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The times people presumed Chloe & Beca were a couple.. - Lectures


Chloe leans against a wall outside of Beca’s lecture building, laden down with several heavy bags that contained another couple of sets of Russian Lit books. It’s Thursday. They always walk home together after lectures on Thursday’s. It’s the only day their lectures coincide with one another’s.

On Monday’s Chloe walked back with Jessica & Ashley. Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s was Stacie. Occasionally she had a study group on Fridays which coincided with Stacie’s ballet class and the two would bump into each other on the walk home. But Thursdays were reserved for Beca and only Beca.

“Nice top”, a man’s voice rang out to her and Chloe looked up at the stranger who stood before her. He was smiling kindly at her so, in true polite Chloe form, she smiled back.

“Thanks!” She said in her usual enthusiastic way, tugging the hem of it with her free hand so it straightened out for him to see properly. It was of Wonder Woman. The most badass of superheroes. Beca bought it for her last Christmas.

“It really brings out the blue in your eyes.” The young man complimented. Chloe had to admit, he was really cute. Tall, blonde, with eyes as blue as hers.

“That’s why one of my girlfriends bought it for me. Or so she said..” Chloe grinned, because it had been bought as part of ‘secret santa’ with her fellow girlfriends, her fellow Bella’s. “Oh speaking of…” she trailed off and the young man followed her gaze.

Beca scuttled down the steps of her lecture building with a sigh, rolling her eyes as she arrived by Chloe’s side, “Sorry I’m late. My class had to keep asking questions…”

Chloe said nothing, instead beaming at her best friend who, without prompting, took a couple of Chloe’s heavy-looking bags and threw them over her own shoulder. She was petite, but strong. And Chloe squeezed her upper arm briefly in thanks.

The young man who had been watching seemed to hesitate, “Oh…um…I’m sorry I didn’t realise…um…you were…and her…” he motioned between Chloe and Beca, both of whom stared at him in confusion as he turned on his heels and strode away.

“Okaaay…that was weird.” Beca said, furrowing her brow, unphased by Chloe who happily plucked a couple of Beca’s loose brown hair from the sleeve of her jacket.

The two friends then began their traditional Thursday wander home.

I saw a couple comments today from people who felt like Percy’s had too much focus in the CR storyline already, particularly as compared to Scanlan, and I admittedly sighed a bit, although I also had Thoughts. To back up and kinda process them:

- Everyone at the table started with well-drawn characters, but going from those original intro bits, Percy clearly had the most narrative baked in from day one. Taliesin didn’t force it when it came to gameplay; it was there in the backstory and could have stayed there forever, un-investigated in favor of other quests. But Matt took it and ran with it, because let’s be honest, it was interesting, and a great excuse for him to build out that chunk of the world. You can’t really blame him for grabbing that particular gun off the mantel. You can observe, fairly, that not too many of the players put one that shiny up there to play with in the first place.

- On that note, it’s still kind of ironic that Scanlan’s big blowup centered on the other characters not caring about his personal life, because it may have been true, but a lot of that’s on him for not sharing. And I’m honestly still curious how much of that was a long-term in-character choice, and how much of it developed at a meta level because of planning decisions one way or another on Sam’s part. Scanlan wasn’t always played terribly seriously (let’s not forget that his character origin was basically “how do I make the most ridiculous character ever? Okay: GNOME BARD!”), and the path forward from that and into more serious matters could easily have been “we never delved into more than this. Well, let’s make the issue be the fact that we never delved into this.” Either way, Scanlan became a meatier character (ahem) later in the game, but in the earlier stretches there was simply less to build from, and especially in a group that big and that busy, you’ve also got to assume that everyone’s going to go for the big, shiny plot points and that more subtle matters or unspoken problems won’t really get noticed.

- In comparison, Tary got more character development in a handful of episodes than Scanlan got over much longer chunks of time, because everyone played it very differently. It was sort of inevitable since it was a new character to figure out, and that’s going to draw a lot of focus, plus a lot of playing with the new dynamic since of course that’s an interesting upheaval for everyone. He was also on a bit of a timer, although his stay was longer than I think anyone planned. But good lord, was the approach with Tary different from Scanlan. We had all of his family drama and personal goals and conflicts fully drawn and presented right up front, with a lot for everyone to get their teeth into, and it was great.

- Not coincidentally, I came to like Tary a lot. I miss him, and am sad.

- I’m not sure if I have a conclusion to this except to say that character and story development are both goddamn interesting and can happen in a lot of ways and at different paces. That doesn’t mean it’s a competition. It does mean bring shit to the table, because otherwise nothing’s gonna grow.

- …I did not mean to make that a compost metaphor. On the other hand, I feel like Scanlan would approve.

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I saw a lesbian couple today (pretty rare where I live) and they were holding hands and shopping furniture and my heart was just like YAAASSS. I'm so single

yasssss thats great!!!

