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I’m in the hospital, my last night and I can’t sleep to save my life. I go from feeling sorry to myself to being grateful constantly and consistently throughout the day. I think of 3 weeks ago and how I was able to run and jump without any problems, and here I am today 10 pounds lighter and feeling physically weak as fuck. 

We walked around the hospital today–the urology floor to be specific. I saw everyone walking around with a catheter bag. I remember those days. Those endless nights where I had to walk to just get piss from my bladder into the bag. I remember pissing AND shitting through bags and feeling like I had no control over my body–at this point of 2015 I couldn’t even physically walk. 

And then I remember that I am not walking around with an IV pole and I’m not pissing through a bag, and my docs keep telling me I’m healing. 

I’m trying. I am fucking trying. 

ok listen i know like a week ago i was like why the fuk would a teacher ask u somethin about kpop but my english teacher (who i know is a kpop fan cause she has a bap jacket all the time) saw my ryan phone case (it’s the one namjoon has) and she was like OwO where did u get ur phone case?? i was like ebay…. and she was like “oh i’m asking cause it looks like the one the guy has” and 2 minutes later she showed me a pic of namjoon with the case

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Okay but I saw a little sister au on someone's blog and can't get it out of my head so I want your ideas on it- like Lexa with a long lost little sister that got taken by the mountain a long time ago and has been missing for several months but after the mountain is defeated, one day Clarke gets into trouble or something and gets lost and little sister finds Clarke and heals her in her little cave shelter thing and Clarke's like hurt bad so it takes like 3 weeks (part 1)

(Part 2) it takes like 3 weeks for her to recover and in that time she studies this like 13-15 ish year old girl that has so much pain in her eyes and knows far too much for her age and she sees something familiar there but can’t quite figure out what. The girl says she had no home to return to after the mountain was defeated and Clarke is protective af of her so she convinces her to come back to polis with her

(Part 3) and on the way to polis they are attacked by a rogue grounder and the kid saves Clarke by doing the move Lexa did against roan where she grabbed the blade and nightblood dropped down and Clarke starts crying and questions her about being Lexa’s sister the whole way back and then the emotional shit storm that goes down when Clarke comes back to polis alive and Lexa has been worried sick for 3 weeks and then she sees a familiar face behind Clarke that she swore was dead for years

Last part) And they embrace and Lexa is a mess and just- how would that play out in your mind do you have anything to add because you are my fav with headcanons and this stupid au has been stuck in my head for weeks because just- clexa family

i have so many ideas already and i am so honored that i’m your fav with headcanons but oh my god this is awesome

also this turned into a full-on oneshot fic, so enjoy that, it’s amazing so pls read it

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I seem normal, but I have a really strong sixth sense, so I can sense who will be on the phone without looking at the caller ID and also can predict things before they happen. Don't get me started on the dreams. Also, I predicted Antisepticeye's return, through a traumatizing nightmare where he taunted me as I was forced to crawl across a sea of needles and syringes, where I nearly lost all of my blood. Also, Darkiplier dreamstalked me three nights in a row.

i have this weird sixth sense too?? its not as strong as yours. but i literally could be reading a book or sleeping or brushing my teeth or showering and then not even a 2 second long flashback type thought would happen of something. and then that something actually happens like, 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months later or something and then, only then i realize that i saw this exact situation whatever ago.

- tell me a secret on anon

I saw a post a few weeks ago about how Shiro might have heard Lance gushing about the team to the yupper over the comm and I was just thinking that if he did hear him, maybe Shiro might have told Keith what Lance said about him and about how cool he was and Keith really takes it to heart and so on a future mission Keith might be talking to an alien about the team in earshot of Lance and saying like “and Lance is our sharpshooter. He’s an expert marksman. He’s smart and brave…” And they catch each other’s eyes and Lance is beaming and Keith continues “he’s pretty awesome.”

