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When I Was Your Man

Pairing- Steve(Pre Serum) x Reader , Bucky  x Reader (This is during CATFA)

Words - Approx 1.3k

A/N - This is my entry for Jess’s @caplansteverogers 900 followers celebration(I am so fucking late , I know that . I am so sorry). 

I chose the song When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars. I love this song and its amazing you should probably give this a listen if you haven’t.

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19 and 48 for reddie?

(I changed 48 a bit to make it fit better with the story!)

Word count: 1.6k

Rated T for some language and degrading slurs. 

So this story is actually dedicated to @wolfhardly. She’s so freaking amazing it’s unbelievable, please go check out and follow her blog! Luv ya babe! I really enjoyed writing this! I hope you enjoy reading it! <3

As Eddie stared up at the large banner that was strung across the main street of Derry, his eyes burned with unshed tears. The words staring back at him made his stomach swim with nausea. Out of the corner of his left eye, he could see his friends, Stan and Bill staring at him with sorrow in their eyes and out of the corner of his right he saw Richie. Richie was being held back by his best friends Mike and Beverly, along side Beverly’s boyfriend Ben, because right in front of him holding a can of spray paint and a deadly smirk on his face was Henry Bowers.

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“Perfect? It doesn’t exist. What matters is that you’re whole. I felt so much of my life that I was two people. There was this person everyone saw, and there was another person who lived outside of me, alongside me, who had been delegated all of the imperfect stuff. To become whole, you reach around and pull all those shadows in and they join your light—you put it all together inside your skin. And you accept that, yes, I’m flawed, but my intentions are good, and I will never be perfect, but I will continue to evolve toward that.” - Jane Fonda

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I’m losing faith in JK being real. I used to love reading fan fic of them but Now i feel so guilty. I can read Yoon/Min without that feeling. I just know deep down, they’re probably not together and have secret girlfriends. Maybe it means I need to stop shipping them and move on with my life and ship them as friends. I see all the “proof” but other ships have their “proof” so they all can’t be real.I’m still going to follow this account though, amazing blog BTW & have you ever lost faith in JK?

i already saw you’re post in the jikook tag as well, and i’m just gonna say some facts. not trying to attack you but i disagree with almost all of the things that you said, sorry. 

(pretty sure this is you and your post lol)

1. the point of shipping is NOT whether it’s real or not. shipping is because you think they COULD BE together, and because you think they’re cute and suit each other well. 
2. obviously jikook might not be together? like, it’s pretty obvious they might not be together, since we don’t know their relationship?
3. what does reading fanfics have to do with shipping?? what ?? fanfics aren’t a real life portrayal of the ship they’re written by fans?
4. if you also ship two other ships that include jimin, why are you so upset over jikook?
5. that fourth sentence of yours is all kinds of dumb. just because they aren’t dating doesn’t mean they can’t be gay or bi or dating someone else or not dating at all. yes, they could have girlfriends, but it’s not “deep down, you know” because YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING, YOU DON’T KNOW THEM PERSONALLY. 
6. it’s not a point of “proof” or not? if you shipt jimin with fucking barack obama, you can???? even though there’s no proof of them?
7. adding on to the proof, the “proof” is up to perception?? i don’t find any “proof” that tae/kook or yoon/min have as proof they’re real. because i don’t see it that way. 
8. just stop shipping them then???? like ???? why make a whole post and tag it all the bts ships ??

sorry this was mean, there just wasn’t any of this ask or that post that i agreed with.  

i just saw COCO and I was legit sobbing in the theater and other fellow mexicans in that theater I could hear crying. That movie was amazing and if you’re a mexican and you think that stupid white washed Book of Life is even as good as COCO you are dumb. COCO is so fucking good, amazing perfect representation that was no where near fucking stereotypes. It was so good, so funny, listening to them sing in spanish, seeing Mexico portrayed so beautifully. The whole theater was filled with Mexicans and Latinx, little brown kids watching the movie that was made for them, a movie that represented our culture so beautifully. There’s a character where she’s drawn as a child and she has braids, big brown filled cheeks, and mexican features! like i’m so happy about this movie and I need every person to watch it because it deserves an audience to see how beautiful it is. My new favorite Pixar film, it is such a masterpiece!

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If you don’t mind me asking, how good is your iPad Pro? Is it worth its price? I wouldn’t be drawing with it like you are so do you think that the regular iPad would be best? I’m sorry I know that this is weird to ask, but I saw a post that you just got a pro and it’s usually best to ask someone who owns one.

