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Girl, write 29 from the prompt list for me? Love you. 😘

Love you baby girrrrlllll.

29. “I’ll give you fifty bucks if I can take you to Christmas dinner and tell my family we’re together. They always ask if I’m dating and I can’t have that conversation again.” 

They had met once or twice; maybe they had bee in the same class in high school, or it may have been at a party. He saw her around occasionally, usually at the mall or one of the local fast food joints. Thought she was beautiful and couldn’t help but stare. They had never really spoken, had a conversation once, exchanged pleasantries in passing. 

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Preference #31-You Get Hate (Harry)

Warning: mean people

Why is Harry even dating @Y/T/N? She’s such a loser.

I don’t know why @Y/T/N thinks she’s good enough for @HarryStyles.

@Y/T/N is such a loser. 

@Y/T/N should let Harry find someone who actually deserves him! 

Why is @HarryStyles dating @Y/T/N? It’s obvious she’s just an attention seeker!

You sighed, closing out your twitter app and putting down your phone. You expected hate from people, since you were dating Harry, but didn’t know it would be this bad.

“I’m going out for a bit, Harry,” You said, stepping into the kitchen.

“Okay, love,” Harry replied, looking up from what he was doing, his hands stilling when he caught sight of the look on your face. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine, Harry,” You murmured. You walked out of your house, before getting into your car and starting it. You drove until you arrived at the local mall, where you had planned to shop for Harry’s birthday present. You wandered through the stores, thinking about what you would get him.

“Are you….are you (Y/N)?” Someone asked. You turned around, and saw two teenage girls behind you.

“I am,” You replied. “Is there something you need?”

“We were just wondering why you’re dating Harry. What makes you think that you’re good enough for him?” The one on the right, inquired.

“It’s obvious you’re a gold digger,” The other one said.

“You don’t even know me. Quite frankly, my relationship with Harry is none of your business,” You snapped. “Goodbye.”

You walked out of the mall, their words hounding your every step. You drove back home, and went upstairs, not wanting Harry to see how upset you are.

“Love?” Harry quietly said, stepping into your room. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, Harry,” You whispered, not meeting his eyes. He took a seat next to you, reaching over and taking your hand in his.

“What happened?” Harry inquired.

“I’m just….I’m so tired of the hate, Harry. I’m tired of being told that I’m not good enough for you, and that I’m only interested in your money.” You quietly said, leaning your head against his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, love. I wish that I knew how to make them stop,” Harry murmured, putting his arm around you.

“Harry,” You whispered, biting your lower lip. “Would it stop if we broke up?”

“You want to break up?” Harry quietly asked, tears in his eyes.

“No. But I want to be able to go to the store without being accosted by teenagers and told that I’m a gold digger,” You murmured.

“Let me think of a way to make it better, love,” Harry whispered. “Please.”

“Okay, Harry. I think….I think I’ll deactivate my Twitter, for a while,” You replied.

“Whatever you need to do, love,” Harry replied. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” You murmured, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

Written by Angel xx
I’ll Try Anything At Least Once

Ok honestly I’ve been wanting to write this for a while but I was embarrassed about it, then I saw the Omovember tag on Tumblr and I’m like ok  here’s my excuse to write this. I know it’s not for everyone, I get that just please be respectful. I’m sure you will be, you guys are the best, I’m just super nervous about this one.

Pairings: Josh x Reader

Warnings/Tags:  Watersports/piss kink/wetting , omorashi/desperation, biting, praise kink

“Baby you’ve barely touched your water,” Josh says from where he sits across from you at the table of your favorite casual restaurant, located in your local mall. You’re there celebrating your two-year anniversary.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right, it’s just that this steak is so damn good,” you say as you reach for your water glass. Josh watches intently as you take a large gulp, almost finishing the whole glass. “Guess, I was thirsty,” you laugh. “The food’s delicious, but it’s definitely salty.”

