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“You called me cute” - Olicity fic

Summary: On the road trip, Oliver tells Felicity about the first time he saw her. 


Oliver gave a quick glance to Felicity, the sun setting just behind the coastline. He had an overwhelming feeling of bliss taking over his chest. He had never been this happy in his entire life. The drive had taken up most of the day, but they had no real destination they planned to go to.

“Did I ever tell you about the first time I saw you?” Oliver asked, a short time after passing around a bend. Oliver could see out of the corner of his eye Felicity turn to look at him. He didn’t know exactly what her face looked like, but he guessed it was a miser of confusion and curiosity.

“We were both there Oliver, so yes, we’ve talked about it.” She chuckled, and her hand placed over his on the gear shift.

“Well,” He said guilty, and Felicity’s head tilted somewhat in the side of his vision. “I saw you before the first time we met.” He admitted and Felicity chuckled, her legs hitching up onto the chair of the passenger seat.

“What? When?” She asked, her hand sliding up his arm, her nails digging into his arm as she waited for him to explain. Oliver rolled his eyes, knowing full well that Felicity would pester him until she found out the whole story. He sighed and glanced over to Felicity, whose eyes were full of anticipation and a bite of her lip clued him into her intrigue.

“It was when I was supposed to be in Hong Kong. We travelled to Starling to find part of the Alpha Omega Bio weapon.” He started, the sun taking its last look upon the shore, a glimpse of orange and yellow sparkling across the water. “I had to get something from my father’s office, and then I heard someone coming.” He continued and Felicity was still staring at him. “It was you.” He glanced over to her, and her breath hitched, a tighter bite to her lip, her cheeks echoing the colour of his own most likely. “I meant it when I said you were the first person I saw as a person. You called me cute.” He smirked and Felicity covered her mouth with her hand.

“You were there? That’s embarrassing.” She said in a bashful tone. How could he not be in love with her when she was this beautiful even when embarrassed. His hand moved from the gear shift and grazed along her thigh.

“It was adorable.” He laughed. Felicity curled her fingers around Oliver’s, bringing his hand to her lips, where she kissed them sweetly.

“That was years ago Oliver, how do you still remember that?” She pressed her cheek to his knuckles, and he felt how hot her face actually was. She was embarrassed. It was so endearing and amazing to have her gush over him the way he did about her.

“You were special, since the minute I saw you, I knew that. You babbled and were flustered even when you were talking to a photo of me. I don’t know, you made me smile for the first time in a long time back then.” He explained, and Felicity sighed, kissing the inside of Oliver’s palm.

“If you weren’t driving, I would kiss you.” She murmured into his hand. Oliver didn’t even question what he was doing. He broke the car slowly, unbuckled his seatbelt and moved towards Felicity slowly.  “Oliver, you can’t just stop in the middle of the road.” She said, her hands pushing on his chest gingerly.

“I can if I want to do this.” He smirked before leaning in towards her. He gave her the option, and she gave in full heartedly, her lips moulding against his. He pulled away, watching as Felicity’s eyelashes fluttered and her cheeks remain a crimson red. Oliver started the car up once more, and Felicity sighed happily as they continued on their journey.

“So, you’re happy, are you?” She gushed, and Oliver chuckled. He reached out for Felicity’s hand, and she gently placed into his, her fingers finding the gaps between his, fitting the two hands together.

“Ever since meeting you? Yeah, I’m happy.” He smiled, and the sun finally finished it’s goodbye over the horizon, the first hint of darkness breaking, and the stars shining just for them.

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Hey guys, I’m here just to clear up things from a past post. As Erica said, I am 210% sure that RnM coming back in July is a rumor some person started passing around. I saw this video being shared on my Facebook. Truth is this IS Adult Swim. It is not a troll account. BUT one thing a lot of people have missed is… the date. This announcement is from July 2, 2015. This is for Season 2. I will admit to being confused and startled when I first saw this on my feed but after browsing through the official Twitter and Facebook page of RnM, along with Justin Roiland’s and everyone else’s Twitter’s there is no way this is true. Nobody mentioned anything about Season 3 premiering.

Those articles are just assuming from a year old announcement. There is no way RnM is coming in July. I hope this clears things up.

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You guys are free to keep hoping though. I’m just stating this to reassure. Also Erica replied to our last post.


I just saw a post going around which mentioned in passing that it wouldn’t be ‘practical’ to have a story about a Slayer living past forty, unless it were a comedy.  My immediate reaction was “Why the hell not?”

(Actually my immediate reaction was “Yeah, right, you just think a woman past forty fighting demons wouldn’t be hot.”  But perhaps I do the OP a disservice.)

Is it super likely that a Slayer is going to live a long life?  Probably not.  But it’s much more likely in a post-Chosen world than in the pre-Chosen one, and given enough Slayers, statistically, at least a few of them are going to manage it.  Is an older Slayer going to be as physically capable as a younger one?  That’s an interesting and unanswered question.  There’s some indication in canon that Slayer powers increase with age.  There’s no indication that Slayers are immortal, but they do have that whole super healing thing going on.   I’ve read some fics where the accelerated healing makes older Slayers more prone to cancer.  But it could work the other way, too, and keep older Slayers healthy well into old age.  Depends on what kind of story you want to tell.

I don’t necessarily think that Buffy would WANT to be fighting demons when she’s fifty, or sixty, or whatever.  She didn’t want to be fighting demons when she was twenty.  But if we can have action movies with 70+ year old Han Solo kicking ass and taking names, I damn well don’t see why we can’t have 70+ year old Buffy Summers doing the same thing.  I love Han, but he doesn’t have fricking superpowers.

i hope exo fans would stop would their edits and make it appear like the whole kpop fandom feels with them . i’ve seen edits like X Fandom believes in kris/tao/luhan, and stuff like that. i even saw an edit/fanart passed around like my fandom is comforting their fandom..lol no, that is their problem, not ours. besides, after being rude and mean, do you honestly expect people to comfort you

Adele Left Fuming After Hacker Leaks Intimate Pregnancy Photos

Despite being the world’s biggest superstar, Adele is known for being fiercely protective of her private life - especially when it comes to her fiance, Simon Konecki, and their son Angelo.

Which is why the singer has been left absolutely fuming and outraged after she became the latest target of hackers, with so-called fans accessing Simon’s personal photos and sharing intimate family pictures of the 27-year-old online.

Copyright: Instagram

Not cool, not cool at all.

It is said that among the stolen images there is a selfie of Adele from when she was pregnant, a scan of her ultrasound, childhood photos, and a picture of the star in bed drinking champagne.

Copyright: Rex

According to The Sun, the photos were posted on a privately-run Adele fan-group, with a source close to the star sharing: “I was appalled and upset for Adele when I saw the pictures. They are really private and should not be passed around.

"I think it is disgusting that her so-called fans were sending them around and I thought it should be stopped. They are way too private, especially the scan and picture of her when she was pregnant.”

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It is thought that Adele only became aware of the gross intrusion of privacy when an outraged fan contacted her management directly, with the insider adding: “She was angry and upset when her management told her about the pictures and would have told them to get on it straight away.”

Adele has not yet commented on the matter herself.