  • Lmao that was a wild time 
  • But the fact that even the rappers can sing
  • And it sounds like heaven 
  • They are all really respectful 
  • We’ve all heard stories from staff thats worked with them 
  • And there is never anything bad to say about them
  • They cover girl groups in a respectful way and aren’t making fun of the songs like pretty much every other boy group out there
  • They aren’t in it for the fame 
  • They just want to make music
  • Cause i mean, lets be real, if their only goal was to be famous they wouldn’t have have ended up at Pledis lol
  • They are super super humble
  • How hype they get with each other 
  • They are their number one fans 
  • No one loves svt more than svt loves them
  • Its fantastic 
  • Freaking Bong Bong
  • Our lovely Kim Bong Bong
  • The fact that bongbongie represents the fans 
  • And they have named it genderless 
  • And hoshi broke down the stereotype that pretty eyes equals girl
  • Like when will your faves ever?
  • Their stages are freaking lit 
  • They go all out 
  • Whether youre there at the concert or watching a video of it 
  • You’ll get super pumped
  • And you can just feel the passion radiating out of the video 
  • Because they put 110% into everything they do
  • Stanning svt is like finding a new home 
  • Everyone is welcoming and warm
  • The guys just make you smile all the time
  • No matter what they are doing
  • Their love is neverending 
  • And everything is so personal and relatable
  • It feels like you know them personally and not like they are some famous untouchable group 
  • Everything about them just makes me smile and they can improve my mood like no other group

Hello world! Today I have been uploading quite a lot hehe..anyway on the 7th it was @therealjacksepticeye ‘s birthday! Honestly I had completely forgotten about it with my grandfathers memorial and all. You see the weirdest part of all is that the last time I drew something for Jack it was for the game “That Dragon,Cancer” ,I was so surprised and happy that he saw it ^^ , at that time I also wrote something under the the drawing. I wrote my feelings on the subject of cancer and how my grandfather was ill with it. It happened that on the 8th of Febrouary of 2016 my grandfather died after being in intence care for a week. So today was actualy his one year memorial…the reason why I forgot about Jack. But while I was kinda down and all I saw his video “The day of birth” and it tottaly cheered me up instantly so I sat down and drew this. It’s cute and it’s my first time trying to draw @wiishu…. I hope I did good heheh [also I may or may not have done a small wiishu marathon lol ] Anyway I think I vended long enough… cheerful and all ahahaha…I need to get my cheerful mojo back aaaagh… I WIISHU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAAAAAACK!! <3 <i>yup that’s more like it :)

Solangelo Youtuber au part 1

So, if you’re reading this and you haven’t read my PJO youtuber au, I recommend you go read that first so that way you have a feel of what types of youtubers they are and things like that.
• So, Nico first discovered Will on one of those times you stay up all night looking at weird and random You Tube videos
• The thumbnail was of Will holding up a ukulele, a giant smile stretched across his face
• The video was of Will singing the song ‘I Want To Break Free’ by Queen. That’s all it took for Nico to click on the video. A cute boy and Queen
• Let’s just say the video hooked Nico and he fell into a dark hole of covers, remixes, mash ups all done by the blonde curly haired boy
• By the end of the night Nico had watched all 300 hundred or so videos Will had on his channel and had a very new and broad music taste
• Soon it became an obsession and everyone was aware that Nico liked this guy
• He would wait refresh his You Tube page nonstop every time Will tweeted he would be posting a video, waiting for Will to upload a new video and he’d be one of the first people to like his Instagram pictures
• Everyone who knew Nico knew Will. That how often he brought up Will in conversation
• “Yes, Nico I saw Will’s new video today”
• Or “Yes, Nico you already mentioned three times how cute Will looks in his new selfie he posted”
• It went on like this for at least three months
• That was until, Nico finally DMed him on Instagram
• It had been a decision caused by a lot of alcohol and stupid friends like Percy and Jason
• He hadn’t realized until the next morning he texted Will saying how much “he loved his videos and thinks he’s really cute”
• Nico was sure that Wil would ignore him, but maybe because of his certified Instagram account and large amount of followers, Will responded
• He was, as expected a sweetheart and replied saying “omg thank you so much, you have no idea how much this means to me!”
• After that, texting became a regular thing for them
• But soon, texting tuned into phone call and phone calls turned into face time and face time turned into the want to meet face to face
• Nico had never had an internet friend before, so he was never graced with the horrible feeling of “what if”
• “what if I’ve just been talking to an old man sitting in his underwear”
• “what if Will is actually horrible in real life”
• “what if he’s a government spy, looking to take down my You Tube channel and steal all of my subscribers? All 6 million of them?”
• But that was ridiculous, because Nico had seen his face and had talked to him face to face, even if it was over a screen
• They finally made the decision to meet up at a local You Tube event held in New York
• The day had been stressful, full of crazy fans, long lines, and terrible air conditioning. But once Nico and Will were done meeting their fans, they searched desperately for each other in the large crowds
• They were searching through crowds of people, trying to find each other, when they made eye contact
• It was like the movies, they pushed through the crowd, trying to get near each other, when suddenly, they were in each other’s arms and suddenly everything felt so right
• Nico would never admit it, but he even cried a little
• It was such a relief, seeing Will in person after telling him everything about himself. His dark secrets and cute quirks and worst fears
• As they held each other, Nico noted how Will’s freckles were a lot more noticeable and how his arms were bigger than he imagined
• “Hi” Nico whispered
• “Hi” Will said back
• And Nico doesn’t remember a time he was happier

