i saw them connecting for real

why I ship (real) Graves/Credence:
How comfortable Credence was with Graves being so affectionate - in the early 1900s, let alone now, intimate contact like that between men is uncommon. If that didn’t happen before, Credence wouldn’t be so open to it. AKA, they wouldn’t be so gay if they weren’t already.
Credence is, canonically, described as an adult. Mid-20s. Still an age gap, but not unheard of. (See: Aaron Taylor-Johnson.)
The way Credence looked at him? The way he was shaken when (fake) Graves struck him? Was the look of a person who saw someone they love turn against them, into the very thing they were running from.
I didn’t think Graves was an asshole until I saw “him” with Credence. I thought he was doing his job. He’s described as sometimes single-minded, but for the most part a good man. I saw an American government official being an American government official. It makes sense that (real) Graves would have connections with Credence because of the Second Salem. It was his job to defend Magical Security.

Why I get that y'all are angry:
What we see onscreen is abusive. That’s because it’s not Graves. It’s Grindlewald. Grindlewald, a Dark wizard, a terrorist, who will do anything it takes to get to what can help him achieve his means: wizardkind dominance over Muggles. Grindlewald is an abuser. He most likely did the exact same thing to Dumbledore (except probably more explicit, volatile, and sexual).

Anyone who (rightly) ships Graves and Credence is not shipping Credence and Grindlewald. If they do, they are seduced by Grindlewald’s charisma (but that doesn’t make it okay). Anyone who does should be imagining the relationship the real Graves and Credence had previous to Grindlewald, aka previous to what we see onscreen.
They’re all queer. And I love it. But they’re not all the same, and they’re not all good.

10795) I thought I was a straight guy for nearly 2 decades but I never related to other cishet guys.

I really liked media with f/f pairings- I’d be drawn towards them and my heart would flutter whenever I saw two girls kiss. Other guys would get boners over lesbian porn but I always found it awkward and fake and I couldn’t see the appeal. I’m just now making some connections with my gender identity but I feel like it’s a waste of time because I’ll never be a “real” lesbian, just an ally at most.

I could see at once that Jamie had been dreaming again.

His face had an unfocused, inward look, as though he were seeing something other than the fried black pudding on his plate. 

Seeing him like this gave me an urgent desire to ask what he had seen—quelled at once, for fear that if I asked too soon, he might lose some part of the dream. It also, truth be told, knotted me with envy. I would have given anything to see what he saw, whether it was real or not. That hardly mattered—it was connection, and the severed nerve ends that had joined me to my vanished family sparked and burned like shorted-out electrical cables when I saw that look on his face. 

I couldn’t stand not to know what he had dreamed, though in the usual manner of dreams, it was seldom straightforward. 

“You’ve been dreaming of them, haven’t you?” I said, when the serving maid had gone out. We’d risen late, tired from the long ride to Wilmington the day before, and were the only diners in the inn’s small front room. 

He glanced at me and nodded slowly, a small frown between his brows. That made me uneasy; the occasional dreams he had of Bree or the children normally left him peaceful and happy. 

“What?” I demanded. “What happened?” 

He shrugged, still frowning. 

“Nothing, Sassenach. I saw Jem and the wee lass—” A smile came over his face at that. “God, she’s a feisty wee baggage! She minds me o’ you, Sassenach.” 

This was a dubious compliment as phrased, but I felt a deep glow at the thought. I’d spent hours looking at Mandy and Jem, memorizing every small feature and gesture, trying to extrapolate, imagine what they would look like as they grew—and I was almost sure that Mandy had my mouth. I knew for a fact that she had the shape of my eyes—and my hair, poor child, for all it was inky black. 

“What were they doing?” 

He rubbed a finger between his brows as though his forehead itched. 

“They were outside,” he said slowly. “Jem told her to do something and she kicked him in the shin and ran away from him, so he chased her. I think it was spring.” He smiled, eyes fixed on whatever he’d seen in his dream. “I mind the wee flowers, caught in her hair, and lying in drifts across the stones.” 

