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Haha, well I wasn’t the first if you mean what happened to HR, but I believed it instantly when I saw that theory. 

And just to rant a little on my thoughts about the finale…

I am so glad they didn’t get rid of Caitlin’s powers. That would have been a copout.

OMG, Julian could totally come back, woohoo! I want me more Tom Felton!

I loved Barry in the Savitar suit and how that all ended. Amazing. 

But otherwise…the ending felt lackluster and obvious and meh and I’m honestly disappointed more than I’ve ever felt at the end of a Flash season because it feels…boring? 

What could have been done differently, I don’t know, but I guess I just need to write tons of fic to feel better because meh is worse than leaving me angry, really. 

Rant over, just…hm. But thank you! :-) 

Okay hear me out… On The Flash, it has been established that there are multiple versions of earth, possibly even an infinite number of them (the multi-verse). The Flash takes place on Earth-1, while Supergirl is on Earth-38. Every version of these Earths features different doppelgangers of the same characters. From what we saw of Earth-2, the doppelgangers all have different personalities and have been through different life experiences than their Earth-1 counterparts, but it seemed a lot of them had kept similar personal relationships (i.e. Barry and Iris, Caitlin and Ronnie). If Kara and Lena are such close friends on Earth-38, it is very likely that there is at least one version of Earth where they are together romantically.

In conclusion, SuperCorp is canon. Thank you for your time.


summary: in which barry allen returns to the original timeline and discovers that he has gained another seemingly important person to his life.

a/n: third part!! if you want a part four, just let me know, but be warned that it will be the last of the mini series because if i continued, it wouldn’t really make sense anymore lol


Masterlist + Request here!

“Are you going to have dinner with us tonight?” Joe interrupted Y/N’s thoughts as she stares at the picture she and Barry had on her desk. When he spoke, she immediately averted her eyes on his face and sighed.

“I didn’t receive an invitation.” she answered.

Joe arched an eyebrow. “You don’t need to have an invitation, you’re already family to us.” he chuckled.

Y/N smiled a little bit. “Why are we having this dinner in the first place?”

“Well, believe it or not but Iris is finally going to speak to me.” he said as he sat down.

“I thought she would never set foot on that house again?” Y/N humored.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought too. But I am cooking one of Grandma Esther’s recipes. Are you coming or not?”

She bit the insides of her cheeks. “I’m sorry but I think I’m going to pass.” she admitted. “I honestly don’t feel good and I just want to sleep it off tonight once I get home.”

Joe nodded, “Okay, suit yourself.”

Y/N indeed done what she told her partner. Once her office hours were finished, she was in her apartment but instead of sleeping in her shared room with Barry, she chose to sleep on the couch, too hurt to even catch a scent of Barry’s cologne on the pillows. She still couldn’t grasp the idea that her boyfriend for over a year wasn’t even him and instead were like illusions planted in her mind. She wanted the land to swallow her alive.

Before sleep could even consume her troubled thoughts, her metahuman alert app alarmed. She reached for it and saw the headline.

“Speedster spotted at Boardwalk.” she read out loud, having no choice but to immediately get dressed and head over to S.T.A.R. Labs and see what she could do to help.

When she reached the cortex, Cisco, Caitlin, Joe, Wally, and Iris were already there. They seemed surprised to see Y/N arrive but their glances didn’t bother her.

“I thought you didn’t feel good?” Joe asked.

She shrugged, “Well it wasn’t that bad as I thought it was.”

A sudden whoosh interrupted their conversation, Barry already back from the latest mission that fast. His eyes widened at her presence while she avoided looking at him.

The silence inside the room made Joe to finally speak again. “We finally get rid of Zoom, and there’s another evil speedster.” he mused.

“Who is this guy again?” Wally questioned.

“I can help you with that.” Caitlin replied, “I finally got the results back from the test I ran on the husk that Barry gave me this morning. And it’s weird because there’s no traces of dark matter, but there are traces of the speed force.”

Y/N looked at the monitors and recognized the man on the picture. “And that’s the husk from this speedster?”

Caitlin nodded, “Appears so. His name is –”

“Edward Clarris.” Barry told them.

All their eyes focused on Barry, except for Selene who was still staring at the monitor.

“And somehow, Barry is exactly right.” Caitlin confusingly responded.

“Of course he is.” Y/N murmured to herself.

Barry, who no longer wanted things to get worse, sighed to himself before walking closer to Y/N’s side. “Uh, can we talk?” he asked.

She looked at him finally, “There’s nothing to talk about.” she bluntly answered.

Barry wasn’t used to her harsh words, since the only emotion she has been showing him was love since the moment he arrived. A lump formed inside his throat as he gently placed a hand on her elbow, in which she looked down and back to his eyes before raising a brow in question.

“Please, I just –” he cut himself off as Y/N shrugged his hand off, already walking out of the cortex as a sign that she was ready to listen and would rather have the conversation they were going to have privately.

He awkwardly followed after her, not bothering to notice the weird looks that the other members of their crew was giving him.

“So?” Y/N crossed her arms.

Since she literally just got out of bed and drove by herself all the way to S.T.A.R. Labs, Y/N was dressed in nothing but a plain white shirt and gray sweats. Her hair was in a very messy ponytail, that if Barry hadn’t known, he would assume that she just came from a jog.

“I feel like I should apologize to you again.” he started, “For so many reasons that I don’t even know where to start.”

She breathed in deeply, “Well, to be honest, you have nothing to be sorry about. It’s not your fault that my mind somehow imagined things that apparently never really happened.”

“No, it’s not like that.” he said, “I just wanted to apologize because I know this is all my fault. I did this. All of this. It’s my fault and I’ve been trying to fix it.”

Y/N frowned, “It’s not your fault for wanting to be happy for once.” she placed her hands inside her pockets, “Look, you told me your story and what your life had been in the original timeline; it was tough. And although I don’t really want to see you right now, just know that I don’t blame you for this.”

Barry was awestruck at what she said, but not because of the part where she said she didn’t want to see him, but because of how she didn’t blame him for the pain she was feeling at the moment. He never expected her to be this understanding and caring, despite knowing that he wasn’t the Barry she knew for the past year. He quickly realized why this other version of him fell in love with her.

He shook his head, “I’m not going to be selfish again. I think there’s only one way to make things right. I’m really sorry, Y/N .”

