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봄날 / spring day - bts (lyrics)

With These Truths

Erik Lehnsherr x Reader

Warnings: Smut (That is all this story is.)

Words: 1298

Request: Could you possibly do young Erik Lehnsherr smut?(;

A/N: So sorry to the anon who requested this. It took a long time and I’m sorry for that. But in other news, this thing practically wrote itself. That just goes to show you what I think about when Erik Lehnsherr appears on screen.

The scowl on your face was purposeful, the man in front of you raising a brow in challenge. The soft breeze was the only thing interrupting your stare, stray strands of your hair covering parts of your face. You could feel the scowl fading, your whole body attempting to go against your will. And it was working. The smallest of smiles began to bloom, growing until you were full on laughing. Erik’s beautiful laughter followed, a warm hand resting on your shoulder.

“How the hell did you get so good at staring contests?” You gasped in between laughs.

“One of my many talents,” he smirked, blue eyes shining with mirth.

“And I suppose you’re also a good thumb wrestler,” you replied, rolling your eyes at him as you picked up a cloth, wiping the sweat from your face.

“Not particularly, no.” You shook your head, throwing the dirtied rag at him.

“Oh shut it.” His chuckle was like a blanket, warming you in the cold of the night. And his eyes, you had to hold back a groan as you looked at the orbs that plagued you in one too many pleasurable dreams. And that hair. Your tongue unconsciously darted out to wet your lips, your mind too busy thinking of how badly you wanted to tug at the soft locks, to have the tips tickle your palms as your lips were locked to his utterly delicious lips. 

Unfortunately for you, you’d been staring for too long. He finally caught on, a mischievous smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth, only widening as your face heated. “Erik,” you warned, taking a step back at the absolute sinful look marring his features.

“(Y/N),” he growled, teeth shining in the light. You really, really didn’t want to back away from him but he looked so dangerous, so… sexy? This time you didn’t hold back your groan, your thoughts frustrating you more than the downright suggestive look in Erik’s eyes. Or maybe it was his hand rubbing circles over the bare flesh of your arm. 

Wait, when had he gotten that close? You met his gaze tentatively, falling into a dark pit the moment your (Y/E/C) clashed with his blue eyes. Oh, you were lost, so lost; yet you never wanted to come back if it meant he had to take his hands off you. With careful, calculated movements he dropped his full lips to your own, stealing your breath with it. Your mouth moved on its own accord, your mind too busy trying to grasp everything that was happening. 

Eventually you thought “fuck it” choosing to further the kiss with your tongue. It was ice, so very cold, yet still fire, burning your body with the heat of desire. All too soon he pulled away, your skin screaming for contact as he pulled away. However, he didn’t leave you wanting for long, his lips hot against your searing skin, hands tugging roughly at your shirt to work the garment over your head.

“Erik,” you breathed, his teeth grazing over your pulse point, the cool air hitting your skin like a bullet as he threw your shirt to the side.

“(Y/N),” he smirked, tugging your hips closer to his so you could feel his growing desire against your body.

“Fuck,” you muttered lowly, both hand all but ripping his shirt off, your mouth dropping open at the toned expanse of his chest. He took your distraction as an opportunity, pinning you to the wall behind so he could snap open your bra, baring your breasts to him. He gazed hungrily at every bit of naked skin, a finger ghosting over the pert buds. 

You cried out at his soft touch, the need for friction growing with each second. You needed him, dear lord you needed him. Both hands reached out for his belt, whipping it off as fast as they could. Growing impatient with your own ministrations, you cupped him through his trousers, pulling him into a bruising kiss. He returned it with just as much heat, your back scraping painfully against the wall. You couldn’t find it in yourself to care, your mind too addled with lust, your heart too far gone in the feel of him. Only it still wasn’t enough. 

The wetness between your legs only further proved your need for him, a strange growl leaving your throat as you unzipped his pants, reaching in to grab his bare length. His calm demeanor fell apart at the feel of your hot hand wrapped around his aching length, his head falling back in pleasure. And didn’t that just strengthen your lust. Your hand moved effortlessly along his length, slicked with his own pre-cum. 