“What stones?” I asked sharply. 

“Oh. The gravestones,” he answered, readily enough. “That’s it—they were playing among the stones on the hill behind Lallybroch.” 

I sighed happily. This was the third dream that he’d had, seeing them at Lallybroch. It might be only wishful thinking, but I knew it made him as happy as it made me, to feel that they had made a home there. 

“They could be,” I said. “Roger went there—when we were looking for you. He said the place was standing vacant, for sale. Bree would have money; they might have bought it. They could be there!” I’d told him that before, but he nodded, pleased. 

“Aye, they could be,” he said, his eyes still soft with his memory of the children on the hill, chasing through the long grass and the worn gray stones that marked his family’s rest. 

“A flutterby came with them,” he said suddenly. “I’d forgot that. A blue one.” 

“Blue? Are there blue butterflies in Scotland?” I frowned, trying to remember. Such butterflies as I’d ever noticed had tended to be white or yellow, I thought. 

Jamie gave me a look of mild exasperation. 

“It’s a dream, Sassenach. I could have flutterbys wi’ tartan wings, and I liked.” 

I laughed, but refused to be distracted. 

“Right. What was it that bothered you, though?” 

He glanced curiously at me. 

“How did ye ken I was troubled?” 

I looked at him down my nose—or as much down my nose as was possible, given the disparity of height. 

“You may not have a glass face, but I have been married to you for thirty-odd years.” 

He let the fact that I hadn’t actually been with him for twenty of those years pass without comment, and only smiled. 

“Aye. Well, it wasna anything, really. Only that they went into the broch.” 

“The broch?” I said uncertainly. The ancient tower for which Lallybroch was named did stand on the hill behind the house, its shadow passing daily through the burying ground like the stately march of a giant sundial. Jamie and I had gone up there often of an evening in our early days at Lallybroch, to sit on the bench that stood against the broch’s wall and be away from the hubbub of the house, enjoying the peaceful sight of the estate and its grounds spread white and green below us, soft with twilight. 

The small frown was back between his brows. 

“The broch,” he repeated, and looked at me, helpless. “I dinna ken what it was. Only that I didna want them to go in. It … felt as though there was something inside. Waiting. And I didna like it at all.”

- An Echo in the Bone


Thank you Rookie Blue 2010-2015
We are messy. You know what made Rookie Blue different? That each person was so unique, and we cared enough to fight for the best in each other. The connection you saw on screen began off camera. Many days I didn’t feel that I had what it took. Guess who got me through? My teammates that became much more than that. They challenged me, all of them, through different ways because of their strengths and weaknesses. Let me tell you something, the best gift I have ever been given, is that of a real person. Is it easy? No, sometimes it was excruciating to be sitting across someone I didn’t understand, or agree with. Sometimes I didn’t have the tools to deal with what we presented each other, and that can be humiliating. But we chose to be family. And family can only be close with authenticity.

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I think I may have met my twin flame. The automatic connection was there, the love was already there, and my soul seemed to know them from the first time I saw them. But can you tell me how I can be sure?

That sounds like a super powerful meeting! I totally wish I could answer your question, but unfortunately I can’t, since there really is no way to be sure except to just trust in that feeling. The love and connection is real, regardless of the humanized label we put on these powerful spiritual relationships. The mind is always going to question things (which isn’t a bad thing, it’s very adaptive!), but it makes it hard to finally and totally overcome doubt. Even when twin flames end up together and both acknowledge they are twin flames, sometimes they’ll still have doubt! It’s natural and okay, and it doesn’t mean the love is any less between you two. 

Tamersona day 1: How did you meet your partner?

Even though I never intend to insert myself into a story now a days. But back in the day I imagined me finding Terriermon amongst a genocide situation in the real world. The police/government saw the Digimon as terrorists and were trying to kill all the ones they came across. 

