i saw this picture on my dash and

I find it so funny, the idea of people hating on SuperCat because of the age gap. when people seem to conveniently forget the crazy age difference between Swan Queen or the ‘but you can’t ship that, Regina is her grandmother kind of’ crap that even I saw on my dash. And I was enmeshed in Rizzles then.

can’t we all just ship women with each other and not be pissy children? Lena is hot, Cat is hot. Kara is hot. I think every time any of us feels the need to bitch about someone else’s ship, we should all go google a picture of Melissa hugging a puppy and take a deep breath. 

This was the first photo I saw on my dash this morning. It gave me such a huge smile to see them coming together and supporting a charity. We’ve seen them do this with other charities, such as the When I Was Young campaign, but not in a photo together like this.

I also cannot get over how much of a couple they look like in this photo. I can see the box arriving, Cait opening it and pulling out the hats and enclosed letter thanking them for their support. I can see her showing Sam and telling him they need to take a quick picture. His resistance since he’s on the way to the gym, but the wifey - in her cute top and classic earrings - pulls him in and assures him “it’s just a quick photo”. These day-to-day glimpses that we occasionally get make you realize that they are genuine, down to earth people who care about others and want to use their celebrity to spread the word and make a difference.


This picture popped up on my dash so many times that this idea just wouldn’t stay away… 

Assisting on a photo shoot with none other than Harry Styles as the subject was a dream come true. You worked with the stylist for weeks before hand, selecting the perfect suits and outfit choices. Everything was run past Harry. You saw him at every meeting. He was there with you and your boss pouring over the photos of Idol, McCartney, and Jagger for inspiration. He was charming and incomparably kind. 

The first day of the three part shoot was full of excitement and last minute additions. One of which you were holding in your shaking fingers. A leather collar that you were about to strap onto Harry. You were alone in the bedroom of his home in Homes Chapel that was doubling as his dressing room. Harry gathered up his hair as you stood behind him and slid the collar around his neck and slotted it through the buckle. You pulled it through and tested the tightness. 

“How does that feel? Too tight?” Your voice shook a little as you walked around in front of him. He let his hair down. You stepped closer and leaned in to adjust the placement of the collar on his neck and make sure it was centered. 

“It’s good. It feels just tight enough.” He rasps, his hand joining yours on the leather around his neck. You hoped he wouldn’t notice the shake in your fingers at the sight of the collar. 

“It looks good on you. It works well with this look. Very edgy.” You said, your eyes still locked on his leather clad neck. Your crush on Harry was exploding into full blown lust while being faced with your light bondage kink. Suddenly, he removed his hand from the collar and gripped the back of your bare thigh under your skirt and pulled you closer to him. 

“It does look good, but I bet it would look better on you.” He whispered into your ear. Your knees wobbled and all you could do was gasp. 

“Will you wear it for me later, Love?” He nibbled along your neck and squeezed your thigh. You could only nod. He smiled and stood up, his body brushing against yours on the way up. “Good girl.” He winked before leaving you standing alone in his bedroom, hopelessly turned on. 

okay so in my film theory class the other day we were talking about how film genres go through 4 stages:

  • the experimental stage, which is before that genre is actually defined and named as a genre
  • the classical stage, where the genre’s formula is established and recognized
  • the refined stage, where the genre is reiterated by nuanced artists for the film snob audience
  • and the baroque stage, where the genre is reiterated through parodies, remakes, nostalgia films etc. 

and as i was scrolling through my dash today i realized that memes do the same thing, they just go through the stages at breakneck speeds

like, last night was the first time i ever saw a picture of a fat cat with the word “BODE” on it. and now, less than 24 hours later, i saw a picture of a cat laying on a doormat that said “ABODE.” this meme has already entered the baroque stage!!

that still leaves the question of happened to the refined stage, though. since memes don’t really lend themselves to being embraced by the elite, i’d like to argue that the refined stage of memes occurs when fandom artists reiterate the meme for the consumption of a specific fandom. sticking with my earlier example, a refined BODE meme could be the drawing i saw of a homestuck character with BODE written over them. why can’t i major in memes??

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did larries say something about niall and the picture? because today the only thing i saw in my dash was stuff about louis and michelle.

I guess there were some comments on the instagram pic being critical of Niall’s connection to Modest and they think that’s why he took it down? But that begs a number of questions:

(1) Why would Niall take down this one Modest Golf thing and no others?

(2) Why would the other Modest guy take it down?

(3) Is it really only Larries that hate Modest?

(4) How do Larries have more power than a corporation, a couple of rich white dudes, an astronaut, and NASA?

(5) Does NASA have any rules about associating with private corporations that are truly responsible here?

(6) If an anti screamed in space, could anyone hear it? Can we send one to try it out and see?

sorry if i’ve unfollowed you since a few month. if so, it’s because you’ve posted a nsfw pictures without a proper tag and one family member saw my dash at this moment. for safety reason, i won’t trust your ass anymore, you naughty people. for sure, i still love you with my whole heart. and, honestly, i love dick. but you know… family reputation first. i don’t want to be called the pervy auntie ten years later because of you :(

Happy Birthday *throws confetti* ILU~ you’re the best owl ever.

