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Ya know this blog has so much Yuuri-love I start to believe you're Viktor's long lost twin. You seem to love him more than I do and I thought this was impossible.

ohmygosh hahah I’m not cool enough to be victor’s long lost twin, but I do love yuuri !!! a lot !!! this is a yuuri appreciation blog <3

me when yuuri shows up:

nothing makes me more emo than people not considering xero a rapper.

Harry Styles - Guest Songwriter Imagine

[I’m not as happy with this as I wish I was when I first imagined writing this and that kind of bums me out. I’ve thought about re-writing it but just wanted to get something up for you guys. I’m sorry. I don’t know why I’m not happy with this - I’m just not. I hope you all like it though!]

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Have you ever seen Supervet? Idk of it's shown in Australia but it's a tv show based in a vet practice called Fitzpatrick Referrals and the guy does all sorts of technologically amazing treatments but I have to admit, I don't know if he doesn't sometimes take things too far and should just be euthanising these suffering animals. It also fits in with something I saw recently about a man giving horses prosthetic limbs when they'd normally die after a broken leg. How far do you think is too far?

Within the industry, specialist surgeons have a reputation of being very ‘cut happy’, generally speaking. It’s like when all you have is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail.

I have seen some of the episodes, quite a long time ago. He certainly seems to know his stuff, but I don’t like the dramatization. I also don’t like how the show just skims over costs of these procedures and didn’t emphasize the simple fact that experimental surgery sometimes doesn’t work.

If someone is going to go to extreme lengths to save an animal, they should do it properly and a well equipped specialist hospital with a knowledgeable surgeon is the place to be. However, not every case can be saves.

I’ve said previously that I try to avoid making judgement calls about ‘should’. The exception to this are cases where the animal’ welfare is compromised. I feel like it’s our job to advocate for our patient’s welfare, particularly making sure that minimum standards are not compromised.

I think the proliferation of two legged dogs that are allowed to live to adulthood are an example of things going too far. The  media treat these stories as inspirational, when really they shouldn’t have been allowed to get this far. This is sad, not inspiring, and I feel bad for the dogs and cringe at the thought of their orthopedics.

And the  media just praises it for trying to survive without so much as tossing it a pair of wheels.

I mean, if you’re doing to try to keep an animal with a disability to make yourself feel better, either do it well or don’t do it at all.

Technology and medical techniques should advance over time. It’s not unreasonable to expect the scope of treatments we can offer to expand. On the topic of horse limbs, the difficulty in treating horse limb fractures is due to their size and damage that occurs to the other legs while they’re healing. Small horses cope with some prosthetics, but large and flighty horses tend not to.

How far we can push treatment will no doubt change in the future, but we need an ethical framework to ask ‘should we do this’. If we’re undertaking a treatment for our benefit over the animal’s, I have to ask why. It is their welfare that should be a priority in these decisions. Not human ego.

Seventeen Reaction to You Playing the Drums in Your Group's Sub-Unit



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I think the gif speaks enough for itself on his reaction.

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A little bit extra just to get you to laugh in case you saw him. But when he wasn’t being extra, he was annoying the members with his comments on how amazing you are or look

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Legit just like all smiles and proud gazes from him. Like he may be extra but he’s also a little fluff ball.

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Two things.

One. He’s be happy and giddy about seeing you drumming and being talented and charming on stage. He loves it.

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He’s fairly chill so I feel like you could expect smiles from him as he tells the other members about you drumming since they were shocked. Nevertheless, he wouldn’t be any less proud or happy for you

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He would be so happy but also excited because it’s his baby on stage getting her talents showcased. I feel like he would just be really smiley and blushy about it

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He’d literally brag about you like he couldn’t brag about anything else ever. He would be so proud and happy for you that he wouldn’t be able to help himself.

