i saw this it was amazing

I don’t know why I am surprised that this is how it goes. I’ve seen how Louis himself is treated on twitter for 4 years now and it’s appalling. I shouldn’t be upset but in a way that’s the very reason I AM upset. All I ever do with that twitter account is stick up for Louis. But of course twitter fandom doesn’t take kindly to any idea that Louis is his own person. Treating him like a real person & wanting him to have credit for his hard work, instead of treating him like a character for their entertainment has never been their strong point, has it?

i remember when i was 8 and i first saw cars in the theater.. all i wanted to see was a girl who raced like lightning so i could be just like her and i could compare myself to her and it just never really happened… now im 18 and they finally brought up a strong female character who races just like i wanted it to be when i was a kid. seriously representation matters so much when ur young its insane, im glad sum lil girls are gonna grow up seeing cruz and its gonna inspires them to achieve their dreams, its just makes me so happy. i wish i had a character like cruz to look at when i was eight.

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I'm so happy that there's more people that love Satori 😭😭😭 I got my best friend into Haikyuu and the first thing she said when she saw him was "He's goofy, I love him". He really needs more appreciation, actually Shiratorizawa in general needs more appreciation!!

YES!!! TENDOU!! He’s such a silly child WHO’S ALSO SCARY AND AMAZING

And I agree with you about Shiratorizawa! They aren’t my favourite team but I still love these children, they are G O O D

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Of course, that's only Ricky's side of things. The same Ricky who still makes tens of thousands of dollars by attending The 100-specific cons, only to trash JRoth and the show right in front of his former cast mates, creating an incredibly awkward situation when they all clearly love their time w/ the show. It's amazing how he can't let it go. How when he's doing interviews for American Gods that he, the *subject*, is the one bringing up his beef with JRoth, not the interviewer. So mature.

Truly shocking how his old cast mates still love him and support him them isn’t it considering how he is “creating an incredibly awkward situation.” I just saw him and Richard voluntarily hanging out less than 2 weekends ago. They were going out around Syndey and going to the gym together. Ricky has done the same with other cast members.

I love how you all seem to think it’s wrong for this man to have a voice and stand up for himself against someone who had authority over him that was mistreating him. Instead of showing concern over the fact that this was happening, or wanting to figure out what happened, you’re giving him shit about the fact that he’s still earning a living. “Oh people love him and still associate him with the 100, a show for which he was a main character for 3 seasons? He’s a good person and he’s willing to meet Lincoln fans? Guess since he’s a decent human being and earning money, any bullying done to him is void!”

What you’re saying is that just because a person is successful, they have no right to speak up for themselves. Instead of showing concern for this man, you’re doubting him. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

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Side note, LOVE LOVE LOVE HOME!!! When I first checked and saw the new chapter update, I may or may not have let out a tiny little scream. Anyways, on to my question. Throughout drawing all of the art for the fic, (which is amazing), who was the hardest person to draw?

Thank you, chickadee! I think Scott is pretty tricky, but Melissa challenged me the most I think. Her face is masculine, but also pretty? Sometimes it’s hard to draw her without it being extreme on one end or the other. Also, that curly hair is hard to shade!!

Ok but now I need a whole tv series about the ALF’s wacky adventures after Okja.

Like, seriously guys.

It amazes me how such a disorganized bunch of lovable idiots actually managed to achieve something.

I need to see more spiked potato cannons and people slipping on marbles and weird pig disguises.

I’m hooked up, I wanna know what happens next. Let’s start a petition.

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i was just recently put on some new medication and the side effects have been making me really emotional. i've been crying over literally everything. i saw a picture of a baby seal the other day and it made me cry. and you?? you're so cute?? and your muscles???? u made me start cryign aasjglsdhdk i hate this medication

OMGLAKSHSGAHAJSJ HAHA I don’t mean to laugh but that’s amazing I’m sorry

I’m actually really tired of the tumblr side of the fandom, am I the only person who watched this show for 7 years and didn’t feel like it was wasted? I am thankful for this show and the ups and downs, all of it. I’m proud of the entire cast and crew for that finale, whether it was what you wanted or not.. it was amazing and it made SENSE.

All the praise for Troian as well please and thank you. Nobody else could’ve pulled off something like that but her. The clues were there, we all saw it coming but I was still shocked to the core.


