i saw this couple today

I saw an elderly couple today and for a split second, I remembered what it was like to believe in love

A graveyard is an oddity in the list of places I’ve fallen in love

With the tombstones like a city skyline in the fog, a ruin of a kingdom that once stood high, long forgotten.

We were archeologists or graverobbers. Whats the difference, really?

We found treasures in caskets, fortunes in coffins.

We dragged home bags of bones and roadkill and performed ritualistic love spells in your basement, dancing in the rain of your leaky roof

We slit our wrists and made a blood oath to never end because in that moment, we were infinite.

These days, you have nothing to remember me by but a pink scar and a red stain on your concrete floor

And I wear longsleeves now, and have quick funerals for every dead squirrel i find on the side of the road

Love is a fickle thing, a playful cherub, tapping you on the shoulder than zooming to the other side before you look.

Love is autumn, or perhaps spring. Always a transitional season, ever changing. It doesnt last.

You taught me that.

I saw this couple in the aquarium today while I was in the water feeding and they looked so happy and in love and I just started to cry and sunk deep into the holding pool and stayed there for awhile and one of our zebra sharks came and laid on my feet as if to comfort me. I am just so heartbroken and my animals are all I have. 

Anonymity and proximity. I saw a couple today, looking for books. It was that slight intonation that reminded me of what I lack: looking for books together. Who cares what their relationship was, the very act of togetherness reminded me. But I’ve always looked for books all on my own. Always a solitary act - I’m reminded of Wong-Kar Wai’s Chungking Express, in which a police officer is upset when another officer reveals he jogs with his girlfriend. Jogging, according to this character, is a solitary thing.

Perhaps it’s something I should keep in mind.


So I saw a gay couple today. No, I’m not an anti-gay kind of person. The first thing I did after seeing them was to tell my sister: “Uke & Seme”. She was dead excited when I told them what happened and where they sat. She’s the “OMG GAY PEOPLE YASH!”-kind of person😂. Well. I told her that I still feel weird, seeing gay couple. But then my sister told me: “It’s actually the same like when you see a girl - boy couple. Besides, love has no boundaries. Happy couples shouldn’t be determine by gender.”

Well, it kinda changes my perspective a bit and she’s right! Couples, straight or gay, are the same. It’s the love that matters.

Modern romance…

Today I saw a couple walking together holding hands…but there was also a cellphone in the hands being held, very much like the image I put together above

I thought it was such perfect symbolism for what relationships are, both romantic and platonic. Cell phones and all the attention they receive really are a third present party in relationships and take a large role in relationships.