She was confused on what he was talking about, but as he slowly walked backwards and suddenly sped away, she knew he was making another stupid decision.

“What are you going to do, Barry?”

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I just saw your trans!Bitty post and it is amazing! I can so see Jack acting like that, the big goober. But a question: have you ever thought about trans!Jack? I was reading an article about Caitlin Jenner the other day and now the idea just won't leave me, even if I have no idea how to write it...

Oh dear, I just want to hug tans!Jack.

Imagine poor him being raised in his mother’s shadow, because he makes a tall, slim and beautiful girl, people want him to be a model, but he just wants to be behind the camera and play hockey. He doesn’t have the same kind of anxiety, but he does OD anyway. He ends up telling his parents about being a man, and they are nothing but supportive, but it’s still hard. He takes those few years before Samwell to transition so when he goes to college, because Samwell accepts trans players in their corresponding teams, he can play.
Shitty acts like a human shield of loudness around him and the worst guys of the team leave him alone, and then graduate. Ransom, Holster and Lardo also become his friends when they arrive, which gives him the first group of friends that see him as a guy (Parse was good too, but then it got complicated…)
So you have fully transitioned Jack starting to be comfortable around the team but still HIGHLY FOCUSED ON HOCKEY BECAUSE HE HAS EVERYTHING TO PROVE, and he’s still INCREDIBLY HANDSOME, and PUTTING ON SO MUCH MUSCLE, and, you know, his overall Jackness.
Poor Bitty has no chance whatsoever in any universe. Except in this one, there’s a lot of introspection and talks with Shitty, he needs to be more honest with his crush on Jack because ‘…if I get a crush on a trans guy, am I still gay?’ ‘Brah your education was sorely lacking in Georgia. YES, you’re still gay,’ ‘Oh, okay.’
Some things are harder, like explaining to the Bittles. Some things are easier, like being completely loved by the Zimmermanns, and the media is also kinder on the hockey side. But Jack will have to work harder, and I see him as the first trans man player in the NHL, which, omg, so much trouble but also so worth it. 

‘Mister Zimmermann, what do you think of the other players aversion of checking you?’
‘Makes it easier for me to score.’

Smoaked 1/?

Felicity and her young daughter Molly move to Star City to escape a stalker ex-boyfriend.

Thank you so much for proofing @almondblossomme! Also available on AO3.

                                        Chapter 1: Beginning Again

Felicity glanced back at her sleeping daughter as she tiptoed out of the room and pulled the door almost to. Molly was comforted by the light from the hallway and she didn’t want her daughter to be afraid. She had already spent too much of her young life that way.

Felicity and Molly had moved to Star City almost a year ago in an effort to evade her ex-boyfriend Cooper Sheldon. She had gone to the police and gotten a restraining order but she didn’t feel safe so she took the drastic step of moving with her daughter back to her college town and changing their last names to Smoak.

Cooper believed he was Molly’s father. He wasn’t. Felicity had told him numerous times and they had paternity test done to prove it. But as Felicity wouldn’t name Molly’s father, Cooper felt she was his and he would stop at nothing to claim his daughter.

What Cooper didn’t know was Felicity didn’t actually know Molly’s father’s full name. Molly was the best thing in her life but she also wasn’t planned. Felicity sighed. Remembering the night, she’d met Molly’s father and how that led to where they are now.

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Just Relax // Cisco x Reader

Request: How about a Cisco one where Cisco gets worried because he lost track of reader during a battle and when they get home, it’s slow and sweet? I’ve been wanting a little angst lately, honestly.

Warnings: this is so fucking long I’m so sorry. I got lost in storyline even more than I usually do. Oops 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ but there’s angst and fluff and smut obviously.

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Stop that wedding! (HR Wells x reader x Harry Wells) part 1/?


Anonymous  requested: Thank you for writing the HR imagine I love it! If you want to write a part two where they are married and maybe a jealous Harry? Anyways thank you for writing my request😘

I want to try something new, so I chose to make this imagine in parts because i want it to be interactive. I want you to choose what will happen, which path you want and let me know what number you chose. That will determinate the ending.

So instead of the two of you already married, the two are getting married and Jess wants to break the two of you up and Harry is even more of a douche jealous. What will you choose?

Sequel to this ( read before reading this one)

Hope you enjoy!

Part1 (here you are!)  Part2  Part3 Part4

In a few weeks you would become (y/n) Wells.

Oh god, you where sooo happy!

HR was as happy as you.

The team was happy for you and all, but seriously since you two became engaged…

Let’s say you became more touchy feely.


Poor Cisco, became scarred for life.

You asked Caitlin and Iris if they would become your bridesmaids. They said yes, a thousand time yes. And in a few seconds they digievolved in your wedding planners.

They decided everything for you.

The color of the wedding? Their choice

Your flowers? Theirs

But then, HR decided he wanted in too.

And things got worse.

“(Y/N)! What do you want the flowers in the tables to be like?” Iris asked.

“Oh, well I like (f/f).” You answered.

“Hmmm, not a bad choice but …OH I KNOW! (f/f) and (second f/f)! They represent us so nicely! What do you say, dear?”

“I like it.” You smiled.

“Now, I think a nice wedding in the beach would be awesome.” Caitlin got out of nowhere some pics of weddings in beaches. Iris frowned.

“No, it would get to sandy. I think a nice wedding in a beautiful forest, with flowers all around and the sunset as a background would be so cute.” She sighed.

“I like your idea, Iris! But what if we could have the two?”

“How?!” Caitlin and Iris asked.

HR began explaining about a place he knew but you slipped away and went to Cisco, Barry and Wally, who were playing cards. You sat next to Barry, tired.

“They drained you already?” Cisco smirked and you sighed.

“They seem more excited about my wedding that me” Wally, who was next to you pated your head.

“There, there. It’s the first time one of their best friends marries. And you made them bridesmaids. It their wedding as much as it is yours”

“I can’t even imagine when you go choose a wedding dress” Barry whistled. Your eyes widened

“Oh god.”


“I want to go to choose the dress with youu!” HR whined.

“It’s bad luck! HR” Iris said “You want to start your marriage with bad luck?”

“no” HR mumbled.

“You stay here, and go with Cisco and Barry to train”

“okay. But whatever you chose I know you will be beautiful, (y/n)” HR kissed you passionately.” God, you’re sure you have to go now?” HR groaned, his hips on yours. You laughed as Iris, Caitlin and the boys gagged.

