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“Becs, babe, c'mon. Get out of my suitcase. I have to pack.” Chloe sighed in exasperation.

Beca shook her head adamantly. “Nope! Don’t wanna. I’m staying right here.”

The redhead giggled at her girlfriend’s adorable response. “Beca! I love you. But you know I can’t take you with me!”

Beca closed her eyes, burrowing further into the suitcase. “Yes you can! I’m small enough and light enough. You can smuggle me.”

Chloe knew Beca had a history of people leaving her, so she wanted to calm her, reassure her. “Babe-”

Beca interrupted her. “Look Chlo, I just don’t want you to leave me. Okay? I love you and I can’t live without you. I miss you every second you’re not with me, and you’re going for 3 weeks… just… promise me you’ll be okay?”

Chloe walked over to Beca, kneeling down by the open case and reaching out to lay a hand on her arm. “I love you Beca. You are the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. I promise you, I will always be with you.”

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You do drawing requests right? Could you draw angel Beth look proud of Daryl in the Rick/Daryl/'Jesus' episode? (I hope this makes sense)

it turned into an “angel beth ships daryl and jesus” kind of picture

imagine: the tatinof film and documentary have already been released. tatinof has officially been wrapped up. the next couple of days are filled with silence. you figure maybe it’s just because dan and phil decided to give us a bit of time to soak it all in and reminisce about our tatinof experiences. you open your laptop and your mouse hovers over your subscriptions. you decide to watch the tatinof film one last time just for the nostalgia. just as you’re about to click on the video, your phone lights up with a notification. oh, phil seems to have tweeted something. you quickly unlock your phone and wait for the tweet to load. a picture pops up:

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I saw that you were asking what our favorite picture of Adam was and "I'm being torn apart" between the one with him pulling on his white shirt and the other with him with the black vest and tie. "I want to be free of this 'pain'...Will you help me?" Haha sorry I couldn't help myself.

“Yes. Anything.” I think these are what you are talking about? And I’d say just go with both. Both is good. ;)

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Tell me your favorite Adam Driver picture  no more please, but feel free to send me other asks

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