“Hey, after dinner, I was thinking we could go get you some new lingerie and I, uh… I kinda wanna try something new tonight.” He smiles as he refills your water glass from the small, glass pitcher on the table.

“Ooooh, like what?” you smirk. “You know I’ll try anything at least once.”

“You’ll see,” he teases. “Now drink up.”

You’re not sure what his current obsession with your water intake is, but you drink nonetheless. By the time the waitress returns to see if you would like dessert, you’ve finished your second glass. Josh immediately refills it as you look over the dessert menus.

“Josh, what the hell is up with you and the water tonight?” you ask, perplexed by this odd behavior. “For God’s sake, I’m about to piss myself.”

He digs his teeth into his bottom lip, his eyelashes fluttering closed briefly at your words.

“Maybe that’s the point,” he speaks, his voice low and lust-filled.

“Josh, you can’t be serious,” you practically laugh, taken aback.

“I am,” he admits with blushing cheeks, “but if you’re not into it, just forget I said anything, alright?” he states sounding slightly defensive.

“Hey… no, look, I’m sorry,” you apologize as you reach out to stroke his arm. “You just took me by surprise, that’s all. I meant what I said earlier; I’ll really try anything at least once.” You smile apologetically and can’t help but to be intrigued by his kink.

You decide to forego dessert and make your way to the lingerie store where Josh picks out a simple, yet sexy, silky, white bra and panty set with lace detail.

“These are gonna look so good on you when they’re all soaked and clinging to your pussy,” he whispers seductively in your ear from behind you, placing them in your hand. You never thought you’d be into this kind of thing, and maybe it’s just the lust in Josh’s voice or the three cups of water weighing heavy in your bladder right now, but something deep in your pelvis stirs at his words.

Josh stays close behind you as you head to the cashier. The line is long, as it always is when the holidays are near, and the need to use the bathroom is getting stronger with each passing minute. Shifting your weight from one foot to the other, you sway your hips in desperation, trying to resist the urge to physically hold yourself in public. Suddenly you feel Josh’s hand on your hips, stilling their movements.

“Baby, you’re killing me right now,” he says softly, digging his chin into your shoulder from behind you. “Feel what your little dance is doing to me?” he breathes in your ear, discreetly pressing his clothed erection against your backside.

“Josh!” you warn, reaching for the various lotions and body sprays that line checkout area, smelling them to distract yourself and ultimately picking out a few to purchase.

When it’s finally your turn to check out, you place your items down and brace yourself with your hands on the counter, crossing your legs at the ankles and squeezing your thighs together, effectively holding back the stream threatening to run down your legs.

After the transaction is complete, Josh takes the bag, strategically carrying it in front of himself. “Let’s head to the bathroom,” he suggests as you exit the store, heading back into the mall.

You’ve never felt more relieved to hear those words, but the feeling is short lived. Once inside the single stall family restroom, you begin frantically pulling down your panties as you make your way to the toilet, but Josh stops you.

“Unh-uh, that’s not what we’re here for,” he teases with a smirk, stepping between you and your destination, palm pressed against your shoulder.

“Josh, please!” you plead, clutching at your bare crotch, panties halfway down your thighs.

“No,” he answers sternly, “but feel free to keep begging. I love how needy and desperate you sound,” he says huskily. “You’re doing so good for me, baby.”

“Then why are we here?” you groan, beginning to pull your panties back up.

“Hey, hey, not so fast.” Josh places his hand on the crotch of your panties, stopping you from pulling them back up. “Baby, these are all wet,” he says, caught off guard by his accidental findings. “It better not be…” he pauses, trailing his hand up your inner thigh and discovering your slick folds. “Mmmmm, good girl. You like holding yourself for me, don’t you?” he teases, bringing his fingers to his mouth, licking them clean.

“Maybe,” you smirk with blushing cheeks, unable to tell where the pressure of your full bladder stops and the pooling sexual desire in your abdomen begins, the two sensations mingling as one. Josh smiles, reaching into the pink striped bag of your purchases and pulling out the matching bra and panty set he bought you.