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I honestly feel like he would try to be chill about it but the moment the camera panned to you and he saw you so focused, he would break into a cute smile because you’re his baby and he loves you and he’s happy for you

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Seungkwan is a beautiful type of extra so this is what I can imagine him doing. “Look at my (Y/N) being in the spotlight like she should be”

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He’d be so happy for you that he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling and would continue to look over at the members and repeat “Wow~ Do you see her? She’s so talented,” until it got annoying or the members

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He’d probably do his best to embarrass you but he’d be so happy for you and would let the other members know that his joy was stemming from you getting your talents recognized

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I’m sorry this is so late but I hope you liked it- Admin Sunsine

Exordium experience :) ~

Firstly…. It was raining the entire time so that wasn’t fun, but I met so many nice people and had a nice time regardless of the rain. Now onto the important parts.

Let me just say this………… I kno i saw exo last year but nothing could’ve prepared me for what I just saw… With my own two eyes…..

Chanyeol is.. Tall perfection. I hate using this word but imma say it, he’s got all the swag in the world. Honestly he’s so talented, the guitars the rapping everything was amazing. HE IS SO TALL Djdjdjdjdndndkkksksk step on me!!!! He kept teasing my section, at the very end acting like he was going to throw us his hat then he was like SIKE LOL.

KYUNGSOO is honestly the one who surprised me most because I was literally and legitimately stunned by his glowing beauty. His smile.. He kept laughing. He asked us if we were hungry and we all said yes and he was like.. “me too” and then laughed and I could’ve died right then and there. His voice so so clear and steady, so amazing, he is very tiny! Beautiful tiny man.

JONGIN JDJDJDJSBSBSBSJSBSHZJ TELL ME WHY HE IS THE BEST DANCER AND PERFORMER I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!!!!! HIS DANCING… DEAR LORD. He kept making these faces at us! Those sexy faces with the lip bites and he kept waving at my section along with ksoo. He was sO tan and glistening (rlly he was sweating a lot) and honestly I’m just so happy I saw him healthy and well. Oh except he said he went to CVS to buy medicines Jdjdjdjsbsbsbsjsbshzjz well SUHO said it was CVS. (CBC HE SAID LOL THEN SAID CVS DJJSKS)

SUHO, EXACTLY WHAT I EXPECTED. He told corny jokes, he looked at us like precious pearls, he made me tear up, he was so genuinely sweet. He’s so beautiful. Kinda short like Chen but not as tiny as ksoo and Minseok.

JONGDAE SJSJJSNDBX what a sweet man. He kept waving to each individual section, making sure to wave at everyone.. Which I found so sweet. His voice was unreal. I thought I was listening to the CD the entire time. His laugh…. Oh my God.. HE WENT TO SEE CHICAGO AND SAID HE RLLY LIKED IT, he likes musicals a lot!!

Sehun! Man oh man where do I begin. Firstly he looks like a Calvin Klein model. He was so slender but lean and beautiful and oh my God so tan?? He kept waving to us, he was in my section a whole lot along with Minseok which… Lmao……. I’ll get to him lord help me anyways oh sehun is am angel he is SO ATTRACTIVE and he carried around a doll that looked like vivi so that was adorable.

Baekhyun…. King of facial expression.. King of good looks… King of amazing eye make up… He kept smirking???? I felt like it was a personal show just for me everytime he came to my section. He sang so well as always, so steady and beautiful. He looks even better in person which is saying something since he fine af on screen. Anyways his dancing was superb.. I had to use that word just to make sure you understand how amazingly he performs. He was everything I wanted to see and more.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST Y'ALL LISTEN……. He pelvic thrusted into my actual FACE I’m not sure if I’m actually alive or writing from the grave but…… He was.. Just so perfect?? SUCH A TINY TINY MAN OH MY GOD HE’S TINY (I would give him 5'6 which is my height but still) very skinny but not as skinny as Jongdae. Minseok didn’t make eye contact with me but he did send our section a bunch of hearts, I saved each one for a rainy day, whenever I’m sad I’m going to remember Minseok sending me a heart LOL. He was very playful.. Jumping around and dancing. He said he doesn’t dance in the show cause he doesn’t wanna slip but he dances with his upper body dkmdmsmsnsnjdsnsbsjsjsjs then he started dancing, I have the video I’ll upload if anyone cares to see. HE JUST MADE ME WANNA CRY ALL THE TIME!! SO MUCH STUBBLE HE WAS SO HANDSOME. I love him so much. The best dancer apart from Kai, for sure.. Actually sehun was amazing too but kms is a close second. HE RLLY DABBED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MEDLEY SECTION LOL I’M LIKE BOI IF U DONT

