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Hi, just wanted to say I'm very very excited for All the Crooked Saints and I saw that one line in the book has Spanish in it and for some reason I just got so happy? It feels amazing to see my favorite author write something in my native tongue, even if it's something as simple as 'mi hijo'.

Dear the powersofwifi,


I had a lot of help from Mexicans and Mexican-Americans at every stage of that book, and if the Spanish is good in the book, it is their doing; if it’s bad, it’s mine.



I found this reply on the big thread about the treaties - what do you make of it? I don’t know if you saw it but yeah it found it really interesting. Hmmmm

Submitted by @mattykinsel.

AlltheCanadianPolitics: Its pure bull shit. I blocked that user from this blog for his anti-native racism.

If you’re buying into arguments like this you’re eating up capitalist and white supremacist arguments that aim to convince people that Native people don’t deserve the land they’ve always lived on.

It doesn’t matter whether Indigenous people had a concept of private ownership, they all have had established territories where they have lived for tens of thousands of years. Saying that because indigenous people did not develop a capitalististic economy, that land left is ok is extremely harmful.

These traditional territories of indigenous people in North America have been removed from the original inhabitants. They have been forceably relocated to tiny reserves, sometimes not even near where their original territory existed. 

Please stop buying into these gross dehumanizing arguments.

You guys want some quick, dark, kinda magical/FAHC-ish Freewood?  No?  Too Bad.

Inspired by: [X]


Gavin knows, deep in his bones, that this is not Ryan.  He knows this in the same way he knows the sun rises in the East even behind the rain.  In the same way he knows that storms eventually end, and that life always finds a way even through the ashes of total destruction.

He knows this at the same depth he knows the way Ryan’s smile looks in the early morning rays of light, how his blue eyes shine when he’s first waking up with Gavin in his arms and doesn’t want to face the world… just yet.

Behind Ryan - No.  Behind the man who insists they all call him The Vagabond, the city burns.  Flames lick the sky, ever higher with every passing minute.  Blue has turned to a deadly mix of red and orange and shadows flicker across the strangers face.  Despite this all, the man smiles.

In his smile Gavin can almost see the man who loves him.  The man he’s loved for years.  

“What happened? Did Ryan really let you… let you in like this?  He couldn’t do that!”

The Vagabond steps in closer, closing the distance between them while Gavin looks on, his already cracked heart slowly loosing any strength it had left.  “He didn’t really know, of course.”  The Vagabond’s voice is just a touch darker than Ryan’s, with a little more gravel and much more ominous.  “Every time you and your crew went out causing mayhem, blowing shit up, putting yourselves in danger, I was laying the seeds.  Eventually I was able to slip in, piece by piece over the years.  But it was never really full control.  At his heart, he was far too good for that.  Not until.. well..”  He shrugs, giving Gavin the most nonchalant look. 

It makes him cringe.

“Until I was in danger.”  Gavin almost whispers.  Because he remembers that night.  The night Ryan had come in where Gavin had lain near death, barely conscious.  The look of rage and pure hatred in his eyes as he, single-handed, took on two dozen fully armed and armored men.

And lived.

Gavin’s nightmares had never really ended.

“Indeed.  That night, he was willing to take on any help just to save his poor little Gavin.  I think you know the rest of that story.”

The chaos behind him is more than enough of a reminder.  He doesn’t need to be told.  Doesn’t want to think about it.

There isn’t much hope left, at this point.  All he has is the small, sliver of desperation that somewhere, somehow, Ryan is still in there.  Gavin takes a step forward, reaching out for Ryan.  He slides his hands around and behind a stranger’s neck, the stranger with an achingly familiar face, and brings their lips together.

The kiss is warm and familiar, a slide of lips that Gavin has taken comfort in for years.  There’s a gentle scrape against his skin of the other man’s stubble sending quick shocks of shivers through his spine.  His body reacts on instinct, holding him closer and warming at the attention, at his taste, at the way Ryan reacts to him.

When he stops, they don’t move apart, breathing in each other’s space.  There’s a light in the deep blue of Ryan’s eyes, a flash of something familiar.  Gavin feels the sweet taste and heavy heat of Ryan’s breath against his kiss swollen lips and for a brief, heart stopping moment he thinks he’s made it through.  

But then, he laughs.  Its his laugh.  The bright and amused sound that first made Gavin start falling in love with him.  

