i saw the vid again

In which Victor teaches seduction
  • Victor: Seduce me.
  • Yuuri: You?
  • Victor: SEDUCE ME.
  • Yuuri: What? Victor I'm not gonna--
  • Victor: S E D U C E M E
  • Yuuri:
  • Yuuri: Okay.
  • Yuuri: *grabs Katsudon and attempts a sexy look* Hey there good lookin'. I got Katsudon--
  • Victor *smacks Yuuri with Katsudon*: I'm not one of your Katsudon tramps. I am Victor Nikiforov. I want my men full of Eros. And probably champagne. About 16 flutes or more.
  • Yuuri: What.

martinplier  asked:

Idk why but I feel like Anti may show up again in a Gorny vid. Like I saw someone say that Chase might have been playing this last one. What if it actually is him in the next one, having a good one killing those weirdly shaped dudes, when his game suddenly glitches out and he has to stop and the video goes to just the game until Chase takes off the goggles and Anti is just standing in the background.

… Holy shit dude - Mod Lily

i saw Arakawa-sensei drawing Fullmetal ALchemist, likee F U LL METAL   AL C HE M I S T , with her own two hands and i’m just so incredibly happy  and PUMPEDD and ALIVE


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So am i the only one that saw ks check out ji booty twice during jakarta. I look around to see if others were talking about it. Its shown in one of kaisoo_latte on twitter. It was during greeting ment. Right before ks said hisname ji bent down

(2) To put down his water bottle and ks looked and kind of was like omg real quick and said his name. Then ji greated bent down again and ks took another look.

I saw the vid, it was kinda quick tho. 

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What do you think of Ryosuke Yamada, the actor who is going to play Edward Elric in the upcoming Fullmetal Alchemist live action? I heard he did all the stunts on his own. Will he be able to pull off awesome action scenes? & can he bring out Ed's wittiness?


lemme tell youuuuu

Based on the few dramas and films I’ve seen, i can certainly say that he is a good actor who is dedicated and serious about his work. Also, he’s been typecast into playing the young prodigy/detective type of character in a lot of his past work, which is a category that Ed falls under so that makes me feel more confident in his ability to play Ed, especially the young-smartass-overconfident-witty side.

As for the action scenes, I think he’ll be able to pull ‘em off too because of both his acting ability and physical ability - he was an athlete before he was ever an actor or singer. He also read the manga and is familiar with the original story so with his acting ability, physicality, and familiarity to the subject, I do believe that he’ll be able to play Ed well according to the circumstances of the film plot (a lil more on that here)

And, of course, i want to believe and hope that Yamada can do Ed justice because wouldn’t that just be fucking Great!?!!?

I’ve done a lot of research on this guy - i’ve watched interviews, read them, i’ve watched him freak out on rollercoasters (which he hates), i’ve seen his work, and even listened to some of his hey! say! jump songs… In the past six months or so i’ve gotten a pretty good, basic idea of who he is and I firmly believe he can be trusted with Ed.

thanks for the ask, anon!! i’m always happy and excited to discuss the live action!!!!!

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emma omg idk if u remember me but my 5sos blog is grumpylukes and we were mutuals and were in a gc together!!! i just use my phan blog more now lmao anyway and i found ur account again but holy fucking shit i saw ur muke vid of gtb and i fraked out and screamed ohymgof hope ur doing well bb!!! <3

KP OH MY GODMDJ I HAVENT HEARD PF YOU SINCE LIKE WAY BACK HOLY SHIT!!! I hope you’re doing amazing!! I’m great!!

Someone asked junghan to do twoshot, so jisoo asked him to make heart together but junghan said “make it alone”
Again, someone asked jisoo but he said “he won’t do it~” but at last junghan made the heart first then jisoo joined
Cr. _shua_17
Trans: 17wonkkyu