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Social Orders and Creation Stories: Crash Course Mythology #5
In which Mike Rugnetta sits you down for a little talk about myth as a way to construct or reinforce social orders. Specifically, we’re going to look today a...

I saw this on Facebook, and I have to say…

 I humbly disagree with the view of the Japanese creation myth pushing so-called social order.

That was a later Confucian interpretation/writing of the myth. (Probably around late Heian period) Originally it was that Izanami no Mikoto-sama tried to speak first, but their first child, Hiruko, was stillborn or had problems. So the two of them asked Ame no Minakanushi-sama what to do. Ame no Minakanushi-sama replied something like, “Oh, if the goddess (Izanami no Mikoto-sama) speaking first didn’t work, how about if the god (Izanagi no Mikoto-sama) tried speaking first?” as a suggestion, not an order. There is nothing explicitly saying because she spoke first, it was bad. This is an incorrect translation in some cases and interpretation or later version of the myth in others.

 In ancient Japan (before the Asuka period/influence where the Confucian ideal of patriarchy was imported alongside Buddhism), the most powerful leaders were shamanic women who retold the same myths, and were Queens and Empresses.

 As well, the main leader of the kami in Shinto (head of the pantheon) is a female goddess, Amaterasu Omikami-sama. This power and title was given to her by her Father, that very god in the creation myth, Izanagi no Mikoto-sama. 

If it was patriarchal, he would have passed down his power to one of his two sons, the other two noble children, Tsukuyomi no Mikoto-sama the moon god, or Susanoo no Mikoto-sama the god of seas (but also sometimes stars). 

As well, Ame no Uzume no Mikoto-sama, is credited with saving the world from darkness. While I can’t speak for the other faiths, the Shinto myth is often misinterpreted  to mean the women is subordinate to the man, but that is not the original, ancient meaning.

Written in the Stars - Issues

A/N: Hey lovelies! A friend and I were talking about music last night after the most recent episode of Once Upon A Time and she stumbled across the song Issues by Julia Michaels. I listened to the song and realized how much it fit the “Break-Up” scene in last night’s episode. (I didn’t see it as a break up, I saw it as we need to talk and work this out, but I still love you scene.) That led to me having to write this drabble. I do hope you enjoy it!

Thank you to xxDustNight88 for reading over this for me before I posted it!

Title: Issues
Rating: K
Summary: What should have happened after Emma gave back the ring…

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“Emma wait!” Killian called after her as she quickly ran up the stairs towards their bedroom. Upon getting no reply, Killian cursed under his breath before following after her. When he was about halfway up the stairs, he heard the door to their room slam shut. Hanging his head, he climbed the rest of the stairs.

Gently, Killian knocked on the door as he leaned his forehead against the surface. “Emma, can I come in?” His question was met with silence. Sighing, he turned to walk away and head back downstairs.

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Have you seen the craic on facebook with all the Death Notices *insert county here* pages threatening to delete unless they get more likes?

I SAW THAT it’s kinda sad. I mean I don’t like seeing about people dying but bless them for trying

Saw this on Facebook. I love their names. Hope this makes you smile! :)

That is extremely unusual, and I love the names they chose.

Dairy cattle often undergo treatment with various hormones to induce ovulation at the correct time for AI, so it’s possible she was accidentally overstimulated. She did well carrying four calves to term.

Unfortunately three of these calves are male, which means the heifer is likely to be a freemartin and consequently infertile, so they will probably not have long and productive lives on a dairy farm.

Even if you called 6 months later at 3 am, I’d still answer; I’ll always care.
—  Unknown
Flute news - Circular flute

So I just saw a photo on facebook of what I thought to be something done on photoshop…

What  you are seeing is in fact real… four flutists playing a circular flute with a woman dancing in the middle… That was the rehearsal and this is the performance:

Looks like some kind of Pagan ritual
and here are what the flutes look like:

So now the question is:  :) What are your thoughts?


Active example of how “exposure” from reposting doesn’t really work.
Sure, it’s 200 more likes than I would have otherwise, but the numbers hurt: of the 17 THOUSAND people who interacted with the artwork (and more who simply viewed it), only 200 of those were invested enough to check out the original artist. 1.17%. One percent.
I even have the piece in question on my FB page, and it has 25 likes and no shares. Amazing

So no, reposting does not help expose the artist. It’s not ‘free advertising’. Reposting steals the fire that artists need - people follow reposters for the amazing art they share, but not the artists for the amazing art they create. Numbers absolutely matter, especially in a business sense. This is my job, and I need MY posts out there so people know I am also a real, living person, and not a neat piece of art they saw on facebook once. 

(dA is fully within their rights to feature the piece since I uploaded to their site as per their ToS, and it’s fully credited and linked. this does not apply to individual people. please DO NOT repost things without permission)

@mimimojo said: “So I saw a Victor body pillow on Facebook and was wondering if you could write a fic where Yuuri has one and hides it with all his other Victor fan stuff under his bed or something and Victor finds it”

He’d just been looking for a bedsheet.

“Ack! Victor! No!

Victor blinked, wondering why Yuuri would sound so panicked over bedding (clean bedding, even), and then he tugged the pillow free.

And found himself face-to-face with… himself.

The body pillow was obviously of high quality, if somewhat dubious in origin, with Victor lounging luxuriously on the cover, bedroom eyes aimed at the holder.