He was keening into each of your touches, his husky voice like a candle in the darkness, powering the light of desire. You couldn’t wait to hear him yell your name at the height of pleasure, hear him repeat it like a prayer as he came down from the high. But your dreams were crushed as he pulled out of your grasp, holding your wrists above your head with one hand. He made easy work of your jeans, throwing it into the scattered pile of clothes lying around. Without warning he plunged a finger into your wet heat, your labored breaths becoming whispers of “Erik” and “more” as he pumped his fingers into you, his thumb pressing ever so softly at your clit. 

You could feel the pleasure build, slowly becoming more and more as his fingers moved faster, your body responding to each touch. You were so close, just a little… you whimpered, his hands pulling out of you before you could hit your high, your body aching painfully for release.

“Erik,” you whined, not caring about the fact that you were begging. You just needed more, needed him. A cheshire smile graced his face, his eyes shining with dark intent. Almost as if he could read your thoughts he slammed into you, his length filling you so painfully yet so pleasurably. He hurt so good as he thrusted into you roughly, giving you no time to adjust to his size. 

He set a ruthless pace, your body straining to keep up with each hard thrust of his hips. You were drowning, Erik your only savior from the dark abyss. And save you he did, his fingers circling your clit roughly, his lips and teeth all over your collarbone as he pushed into you with ruthless abandon. He didn’t seem to mind as your nails dug painfully into his back, your head thrown back and your breathing heavy. His eyes were sin, his body hell, and yet, you found you didn’t ever want to leave. 

Each thrust, each moan, each kiss, was all that was keeping you alive in the world, pushing you towards the edge of pleasure. You screamed his name, your nails drawing blood as you felt the only taste of heaven you’d ever get, your body burning in the heat of hell as he spilled his own release into you. You were on fire, the final thrusts of Erik the only thing keeping you from burning entirely. Each heavy breath brought you back to reality, your heated skin sliding against his own sweaty skin. 

It was glorious and primal and you never wanted anything less, you never expected anything less. And one look into his eyes as he pulled out of your now-soaking heat, his heavy breath intermingling with your own told you that he never did either. With these truths, the two of you would be together. With these truths, the two of you would burn in the fires of pleasure. And finally, with these truths, the two of you would rule your own world; together.



honestly you guys should absolutely hit me up for storytime okay because my upbringing was a sitcom of hilarity and you should take advantage

  • my dad was almost 50 years old when I was born. it was a complete accident. my mom had been told she couldn’t even have kids because she was too old. literally, I am not shitting you, when the doctor told my parents that she was pregnant, they said in unison in the middle of the doctor’s office “you’re shitting me.”
  • I grew up in an underground house. literally underground. it was built into a hill. there were like two windows in the entire building one time a tornado hit and we had no idea it had even happened until we walked outside in the morning and there was a tree on our lawn
  • my dad looked at the tree for like 5 solid minutes, then went, “I need coffee” and went back inside
  • we lived in the middle of the woods, basically. there were 70 acres of forest on three sides, and a tiny town (like 300 people) about 10 minutes away. our neighbors consisted of a hermit and another hermit who was obsessed with shooting clay pigeons
  • my mom is a wiccan who wears muumuus around and spent most of my junior high / high school years as a professional blogger who taught apocalypse preppers how to preserve vegetables
  • my dad is 6′3 ex-military and terrifying but in actuality is a Fluff who will not stop rescuing animals
  • literally
  • one time he rescued a turkey who had a dislocated neck, so his neck was literally crooked but he grew up to be the biggest turkey anyone had ever seen and as a small child I would ride him around the farm
  • we rescued two baby goats from a nudist colony (I shit you not) and bottle fed them and they thought they were dogs and enjoyed belly rubs. one time I brought a boyfriend home and Bulwinkle rammed him in the crotch and so I had to go to prom alone because my date dumped me over a goat
  • I never got to swim in my pool as a kid because my dad used it as a snapping turtle tank (he eats snapping turtle. it’s a thing)
  • as a kid I got into entomology but my dad loved it and would spend his days running around the yard catching butterflies
  • other animals he rescued: a baby raccoon. a baby deer. a baby coyote. flying squirrels. snakes. pigs. that one time he traded a six pack of beer for a cow. dogs. cats. pheasants. chickens. rabbits. we had so many animals as a kid
  • my best friend from high school had a pet lion until it got too big to keep in her house so she gave it to a big cat rescue. her family was crazy.
  • this is the tip of the iceberg my friends I am not even kidding 