And it’s so, so terribly wrong.

The cold feel of sharp steel presses against the underside of Gavin’s chin and what is left of his heart is doused in ice, shattering into a million jagged pieces.  

In his ears, laced with nothing but venom, The Vagabond reminds him of his failures. 

“You should have joined me when you had the chance.”

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Does Jimin have an eating disorder? I've seen him being very self-conscious about his weight but I saw someone saying he actually has/had an eating disorder. Do you know?

I don’t know, I personally don’t think so.
But I don’t want anyone to say that he has it, considering that no one can know. :/

Bias or not, he brings happiness to people :)
He’s just such a lovely and beautiful person ♥

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I've always seen Danny's condition as DNA mutation, since in both the theme song and PP, it's clear that the 'ghost DNA' can separate from Danny's human DNA without any long-term pain or consequence as Danny gets to be a normal human kid for a while, long enough to adjust to life without powers. I also saw in PP that when the ghosts blasted Danny at once, I assumed his powers had just simply been turned 'off', since multiple ecto-rays were enough to mutate his DNA again. Idk, what do you think?

Well, I don’t consider PP to be canon, for the most part. Especially not the first half. Plot points like the ghost portal removing his powers are…kinda ridiculous and make no sense.

But my opinion isn’t too different from yours.

I see it as being exactly what we’re shown in the opening. Danny’s DNA is coated with ectoplasm. In theory, I suppose something like what happened in PP could be possible. Though rather than removing it, it’s more like the ectoplasm receded into the white strip in his hair. An ectoplasmic shock could also, in theory, “wake it up.”

But yeah, this is what I mean when I say things like “ecto-infection” or “ghost formed around his being.” Danny’s DNA has literally been infused with ectoplasm. Something like that would probably usually kill a person. After all, we see that human and ghost DNA doesn’t normally mix well. Danny’s probably a special case because he (and Jazz) grew up around ectoplasm. They may have even been exposed to it in the womb, which would give them more of a resistance.

That’s always been my interpretation, at least.

Star Spangled Man

Requested By: Anonymous

Hi!!! I saw that your request are open and was wondering if you could write a tom holland x reader, and the reader is Chris Evans daughter. Thank you 😊

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Description: You were Chris Evans daughter, therefore, you absolutely adored Captain America, he was your favorite Marvel character, but Tom was doing his best to change that. 

Warnings: It’s cute, some teasing??

Word Count: 1,586

A/N: Okay ngl this was pretty difficult for me to write? I saw another Tumblr who had gotten a pretty similar request like this one so maybe that is why I was so iffy with it?? But I still think it’s cute! I hope you like it :))

Originally posted by damnfanwarriornation

“So what’re your plans for tonight?” Your dad asked, making you groan and roll your eyes playfully.

“I’m just going out with a few friends, that’s all.” You shrugged, taking a spoonful of your vegetable soup.

“Alright well, don’t stay out too late or I’ll have to go all star spangled man at you and I don’t think you would want me to embarrass you like that.” Your dad grinned, making you burst out laughing, which made Chris laugh along with you.

You loved your dad, he was your hero, your best friend, basically your entire life. He was the only parent figure you had, your mom had left when you were about five, which at the time you didn’t understand why she never came back.

As time went on you started to learn more about her from what Chris had told you, but when you got to the age of understanding, you decided you didn’t need her to be a part of your life, you just needed your dad.

“You do realize that Captain America is bomb as hell right? There would be no way you could embarrass me, in fact I’d be proud if you did that, so I can show off how cool my dad is.” You smiled proudly, making Chris’s heart all warm and tingly.

“You are the best daughter in the entire world, you know that right?” Chris smiled, giving you a hug before messing up your hair.

You laughed in response, fixing your hair as he walked into the other room.

“Have fun tonight!” He called, as you shouted an ’I will!’ back before leaving the house.

Your friends had taken you out to a party, you weren’t really a huge drinker, but your friends.. well they were.

“Y/N, lighten up, have some fun!” Your one friend Carly shouted over the loud music, making you laugh at her drunken state.

She was always the first to go, then it was Raven, and lastly Jade, and before you knew it all your friends were dancing stupidly out on the dance floor and you were watching from afar.

Nobody really knew you as Chris Evans daughter, which you were thankful for, you weren’t constantly getting recognized.

