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Try and Stop me - Part 2

Aaron’s POV

He was tired; tired of the lies, the deceit, the constant paranoia on whether his secret would resurface. Ever since he came back, that lowlife he once called had his dad, life just went from bad to worse. After everything he went through with his mum, all the hospital visits and the PTSD, he just wanted it to just be them, “Us against the world!” she promised him… yeah right. She was off with him , Paddy was too busy with his dirty little affair, Cain was dealing with Debbie, even Adam wasn’t there after all the Johnny stuff. He had no one - well, sort of.

He didn’t know how long he had been running, an hour? Two? All he knew was that it was working, with each step the pain stung him more and more - until one point, he found himself collapsed face first on the ground, his body must have given in from running on empty. That’s when he noticed the tears running down his numb face onto the hard ground beneath him. I need him. He reached into his backpack and called that familiar number, anxiously anticipating hearing that voice that once made him feel safer than ever before… He didn’t answer. At that moment he felt somehow even weaker than before. Empty. Scared. Thought so, he’s moved on… just like everybody else. At that moment he launched his phone into the distance, pulled a bottle of vodka out of his bag, dragged himself off the ground and carried on walking, hoping to drink himself into an oblivion.

Robert’s POV

He’d never ran so fast in his life, he didn’t know he could run this fast, but he had to find Aaron - that’s all that mattered to him! After what felt like forever he saw a crouched figure in the close distance - Thank God! He raced over to him calling his name but when the man turned around, nothing but a silhouette of the man he loved stood before him - he had never seen him like this before.

“Ohhh look who it is, the great Robert Sugden, back again to tell me how useless I am, huh? Come to see the waste of space?!” Aaron shouted drunkenly.

“Oh my - Aaron. I got your call, I - What’s happened?” Robert asked, concern filling his voice.

“What’s happened?” Aaron laughed, waving the bottle in the air, “I’ll tell you what. HE came back! That’s what!” He shouted, angrily continuing, “He is feeding everyone lies and they’re all too thick to notice what he’s really like! It doesn’t matter because NO ONE cares about me anymore anyway - not even you.” A wave of guilt hit Robert in the gut, if only he knew, “I mean - why should they? Little messed up Aaron who hurts everyone they love, who cuts himself to shreds, who-” A tear escaped his eye and his voice calmed down, “Just drive away and leave me alone, I don’t need your pity” he said bitterly. Robert was lost for words, battling to hold back the tears that had formed from seeing Aaron like this. The man he loved was torturing himself and he didn’t know how to help him.

“Aaron, please, just come with me, come home - please.” Robert begged. Aaron came right up to his face which allowed Robert to smell the alcohol on his breath.

“No.” He replied through gritted teeth, then turned and started to stagger away, taking another mouthful from the near-empty bottle. 

“I’m not just gonna watch you fall apart, running yourself to an early grave,” Robert called after him.

“Oh yeah?”

Aaron turned back to face his former lover again, opening his arms invitingly yet angrily towards him.

“Try and stop me then!”

Before Robert could respond, Aaron’s face went pale, the bottle smashed to the floor and he fell suddenly to the ground, passed out.

“Aaron!” Robert screamed, rushing over to hold him, I’m not loosing you, not now. Crying, he rapidly dialled on his phone.

“Yes, hello? Ambulance…”

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