So I was checking my email earlier today and saw something in my inbox called “Geoscience Research” and one of the advisors/professors in the geoscience department ASKED ME TO JOIN HIS RESEARCH GROUP as an honors undergrad student AHHHHH!!! He said that I was “highly recommended” by my past geoscience professor which is just AMAZING and so sweet? I am so touched but also psyched and overwhelmed holy moly!!! From what it said it the email, I can pretty much choose whatever I want as my research project (geochemistry, paleontology, paleobiology, mineralogy, stratigraphy, sedimentology, lab work, field work, museum work, etc.) or learn how to operate the mass spectrometer and other data analyzers for the department. And it’s also PAID after I finish training!!! Honestly I’m so so so excited I can’t wait to do research on something I love so much and am so passionate about!

Hope you guys are all having a great Wednesday too!

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how do i @ these amazing a-spec posts at like half of the mp100 fandom because oh my g o d

I am right there with ya.

Some of the acephobia I saw in the mp100 fandom was ridiculous at best and really insulting at worse.

Ex of stuff I saw :

-“Reigen as Ace infantilize him. He is a grown adult and just insecure and has low self esteem about himself.”( It’s funny how most people think Asexuals are people giggling when they hear the word “ Penis”….)
- “I prefer to imagine him choking on many dicks instead lolololol ” ( ah good old gay fetishization…)
- “ Asexual headcanons are offensive because they assume that just because Reigen is single , he must be Ace.” ( …what)
- “ It takes away from Gay representation and thats more important!” ( even more what)
- “ I think its homophobic to want him to be Ace instead of Gay?” ( you do know Homoromantic Asexuals exist right?)

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This is so awkward my first name is Katya (but pronounced differently cause my family is weird) so when I saw your girlfriends fic I was like???????


Katya (Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova) is a drag queen who appeared on season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. She is weird and wonderful and is a fan of tiny hands and problem patterns and jump splits. She’s amazing. 

Note: I am so sorry that this took so long! I had started writing it but as I was so tired I put it in “save as draft” and completely forgot about it the next day. But here it is, the BTS version of this super adorable reaction request!

Rap Monster

Namjoon seems like the type who isn`t easily impressed but congratulation because you just did exactly that. He`d be so proud. Like you could almost feel it radiating of him. I can totally see him hugging you close and thanking you before kissing you as he isn`t afraid of PDA. His attention would be all on your food after that as he`d as much as he could. 

“How in the world do you always manage to surprise me again and again?”


He is usually the one cooking so when you came in with homemade food for everyone he`d be amazed. “No way you made all this by yourself!” he`d say as he saw all the food you had made. He would hug you and kiss your cheek before digging in. 

“Wow y/n, this is delicious!”


Have you seen Yoongi being genuinely surprised often? Not really, which is because he isn`t very often. But this would completely throw him off track. So much in fact that the members would joke about it, but he wouldn`t care as he`s already on his way to kiss you right then and there infront of everyone even though he isn`t the guy to show a lot of PDA. For him this would be a big sign that you truly support him and his career. All he could get out at the time would be:

“Thank you y/n”


This sunshine would be happy when you came to visit him at the studio so late but he`d worry saying you need to sleep, but when you take out all the food you had made and he in addition saw that you had made enough for all of the other members as well he`d be ecstatic. I bet you whatever tiredness he had would be gone in seconds. He`d be overwhelmed by your support and would pay you back big time if you want to or not.

“You are an angel in the form of my girlfriend y/n. You don`t know how much I love you!”


He`d be so surprised to see you in the studio and even more so when you took out everything you had cooked. His eyes would widen and he`d be in a small shock before suddenly going all shy. He knew you cared about him but this was so much more than he could have ever hoped for, especially as you had made enough for all the members. He`d timidly hug you, being to shy to do anything else but would definitely spend a whole day doing whatever makes you happy as a thank you. 

“Y/n, how did you make this taste so good? It`s amazing!”


You would walk into the studio and taehyung would be confused because it would be so late. His first thought would be that something bad had happend but all those thoughts were gone when you told him you made food. He would thank you and would say the otehrs should also order something so they could all eat together. However when you said you had made enough for everyone he`d be gone. This was the moment he fell in love with you all over again because the members are like his second family and this would show him how much you care about him and everyone he holds dear.

“That`s it. I will never ever let you go. You are the most etherael girlfriend ever.” 


He`d become all shy when he saw all the food you had made for everyone. His ego would get a new high as he was super proud to be able to call you his girlfriend but he wouldn`t be able to muster up more than a hug, although a long one. While eating he made sure to show you how much he loved it, always with a tint of blush in his cheeks. You can expect a present and a cute date as a thank you from this boy, no matter how much you said he didn`t have to.

“I don`t even know how to thank you for this y/n.”

i just saw fanart of a character in heart sunglasses and was like wow thats cute and then remembered i can draw and can draw my faves in heart sunglasses if i want ???? life is amazing