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Hey Jenna, would you say it's a bad thing to write two books at once? I have this other book that I've been slowly crafting for three years, but I never saw it as a potential novel for publication until a friend read some of it and said I should publish it. I'm also working on my planned booked and it's in the infancy stage. Just a few chapters deep. Would it be detrimental to my planned book if I spent some time editing and reworking my olderish book while finishing draft 1 of my planned book?

It depends on the person. Some people can write two books at once. Some can’t. I wouldn’t recommend it for a newbie but I also wouldn’t claim it’s a guaranteed disaster. 

Baby Surprise

may I have a fluff one shot where I surpise Austin for the 1st time in months at his hotel and I show up with our newborn son Grayson and he’s really happy and wants to bring him in stage? You can use y/n

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