i saw them understand each other

for the people with mixed feelings:

i gotta admit i’m mostly happy about zac’s return because he’s literally my fav drummer and has been all this time. i just like his style and techniques best. he also seems like a really nice guy.

look, he wasn’t the one to write that blog entry back in 2010, though he followed his brother because he saw his way lead somewhere else, which of course doesn’t let him off the hook, no matter how much we learnt to love him again through halfnoise.

your feelings are valid and i can understand them but i trust in taylor and hayley’s humanity and empathy. after all this time, there has got to be a reason they let him back in.

i don’t think we’ll be missing out on hay+tay duo action cause these guys (zac as well) know how to act accordingly to their individual histories and histories with each other.
zac has still got stuff to do with halfnoise and hayley and taylor are still the paramore writers and people at the front.

it’s gonna be okay. it’s gonna be amazing.


Can we just talk about this. they never once broke eye contact while they were running. being apart for that short time was so hard for the both of them that when they saw each other again that they couldn’t look away and i understand this so much on a person level that it breaks my heart~

Just saw this on my twitter feed…has anyone else seen it? JUMP did some comments by the characters about the RR wedding and I’m sorry….but this is both hilarious and infuriating….

Momo basically is happy for them, she wants to help celebrate, Rangiku wants to know how they did it (I think lol idk rlly), Kensei and Lisa argue (Lisa also mention Rangiku taking Rukia to get her hair styled at a Hair Parlor in the real world…yepp thats right…If I understand correctly, Kyouraku says congrats and its “good since they’ve known each other so long…“…

And Byakuya says almost no more than one word…”そう か………わかった“ //”Really?……I see.” thats all he says….

Its 12 AM so I may be missing stuff here but I’m at a loss…

The time I was burned as an adulterous witch at a medieval banquet

A long and inarticulate story from my teen years. Content warning for like, pretend swords and pretend death and so much vicarious shame that your face involuntarily lemon-puckers. Also for my use of one hundred “like”s. 

One time, in high school, I attended this. Medieval banquet fair LARP thing? It was produced and hosted by a local… theater troupe? My hesitation is not because I’m unsure in my recollection, it’s that I’m not sure who these people actually were. I love them I just don’t understand them.

Anyway, they came to our school and used our cafeteria/theater stage courtyard area to set up the whole thing- big long tables, food stations with turkey legs, soup, and a lot of bread. Oh, and a sword fighting tournament, in which attendees could sign up to bop each other with cylindrical foam “blades” on surprisingly realistic wooden hilts.

When I saw the posters for the thing I got very excited because, well, I spent a fair amount of my free time in high school at the park, hitting my friends with plastic swords, and because I love dressing up. I think the only times in my life I was ever early for school was on Hallowe’en. I convinced a classmate to buy me a ticket and roped two of my friends into going with me.

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BTS Reaction to seeing their s/o after a long time at a fansign event

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Seokjin- Since he would probably hear a lot of fans whispering about something he couldn’t quite understand, he would feel a bit weird. He would think that the fans have something planned for them all, but as soon as he saw you standing in front of him with the biggest smile ever ‘’Is this actually you Y/N,’’ he would definitely get a bit emotional ‘’I’m not dreaming, am I?’’ Since it’s been such a long time when you last saw each other.

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Yoongi- My man. He would also get emotional, but obviously since it’s Yoongi we’re talking about, he won’t show it, especially in front of all the fans. What you can expect though, is a smile, that just says everything, how he’s feeling and how extremely happy he is to see you after such a long time. ‘‘Y/N…..you’re here?’‘ I feel like Yoongi would want to hug you instantly when he saw you, but since the fans are there, he would give you the biggest hug afterwards.

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Hoseok- I’m pretty freaking sure, that Hobi would also get a bit emotional. All of his feelings would come running back as soon as he saw you. The long nights were you two could only talk through the phone about how much you miss each other, you both tearing up a bit, talking about how much you want to see each other. Hoseok would be so happy to finally see you ‘‘I’ve missed you so much,’‘ I feel like he would come and hug you, making all of the fans aww at how adorable you two are being. 