Hmm honestly even if i wasnt drawing. I would get the ipad pro because the sound is amazing, its super fast, and very sleek.

My parented have a regular ipad and its really bulky and hard to use.

I use mine for class work and taking notes during class because my laptop is too bulky and heavy to carry with books :/.

I found my ipad for relatively cheap online on ebay for 448.00 refurbished and its completely brand new like. A new ipad (recent generation) runs about 200-400 or 600$ regular price in stores.

So honestly i would see what YOU want in a ipad. I say go for the pro because i love it for school, work, and art. but if u want general use ONLY then get the regular ipad.

Baymax Returns

below is a scrambled lil review!

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so i saw BTS on Ellen..

im still crying they were so precious and so happy and ARMY was amazing and omg. ellen really came thru for us ARMYS waiting outside all morning. they absolutely killed it and they were being so cute during the interview and jungkook kept turning around and looking at us omg i cry. they were so tall and so handsome. much amazing much beautiful. these boys are incredible and they were so happy to be there and im so glad i stan a group that really appreciates their fans wow.

So honestly,

I saw this a long time coming, and I’m so happy it finally happened. No one needs to feel the stress of coming on rp, and being bullied by a group of people who idolize their leader who is someone who degrades people and brings them down so horrible to the point where they dont want to get on rp anymore. Some people use rp as an escape from their rl’s  To have something to look forward too and to actually have amazing friends and connections with ppl. 

For a while, I laid low because I was afraid of what Paris was going to do to me, and what information she had on my rl due to monty telling her all my personal information I told him in confidence. If she was going to tell my husband about shit (which he already knew about) or make up lies that weren’t true, or if she was going to try and contact any of my rl friends and tell them about my rp life. Or if she was going to delete my rp.me, or even my tumblr account. I surrender to her, and gave her the republic last name because I was scared if  i didnt, I was going to get so much fucking hate and backlash, and I was going to pay if I didnt do what she wanted, and same with my family, and I didnt want that. I didnt want the people I love to suffer because of a stupid last name.

When all that shit happened with roleplayrumor everyone was sooooo sure that I did it. Paris dragged me through the fucking dirt and hell and back, and made everyone believe that I did it when I didnt I had so many people hating me, and hate msgs, and these are the type of people that people admired for a while. This group of ppl who want to bring rl into it, and do all this horrible shit. Thats taking it too far. Its just rp and for ANYONE to take it to rl circumstances is crazy.

I’ve been in phone calls with paris, and shes told me personally fucked up shit about what she would do to ppl. (I’m not going to name names) For a group of people or even one person to take it to extreme lengths to threaten someones rl and know where they live, and say they are going to beat them up, or even tell them to drink bleach, or to die is so harsh. Because you dont know what that person is going through in rl. You dont know if that person is ACTUALLY thinking about committing suicide or not or is going through a hard time, and bullying to that point, and putting someone through hell like that is NOT okay because it is considered cyberbullying. Its roleplay drama, not real life drama. 

I’ve looked the other way for sooo much fucking shade that has been thrown at me because of this fear I have of her and the replacours saying shit, but tbh I’m free now. I can finally be who I want to be, and say what I wanna say and not give a fuck because I’m sooo done looking the other way, and not saying shit.

Paris Republic is a hypocrite. Its okay for her to do these things, like fatshame people, and make fun of ppl and drag ppl, but the second Someone claps back and defends  themselves its not okay?  I really hope that the people that are her friends, realize how fucked up of a person she really is and I hope one day she gets the help she needs to move forward in life and have real friends, and real connections instead of all this negativity and drama and dragging ppl to the point where she destroys innocent lives in rl. 

This group of people not all of them may not be bad, but alot of them, have done alot of fucked up shit, and bullied many people and owe people apologizes. I feel like, I along with many other people could forgive them, if they were to own up to all the horrible shit they’ve done. I dont need the apologies as much as some other people though because what Paris, and the replacours did to me, was nothing compared to what they did to other people and I’m so happy that someone finally stood up and exposed her, and spoke their mind. 

Thank you Harlem Wantmore for doing something that has been needed for a long time and coming and I think alot of people on rp can finally live their rp lives peacefully without being their rl’s being dragged into this. 