Teririermon was trying to run away from the people trying to kill them and Haruko, my tamersona, would come to his rescue. She would then take him home and give him food and a bed to sleep on. They eventually became partners after making a special connection. 

With the Christian truths were also mixed in very many superstitions, but there was this difference: the superstitions of our circle were quite unnecessary to them, had no connection with their lives, were only a kind of an Epicurean amusement, while the superstitions of the believers from among the laboring classes were to such an extent blended with their life that it would have been impossible to imagine it without these superstitions. … I began to examine closely the lives and beliefs of these people, and the more I examined them, the more did I become convinced that they had the real faith, that their faith was necessary for them, and that it alone gave them a meaning and possibility of life. … In contradistinction to what I saw in our circle, where all life passed in idleness, amusements, and tedium of life, I saw that the whole life of these people was passed in hard work, and that they were satisfied with life. In contradistinction to the people of our circle, who struggled and murmured against fate because of their privations and their suffering, these people accepted diseases and sorrows without any perplexity or opposition, but with the calm and firm conviction that it was all for good. In contradistinction to the fact that the more intelligent we are, the less do we understand the meaning of life and the more do we see a kind of a bad joke in our suffering and death, these people live, suffer, and approach death, and suffer in peace and more often in joy. … All of them, infinitely diversified as to habits, intellect, culture, situation … worked calmly, bore privations and suffering, lived and died, seeing in that not vanity, but good. I began to love those people. … What happened with me was that the life of our circle - of the rich and the learned - not only disgusted me, but even lost all its meaning. … The life of all the working masses, of all humanity, which created life, presented itself to me in its real significance. I saw that that was life itself and that the meaning given to this life was truth, and I accepted it.
—  Leo Tolstoy, My Confessions

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hey, no pressure but you are otherkin aren't you? would you mind talking about that at all? because sometimes i think i might be but... i don't know. it's confusing. (sorry and thanks)

Ah totally anon! No worries!

To me, my kin identities and how I came upon them sort of varied? Like for some, it was something I’d always felt and I just needed a name to put to it, some I feel like I just sort of,,,absorbed alongside them, and some I discovered I felt kinfeels towards when I saw the character. It’s def. different for certain people and there’s no real one way to define it tbh.

One thing I can think of is the strong feeling of connection and identity that comes from what you think is your kintype, and there’s very few of my kin that I don’t have some sort of memories for, but there was a time where I barely had any of my memories, so I wouldn’t sweat it if you’re struggling w/ that / u \

Overall though, I’d say take this as food for thought and meditate on it, also research is your friend!

Riley Lucas- First Date (My Way)

I was going to write a post on GMW WOT3, but some of the things i shared cover it. Farkle smackle got together by themselves no one pushed them. Lucas watched over Riley on his own, he wanted to protect her, he likes her for who she is even when she was full Rileytown Riley, their connection at the Bakery was real, their looks in the end prove it too. 

i wrote this story because it was requested. This is their first date in a different version from what we saw on TV because i just couldnt do something similar. In this story Riley and Lucas are a bit older. Lucas asks Riley out because he is scared that Charlie is going to take her away from him.


I thought about my first date my whole life. I wanted to wear a pretty dress, do my hair pretty, wear just a bit of makeup, and go somewhere nice. I never expected my first date  to be with Lucas. I know he asked me out because he heard about Charlie wanting to ask me out, but if that is what it took i think i am okay with that. Lucas came into my life unexpectedly, but then he was right in front of me and he was everything to me. It was a risk for us to go out since we were really good friends but maybe the risk will be worth it.  

Maya was walking me to the subway where I was going to meet him.

“Don’t be nervous Riley just be yourself” she said.  

“That is what I am worried about. Do you not know me?” I knew I was clumsy, maybe weird. I had known him for a long time but we haven’t really gone anywhere just us two ALONE.  