“Here put these on,” he says, tossing them to you. “That’s why I brought you in here.”

“Now?” you question. “Why don’t we just wait until we get home?”

“Because when we get home, I just wanna take them off you… after you wet them for me, that is.” he smiles with narrowed eyes.

You do as you’re told, stripping out of your current undergarments and replacing them with the new ones as Josh watches intently, resting against the wall.

“You should help me with this while we’re in here too,” he teases, cupping his obvious erection, showing off the large outline through his jeans.

You squat down in front of him, not wanting to kneel on the public restroom floor, the positioning making you all the more desperate for relief. Josh unzips his jeans and you tug them down to mid-thigh, followed by his boxers, his bare ass pressed against the cold tile wall.

With one hand on the back of your head and the other grasping his length, he guides himself into your mouth. You bob over his length half-assed and sloppily, too focused on clenching your muscles trying not to pee. Josh notices your lack of skill at the moment, taking over and pumping himself, but he doesn’t mind. The sight of you squatting and squirming, hand pressed firmly to your core is enough to bring him close to the edge.

Assisting the best you can, you lick and suck on the head of Josh’s length as he strokes himself, occasionally slapping the tip against your tongue. The fullness of your bladder is becoming close to unbearable, and you let out a muffled, high-pitched whine as a strong urge to release washes over you, causing you to clutch yourself with both hands. The sound and sight is enough to send Josh over the edge.

“F-fuck, I’m gonna c-cum,” he chokes out in a barely audible, breathy moan as he guides his length to the back of your tongue, spilling down your throat. You do your best to swallow every drop, running the tip of your tongue over his slit, making him shudder before pulling him from your mouth completely.

“Listen, I’m all for pissing myself for you baby, really I am, but I’d rather it not happen on accident in public, so if we could head home now, that would be great,” you practically beg as you throw your dress back on.

“Oh, you’re no fun.,” he teases, doing a slight jump to get his skinny jeans back up over his ass and zipping them.

“Josh, please!” you plead, bouncing in desperation.

“Kidding, kidding,” he laughs. “Let’s go before you make me hard again.”


“Are you doing that on purpose?” you ask, ripping your seatbelt off on the way home.

“Doing what?” he asks, feigning innocence.

“Hitting every damn pothole so my seatbelt squeezes my bladder!”

“Maybe,” he laughs, his tongue poking out between his teeth in that way you love. “But come on, baby, put your seatbelt back on. I’ll stop. I don’t want anything to happen to you,” he says seriously, reaching across your body to grab the belt, one hand on the steering wheel.

“Fine,” you answer, taking the belt from his hand and buckling yourself back in, all while giving Josh a warning eye.

He keeps his word but the ride seems to last forever, and you don’t know how much longer you can hold it. You spend the rest of the drive with your hands squeezed tightly between your shaking legs, and your head leaned back on the headrest with eyes clenched tight.

“Baby, we’re home,” Josh says, lightly grazing his hand over your lower abdomen, breaking you from your concentration. You moan at his touch, the light pressure causing you to feel like you’re about to piss or cum, you can’t distinguish which. Josh helps you out of the car and into the house.

“Baby please, I can’t hold it any longer,” you beg the second you’re through the front door.

“Fine,” Josh says, quickly pulling your black dress up and over your head, tossing it to the floor and throwing your lingerie clad body over his shoulder.

“Josh!” you shriek, the pressure from his shoulder against your bladder forcing a trickle to run down his chest and darken a large spot on his heathered grey shirt.

“Mmmm, baby,” Josh moans at the warm sensation. “Come on, we’re almost there, you can hold it. You’re doing so good,” he praises, as he carries you up the stairs. You’re not exactly sure what his plan is, but you assumed whatever he had planned for this would take place in the bathroom, so you’re more than surprised when he carries you to the bedroom and tosses you down on the sheets of your unmade bed.