(You’re Yoongi)

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Namjoon- I feel like Namjoon would be the most chill out of all of them, if that even makes sense. He would’ve kind of guessed it, since all of the fans were whispering about something, but luckily for him, he heard some of them whispering your name. When he heard them whispering something about you he would’ve felt surprised, he would definitely start thinking if you’re here. Of course when you are in front of him, the smile would be inevitable.

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Jimin- Ugh, this cutie, he would make the moment be so fluffy and sweet. As soon as he saw you he would think that this is some kind of joke, or a prank, anything to be honest ‘’This has to be some kind of joke, Y/N isn’t actually here,’’ since he would have a hard time believing that you are actually in front of him. When the reality would have set in, he would get slightly embarrassed, but nonetheless he would be smiling a lot.

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Taehyung- Unlike Jimin, Tae would definitely believe that you’re here. I feel like it’s obvious that he would hug you, he wouldn’t be able to contain his happiness ‘’Oh my god, Y/N you’re here!’’ He would be so extremely happy when he saw you, as soon as he saw you he would give you big hug. Tae would also maybe give you a kiss on the cheek if he completely forgot that there are fans everywhere, but I don’t think he’d forget it so easily, but it could happen.

(You’re Jungkook)

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Jungkook- Kookie would definitely be surprised when he saw you, I feel like he would be having a hard time not coming to you and hugging you, he would want to hug you as soon as he saw you, but since the fans are watching he wouldn’t do that ‘’Here, this is what you get for now.’’ He still would be smiling a lot though, after such a long time finally seeing you he would just want to hold you and never let you go. So afterwards he would definitely hug you and not let you go for some decades.

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Narcissists: Something every empath should understand.

I have read a lot about narcissism after realizing that I had a pattern of attracting and dating narcissists. At some point I stumbled upon the idea that empaths and narcissists are very often attracted to each other. I even saw a documentary where one was talking about his tactic for seeing if a woman is highly empathetic and then those are the ones he particularly likes to go after. I’d like to be able to say that at this point in my life I’m impervious to a narcissist, but some of them wear a pretty convincing human costume after decades of paying close attention to how people react to them so they can sew up the seams tighter in all the right places.

Sometimes  you’ll invest before realizing what you’re *really* dealing with (because we will default to innocently assuming others have good intentions like we do). I ended up dealing with a particularly sadistic narcissist about a year ago and it really heightened my awareness, so here I am inspired to continue to write about this and share resources to hopefully help other empaths avoid this situation as well.

A narcissist can be intruguing to an empath because as we are used to getting and maintaining an emotional read on a person, its more difficult to do this with a narcissist because they don’t have the same emotionality as us; theres always a question of, what are they obscuring under the layers of image. That, along with a desire to heal others (“maybe this person hides themselves away because they don’t like who they are; maybe I can help them love themselves for who they are”) makes a narcissist appetizing to an empath. We are natural healers, we will take on wounded people in attempt to fix them. There is no fixing a narcissist however, the disorder has its own sense of self-preservation, and no matter what, a narcissist will only see you as another source of supply: your affection and attention builds up their ego, but they don’t feel the same emotions in reciprocation, they are incapable.