“I do” She said. “He knows you too and he still asked you out don’t try to impress him being something that you are not.”

We were almost there, “What if I trip and fall right in front of him”

“Like you haven’t done that already? Calm down okay, you two have been friends for a long time it’s time to stop being afraid and go for it”

I have liked Lucas for a really long time now. I knew we had our moments but then we never really talk about us. I felt like we have had some cute moments but then he seems to step back. It scares me that I don’t get him when it comes to “us”, I don’t know where we stand, and I don’t know what he wants from me.

I saw him as soon as I made my way down the stairs. He was wearing a blue sweater and dark jeans, his hands were inside his pockets, he looked very handsome but he always did. I was looking at him and then he was looking at me, really looking in a way that makes a girl feel special. It was the kind of look that makes taking so long to get ready so worth it because the way he is looking at me right now makes me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.  

“Hi” he says.  

“Hi” and I stared at him for a little longer more.  

“Well you two kids have fun” Maya said grabbing Farkle and taking him with her.  

“You look beautiful by the way” he said with a shy smile. This wasn’t the confident Lucas I was used to, but I like that vulnerability of him.

“Thank you.”  

He was taking me to the park, to a concert they were going to have that I was looking forward to and he knew it. I was happy that we had a lot in common and we could do things we both liked together.  When I think about relationships I know we will never meet someone just like us and if we did that would be boring. We have a lot in common so I appreciate our similarities because we get along great and we can do so much together, but with Lucas I also respect our differences because that has only pushed us to be better and to really understand each other.

“Look at all the people” I said not expecting to see this many people but then again we did live in New York. I was really looking forward to listening to James Arthur I loved his music. We walked through the park because the concerts didn’t start until later. We saw a lot of little shops, we played a few games, and we had a few snacks. We decided to feed the ducks so we went to the ponds.

It got quiet so I turned to look at him,“What?” I asked as I caught him looking at me again and I was beginning to wonder if I had something on my face.  

“Nothing, I was just thinking how amazing you are” he said coming closer. He grabbed a piece of bread from the bag and threw it to the ducks. “You are kind and thoughtful all the time. I liked that about you” I feel my heart beat faster everytime he tells me something like that.

“You are too, you care about your friends” I knew people thought of him as the cute and popular jock but there was so much more to him they didn’t know and I was glad I was able to see that.

“But you care about everyone. You are always helping when you can. When we were walking here you gave that poor women some money everyone walked right pass her and no one stop but you did.”

“People just need to be more compassionate. We never know when we will need a helping hand.”

“That is what I like about you Riley. You are one of the few who think that way.” I kept blushing because I never heard words like that come out of him, and no one has ever told me why they like me. “Tell me something about you?” He said.

“Like what? You know me” I kept throwing food at them.

“Something no one knows not even Maya” that was going to be hard because she knew everything about me. I had to dig really hard into my memories and then I remember a moment that I never forget. “I did something really bad when I was young” I confessed.  

“No! Riley Matthews doing something bad? That is impossible.” He looked at me funny like he couldn’t believe it.  

We sat on a bench, and I looked at him. “I know I can come across as selfish sometimes but that is just me trying to control every situation. I feel like if we lose control we do bad things. When I was six there was a coloring contest.  The price was a set of bunny coloring pencils.”

“Bunny coloring pencils?” He asked confused.  

“Yes every color had a bunny head on top and you know me”

“You love bunnies, or anything that is cute so you wanted them” he guessed correctly. “So what? Did you not win?”

“No” I shooked my head looking up at the sky “some other girl did. The thing is that I was so jealous that when everyone was at recess I broke all her pencils. I thought that if I couldn’t have them neither could she.”

“You were just a kid” he tried to defend me which I appreciated but I had no excuse for what I did.