“I have my own umbrella,” Yuuri says. Victor hums but doesn’t acknowledge what he’d said, even when he adds, “It’s in my bag.”

They continue their current pace, Yuuri making no move to dig through his bag. Victor keeps the umbrella steady, shielding them both. It’s quiet, save for the sound of rain, and Yuuri finds himself eyeing the arm closest to him, the one holding the umbrella.

After a few moments of consideration, Yuuri reaches up, wrapping his arm gently around Victor’s. He can see Victor turn towards him out of the corner of his eye, but Yuuri keeps his gaze resolutely forward.

Victor hums again. “You know, Yuuri, if you distract me too much, I might drop this umbrella.”

“You wouldn’t,” Yuuri replies, smiling. He tightens his hold just a bit, lets himself lean a little closer as they walk.

“Oh? And how are you so sure?” Victor moves closer in turn, their shoulders bumping together.

“After how perfectly you planned all this?” Yuuri glances over, finally, to find Victor gazing back at him. “You timed it so we left just as it started raining, then practically knocked me over trying to open the umbrella and shove it over my head.”

“Yuuri!” Victor exclaims. He places a hand on his chest, eyes wide. A terrible play at innocence, if Yuuri says so himself; he expresses this to Victor with an arched eyebrow. “Do you really think I’m so conniving? And if I were, do you think I’d ruin everything by knocking you down into a puddle?”

Yuuri simply shakes his head. “A guilty man always has more to say than an innocent one.”

“So I’m guilty, huh?” Victor’s other hand slips over, gloved fingers wrapped snugly around Yuuri’s own. He sounds terribly cheerful about it.

“No remorse, either,” Yuuri murmurs, letting his head rest against Victor’s shoulder. Their pace has slowed considerably, but he’s fairly certain Victor doesn’t mind. He’s pretty sure this is what he’d been aiming for all along, if the soft laugh and gentle kiss pressed to Yuuri’s head are anything to go by.


Things I love about this entire scene/number.

  •  Outfit reversal in which Giselle is the only modernly dressed person there and Robert is wearing something you would see in Andalasia. 
  • Their Beauty and the Beast twirl (nice job director) 
  • Most importantly Robert broke his rule 

Can you hear, my heartbeat ?

He caught a bad case of yaoi arm because I drew this at 3am why am I like this

You fools thought you would be safe from Katsudon x Russian Jesus in this blog *laughs maniacally*

Shout out to this adorable gay couple I saw posing like this in the subway today ~

Bonus : Yurio is tired of everyone’s bullshit.

I saw love blossom today. The couple were quietly inching towards each other, encompassing their new, private space with delicate care. They hugged goodbye, exchanging a smile. Everyone could see: love was unfolding. I wondered if they expected it. That morning, did they know? Would they have imagined it would be so simple? Did they hope for it? Were they already fearing it and talking themselves out of reaching out?
I wished them all the best. I really did. But bitterness surfaced soon afterwards. Where was my surprise? Where was my hesitant hand reaching out to meet me halfway? Perhaps it would never arrive. Never will.
Love didn’t happen for me today. What if it didn’t tomorrow? Or on other days? If I am to spend my life alone, please don’t let me be lonely. Let me dissolve this craving for an invisible love. Let me abandon hope; live without waiting for that stranger to bump into me. The one who will never arrive. Love blossoms all around me but I orbit it, never touch it. I catch glimpses in the shadows, water droplets slipping between my fingers before I can soak it up. It is cotton candy on my tongue, wistful and disintegrating but leaving me more sick than satisfied.
I saw love blossom today and thought, ‘when will it be my turn?’
—  i. my turn.
Because I now have 229 followers (WTF is happening) here is a celebration post of two excerpts from my extremely long fics, which are currently being written/edited by hand.

WARNINGS: Dirty talk (seriously, I’m nasty sometimes, like wow), swearing, feels

This first one is from Diablerie. Currently it is a Chase Collins x Reader fic. Depending on how long it is, it might get an actual character, because that’s what happened with my other fic, too. But so far, the reader is in a really bad spot in her life and meets a mysterious man who promises her everything she’s ever wanted; because she is desperate, she promises to pay an unknown price and begins to deal with forces she cannot understand.

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The second one is from Cherchez La Femme (title is French, it means “look for the woman”) and it’s a Bucky x OFC fic. It’s currently in the editing stages and has gotten completely out of my control, so right now, I hate it with every fiber of my being, but hey. It follows the story of two girls, named Lydia and Alexandria, who exist in our world and somehow randomly end up in the world of the MCU. Unfortunately for them, they run right into the two boys they didn’t want to meet, and are immediately faced with the dilemma of, “To tell or not to tell?”

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I went to a con today and I saw a couple displaying as Rey and Kylo, and they were holding hands and being adorable. They didn't seem to be getting a lot of hate from con goers, so I was quite happy for them and please with the con goers of my city.

That’s very good to hear! Glad to everyone having a good time and nobody being a jerk to others very good