go read part two :)

Gleam party - Jack Maynard

Summary: It had been ages since you had last seen your friends. Luckily Gleam decided to hold a party where you could catch up and more… 

A/N: Look at how cute he is here. I saw Caspar’s video and got a sudden burst of inspiration to write again. Let’s hope it stays! x

For more like this go follow my new blog: s-writing-s

“Good morning,” you smiled to the camera in front of you, “as I said yesterday, today is the day for the Gleam festival/party thing and I’m so excited! I get to see so many youtubers I haven’t seen in a long time and I’m really looking forward to this. But I do have to get ready first so I’ll see you in a bit.”

After ending the bit you turned off your camera and moved to take a quick shower. You slipped on a robe once you were finished and sat down in your makeup chair. “What to choose?” you mumbled to yourself. You decided to go quite natural with a bronze eye look and pink brown lips. You put on the outfit you chose beforehand to avoid a clothing crisis, and slipped into your converse. Once your sunglasses were on your face, you were good to go. After grabbing your bag and your vlogging camera you hopped in the car and started the journey.

You were genuinely so excited for this party, and couldn’t wait to see friends you hadn’t seen in ages. You had been on tour and after that you did some travelling so it had been some months since you had seen everybody. The person, though, you were looking most forward to seeing again was Jack. Feelings had blossomed after you formed a close friendship with most of the ‘buttercream squad’ as they were called, and it seemed as though he felt something for you, too. Hopefully, tonight would give you the last indication of his feelings and were he stood. 

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I can’t believe what happened at bali airport today. First someone leaks the gate and time of iKON’s arrival, then I-iKONICs mob the boys and shove their phone’s into their faces and scream into their ears, it legit looked like a fucking zombie apocalypse, then they try to play innocent by blaming it on another boygroups fandom when other fans called them out, like you sure all of those crazy ass people were not iKONICs but fans from another boygroup? You see tons of videos of I-iKONICs with the caption ‘I finally saw them’ or ‘I’m so happy’ and videos of them calling the boys names, even wearing iKON shirts, yet you want to blame another fandom for this mess? I’m so sorry the boys had to go through this shit. Yunhyeong and donghyuk looked so angry, chanwoo looked scared hiding behind Hanbin, Jinhwan and Bobby looked super uncomfortable, and June and Hanbin tried to keep a forced smile so no one gets angry. Yet you see people calling donghyuk arrogant for wanting to leave that mess quickly. I’m sorry to all I-iKONICs who weren’t there and now have to live with the fact that iKON will always remember the trip to Bali as a huge mess. Everyone who recorded those videos and shoved their phones into the boys faces should be ashamed of themselves. You guys should know that they have this kind of mess already in Korea and China and don’t need more of it. This is not about fans loving their idols, it’s about attacking them at the airport all for a video or a selfie or whatever. It’s disrespectful and you hurt their privacy on so many levels. I hope you learned from today.