“Josh, I told you I can’t hold it anymore,” you plead, laying on your back with your knees tightly pressed together.

“I know… go,” he smirks, palming himself through his jeans.

“Here?! b-but the bed…” you exclaim, sitting up suddenly, grabbing at the sheets on either side of you.

“Don’t worry about the bed baby, we got one of those mattress protectors when we bought the mattress and I’ll take care of the sheets myself,” he promises. “Now, come on baby, wet for me,” he begs, as he pushes your panties you the side, inserting two fingers.

“Josh, fuck,” you whimper as his fingers curls upwards inside of you, forcing small spurts of urine out.

“Come on, more baby, let it all go,” he says, pulling his fingers from you, licking the wetness that’s gathered on them as he pulls his length from his jeans with his free hand and begins pumping himself.

You close your eyes and relax your bladder expecting a large gush, but only an agonizingly slow stream starts to flow due to the pressure in your overfull bladder. Josh strokes himself, watching and praising you with half-lidded eyes as what’s left of the dry spots on your white panties turn wet and translucent, clinging to the contours of your folds.

After a few moments, the pressure lessens and the flow picks up into a gush, flowing through the white fabric of your panties in a stream, soaking the bed around you. The relief is almost orgasmic, causing you to moan and whimper as your bladder finishes emptying.

“Fuck, that’s so hot. So good for me baby,” Josh praises when you finish, his eyes glazed over by lust in a way you’ve never seen them before.

He turns you over onto your hands and knees, moaning as he runs his hands over the wet fabric, admiring how they cling to your backside before pushing them to the side and entering you quickly. Guttural moans of your name form in his throat as his harshly grips your hips, slamming into you at a relentless pace. The wetness of your panties transfers to the skin of Josh’s pelvis with every thrust. He takes notice, gliding his hand over the moisture on his skin.

“Oh, shit!” he cries out, driven insane with pleasure at the feeling and picking up the pace, fucking you harder than he ever has in the two years you’ve been together.

“Yeah, baby, just like that. Fuck me, fuck, me!” you chant, loving his new-found intensity. He continues thrusting at a fast pace, sounds of colliding wet skin echoing throughout the room.

“Oh God, Josh, fuck,” you cry out, gripping the sheets as orgasm nears.

Leaning over your back, Josh reaches around to your clit, rubbing fast-paced circles through your soaked panties. Kissing roughly along the width of your shoulders, he sinks his perfect teeth into the crook of your neck, hard enough to leave marks as he cums. You bounce back on his length as he rides out his orgasm with slow, hard thrusts, achieving your climax moments later which rips through you with vast intensity.

“Oh fuck!” you scream as your arms weaken, your face sinking into the pillow.

Josh sings your praises of how amazing you did for him as he peppers your back with gentle kisses before pulling out. You roll to the dry side of the bed and Josh collapses on top of you, the both of you out of breath.

“Oh God, baby, thank you.” Josh expresses his gratitude as he kisses your neck. “You have no idea how much that got me going.”

“Oh, I think I have a pretty good idea.” you tease. “Let’s just say we will definitely be doing this again.

Rough night

Request from the prompt list

2 with Seth Rollins

“Listen here, you do not own me. I can do what I damn well please!”

Lots of fighting/arguing. Fluff at the end

Forgive me for any spelling mistakes; I’m only human.

Requests are open.

Words: 1021



You sat on the couch, staring at the apartment door. You haven’t seen Seth for two days now. Friday morning he had told you he’s going out. No explanation to where he was going or when we was coming back. It was currently 2:35am, Sunday morning. You had called him countless times, with no answer and you honestly had no idea what to think of the situation. Roman had let you know that he had seen Seth down at the local mall, he looked upset They figured he was having a bad day and left him be. Your close friend Finn has told you he saw Seth coming into the hotel you were staying at minutes ago, figured he was finally coming back.

