i saw them understand each other

7 Minutes In Heaven

Summary: You’re Tony’s daughter in this one (father!Tony), and he sets you and Peter up in the best way he can think of… 7 minutes in Heaven - well as many minutes it takes for you to start going out.

Words: 975

A/N: Hehe I’ve had this idea for ages and I know it’s not original but :D

Third Person:

“Tony, are you going to tell us why you’ve called a meeting?” Steve asked.

All the other Avengers, minus Y/N and Peter, turned to look at Tony expectantly.

“It’s regarding Y/N and Peter.” Tony started and he saw Wanda grin in quiet understanding. “Who finds it painful just watching them co-exist even though it is unbelievably obvious that they like each other in more than a friend way?”

He didn’t get a definitive answer from anyone but Tony could see them thinking. He knew that they had all seen it in training and on missions.

“And as Y/N’s father,” Tony continued, “I feel obliged to do something.”

“What do you propose we do?” Sam asked, cutting directly to the point.

Tony grinned. “Ever heard of ‘7 minutes in Heaven’?”

Steve looked confused. Wanda found it funny. Natasha was mildly horrified Tony would do that to them. Overall, Tony had got a mixed response.

“I don’t know what that is.” Steve said.

“He plans to put them in a closet or something for 7 minutes and expects that to sort out their problems.” Nat replied.

“I still don’t understand.”

“But I’m guessing you aren’t going to keep to 7 minutes?” Wanda suggested and turned to look at Tony.

“There it is.” Tony said, “We won’t let them out until they kiss or whatever or officially start dating.”

“How are we, oh I’m sorry - you, going to get them into the closet.” Nat said.

“They won’t just agree to get into a closet together.” Steve stated.

“As I said,” Tony looked round everyone, “I am Y/N’s father - she has to do what I tell her.”

Your P.O.V:

“Dad you aren’t being serious?” You said. You were facing your father, Tony Stark, with your arms folded.

“Yes I am being serious. Get in the closet.”

Naturally, you didn’t know where he was going with this but he was your father so you had to do what he said.

“You owe me one.” You stated before shooting one last confused look at him before climbing into the closet in your room. You had multiple ones and Tony had told you to get into the one that didn’t have many clothes in. At least that was the only thing that was logical.

“Not after this I won’t.” Tony closed the doors a bit but they weren’t fully closed.


“Wait here.” He ordered.

“What the fuck…” You muttered under your breath when you heard him leave the room.

After a few minutes of you just sitting there trying to run through all of the possible outcomes of this you heard the bedroom door open again.

“I said shh.” You heard Tony say to someone.

You wanted to poke your head out of the closet and see what was going on but you had been told just to sit so you didn’t.

The doors opened and you saw Peter standing there with Tony behind him.

“Dad what the-?” You started but Tony lightly pushed Peter towards you. He had obviously briefed Peter like you because he just moved in next to you.

“Have fun.” Tony said with a smile and fully closed the doors, putting you two into darkness.

You tried the doors but either there was something up against them now or a lock because they wouldn’t budge.

Peter still hadn’t said anything but had sat down like you, and was facing you.

“I’m pretty sure this is the embodiment of bad parenting.” You joked, still trying to work out what the hell was happening.

Peter still hadn’t said anything. You looked back to him.

“Don’t tell me you know what’s going on here?” You said.

“If I tell you, you won’t like it.” Peter said.

“Peter, we’re friends you can tell me anything.” You said now getting slightly exasperated at your Dad.

“Um…” Peter said before continuing, “Mr Stark isn’t going to let us out until we um…”

“Yes?” You asked.

“'Kiss or something’” Peter recalled what Tony had said.

Suddenly, you started to feel really awkward and you could tell your cheeks had instantly gone red.

“My dad is an asshole.” You muttered.

“But we could um…”  Peter stopped again.

“Could what?” You said not really knowing what you were saying. Even though your dad was an asshole you couldn’t really hate him for this now knowing what it was.

“We could… kiss.” Peter said quieter.

You bit your lip to supress a smile.

“Oh really?” You said smirking even though you didn’t know if Peter could see you in the darkness or not.

“I mean we don’t have to…”

“Can’t take it back now.” You laughed and you moved to lean across him so your face was inches away from his.

“Well go on then.” You teased.

Peter paused for a moment but then tilted his head slightly to kiss you firmly on the lips.

You smiled into the kiss, happy that you were finally doing this. And about the fact that Peter clearly liked you back like you liked him.

“Mission complete.” You heard your dad say over an intercom. Then you heard Sam laugh and Nat say something about how 'it could probably have been done better’ and Tony arguing that 'it happened so that’s all that matters’.

You groaned and moved slightly away from Peter.

“We should have done that earlier.” You said.

“I think we should have.” Peter confirmed.

Even though it worked out well, that was the last time your Dad was getting involved in your love life.

Once Upon an Allergy

The Spring Exchange fic authors have been revealed, so I can post this here now!

This was my exchange fic for @baneismydragon! I hope you enjoy(ed) it, you gave a really good prompt! Shout out to @reyxa for lending me her soulmates au where the sneezes of soulmates sync up.

Summary: "After pouring two packs of chocolate powder in each mug, she felt a sudden sensation in her sinuses thanks to the powder that remained in the air. Quickly, she put her finger below her nose, pleased when the sneeze stopped. After that, it was quick work to pour the water and stir the mix in, and just as she was about to bring them out-

She sneezed.

She stared at the mugs of hot chocolate, her eyes impossibly wide. There was no way. She had to be dreaming. She did not just hear three consecutive sneezes come from her friends in the living room.”

Or, a soulmate au where the sneezes of soulmates sync up after you meet them.


“Alright, class, we’ve got two new students joining us this semester. Please, introduce yourselves for us,” their teacher, Madame Bustier, said.

Standing in front of the rest of the class were two students, one that looked excited and fiery, and another that looked shy and awkward. To the class’ surprise, the shy one spoke first.

“Hi, my name’s Adrien, and I look forward to working with all of you in the future.” He punctuated his statement with a quick little wave and a sweet smile.

After he finished speaking, the other spoke. “I’m Alya, and I just moved nearby from across the city.”

Madame Bustier gave them both a smile and gestured for them to find their seats. Alya moved instantly, spotting an empty seat in the second row, next to a girl she’d actually ran into before school started. Adrien rubbed his arm, his eyes sweeping across the room. He saw a childhood friend of his waving for him to sit by her, but he cringed when he saw her trying to push her seatmate out for him. In the hopes of letting the poor girl keep her seat, Adrien sat as close as he could by taking the empty seat in front, next to a student that looks uninterested in what was going on.

While the two settled in, their teacher was about to continue speaking when two synchronized sneezes sounded from the back of the room. Adrien and Alya both turned to look, eyes wide at actually having a pair of soulmates in their classroom. They saw a couple sitting next to each other in the row behind Alya, both of them blushing a tiny bit as their hands intertwined.

Patient though she may be, when Adrien and Alya didn’t look away, Madame Bustier cleared her throat and brought their attention back to her. It was only then that the two noticed nobody else had turned to gawk, which could only mean they all knew already.

“I understand that soulmates are an interesting topic to talk about, let alone see in person, but we do have class to tend to, Monsieur Agreste and Mademoiselle Césaire.” With that, she turned around and started writing on the board. Adrien looked sheepish and stared down at his desk while Alya turned to the girl beside her and started whispering.

“So girl, mind spilling the beans on those two behind us?” she asked, not quiet enough to keep Adrien and his seatmate from hearing. “Are they really… you know?”