laineylovegirl  asked:

These past couple of shows have given us such lovely Kaisoo moments and now the Anniversary VLive!! Tell me you saw that Nini's struggle was real. I bet it took all of his power to not back hug Soo when he was doing the heart behind him. I love how he always manages to point to Soo somehow, like he wants all the attention on him because he's so proud of him! Oh btw, I love seeing those fan made videos you reblog of our precious babies because I get such great song suggestions. <3

Yes ;_; I think we’ve been spoilt lately!! 

Honestly that heart…… not the first time that he’s done smth similar ;; 

He was asked to mimic soo, and he did a heart ;_; 

And now today while standing behind him T___T Soo’s smile tho!! 

Blooper Reel

Hamwriters’ Write-a-thon: AU Day (1)

Pairing: Jordan Fisher x Reader

Word Count: 2,633

Trigger Warnings: None really, just fluff

A/N: Day 1! I’m so excited for this even though I totally procrastinated. Hopefully, I’ll be posting them on time, sometime in the afternoon each day. I can’t wait to read all of your fics, guys! Enjoy this, it’s literally all fluff. The calm before the storm. *cue maniacal laughing*

Originally posted by riotinoakland

There were plenty of things you were fairly sure would never happen at your wedding. One was breakdancing. Another, juggling. It wasn’t like you’d planned the ins and outs of your wedding day since you were a kid. Some things you just knew weren’t going to happen at the sacred ceremony.

But one thing you hadn’t even thought of, was having a toast to YouTube.

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Rumors // Jack Maynard

Word Count- 1338

Summary- You go to a gleam party, and meet your ‘Youtube crush’.

Warnings; N/A

A/n; This one took forever because I wrote it all out then realized the anon included the “Youtube party” part and had to rewrite it, sorry it took so long. (I’m not mad about rewriting by the way, it was my fault so don’t feel bad x )

Requested; Yes. This is a hell of a long request, but enjoy!

request;  Sooo I tottaly love your works! Could I get one with Jack Maynard with 2, 15, 80, 81, 91, 132, 134 (and you can add 48, 106 only if u want) and I knowwww its a lot, but I was thinkingabout something like Jack is known as a player, buthe starts to feel something to the reader who can be girl who he met like at some youtube event/party but she is scared that he would break her etc? If u read the prompts it makes sense I think😏 I am sorry its so long and I will be grateful if u write this,thanks❤️

2. Can you shut up for five minutes, please??? | 15. You’re breaking my heart, babe. | 48. I bet you can’t go 24 hours without cussing. | 80. Nothing bad is going to happen, baby, I promise. | 81. Excuse me for falling in love with you. | 91. Sorry I’m protective over the things I love. | 106. I try my best. | 132. I have reasons. You wouldn’t get it. | 134. You don’t mean that.


“Hello everyone!” You said, smiling towards the camera. “Today we’re going to the gleam party, and I really don’t know what to expect, honestly! It’s my first time, and you guys get to come with me on this adventure! Obviously, I won’t be able to vlog everything, but I’ll try my best and film as much as I can!” You turned it off, smiling to yourself as you left the hotel.

As you arrived at the party, a wave of nerves washed over you. You knew a few people, but not many. You saw your cousins, Joe and Zoe Sugg, and greeted them with hugs. “It’s so good to see you again.” You said to them, smiling brightly. The three of you caught up for a bit, when Zoe excused herself to go with Alfie, Poppy and Sean. Joe had an excited look on his face. “What now, Joseph?” You asked, knowing something not-so-good was about to happen. “Come meet my mates!” He said, grabbing your hand and pulling you through the crowd to a group of boys.

You recognized them all from their YouTube channels, and it seems they recognized you from videos with Joe, or your own channel. Caspar Lee, who you’ve met before, (from visiting Joe when they lived together), Josh Pieters, and Jack Maynard. Jack Maynard. He’d always been your ‘YouTube crush’, but you were always told how bad he was. You knew his reputation, and you weren’t someone really to judge before knowing for yourself. Jack, however, you’d heard so much about him, you were quite scared to even consider him as something as other than a player, so you ignored your little crush. It would pass, anyways.