Some of the signs that this is what you’re getting into:
- You feel mixed feelings; both attraction and repulsion.
- You give, they take – and it might not start out that way immediately, as they know how to go through the motions to snare you in the beginning, with favors and such, but eventually they’re going to get lazy and stop investing as much energy into going through the motions (when they aren’t getting a big return on it anymore (some attention, and a smile from a pretty girl might be enough reward for them in the beginning but they require a bigger and bigger rush out of you; consuming you, maybe as small as treating you like a pump and dump; a notch on their belt, maybe as big as twisting you up emotionally and making your life a living hell).
- Inconsiderateness in various forms: they lack empathy so they aren’t going to consider “how would this make the other person feel.”
- Above all, they will display a lack of empathy. The glibness will become obvious over time, the emotions won’t match the facial expressions, something will feel “off.”
- They do not treat others ethically. I cannot stress this enough. However the very clever ones will hide this, you will end up seeing it at some point. (I had one tell me all his exs cheated, when he was actually the cheater - they cannot help themselves here, no empathy for others = they will do exactly what they feel like to get more supply.)
- They lie, they lie BIG, they lie to you, everyone, and most importantly they lie to themselves. A narcissist doesn’t like who they are, they do not accept who they are, not only will they lie in little ways about the self to attract and impress others, but under that layer is an entire fantasy version of themselves. This also makes it impossible to get straight answers about who they are because they are self-deceiving, evading the version of the self that isn’t the super-hero.
- They desperately need to feel accepted by people around them, or to feel superior to people around them. If a narcissist can “afford” it, getting into a position of power where he can treat others badly and still get rewarded, he will. Sometimes they will just be neglectful and callous about it if they aren’t the sadistic type of narcissist.
- They have a hyper-vigilance toward things that aren’t socially acceptable. (One of them who I dated snapped at me once: “I’m not going anywhere with you in that hat” – if you are with a narcissist around other people, they will expect you to be an accessory or a wingman, something useful to attract others to them, they are merely seen as an extension.)
- Inconsistencies in personality: their personality is something they deliberately constructed in order to try to appeal to either the most amount of people possible, or a certain type of person, and you can see them chameleon to tailor it to whomever they’re around.
- Sliming: the narcissists ego is a minefield and you may find yourself inadvertently tripping over a bomb. If you should do this, you will see the narcissist get triggered and react defensively, perhaps even insulting you in a deep and personal way where you can tell they have been sitting on something for a long time that they realized would get to you.Now, as empaths we are sensitive, and the sliming from the angry narcissist can really hurt. They are good at spotting people’s vulnerabilities too because they are always on high alert for things of this nature; its an advantage in the way they see life as a “game” to win.
- Superficiality: now, its a myth that narcissists are usually very conventionally attractive; I have known my fair share of narcissists who are not conventionally attractive but they are going to hold a double-standard and think less of people who are in their league. A narcissist who is a 3 is still going to strive for someone who looks like a photoshopped celebrity because acquiring something that holds value within consensual reality feeds the ego.
- Don’t really want you to know them: if you start to dig in and try to understand them, they will evade the ever living shit out of you. They want people to admire their smoke and mirrors, they believe no ego food can come from truly being known (because the real self that they have hidden away is believed by them to be unaccetable.) Sometimes they can become very defensive if they feel you trying to know them, the reactions will be bigger than they should be.

These are just a few things to look out for, and each narcissist is still an individual so attributes will vary. As for how to handle one once you *see* them for what they are: if its a romantic relationship, needless to say, end it. If its a friendship, distance yourself but remain affable, don’t get too close, do NOT let them use you for ego food. Also, don’t let them know you know what they are or you can potentially make a very nasty enemy for life. (After I broke up with one of them he not only haunted my online activity, but posted a lot of extremely perverted images in attempt to trigger me, and I have post traumatic stress disorder (this was a particularly sadistic narcissist.))

If you should fall prey to a narcissist and allow them to use you for narcissistic supply, you will end up in a lot of pain, pain that the narcissist probably won’t even understand, having a limited emotional spectrum. At times a narcissist can even feel flattered that they are *capable* of making someone feel intensely, even if its intensely negative. Again, this is a creature who wants nothing other than to feed its thirsty ass ego, and some of them are more sadistic than others. (One of my narcissist exs told me to keep a livejournal that he can see, detailing how he made me feel, and needless to say he was aware of the fact that he often made me feel broken.)

They might toy with you and toss you aside, or they might keep you around and string you along (if you are going to attract more supply for them particularly – like say you are a good wingman or conventionally attractive arm candy), or they might decide you are a formidable enough OPPONENT (even if they claim they love you, you’re still not quite on their team, its a team of one, always.) The particularly sadistic ones who don’t get enough supply from other sources may prefer what I call the relationship supply. They can get into a relationship and slowly hollow you out for their own satisfaction. “If I can break a strong person I am powerful.” There will be lesser supply while you are in a relationship with a narcissist too however, the collecting of notches continues even if its a supposedly committed relationship; it might be on your end, not theirs. They might go after easy prey if they need a quick fix, or just depending on opportunity at the time.