The door opened and you watched Seth creep in, being extremely quiet. He turned around and nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw you standing up, arms crossed. “Why are you awake?” He asked, extremely calm.

“Why am I awake? Are you fucking serious. Where on earth have you been! I’ve been pulling my hair out worried sick!” You had gone from angry to livid. He was unbelievable, asking stupid questions like that.

He looked at you, no emotions on his face, “You need to calm down.” You laughed bitterly as him. “Oh boy. You’re really something aren’t you.”

He laughed. He laughed his stupid adorable laugh that you loved.

“Come here. Now.” You told him, pointing at the ground in front of you.

“Needy aren’t we? I like it.” He stepped closer and pulled you into a rough kiss. Something was off with him. His lips tasted, strange. Then it hit you. He had been drinking. You shoved him away, then you shoved him again. “What the fuck is wrong with you! You disappear and you have the nerve to come home drunk! You told me you were going to stop drinking! Because shit like this always happened!” You spat at him, looking him dead in the eye.

“Oh no. No no no. Listen here, you don’t own me. I can do what I damn well please!” He hissed at you, him getting angry. You were livid. You were upset, disappointed.

“No! Not when you make me a promise! You said you would stop, I trusted you Seth! I’ve been home terrifed that you had gotten hurt and you were out drinking! What for? So you could get your dick wet because I’m not good enough? That it?” Your voice was not angry though, it was full of disappointment. His angry mask fell, revealing a hurt look.

“Do you honestly think I would do that to you?” His voice was quiet, weak. You shook your head at him, “I don’t know anymore Seth.” His heart had fallen, he felt horrible. “Baby yo-” “Seth, please just, just stop. Maybe this isn’t working. This is what, the third time this month you’ve pulled this shit. I can’t deal with it.” No no, what were you doing? You couldn’t stop it. You hadn’t even noticed you began to cry until Seth had cupped your face, wiping away your tears.

“Please baby. Don’t do this to me.” He broke down, stepping away from you and hiding his face as he let out sobs muffled by his hand. The words “I’m sorry.” Kept tumbling out of his mouth.

Your heart instantly dropped as you watched the man come apart in front of you. Your chest burned as you held in your cries. You had never seen him this hurt before, you knew that you should comfort him but you couldn’t make yourself move, even talk at that matter.

Seth finally turned back around, his eyes puffy and red, along with his nose; his bottom lip quivering. “If this is what you want, then I’ll go. I’m so sorry baby girl.” He let out another sob, turning to leave. No! Don’t leave! (Y/N) do something!

As he turned the door handle, he turned and looked at you, “I love you.” And that’s when you broke down. You fell to the floor in a fit of sobs as you heaved and sputtered out nonsence into the air. You shook your head furiously at Seth, who stared at you, absolutely shocked, horrified even. You had never shown him this side of you, never wanting to seem weak. “No. No. No! NO! Please! You can’t leave. I take it back, I don’t know why, couldn’t stop it. Don’t leave, Seth please! I need you!”

Seth let out a relived cry and nearly ran over to you, him body falling next to yours. You threw yourself onto him, holding on for dear life, terrifed if you let go he would leave. “I’m sorry,” were the words tumbling out of your mouth as you kissed every inch of his face.

“Please don’t ever do that again,” Seth spoke into your hair, smiling when you shook your head furiously. “God I love you.” “I love you too Seth, I really do.”


The both of you laid there on the floor for what felt like hours, you were drifting of to sleep. Seth, who had sat up, scooped you up bridal style and carried you to the bed. As he laid you down, he pecked your lips gently. He gently removed your pants, knowing how much you hated falling asleep in them. He laid beside you and pulled you into his chest. He pushed your hair back pulled out a small box from his pocket, he took out the ring and stared at it for a long time. He had almost lost you tonight. He put the ring and pack in the box and placed it on the dresser, resting his head on shoulder. He was in love with you, so deeply madly in love with you. Could anything change that? Absolutely not.