You let Joe introduce you to his friends, and Josh, Caspar and Joe all went to get drinks for the 5 of you; luckily for you, Jack insisted on staying to keep you company. “So Y/N, having a good time?” Jack asked, a bit awkwardly. You were surprised, Jack always seemed so confident and outgoing in his videos and he seemed to be holding himself back. “Yes, actually. It’s quite nice just catching up and meeting some new people who share experiences with you.” You said, smiling to try and ease his discomfort. He smiled back.

“It really is.” Jack said, seemingly scanning your face. “Why are you looking at me like that?” You asked, cheeks burning slightly. You didn’t like the way he was looking at you, but you didn’t dislike it either. It was like you wanted to dislike it, but you didn’t. “Just taking your beauty in. You look even better in person, for the record.” He said, smoothly. “Flirting already, Maynard? Your reputation precedes you.” “I try my best.” He said, proudly. “I never said it was a good thing.” You said, smirking.

He mock gasped. “You don’t mean that.” He said, pretending to be offended. Though, unbeknownst to you, he was. “Yeah, I do.” You said, unamused. “Then why? Rumors?” He persisted, curious. “I don’t know, it doesn’t matter. Has it occurred to you I’m maybe not interested?” You said, teasingly, and shrugging. He gasped once again, placing a hand over his heart over-dramatically as if he’d been shot. You chuckled at his terrible acting. “Another thing that needs work; your acting.”

You’re breaking my heart, babe.” He pouted, crossing his arms in front of his chest. You shrugged. “I do watch your videos, though.” His face lit up. “You do?” He asked, unbelieving. “Yeah, and judging by your videos, I bet you can’t go 24 hours without cussing.” You challenged, he gave you a look of disbelief. “Of all my videos, that’s what you got of my personality?” He asked, chuckling and shaking his head. You nodded. “That, among other things.” You said, cheekily. You reminded yourself mentally you couldn’t get involved with him.

Just then, Joe, Josh and Caspar returned with drinks, and the 5 of you chatted for a bit. You couldn’t help but notice Jack constantly watching you. Joe, Josh and Caspar were deep into a conversation about football, and you were bored. You walked away, finding Sean, (who you knew from Poppy and Alfie), who was like a brother to you, and danced with him. Some would think it was a relationship type dance, but everyone who knew the two of you knew you may as well have been siblings. Poppy especially knew, and she was smiling watching you and her boyfriend dance.

Jack, however, was not as happy with it. He knew Sean had a girlfriend, why the hell was he dancing with you? He stormed over to you, grabbed your arm and (rather aggressively, yet not enough to hurt), tugged you away from Sean. You frowned, turning around rather angrily and looking at whoever stole you from Sean. “What do you think you’re doing, Jack?” “He has a girlfriend.” He said, simply. You looked appalled. “Excuse me? I was having time with one of my best friends. What on earth gave you a right to interrupt that?” You spat, emphasizing the ‘best friends’. “Sorry I’m protective over the things I love.” Jack said, simply.

You scoffed. “That’s rich. Since when was I a ‘thing’, or something you love? This is ridiculous. I’ve met you today. Seriously, Can you shut up for five minutes, please??? I’m sick of your flirting, leave me alone and let me enjoy my day!” You yelled, tugging your arm out of his grip. “Excuse me for falling in love with you. Why are you so unbelieving that I care about you?” Jack said, following you. “You met me today!” You said, turning around and throwing your hands up to exaggerate the point.

“So? I’ve told you I’ve been watching your videos for a long time; and that you’re my YouTube crush. That’s not it. There’s a reason you’re not letting me in; I can see you were having fun with our banter. Please, at least tell me why you aren’t giving me a chance. I’ll leave you alone.” He said, looking at you with pleading eyes. You’d never thought Jack could act like this; he looked vulnerable. That’s something you’d never thought possible. “I have reasons. You wouldn’t get it.” You said, sighing, and shrugging. “Again, is it because ‘I’m a player’? Just be honest.” You stayed quiet, and he knew he was right.