“No” I shook my head and looked at him this time"I knew better. I knew it was wrong and I did it. The worst thing is that the next day her mother came to our classroom saying how Jena was so upset. The teacher said she was sorry but if no kid confessed there was no way of her knowing who did it. I found out that Jenna had no father and her mother had no money so she never really got many gifts. It hurt me that I did something like that. That day I asked my parent to let me use my piggy bank money to buy her new crayons. My parents told me how proud they were of me for thinking of others, my teacher praised me, and Jenna was so happy, but I knew and I still wasn’t brave enough to tell the truth. Do you like me less now?“ I asked concerned that my deepest secret was finally revealed and he would think of me differently.

"No, we have all made mistakes Riley and no one is perfect. I think it takes more courage to admit we were wrong even if you didn’t tell anyone you knew and you did something about it.” I was happy that I was able to tell him something like this. I was happy that he care enough to want to know more about me.  

“That day I promised myself that I was never going to do something bad again. I hurt someone and I didn’t want to see someone sad ever again. I was going to be good and if I could I was going to help people. I am blessed. I grew up in a good family that loves me and even though I am not rich we live well”

“Bright eyes” he said.


“Bright eyes, what two shoes Loui calls you. That bad experience made you who you are today Riley. It’s because of you that some of us can see the brighter side of this world.”

“Thank you for not judging me. It is your turn now tell me one of your secrets.”

“I have a lot” he joked.

“Lucas! I am sure we had this conversation before about secrets and trust” I said joking too. I remember when Zay first came into our lives and the secret he carried with him. I know that was difficult for him too.  

“It is more of a story. When I was a kid maybe four of five I used to believe that I was a superhero.” I laughed at that because I can see that even now he has a little bit of that inside him, but I did picture him cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and a caped tied around his neck.  "One day I was out in the farm and I was supposed to be helping poppy Joe with farm work. I was in charge of the chicks. There were a lot of chicks that day and they kept crying or so I thought. They were all in a gate, and we were leaving and for some reason I thought that they should not be in that cage they needed to run around. The next day well lets just say they were gone.“

"Oh no” I said imagining the poor chicks being eaten alive. “Are you serious?”

“I thought I was saving them, I guess we have coyotes and foxes around at night. I was no super hero, but Poppy Joe told me that we all make mistakes. He didn’t cover the story for me he was honest he knew I did wrong but he made sure I knew what happen and why it happen. I think it’s good to own up to what we do”

“We are horrible people”

“The worst” we both laughed. “Come on it’s about to start” he said and we walked towards the crowd. We listen to the music for a while side to side but then he grabbed my hand and said “Dance with me” and I followed him. The song playing was “Say You Won’t Let Go” James Arthur was already playing. We danced together before but this time as I wrapped my arms around his neck  he grabbed my waist pulling me closer.  We were so close that I could feel the warmth of his breath. “I am glad you came here with me today” he whispered.

“And here I thought that you only asked me out because of Charlie.” I said but I really wanted to know. “Why did you ask me out? Why now?”

He was quiet for a minute thinking about what he was about to say. “I have liked you for a while now don’t think I just did it because of Charlie Gardner. When I met you I thought you were special. I didn’t know in what way but I knew there was a reason why we met that day. We became friends and I think a lot of you but I didn’t want things to change, but when I heard about Charlie I didn’t want to lose you even if you scare me sometimes?’

"I scare you?” I ask because how could anyone be scared of me.  

“You do” he laughed nervously again. “I never liked a girl as much as I like you and I don’t know if I will ever be good enough for you”  

“I think about life a lot. I think about all the things I want to do, all the things I want to experience and being in love is one of them. When you love someone you give them a small part of your heart that you don’t give to anyone else and over time you give them more. You let them see you in a way no one else will, you share thoughts you wouldn’t share with other people.” I stared straight into his eyes. “Lucas I gave you a part of my heart at the library. It was the first time you told me something real, something about you so personal. I think it was at that moment when I knew I wanted you around. I like you Lucas and that scares me too I don’t know what will happen in the future but I don’t want to regret not giving us a chance”

“I think you had my heart since the day you fell into my lap. I know Maya pushed you and before you I never believed in fate or destiny and I know this is cheesy but you make me believe in all those things” he said and those words got to my heart. Lucas was different with me and I like that. I might be selfish but I wanted to be the only girl that makes him feel like that.