“I love you.” Seth whispered into your hair. You shifted in you sleep, rolling over and wrapping your arms around him, “Love you too.” Seth’s heart let as muttered out those words, a huge smile on his face.

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… We just don’t see it…

So many horrible things have happened these past two months, it’s becoming heartbreaking to be reading the news everyday.

I just really wanted to dedicate one post to him because even though I am not a fan, there was plenty of respect for a man so thoughtful, caring, hardworking, selfless, open-minded and talented.

SHINee was never my favourite group at any point in time. I never actively followed their music but it always came to find me instead.

8 years ago when I was still in junior college (high school), I had to go out to buy a stack of paper for my assignment. When I got to the mall, I realised there was no way I could make my way up to the stationery shop on the third floor and the mall was just packed with screaming girls in every crevice. So I went home and at night I saw on the local news that a K-pop group known as SHINee was at the mall earlier. From then on, that group name were etched in my mind.

Just a year or two down the road, I was slowly introduced to K-pop, liking a few groups, many of whom were from SM and that was when I realised, oh so this is the SHINee they were all so crazy about.

While I tried to remain loyal to my favourite groups, every time SHINee released a new song it would always be undeniably too good to miss. Their varieties were always a gem and they were the most hilarious idols with their competitiveness and goofiness all in one package.

Nevertheless, I didn’t know all about them of course and little did I know that these people who always managed to make me laugh even on my worst days had to carry their own darkest burdens by themselves. As my shawol friend would later educate me, the leader with the brightest smile that is always captioned as such on TV was suffering from depression.

Depression — if you do not have it, you will never understand it. We can preach and say what they should have done until the moons turn blue but that won’t change a single thing because some people who suffer from depression must have tried so hard to fight this war throughout and yet it is a war that they can lose in a single moment.

I am no Jonghyun fan/stan in the strictest sense, but to me he was a very respectable idol. I admired the way he spoke out against prejudices, his attitude towards his work and his caring personality to fans, friends, colleagues, and anybody in fact, under any circumstances. And if that is sufficient to define me as his fan then I will gladly be his fan.

It saddens me to see once again that a kind and precious soul has lost its battle against what he may have been fighting against. And once again that this came as such pure utter shock because he had hidden away those dark feelings behind his bright smile.

It will always be a battle that we will never fully understand. But as always, I believe he put up the most respectable fight and gave it his all. And so, I sincerely wish that he is truly freed and in peace. And I wish the living would remember him for what he stood for during the fight and not the painful fact that he ultimately lost trying.

How Was Your Day? Hearing versus Deaf
  • Hearing people: Oh, my day was great! I went shopping, got a few things, went to a movie, and then went home and relaxed haha.
  • Deaf people: I ventured out of my home into the bright glorious day. The sky was blue with clear skies. The sun shone down upon my silver Chevrolet. I entered my car, adjusted the rear view mirror, and backed out of my gravel driveway. I drove down at least a couple blocks to the local mall. Birds flew across the skies as I exited my car and walked with purpose inside the mall. I purchased three Gap shirts, a new charger for my iPhone. Oh but I saw the coolest Nike tennis shoes, but sadly the store had just pulled down its bars as it closed. I exited the mall, two stuffed bags hand in hand. I placed them gently in my passenger seat and decided I was in the mood for a movie. I went to the theatre and saw the movie The Imitation Game. Benedict Cumberbatch, his hair was gloriously on point, and the message and the emotional adventure the movie provided was absolutely astounding. I sat up from my red lush theatre seat, my eyes tearing up. I wiped the tears away and made my way to my car. The cold night wind cut across my face, but I didn't mind. A few stars shine down from above amidst the dark clear sky. I drove back to my home, turned the key, and entered. I placed my bags down on the table in the dining room and fixed myself a nice cup of mango green tea and sat down on the sofa and relaxed comfortably watching Doctor Who and Supernatural on Netflix until it was time for bed and I entered sleep in my cool comfy bed. I smiled as I fell asleep.
Butt into my business and embarrass me in public? Hope you enjoy unemployment.