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I did the thing @tecochet <3

The first thing Phichit heard when he and Seung Gil entered Yuuri and Victor’s home was the shouts of his name from small children. Three children ran up to him, one from each couple, jumping up and wanting their turn to hug him first.

Phichit laughed and knelt down to let them all jump on him. Yuri and Otabek’s daughter, Ekaterina (Katya for short), was the first to lunge at him, tiny arms wrapping around Phichit’s neck. She was six at this point, the oldest of the bunch. Victor and Yuuri’s son, four year old Masaru, glued himself to Phichit’s left side. The boy was shy, much like Yuuri was for the majority of his life. Lastly, the youngest of the bunch, three year old Felipe de la Iglesia bounced onto Phichit’s right side. All three of them were giggling and Phichit was with them.

Seung Gil had moved to the side, scrunching up his nose at the squealing children.

“Hi guys!” Phichit laughed and ruffled all of their hair.

Yuuri came tumbling into the entrance then, pushing his glasses up his nose. “Phichit-kun!” He exclaimed and then helped Phichit stand, pulling all of the children off of him. “I’m so sorry!”

Phichit laughed and stood up, keeping Felipe close to him. “Oh, it’s alright. I don’t mind being around all these babies.”

Yuuri just gave him a smile at that and greeted the both of them, taking their coats before allowing them to go into the main room where everybody was. Yuri was leaning into Otabek’s side, their one year old son Nikolai snoozing against his shoulder. Leo and Guang Hong were cozied up on the other couch, listing to the story that Victor was engaging them in.

When Seung Gil and Phichit entered they all got up to greet them except Yuri. He blamed it on Nikolai of course but everybody knew he just didn’t want to get up.

The four couples did this a couple of times a year, getting together in order to catch up. It wasn’t easy and money didn’t really allow for travel often (although both Yuris were based in Russia, Leo and Guang Hong lived in America while Phichit and Seung Gil were based in South Korea. It was easier for Seung Gil and Phichit to come as they didn’t have children - Leo and Guang Hong, not so much.

The pair sat down, Phichit being basically dragged down by Guang Hong in a hug before the younger took his son back.

“No, I like Uncle Phichit!” Felipe whined as he reached for said uncle.

Phichit grinned and tapped his nose. “Don’t worry buddy, you’ll be seeing me a lot this week!” Felipe wasn’t convinced but a tickle to his stomach from both Guang Hong and Phichit got him smiling again. Then the former lowered the boy to the ground so he could toddle back over to his friends to play.

All three of the were seated in the middle of the room, playing together. The adults watched them for a moment with fond smiles on their faces before turning back to the conversation.

“How was traveling?” Otabek asked, the question directed at Seung Gil.

Seung Gil just shrugged. “Not too bad.”

“The plane was freezing!” Phichit added and fell back with a dramatic sigh. “And this one wouldn’t even cuddle with me.” He stuck his tongue out at Seung Gil who smirked.

“Wow, tragic.” Guang Hong snorted. “Leo never cuddles with me on the plane either though.” 

“That’s a lie!” Leo frowned and tightened his arm around his husband. Phichit laughed softly and eyed their rings before looking at Seung Gil. He was on the opposite couch so it was easy to look directly at them.

They were the only pair who were not married. And they had no children. It surprised everybody that Yuri had gotten married before most of them, Victor and Yuuri beating the entire crowd. Phichit just didn’t know how to bring it up.

The thing was, Phichit wanted all of this. He wanted the domesticity that came with marriage. He wanted children too, maybe two or three. But Seung Gil was always almost repulsed by the thought of having kids, so they never talked about it.

Being around his friends’ kids just made Phichit’s heart all the heavier.

The night carried on without any hiccups. A couple of times a child toddled over to Phichit or called to him to show him something. Phichit was beaming with pride that the kids only wanted him, but perhaps it was understandable; he never really saw them in the first place. Only over FaceTime did he get to talk to them. He was most close with Masaru, as that was his best friend’s son and his god child.

As Phichit watched these children toddle around he grew a bit somber. He tried to keep the smile on his face but Yuuri, always the observant type, pulled him aside as he went to go bring out food.

“Can I ask you something?” Yuuri inquired as he presented all the food on the plate neatly. 

Phichit grinned. “Yuuri, how long have we known each other? Just ask already.”

Yuuri gave a weak smile and then sighed. “Do you… Have you… Hm.” It seemed as if he was searching for how to word his question. “Do you, you know, want to have children.”

Phichit’s initial reaction was to laugh. But it wasn’t genuine; it sounded forced. “I have four children, thank you very much.” He was referring to all the children here tonight that certainly didn’t belong to him.

Yuuri looked at him over the frames of his glasses. “You know what I mean.”

Phichit’s smile faltered a bit but he waved his hand. “I don’t know, I’m kind of old already and you know, Seung-Gil and I haven’t really spoken about it.”

“Why not?”

Ah, the age all question. Why not? Well, because… they hadn’t.

“It’s a sore topic.” Phichit decided on.

Yuuri just sighed. “You should talk to him, Phichit. You deserve to be happy, and if having kids makes you happy then he should consider it for you.”

“I can’t force that on him.” Phichit said but he was looking out into the main room where all were gathered. Masaru had found a spot next to Seung Gil, drawn to the man’s quietness. They coexisted next to each other but didn’t touch.

“You look sad.” Yuuri passed by him. “Talk to him. It can’t hurt.”

The tables seemed to have turned. Usually it was Phichit giving Yuuri advice. But as the night progressed and he had to say goodbye to the children that he cared for so deeply with tears in his eyes (even though he was going to see them tomorrow and would be five minutes away in a hotel), Phichit knew he had to bring up the topic to Seung Gil.

So he did. When they walked through the door of the hotel room, it just fell from his lips.

“Seung Gil, I… I want kids.” He confessed. It was more of a confession than a question, if anything.

Seung Gil took his jacket off and then looked at him. “With me?”

Phichit laughed humorlessly. “Yes, with you. I love you, I don’t want to raise a child with anybody else.”

“Oh.” Seung Gil ran his fingers through his hair but didn’t meet his eyes. “I never really thought about having children of my own. Or about children at all,.”

“I think we should think about it.” Phichit said, sitting on the bed and running his fingers through his hair. 

Seung Gil bit his lip and started rummaging through the suitcase. It was eerily quiet in the room and Phichit’s heart beat in anticipation.

“Okay.” Seung Gil finally said, voice quiet. It was basically a whisper. But it was enough for Phichit to perk up and then launch himself off the bed, wrapping his arms around his partner tightly.

“I love you! I love you, I love you, I love you!” He repeated over and over again, kissing Seung Gil’s cheek after every statement. Seung Gil let out a soft laugh and hugged him back, unable to contain himself. Not when Phichit was laughing and crying from joy the way he was.

anonymous asked:

hey! In your opinion what is the biggest larry proof we have gotten recently? Not about how fucked up louis's team is, or the fake girlfriends, or bg, but like actual evidence from harry and louis. I mean, it doesn't need to be something big, just what was the last thing that reminded you they are definitely together. Also, i'm loving your aimh fic :)

Anon it’s not you but tbh I’m starting to hate the word proof in here 😂😂 because what’s proof? Proof is different for everyone. For some people proof of rain is the dark blue ominous clouds and for some is being hit by the raindrops.

Something that’s forever? Like a tattoo? Or multiple tattoos? Or a Harry Styles smugly showing off he didn’t cover the rose tattoo when he was rumored to do so? That would be the first thing I did if I lost my lover, to get rid of them. So is that proof they never touched any of those tats? For some maybe it is.