“Y/N, please. I know I’m not a perfect guy, and I know this is probably weird since we only met today, but..” He took a deep breath, and you nodded for him to continue. “I’ve liked you since the first time I saw you in Joe’s videos. I’ve always wanted to contact you for a collab, but Joe said to stay away, and him being one of my best mates; I listened. Though, when I saw you today, you took my breath away. I’ve genuinely never felt my heart race faster than it did when I saw you. Please, give me a chance.” He said, looking into your eyes, and grabbing one of your hands. “Nothing bad is going to happen, baby, I promise. I’ll never hurt you. I’d hate myself if I did.”

You were almost in tears, the heartfelt speech; you knew he meant it. No player would go to that much trouble for a girl. You looked around, noticing a crowd had gathered during Jack’s speech. “Y/N, I’m coming after you if you say no!” You heard Zoe yell, and laughter erupted through the crowd. “Thanks for the pressure, Zo!” You called back. “Besides, I wasn’t planning on saying no.” You added, earning a cheer from everyone and a bright smile from Jack.

“Now that the sappy part of this party is over.. Let’s dance!” You called, and everyone laughed and moved to the dance floor. You completely forgot about your vlog, but you’d worry about it tomorrow. Right now, you were going to dance and party like your life depended on it, with your new boyfriend, the supposed player, Jack Maynard.

I must be dreaming

Summary: 2009!phan paralleled with 2017!phan, aka the aftermath of pinof 1 and the aftermath of Phil’s mince pie list liveshow - Dan POV

Word Count: 1k

Read on AO3

We just finished filming the Q&A video for Phil’s channel, and I’m…to say I feel like I’m flying would be an understatement. I meant it when I said it was the most fun I’ve ever had. I mean, there are definitely a few parts he has to edit out, but it was amazing. He’s amazing.

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Today, this Joker trailer is officially one year old. 

Last year, I remember shaking and wailing as I watched this. I remember having to pause the video and try to calm my heartbeat when I saw my clowns kissing for the first time in live action. I remember how excited we all were, how we watched and rewatched and rewatched again. Good times. Relieve them with me for a second? Cheers to the best trailer to come out of Suicide Squad in a plethora of great trailers. 

Hiding -Harry

Anonymous said to simplysdmn: can you do a harry imagine where y/n and harry are together secretly and the other boys don’t know, but they do little slip ups and it maes the boys all suspicious so they have to ask them or try and catch them out 

A/N: Hey babe! I hope you like this! Thank you to @whateverbabeslove for always being a great help!


My relationship with him was confusing. In front of our friends we were just friends but when it was just us we were together. We weren’t allowed be touchy around each other when we were in public or when we were with them. If I was in the tower, we couldn’t be in his room alone, just in case someone walked in. I understood why but at times it was frustrating. Like today for instance.

We were going to the cinema with Joel, Cal and Ali. We managed to all fit into our Uber to Westfields. I sat between Cal and Ali, I knew if I sat next to Harry I’d slip and probably do something that would make it obvious that we were together. 

We thanked the driver and walked into the shopping center. We trailed around to different shops, wasting our time before our movie was going to start. There was so much laughter going on between us that i didn’t even notice that Harry was staring at me in awe. I looked away from shyness and walked into the next store.

“Guy’s do you think we stuff a load of food Y/N’s bag we could sneak into the cinema?” Cal said, clutching his stomach from laughing. 

“We could try!” I said, jumping into a trolley, waiting for someone to roll me around Tesco. We grabbed as much food as we could fit into my backpack. I got our of the trolley and pushed it to the checkout. We had a fight about who was paying but while they were arguing, they hadn’t noticed that I was already giving money to the cashier. 

“Come on guys! We’ll be late.” I pulled Harry along with me. 

“I wish we could be closer in public.” I sighed, talking just before the other would reach us.

“Me too babe, but we’ll say it soon.” He kissed my hand, making sure that they didn’t see it. 

“Fuck, you guys run fast.” Joel said. We bought our tickets and popcorn and made our way into our theater room. 