A little back story first:
My older brother adopted me when I was 14, I lived with him, his wife, and her two children (one a couple months older than me, the other a year older). I have never gotten along with the younger one, his mother and father went through a divorce and both parents spoiled the hell out of him. His father owned several businesses making around a million a year, so he’s your typical entitled douchebag, who has always clashed with me, someone who grew up poor. This is the type of dude that kicked a dog we all raised from a 4 week old puppy because she was excited to see him after not seeing him for six months and she was jumping around. He’s the type of dude that has ruined Thanksgiving because the milk was 2% instead of 1% by screaming, yelling, and cussing everyone out, at the age of 29.

Now on to the story:
I was on a phone plan with his mother, but I lost my job, unable to pay the last $60 I owe her, but we had worked it out that I would pay her back on Thanksgiving by installing a stereo my brother’s (her husbands) new pickup.

A little over a week ago, I was picking up Fallout 4 for a friend who was at work at the GameStop in the local mall (nephew works across the little walkway and saw me walk in from outside where he was walking in to work.). While I’m in line, he comes in, cuts in front of everyone and cusses me out saying I shouldn’t be buying games when I owe his mom money. I told him he needed to back the hell off and not talk about shit he knew nothing about. He kept going on and on, running his mouth. I got my friends game and walked out with him following me out the door. When I got to the door, he stopped ranting and went back to work with a smug look on his face. I lived with this guy for years so I know him very well. When I hopped in my car, I realized he had parked in front of me and my dash cam was on. He sells weed out of his truck to subsidize his low wages at the mall, and I remembered that he always showed up to work early to so. I rewound my dash cam, and sure enough, you could clearly see him sell weed.

I sent an email with the video of him selling the weed to the management of the mall from a new email address as a “concerned citizen”. Three days later while talking to my brother, he told me that my nephew got fired from his job and banned from the mall property. My response, “That sucks.”

Enjoy not getting that unemployment check a**hole.

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First Kiss at the Forbidden Mall

As read on January 19th, 2016, at the Vol. 1 Brooklyn Reading Series in NYC.

In 2003 I was 13 years old, I lived in Jacksonville Florida, and I had just started dating my second boyfriend, “Adam.” (My so-called first boyfriend was some self-professed “goth infantile”, who I mostly talked to on AIM. The few times I saw him IRL were at Sunset Place in Miami, where he would narc on shoplifters at the local Hot Topic. He would be compensated in some real shitty band stickers.)

Anyway, Adam and I met in the school cafeteria, where we bonded over our shared love for Tool. We were also friends with “Hannah,” a bisexual goth girl who was often making out with other goth girls in the school courtyard. I was invited to join their communal makeout once, but I declined.

Still, Adam and I were both strangely fascinated by her. Sometimes we stayed up late on the phone with her and candidly discussed music and sexy things. (He only knows what an orgasm is because Hannah and I gave him our half-baked 13-year-old knowledge, probably scavenged from gURL.com.) Most importantly, Hannah and her mother were my cover up for my first date with Adam, which happened at the Forbidden Mall.

The Forbidden Mall was forbidden because 1) people got shot there and 2) Jacksonville is a Navy town and sailors were often found in the food court trying to pick up teen girls. Still, that Hot Topic was the best one in town. I told my mom us girls were going shopping at the nice mall… And met Adam at the Forbidden Mall, where romance ensued. This is the original account from my diary, written in March 2003.

