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lily sweater crop top | recolored

yay!! another recolors! so i saw @dear-solar​‘s mesh and was in lovee, but the swatches (although beautiful) were a bit too bright for my liking. so why not recolor? :)

  • need the mesh by @dear-solar; a huge thanks for their tou letting me recolor :)
  • 16 swatches: recolored in @smubuh‘s aroma palette
  • female teen-elder; full custom thumbnails
  • please let me know if there problems with this or if you have suggestions i’d be happy to hear them <3
  • if you use this, tag me!!!! :D

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I can feel your heart beat
fear was growing in your eyes
but you and me, we are all alone
and soon there will be clear blue skies
with the night, comes to goes
when the lights disappear
know that I won´t let go
and if dreams become real
you should know
there’s no retreat and no surrender
you should know
not here not now not ever
when your´re cold, when you´re lost and you fall for the lights
I will stay by your side with the song for the night
…the night will find, some piece of mine, knowing you be safe, sleep tonight,
…with the song for the night…   

Stanfour - Song for the Night

edit:changed some small stuff D:

Spiderman: I care (Spoilers)

I just saw the Spiderman movie today and among all the scenes, my favorite were always where Tony Stark and Peter were in the same screen. It was heart wrenching but also heart warming to see Tony hint at how much he truly cares for Peter throughout the film!

This is a scene, SORRY FOR SPOILERS! I don’t know how to use thumbnails…

I just wanna imagine proud Stark looking over the videos and listening to the audio proudly and watching from a distance.

I hope you like!


oh i could sleep forever
but it’s of her i dream…
if i could sleep forever
i could forget about everything

listening to an old mixtape a few months back and this song was on it… immediately made me think of you don’t know me by @ferisae ;0; the song is basically perfect for the fic. which you should be reading. just sayin’.

When I saw the thumbnail of jack as a zombie in PUBG, I had to draw one, it just caught my attention on how jack looks like. (not to mention the hair just pleases me) 

Also I did the egos as well if they were a zombie but I turned them into something like monsters XD. my bad

Unexpected // Kian Lawley fluffy imagine

Pairing: Kian Lawley x reader

Warning!: kissing, swearing

Word Count: 1 781

Age: +14

Plot: You’re roommates with Bobby, Kian, Harrison, Jc and Corey. You get along with everybody, but for some reason Kian is the one, who messes with you the most. When you’re both filming a video together…

A/N: I really wanted to write a Kian imagine and idk why, but I’ll start writing requests soon, really soon. I just have work and I get home so late, I’m always so tired and then I have to write, because of that I’m not getting enough sleep. Which means I’m even more tired the next. Conclusion: I’ll start writing requests soon haha. Enjoy xoxo !

/Gif isn’t mine, but fits perfectly to this imagine so credits and love to it’s owner/

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So I’ve been living with boys for a couple of months now and it’s been great. At first they were acting a litlle weird, but it only lasted for a few days. I mean I’ve known them before and we’ve hung out. We were friends, but not close and when I told them I needed a place to stay they said that they were moving into a new house and maybe I’d want to join them.

I agreed, I mean it’s a beautiful house and they’re my buddies. So here I am. 

“Y/n! get down here!” I hear Jc screaming, I take my phone and go downstairs. “Can you make a video with me?” Kian asked me. I smiled and nodded “Yeah, of course. What’s it about?” I asked him and he giggled.

“I need you to tell me two basic girl lies and then one truth, I’ll try and guess them.” he said and I laughed. “Well okay, let me change my shirt I’ll be ready.” I said and went back to my room. I thought I’d only change my shirt, but turned out changed my whole outfit.

“You’re ready?” he shouts from downstairs. “Yeah, I’m coming!” I said and ran down the stairs. “Well, shit.” Jc says and starts laughing. “Okay, what? I got little carried away.” I said annoyed. Jc throws his hands up in the air and walks away. “Where are we filming?” I asked him and he pointed towards his room.

“Let’s go up, I sat my camera ready there.” he said and ran up. I laughed and ran behind him. He giggled “What are you laughing about?” “I put on heels not relising that my feet will not be in frame.” and he laughed too.