Tonight was so special for me, seeing exo again but up close. They’re unreasonably attractive. Better than on screen I mean they’re REAL LIFE hot, really ridiculous, double take worthy attractive. Especially Sehun and Kyungsoo.

They told us they’re going back to Korea to work on the album and they will be back to us with the new songs, Suho asked if we would support it so obviously we said yes and he smiled….. I smiled….. It was something… We rlly had a moment. I only got to make eye contact with him for a short moment but it was all I needed to survive 2017 lol

when i woke up and saw #1000dayswithredvelvet trending on twitter, i thought to myself, is this actually real lmao? has it really been a 1000 days since the girls debuted? time has gone by so fast, it almost feels like no time has gone by to be honest (they do say time flies when you’re having fun), but during these 1000 days, red velvet has accomplished so much. they’ve grown as a group and they’ve grown as individuals and i’m so honored i got to witness a lot of their growth. everyday, i am amazed by how talented, kind, and hard-working they are and i couldn’t be prouder of them as a fan. to red velvet, this is just the beginning, here’s to thousands of more days together.

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To make something positive about Ch. 127... When Agni is pushing Soma away and holds his hand, do you think he could have given him something like the torn picture? (Idr if we saw him holding it before the attack) It could just be a sweet, supportive gesture, but, y'know, plot progression? And another amazing act from Agni~

Hi there!<3<3

And yes, it indeed looks like Agni gave Soma ‘something’ in his hand in this scene

and that ‘something’ is most probably the burnt family photo he found in the last chapter.

If 2CT is true and the visitor who shot Soma is real!Ciel, then I guess Agni tried to inform Soma about the possibility that the gunman might not be “Ciel”, his friend, but his twin. There was no time for him to tell Soma in detail what he knows (or rather what he has just discovered about the Phantomhive family), so he probably handed the family photo (which probably shows the twins) over to him in the hope that Soma will find out the truth on his own.

That was my 2CT-biased interpretation of that scene, but whatever it was that Agni gave to Soma, I’m sure it will play a major role in the next chapters, so let’s wait and see~! :D  

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Hello Astrid! I love your blog and your writing is beyond amazing!😍 I saw a post where the suitors had nicknames for MC. Could you do one where the MC has nicknames for the suitors? Thank you!!

I apologize. I didn’t really do you justice….

Leo - Daddy
Robert - Daddy
Alyn - Daddy
Louis - Daddy
Byron - Sugar…Daddy
Sid- Daddy
Rayvis - Daddy
Albert - Daddy
Nico- Daddy
Giles - Mom

Its so wild to me that people here never saw the HTTYD movies at the cinema. Like, I saw the first one two nights in a row. And maybe 5 times while it was at the movies. And the second one came out at my absolute lowest point and I think I went to the cinema to watch it at least once a week.

That being said, I don’t care if you guys didn’t get the chance to see it on the big screen. We’re all fans here regardless of how we got into this franchise. I hope they re-release the first two when the 3rd one comes out. You guys deserve to see it at the movies.

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Hi, do you have any fix recommendations for Anthony x reader fluff

i don’t read a lot of anthony fics but boyyyy do i have some good ones (smut = *)

King of the Lost Boys by @sunshinemiranda

(pi, pii, piii, piv) IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THIS YOU SHOULD. Liv is so amazing and this series is fanfuckingtastic. The detail and the vibe she creates is so enthralling. I would live in this universe if I could. Also, from a literary perspective, it’s such a creative adaption to the Peter Pan myth/story and I would legit buy 5 copies if she turned this into a book. Please turn this into a book, Liv, I’m begging.