“EWWW! “



You and HR where making the guest list, HR talked animatedly and you only nodded. HR saw it and asked:

“What’s wrong, my love?”

“I-I  want to invite Harry and Jess.”

“…” HR thought for a moment before he got an idea. “Why don’t you use what I used to send my hologram resume?”

“I can?” You asked

“Of course, dear. I’ll help you!”

“I love you,HR” You smiled kissing him slowly.

“I love you too!” HR’s kissed became heated until clothes meet the floor.



Jess entered Harry’s lab with a smile in her face, shouting happily that they got a message from you. Jess gave it to Harry and his s eyes widened before a smile broke on his face.

He had been waiting for you to reach him. He wanted to have a reason to return and confess his feelings. Jess who knew of his feelings and approved of them insisted on staying. That way Harry would be happy with you and she could work and train with the team.

But nooo

They had to return to Earth 2.

“What are you waiting for? Open it, dad!” Jess hurried

Harry opened it and a Hologram of you appeared.

Harry smiled lovingly at your figure. Jess looked at his dad, happy.

Suddenly another Harrison appeared on the hologram with you, he smiled and grabbed your hand. You smiled back before starting to speak.

“Hello, Jess. Hello, Harry.

HR and I would like you to invite you to our wedding the first day of March. “As the message played Harry’s smile disappeared and pain embraced his heart.

First he lost his wife and now

He lost you.

The only thing in the world beside his daughter he loved with all his being.

Jess who saw her dad’s pain grabbed his hand.

“Also, Jess I would love if you became my bridesmaid. In the short time I know you you’ve become like my daughter. I would be honored if you said yes” Your hologram smiled lovingly and Jess eyes clouded with tears. Harry hugged his daughter, she was as heartbroken as him. Knowing that you also considered her your daughter brought happy tears to her eyes but they soon became sad at the fact that you here marrying another Harrison Wells that wasn’t her dad.

Suddenly HR spoke happily.

“I would like if you, Harry would become my best man! You know, us Harrison have stay together! Haha”

Harry’s eyes narrowed. He knew he wasn’t going to like him.

“no way. I won’t become his “best man”!”

Jess eyes keep looking at you happy figure. She was happy for you, but she wanted you to be happy with them, in Earth 2.

Was that to selfish?

“So we would be very happy to see you soon on Earth 1! The team and I have missed you tremendously. Lots of love and kisses” You send their way kisses as HR imitated your gesture.

The two of you looked at each other before saying:

“Yours truly

HR Wells “he said “and (Y/N) (L/N)-Wells.” You said and the hologram shut down

Jess and Harry looked at the ground, sad.

They felt that you were marrying the wrong Harrison Wells.

“We shouldn’t go.” Harry said. Jess turned toward her father.

“No way!  We should totally go!” Jess said

“I can’t see her with-with that imposter!”

“Then we should show her who the better Harrison is! He lied to them once, he must have other secrets! We could break the up!” Jess planed.

“I don’t want to hurt her, Jess. I love her, and if she chose him I’ll support her, even if it kills me inside.”

“Dad…” Jess mumbled as Harry went to search for his bag.

Her dad maybe didn’t want to break you up, but she will sure try to do it.


“They’re here!” Cisco said.

“(y/N)! Barry! Guys!” Jess yelled before hugging you, pushing HR away of you.

“Jess, I missed you!” she smiled before going to Barry and the rest.

“Harry!” You hugged him. Harry hugged you tightly, his face leaned on your head.

“I missed you, (y/n). So much.”

“I think you know each other already” You said gesturing to HR, who came to you and stick his hand out to Harry to shake. They shook hands but it was tense and if looks would kill there won’t be any Harrison Wells, anymore.

“Nice to see you again” Harry said so icily that Captain Cold would be proud.

“Likewise” HR ‘s smile was tense and his eyes glared at Harry.

The two of them were aware that Harry has got feelings for you, and the two of them felt threatened and jealous of one another.


“So tell me, you’ve got a dress already?” Jess asked you. The girls were having a sleepover at your place. HR was with the guys in the lab, working in something he didn’t want to tell you, he said it was a “surprise”.

“I don’t. I-”

 Iris interrupted you

“She wanted to wait for you to go choose our dresses. So now that you are here… Tomorrow we go in a perfect bride dress search!”

“YEAH” All the girls said.


You decided to let the girls pick one dress for you.

Bad idea, (y/n)

“What do you think of this one?” You said as you came out of the changingroom with a puffy dress with puffy sleeves.

Caitlin and Iris frowned. They thought it would look better on you, but no.

“…no, then?” You said looking at their horryfied faces.

They shook their heads no.

“Try another!” They pushed you toward the changing room.

A few minutes later you came out in a trumpet styled dress with  
Rhinestones on the hip.

“How about this one?”

“I like this one!” Caitlin said. This one was totally the one she picked out for you.

Iris frowned.

“I don’t like it.”

“It’s because it isn’t your choice” Caitlin said

“Try mine!” Jess now pushed you towards the changing room.

10 min after you got out of there with a mermaid style dress with embroided diamonds and that suited your body perfectly. A long veil with a simple tiara adorned your head.

The girls’ breath stopped.

“If you weren’t my engaged best friend I  would marry you right now” Caitlin said, flabergasted.

“I would totally marry you too” Iris said. 

“I know for a fact, that my dad’s mouth will fall to the ground whe he sees you. He already drools for you dressed casually.” Jess said High-fiving herself in her head for chosing this one for you.

“Jess, don’t say silly things.” You smiled at her, thinking that she was just kidding.

“Girls, I think i got my dress!!” You said happily, all of the girls cheered and hugged you. All of you ignorant to Jess plan and a shadow that had been following you at high speed.


The next time all of you had dinner together… let’s say it was awkward.

Part 2 of Jess plan in action!

AKA Make her dad jealous.

“Have you seen them, dad? She looks so happy with him. Imagine how could have it endend if you wooed her before and she came with us to earth 2.”

“….” Harry’s eyes were following you, as you kissed HR, as you hugged HR, as HR gave you of his food and whispered dirty things in your ear, making you blush.

Those should have been HIS dirty things.

Jess saw her dad’s anger leavel increasing and smirked.

