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I helped a kitten yesterday and named him Sol
  • So right, I began yesterday with a pretty productive start. I got some art done and some cleaning done and was ready to move to the editing stage on 2 speed paints when I had to go out for an errand.
  • When I was leaving the store I turned onto a pretty busy road and saw a small orange kitten sitting in the 65 degree weather.
  • To make it short I decided my editing and posts could wait and tried my best to help the kitten and called two of my friends who have cats and therefore supplies I didn't have to help me. They scooped him up since the entire time I was trying to keep him from heading toward the street(this road in particular has high traffic and the area has a lot of hawks and owls.
  • Now Sol is staying with one of my friends for a bit and I have even more motivation to get a place of my own.
Baby Surprise

may I have a fluff one shot where I surpise Austin for the 1st time in months at his hotel and I show up with our newborn son Grayson and he’s really happy and wants to bring him in stage? You can use y/n

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