Or are hints proof? Hints linking them yet again to their tattoos? Like a dagger/rose selfie, or a rose shirt?

Are colours proof? Blue and green lights during JHO and making the JHO video Larry? Colors being proof is the stupidest thing you ever heard and they aren’t proof they’re together. So we all know what blue and green means to them, THEY started it, they made their house key chains blue and green, their mics, their stuffed bears etc. So does it make me smile they still can’t not make anything blue and green? Of course it does. They also wouldn’t happen if they weren’t together in my opinion.

Or is disappearing and appearing at the same time proof? That’s going on pretty much since the hiatus started.

What’s proof? CSI research? That Louis posted an ig pic of him that was taken by Harry? Or two mismatched football shoes where one is Harry’s? Or a Dunkirk poster in the background of another ‘Larry’ shoe pic?

Is that Twitter follows, tweets? Is that proof for you? Him following the photographer who took a pic one of the most iconic AM picture was inspired by? Or how he keeps following the same acts that are linked to Harry or Harry memes? How he deliberately chooses Harry or Larry accounts when replying to their tweets for JHO promo?

What’s proof?

Sharing multiple homes and properties all over the world? The older twins taken home by Harry and Anne after TXF? Or the silent Snapchats? Or the videos taken so carefully and deliberately cutting off when certain shadows or shoes get in the picture? Harry’s growing collection of rings. Is that proof? Or all of his nails painted but his ring finger. That proof? Or is that proof that their friends keep considering Harry part of his life? Steve Aoki, anyone? His H follow and rainbow like? Steve still replying to tweeters w the AImH header? Or James saying how Harry and Louis came over?

65 court cases could’ve been won with the proof this fandom collected in 7 years but for some it’s still not enough to see them as gay while for some people one look, one lyric change, one jealous moment, one touch, one anything was enough.

I feel like this thing has to be proven over and over again while the opposite is never being asked to.

Here’s my take on it: the last time we saw them was the mitam promo. They showed how best of friends they stayed and how genuinely in love they are with each other, still, how they move to the same beat and are able to finish each other’s sentences. That's​ enough of proof to me.

Then comes the understanding of such level of commitment (I’m w Adam for ten yrs this year and we plan to have a forever sign tattooed on us. After 10!! Not 2 like they did. And not 6 tats or god know how much more complementary tattoos like they have)

Could they break up even after they were such a balanced out happy couple during mitam? Yes. They could. I just don’t believe they did. Don’t forget they assured us (although they weren’t ever supposed to, it’s not their job) for the umpteenth time in 2016 and 2017 as well.

Do I believe they would do that if they were broken up? No! I believe I know who they really are as people.

So if you take this out of the equation you have a very very happy and together HL during mitam. Then the bears. Then 2016 which we all know how it was. And 2017. They're​ still fighting for freedom, they’re still giving off hints they’re very much a thing and that’s a status quo to me.

Harry and Louis are in love and they’re such great men both that no one deserves Harry Styles more than Louis Tomlinson and no one deserves Louis Tomlinson more than Harry Styles.

for the people with mixed feelings:

i gotta admit i’m mostly happy about zac’s return because he’s literally my fav drummer and has been all this time. i just like his style and techniques best. he also seems like a really nice guy.

look, he wasn’t the one to write that blog entry back in 2010, though he followed his brother because he saw his way lead somewhere else, which of course doesn’t let him off the hook, no matter how much we learnt to love him again through halfnoise.

your feelings are valid and i can understand them but i trust in taylor and hayley’s humanity and empathy. after all this time, there has got to be a reason they let him back in.

i don’t think we’ll be missing out on hay+tay duo action cause these guys (zac as well) know how to act accordingly to their individual histories and histories with each other.
zac has still got stuff to do with halfnoise and hayley and taylor are still the paramore writers and people at the front.

it’s gonna be okay. it’s gonna be amazing.

God look at that quality header. Graphic design is my passion.


Skam is BACK and this time I get to watch from the first clip! Fandom has been in uproar and I have so many feelings and opinions I’ve been coming apart at the seams. A lot of polarising opinions, questions, concerns, outrage. Not to mention the totally anticipated yet still alarming racism and islamophobia considering our main is a POC Muslim girl this time around.

So I thought I’d take the time to collate all my thoughts and feelings into a daily/weekly breakdown for each episode! I try to be as subjective and clear headed as possible while watching this show and take in the messages, lessons and information Julie Andem et al are providing. Forgive me if I happen to project a little or get wild in my enthusiasm as a muslim growing up europe this season is so #relatable I’ve been shook since the second we got the trailer and still in a state of disbelief that this is actually happening. So as someone very invested I thought why not share my two cents with the class.

Disclaimer: Everything here is my personal thoughts and opinions. They do not represent the views of all Muslims or POC. It’s just my own take on the show.

Im gonna try doing this Day by Day depending on the lengths ( this gets wordy I don’t shut up I’m Sorry)

Breakdown 1 >> Next

Monday 10.04.17 1:28

Okay here we are the famous opening scene. In true Skam fashion we see Sana on the train watching the streets of what i assume is Oslo go by, intersped with images relevant to the main themes of this season. Trump, images of war in what could be syria or palestine ( don’t quote me on that I honestly couldn’t tell you which), the hijabi mascot of the women’s march, the french beach hijabi lady indcedent, images of the army and missiles firing. Right off the bat they ain’t fucking around.

The street ad of two women in bikini’s which Robyn sings “All of these girls a mess I’ve seen it all before I’m not impressed” Sana watches all of this impassively, dare I say haughty even. That is until she finds herself staring at a bunch of dudebros have an ab contest in the street. Sana is human and she stares. Robyn insists “None of them make me feel anything” in direct conflict with what we see cause Sana’s expression is intrigued, appreciative even, shes smirking. That is until she startled out of it by the Azaan for Zuhr going off on her phone.

Hello Relatable AF moment #1 ( honestly why am I counting there’s already a million)

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The time I was burned as an adulterous witch at a medieval banquet

A long and inarticulate story from my teen years. Content warning for like, pretend swords and pretend death and so much vicarious shame that your face involuntarily lemon-puckers. Also for my use of one hundred “like”s. 

One time, in high school, I attended this. Medieval banquet fair LARP thing? It was produced and hosted by a local… theater troupe? My hesitation is not because I’m unsure in my recollection, it’s that I’m not sure who these people actually were. I love them I just don’t understand them.

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When Mary read John’s journal she found something odd in a certain page. The title written on the page was bolded and underline: WATCH THEM. Mary raised her eyebrow in confusion. Watch who? She straightened the crumbled page and began to read the entries.

April 13, 1994 (Sam 11, Dean 15)

I told Sam to stop sleeping with Dean, but the boy was so damn stubborn. I kept catching Sam holding onto Dean the next morning. It caught me by surprise with their closeness but I let it slide because Sam was close with his older brother. Still had to scold him for disobeying me, though.

October 26, 1995 (Sam 12, Dean 16)

Sam started to rebel against me, and I couldn’t have that. I didn’t do this for him to hate him. I just wanted Sam to understand that we weren’t safe, nowhere was safe for us. I just wanted my sons to be okay. Dean would always intervene when we began to argue. However, I have noticed something, Sam never yelled at Dean, instead he would cross his arms and sulk.

I didn’t like this one damn bit.