“I wonder if they will have children…” Jess whispered looking at her dad.” I know if you had married her, I’ll be having a little sis/bro by now.”

“…”Harry’s eyes narrowed more as HR licked a bit of your food out of your cheek.

“They will make love to one another and then the fruit of their love will result in a bundle of joy that will look like her and you, because HR and you look the same. But it won’t be yours, he/she will call you uncle Harry, and you’ll look at their family wishing you would have confessed your undiying feelings for her.”

But the icing on the cake came when HR asked Harry a question.

And Harry like a good jealous douche answered insulting HR.

“I don’t know why you chose a man that dresses like that, (y/n)” Harry said, looking at HR’s choice of clothing.”You could do much better.”

“You say that because you don’t have any fashion sense whatsoever!” HR smirked looking at Harry’s clothes.

“At least I’m a genius scientific. What are you exactly?”

HR growled.

“Oh, right. You are an average copy of me.” Harry smirked.

“You little-“

“STOP THE TWO OF YOU!” You hit the table and everyone looks at you.” Harry, a word please.”

Harry got up from his chair and followed you. Once you were far enough for the team not to eavesdrop, you sighed.

“What’s gotten into you?! You’ve been acting like a jackass! Far more than usual. It’s as if you’re-“You looked at Harry, eyes wide. Harry looked down.

“Jealous…” you whispered.

“…” Silence filled the room as the two of you looked at each other, daring at each other to say something.

“…What if I am?” Harry whispered

“Harry, what-“


You where flabbergasted.

What are you going to say,(y/n)?

To be continued…

(What will your answer be?)

* 1) Run away.

*2) Kiss him.

*3) Say that you love HR and that he lost you the moment he leaved to go back to Earth 2.


56. For Me- Iris West x Fem!Reader

(gif credit: irisandtheflash & unknown)

Summary: Iris is always worrying over you. After every fight with a meta she fusses over you and helps patch you up but not without her lecturing you. Sometimes you wonder why she cares so much, she’s your best friend but she’s fiercely overprotective…..which doesn’t help your crush on her at all. 

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Save You

Requested by Anonymous: Barry sees into the future that the reader gets killed and he acts oddly towards her, eventually revealing what he saw.

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Word count: 1420

A/N: Hey all! I’m back with the requests :) I have a nice laptop now so I’ll be able to write more these next days, hopefully! I hope you all like this one x


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When a King is Really a Queen 1/4

Oliver Queen writes romantic suspence novels under the name Olivia King on his way to reveal his true identity he meets one of Olivia King’s biggest fans, Felicity Smoak, and she is not very happy.

This is based on the Hallmark Movie “A Novel Romance.”  I’m writing as a bit of a love letter to all the amazing romance writers that bring me happy. I so hope you enjoy! Also available on AO3.

I am doing my own proofing so all mistakes are mine.

New York City

“I think it’s time you tell the world you are Oliver Queen!” Oliver’s publisher said like it was a genius idea.

Oliver and his publisher Tom Edwards, or Edwards as he was known, were the only two people sitting at long boardroom table.

“I don’t have to tell you that the sales for your last book have been less than spectacular.” Edwards continued.

“No, you don’t. But I don’t have to tell you I’m not surprised. The reviews all said what I knew they would, given what you had me do to Julia. It was completely out of character. My fans are mad and rightly so. I’m trashing their heroine!”

“Maybe we were wrong about her wanting her to take on more of a domestic role.”

“You think?” Oliver stood up from the table and walked toward the large window that replaced one of the walls. As he looked out, he ran a hand through his hair. He really was trying to keep his cool.

“We just thought with the political climate that many people would relate to Julia becoming a stay at home wife.”

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This is Halloween

Fandom: The Flash

Rating: G

Pairing: Cisco/Reader; Team Dynamics

Warnings/Notes: Wow, look at me on a roll. So yeah, with Halloween tomorrow, I couldn’t get the idea of a Star Wars costume with Cisco out of my head. What was one small scene got away from me too…again.

So no warnings, except for a bit of playful innuendo.

Requests are open and if someone could help me figure out how to do that “Keep Reading” thing so my posts aren’t hellaciously long at first glance, that would be awesome of you too.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Originally posted by dailycisco

Originally posted by sixpenceee

“Alright, that just about does it,” Caitlin said as she finished patching up Barry. “Once I get this last cut cleaned out, your healing should do the rest.” Team Flash had just finished taking down another one of Zoom’s baddies: an Earth-2 psycho named Goblin with a penchant for throwing exploding, acid-filled pumpkins…which somehow seemed fitting since it was October 31. Halloween, your favorite holiday aside from Christmas. It would figure the paranormal holiday would bring out the meta-crazies in Central City, as you pointed out a few times over the past couple of days.

“Too bad, some of those cuts would make a good addition to your costume for the haunted neighborhood event,” Iris smiled. Every year for Halloween, the West’s neighborhood block hosted a large “Haunted Street”, where everyone would come together and decorate one street in a haunted festival-type fashion for trick-or-treat. It was a popular thing with all the kids in half of Central City. Even the older kids and young adults came out to take part in the fun. This year, the street where Barry and Wests’ lived was hosting it. While their house wasn’t taking an active part and just handing out candy, the team was meeting up at the Wests’ house for their own Halloween celebration.

“I still say your costume should be a t-shirt that says, "I am not The Flash”,“ you quipped, earning a laugh from Cisco.

"Speaking of which, are you coming to the party Y/N?” Barry asked, looking towards where you were seated at your computer.

“Not right away,” you answered. At the negative cheers from the rest of the team, you shrugged helplessly. “What? My sister just got out of the hospital from having a C-Section and can’t do any strenuous activity yet. I promised her I would take my nephew trick-or-treating.”

“But you are taking him to the Haunted Neighborhood, right?” Barry asked.

“Of course, this is his first year he can truly enjoy it. And we will be stopping by the house, but not for long.” You looked at your phone and cursed softly. “I gotta go. I need to get ready and pick him up. You got this babe?” you asked Cisco, gesturing to the last bit of research you two had been working to take down Goblin.

“Seriously? Who is the best hacker in the world?” he asked, shifting his chair so you could grab your bag.

“Felicity Smoak,” everyone echoed.

“Rude…and hurtful. Especially coming from my own girlfriend,” Cisco complained. You smiled mischievously as you pecked his lips.