guys, what if Sportacus had to like, retune his crystal to a different sensitivity threshold for Robbie because it was going off non stop when it was at normal settings (like it literally would never stop going off because Robbie is Sad™ 25/7) and that’s why we rarely see it going off for Robbie. and like, he doesn’t want the kids to question why the crystal was going off so much because he wants to protect Robbie’s privacy so he changed the setting but then keeps an eye on Robbie, constantly checking up on him but trying to be subtle about it so as not to scare the villain off while at the same time wanting to make sure he’s okay


and it’s funny and sad, but only because this life will end, and it’s this secret world that exists right there in public, unnoticed, that no one else knows about. it’s sort of like how they say that other dimensions exist all around us, but we don’t have the ability to perceive them. that’s what i want out of a relationship. or just life, i guess.

“Hey, we’re a bit like Bonnie and Clyde don’t ya think?”

“Shut it, Oxton”

They’re so fuckin fun to draw idk why but here have something based on some photo i saw like ages ago also no speedpaint cos this was an on and off thing i worked on for the past week

Maybe i’ll do other girls next 

Other art can be found in my #clownfy draws tag ;) 

Carl Grimes:Can you wink for me?

You arrived at Alexandria a week ago,they found you with no food,covered in blood.
Apocalypse-bad time to be a teenager.
After so long you finally got hot shower and a cooked meal.
You walked outside seeing some teen carrying a baby.You came closer.
“Is she your daughter?”
“No,she’s my sister.Who are you and why haven’t I see you before?”-he said playing with the baby.
“I’m (Y/N).I came here about a week ago,but i spent my time eating and sleeping so that’s why you haven’t saw me before.”
“Awsome.I’m Carl,this is Judith.”
“She’s adorable.Can I hold her?”-you said holding her little fingers.
“Um….Sure,just be careful.”
As you take her she starts to giggle and laugh.
“Hey,she likes you.”-Carl said touching your shoulder.
“It looks like it’s gonna rain.You wanna go back to my place.”-he asked.
“Sure…”-you said confused,not knowing what’s gonna happen.
You guys spent 4 hours playing video games and talking.You were also sitting at the sofa.Of course you sat as far as possible,making things a lot awkward.
“I’m glad Carol found you,you seem as an interesting person.I can’t remember the last time I’ve met someone who shares same interest with me.”-Carl said getting closer.
Ah,screw it.-you thought
You kissed him.
“What was that?”-he asked.
“You didn’t like it?”-you said backing off.
“No,I liked it.”-he said grabbing your back and pulling you closer.
“Was that your first kiss?”-you ask him between kisses.
“Y-yes.”-he said ashamed.
“Look,we have been talking for 4 hours now,don’t you wanna ask me about my eye?”-he said pulling himself away from you.
“Look,I’ve met a person with no leg and he survived.I’ve also met a person who was pregnant with twins.Guess what?They are all okay.I know it hurts,i know it probably makes your life harder,but you’re no different in my eyes.Carol told me how you lost it and I’m sorry.”-you replied
He jumped on you and started to kiss your neck.
“Wait…”-you stopped him.
“What’s wrong?”-he asked.
“I need to aks you one question.”-you sounded so serious.
“Of course…”-Carl said with confusion writen all over his face.
“Can you wink for me?”-you ask with a smile.
You both started to laugh and giggle so hard that you both fell off the sofa.

So I saw arrival a week or so ago - and it was amazing! Female linguist protagonist! Aliens! Mother-daughter relationship!

And I just reblogged a post about science talking about how more people with more diverse interests need to go into science, which I definitely agree with!

But there’s something about both of those seemingly-disconnected events that makes me really annoyed.

Linguistics is science.

I don’t really get why this is a thing that needs to be said? But in the movie, Hawkeye was like, “You’re thinking like a mathematician. That’s a compliment” and I think that the moviemakers somehow didn’t notice how much math is involved in linguistics?? And the other post was talking about “people who would be just as likely to be fantastic historians or politicians or musicians or linguists.”