May 19, 1996 (Sam 13, Dean 17)

Dean went out tonight with a random girl. I allowed him since he’s a teenager and he needed to have a break from being stuck in a motel. I drank a couple of beers and watched t.v. since I couldn’t leave Sam alone. Not only that, but Sam had been angry all night and even snapped at me. I didn’t understand him sometimes. Lately, Sam has been moody and acting childish, I was beginning to think if it was Dean’s fault for spoiling him too much.

Dean returned from his date. I witnessed Sam running up to his brother and hugged him. Something churned in my stomach upon seeing them embrace each other. I had to drink a couple of more beers that night in order to forget what I just saw.

February 3, 1997 (Sam 14, Dean 18)

Today I saw Dean whispering to Sam in his ear and watched him turn bright red. I immediately separated them and demanded to know what Dean said. Sam responded with ‘he told me that his girlfriend’s younger sister has a crush on me, sir’. I laughed and shook my head. I was beginning to think that I was loosing my mind. I was seeing things that weren’t even there.

Later that day I told them no more sparring, having their bodies pressed with one another was something I couldn’t have them doing. It’s too risky.

September 14, 1998 (Sam 15, Dean 19)

Dean and I were hunting a siren in a small town, I left Sam behind since it was too dangerous. Dean accidentally fell for the siren’s trance, prompting me to kill the son of a bitch, but before I could Dean suddenly attacked me and tried to protect the siren as he shouted out, 'Don’t hurt Sam’! My eyes had widened in horror… Siren’s ability was to impersonate a loved one, someone you deeply desired. When Dean said Sam’s name… I nearly lost it.

June 22, 1999 (Sam 16, Dean 20)

I kept an eye on both of them from now on. Never once letting them out of my sight. I took Dean with me on every hunt now, Sam was old enough to be alone either way. I couldn’t tell my oldest son anything, he had no clue that I knew the truth. I’m not fully sure if there was anything even between them, but I needed to be more cautious. Sam’s mood had also rose, he had shouted at me and even threw my journal across the room. A part of me knew that Sam was angry because he was tired of the hunting life, but the other part of me knew was because he couldn’t see Dean anymore.

December 5, 2000 (Sam 17, Dean 21)

The first time I saw hickeys on Dean’s neck, I just knew it was not from a random girl. Not when Sam also had similar ones around his neck. No matter how hard I tried… both of them would sneak around. I started to wonder if it was somehow my fault. I never blamed Dean, maybe I should have, it seemed easier that way. Yet, it wouldn’t be fair. I left them alone a long time. Everything was all my fault and I couldn’t do a damn thing to stop it.

August 27, 2001 (Sam 18, Dean 22)

Sam left us. I told him to never come back once he stepped out. I couldn’t believe I told my son those harsh words. What kind of father was I? I went to the bar and drank so much alcohol that I passed out in the impala. Dean was no better. He was furious and wanted nothing more than to hunt all the monsters out there. Dean never once talked about Sam. It was just us now. Maybe it was better this way. Although, I knew Dean had his heart broken for the very first time.

March 16, 2002 (Sam 19, Dean 23)

I got after Dean today for being reckless. He almost could have gotten himself killed by the werewolf. What was he thinking? Then, I found him drunk in a bar, flirting with the bartender. Enough was enough. I dragged his ass out of the bar and drove back to the motel. What broke my heart was that he kept calling out for Sammy… I should’ve been disgusted by it, I knew Dean wasn’t saying it in a platonic way. But when he started to cry and say 'I miss you, Sammy. Why did you leave me? I thought you loved me’. I just couldn’t bring myself to get after Dean, or say anything at all. He was already suffering as it was.

Once finished, Mary began to cry as she read each entry again, she covered her mouth with her hand. Did her boys really love each other? She had never seen them act lovingly, no more than brothers. But if they fooled John for the first couple of years… Who was to say they wouldn’t do the same thing to Mary?

scarletbenois  asked:

Yo got any Wolflet hcs you wanna share?

as a matter of fact… yes

  • Okay, first of all they’re a dog family. 
    • Do they love all animals? Yeah, of course. But they have the usual farm cats that come around and then like a BED full of dogs. 
    • The dogs are 100% more in love with Wolf than Scarlet and she’s secretly jealous. 
  • Wolf and Scarlet both go to therapy because of what they’ve seen/had happened to them over the course of the books/their lives. 
    • They start doing couples and family therapy sessions bc their trauma is very similar and they can really understand each other better through it. 
    • Also, though she doesn’t want to admit it, Scarlet knows there’s some danger in Wolf and knows there are some parts of him he can’t control. Wolf knows that Scarlet has issues with trusting him and anyone else, and wants to help her get to the root of them as well as strengthen their relationship. 
    • They start using therapy terminology together because of it and it… helps honestly. 
    • “When you do ________, I feel _______” 
  • Wolf has a green thumb. 
    • It amazes everyone except Scarlet because she insists she saw it in him the moment she met him and that’s why she fell in love with him. 
  • They have date night MINIMUM once a week. 
    • It can be going out to dinner or just staying in and talking but they HAVE to have a date at least once a week. 
  • They are BIG into family meetings when they have children. 
    • Any time there is the slightest riff in the family, a family meeting is called within minutes. 
    • Wolf is the referee every time. 
Clace 2A Review

So I’ve seen a lot of things said about Clary & Jace in the first ten episodes of the season & i just to throw my opinion out there.

 A huge thing I’ve seen posted over & over again is that Clary doesn’t care about Jace & his feelings. In 2.04 Jace told Clary that their wasn’t an us. He has kept her at arms length & pretty much cut her off. Any time they have scenes Jace is mostly talking about Valentine or some kind of mission. From Clary’s pov Jace seems to have moved on & has no longer has romantic feelings for her. She mentions to Alec that Jace wasn’t returning her calls & he even told her was happy she was with Simon. Clary does not know how Jace feels & all of Jace’s actions are pushing her closer to Simon. We know how Jace feels because we have seen things Clary has not. What he don’t know is how Clary feels. She has talked to no one about her relationship with Jace or Simon. So that’s a huge question mark.

I think people are two worried about the happy ClarySimon moments. Yes he makes her happy but he always has. Simon is something comfortable & easy for her. But the interesting part is Clary almost died in 2.09 & while she was laying in Simons arms under the stars all she could utter out was I’m happy. Then in 2.10 she called Simon someone she cared about…..umm you mean like a best friend. Its obvious that Clary is not dealing with her own feeling but I do believe we will see Clary pov on Jace & Simon in 2b. 

Its really important to focus on the small stuff because this is a slow burn & I think we got a lot of tiny amazing bit that is just leading up to how amazing Clace will be when they are finally reunited. Seeing Clary & Jace fight as team on the rooftop was sooooo great. They are so in sync with each other.  I really love all the moments from Jace that we saw proving how pure his love for Clary is. He would do anything for her & to make her happy& I think its really great to see that on screen. The promise scene where is becomes obvious that Jace understands Clary in away others just will never be able to. We’ve got alot of stuff that is pulling them together. I love what we have set up for 2B & i cannot wait to see how it plays out. Please if you want to talk clace or Jace feel free to drop by my ask

One For Both Teams Part 2

Summary: Starting fifth year in a completely new area proves less confusing than Y/N thought, as she easily befriends a number of people. The only thing is, not all of them get along, and Y/N finds herself torn between them (High School AU).

Chapter List


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Part Two

You entered the classroom with ten minutes to spare, and looked around for Ms. Carter. This class was significantly larger than the other, but you managed to spot her in between a pair of boys who had mischievous grins on their faces. She seemed to be giving them a talking to, and so you decided to wait until she was done before you approached her. You gazed out the window, getting lost in your thoughts, when your bag was abruptly knocked off your shoulder.