“But only my favorite hacker can recode my programming,” you ghosted over his lips, loud enough for only him to hear. The sound that escaped him was a cross between a moan and a laugh as he cupped your face and returned the kiss.

“That was both dirty and terrible. That’s why I love you.”

“You should hear the ones I got for Vibe.” You must’ve said that louder than you thought because both of you were surprised when Joe barked a laugh. Glancing over with wide eyes, you found the rest of the team, even Harry, watching you with amused exasperation. While you weren’t a prude by any means, you had only been dating for six months and some things were still relatively new, like letting some PDA slip in front of the team. Blushing brightly, you turned back to Cisco (who was grinning shamelessly, the jerk) and pecked his lips one last time. “I really need to go.”

“Okay,” he laughed. “See you later?”

“You bet. Later guys!” A chorus of “goodbyes” and laughter echoed behind you as you jogged out of the Cortex and headed towards your car. 
“OW! Melanie! Would you leave me some hair?!” you complained as your older sister worked on your hair for your costume. Around the two of you, your five-year-old nephew, Damien, was zooming around you in his Poe Dameron costume, pretending to shoot down Tai Fighters.

“Don’t be such a baby, Y/N. I got one of those already,” Melanie grumbled around the comb in her mouth. “Hair tie.”

“Sucks that you couldn’t have had Adri earlier this year. A few months older and we could’ve dressed her up as an Ewok,” you joked, handing her one of the ties in your hand.

“You are not dressing my baby up as a teddy-bear looking alien, Y/N. I swear, that boyfriend of yours is a bad influence on your already nerdy interests.” You laughed softly.

“BB-8 then? That would be adorable.”

“You’re terrible. Hair tie.”

“Auntie Y/N? Is Cisco coming with us? I want to show him my costume,” Damien asked, lifting the visor on the helmet up.

“No sweetie. Cisco had stay at work and finish up some computer stuff so I could come home and get ready for trick-or-treating. He didn’t want you to miss your first big trick-or-treat night. But we’ll see him later at Detective Joe’s house, okay?” Damien nodded then zoomed off again, saying something about protecting his baby sister from the Empire forces.

“How are you and Cisco doing?” Melanie asked after a few moments of silence.

“We’re good, like really good,” you answered, handing her the last hair tie. “We’ve been close friends for so long, this just seems like a natural step. Feels like it’s been longer than six months.”

“Good, you deserve to be happy. Okay, all done! Damien, get ready to leave!”

“Thanks Mel, I’ll have him home by 9 so he’s not up too late.”

“Thanks for doing this, Y/N. I’ll make it up to you.”

“Don’t worry about it. I love spending time with my nephew.” You picked up the staff that was part of your outfit and looked down at Damien. “You ready to go? Alright, let’s go get some candy!”
You grinned brightly as Damien practically skipped along beside you down the sidewalk. It had been a good haul, starting with a few houses before heading to the Haunted Street that had been in full swing before it even got dark. Your nephew had a blast running around to the different houses and stands where neighbors had set up baskets upon baskets of candy. Kids and adults were running around in full get-up, snatching as much candy as you could. You counted at least ten Flashes and Green Arrows and a few Black Canaries. You even glimpsed a couple Speedy and Red Arrows running about. Overall, Damien’s first big trick-or-treat was a success and you were surprised he wasn’t crashing from the adrenaline rush yet.

“Alright kiddo, where to next?” you asked, taking his over-flowing bucket of candy for him.

“Can we go see Barry and Iris and Caitlin and Cisco now?” he pleaded. “I want to show them what I got.”

“Okay, we are only three houses down and we still have time before I have to take you home.” Taking his hand, you both walked through the throngs of kids and parents. As you headed up the steps of the West residence, you could see Iris and Barry handing out candy to a group of middle schoolers. Sure enough, Barry’s speed had healed up the cuts and bruises, leaving only the fake scars Iris created for his zombie costume. Both of them lit up when they saw you and Damien walking up and Barry disappeared for a minute, presumably to tell Cisco.

“Hey you two! We saw you getting some candy across the street earlier. How was your haul?” Iris asked, smiling as she hugged you.

“It was great!” Damien cheered, jumping up and down in excitement. “I’m Poe Dameron, the best Rebel pilot in the entire galaxy!”

“Wow, that is awesome dude!” Barry complimented as he reappeared in the doorway. “And it looks like the best trick-or-treater too!”

“Yeah! Barry, may use your bathroom, please?”

“Sure thing. We’ll drop your candy bucket off by the table too while we’re at it. Awesome costume, Y/N. Cisco is helping Joe and Caitlin refill candy bowls,” Barry quickly complimented as he led Damien in the house towards the bathroom. Iris let you in as well and shut the door after making sure there weren’t any kids coming up.

“Barry is right, you look awesome in that Rey costume! Cisco is going to flip! How are you feeling?” You laughed and nodded.

“I don’t know how Damien is doing it but I am exhausted! I think that kid is just so excited, he’s running on pure adrenaline.”

“I bet! He’ll crash later on. Have you eaten? We’ve got a good spread, even Harry brought something along.”

As if on cue, your stomach growled loudly. “I totally could, actually. But first, I think I’m going to track down Cisco first.” You hugged Iris once more as the doorbell rang and made your way to kitchen. Along the way, you saw Jay and Caitlin milling around. Harry even drew you into an one-armed hug, which surprised you a bit. Finally, after wolfing down a couple small sandwiches, you made your way into the kitchen where Joe was heading out with two new bowls of candy.

“What is this? I thought I would get to live out my fantasy of seeing my girlfriend dressed up as the Rebel Princess she is! I even dressed up as Han Solo so it would be a cute ensemble!” Cisco proclaimed, throwing the bags of candy away. Sure enough, he was wearing brown pants, boots, a white shirt, and a leather jacket.  You laughed as you set aside your staff and hugged him tightly.

“Damien couldn’t go as Poe without having a Rey. Besides,” you added, looping your arms around his neck and dropping your voice, “If you went with us, you could’ve been my Finn.” Cisco laughed as he rested his head against yours.

“I do enjoy a good last-minute change. Besides,” he replied, tucking a stray piece of hair behind your ear, “I’ll be whatever you need me to be.” His words sent butterflies soaring around your stomach as his eyes stared at you with sincerity. What did I do to deserve this man in my life, you thought.