I mean, I get that it’s about studying ~language~ so it’s part of the ~humanities~ or whatever but… physics is not sports. If someone is studying how circular objects move around in three-dimensional space, they’re not actually playing basketball. They’re still doing physics. Somebody studying biology is not necessarily a medical doctor. They might be a medical doctor, and they might understand some nuances of general biology that let them give advice in certain, specific situations, but they’re still not a medical doctor. Somebody doing linguistics is studying language.

I don’t get why this is such a foreign concept.

Just had a guy come into my store and say, “I need your help.” I’m like yeah? And they he goes on to tell me about how he was in my work a week or so ago and saw a girl working here and describes her to me. I immediately know who he is talking about.

He wants to know if I know her and what her name is because she smiled at him. SMILED. I ended up quoting Mariah Carey to him, “I don’t know her.” I lie and say we just had a girl quit so maybe that’s who he saw. He says, “yeah I haven’t seen her since so I was afraid that’s what happened. I’ve been in here a few times at night looking for her.” IN MY HEAD IM LIKE IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE CUTE??? cause it’s coming off super creepy.

Idk I always keep an eye out for people cause you never know. Like I once had a girl hit on me at work and I told her I wasn’t single and she still some how found me on Facebook and messaged me, I ignored her message, and then she found out who my sister was and she realized she was friends with one of my sisters friends so she tried getting my sister to talk to me for her. Just recently she had her friend message my sister again asking about me and it’s been two years later!

Any ways leave people alone when they are at work god damn like of course they smiled at you, they are working and have to be polite.

I saw a post a few weeks ago that basically went like ‘man Danny Phantom was such a cool concept I can’t believe they treated it the way they did, it had so much potential’ and like….I really liked Danny Phantom? I’ve been trying to rack my brain for an explanation of what about Danny Phantom was apparently shit and I can’t think of anything. I went to the OP’s blog and found nothing either.

So like….am I just missing something here….was Danny Phantom really that not great…

What I've Learned from Outlander

It’s been 18 months since Outlander took over my life.  After binging S1 and reading all the books in quick succession, I googled the actors because I was amazed I hadn’t seen them in anything before.  I followed a link to what turned out to be Jess’s tumblr page (RIP) and spent the weekend watching all the SDCC goodies flow in (fortuitous timing).  A year ago this week I finally came out of “lurking” mode, made my first post, and met up IRL with a few other fans.  While it’s all-consuming, Outlander has enriched my lives in ways I could not have believed possible.

Female friendship is special.  As a teenager, I thought girls were generally vapid an didn’t want to be associated with that; most of my friends were boys.  I paired off pretty early and only had “couple friends” for a couple of decades.  I was envious of the female relationships I saw on shows like “Sex and the City” but didn’t I would ever have that in my life.  But then I found this fandom.  You are smart, well-educated, literate, witty, and truly supportive.  I am amazed by the ways each of you contribute your thoughts, talents, intellect, and emotion to the greater good of the group.

I needed more intellectual stimulation in my life.  I thought I was getting enough exercise for my brain at work but until Outlander I didn’t realize how limited those topics were.  The sweeping historical focus of the novels made me research associated events, concepts, and places.  I can hold my own on the subject of Scottish history and emigration patterns, specific battles of the Revolutionary War, and the characteristics of whisky from different parts of Scotland.  Social media was an education in and of itself – akin to learning a new language (no, that smiley face is not sweating, @chrismosstree).  I love having this community to share theories, relay new pieces of information, and to review “food for thought” questions that make you discover something new.

I refuse to settle for “okay” when I could have a soul mate.  Despite his eventual infidelity, I thought my ex-husband and I were well-suited for each other.  However, once I discovered the Jamie and Claire marriage, I realized that there were things missing from mine.  We may have started out aligned in our thinking and our hopes for the future, but I realize that he failed to support me emotionally.  Clearly he was not my soul mate after all – I guess I married a Frank, not a Jamie.  If I am ever lucky enough to have another relationship, I insist on emotional support and can’t-live-without-it passion.

