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by 水野 環

Grateful Aliens

I saw an unsourced quote that joked about how one of humanity’s first forays into space was to send out a message containing nudes, a mixtape, and directions to our home. Funny and, y’know, not exactly wrong. It made me think about how trusting we were to send a message that tells people how to find us, especially when 99% of “aliens visiting earth” movies/media tend to be about them attacking us. 

So then I thought about it and wondered “what if expecting to be attacked by outsiders” is the basic reaction that most species have?” I imagined a hapless spacefaring race that keeps accidentally stumbling upon inhabited worlds and getting embroiled in wars they don’t really want because no one will listen to them. And then one day they find this weird little capsule they bring it aboard and study it and holy gresh, it’s an invitation! They study the hell out of all the material provided as they make their way to Earth and maybe they pick up on our transmissions, too (they’ve gotten better at detecting that stuff out of self-preservation). They send messages ahead saying hello and how happy they are to meet us and so on. The cynic in me figures we’d attack anyway, but imagine if we didn’t? We manage to befriend these aliens and while there is some friction here and there it’s mostly a mutually beneficial relationship. We also help them find ways to communicate with worlds that have native populations so there are fewer miscommunications. Maybe more messages in a bottle: send one towards the target world and let them decide the next move. “Hi! Do u want to be frends? y/n”

I just think it’d be kinda cute. And goodness knows we could use more positive stories than cynical ones.

My name is Blue, but I’m better known as TheCosplayBunny. I’ve been cosplaying for about five years and in that time I have learned so much and met so many wonderful people. Cosplay is exploding right now, its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years and that is amazing, however, it comes with challenges.

Recently a movement has begun called #NotJustPixels. This movement targets those who steal cosplayers pictures to gain a larger following and more likes. So why is this a problem? There are so many “Hot Cosplay
Girl” and “Amazing Cosplay” pages and websites it’s crazy. Normally this would not be an issue but many of these pages don’t source the original cosplayers or photographers.

I have personally experienced this and it’s awful. Selling prints and making appearances is how I continue to cosplay, so when I saw one of my prints on one such page, completely unsourced, I was shocked. I basically work as a nonprofit; all profit I make from sales are immediately reinvested into the next costume, I never see a dime. I was heartbroken because someone I didn’t even know was taking my hard work, and claiming it as their own.

This has to stop. Cosplayers put an incredible amount of time and effort into their art, not to mention a lot of money. When you see a beautiful cosplay photo you must remember, the person in that photo paid for everything you see. The wig, the shoes, the makeup, the costume, even the photo itself (photoshoots aren’t free). So I am urging you to join this movement.

If you see someone posting an unsourced photo of a cosplayer, call them out on it or report them for misuse. It’s not right, it is stealing. Help us end this awful practice, share to spread the word! #NotJustPixels

Photographer: Double Take Las Vegas Cosplayer: Me! (TheCosplayBunny)

softsucculents  asked:

Hi, I recently posted a piece of your work without source or permission. I am extremely sorry, and will delete it immediately. I originally saw an unsourced reposting of a Russian version of your reverse pet-stuck karkat and jade. Out of boredom I translated it and posted it to Tumblr. I did not realize my fault at the time, but have since been alerted to it. Sorry. Quantum

Wow, thank you so much :))) I wasn’t even aware of this but I’m glad that you let me know. We need more people like you on tumblr.