Douchebag* by @hamimagines

(pi, pii) Not only is Rachel amazing but I basically begged her to write this fic when I saw the request and she did. not. disappoint. I loved this series so much I actually collabed with her for part 2 so y’all should definitely check this one out. Totally not a shameless self promo.

What the Heck I Gotta Do? by @daveeddiggsit

This one is soooo cute. Like literally you’ll get cavities from reading this. 11/10 

How do you measure a year? by @iwrotemywayto-revolution

This one is also cute!!!!!!!! It’s a soulmate au where you don’t age until you meet them and I love it so much

Method Actor and Anatomy 101 by @sunshinemiranda

Round two of rec’ing Liv because she’s just so great and these one shots are the cutest things in existence

Until We Meet Again by @saynotofics

READ THIS. JUST READ IT. Sara is fantastic!!!!!!!!

….if anyone ever decides to leave the fandom, to completely move on with their lives and leave this behind, just know I am so so glad to have had you as a friend, to have gotten to know you over the time we spent on this dumb site together. That even though we never met, that we never spoke in person, that I saw you as a friend and hope nothing but the best for you.

Just know there is a dork on this site that cares about you and is so so thankful for getting to meet you within this fandom. I love you and thank you for being apart of this crazy fandom and being my friend ❤️

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Hiii Melly, hope you have an amazing day! So, I saw what you reblogged about the baby's certificate and stuff but didn't someone say they wouldn't announce the baby's name because he doesn't have Liam' last name?

Melly Liam already acknowledge the baby publicly, so what if he does not go back and this was his team’s strategy


Well,  that was an anon who said that, so you have to just go ahead and serve a truckload of salt there, pickle.  I am a realistic hoe, so I’m just going to guess we’re either doing 1 of 2 things: Given the articles today about how the baby needs to be registered by May 3 and that Loammy needs to be present to legally be named a parent, coupled with how Cheryl is finding it so hard to parent for the two of them but she’s sacrificing her own thriving career (lol) and she’s SOOOO supportive (when will I ever be able to type anything about this with a straight face), either we’re moving right along w/ Independent Single Mother Cheryl™ and there’ll be a papping of Cheryl looking stoic as she goes to the registrar herself, or Loammy will be papped at the registrar with her. 

What feels especially obvious is that The Mirror ran an article reminding that the deadline for registration would be May 3 (which also included odds on whether the baby might be named “Zayn” and even shoehorned in Ziam relationship rumors, cheers!) . So if Liam’s gonna release music in May, going by 1D stunt maths, May 5 would be a good time to ride on that I guess. Regardless, this is me about the timing of all this

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I was playing BOTW and got to the famous Revali-Flashback scene. I had seen it plenty times before on YouTube, but, for some reason, seeing this cocky ass bird walk around on my own screen made my heart flutter. I was already crushing hard on Revali before, but I had never blushed or gotten goosebumps from it, except for when I saw it on me screen.. You truly did an amazing job with him, man. I applaud you.

My sincerest thanks, and I find it really interesting that having the scene happen officially on your own save file had a unique effect on you! I’m really excited for what this game will present for the new, upcoming generation of gamers (or Nintendo fans), and incredibly honored to be a part of that ‘gateway game’ in general.

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Appreciation ask! Just started following you, but lemme say, your's one of the best Shoma blog I've found! I'm happy to see so much positivity between his fans. I have to say, I got into figure skating this year and didn't really "care" (?) for him. Then I saw him live in Helsinki (and now the WTT livestream)... He's just amazing! Keep up the good work! ❤️ // Also, I've seen him going to a small market to buy junk food and then happily jumping while walking, in Helsinki. He's just too cute! 😂❤️

AAAAAh! Too much sweetness Thank You So Much ! “One of the best Shoma blog” I’m DEAD

I’m so happy that you got into this fandom, and thankfull as well, I’m seeing the fandom grow since Helsinki and it makes me so giddy everyday. You’re so lucky to have passed him in a cute moment like that ! Honestly all I could think when he passed by me in CDP was “what the fuck is happening” lol

Thank you again for your support and of course I’ll keep up the posts ! This boy made me crazy now I can’t backtrack haha!