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I was on Youtube and there is this one video called "Top 10 Worse Couples in Anime" and it has Gochi as the thumbnail (didn't watch it since I didn't want to give views). Even worse, since I watch a lot of Dragon Ball videos, I see the link to said video everywhere. Can you write why Goku x Chichi is good to cheer me up?

I haven’t watched the video on youtube yet, but I saw brief post made about it on tumblr and other gochi fans were upset about too…. :(

And sure I can do that for you anon !  💕 ^_^ ((I’m planning on making a proper tag that way other gochi fans can look at it when they feel sad. Like maybe “Gochi analysis” or “Gochi posts” ? but for now you can look at the regular gochi tag in this blog. And see why other people like this couple and why they are not bad like other people think.  ))

List of Why Goku x Chichi is a good couple! :D

((If you’re a Gochi fan and want to express why you love the couple too please tag this blog! :D @57fandom59   💕  ))

1. When they first met they instantly became buddies/friends. They just connected.  This is funny to think about because they didn’t even have a rivalry like Goku’s other friends xD The most that ever happened between goku and chichi is that she got mad for 1 second cause of the pat pat he did. 

But then you see her quickly giggle it off and instead forms a little girly crush on him. But overall, NO rivalry between them. They got along very well. xD

((Also note how on this one episode Goku offers Chichi an apple (goku only offers you his food when he really likes you as a person)  and he spends some time to hang out with her. He feels so relaxed next to her that he even falls asleep. xD ))

2. WHAT EVER CHICHI WANTS HIM TO DO HE DOES IT. Like gaaaaahhh that is so cute!!! >< You see him tell her this as a kid 

*boom they get married years later (even though he forgot his promise. BTW I wouldn’t blame him for forgetting cause it’s been years and plus goku had so much stuff happen in his life it is easy to forget. PLUS Chichi looks kind of different from when she was a kid. but regardless of him forgetting he still married her because he remembered the promise he made and that he wants to make her happy. )) 

((Also notices how when they do get married, you can see it in his face that he is happy for his decision! xD He is such a goofball I swear/// )) 

THEN as an adult he still does what makes her happy;;;; Like JC this boy is too cute to this girl.

For example, in the future Chichi tells him to get his driver’s licences. 

So he does. THEN chichi tells him to get a job. He does it. And is a provider for his family now. (he has 2 jobs actually, farmer + Security guard ). 

And when she tells him to get the groceries he gets them for her. xD

3. GOCHI HAS LOTS OF THINGS IN COMMON : Both martial artists, both can ride nimbus, both have black hair and black/brown eyes etc. 

4. They’re height difference! :’D  I know this is not a big deal but to me it’s cute because the boy was so much shorter than her

((few years later. Goku is getting there but is still shorter than chichi haha xD ))

((few more years later Goku is finally taller than her! ! xD ))

Then BAM he just gets so much taller than her that I just asdfasdfasdfasdf *explodes* 

He gets so much taller in fact that the poor momma has to go on her tippy toes just to kiss him! xD LIKE that is so friekn cute I swear


6. They’re ability to compromise and work out their differences! Like for example Goku wants to constantly train but chichi wants him to work.  LINK So they talked it out with each other and now the agreement between them is that Goku gets to go train as long as he puts some hours of work.

7. Chichi is the only character you see where Goku blushes around her or gets those cute anime beauty bubbles when he looks at her! xD LINK

7. Goku LOVES the fact that his wife can kick his butt!/her strong willed personality >:D 

9. And finally they have so much love and care the have for each other :’D They’re strong nakama bond! <333 LINK

((this actually turned out to be a long post…..lol whoops)) I hope you enjoyed this post anon! and that I made you feel better ^o^ 

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hey cami, i just saw something on facebook that when you put together the thumbnail of love part 1 and 2 you can see asriel stopping frisk and betty, so did you did that on purpose ?