Joel, Ali and Cal filled in the seats that we were supposed to sit in, leaving me to sit with Harry. I looked over at him and sighed, knowing he was going to forget and do something. The only available seats were two rows down from the others and all the way to the wall. We told them we’d see them in a while.

 We excused ourselves as we got through the people that were seated in our row. I sat down Harry sitting next to me. I put down my bag and my popcorn and drinks. I forgotten that we had to share our food between the guys. I walked back up and gave them half the food we bought.

“Have fun sitting with Boggo.” Cal said, making me roll my eyes. I walked back to my seat just before the movie was about to start.

“I’m probably going to slip up mid film.” Harry said, taking a sip of his drink. I giggled, nodding my head.

“I know you will but I don’t care.” He smiled at and got comfortable for the movie.

Just as Harry said he would slip up but it wasn’t even half way through the movie, it was more like 25 minutes into the movie. He raised the arm rest between and put his arm around me, placing a kiss on my forehead. I snuggled into his chest and ate my popcorn.

About 15 minutes later I heard whispering going on behind us. They got shushed and but continued on, until I turned around and looked at where the noise was coming from. I saw Ali and Joel pointing at us, making me whip my head back at Harry. I shoved him off me, sending him a look of apology hoping he’d understand why. He nodded and sat up straight and looked back at the screen. 

We watched the rest of the movie with out having any contact. I felt a little upset but I just had to go along with it. I began thinking about all the answers I needed for the questions I was going to be bombarded with. The movie ended and I put my stuff back into my bag.

“You ready for whatever their about to throw at us?” He huffed. I nodded, laughing slightly. We walked to the bottom of the theater and waited for the rest of them to join. We walked out together and began talking about the movie.

“Well, Y/N what was that between you and Harry?” Cal said lowly. I shrugged my shoulders.

“It was obviously something! Tell me!” I giggled.

“It was nothing, I swear.” He rolled his eyes.

“I’ll catch you out, just watch.” I laughed.

Once again I ended up beside Harry again. I knew Cal was doing this intentionally. He kept eyeing us while we were eating at Nandos. The tension between Harry, Cal and I was evident but Joel and Ali didn’t seem notice, thankfully. 

“Y/N, thoughts?” Joel showed me a picture of a girl, resulting in me choking on my chicken.

“God, Joel, I think she’s a little too good for you.” He gave me an upset look but still had a hint of playfulness .

“Aren’t you single?” Instead of me choking it was Harry and my eyes widened. 

“No comment.” I smiled looking away from everyone. They all pressed on to talk about it, even Harry playing along. We finished our dinner and walked out to our Uber. 

While we were waiting for the Uber, the guys had forgotten to run a little errand. Harry and I decided to wait outside.

“That was so embarrassing.” Harry shook his head, pulling me into him. He rested his chin on top of my head.

“Embarrassing isn’t even the word.” I laughed.

“I know it’s getting harder, not being able to tell the, but soon we’ll tell them I promise.” I nodded giving him a kiss. I could hear Ali’s laughing and pulled away from him for the second time that day.

Once we reached their apartment, Cal pulled me into his room. “Don’t pretend I didn’t see whatever happened outside.”

“Cal! Please don’t tell anyone. Harry’s not ready yet and I don’t want to ruin it for him. You’re the only one that knows, I’m begging you please don’t say it.” He nodded and shook my head.

“After all, I did introduce you to him.” I laughed walking out of his room, flipping him off.

“Harry.” I whined. I pouted when he didn’t me a response. I walked over to him and sat on his lap. He looked at me and sighed.

“You’re so needy.” He smiled. I shrugged and walked over to his bed. He followed me over and wrapped his arm around me. We ended up talking about absolute nonsense.

“I still think you should’ve let your mom wear that helmet! You knew the consequences!” I giggled into his chest.

“You could’ve been there to tell me.” He stroked my hair.

“Not my fault I had uni.” He laughed.

“I understand babe.” We fell into a comfortable silence and ended up falling asleep in his arms.

I slept for a couple of hours. I knew that Harry wanted to finish editing so I let him go back to his desk. That being said I woke up to him whisper-shouting to someone. I looked over the covers and tried to see who he was talking to. I saw the both Cal’s, Joel, Josh and Finch peering over the door. I groaned internally at the sight of them.