Victor was impressed.

Yuuri was…

Victor didn’t turn his head, but he was fairly certain Yuuri had lost all color.

“Amazing. They even got my eyes right,” he complimented, undecided as to whether to laugh or not.

A body pillow. Of him. Victor wasn’t exactly surprised it existed, but to find one here while looking for a bedsheet of all things…

Yuuri made a noise like a dying animal. A very small, very cute animal, but a dying one all the same.

“Ah,” said Yuuri’s sister, poking her head into the room. “I forgot you had that thing.”

Hhrrghk,” said Yuuri.

“You and Yuuko saved up for ages for it, remember—” She caught sight of Victor and covered her mouth. “Ah. Never mind.”


Flattery. Flattered was the correct response, Victor decided, to having his image worked for by not only Yuuri’s very cute friend, but Yuuri himself.

Yuuri seemed to unfreeze, bodily shoving his sister out the door and slamming it behind her.

This, incidentally, shut him in with Victor.

Victor swore he could sense the moment this occurred to him.

Taking pity and more than a little amused, Victor spoke.

“Well, it certainly looks comfortable.” Then, because he really just couldn’t resist, he added, “Not as comfortable as me, though, I assure you.”

(Now, if only he could convince Yuuri to test that out…)

Victor,” said Yuuri, in a tone that suggested he was going to make any witnesses of this incident disappear, himself included.

Victor glanced over and pulled his most innocent face. “Are you doubting me? I can prove it, you know.”


Yuuri was adorably red.

“Are you sure?” Victor wheedled, utterly charmed.

Yes,” hissed Yuuri, and Victor watched the color climb up to his ears.

It was possible that Victor was having too much fun with this.

Only possible.

“Then I’ll have to prove it to myself,” Victor decided, regarding the pillow with something not unlike rivalry.

“Prove…?” Yuuri echoed dumbly, looking between the two Victors while the color in his face rose higher and higher.

“Of course! Which Victor is more comfortable — it’s a battle.”

Then Victor grinned over his shoulder. “And you can judge!”

Yuuri’s glasses slid down his nose.

So I just saw this on Facebook, and it made me really want to do something similar.

I haven’t seen my bf in over a year, and the last time we spent V-day together was 2 years ago.

I don’t have much money (he’s more of a homemade gift person anyway) so I want to do this real special something for him to show him how much I love him.

If you could write out the following message (yes, by hand), hold it up in front of either a favourite place of yours from wherever you’re living or just something red/valentine-themed (like this person did), then take a picture…

.. I would be soooo grateful and more than happy to return the favour (message me).

What I want the note to say is:

Tamara’s love for Mike is so big it reached …

(replace the ‘…’ with whatever your location is.)

I would love to get as many of these as I can, from all sorts of places in the world, and make a collage or something of them and send it to him on the 14th. 

Hopefully he likes it.

If you can’t participate in this, if you could at least reblog it for attention that would be fantastic! (Please message me if you have done this, also, because it’ll be faster than going through all the notes (if I get more than 2 that is, lol) looking for your reblog.)


Get Jinxed - Live Action

I think this is a pretty cool job, please don’t write body shaming comments (I saw a lot of them at facebook like “Jinx has not boobs lol”). They are real girls doing an awesome video ;)


I know I’m late posting about Kat Von D’s new Everlasting Liquid lipsticks. But I saw the swatch video on Facebook and then I started thinking about them.

The shades that appeal to me are: Lovecraft, Haze, Ludwig, Hawkwind, XO and Woolf. The downside is that they all have different launch dates, so they’ll come out in dribs and drabs. Hopefully I can get some of the shades I like when they are released.

I keep getting sponsored ads on Facebook for OUAT merch, and I’m pretty sure it’s all a scam. I’m sure I’m not the only one, and I know people have also been having their art stolen and put on shirts, so I want to make a post about it to avoid fans getting ripped off.

For example, here’s the one I saw today:

That’s a photoshopped image of Lana. She’s never worn that shirt. This photo is from when she was promoting her “Long Live The Queen” shirt, for charity, and tbh taking that photo and making it look like she’s promoting a shirt these guys are selling for profit is already kind of gross.

Then you go to the page where they’re selling the shirt and see this:

Oh, I guess people are buying it. It must be legit. Except, wait, if I click on the other shirt the same page was advertising

… there’s the exact same numbers. Because that’s not an actual tracker, it’s an image meant to trick you into thinking that these are legit numbers and that other people are buying these shirts.

So - be careful. Don’t take these things at face value. Look into who is selling these things and whether they’re resorting to any shady tricks like this, because if they are, chances are the product’s no good.

And another thing: stolen art makes for crappy products. The art you tend get on the internet is too small to result in a good print, so while it might look great on the product preview, in reality the print will be blurry and discoloured. If you want official merch, buy it from reputable places that carry it. If you want fan-made stuff, buy it from the artists’ store if they have one. Buy it from reputable sites and people you’ve heard of, not a Facebook “fan page” that doesn’t ever credit the artist who designed the shirt. You will get ripped off. There are even places out there who steal people’s art and pretend to sell it, but they’ll just take your money. Any page/site that posts a bunch of different products in a lot of different styles etc, without any artist name attached, is probably a bit shady.

So just keep a look out, and please make sure these things are legit before you give someone your money. And please signal boost if you can, this is something the fandom should know about!