I seem to have a talent for being just a tad bit late with my birthday pictures. (that does not at all imply that I completely forgot it was Bo’s birthday until I saw @franeridart‘s post on my dash… ゞ◎Д◎ヾ )

Everything You Touch

(Now on Ao3)

Sam buys it shortly after everything he tried building on the west coast goes up in flames.  It calls to him and he’s not even sure what it is about it that makes his insides itch with need, but he’s picking it up and he’s carrying it to the cash register, his funyuns and coke being left behind on the same shelf he found it on.  

“The fuck is that?” Dean scoffs in the drivers seat.  

Looking down, Sam sees the sharp spine of the cactus and he finds his lips curling into a smile.  “Dunno.”  And it’s the truth.  It baffles him as it must baffle his Brother, whose eyes are burning holes into the side of his face.  

Dean raises his eyebrows and sighs, his lips twitching around words he wants to say, but somehow deciding it’s best to not press the issue further.  Because after all, grief can make people do weird things.  And well, if this is how Sam needs to cope, than so be it.   

For hundreds of miles, the cactus comes with them everywhere they go.  It’s propped up on the dash of the car, where it remains when they’re on the road, the sun tending to it across every state line they travel.  And when they make pit stops, Sam is more concerned with making sure it’s watered properly, than making sure he’s fed himself.  When they find a place to hang up their gear for a few days, it comes with them, too.  Dean finds it on nightstands and bathroom counter tops, sometimes he’ll see it on the windowsill catching some sun and he’ll always sigh in exasperation.  But through it all, he doesn’t ask and Sam doesn’t say a word about it.  It just becomes a new chapter in the dysfunctional book of their lives. 

It’s not until a few months later when they’re about a hundred or so miles out of Colorado, that the cactus mystery starts to get a little clearer for them both. 

“Dean! Stop!” Sam’s hand clamps fiercely around Dean’s shoulder, his fingers digging painfully into muscle.  

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This fandom is exhausting...

and I’ve only been in it since last May. Do you know why I’m here? Because I heart David Duchovny. I like him as an actor, singer, writer, entertainer, PERSON. I want to look at pretty pictures, share info, make captures, share and spread the love. I don’t care WHO he dates, as long as he is happy. He deserves all the happiness in the world. All this dissecting of his and Gillian’s private lives gives me a headache and is disrespectful to them. It’s any wonder they keep their private lives private. I would as well if I saw all this stuff that is being said. I’ve had to unfollow blogs I’ve otherwise enjoyed because all this “freaking out” is just too much. It’s the same stuff on my dash 20x! Mainly all the anonymous asks and comments from fans that want to send me screaming into the night. It baffles me that people are so invested in who they are dating, whether it’s each other or not . “Who was that girl with David at WW?”  “Why is Gillian sitting next to Peter Morgan?”  “Why is the sky blue?”  Answers you might never know so let it go. They owe us nothing but the work they put out for us to enjoy. Peace!

Omg you guys… I cannot contain my excitement!!! The three of us have always referred to ourselves as the poly peas (check out my avatar picture) …so yesterday myself and J were wandering in the Disney store and from across the store I saw the peas. I made a mad dash across the store, strong-arming two kids and nearly knocking over a display, but damnit we have peas now!!!! We surprised L with them last night and she loved them!

Been a while since I’ve posted anything Boueibu related

Allow me to fix that!

@mindsebbandflow is doing a giveaway where you have to show your love for your favorite character, so I figured now would be my time to shine. After all, I’d be a disgrace of an Io fan if I didn’t participate, right?

Any of you who know me or have talked to me can probably vouch for me when I say that I. frickin. LOVE. Io. To the point where it’s not even just appreciation, it’s obsession. Those of you who DON’T know me can take a look at my art tag or my io tag if you need proof. 

I’ve lived and breathed Io content since the show first came out. Even BEFORE I started watching the show. I was scrolling through tumblr one day and this picture showed up on my dash, and I knew absolutely nothing about the characters, but the moment I saw how they drew Io I was like “Oh, I already know that one’s going to be my favorite.” And I was right, I took to him like a fish to water. Now you can’t hang out with me without seeing him.

When you first walk into my room, the first thing you see is his smiling face

You look on my nightstand? More Io. I even carry that keychain with me wherever I go since it has my house key on it.

You wanna sleep over at my house? Hope you don’t mind this staring at you from across the bed all night

If I’m having a rough day and need motivation to get through it, this is my lock screen

You wanna borrow my phone for a second? Sure, hope you like pictures of Io because I ain’t deleting any.

That isn’t even including the pictures I have of him and En

I worship this boy like a god, he has stolen my heart and refuses to give it back no matter how much time passes or how many new fandoms I join. I could talk for days, but I’ll leave it here since I feel like I’ve gotten my point across.

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yes yes good

the baby Judd is hypnotising people into following me with his cuteness, all is going according to plan haha

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tbh the main reason why I started watching Voltron was because I saw a Klance gifset on my dash that you reblogged and I was like "WHO ARE THESE TWO AND WHY DO I ALREADY SHIP THEM" so I thank you

ah i’m glad you like Voltron!!  And lol yes they’re legit an amazing pair XD

the funny story is I started watching Voltron cause I saw pictures of Shiro and Allura and I was like “who are these two and why do I already ship them” XD