“So, are you going to sit here all night or are you going to party with your clearly wasted friends?” A voice spoke over your shoulder, startling you as you turned to see who the mysterious voice was.

“Well if it isn’t the famous Tom Holland.” You smirked, watching as he took the seat in front of you, a mysterious glint in his eyes.

“That’s me.” He replied cheekily, making you shake your head and laugh slightly.

“But honestly though, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be down there with them?” Tom questioned, bringing his beer to his lips, his eyebrow raised slightly.

You shrugged, messing with the straw in your drink, partying wasn’t really your thing, you’d rather just go watch a movie and eat some popcorn.

“I guess I’m just not that into partying like they are.” You admitted, a faint smile on your lips.

“That’s alright, it’s not for everyone, in fact, would you like to get out of here?” Tom questioned, making your face heat up a tad.

“As nice as that sounds, I should really stay and make sure they don’t get into trouble.” You sighed, seeing Tom’s smile falter slightly, before letting out a sigh also.

“Maybe we can hangout tomorrow then?” Tom’s smiled reappeared, making you smile and nod in agreement.

“Sure, text me.” You winked, handing him your number before going over to your friends.

That night turned out to be one of the best, normally you disliked parties but Tom appearing changed everything.

You got home late, your dad was waiting up for you, which made you feel bad, you always told him he could go to bed, but he always wanted to make sure you got home safe.

Once he knew you were home, you both went to bed, happy to finally get the sleep you both needed.

Night soon turned to morning and you awoke to the smell of tea brewing, you got up and saw you had a text from Tom, asking if you wanted to hangout, making your heart race slightly.

“Hey pumpkin, how’d you sleep?” Chris smiled, seeing your tired expression as he handed you your cup of tea.

“Eh, alright, thank you.” You smiled, holding the cup in your hands, feeling the warmth travel through, and the smell of the tea linger in the air.

“Do you care if Tom comes over later? We ran into each other at the party last night.” You smiled, seeing your dads eyes widen a bit, before sitting down across form you.

“The spider boy?” Your dad teased, making you laugh and hide your face in your hands.

“He’s a sweet guy.” You laughed, sipping your tea, as you saw your dad wiggle his eyebrows at you.

A few hours later Tom arrived at your house, he was a bit surprised to find out you were Chris Evans daughter.

“Alright so, I figured we could watch a movie, have some popcorn?” You smiled, taking a seat next to Tom as he took a few pieces of popcorn from the bowl.

“Sure, we’re watching Spider-Man right?” Tom smiled, making you gasp and shake your head in disagreement.

“No way! We’re watching Captain America! No offense to you and your ’thing’ but Captain America will forever be my favorite Marvel character.” You smirked, seeing the shocked expression on Tom’s face.

“If we’re going to date, that has to change, how can my potential girlfriend not love Spider-Man?” Tom waved his hands around, making you laugh as he was throwing a fit.

“Not my fault that Cap is so much better than you.” You teased, making him gasp dramatically.

“You take that back!” He pointed his finger at you, his eyes squinting at you playfully as you put in Captain America The First Avenger, your all time favorite movie.

You smirked at him as the music started playing, you could see that Tom was itching to tackle you.

“Fight. Me. Pretty boy.” You taunted, making him laugh lowly before he got up, throwing you over his shoulder as you squealed.

“Tom! This isn’t fair!” You shouted, but he only laughed at your response.

“You should of thought about that before you said Captain America was better than Spider-Man.” Tom grinned, twirling you in circles, making you laugh even harder.

“He still is.” You teased, making Tom stop spinning you and set you on the ground, his arms wrapped around your waist.

“What makes you so sure it’ll stay that way?” He grinned, his forehead leaning against yours, as you were breathing heavy from laughing.

“Because, she’s got the star spangled man to look after her, thank you very much.” Your dad spoke up out of nowhere, startling the both of you, but you couldn’t help but laugh at your dad, he was dressed in his Captain America costume, the one that you loved.

“And this is why, he’ll always be my favorite, but, maybe, just maybe Spider-Man can find a way into my heart.” You teased, kissing Tom on the nose, surprising him before you both started laughing.

“Maybe we should put Captain America Civil War in, instead?” Tom joked, making Chris and you laugh, before you all sat down on the couch.

You sat there, a smile on your face as you cuddled into Tom’s side, Chris sitting on the other couch.