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Omg idk if that request was old or not but can you do that "child walking in while doing it" question for Jimin, Jungkook, and Hope? I want to say Rap Monster but you only take three ><

Ah… I saw this request coming *smirks* haha! I’ll do all the remaining members :) here you go, honey :>


Rap Monster

You and Namjoon would be in a heated moment, with you pressed against the wall and your mouths engaged in a game of tug of war, when the door suddenly swings open, revealing your six-year-old son. The two of you would look up, panting, and it would be a staring battle between the two groups: you and Namjoon against your son. 

“You didn’t see anything, right?” He’d say after a few seconds of silence; his eyes prodding your son to agree. “Right, (you’re son’s name)?”

The little boy would nod his head slowly, backing away step by step until he’s out of the room. Once the door clicks shut, you’d release the breath you were holding, “Wow.”

"Yeah.” He’d say before smirking down at you. “Now, where were we?”

Let’s just say that doing it with Hobi would be a wild experience (haha OMG I feel so pervy) and the two of you would be creating such a racket that your daughter would be awoken from her slumber and go to your room to check on what was the noise all about. To her surprise, she sees her appa and omma all tangled up in the bedsheets. 

Hoseok would look up and when he sees his daughter standing there, wide-eyed, he’d immediately pull the covers up, concealing your body and his. “(Your daughter’s name)!” He’d smile nervously. “What’s wrong sweetheart what are you doing here?”

“I was sleeping  and I heard screaming—” the two of you would look at each other, blushing furiously at your daughter’s description. Hoseok would apologize for waking her up and she’d ask: “What were you doing?”

“Uh…” You’d start but Hoseok would immediately swoop in for the save. 

“We were just rapping,” he’d laugh, nervously. “Right, honey?”

You’d nod and the two of you would start rapping nonsense and your daughter would just stare at the two of you till she asks the question you’ve be dreading…

“But why are you naked?" 

"I think you’re so sleepy you’re imagining things, sweetie.” Hoseok would say with an awkward chuckle. “Go on, appa will tuck you into bed.” Your daughter would oblige and once she’s out of sight you’ll slightly glare at him. “Rapping? Really?!”

“You had any better ideas?!”

We all know how much of a grease ball Park Jimin is and doing “it” (yep I’m sticking to this. Haha) with him would be slow and romantic ;) You’d be on the bed, doing your thing when your son suddenly walks in, groaning about how he couldn’t sleep. At that moment, the both of you are half undressed and just about to get really into the moment. Jimin wouldn’t panic, instead he would sly his way through this by flipping you on your side and pretending that the two of you were doing something completely different…


“Hey kiddo.” He’d smile as he rubs your back. “What’s up?”

“I can’t sleep.” The kid would say then focus on the two of you and realize that the two of you were actually half naked. “What’s going—”

“I’m giving your umma a back massage. She’s been working really hard…” He’d say and you would bury your face in the pillow, trying to stifle your laughter. 

“Oh.” The little boy would smile.

“Why don’t you go back to bed honey, I’ll bring you some warm milk.”

“Okay umma.” He’d say before leaving the room. The moment he goes you flip to over to face your husband who is already smirking down at you. “Smooth, Park Jimin.”

“Yeah I know.” He’d wink before giving you a sweet kiss. 


