i saw this on some edit at some stage

So it sounds like the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Final Stage show features a few exclusive things. That happens sometimes, and I like when it does happen. 

The big one, which is the only one I could find a photo of, is apparently being called Gamedeus Muteki by fans - I don’t know if that’s an official name but I would assume it’s at least providing the context of the form’s appearance. Which means it probably has nothing to do with Genm. 

I also saw some mention of “Nico Snipe” - a Twitter user made some edited photos to represent these, and Nico Snipe is just Snipe with a pink cloak instead of yellow, if those edits aren’t just guesstimations. 

Oh and Double Cheeseburgermon was the last thing namedropped. Delicious.

Baby Surprise

may I have a fluff one shot where I surpise Austin for the 1st time in months at his hotel and I show up with our newborn son Grayson and he’s really happy and wants to bring him in stage? You can use y/n

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