Trust your instincts, always. When you feel darkness in someone, avoid. I felt “the darkness” in my narcissist exs and learned the hard way, once over a course of years, a few times just months, but it left me with more triggers (on top of my ptsd). I am better at trusting my impressions of people now as I have gotten older, and I have sensed that darkness in even some of the least assuming people… I still like to get to know them a little bit sometimes just to kind of check my instincts, and the instincts are right.

Healthy empaths are important to the world, many people need us, and we can’t afford to heal others when we are “sick.” I hope this helps someone out there.

I love the moments between Ban, King and Meliodas like they are the ultimate brotp. 

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So like, I REALLY tried to give supergirl a shot when it first aired. I wanted to love it. I love arrow, the flash, legends.. so i really wanted to love supergirl. But I just, could not deal with the whole glasses thing. I’ve never been able to overlook it. Not growing up with superman. Not now. It’s just about the only thing in the dc universe that didn’t have me going full-on-nerd and fangirling over. But then I saw karamel posts on here and just knew I had to power through the rest of the first season to get to them so my little shipper heart could swell.

Now, I’ve seen all the hate and shipwars and I just don’t understand. I mean, i was rooting for James since his first scene with kara. But then as the show progressed and the characters developed, you see that they’re not quite right for each other. And I think that can be said for the others as well.

Then in comes mon el, who shakes things up from the normal status quo. This galactic wanderer. This unknown yet familiar being. And you can basically see the loneliness leaving Kara little by little. She pushes him to be his best. He pushes her out of her comfort zone. They laugh. They fight. They yell. They give each other heart eyes.

Even if you don’t agree that it’s romantic - you have to admit that there’s something there, some connection. It makes me think of that comfortable silence between two longtime lovers and the feeling of being home. You can’t just fake that kind of chemistry.

I’m not going to apologize because of the ship I happen to like fall in love with. I’m also not going to tolerate hate and ignorance. It doesn’t make me racist. It doesn’t make me a homophobe. You don’t know my race. You don’t know my sexual orientation/preference. In all honesty, I’m the farthest thing from those. I’m at the front of the line preaching diversity and acceptance. But I’m not gonna shove something down your throat and make you swallow. You have a different opinion? You have a different OTP? Awesome!! Tell me about it.. tell me what you love about it. Tell me which scene was your favorite and made you squeal like a 13 year old getting asked out by the boy she likes. I swear I’ll really listen and join in on your happiness. But don’t you dare tell me why my ship is wrong, and therefore so am I. Because if something makes you happy, it’s never really wrong.

So now, I’m going to go waste another hour or two browsing the karamel tag and fall even more in love. And then, I’m gonna watch the rest of the season unfold and hope there are more moments that give me all those karamel feels. Because you may hate it, but it’s the reason I gave this show a second chance.

the entire clip was perfect but Wow so many great moments so many beautiful moments that make me so happy

  • even and eskild helping each other put the mistletoe up!! eskilds’ little dance afterwards and even looking at isak across the room with the cUTeST smile
  • isak and eva!! is this a rekindling friendship?? i didn’t understand most of it but i heard jonas’ name so what must they have been talking about hm they had a beautiful friendship i am so happy to see them together again
  • was chris??? making a dick??? if she wasn’t my bad but ohmygod
  • the Girls reunited!!!
  • sana giving isak back the weed fjdlkas; and sana and even talking again!!! even smiling at her sana smiling at him a Pure friendship there needs to be more

@ww-n-double-d mentioned something really interesting in this post about how, in the final fight scene of the Christmas special, Wolfgang and Sun are shown simultaneously fighting two separate thugs, which brings into question exactly how the sensates’ connection really works.

Even after two years of watching the show I’m still having trouble understanding the mechanics of their connection. When they visit each other it sometimes seems like they are simply inhabiting the “host’s” body and only see each other distinctly in their minds (ie. when Wolfie opened the door to Lito’s apartment building, which Dani and Hernando saw as all being Lito); but other times it seems like the visitors really do occupy their own space and are able to interact with the host’s environment, like the various fight scenes we’ve witnessed - I’m fairly certain almost every one of them features something like described, especially because outside characters have made note of how impossible it seems that one of the sensates could do everything they do alone (Jela and Volker Bohm both say this in the special alone).