“Oh,” you exclaimed, turning around to pick it up, only to be looking directly into a familiar face.

“Oh, hi,” he said, looking at you. It was the brunet from yesterday morning. You looked at each other for way longer than you would have liked, before you realised he was holding your bag. “Sorry, I knocked it off when I bumped into you,” he said, and you took your bag from him.

“I guess that makes us even, then,” you said, and he chuckled. Something came to your attention, and you frowned. “Wait, is this not fifth year history?” you asked, confused.

“Yeah, it is.”

You still seemed confused, causing him to furrow his brows slightly.


“Uh… Well… I…” you stuttered, not sure how to bring it up, seeing as you barely knew the guy. “I kinda thought you must have been a sixth year.”

Really?” he asked in disbelief, a grin forming on his face. You shrugged, partially embarrassed, but he seemed more flattered than creeped out. “Awesome. No, I’m a fifth year.”

“Oh, right,” you said, smiling. There was an awkward silence.

“Uh, I’m Bucky,” he said, holding out his hand.

“Y/N,” you said, shaking his hand.

“Y/N, can I have a word?” Ms. Carter asked from behind you, and you snapped your gaze away from him.

“Uh, yes, of course,” you replied, turning to talk to her.

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anonymous asked:

that fight was so devastating! we never really saw jughead like that, especially when he's with betty,their moments are always quiet,gentle like that last scene. what did you think of it? i need that scene dissected

Oh Nonny, I’m not gonna lie: I LOVED that fight. I was absolutely giddy with glee while it happened. It was raw and angry and it brought so many of Jughead’s insecurities to light because even as he was lashing out, it was more self deprecating than finding any faults with Betty. He kept praising her even as she denied it and found so many faults within himself. It was heartbreaking but I’m so glad for that fight.

Jughead addressed some really important issues. Namely, Betty’s “perfection” and Archie. And while they didn’t re-address Archie in their later scene I don’t even know if they really need to.

Lili and Cole are AMAZING together on screen. Their actions and reactions and the emotions they bring out in each other is electric and captivating.

Betty’s face when Jughead mentioned Archie was devastating and you know that they both realized Jughead went a step too far with that remark. Her choosing to walk away COULD have been perceived as a realization on Betty’s part. It could have been Betty realizing Jughead had a point.

BUT IT WASN’T. Lili played that perfectly in a way where you saw NO REGRETS on Betty’s face about her relationship with Jughead and NO lingering feelings for Archie. She was more insulted and angry that Jughead would accuse her of that.

And look at what it lead to, exactly as you said: another soft, intimate scene with the two of them coming to a deeper understanding of each other as people and as a couple. My only issue is that I wish that diner scene had been longer. I wish we’d seen MORE of them talking about everything in their fight, going over all of their issues. But then a whole episode could have been dedicated to that talk and I still would want more :P.

I know I keep bringing up the “anchor couple” meta I wrote, but the way they’re writing them so far really does show how much of an anchor couple they really are. Contrasted with all of Archie and Veronica’s issues Bughead is a safe haven. They’re not “perfect”. They fight and have issues and THAT’S OK. They come back together stronger and their relationship deepens and becomes more stable as a result.

This got long and rambly and it’s not very organized but I’m going to go into this in so much more detail in my emotional intimacy meta which needs to be revised with this new episode. I may write a separate post on all my feelings about this episode in itself because it was just so good. Also, now I’ve started ANOTHER meta just on Betty’s feelings about the word “perfect” and everyone’s perception of her “perfection” vs her own.

So I hope this is enough for now Nonny. Stay tuned for the upcoming metas :)

Why I don't think this ship is wrong

I’m not interesed in fighting with antis, or trying to change other people’s opinion forcefully. However It may be usefull if I collect some things I and others have said

TL;DR: This ship *can* be handled so badly that it makes our beloved conman into a pedophile, but I think the grand mayority of the people being bullied on this site don’t even ship it like that. Don’t put everyone on the same bag. People don’t deserve to be bullied for what they like in fiction and there are clear differences between reality and fiction.

I don’t think this ship is pedophilia simply because I dont ship it that way. Pedophilia implies fetichistic sexual atraction to kids under 13, and a horrible abusive element of “I don’t care about you, I just wanna fuck u cuz ur young”. Now, if you see this pairing as reigen sexualy taking advantage of a very young mob or simply not really caring about his well being and preying on him, that would count (and also be horribly ooc and a sad way of doing it).

However if, by example, you ship them romantically as having mutual care for each other and mob in full understanding and control of the situation, even if the relationship gets sexual while mob’s still 14, I wouldn’t call it pedo. Questionable or innapropiate? Yes. But not pedophilia. And then you have many, many, other scenarios that get really away from all that.

An important distinction should be mentioned here: While I’m ok with a romantic relationship between this two characters despite their age gaps, If I saw a similar age gap in real life and the younger party is still a minor, I would probably call the cops. For me that is the difference between fiction and real life for this issue. Minors in real life should be discouraged from dating people much older because they could easily be taken advantage of. However in fiction, you have control over these characters and you can make sure their relationship is healthy, especially if you keep them in character as much as you can.

You can have them being romantically involved but not turning sexual until mob is older. You can have them being platonic for a long time before they develop romantic feelings. You can have mob being assertive. You can have reigen feeling conflicted. You can adress the age gap issue. You can have it not mattering at all and them just slowly getting closer witouth noticing. You can have them being only platonic, in a very strong friendship.

There is many many ways to make this ship beautifull and I don’t think it’s just to put everyone on the same bag as the worst content and condem them all using a really severe accusation of condoning child abuse or being abusers themselves.

It’s just not alright to make call out blogs and tag whoever ships it, regardless of how they ship it, as “pedophiles”. I remember one of these some months ago tagging a user who only had like two barely shippy posts with grown up Mob as “condones pedophilia”. Neither is ok to send mean messages to users with death threats or fill their asks with insults. Or flood the main tag with complains about which, I have to be honest and say that to have so much nsfw noncon underage content popping on your dash as some people complain, at least on this site you literally would need to follow the 2-3 blogs with such content and have them on notifications. I know what Im talking about, I check the main ship tag nearly daily, follow most shippers and have stumbled onto that only like twice on my dash.

Continuing with the list of shit people have been puting on with, it’s even less fair to ramp up the generalizations and make really rude comics portraying all the shippers as disgusting creatures. Or say you get disgusted if a shipper reblogs your content, even if they respected your tagging preferences and/or the content has nothing to do with the ship at all. Or to claim “x has great art but they ship reimob, nevermind, their art is trash”. What’s the necessity of doing all that? I frankly doubt people who do that have the best interests of minors at heart. At best I have seen questionable beliefs about content on a site as tumblr being influencial enough such that a fanart with less than 50 notes of a niche fandom can “normalize pedophilia” in american society (because you know, we are all americans and america is the world). At worst it just seems to be used as excuse for harassment.

Speaking of that, regarding the users who make really wrong content: While I won’t defend that, I feel another distinction should be made. Do I think certain content is gross? Yes. Some of that content nearly made me throw up? Yes. Do I think the autor of that content is gross/deserves to die/etc? No. Do I harass them? No. Some of them have turned out to be csa survivors. I try to abide to the notion that nobody should be bullied for their likings in fictional settings, even if I don’t like it. What I do to deal with that is simply not follow the blogs with such content and so far it works.