“This isn’t how I wanted to tell you guys.” I heard Harry say. I rolled my eyes and got up.

“You guys really don’t understand what privacy is.” I walked past them and into the kitchen. I grabbed a drink out of the fridge and sat on the couch, scrolling through Twitter.

“It was bound to happen at some stage.” Cal said, sitting beside me. 

“Did you tell them?” I looked back at Harry, who was having a hard time explaining himself. I laughed softly and looked back at Cal.

“No, I kept you’re promise, if anything I tried to stop them. I saw you in his room first and I walked out.” I nodded. 

“I think we might as well tell everyone.” I huffed.

“Might as well.” Once we had explained to the guys, we shooed them out of the apartment.

We sat in front of his desk, he set up his camera and lighting. He pressed record and did his usually intro.

“Today’s video is a little different than usual. I’ve got something very important to tell you. Today I’m joined with my girlfriend. This is probably the first time I’ve ever featured her on anything so be nice.” I waved and gave the camera a small smile.

“Say something!” He looked over at me, resting his head on my shoulder. I giggled.

“I don’t know what to say! Hey guys!” I waved once more. We both talked for about 5 minutes more before he did his outro and cut off recording.

“Thank God we don’t have to hide anymore.” He sighed, placing a kiss on my cheek.

“Me either.”

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Have you seen the video on youtube with Pearl as J.D. and Rose as Verónica singing Meant to be Yours? It's actually really good


if anyone wants to see it, here’s the link:


(I love the animation and they draw bad pearl so hot??!!! like not to be gay but I’m gay)

Watch on busysciencegeek.tumblr.com

~Chris Wood Appreciation Week~
day 2: favourite funny/cute moments 

I’ve realized today, after spending almost an hour trying to decide, that I am absolutely incapable of choosing only ONE funny or cute moment of Chris. It’s just impossible. But, I apparently have to choose something (curse you for making me choose) so I’m going for this one: Chris singing in musicals in his university years. 

I remember the first time I saw one of the videos, a couple of months after I’ve became his fan. I was having a Chris Wood video spree on YouTube, and came upon him singing “Where is the Life that Late I Led?”, and I was like “Oh, let me see what this is.” And I was absolutely floored. I remember staring at the screen with my mouth open at how…how amazing this man was, how good his voice and acting was, and how he was embracing his role, no matter how ridiculous it looked. 

And then of course I went and found all the videos I could find of him from the musicals, and oh my God, I did not know what I was missing. I remember laughing so hard at them, but also being so amazed at this man and how good he was at his job. It made me feel really sad that I might not get to watch him in stage in a musical, because he was that good. I remember rewatching the videos whenever I felt down, or I felt like it, and I do not regret it. I don’t remember anyone else has made me laugh so much and smile so hard at something. And it made me realize just how much I loved this man. 

And something else about this, for someone who was absolutely terrified of playing in musicals (not that I don’t like them, I’m just never that confident about my voice) Chris’s musical videos motivated me to try out for the musical that our school is making next year, and guess what, I got a part in it! It’s a small part, but it’s better than nothing, and I just wanna thank Chris for that because without those videos I would’ve never had that courage. 

Not so Blind Dates

Day 2 of the 25 Days of Christmas 2017

Summary: “We’re going on a blind date - but wait a moment, aren’t you the one that went down on me in the back alley behind a club last year?…What do you mean which one?”


the one where Dan and Phil meet for the first time when they’re much older. They start off on the wrong foot but bond over Phil’s very useful editing tips. 

Words: 2.5k 

Read it on AO3

A/N: Day 2! I still haven’t quite grasped the fact that the 25 Days of Christmas have started. I’m quite surprised that it’s all planned pretty well this year and I’m not finding myself writing phanfiction at 10pm in a rush to get them done in two hours. I’ll stop talking and let you read the story now.

Thank you to @wudiwoody for reading it and giving me feedback!

“I don’t want to do this Louise.”