“You’re so damn corny,” you murmured shakily as he molded his lips over yours in a tender kiss that stole your breath away. Your fingers slowly entangled in his long, black hair as he gently leaned you against the counter and pulled you in tighter. The both of you exchanged slow kisses as the party outside the kitchen seemed to disappear, leaving only this man you had fallen head over heels with overwhelming all of your senses. You didn’t think anything short of Zoom could ruin this moment for you. This was possibly the best Halloween you had spent in years.

Pulling away so you both could breathe, Cisco kissed your nose. “This is Halloween,” he sang softly on your lips, grinning as you started giggling. Yeah, this was definitely the best Halloween you’ve ever had and you looked forward to spending many more with him.

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What did you think of the Savitar/KF scene? I didn't get any shipbait from Savitar. Matter of fact I saw him pause when KF mentioned Iris and sharing all those memories. I don't think it was by accident. Savitar played it off like he doesn't care about Iris but I feel ultimately he will. Now as for KF, what was she doing? She seemed to be flirting and almost jealous. She's talking about Barry and Caitlin back at it and I'm like bitch please! 🙄 What was she trying to accomplish?

I didn’t either. I know people (including you, I see)thought she was being flirtatious/jealous at first, but I think that’s just how she talks lol. It definitely wasn’t written as something between them, and Savitar/Grant didn’t play into it at all.

I totally agree with you that there’s a beat there where Savitar doesn’t know if he can kill Iris, and he doesn’t answer the question either. He answers it with a question: “Why should I care about his love?”

I hope that ppl that thought they would have SaviBarry/KF be a thing feel assured it’s not happening. Ep showed how little Sav cares for KF, even as a co-villain. I was left with the impression that she was embellishing her relationship w/Sav. She told B that she & Savitar made a good team yet it was clear that Savitar is like nope. On one hand DP tried to play it flirty but it fell flat bc in the next breath she is asking him if he really wanted IW dead & talking abt how he feels all that B (1)
(2) it just seemed very inconsistent. Perhaps, that was the writers way of giving her a redemption arc. The thing is, her redemption arc will seem like KF became Caitlin again because she wasn’t cut out to be a villain. Even SaviBarry was like how you gonna call yourself KF and not kill anyone. They made her a wishy washy villain and that is unfortunate.

It wasn’t written to be flirty/sexy, but she may have played it that way. And I agree that this sets up her redemption arc - she won’t be able to kill Cisco or blow off his hands. And I hope she reveals that Iris is alive.

Hopefully after this episode people will no longer fear a KF/savitar romance. KF tried to be all chummy with him only to be slapped down​ to reality by savitar. If anything KF seems to annoy him lol.

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The Sisters Grimm: The Animated Series (a dreamcast)

I’ve heard some rumors that The Sisters Grimm is going to be an animated TV series soon, so I thought I’d do a dreamcast of the series!

Keep in mind this is extremely biased, ‘cause I love these actors a little too much (and all of these characters, too). These might not be 100% accurate.

(I’m linking interviews of all of the actors so you can get a sense of their voice.)

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I am so ??? about what this means about Hartley currently. We waited on new info forever and it's mostly frustrating! And I like Julian, a lot. But considering this shows track record with gay characters I don't like it basically telling me we could have had a gay regular just as well, but I guess Caitlin really needed another love interest? Like, fans have pointed this comparison out, but you don't need to, show. Again, nothing against Julian, just... the writing choices. (And where is Singh.)

i saw gifs of the conversation and it really does make it seem like they’re all on bad terms with hartley again? even though i thought the last episode he was in made it pretty clear that the source of his asshole behavior was wellobard

tho tbh i don’t think he’s that similar to julian? julian seems like he just lacks social graces and is perfectly friendly, whereas hartley is buried under layers of rejection and trauma. i would’ve really liked to see hartley as a regular and dealing with the aftermath of his trauma & trying to reconcile/fit in with the team.

but yeah like, the writers rly do seem like theyre trying their hardest to keep the gay characters out of the show  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ hartley hasn’t appeared for like, a season a& a half and this mention of him rubbed me the wrong way, AND singh’s been in what, one episode? he had a longer scene in the current season of arrow lmao


–A Snowbarry fanfic from anon’s prompt, “Hurt/Comfort Barry finds Caitlin passed out on the floor because she is exhausted and he helps her get through it.”– I was gonna do this straight from the ask, but my computer was being stupid. anyways, here goes.

Barry ran into S.T.A.R. Labs late one evening, planning to ask Cisco or Caitlin for some more protein bars. But all that fell by the wayside when he saw Caitlin on the floor, unmoving. He sped closer to her immediately, hoping she was alive.

After a few anxiety filled seconds, her breathing became visible. “Caitlin. Caitlin!”  “Hmm, Barry, what’s going on?” “You tell me, Dr. Snow. I thought I’d lost you, all passed out on the floor like that.” His words came with a sigh of relief.  

Caitlin sat up and looked around before answering. “I was mixing up some more protein bars, and I was going to the Med Bay, and the next thing I know, you’re shaking me awake. Also, smelling salts work just as well.” Caitlin’s last sentence held a teasing tone to them, remembering a time long ago. 

Barry smiled for a second before worry clouded his face once again. “Are you sleeping okay? You can’t be if you’re passing out on the floor. When’s the last time you slept?” “Um, maybe a couple nights ago?” The innocence on the doctor’s face could be likened to a toddler being asked if they stole a cookie.  “Cait!” “What? I just haven’t been able to sleep. It’s not like I’ve been specifically taking in ginormous amounts of caffeine to stay awake.” “Caitlin…”  

Caitlin folded fast. “Okay, maybe I have. But only because I don’t want to wake as HER.” “But, Caitlin, you have your necklace.” “I know, but I’m terrified it won’t be enough. I’m scared that Killer Frost will break though the walls that the necklace provides. I know it’s irrational, but I can’t help panicking about it.” “Caitlin, Killer Frost is NOT going to come out because you take a nap. Come on, I’m taking you home.”  “Fine. But not until I finish the protein bars. We’re running low,” Caitlin protested. “Nope. Now. Protein bars can wait til tomorrow.” Barry picked Caitlin up, and took her home. 