As the music played and we kept dancing, I placed my hands on his face and pulled him closer and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. It was quick, fast, but I felt the warm of his lips, my first kiss. “Thank you for a wonderful evening”

“No” said and this time it was him the one to kiss me. He pressed his lips to mine, this time slow so I closed my eyes. This time his kiss felt like there was no other place her rather be but here with me, it felt like the world stopped with just us two. This was our moment, so perfect, and I realized this was just our beginning. “Thank you for letting me into your heart” he said as he pulled away slowly.

“Add that to our list” we had a list of moments which we would always remember and this had become one of them. Life is full of memories from special moments that shape our lives. I had special moments before him, but now they will be OUR moments, and I know when I am older I will look back at them and still remember how I felt at that time. I know there is a lot more life to live and I will continue to collect many more special moments and Lucas will be a big part of them.  

Why Do You Ship Richonne?

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1. I actually first began shipping Rick and Michonne in the comics because I saw something more in their dynamic than just friendship, but when the television series finally brought Michonne and Rick together it became almost impossible to deny that there was a mutual attraction and a very real potential for something more between them. Season three may have initially seen a rocky start for Rick and Michonne, but during that season Michonne would begin to form her bond with Carl and she also established a tentative connection with Rick through their shared understanding of the impact that grief and tragic loss can have on the psyche. By season four, however, it was clear to me that Michonne had become an important person (if not “the person”) in both of the Grimes’ boys lives. So, while the relationship between Rick and Michonne in the comics certainly had potential, the television series has taken their relationship to the next level, and I really cannot imagine not shipping them at this point.

2. They are both iconic to The Walking Dead franchise. Their comic book counterparts are both ranked in the IGN Top 100 Comic Book Heroes, where none of the other comic characters have yet to make that list. When you see Rick and Michonne together on the show, you immediately know that you are watching The Walking Dead. In essence, they are already the dynamic duo in name and image, and giving them an official couples status just makes sense because there are few other characters on the show that have been shown to share the same close bond with either of them that they share with each other. 

3. In many ways, Michonne’s relationship with Rick has mirrored that of comic!Andrea’s. Since season three, Michonne has proven to be a confidante and maternal figure in Carl’s life. Without attempting to replace or replicate the role that Lori had in Carl’s life as his mother, Michonne’s bond with Carl is uniquely their own and I love that. She has also provided Rick with support and understanding, and her loyalty to him and what they share is clearly placed above even the security that the walls of Alexandria could offer her. Likewise, Rick has been shown to value Michonne’s judgment to the extent that her opinion seems to hold more sway over him than any other. He respects her as a capable survivor and warrior, but he also appears to value her and feel drawn/attracted to her as a woman. 

4. The 

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5. Their relationship allows for conflict and disagreement because they understand that they always have each others’ best interests at heart. That is a healthy dynamic for two people to share; the ability to disagree or even be at odds with one another without doubting the security of the relationship or your partners’ intentions is what most couples aim for. They share a very special intimacy in their knowledge, faith, and trust in one another. 

6. So many of us who love and adore Michonne have complained and ranted about the fact that -four seasons into the series- the writers’ have yet to give her a last name. At this point, I am beginning to think that they may be holding out to make “Grimes” official. They’re already a family, and most Richonne shippers have joked that they are already “so married.” 