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I sent u a rant in the replies but I forgot to add that Taco bell has an exclusive Mountain Dew flavor called Baja Blast and its actually amazing. they even serve them as slushies its. one of the best things about tb

oh yeah i saw im just kinda too tired to sort thru replies rn jhgfjgh 

i keep hearing about baja blast but i never actually knew what it was thank you

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Did you know you're absolutely amazing at drawing? The way you lay out the facial architecture is beautiful, the way you draw expressions gets to me every time, and despite you saying Julian is hard to draw, you manage to make him ALMOST as beautiful as you draw Asra (which is saying something, but you're godly Asra lips are top tier). The first time I saw your art, I was like, "I need to befriend this amazing artist!" And here we are. :3c

W                H                       E                        E                          Z                   E

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1) everything I learned about facial architecture (HEY THAT’S MY WORD AHAHA) I gleaned from studying Dana’s work. Seriously. My stuff before August was not so solid - just sorta floating somewhere in the near vicinity of where it’s supposed to be. I’m still not as accurate as I’d like, but GOSH DANA’S ANATOMY IS SO GOOD like those nose bridges are immensely high and there’s a clear depth on where the cheekbones begin under the eye and everything and I just wanna be as good as that when drawing my own stuff. I hope a lot of the things I’ve discovered from drawing these characters will carry over to my own OCs (I can see a lot has transferred, but I need to basically rebuild my own OC’s facial architecture basically bc I want it to be as fabulous)

2) HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NO BUT HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR EXPRESSIONS?!?!?!?!??! HAVE YOU LOOKED AT YOUR OWN ART I’M ALWAYS WHEEZING WHENEVER I SEE IT I’M JUST GOD… the body language in your work is so animated - I can FEEL the characters bobbing around. Each one SPEAKS to me and well I hope I can do that too one day

3) JULIAN Ajsgklajgklajklgjklasjgklsjljaslgjkassjglasjljgasljasjgasj Julian is a giant pain in my ass. HE’s the WORST to draw - he’s SO HARD and i’m determined to get him down as confidently as I can draw Asra and Lucio. GOSH ASRA’S LIPS ARE INCREDIBLE AREN’T THEY lemmekisskiss

4) HELP! HELP!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! W-WUH-WHAT?!? I remember seeing Eira’s different fashion designs and my soul literally ascended in that very moment. I was BLOWN AWAY. Your posing and ability to draw clothing is TOP NOTCH and i was like - this is a pro right here i am a lowly wormmmmmmm - and i was immediately intimidated bc like gosh there’s no way this pro would care about my little scribblies BUT THEN I SAW YOU COMMENTING ON MY STUFF AND I WAS LIKE AJSKG:JASKLJGKLAS WHAT!? WHAT?!?!??! WHHAHWHHAHWHATHAT!?


5) s-senpai… senpai noticed me <333

I saw that post about that person realizing how ancient the Gods are and I wanted to add something. Not only have they seen humanity go its way through the centuries but they also made sure they wouldn’t be forgotten (note: this mainly applies to Europe and the west in general and greco-roman deities). What I mean is, people of all centuries have used the Gods as mythological figures in art. The amount of non Christian art representing gods, especially during the Renaissance and afterwards is insane.

And I think that’s amazing, even after their temples were abandonned and fell to ruin, the Gods were silently inspiring devotion through art. Even Louis XIV wanted to be like Apollo, no matter how of a pious catholic he was.

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Did you hear the news that an artist made a three piece artwork showing Rafa in Roger's arms and that it was purchased by the Rafa Nadal Academy?? It will be displayed at the academy. The news is over Reddit and Fedal twitter channels. I am like OMG so the academy is also Fedal shipper!! They never cease to surprise us!!

I just saw the news.
I hope we will hear more about this story. Absolutely amazing, though not entirely unbelievable given what we have seen over this year ;) I hope they will make a Fedal collection at the RN Academy, starting from the 2008 Wimbledon outfits which are already on display and seen by Roger during his visit last year. Rafa jumping into Roger’s arms was an iconic moment not only for Fedal but also in tennis. The Academy buying the artwork really shows how much Rafa adores Roger, how much he cherishes this relationship. And I think the sportsmanship of these two great rivals respecting and admiring each other is the reason why the Academy would like to have the artwork displayed and be seen by aspiring tennis players and kids. What a great example these two have been in the tennis world.

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Omg, your sim gen’s are awesome XD I just stumbled across your page and I am in my element, I love how Moxie reacted to Trevor after he met Wyla, British banter at its finest. I’m gonna need to go all the way back to the start now, haha. But I just wanted to say that you’re very talented with what you’re doing, especially with the storyline aspect. Also, from what I’ve saw, I definitely think you should start a YouTube thing. Good luck, have an amazing day/night :)

!!!!! this is so sweet ahhhhh!! thank you so much my love. you’re so kind!!! so glad you’re enjoying what i do!!! <3