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[Trans] haruhana Magazine vol. 28 (February & March Issue)

10 things you must do in your life!

(photo cr: @kiss_seoppy)

Since UKISS released their monumental “10th” Japanese single, we asked each of the members to list the “10″ things that they want to achieve in their future life.

Soohyun’s bucket list:
1. Go traveling with UKISS members
    We have always been busy and haven’t traveled together yet, so I want to go [traveling]!
2. Travel overseas with my family
    Not even once have I traveled overseas with my family either…(cries).
3. Buy a house of  my own!
    I want to make my utmost effort to prepare have a house ready for my [future] family.
4. Reach no.1 on Oricon chart in Japan
    We’ve got into top 5 before, but never achieved top 1*
5. Get married
    I want to get married and create a calm and peaceful home.
6. Release a Japanese solo album!
    I want to sing romantic ballad songs in Japan~!
7. Have a concert tour around the world
    I wish [UKISS] to become famous worldwide and have a concert tour in the countries around the world.
8. Be healthy
Health is the most important!
9. Become the manager of a yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant
Because I love meat, I want to become a manager and eat a lot [of meat]!
10. Become the CEO of an entertainment company
I want to create a company.
*note: The interview was taken place in Dec. 2014, but later in Mar. 2015 they reached no.1 on Oricon daily chart with Action album

Eli’s bucket list:
1. Get married
    I want to live happily with the person I love.
2. Film a Hollywood movie
    Participating in the production of Hollywood movies is my dream.
3. Go skydiving
    I want to try things that are thrilling.
4. Go sea fishing
    I want to take a boat to the midst of the sea and [enjoy] fishing without thinking about anything.
5. Buy a luxury car
    Lamborghini Aventador is my dream car.
6. Buy a house in America
    I want to live in America as well.
7. Run a successful business
    I want to do a business that involves food/cooking.
8. Go scuba diving 
    I want to dive deep underwater and admire the view.
9. Go snowboarding and slide down from the top of the mountain
    Because I like snowboarding.
10. Live happily
All of the people has the right to live happily.

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