But then there are more ambiguous moments, like the snowball fight between Kala and Wolfie, where Kala was clearly manipulating the snow like she was there, throwing it at Wolfie from a distance, but then when Felix came around it looked like Wolfie was just throwing snowballs at himself.

idk, up until now I’ve just sort of decided to suspend my disbelief and accept the nature of a sci-fi show like this sometimes comes with little loopholes or things that can’t entirely be explained logically, but I’d really love to hear everyone’s opinions on how this whole thing works.

Not in the least because I really want to know what exactly happened in the scene where Kala was trying to have sex with Rajan and ended up on top of Wolfie as he was having sex with that other lady because, well… body parts must have ended up in places, is all I’m sayin’.

Episode 12 had a lot of good moments within it. However, there was one glaring flaw that sums up my frustrations over this season: the lack of Kumiko and Reina supporting each other. [this post] by @lucinalyn makes a great point, and I wanted to expand on it with my own thoughts.

Right now, the biggest problem is that Kumirei feels too one-sided on Kumiko’s part. Not saying that it’s unrequited, but there is definitely a lack of balance that really needs to be addressed in their relationship. Reina is self-centered and childish at times, but as we saw back in S1, the two of them do mutually support, care, and understand each other on a deep level… but as S2 went on, it became skewed. “Where’s Reina?” is a question I’ve repeatedly asked myself week to week.

There is more to Reina than her crush on Taki, but it dominated her development for this season and her interactions with Kumiko. The majority of their scenes together were either talking about or followed by Taki (eps 3 & 9 respectively) and that has been extremely frustrating. Ep 11 had presumably closed the chapter on that arc (”Reina never brought it up again”) only for it to become all of her dialogue in ep 12–even if it was amusing to see her finally get shut down in the manner we all expected.

As for why Kumiko supported her crush, it was all she could do, really. If Kumiko had tried to reason with her or say that her feelings weren’t valid (as naive as they were), it would have pushed the two further apart. It was in her best interest to push her friend to confess so Reina could finally move on. Honestly, Kumiko deserves a damn medal and clearly has the patience of a saint. (I also love her and she is the light of my life).

We’ve still got one episode left, so let’s not write things off entirely. No one has any idea what to expect since it will mostly be original content. I have faith in the quality of their original content, but I am concerned on what they will focus on and the lack of time to do so. At this point in their relationship, there is still a lot they need to work through to finally realize their mutual feelings, but we can all assume that they will be able to do so since the love is there. They will continue to become better people as they grow up and support each other.

All I ask for in ep 13 is at least one solid scene with Kumiko and Reina showing their affection for each other and an ambiguous ending. We started off strong with ep 1, so let’s hope that we can end on a similar strong note and don’t get left hanging.

I don’t understand why some Sansa fans (not all of them) hate the idea of Arya being happy with an attractive guy. I’m seeing this a lot with Jonsa but I saw it with Gendry x Sansa too. It’s like back when Gendrya was the big thing, Sansa fans started shipping Gendry with Sansa despite him never having any contact with her and being in the story solely to be Arya’s love interest and a parallel to Jon. Now, that Jonrya is more popular, Jonsa became a thing despite no interactions or thoughts of each other that don’t include the entire family or are just “Oh yeah, I only have one living sibling.” Just say it, you hate Arya. It’s not that hard to admit.

Mama Cooper & Bughead

It has been made obvious to us in 1x06 that Alice Cooper does not like Jughead at all. So, I’m curious at what her reaction is going to be when she finds out that Betty’s kinda dating the guy. 

Of course, she saw them together in the forest, but maybe she was super preoccupied with the whole ‘Polly-goes-missing’ issue that she didn’t have time to pour her attention into that. 

I hope that when this whole thing gets sorted out and Bughead’s still going strong (believe it!), she will come out of the first season more accepting of her daughter’s relationship because, as anyone can see, Betty and Jughead are good for each other. They are their very best when together. They understand each other on a deep level; it’s kinda like they’re connected by the “red string of fate” used so often in Japanese culture to symbolize two people meant for each other.