You couldn’t have felt any happier than you did now.

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I just saw your awesome Mando translation of the Gunslinger's Code and was wondering if you had the time to do me a favour. I need "I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend." for future fic purposes. But only if you want to, if not, I'll figure something out. thank you one way or the other.

Okay, let’s see!  (Keep in mind, this won’t be an exact translation, but I’ll try to keep the spirit of it!)

“Nu’guur dral kad par kad’la, kad’bevik par iviin, verd par kote.  Shi’guur megin’arana.”

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listen, i need help. ok so i work at a place with dogs (working in groups of 10 at a time) its really fun! and i recently just met a dog, Chuck, whose up for adoption! for free! but he marks on things and im only living in an apartment with my cats and fiance but i think i would be perfect for him so i could really work with him on not marking anymore since i have so much time but also im really nervous cause a dog is a big responsibility, like im just not sure what i should do!!!

fun fact while i was reading this ask, i saw a pug running down my street and im takin it as a sign that u should totally get chuck!!!

like tbh i dont have any experience w/ dogs bc ive only ever had kitties, but i think if u have the free time to spend w/ chuck and try to teach him to not mark on stuff, i think u should go for it and get chuck!!! and u should send me pix of chuck when u get him so i can see what a good boy he is!!!!!

Watching Scary Movies - Auston Matthews #1

Originally posted by nylanderhoe

about/request: auston matthews takes you to a scary movie in which you totally think you can handle but you can’t handle at all and spend most of the movie with your eyes shut and clinging onto him plus some flirting and social media and i don’t know honestly

warnings: none

authors note: hi i used to write imagines a fucking long time ago and i had no desire to anymore but i’m back because i’m trash deal with me i just wanted to write some shit and i just saw annabelle and got this idea so yeah if anyone has requests or something after this like i’m totally down idk hi

word count: 1212

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It's great to see you had a great time in Japan!! I lived there for a few years and it's a great place. It makes me so happy to see others also had a great time. Please do share with us what you did and saw!!!

I went to Matsumoto, Nagano, Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo and Kanazawa. :)

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Okay, so, you're old enough to be onion's dad, right? Can i ask what got you into the anti-garbage scene? How did you discover onion?

The first time I discovered him, he was sitting in front of the camera dressed up as emo charlie. I thought he had talent because he talked so clearly and so fast. I thought he had talent because I believed he memorized a script much like actors do. I quickly realized that he was just rambling on and on, saying what ever he could think of at time. Take takes zero talent to do.

The second video I saw was him bashing the U.S. armed forces. I do not like people talking shit about the military so I decided to follow him for awhile to see what else he was up to. Months turned to years only because there was this never ending bullshit coming from him and I wanted to let everyone know it was bullshit.

im gonna be real for like a hot second so like dont read this if u dont care thanks ilu but anyways i dont talk about my mom too much anymore bc she said some pretty awful things to me last year (and also for like 99% of my whole life, but thats besides the point) and she threatened to kick me out bc of who i am as a person so i was like ‘ok lol bye idk what or how exactly im gonna do this but im outie i cant do this anymor’e and so i tried to make plans to get away but once she saw me actually doing that she was like ‘wait no i didnt mean it lol ur staying with me forever bc ur my baby and i love u i just get angry sometimes’ and so?? like a huge dumpass (and bc i had.. No Money At All) i was like… ‘aight.. ill stay here. but i wont like it.’ anyways i ended up staying with her and a lot of other things happened (like some.. abuse.. problems……. and also we lost our whole fucking house lol) and now we’re living at my grandmas house in the back room and THE MAIN POINT I WAS GONNA MAKE WAS: i still have good times with her?? like yesterday she said something funny and we both laughed and made food together and it felt good but then i remember what shes done and im like…. wow.. idk how to articulate that feeling but its not a good one and idk what to do? bc being happy with her feels like im lying to myself. like bc shes being good i forget how awful she can be. like im making up the bad parts. and idk that in itself is a weird feeling and basically idk what to do but i still have love in me for this person who has been nothing but awful and terrible to me all my life and idk what i can do about it, but it most certainly feels like im stuck here and that i can never get away and basically im dyin scoob,,,


mama does not condone cursing (´∀`)

inspired by this that was inspired by this lol


cinnamon roll /ˈsɪnəmən rəʊl/ 
   1. Salim from American Gods