As I said, I’m not interesed in discussing with antis, I just wanted to put some things together. Maybe it will help confused bystanders understand the shippers aren’t defending pedophilia. We are just defending a ship we like and love. Let’s try to respect each other.

anonymous asked:

i love Madi's smile when she sees Flint. I think this is where John finally realizes the extent of their friendship/love/respect for one another. And I think he knows that he was going to take something away from her (besides the war) and it was gonna be difficult. Like, the only reason unmaking Flint worked for him is because he had already told Madi about Flint's background ---- also this finale has killed me

it was entirely selfish and yet entirely selfless of him to choose their fates for them. he saved them and he ruined them. when he said ‘’You may think what you want of me. I will draw comfort in the knowledge that you’re alive to think it’’ i thought i was gonna die. he’s inflicting his own views on them, because as long sa one is safe and alive it’s all good and what has been lost in the process can be easily overcome. his face when he saw her smile at flint.. he saw the depth of their friendship, yes, but more importantly he came to understand how much they need each other and how far they were willing to go when united. ‘’As long as you and she stand for it… as long as the treasure powers it…nothing can stop it from beginning now.’’ ‘’Nothing but you.’’  they were ready to die for this and he couldn’t cope with the idea because he’d have died with them. either literally or figuratively.

Military Spouse AU

This is the for the #yourtropegirlbdaychallenge! Happy early birthday to @yourtropegirl!  

This fic is super long (2,857, give or take) and I spent quite a bit of time on this, so I hope you enjoy it! I loved writing this imagine. I did some research and then typed away.  

I seriously LOVED this prompt!

There is a Hamilton reference at the end…Couldn’t help it, I seized the opportunity I saw…LOL!

Also! I love this edit! Don’t you?   

You saw see his glamorous office behind him, cluttered with books, files, and a couple coffee cups.  He was one of the top ADA’s and you couldn’t be more proud of him.  You liked to tease him about what a hotshot he was and how with you gone, the patterns on his tie and shirt always contrasted.   

You smiled at the screen, both of you finally had a free moment to talk. He always felt better when he could see your smiling hopeful face and you loved to see how he was doing.

Being a part of JAG Corps, Judge Advocate General’s was “safer”, but you were still in a combat zone and it worried him.  You always felt a little guilty to add to his stress.

“How are your migraines?” You asked.

He was always a little irritated by that question because obviously they weren’t good…But you needed to know how he was doing. If he was having lots of them you knew he was stressing more than normal or necessary. It was one question that gave you many answers.

“They are just migraines.” He rolled his eyes.  You couldn’t have a conversation with your husband without the classic Barba eyeroll.

“Have you had many recently?” He huffed.

“Only a few.” He replied absently, which meant several you always rounded up. There was a little silence and you knew what was coming.

“How are you doing? Really,” He got serious and examined your face as best he could through the grainy picture. You sighed in response, he was worrying too much.  

A few months ago he noticed a bruise on your face, you should have covered it up, but you hoped the picture wouldn’t show it.  He was appalled by your nonchalance about the whole event. To you it was just part of the job, but he didn’t understand it. To him anything that happened to you was truly the end of the world.   

“I’m fine.” You smiled softly at the laptop. “I’ll be home soon.” Soon, was much shorter than your husband knew.  You were supposed to be home in two weeks, but he didn’t know yet. The last few times you said you’d be home soon, you ended staying another 3 months in addition to the 6 months originally because there was a case and then another.

“Soon.” His face fell.

“Hey,” you grabbed his attention again. “I love you.” Your eyes teared up as you saw his anxious green eyes look up at the screen again.

“I love you too.” You heard some noise from his office. “Lo siento, mi amor, pero Liv aquí está.”

“Okay.” You were disappointed you’d only been talking for 20 minutes. “Sueño, no puedes sobrevivir café!” (Sleep, you can’t survive on coffee) He rolled his eyes in response.

“Ten cuidado.” (Stay safe)

“Estoy bien!” (I’m fine) You replied with a soft smile. “Te amo.”

“Te amo tambien.” You gave an air kiss. His smirk was the last thing you saw before it went blank.

Oh, how you missed him.

“Who was that?” Fin cocked an eyebrow and Barba rolled his eyes, of course he had to walk in on a conversation with his wife.

“What do you have for me?” He glazed over the comment.

“Hey,” Liv muttered stepping into Barba’s office.

He looked a little frazzled, but not your normal just finished a horrific case sort of frazzled. He looked more like a man in need of relaxation and another conversation with his wife.  Not seeing you for 9 months edging closer to 10 had really taken it’s toll and don’t think Liv hadn’t noticed.

“Hi.” He whispered.

She hated seeing him like this. Barba rarely look defeated like this except maybe after an extremely tough case.  If anyone thought they knew him after a case he lost and that he was angry and upset they never saw him on late nights when he missed his wife.  The poor man just needed her and he stressed and worried about her daily, some days more than others.

Liv watched as he shoved some files aside and set his head in his hands.

“I wish I could help.” She finally uttered out as she heard a soft whimper come from the man across from her.

You walked down the hall in your uniform feeling slightly out of place as you stride down the hall bags still in hand.  You had to meet in D.C. this morning, so you needed to look professional and make some final adjustments.

Now, lunch time you were in 1 Hogan Place about to see your husband who you haven’t seen for over nine months.  Of course Carmen was sitting at her desk filling out some paperwork before looking up upon hearing your footsteps.

“Oh my God!” She sputtered out standing straight up out of her chair. “You’re back! He didn’t say you were–”

“Shh!” You brought your finger to your lips and she nodded sitting back down quietly with a big smile.  

You hesitated at the door and your fist hovered over the surface.  You didn’t understand why you were so nervous it was just your husband.  You’ve been together long enough to know how these homecomings went, but this was the longest one yet, maybe that was why you were so nervous.

You finally knocked and cracked open the door after hearing a muttered ‘come in’.

“Hey.” You spoke softly stepping farther into his office.

His head shot up and his eyes widened. He froze for a few seconds before pushing out his chair and launching towards you.  You dropped your bags only a second before his arms were wrapped around you and his lips found yours.

You felt like the world stopped as his body enveloped yours.  You couldn’t believe how good this felt and how much you needed his touch and affection. How long you ached for it while you were away and how much more pleasing it was now that you were finally home.

“You’re back.” He breathed finally pulling away, but he still kept his body close only your lips were apart.

“Yeah,” you sighed. “I didn’t want to get your hopes up and then be kept for another three months like last time.” You bit your lip nervously as your eyes began to feel prickly with tears. “Maybe I should have told you…” You sighed walking to the table in the middle of the room.

“No! I’m just happy you’re home,” His eyes began to water as he pulled you into his chest again.

“Me too!” You laid your head on his chest and breathed in his scent.  He smelled like home.  He didn’t change anything while you were gone.

His cologne was exactly the same.  You remember the small argument that came from buying the wrong kind, but you liked the scent and he ended up enjoying the scent too. With you gone so long, he must have had to buy a new one.  You were happy to know he bought the one you picked.

“I’m so happy you’re home!” He found your lips again. “I love you.”

“I love you, so much!” You replied in between kisses. This felt so right, but all you could do was feel the tears fall as your lips collided. You in his arms was all you wanted for the last nine months.  His warmth and his arms tight around you for security. His lips on your own.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” Liv pulled the door.

“Liv!” You smiled broadly still teary eyed as you approached the door.

“You’re back!” She exclaimed excitedly pulling you into a hug and then gave an accusing glare to your husband. “Barba didn’t tell me.” She flicked her eyes between the two of you as a perplexed Fin came in behind her.