“Dan it’s been more than a year since you last dated anyone. Everyone in our friend group is seeing someone and I don’t want you to feel left out. Don’t you think it’s time to date again?” Louise said, exasperated.

His friend wasn’t lying. It had been a while since Dan last went out with anyone but he wasn’t interested. He didn’t mind being the only one in their friend group not seeing anyone and he was tired of dating just for the sake of it.

Dan reasoned that if it was meant to be, it would happen. If he met someone he liked and wanted to go out with, he would but he wasn’t searching for potential partners.

Louise didn’t seem to understand that. Dan knew his friend had good intentions, and she was only doing this because she thought it would make him happy. Dan just didn’t see how a blind date helped him.

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(1) Hi! Okey... that will be weird question.. but i am so confused right now, so many weird things in my head.. i can't got answer to all questions what i have in my head.. i feel really weird after i watched that V live where "Jimin hiding in Jungkook hotel room" Actually i am realistic person and i have been in Kpop about 10 years... so i know really well about those fan service things. I never shipped anyone.

(2) But Jikook i another story:) I am army since Dope era. First when i saw all those posts in my IG of Jikook i was thinking “another shipping shit” but then i saw a lot videos of them and i was kinda in shocked because they really seemed like they have thing to each other. I have been many times in relationship sooo there is things that i can see, but of course i wasn’t 100% 

(3) And now i ship them so badly, they seems so in love and so real, but today i watches that V live where “Jimin hiding in Jungkooks room” i saw a lot posts about that V live and analys was kinda thinking “ ou really, if he is hiding there that mean that they really have something, because just friends will not hiding in room” and today i saw post in your profile where anon i telling that Kookie is actually saying “Jim” so i was so happy and i watched that video first time

(4) when V left Jungkooks room i clearly heard girls voice not Jimins and i was like"… maybe i heard wrong" then when someone came of room and whispered V to turn off. First i thought that it was girls voice but after i replayed it 1000 times it sounded like Kookie and when V was turning off i CLEARLY heard girls voice saying “Jimin” and at that moment i just fucked up😂

(5) i thought about it some much and only think which came to my head was that Jimin was with girl in his room, and Kookie also was with girl in his room because clearly in Kookies room was someone, it make sense and at the same time it don’t make sense because i don’t think that V did not knew that they was with girls and even if he did not knew after he went to room of course he understands that there is girl and i don’t think that they will risk so much. Sorry for my English🙂

first of all Taehyung didn’t end up going to jimin’s room , he went back to his own room.. he actually locked himself out. so people claiming that they could hear a “girl” screaming jimin is not only “irrational” because first of all i hate to break it to you but it doesn’t work like that in real life . people don’t just “scream” out loud as if they were some kind of animals when having sex, especially when the doors are in no mean soundproof, 

second of all taehyung wasn’t even standing in front of jimin’s door, he was literally standing in front of his own room that he locked himself out of .

so jimin having a girl in his room isn’t an option right now.

this whole thing actually brings us to actually ask ourselves why would taehyung bring up visiting jimin’s room when it wasn’t his intention to actually do it. maybe it has to with him trolling both jungkook and jimin who was hiding in the latter’s room. 

this makes sense, because at the end of the vlive you can hear two “dudes” sounding like they’re planning to kill a man . also the next day when they did a vlive they both weren’t taking non of taehyung’s shit. they were being lame with him with no apparent reason so there’s that.

also after taehyung brought up “visiting jimin’s room” ,it was clear that jungkook panicked , the poor guy was rooted to his place.

at exactly 14:00 after taehyung left jungkook’s room, you can literally hear jimin’s voice . put on headphones in order to really hear it )

so it was indeed jimin who was inside jungkook’s room. 

👊 👊 👊 - Pewdiepie- Brofist !


+1000 FOLLOWERS   0A0 <3 thank you so sososososososo much everybirdie ;o; 

i wanted to draw something for celebrate that. Last time was CinnamonToastKen, today we will celebrate it with Pewds 8//A//8

About all his costums, one has CERTAINLY caught your attention :the purple one : Ao Oni. In fact, it’s an old old game that pewds played. It was also the very first video i saw of him. i felt in admiration with his playthrough. 

//cries// So much memories