I’m not as healed as I thought I was.  Reading passages in Dragonfly in Amber and Voyager where Jamie is tempted by other women brought back terrible memories, opened old wounds, and solidified my stance on infidelity.  (Thankfully my kindle didn’t break when I threw it across the room after Jamie and Claire returned from Lallybroch in Voyager…)  The IFH caused me to have a panic attack for the first time in two years.  I’ve got more work to do.

It’s okay to acknowledge my sexual urges.  I had a fairly conventional sex life when I was married… probably more conventional than I wanted.  While I’ve never been ashamed of my desires, they were unspoken and rarely fulfilled.  The frank portrayal of Jamie and Claire’s sexual relationship made me realize that I want more and it is possible to find it, even at this stage in my life.  Also, you have shown me that it is absolutely okay to talk about these desires.  I never realized that other women feel the way that I do.

There is something interesting about every subculture.  Through Outlander and Tumblr, I have been exposed to subgroups I might not have come across in my daily life.  I’ve learned a lot about other ethnicities, interest groups, religions, political persuasions, nationalities, generations, etc., etc.  It is fascinating, and makes the world a smaller, friendlier place.

tl:dr…  Thank you for expanding my horizons and enriching my life!


Relationship: Newt Scamander & Credence Barebone
Rating: G
Credence knows that “Reparo” spell only works on broken objects. He knows it won’t help - but he lifts the wand anyway, pointing it at himself and whispering the spell quietly, his voice trembling.
Okay, I promised to show my writing so here you go.  It was written for a friend. Thanks to her for inspiration and to a person who came up with the original idea I saw on the internet a while ago.

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Credence can’t stop crying.

He’s sitting in a corner of a small room in Newt’s suitcase and hugs his bony knees, clutching a wand in his hand desperately and pressing his face into a soft, now a little damp fabric of his trousers.

He’s been living in this suitcase for the past few weeks - and those weeks he can call the best in his entire life. He doesn’t feel like a freak, he isn’t obligated or expected to do anything, he’s being treated like a guest and a friend.

And that’s exactly why he’s crying.

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A week ago I thought I couldn’t live without you. When you left me it kind of felt like my organs were failing. I dragged myself around for the longest time. I woke up yesterday, or the day before that, or the day before that one, and you weren’t the first or the second or even the third thing I thought of. And, for once, I didn’t die inside when I saw that I didn’t have a text from you. I used to think of you all the time. I used to dream about you even while I was awake. I do think of you sometimes, that I cannot deny. You just aren’t what my mind wanders to anymore. And I think I’m ready to finally let you go. My hands are strained from the years of holding on and my heart is tired. I am free of you. You are no longer the person I picture myself holding hands with ten years from now. You are not the person I imagine having a family with anymore. You are not the person I wish to be buried beside. It doesn’t hurt to think about you with somebody else, the thought of someone else's hands on you does not anger me, nor does it make me jealous anymore. I am so out of love with you.
—  September 20th, 2016

I was leaving, and I came here to say goodbye, but, uh...
... I decided to fight.
I'm not going down.
Maybe I want to be remembered in the right way.
By the people that I care about.
Maybe I want to be remembered as someone who fought back.

Just got tinder about a week ago, swiped pretty exclusively for a few days and got a decent amount of matches but nothing really came of it.

Fast forward to 3 days ago and I matched with a girl that I desperately wanted to super like but couldn’t and I was ecstatic when I saw that I matched her, proceed with almost non-stop messages into getting her number only to find out that she was flying up to Northern California to go back to school in a little under two hours.

Continued to text until her flight took only for her to immediately text me after she landed and resume our conversation, we have exchanged snapchats and continued texting/skyping/snap chatting every waking moment.

I really didn’t think anything would come of downloading and using this app but I seem to have proved myself wrong with this girl since she is planning on coming back over summer break! I am not expecting anything crazy to come of it but i’m having high hopes until I find a reason to not have them anymore :)