“Yeah, it was a surprise.” You exclaimed wiping away the tears.

“Barba, you never told me your wife was in the military! I thought you were a lawyer.” His eyes roamed back over you.

“I’m JAG.”

“That’s what’s up.” He grabbed the hand that wasn’t being held tightly in Barba’s. “I served too.”

“We understand each other then.” You nodded as your husband pulled you near him again. Fin looked between the two of you and then back at Liv awkwardly. Your husband wasn’t letting go of you and he seemed to be eyeing Liv…They were communicating and you watched as she sighed and turned to Fin.

“We’ll be back later.” And with that the two of them were stepping out the door.

Your husband turned to you with a smile that you rarely saw overseas and one you never saw through conversations over skype.

“Let’s go home.”

“Don’t stop!” Your breath hitched in your throat as he rolled his hips. He replied by suddenly slowing down and you felt a growl escape your throat.

“Why are you teasing?” You whined and saw him flash a smirk. His hand flew to your clit and you arched you back to get closer to his fingers. Both of you groaned at the angle change. His groan made you weak as he tensed up.

“Mi amor, I’m not going to last.” He choked out, who was he kidding, you were surprised you lasted this long.

With one last heavy growl he emptied himself inside you and quickened the pace on your clit.  You felt yourself come undone below him, a sensation you had been needing the entire time you were gone.

Now both of you were laying side by side chests heaving and eyes staring at the ceiling.  His hand found yours and he brought your hand to his lips. Your eyes shut and a smile formed on your face, his post-sex hand kiss, you’d missed that. Your turned over to face your husband, him still in a dazed state and then you grazed his body with your hand and with that he was on top of you again.

His sex drive definitely hadn’t faltered with your time away.    

He nipped at your neck and earlobes, then buried his face in your breasts before hungrily taking your lips as his own.  

God, how you missed this.

You squeezed your eyes shut as the sun peered through the curtains.  You didn’t want to wake up, at all. You cuddled into your husband’s side and kissed his neck, you savored the feel of his stubble against your cheek.

“Good morning, mi amor.” He hummed.

“Hi.” You replied softly. “I’ve missed you. I’ve missed this.” You drew circles around his chest.  You’d missed the early mornings and late nights. 

Mmm…Last night.

You moved the blanket and sat on top of him in one fluid motion.  You attacked his face with kisses and worked your way down his body leaving a trail of wet kisses and found his hardening cock.

“Already?” You quirked an eyebrow.

“Mi amor, I haven’t been touched by a women in over 9 months, so I can only last so long.” He looked a little put out.

“Don’t worry, we’ll work up your stamina in no time.” You replied before licking up his shaft, you heard his breath hitch and smirked.  You loved knowing just what to do to please your husband.

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A Matter of Trust

Stahl x Robin (Uploaded from my dA- I thought I’d posted it here but it’s gone so here it is! lol)

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

It started as a rumor.

Ricken had been in the men’s bathing tent, a ways away from Chrom. Push came to shove, and next thing he knew Robin was in there screaming at Chrom and throwing things at him. The mage had ducked for cover, keeping his nether regions hidden far from sight as he attempted to keep from getting his nose broken by flying soap bars.

And that’s when he heard it; Chrom and Robin talking to each other, apologizing and mentioning something about being partners in crime. And what’s worse? That they’d both “seen each other naked”. Ricken was absolutely mortified.

So, where is one supposed to go when discovering this kind of information? Not to Maribelle. And where does Ricken go? To Maribelle.

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Favorite Old Ship Tag

I was tagged by @darcyfitz and @anicez-shamy

My Absolutely fav old ship I have is Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo, from Ranma 1/2 

Summary plot: Ranma is a teenager who for a magical chinese fountain he was thrown while training, he transforms into a girl with cold water and boy with hot water. and others around transforms into animals like panda, cat, little pig, duck…. Hilarious situations as you can see, with people falling in love with Ranma girl and Ranma boy too LMAO

Loved the anime so much, drew them a lot in the past.

Ranma and Akane were paired by their parents, and after an awkward first encounter in the bathroom (naked) as Akane found first Ranma as a girl, but then she saw him as a boy, they always hide and fight, but they love each other so much. Spot the similar struggles with my actual OTP LOL

Fun fact: I can’t read japanese (just a little) but I have ALL the comics in original japanese at home. 

I didn’t know I was a hard fangirl before Shamy, but after Ranma and Akane and also Mushashi and Kojiro from Pokémon…Now I understand my feelings better lol.

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I LOVE THEM SO MUCH after all these years.

I tag @missshc @majimforever and @jimparsons-philippines



By Indiana

Characters:  Jonathan Crane

Synopsis:  Evil is a choice.


There was once a boy with a monster beneath his bed.

The monster was cold, and dark, and he knew not its intentions; he knew only it had appeared one night when he arrived at home and it had not left.

He feared it, as he feared all things, and so he made no motions against it.  He slept o'ertop of it and it slept below him, and it came to be nearly comforting, as is a nightmare one has seen so many times one knows it through from beginning to end.

The boy climbed into bed one night and his eyes were awash with tears; from its cold and ebony corner the monster asked in a gentle and cloying whisper, “Child, why do you cry?”

The boy startled and pressed his trembling back against the post, and his lips spread open but he did not speak.

“Tell me, child,” the monster said, more gently and more cloying than before, “why do you cry?”

The boy was a-feared and shook his head, and his knees were drawn by clasping fingers to his thin chest.  And again he did not answer.

“Fear me not,” the monster said, “for I wish only to help.  Tell me, child: why do you cry?”

Well, this did not change much, for none had offered to aid this boy before and so he was distrustful.  But he sniffled and ran his fingers beneath his eyes and answered, “I cry because the children at school tease me.”

“That is unkind,” the monster said.  “What have you done to deserve as such, my child?”

“I have done nothing,” the boy answered.  “They tease because my limbs are too thin and too long and too clumsy.”

“Ah, but they are wrong to tease,” the monster said to him, “for do you know what your future holds?”

“I do not,” the boy answered, and he did not want to know but he was too afraid of not knowing.

“Your limbs are thin so that you may move with ease, my child.  And they are long so that when you are older you may look down upon all those who belong below you.  And you shall learn grace, when the time comes, ah, they will speak of your firm steps and your raised head!”

That all sounded wonderful to the boy, and he released his knees and leaned forward, and his hand trembled against the crumpled blanket.  His voice was small and craven as he asked, “Can that be true?”

“It can be,” the monster soothed, “if you wish it.”


Every night when the boy came home, the monster rested patiently; sometimes it spoke and sometimes it did not.  Upon a night when he lay crumpled beneath the blanket and his mind would not come to rest, he whispered, “Are you there?”

“I am always here,” the monster soothed.  “What is it, child?”

“The children tease again,” the boy said, his voice timorous and hesitant, “and I can see no better future in it.”

“In what, my child?” the monster asked.

“They tell me I am ugly,” the boy answered, and his fingers clutched tight the blanket and his toes curled into each other.  “There can be nothing good in the future about that!”

“Oh, but there is,” the monster said assuredly.  “You shall know their true intentions without deceit, my child.  Others who are more sightly than you shall fall victim to those who care only for their looks, but you! you are luckier than you know, for idle flattery will never beguile you.  Your face does not hide what you are within, as so many do, and you may know now that a pretty face serves only to hide the ugliness behind it.  Beauty is a trap that shall not befall you.”

The words were reassuring, and settled his spirits, and the boy closed his eyes and slept.