NO WAY! It was all magic, a miracle I say!! What an incredible coinciden- of course it was, yes… like… dude…


Ahoy!! I’ve been posting bits and wips on my fan blog, but thought I’d post some of previews what I have here along with some general updates! Currently working on various comic shorts, including the Mermaid comic i’ve posted a bit about this summer, an anthology pitch, and last but not least, a Historical Hetalia fan-comic! It’s called Il Matto, and it’s a reimagining of Germany and Italy’s infamous “tomato box” meeting at the beginning of the Hetalia, set against the setting of the First World War’s Italian Front. 

I’m kind of hesitant to post about works-in-progress here since I definitely have a lot of projects that have either failed or I wasn’t able to bring to completion (*cough cough* Blessed are the Meek *cough cough* Not if Hell Freezes Over) but I’m posting these here for now because:

 1) This is one of the most organized times I’ve really been able to work on a fan short directly from script > thumbnails > final pages, and while I’m still not sure on an exact number of how many pages this is going to be when I’m done (I do know it’ll be 20+ easily) I have a definitive map of what I want to complete and I’m working steadily towards that! Also i feel like in the past year i’ve discovered more efficient workflows that just… make everything so much easier

2) I’m just really excited about this and this is to prevent me from just mass posting all the completed pages I’ve already made! Also just for  

3) saw some tags on my preview stuff wondering what these pics were all about so just clearing some things up! 

Planning to post the completed comic here on my blog when I’m done, as well as a PDF on Gumroad with extra sketches/research info! Anyway just letting you know–thanks as usual everyone for following and reblogging my art, it means a lot to me! 

☁ BTS reaction to you being a popular YouTuber

☁ = fluff

🌸 = smut


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(does this gif has anything to do with this reaction? no. but is it absolutely adorable and i just couldnt wait anymore to use it? definitely)

When Seokjin stumbled upon your face in the thumbnail of his recommended videos, he would be absolutely shook, but also kinda dissapointed that you - being his girlfriend, never told him that you make YouTube videos. He was even more shocked when he saw how many subscribers you have. While watching your video, Jin was be amazed how he couldn’t take his eyes off you the whole video. Then you heard him calling you, ranting how could you not tell him, acting like he’s mad.

“Y/N?? Am I not your boyfriend anymore?? Why didn’t you tell me that you make YT videos?? HOW COULD YOU???”


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He wouldn’t be so shocked, since he probably figured it out himself, even though you didn’t tell him before. “Yeah, I know, I saw your videos, like this one where you were talking about..” you cutted him off angrily, knowing that Yoongi was talking about THAT one video, but it only made him smirk.


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He was watching DNA MV reactions, but when suddenly he saw you, all Hoseok could do is yell - “Y/N?!!”. He was really interested in your channel probably watching your videos even though they were not in his type - he loves to look at you, and hear you talk.


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I think he understood why you didn’t tell him before, and not be too bothered about it, but still susprised how he hasn’t noticed. He smiled the whole video he watched, loving the way you talk. “Namjoon, are you watching my videos again?” “N-no, nope, of course not why would I do that” - he said, quickly closing his laptop. (and probably breaking it tbh)


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Our ChimChim was be a mess of cute smiles when he saw your YouTube channel, completely ignoring the fact that you never told him about it. He first showed off and bragged about you and your videos to the rest of the boys - “Look how cute my jagiya is!! And she’s so–”. “Yeah, we get it Jimin.” Then he called you telling how cool your channel is and that you should have told him before.


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I think Tae was be very shocked when he saw your YouTube channel, but acted like it’s nothing. He was giggling and smiling the whole time watching you talk or do fun stuff on your videos. He was very interested in what kind of camera you use and kept on burrying you with questions - “Maybe I should make a YT channel too?” “Do you think I can record it with my phone??” “Maybe we could make a video together?!”


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Jungkook, was obviously Jungshook when he saw your videos. “WHAT IS HAPPENING WHY IS Y/N TRAPPED INSIDE MY COMPUTER” He then wrote to you, asking a lot of questions about your channel. Simillar to V, he was really impressed and looked up to you (not wanting to admit it), also wondering about making videos himself.