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7. In contrast to Rick’s relationship with Lori (or Rick and Shane), Rick and Michonne are partners in every sense of the word. Michonne and Rick protect each other; they are always in each other’s corner; they have each other’s back; they are able to communicate their intentions and understand one another without a single spoken word being necessary; and, most importantly, they are equals in the world they live in. Where Lori did strive to support Rick as her husband, she still struggled with accepting the brutality of the world they existed in and what that sometimes required of Rick for them to survive. Michonne, on the other hand, is both aware and familiar with the toil that the world can take, and she and Rick are able to provide each other with mutual support at their lowest and darkest points. A good example is their exchange in the aftermath of the Claimers, where Michonne provided Rick with reassurance after what he had to do to keep them safe (ripping out the throat of a Claimer with his teeth) and Rick proceeded to return her reassurance –she’s okay when he’s okay and vice versa. 

8. So many people can see the potential of Richonne and have begun to vocally support it.

9. Andrew Lincoln’s mother even ships Richonne.

10. So does Andrew Lincoln, for that matter. 

I’m not sure who has done this yet, so I’ll just tag a few people: @fishnbanjos @shipnation @musethedead @mscurious88 @princessmichonne @royalrichonne @goddamnrichpeople @ricky-grimes

bride of the maker at the head of her army, loved by an absent god who saw no value in the world he himself had created, a point of connection between the divine and the world, making them both more real, transforming the world and transforming her god

lavellan’s no herald, she’s andraste herself

Fangirl Shaming

This is probably nothing new, but I really feel the need to rant about this a bit.

There’s this vicious stereotype of a fangirl and it pretty much says that fangirls are creepy, they write creepy fanfiction, they stalk their favourite celebrity, and would scream if they saw the guy/gal from 50 metres off.

Let me tell you, as a proud fangirl of people like Ghost and Tom Hiddleston, that this is BS.

Do I write fanfiction? Yes I do. Once again, proudly. I don’t see how is this in any way negative – it’s a creative outlet for fans, it lets fans connect and lets us daydream a bit. You cannot possibly fault anyone on that. Just because someone writes a fanfiction, doesn’t make them crazy, childish or any less of a ‘real fan’.

Do I stalk? Nope. I mean, I do look up my favourite musicians and actors on sites like Tumblr or Facebook, but these things are out there for anyone to find. This is just me wanting to learn something more about someone who’s work I enjoy. Unless I somehow manage to get their personal contact numbers/addresses and start harassing them, then you can’t – once again – fault me. It does not make me a creep, or obsessed.

Do I scream whenever I see a photo of someone I like or, better yet, when I see them live? Well, yes, but in the way that everyone shouts at metal gigs. But when I meet a musician I like off of the stage, then no, I don’t scream. I come up respectively, ask for an autograph, perhaps a photograph, maybe even have a short, civil conversation if I’m lucky.

And this isn’t just me, I’m not some odd exception. No, this is the case for a typical ‘fangirl’.

So please, stop making this term a dirty, negative one. If you’re passionate about an actor or a band or a musician, no one should be able to stop you or shame you for being such. Unless you are actually in someway damaging or harassing the person’s name, privacy etc., you have every right to be a proud fangirl.

Have you ever ran into a film like American Ultra, one you were kind of interested in but not quite enough to buy a ticket – and also, morals aren’t really an issue with you? If so, you’re probably familiar with torrenting. The way torrenting works is by connecting your computer to anyone running the software and downloading a file piece by piece directly from their computers, essentially treating them like teeny, tiny servers connected to other teeny, tiny servers. Microsoft saw that idea and thought to themselves, “Let’s do that, but with our updates. And we’ll make it a default feature!” Then they laughed maniacally as lightning struck outside Microsoft HQ.

They’re calling this fuckery “Windows Update Delivery Optimization,” or WUDO. I initially figured this couldn’t be a real thing. No company would be that fucking bold to think their users would be cool with their computer connecting to random, unknown sources – especially since that’s one of the first things they teach you when you get your first computer: DON’T FUCKING CONNECT TO COMPUTERS YOU DON’T COMPLETELY TRUST, DUMBASS! So I made my way over to WUDO.org, which turned out to be a German site for the World Unimotorcycle Dragrace Organisation (sic). So don’t bother going to that site unless you want to see the raddest shit you’ve ever seen!