There came a night when he was a little older, and he sat at a desk of splinters with his stained textbook lit by a bulb muted beneath a spotted shade.  The words before him held no meaning, for his mind was troubled.  And as always he did at such times, he asked, “Are you there?”

“Indeed I am,” the monster said.  “What is it?”

“I have no one to call my friend,” the boy answered.  “I have no one to do projects with, or with whom to trade notes, or to laugh and talk with.”

“Oh, how lucky you are!” the monster said.  “For there is little use in friends, my child.  A friend is only a person who sees in you what they lack in themselves, and if you were to have one it would be you who was lacking.  No, you need not friends, my child, for you are more than enough for yourself.  What you cannot yet do you shall soon learn.”

The boy folded together his hands and regarded the shadows on the wall, and he felt the truth of it.  And when he looked again at the page in front of him, it promised he could continue on unaided.


When he was a little older there came an eve where he returned home dejected, and his bag thudded to the floor as he set onto his bed with his face behind his hands.  And he felt the cold touch of the monster beneath him, and it asked,

“What is it, my child?”

“There was something at school I wished to attend,” the boy answered.  “I asked a fair lady if she would accompany me.  She agreed to do so, but when we arrived I discovered it was all in deceit! for when we arrived there she abandoned me and left me to find only teasing and ridicule.  I cannot go back.  I cannot face any of it again.”

“You can!” the monster snapped, and for the first time since he was very young the boy was a-feared of it.  He drew forth his face from his hands and asked,


“You shall do as I’ve told you.  You shall return with your head high to look down upon them, for they are below you.  You shall walk firmly and with grace, and you will do no such foolish thing again.  A woman is worse than a friend could ever be, for a woman will try to mold you as her own.  She will never take you as you are, and she will say you are not good enough, but know this: you need heed the words of no one.  You are greater than any woman could ever cause you to be.”

“But will I not be lonely, with no one to share my life with?” the boy asked. 

“People try only to cause change,” the monster said.  “You will find you have shared too much of yourself before too long, given too much to them in return for too little, and you will know where you misstepped but you will be unable to go back.”

This was an answer of which he was unsure, but he knew not how to verify.  And yet he did not like the thought of fracturing himself, piece by piece, for the sake of some other.  No, he would find comfort in his own company.  Better that he had the advantage rather than any other.


He grew older, and needed the advice of the monster less and less, for he was coming to know the answers to any questions he may have had.  Still it stayed with him when he moved into a new room in a new state, where he set upon the beginnings of his adult life.  He returned to his room upon the conclusion of class and sat upon his bed, and his fingers were woven together and his eyes pensive.  Finally, he ventured, “Are you there?”

“What is it, my child?” the monster asked.

“I fear I will be unable to complete my degree,” the boy said, “for I cannot find a professor willing to work with me.  When I show my work to them they ridicule me and call me a fool.”

“Then you must make them,” the monster said. 

“And how am I to do so?”

“Think back to your youth,” the monster advised.  “When someone aimed to direct your actions, what would they do?”

“They would inspire fear in me,” the boy answered.  “Am I to make a professor work with me out of fear?”

The monster needed not answer, for he had already risen to regard some manner of papers on his desk: his work, consisting of many countless hours of research on that emotion which had plagued his youth.  All to whom he had shown this had scorned him, had waved him off and said there was no practical application with which his formulae to induce fear could be used… but it seemed there was.


The years wound on and the boy became a man, fully, and there came a night when he returned home with his spirits asunder.  He set upon the chair before his desk, and he thought and he thought.  Finally, he said, “Are you there?”

“What is it, my child?” the monster asked, and the man wove his fingers together and said,

“I have taken action upon some who have wronged me.   I had had enough of their ridicule and their whispers and their disrespect, and as they did not seem to know the truth of me I showed it to them.”

“As you should have,” the monster soothed.

“I came upon something I did not expect,” the man continued, and his shoulders were hunched together and his knees pressed against each other.  “You see, in revealing to them the truth of me I realised it was the first time I had seen it myself.”

“And what did you see?” the monster asked.

“I saw that I am more than I allow myself to be,” the man answered.  “You see, continuing my work will always be a struggle, a battle against those who do not understand it.  I may spend my life fighting a great deal and end up with very little.”

“And what will you do?”

“I will become something others are afraid to be, and I will admit a truth others are afraid to speak of themselves,” the man said.  “I will become the force God or nature intended me to be.  I shall not hide from it anymore.”

“Then go forth,” the monster said, “and show yourself who you are.”

And the man nodded to himself and stood.



There came an evening when the man stood in front of a pane of glass, adjusting his clothes as he put them on for the first time.  The dusky reflection of his visage showed no expression, and he was glad, for he preferred when none could read his face.  One could not prevent what they could not see.

He fingered the limp and roughened brim of a hat woven of straw, and as always there was that coldness that had come when he was a boy and had never left.  Indeed, as the long years had gone by it had only grown, had only enveloped, had only settled, and he had come to welcome it.  Sometimes it filled the emptiness he knew not otherwise how to fill.

“It has been a great many long years,” the man said, and his voice was now calm and level and wise.  “You are a presence I have known without fail, and yet you stand always behind me, within my shadow.  I need not your advice anymore, for I know now how to care for myself, and yet I have one further question to ask of you.”

“Ask you may,” the monster said, “though you have become clever and I believe the answer already known to you.”

“Perhaps,” the man said.  “But I am a man of science, and such men must hear their answers in full for theories are easily quashed.”

The hat he now laid aside for a bundle of rough cloth that bristled against his skin when he touched it, and upon it he ran one questing thumb, back and forth and back and forth.  It was nothing just now, but once he took it up the way he meant to, it would become his face.  If not that it already was.

“Tell me,” the man said. “I have taken heed of your whisper for lo these years, and know as well as your voice I do the feel of you.  But I have not yet looked upon your face.  Why should that be?”

“Ah, but you look upon it now,” the monster purred.  “I am there now, in the slant of your brow.  I am in the downward curl of your mouth, and in the pointedness of your tongue, and in the cunning always present in your eye.  I have been there always.  You have seen me always.”

The man nodded slowly, for the answer was as he had expected.  The divide between them was not so great, and he had known for some time now.  There came no thought to turn back; he had interest now only in moving further down the path he had chosen.

“Once you don the shroud,” the monster whispered, “you shall breathe me in.”

He looked down at it, and the ragged face he had torn upon it, and he knew that the monster lived there too, inside of that dark interior.  And he did not mind.  That was as it should be.

And it was as it should have been, too, as he pulled it down over his hair and it pressed against his face, and when he had become accustomed to the feel of it he took up the hat in one scarred hand and set off down the road.



Author’s note

This is not about Jonathan having a split personality from Scarecrow.  This is about the times when we are wronged and we make the wrong choice because it feels better for now.  And in the future we discover the choice was wrong and we then have to decide whether to continue on as such or to learn better.  You can’t fight evil with evil without being evil yourself.  And when we do bad things, sometimes we blame them on others, or extenuating circumstances, but in the end one day we have to ask what the cause of those decisions really was and the only true answer is that we decided to act that way.  And so the monster Jonathan was listening to was all along himself.  The monster was his shadow self, the true self he let linger behind him as he pretended to be like everyone else, and when he accepts what he is he becomes his own shadow.


Can we just talk about this. they never once broke eye contact while they were running. being apart for that short time was so hard for the both of them that when they saw each other again that they couldn’t look away and i understand this so much on a person level that it breaks my heart~