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Haven’t made a vinyl post in God knows how long, but this is an important album to me so why not? Just scored this original “Enemy Of The Sun” by Neurosis from Vinyl Conflict in Richmond, VA. I discovered Neurosis in my sophomore year of high school (around 2000). I used to get lunch money from my Mom at the beginning of the week and had to make it last till Friday. So, I’d eat a heavy breakfast, skip lunch and save the money for buying CDs (I had yet to start collecting records). There was a music store in the local mall called Wherehouse Music. Their new CDs were pricey, but they always had used CDs in good condition for $5-$8. I came across a used copy of Enemy Of The Sun and was intrigued by the artwork. I’d never heard their music, but saw that they were on Relapse records (I was already a big Pig Destroyer fan). I bought it on a whim and fell in love with it from the get-go. Everything about the album was mesmerizing and new to me. The production, the samples, the unrestrained heaviness of the music. I was authentically frightened and enthralled upon hearing Dave Edwardson’s vocals come in at the 3:17 mark of “Lost”. I can honestly say this album changed the way I listened to music, thereafter. If you’ve never heard this album and you’re a fan of metal, check it out. Hopefully it’ll have the same impact on you that it had on me

Pokemon Go: The Force of a new Social Culture

I wanted to do a quick write up of the amazing experience I was a part of today, before the magic faded away and the excitement had drifted.  This is a feeling I never want to forget.

By now, it’s the second full day in the United States of the Pokemon Go official release.  I had opened the app here and there (and at work, shh!), but hadn’t gotten a huge opportunity to really go out and play.  After I finished work, I convinced my husband eating at the local mall was a good idea (and a good place to walk for Pokemon in the heat, in my opinion).

The first thing I noticed at the mall was the sheer amount of people with their eyes glued to their phones.  I had never seen anything like it.  When I glimpsed at the screen and saw the familiar map, I was in awe.  I would elbow my husband in the ribs and hiss, “LOOK, they’re playing it, too!” At one point, I entered a particular store, and then spat, without thinking, “Oh man, servers are down again.”
“What?!” said one of the employees, rushing to the drawer by the cash register.
“Don’t worry,” said my husband, “she means Pokemon Go servers.”
“DUH!” the employee exclaimed, holding up her phone, flashing the Gyarados loading screen.  “What else would you be talking about?”

We came home, I sat at my desk to do something else productive… and couldn’t get Pokemon Go out of my head.  “Honey,” I said, “I’m going out to play.”

“Oh, have fun,” he said (as he loaded up the game and picked Squirtle).

I went to a particular historic shopping area I had frequented during the field test, and had the most amazing experience of my life.

Well over fifty, maybe even a hundred (I was there four hours, it’s hard to know exactly), people were walking and playing Pokemon Go, eyes glued to the screen, spinning PokeStops, and battling at the gyms there.  The most awe-inspiring thing was when, eventually, everyone else realized everyone was there for Pokemon Go.

I don’t think I’ve talked to so many strangers, struck up so many conversations, and felt so at ease with groups of people.  Ever.  Suddenly, from a block away, you’d hear someone scream, “SCYTHER OVER HERE!” and a crowd of people would cheer and run in that direction.  When one group would hunt out a rarer Pokemon in the area, people immediately started communicating with everyone else, until the collective en masse had captured it.  At one point, a Blastoise showed up, right in the middle of the district, and the utter cheers and cries of happiness when he was caught was just inspiring.

“YES, YES, OH GOD YES!” screamed one 40-year-old gentleman.

“DID YOU GET BLASTOISE?!” a 16-year-old girl yelled.

“YES, YES I DID!” he sobbed.

I saw mothers with their children, entire families, groups of twentysomethings and more, all coming together over this.  Over Pokemon Go.

Our area appears to largely be Team Valor, and when a Team Mystic gym suddenly showed up in the area, about ten of us locked eyes, realizing we were all proudly Red, and ran over there, only to reclaim it.  It didn’t matter what team you were on – everyone was laughing.  I haven’t felt like this since I was a child.

And Pokemon Go gave me this experience.

I’m pretty sure I’m hooked, and I hope you get a chance to experience just a sliver of what I did.

Because it was amazing.