I don’t know with this photo, it is so magical.
It’s like there is something wonderful going on between them.
It’s the “we look into each other’s eyes” of couples.
Maybe it’s just me? But i swear, i think they’re in love.
Having their own world during the concert,
And laughing because of the unzipping of jacket.
The smile that they could only possess, and
A feeling that only the two of them can understand.

Cr: owner of photo (sorry, i just saw it randomly on twitter)

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001 You x Thace :3


  • when I started shipping it if I did: INSTANTLY WHEN I SAW HIM I WAS LIKE “oh shit bend me over Daddy” 
  • my thoughts: i want him to destroy me so
  • What makes me happy about them: ??? everything???
  • What makes me sad about them: HE DEAD WTF 
  • things done in fanfic that annoys me: bro if someone wrote a fanfic about me and thace then probably nothing could annoy me about it TBH 
  • things I look for in fanfic: I LOOK FOR ACTUAL FANFIC OF IT 
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: me with Sendak, thace understands
  • My happily ever after for them: well, he’s not dead
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: ME i’m the little 
  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity: me just looking at him hot damn 

Frisk: “I can’t have a crush on someone I just met! You’re mistaken!”


Thank you Rookie Blue 2010-2015
We are messy. You know what made Rookie Blue different? That each person was so unique, and we cared enough to fight for the best in each other. The connection you saw on screen began off camera. Many days I didn’t feel that I had what it took. Guess who got me through? My teammates that became much more than that. They challenged me, all of them, through different ways because of their strengths and weaknesses. Let me tell you something, the best gift I have ever been given, is that of a real person. Is it easy? No, sometimes it was excruciating to be sitting across someone I didn’t understand, or agree with. Sometimes I didn’t have the tools to deal with what we presented each other, and that can be humiliating. But we chose to be family. And family can only be close with authenticity.

Day 14: Favorite Character Interaction

Ever since I saw them in season one. They are my favorite character interaction/pair.

Zoro and Nami.

I really like this pair a lot. They have an amazing charisma. Maybe because they are like fruits. 

Zoro always save’s nami. And I like how he save’s her than the others. hehehe.

And Nami care about Zoro.

Amazingly, this two understand and trust each other that no one in the crew can ever understand. 

 I think I just wrote an otp review. hahaha!

Some time had clearly passed before both the flora and ink had almost reached the pathway to Hotland in order to meet up with Xanos . It was clear Johnny had kept dreading this moment but when Injustice had stopped him, he wondered as to why before a simple raised claw from them halted their word.

Confused, he kept watching them before he suddenly noticed Injustice point to a rocky wall. Johnny cocked an eyebrow in a peculiar way but then grew astonished as he watched Injustice lash out his hand towards it, slathering the liquid across the wall before he saw the very liquid shift.

Putting two and two together, he realized that Injustice was gonna communicate through a different approach.

I’m gonna need you to nod yes or no just so we can understand each other.

The flora easily complied to their request before the ink shifted once more.

Look closely, we can’t trust Xanos. The guy is bad news enough with them trying to find my sister, and for her sake I’m gonna trust you ONCE AGAIN to find her for me. Knowing how you hate Hotland’s temperature I figure we’d split up.

Johnny’s expression lit up with shock as he looked at Injustice in an incredulous way and before he could utter an objection that the ink stopped him once again.

Don’t worry, with the way he’s setting himself up in a completely different environment, Hotland was a mistake to consider that a good searching spot to begin with. He’ll be out of his element the moment he notices our ‘impasse’.

Well, he did have a point. Johnny had to give the ink credit for their observation.

Go and find my sister and when you do, contact me.

Confused, the flora pondered what they had implied before they had already closed the distance and whipping out a hand, that they had conjured a simple badge.

The flora grew ever so curious as he observed it’s details closely as it displayed a somewhat adorable face of the very same ink he had come to recognize.

Injustice slapped it onto his right chest and that had jolted Johnny out of his thoughts for a moment as he looked quite surprised before he nodded understandably. Johnny would then jog back towards the area of Waterfall before breaking out into a sprint in order to help fulfill his end of the bargain, whilst hoping for Injustice’s safety and well-being.


As Injustice stood there and watched Johnny head out, he briefly sighed in an annoyed manner before turning back on his pathway to meet with the captain, already formulating a plan in an attempt to dissuade their pursuit.