When they got there,Caitlin tried to offer Barry some tea, because she still didn’t want to go to sleep. But Barry just shook his head, sped to Caitlin’s closet, and handed her some pajamas. “It’s bedtime, Cait.” Caitlin took the pajamas from him, and went and changed. Barry led her to the bedroom, and tucked her in. “Goodnight, Barry,” Caitlin said, sleep clouding her voice. “Goodnight, Caitlin.” 

So, what’d y’all think? I think I ended it pretty lamely, but whatever.  

Cisco Week Day 1: In which our reader learns why Cisco is so jealous.

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Anon Request: an you please write about Cisco being jealous over Barry or Jay (pre zoom arc) because Cisco thinks you like them but can’t get it through his surprisingly thick skull that you want to be with Cisco and no one else 

Warning: None!

Your name: submit What is this?


“Okay I got another one, why did Sally fall off the swings?”


“Because she didn’t have any arms! Knock, knock.”

You can’t help the small smile that formed on your face as you geared up for the punch line. “Who’s there?”

“Not Sally!!” Barry breaks out into a full on laughter, snorting a bit from his corny joke and you can’t help but laugh along with him because his laugh is the funniest thing you’ve ever heard.

You glance over, seeing Cisco standing in the doorway, holding a few spare parts. Your grin grew widener from seeing him because God, he just made you feel like a giddy school girl. Before the particle accelerator explosion and the whole Wells being the Revered Flash, you were hired as a mechanical engineering by Wells Prime to work at STAR labs, post explosion.

You were paired up with Ronnie at the time and even took part in building the accelerator, which is where you met Cisco. He looked like a fan boy when he first started, geeking out over every little word Harrison said but always getting shut down by Hartley.

“Come on Hartley, lay off him for once.”

You stepped in one day when Hartley was scolding Cisco on all the “junk” he had in his work station. At first, you weren’t going to get involved with whatever rivalry they had but something in you just couldn’t stand the fact that someone was putting Cisco down the way Hartley was.

“But out Y/N, this has nothing to do with you.” Hartley said back, sending you a glare that made your blood boil.

“Actually, it does. Cisco here is with Ronnie and I with building the accelerator and you’re distracting him with your content nagging and belittling him.” You say, stepping towards Hartley. “I’m sure Dr. Wells wouldn’t be happy knowing that one of his employees is wasting his time with childish bullying. Plus, this isn’t even your department so it’ll be wise for you to leave, we’ve got work to do.”

You didn’t leave much room for argument as Hartley quickly closes his mouth, setting his lips in a firm line before storming passed you. “This isn’t over.” He said before taking his leave.

“Yeah, keep telling yourself take.” You called out before turning your attention towards Cisco as he stares at you in awe. “W-What? Is there something on my face?” You ask quickly.

Cisco blinks a few time. “No..no there’s not, it’s just that..no one has stood up for me. Against Hartley of all people.”

You shrug your shoulders a bit. “It’s fine, really. Hartley could be a jerk sometimes and from personal experience, it wasn’t cool what he was saying to you.”

Cisco continues to stare at you and you can’t help but feel a small blush forming on your face from being under his gaze. “Besides all of that, we haven’t been introduces yet.” You say quickly, holding a hand out. “I’m Y/N L/N” You smiled.

Cisco soon shakes your hand. “Cisco Ramon.” He states, eyeing you up and down, a small smile forming on his face.

“Well Cisco, it s pleasure to meet you but I should probably head for my lunch break.” You say, pulling you hand away slowly about to turn and leave when you thought of something. “Did you want to join me?”

“What?” He looked thrown off for a second. “Are you being for real?”

You couldn’t help but smile. “Of course I am. If you coming with you should hurry, Big Belly’s is having a special on their burgers.” You soon turned and left out the room with Cisco right behind you. Since then, you two have been stuck together ever since. During after the explosion and training Barry, to fighting meta-humans, you two were always together but you felt yourself growing more feeling for Cisco, long before the explosion.

It didn’t help your feeling at when he flirted with Plastique or when he was kidnapped by Leonard Snart, you’ve never been so worried before in your life. After he came back to the lab and threaten to leave, you couldn’t handle the thought of losing him again.

You waited until Wells was done to talk to him before coming int the room. “I see Wells got to you before I did.” You said, giving Cisco a smile when you notice you came in.

“Here to give me the same speech as he did?” Cisco asked, sitting down on metal steps, looking at the failed and broken accelerator.

You come over and sit down next to him. “No, just here to be, well..here.” You say, look at Cisco, seeing him playing with the small bolt between his fingers. You sigh to yourself. “Look Cisco, I know you had a rough couple of days but I want you to know that it isn’t you fault. You did what you had to do to protect your brother.”

“Yeah but at what cost? Selling out my best friend? Putting everyone in danger?” He asked and you tell how much this is eating him up.

You shake your head. “No one thinks you sold Barry out Cisco, we’re all just glad that you’re back and unharmed.” You said. “I heard you and Wells, I know that you’re staying with us and it’ll be better this way.” You soon leaned into Cisco, wrapping your arms around him.

“You’re too awesome and too great of a guy to let Snart or anyone tear you down.” You say softly, hugging him tightly before pulling back. “So come on, we still got a whole bunch of bad guys to catch.” You smiled brightly.

Even thought you felt it, you couldn’t bring yourself to tell Cisco how you felt about him. Even when Lisa came to STAR labs and it became clear to you that he had some feelings for her, you just couldn’t win and just decided to hold back your feelings, especially when he was seeing Kendra. You were officially friendzoned without even being told it.

Even though you tried to go out and date, none of them came close to Cisco but soon, dating anyone would be put on the back burner when Jay and earth-2 Harrison came through the breaches, along with Zoom.

So now here you were, working on a formula to help Barry become faster but you two couldn’t focus because we both trying to out do the other with corny jokes.

“Hey Cisco, dude, I’ve got a funny joke.” Barry says.

“I’ve heard it already, thanks.” Cisco quickly cuts him off, going over to his work station. Both you and Barry share a look of confusion.

“Is it me or has Cisco been acting not like, well..Cisco.” Barry whispered too you.

You nod your head, looking at Cisco with his back towards you two. “Yeah, you can say that again. He’s really killing my vibe!” You and Barry look at each other before breaking out into a fit of giggles.

Cisco slams down one of his tools before turning to face you. “Can you both cut it out! Some of us are actually trying to work!”