4 Awful Secrets No One Is Telling You About Windows 10

No Doubt about onion

Look Everyone probably knows this but so obvious Onion has some connection with Yellow Dimond. The theory of him being yellow diamond is out of cause he was born when showing Steven… his own birth but! There still might be a connection or Rebecca is just giving us lots of coincidence to miss lead us while we missing the real clues. Onion doesn’t eat or just like in ectoviolet theory onion doesnt care for human life and has no ears ect… but here is what i saw on “onion Friend” that really got me going again for yellow diamond theory when onion jumps out the window he leaves a hexagon shape  

and if you look at some Dimond at the top of them. Most have a Hexagon shape. Also learned something about Yellow Diamonds. They are nicknamed “Carbon Onions” soo ya  XD 

its funny cause if i saw a comic that was like, a nerd in public being asked to cover their shirt because it had exaggeratedly sexualised anime porn on it and then someone jumps out and is like “THAT’S CENSORSHIP THAT’S JUST AS BAD AS ERASING THIS PERSON’S SEXUALITY” I’d think its a bland exaggerated strawman comic and yet here’s plebcomics literally making that same connection without a shred of irony or self awareness. i wonder what its like to be a strawman comic character in real life. do they see everywhere as a blank white void. is everyone around them either grey or a woman with a dyed undercut

Youtube: Before/After

I’ve been watching Youtube for over 2 years now, I’ve seen some youtubers growing up through the years and I noticed something. 

The first youtubers I’ve ever watched was Smosh, don’t ask me how or why, I have no clue. Later, I discovered that “youtuber” was a thing. I started watching youtube in 2013, everyone looked like they really loved what they were doing and had this true, honest and real connection with us. The last couple of months I decided to stop watching some of them.

Now, I feel like some youtubers make content mostly for money, we all noticed that. Most of the youtubers use BIG titles and thumbnails that make us wanna watch the video, which is fine, but there is a line to not cross. I saw some youtubers uploading because they “had” to, and we feel it as a viewer when they don’t especially wanna make this video. Things shouldn’t be like that. Youtube should be a space to make/watch what we love and share content that make the creator and the viewers both happy. 

Also, they got so many opportunities that they can’t say no. Imagine, if a big company comes up to you with a big amount of money and ask you to make an album, you can’t sing. What would you do ? It’s very tempting right? If you say yes, you get more “famous” and get more money. If you say no, you don’t evolve in anything, don’t get to try new things and let people that always wanted to sing take your chance. 

I see things this way, maybe not everyone do but I wanted to share my point of view. 

anonymous asked:

Is that true that some of the "new" sexual orientation as demisexual etc were invented by tumblr users? I saw some people saying it & I really want to know if all these orientations are "true oriantations"?

They’re true orientations if people identify with them and use them as identity labels. Regardless of a terms origins, if someone connects with it and feels that it describes them, it’s a real and valid orientation

I think one reason Tauriel is my favorite female elf, is because she was the only female elf we got to see who was, “human” or in a sense, very mundane and relatable. And I mean, I know she wasn’t human but I felt she was a lot more realistic, or interesting in a sense where she didn’t come from a royal or noble Elf house, she wasn’t incredibly powerful, or incredibly beautiful, nor did she carry a title that was known throughout all of Middle Earth. But even so, she was very strong, skilled, useful and just relatable. I think that Tauriel is my favorite female elf (and probably elf), is because, before  I saw her, I could never form a real appreciation or love for any of the other female elves. I don’t know, I just couldn’t connect with them as much as I did her. She is normal, she is a warrior who doesn’t have to have a known name to be amazing. And I’m not saying the other female elves aren’t interesting, but to me, I just instantly fell in love with Tauriel. I think with her conception and development and just presence, she opened a whole new perspective of female elves. She made them more human, more relatable. 

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