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I remember seeing a list from a while ago about a potential yuri with a one sided crush on yuuri fic Rec list?? Was that something I actually saw or am I mistaken??? Either way you do amazing work and I hope this message didn't come off as demanding or rude cuz it wasn't meant to be! I basically love you so...

Yes, I made this list! You can find it here!


Earlier this month I was at Anime Matsuri in Houston, TX and got the amazing opportunity to see the Sailor Myu cast perform a short musical where they saved the city of Houston from the dark forces (XD) and got to see them do a little panel (sadly we didn’t get to ask them questions though).

I also managed to meet several of them throughout the weekend including Shu and Sayaka~! I was cosplaying Haruka at the time so I was super nervous but I got to tell Shu (in a broken Japanese/English mix) that I’m a hoshigumi fan and that I saw her in The Lost Glory. Her eyes literally lit up when I said “hoshigumi” so that was a special moment. I also got Tani to turn to me and say “arigato!” during the panel when I shouted out “Takarazuka daisuki” when she was explaining how her work in ‘zuka made it easy for her to play the role of Tuxedo Kamen.

The con even had a lanyard with Tani on it, guys! I was floored about that. I never thought I’d see the day that I’d have a con lanyard with an OG on it.

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(Alright, so I'm sorry if you're full and I'm adding to it, but I just had to send this to you. You can ignore it as long as you can but please hear me out) Could you possibly do, if you have the time, a head canon or Drabble about the 2p countries reacting to the 1p countries April fools day costumes. If you don't get the reference, just look up Hetalia the Beautiful World April Fools Day. Thank you for reading, and you're work is amazing btw!

“I don’t know,” Allen says with his tongue running over his teeth. He has that shit eating grin on that he knows most people hate but he doesn’t particularly care. Alfred is in front of him with his arms crossed over his bare chest looking very unimpressed with Allen’s entire existence. Arthur pinches the bridge of his nose, one arm lazily around Oliver who has not stopped cooing since he saw him.

“This is one big headache,” Yao says, yipping loudly when Zao tries his damnedest to flip the skirt of his outfit up. He slaps the other but it doesn’t deter Zao from following after like some sort of sick puppy.

“I kind of like it,” Louis announces plainly, boldly eyeing Francis up and down. The other, now thankfully in his original adult form thanks to a kindness from Oliver, blows a kiss and does absolutely nothing to hide himself with the skimpy apron given to him.

Ivan whimpers in shame, still hiding on the ground with a metal street cover over his body. Vlad is near him standing tall and acting as a shield. He has already given over his coat to make it so Ivan has more to cover him up. Both of them are embarrassed and awkwardly not talking to each other.

“Found you!” The group’s attention turns to Antonio walking towards them with bunny ears on his head and a sunshine smile on his face. Flavio is following behind with his sunglasses lowered to take in the sight that is everyone in their skimpy outfits. Lovino and Santiago are behind him with deadpan and disturbed expressions.

“Isn’t this fun!” Antonio laughs brightly and there are a few glares sent his way which he ignores to the full extent. He barely explains himself when Yao stomps over to him.

“This is your fault!” Yao screeches and whacks Antonio on the back of his head. Zao takes the chance to wrap his arms around Yao and pull him into his lap to cuddle him fully. Allen has slid his way to Alfred to try and untie his own skimpy apron. The squabbling starts while Lovino and Santiago debate if they should just leave to go get coffee, or some sanity.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Ludwig’s voice carries in the open field and Lutz doesn’t bother to hide the smirk on his face. Ludwig pushes down the dress that covers his body so this way Lutz can’t try and sneak his way back under it.

“Stay out,” Ludwig barks but Lutz snickers and shakes his head in a clear way to show he has no intention of doing such. He goes back to nuzzling Ludwig to soothe his nerves while Gilbert laughs with him.