“Okay…I’m going to go find Harry..” Barry gets up before speeding out of the room.

You get up out of your seat before going over towards Cisco. “Care to share what that was all about?” You ask, watching him fixing whatever tool he was working on.

You step closer, leaning up on your tip toes to look over your shoulder. “Helloooo~ earthland to Cisco.”

He soon jumps, not expecting you to be so close which causes you to step back. “What is wrong with you!?” You ask, crossing your arms. “You’ve been acting weird for two weeks now? Is it Harry? Dante?”

Cisco takes a deep breath. “Nothing, it’s nothing already so just drop it.”

You narrow your eyes. “No, I’m not just going to drop it. Somethings bothering you and you better tell me or else I’m raiding your secret candy stash.” You say, seeing the defeated look on his face.

He remains silent thought, playing with the tool  in his hand which causes you to give him a stern look. “Francisco Paco Ramon..”

“I saw your doppelgänger okay!” He let out quickly, to quickly you almost didn’t catch that.

You stare at him for a moment. “Okay..? Is that it? Is it because my doppelgänger was evil or something?” You ask, crossing your arms. “Cisco, Caitlin and I already been over this, none of us are going to turn evil.”

Cisco shakes his head. “I-It’s not that..” He chews on his lower lip, he eyes gaze and yours while you wait for him to continue. Cisco sighs, rubbing a hand over his face before leaning back against his deck.

“She was..she was with my doppelgänger.” He says, giving you a look.

“Oh,Oh?” You blinked a few times before it slowly hit you. ”..ooooh.” You let out, knowing what he means by with.

“And, she looked so much like you but evil and mean, still amazingly beautiful and just, but…she wasn’t you.” Cisco says. “And she had powers too, I don’t know what they were but they made me see things.”

“Like what?” You ask, coming over and lean back against the deck next to Cisco as he continues.

“Visions. Her powers were like mine, well…more like Reverb’s. I don’t know but they were Visions not only from the future but from ever multiverse that’s out there.” He says, looking down at his hands.

“What were the visions Cisco?”

Cisco take s a deep breath before gaze into your eyes. “Us.”

You feel a small blush forming on your cheeks, ‘no Y/N don’t get your hopes up, he could mean anything!’ You think to yourself as you try to remain calm but the way he said, us, it sent your heart beating fast.

“What do you mean by..us?” You ask.

Cisco looks away from you for a moment. “She…she showed us, together.” He says, rubbing the back of his neck. “It’s just like when I vibe, I’m surrounded by imagines and events that’s happened or going to happen and it was the same with her powered, like she had me trapped in vibe mood with only imagines of you. Of us.”

“How do you know it wasn’t just her playing a trick on you? How do you know any of those imagines were real?” You ask.

Cisco looks at you. “Because she told me. And plus, I felt it, like I was on ever earth at once. There was one of us where we were filthy rich, living together or another one where we were both dirt poor but happy…because we had each other. We always had each other.”

You look down, the blush growing more. “But what really drove it home was a vision, from this earth, from the future.” He continued and you see the sad smile forming on his face as if he’s talking about a distant memory.

You stayed in silence, watching how tensed Cisco became as he continued. “It was raining and…everyone I’ve ever known were gathered around a grave and…my family was there and Caitlin, Harry and Jess. Oliver and everyone, Joe, Wally, Iris and Barry…and you. You were all there, dressed in black and…it was raining..”

Cisco takes a deep breath before he went on. “I stepped closer and saw everyone gathered around my grave.”

You start to feel your eyes swelling with tears, with out thinking, slid close to him, lacing your fingers through his as you rest your head on his shoulder. “Cisco..”

“But that wasn’t even the worst part of it. It was seeing you there…you were pregnant Y/N.” Cisco lets out, barely a whisper as your head shot up, looking at him.

Cisco gripped your hand tighter. “I couldn’t touch you. I couldn’t hold you and tell you that I’m alive and that I..” He stops, shaking his head. “When we got back from Earth-2 those..visions, I keep vibing them but I didn’t know what to do.”

“You could of told me about this Cisco.” You say.

“I know, I know but…when I see you laughing and talking with Barry or any other guy..I can’t help but get upset.” Cisco lets out, rubbing the back of his head again, shifting a little under your gaze.

“Cisco, are you telling me that..you’re jealous? Of Barry?” You asked, surprised that this is coming from him. “The guy who’s literally ruins every relationship he has with a girl because he’s still in love with Iris.”

Cisco looks away but not before you saw the small blush on his cheeks. “I can’t help it okay? I don’t know, it’s like..I know we’re going to be together and know that there’s a future out there where we’re married and having kids together…I can’t help but get jealous.”

You feel a small smile forming on your face before you pinch Cisco with your free hand. “Ouch! What was that for!?”

“You’re so stupid Cisco.” You let out, whipping away a stray tear. You feel Cisco arms wrapping around yours, comforting you.  You close your eyes, feeling the warmth wrapping around you before speaking. “I love you Cisco, only you. And I’ll try as hard as I can to make sure we have a future together.” You say softly, feeling him wrapping your closer to him, his lips pressing against the top of your head.

A crash sound soon brings you back to reality as you pull back a little, Cisco arms still wrapped around your waist.

The noise is heard again and cursing from the other room and you both know know who it is. “You should go make sure Harry doesn’t wreck anymore of your stuff.” You say with a smile.

Cisco chuckles as you feel him letting go of you as you step back fully. “Yeah, you’re right let hope he doesn’t throw anything at me this time.”

You giggle. “Good luck Cisco.” You say he turns to leave out the room but not before stopping, coming back over to you and cupping your face, planting a sweet, tender kiss against your lips.

Cisco pulls back, grinning from ear to ear.

“I love you too.”


First story of Cisco week!! Hope you call enjoyed in and I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

Keith as the Leader
  • Lance: jfc the galra are everywhere
  • Hunk: guys I'm surrounded this is awful
  • Pidge: Keith what's the plan???
  • Keith:
  • Pidge: Keith? You there? What is the plan?
  • Keith:
  • Pidge: wtf why isn't he answering
  • Lance: guys I saw keith literally eject himself from his lion a few minutes ago because he thought he saw Zarkon through a window I think we're on our own.
  • Allura: *speaking to shiro's spirit* nice job m8 good pick I'll just wait here