i saw this today in baltimore

can you call it love?

The last thing I called love
was her waistline.
I couldn’t remember her birthday,
but I knew that she wore tight leggings
and transparent tops,
and that she’d slept with every boy
from Raleigh to Baltimore—
was my head against her thighs.

If I saw love today, I couldn’t name it;
I’ve grown used
to one-night stands with women hell-bent
on curing my apathy.  Love
is fifty shades of “okay”
and counting the ceiling cracks
as I hold her in my arms.
I’m so hungry.

Maybe I’m too depressed to see the point,
or maybe I’m too conceited to look beyond myself,
but I’ve never truly connected
with anyone.
Sparks of infatuation burn lukewarm,
and I’ve made so many empty promises
that I’ve forgotten
how “full” feels.

If this is just depression,
then I should gorge on those
little yellow pills, those chalky suns.
But if this goes deeper,
then I have to accept
that some people weren’t meant to love.
Some people will always feel hungry.


I believe that our tomorrows can be better than our todays. My sense of hope is rooted so much in my time as a teacher. I taught sixth grade math in East Area Brooklyn. I think every day about fighting for building a world that is worthy of the kids that I taught. That is real to me. The other piece is that I grew up in Baltimore. Both my parents were drug addicts. My father raised us. My mother left when I was three. I say that because I grew up in so many ways in the community of recovery. I saw people put their lives back together in ways that they did not think they could. I saw people come back from what they thought was their most broken to be whole in a different way and to be sound and to be loving and to be caring in ways that they had not yet imagined at the time. Those two things give me the sense of hope. 

It helped me believe and understand that some of this work is the slow painful work but it pays off in the end. The last thing is that in protests I met incredible people. I met so many people across the country who did not understand their own power, who did not believe the sound of their own voice and they found it over the last two years. Every time I meet another person like that, it reminds me that the people are there. We just have to figure out how to organize. The people exist, the passion exists, and we can do this.


Photo by James Bareham 

C: I’m getting sick and tired of white people posting MLK quotes in regards to the Baltimore riots. They only post that one quote that says “Returning violence for violence multiplies violence…”. I literally saw that quote 7 times today posted by 7 different people. It’s like that’s the only quote they know. I like how they conveniently forget that he also said “A riot is the language of the unheard”. Now I’m not saying rioting is right, but people don’t riot for no reason


During the convention, I entrusted my friend with watching my bag (full of valuables, which I did not mean to bring all of) and gathered three important things out of it so that I would be able to run over and buy something from a shop. My friend, who was cosplaying Eridan, set the bag down next to him in order to take a picture. However, someone grabbed the bag (I do not know who, as I was not there) and I was returned to and asked if I had it. After searching for TWO HOURS across the entirety of the convention center, I was unable to locate that bag. Whoever reads this who was at the Homestuck photoshoot, if you saw somebody pick up a beige messenger bag with a slightly darker handle, please tell me on here, as I am not entirely sure i will be there tomorrow. This is of EXTREME importance, as my tablet (Which I had as a camera and the only other way for me to speak to my girlfriend when my computer is not available), 3DS with a game and charger, and my glasses WERE IN THAT BAG. If you find it, again, please, PLEASE contact me. My family is not in the financial state to replace said items, and the tablet contains many photos of which cannot be replaced. It also contains messages that I had saved of my girlfriend and I talking, so that I may reflect on memories, and a single picture of my now-passed dog.

If you were at Otakon 2014 in Baltimore Convention Center, maybe you can help. If you saw the bag or if you HAVE it, please contact me through these means:

My phone number is 1-443-929-9758, though rarely answered, so:

Email is aliceknightofblood@gmail.com <– I check this daily.

PLEASE, help me find this bag! We had three reports at the security to find it, but to no avail. If you saw me at the convention, chances are that you saw ME with the bag. Today, I was a Vriska with a long blue skirt and half of the convention wore a blue gas mask. I was traveling with an Eridan (my friend) and a Maid of Light. Without my glasses, I CANNOT SEE. It is a hazard to my health and I need them back. And as I said, the photos and messages on that tablet meant my life to me.

anonymous asked:

Today I saw a feminist saying that the civil unrest in places like Baltimore/Fergeson etc. is a feminist issue. I also saw another person claim that veganism is a feminist movement. How and why do these people make absolutely EVERYTHING about themselves, no matter how unrelated?

Its ‘intersectional’ feminism.  In short, feminism that is trying to co-opt anything it can to increase its bartering power.

anonymous asked:

I've been a regular reader of your blog for years, although occasionally I miss a post here or there. I was quite surprised to realize one of those posts was actually my own apartment, which I just discovered in the archives (post/137481315699/vintage-bohemian-home-in-baltimore-via) with around 12,000 notes! Brought a huge smile to face to see it on a blog I love, and I'm touched that so many others liked it too. It's belated, but thanks so much for featuring it! ^_^

Wow! I think this is the first time that I hear from a reader that I’ve posted their home :) I loved your home from the first time that I saw it, those books by the bed, stunning! I’m just going to reblog it today because it’s so awesome! Thank you for the message for telling me you love my blog, that puts a smile to my face! ♥

I heard a firetruck outside my apartment. Then I saw the truck on the news.

That’s how I close I am. 

These riots are surreal. I don’t know if I have anything to fear. But I completely acknowledge that this unease I feel today is nothing in comparison to how Freddie Gray and every one of the 65% of black and mixed race Baltimore residents.

I don’t know how to feel. Baltimore is my home- that is something that the peaceful protests of late have made me realize. It is my home and I love it, and I am very sorry to see how some residents are acting.

These riots are not in line with all the peaceful protests in response to Freddie Gray’s murder. He was laid to rest today, and it was his family’s wish that there be no protests of any kind today, in remembrance.

The rioters moving through Baltimore should not be associated with the protestors. What they are doing is further discrediting and tarnishing the cause. There is no excuse for ruining the city you live in.