I feel like Jungkook’s one to be pissed off for being interrupted. We all know how “focused” he is, right? So trust me when I say that when you’re doing the deed…he’ll definitely be into it. *wiggles eyebrows*

You had just pulled off his shirt and his lips had just crashed back into yours when the door suddenly swings open revealing your son. You’d open your eyes and jump slightly, causing you to bite Kookie’s lip.

Jungkook would smirk down at you, licking his lower lip, “We’e playing rough, jagi?” But before he could crash his lips to your, you’d cover your mouth. “Yah! What?!”

“Get of me..” you’d hiss.

“Why?” he’d ask, a little annoyed and confused. You’d point towards the door and Jungkook would turn his head and see your son. Knowing him, you knew he might say something snarky that could probably scar your kid for life, so before he could open his mouth, you’d push him off of you, covering his mouth with your hand; pointing a warning look at him.

“You need anything sweetie?” You’d ask as Jungkook struggles against you. When you let him go, he’d slightly glare at the little boy (though I’m sure he’s not really mad…just irritated that he was interrupted) before leaning against the headboard, arms crossed and sighing heavily. 

“I’m looking for my rubrics cube.”

“It’s on the kitchen counter.” Jungkook replies. 


“Now can you go?”



“Sorry umma. Sorry appa.” the boy would smirk and you’d be taken aback by it. “Yah—” but before you could ask, your son has already left. You’d turn to the sound of chuckling and see Jungkook’s amused face. “What did you do, Jeon Jungkook?”

“Hmm?” he’d hum as he pulls you in, nuzzling his face on your neck. “Nothing, jagiya. I simply told him…stuff.”

“What stuff?”

“Guy stuff.” he’d say. “now can you stop asking questions and let’s get back to business??” You’d glare at him and he’d smile cheekily. “Please?”

You’d roll your eyes but before you could speak, he’d already crashed his lips to yours, your words muffled and lost. 


Seriosuly guys I felt so pervy while writing this. HAHA! I hope it’s okay though.. I’m not really into smutty/pervy writing. keke~



We’re teammates, but at the same time, we’re rivals.

Happy Birthday, Nijimura!! (7/10)

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I'm sorry, that's a really shitty experience. I really hope it gets better for you.(Phantasticpheels)

it was. my vision literally became tunnel vision and I saw black. I honestly don’t even know what happened, I just… I hate panic attacks, they hurt so much. I saw the doctor coming, and my chest just. Panic attack, haha. I don’t want to describe too much in case someone gets upset :((( but I’m okay now. I just cried a lot and felt really scared, but I’m good now. thank you for caring!

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JENNY YOU MET BILLIE FUCKING PIPER!!!! OMG I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU !! :D:D:D How did it feel? What di you say to her?? And what drawing did you give to her?? Ahhh I want to know everything! :D Congratulations, my friend <3

It was surreal, maaaate so surreeaaaal ;AAAAAAAAAAAA; but omg probably the most amazing thing that ever happened to me so far. 

A long recap of my meeting with Billie at the stage door of National Theatre (London 14.07.12) under the cut :’D

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I think it’s brilliant that Hanna has stayed positive during the Haleb break up.
Because think about it; however Hanna reacts to the break up is how majority of the audience would also feel.
If she was depressed about it and crying every day, then the audience would feel sad and bad for her.
But NO, she’s taking it really well and keeping positive, as compared to the Haleb break up in 3A where she wouldn’t stop crying.
Well done writers for making her stay positive or else all the fans would also be really sad for her and ON TOP OF THAT, they may even start hating Caleb for just leaving her like that which would result in people starting to hate the show Ravenswood because of Caleb, which is obviously not what they want for the show.
Hope that all makes sense, it’s not much of a theory; it’s just something I’ve noticed and that I’m loving how they’ve handled the Haleb breakup.
(Besides, I saw it coming so I prepared myself haha. I love Haleb so much; they’re my favourite couple besides Spoby, but Caleb can’t go work/live in another town and not meet anyone else for THAT long!)