“Chill out bro this is fine,” Gilbert’s outfit is way worse, only a pair of bunny ears and a skimpy apron to cover his body. Klaus is firmly red next to him, laughing into his hands and trying to keep his eyes away from Gilbert’s exposed chest. 

“This will be fun,” Gilbert says half hearted, pulling Klaus in for a cuddle.

“As soon as every one else shows up I guess..” He ends lamely. Ludwig huffs and pushes Lutz in a futile attempt to get him to stay away.

Kiku sips his tea calmly with a soft smile on his face. He decided not to go out today and really doesn’t regret his choice. The outfit he received and the threatening letter seemed of little to no consequence to him. He’s been in enough stupid positions to know he can get past whatever is thrown his way.

Bam!” Kiku looks up and almost snorts his tea up his nose. Kuro is in the doorway with the maid outfit Kiku received on his body, rocking every inch of lace that could possibly be there.

“Kuro please,” Kiku tries to reason with him but Kuro at this point is having to much fun twirling and showing off his legs.

“I look good,” He says.

“You look stupid,” Luciano hisses at him from around the corner. Feli peeks out around him in the kitchen from where he’s making food.

“Aw so cute!” He says and then returns to his business with Luciano to help him. Feli received an outfit and letter about his embarrassing picture. He then found the picture and laughed his head off at it, deeming it not worth his time either. Together they decided to have lunch.

“Where’s Ludwig?” Kiku asks. He’s answered by a collective unknown answer. He shrugs and continues to sip his tea with Kuro’s head in his lap. It’s a peaceful day for him.

Matt twitches in his spot. He twists the bottle of beer in his hand like it’s the only thing holding him to where he is.

“Matt? You okay?” Matthew wraps his arms around his shoulders and Matt is snapped back to his own right mind. He shrugs with a grunt.

“I just feel like, we’re missing something.” He mumbles. Matthew hums and sits on the couch next to him, hockey on the screen, and the window open to let in the air. Kumajiro and Kuma are on the floor laying on top of each other.

“I received an odd letter today,” Matthew starts and he sips his own maple beer. Matt just kind of looks at him waiting to explain further.

“I got an apron and bear ears with it.” He says with his expression morphing into nervous. Matt looks to the screen instead.

“Maybe you could show me?” He asks then grimaces wondering if he really should have asked that. Matthew giggles softly and takes another swig of his beer.

“Maybe I can,” He says. Matt nods his head but his cheeks burn red. He’s not sure if he should thank who ever decided to send Matthew such a thing or be very worried about why it happened in the first place.

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"Because all I want is you~!" & "Only I can protect you~!" with 2p Prussia?

Gillen sighed deeply and rubbed his temples. This was getting aggravating. He loved her a lot, but she could atleast try to understand that this was all for her own good. That he was the one for her. That he was the one who could make everything better. He saw how that family treated her.

In the most horrible way possible and he also saw how her friends backstabbed her repeatedly. Is that what she would call a great life? Yet she still smiled through all of it. She was so strong and amazing. He instantly fell for her. She was a real sweetheart.

But even though he saved her. Even though he’s protecting her purity. She is still trying to escape and that is unforgivable. He knows her pain. He knew she wasn’t happy. He knew everything about her and how she felt. Because his life was exactly the same, that’s why he connected to her so much emotionally.

She would understand everything eventually. She would love him as much as he did her, eventually. There was no other way. He was the only one she could love. There weren’t anybody else. He had gotten rid of all those wastes of oxygen. They didn’t deserve to be near her, especially not by the way they treated her.

But now it was all alright. Because they were together. He could protect her. Because he was the only one that could. He walked upstairs towards her room. She had a tendency to cry a lot around him. Soon it would be replaced with laughter. He was absolutely sure of it.

He looked at her angelic, sleeping face. She was so pure and innocent. He kissed her forehead and laid down besides her, bringing her close. She snuggled into his warmth, making him smile.

“Only I can protect you, my love. I promise nothing will harm you when I am around. I love you so much.”

He soon fell asleep, while having her body tightly in his arms.