i saw the thumbnail and was like

I can feel your heart beat
fear was growing in your eyes
but you and me, we are all alone
and soon there will be clear blue skies
with the night, comes to goes
when the lights disappear
know that I won´t let go
and if dreams become real
you should know
there’s no retreat and no surrender
you should know
not here not now not ever
when your´re cold, when you´re lost and you fall for the lights
I will stay by your side with the song for the night
…the night will find, some piece of mine, knowing you be safe, sleep tonight,
…with the song for the night…   

Stanfour - Song for the Night

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comparing old to new- first edit vs latest thumbnail thingy. the difference is scarier than the images themselves, ah! xD

Welp. Still not over Halloween, man. Or maybe I just love the idea of this character too much? Either way - truly sorry if I’m bugging anyone by posting so much Anti stuff. It’s just a thing that combines two of my favorite things, haha.  

I also just saw that Jack hit 14 million frens on YouTube! Sick! So, at this point, I’d like to thank him and the community for introducing me to my more creative and true self. 

Stay awesome, everybody! :)

From yesterday’s live show! When I saw the thumbnail I just knew I had to draw them

Also, traditional draws like this take me less time than a digital one x’D so maybe I’ll be uploading more of these. I’m currently finishing an animated short for college (my final project actually) and I’m to busy to even breath, so sorry for the endless hiatus T-T

SU Theory/Discussion

So, I had this question for a while once I got into Steven Universe, and that is CAN STEVEN POOF?

I saw a video with a promising thumbnail on YouTube, and I watched it… and I didn’t answer the question I was asking. (It’s still a really good video and I would recommend checking it and the channel that made it out right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jD1Ixkfk_ug)


Can Steven Quartz Universe poof and come back like the other gems we’ve seen before?

I found proof for and against this idea:

-Steven is half Gem.
That doesn’t just mean he HAS a gem. He IS a Gem and has many Gem abilities: shapeshifting, weapon summoning, fusion, and basically ageless. So, it makes sense, right? He should have reformation as a power too


-Steven is half human. While that may be obvious to say, and you might be wondering What the hell is this newbie getting at? Why does this matter?, hear me out.

Remember that in the episode Adventures in Light Distortion, when the ship went faster than the speed of light? The Crystal Gems’ physical forms (which, as Pearl said in a canon SU short (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vj2qtDuO9t8), are “projections generated by [their] gemstones. Think of it like a hologram, but with mass.”) went beyond the ship.

BUT STEVEN DIDN’T. His human mass kept him in the seat.

And, when gems reform, they are only light.

Steven’s physicality might prevent him from reforming if he’s hurt enough. But, this is all just speculation. What do you guys think?

The Story of How I Became Reylo Trash

How/when did it happen to you? Was it during the bridal carry scene? The moment he asks to be her teacher? When the camera is pulling back from him in his final scene and he looks like an injured puppy in the snow whose master is driving away? Was it two months after you saw the film as you’re lying in bed on a Thursday night, browsing the internet and youtube keeps recommending videos with thumbnails of naked Adam Driver?


The Spider-Man Spaghetti YouTube Poop Dream

I dreamt that I was looking at my laptop screen, looking at the YouTube homepage. I saw a recommended video: “Spider-Man Makes a YTP.”

The thumbnail showed Spider-Man (the “real” Spider-Man, wearing that Halloween Spider-Man costume with the eye-holes) sitting on a sofa in a dimly lit living room, looking straight into the camera. I looked at this thumbnail for a while, wondering what kind of video it was. I imagined Spider-Man would sit on that sofa, talk about how he made a YouTube Poop, and then the poop would play at the end of the video. I clicked the thumbnail and watched.

The actual video was nothing like that. Instead what I saw was a totally different living room, with two families arguing. It was pretty intense. Some furniture got flipped over. I thought, “What does any of this have to do with Spider-Man?”

Then I was in that house. The families were in the living room, and I was down the hallway, with the kitchen to my right. I was Spider-Man. I thought “We’ve got to get some of that spaghetti out of this house.” So, I took out some webbing (the last I had) and gave some to one of the other people in the house. He was a middle aged guy. We were going to work together to steal the spaghetti. I walked into the kitchen and opened up the refrigerator. Inside was a plastic container filled to the brim with spaghetti. I checked how much web I had, and thought aloud “Let’s see, with this much webbing I could… take it all!” So I grabbed the plastic container of spaghetti (in my hands, the web was completely irrelevant) and ran through the living room and out the front door.

Once I was outside, I recognized the surroundings immediately. It was my grandparents’ neighborhood. I ran through my grandparents’ front yard, holding that container of spaghetti like my life depended on it. My heart was racing. I knew that any second an angry family would be pursuing me through the streets, and I had nowhere to run to, and no place to hide in my bright, primary red and blue colored Halloween Spidey costume. Then I looked behind me.

Out of the front door came not an angry family in want of spaghetti, but Spider-Man! I was still Spider-Man, but another Spider-Man came out of the front door. He had spaghetti too, but it wasn’t in a plastic container. He held a wad of cold spaghetti and meat sauce in his bare spider-gloves.

It only took a few seconds for him to spot me, and I knew right away that he was going to kill me.

I tried to get away. I had to save my life, and the spaghetti. The other Spidey got distracted by the hedge in my grandparents’ front yard. I thought for a brief moment “I can escape.” But then it happened. The other Spidey hurled his wad of spaghetti and meat sauce right at me. It impacted on the pavement beside me. Then he charged at me from across my grandparents’ lawn, and–.


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Homescreen / Lockscreen - aha…… they are fun vin diesel memes. i love him and dont look at me ever i guess . :) 

Last Selfie - i dont count pictures while im laying down so ! in my bomber jacket! 

Last Song I listened to - ok i played myself because i went to youtube to see what my last song was and i saw the thumbnail for this and i was like “yeah sure i’ll listen!” and i realized. i realized that this then became the last song i listened to. so . 

I tag: @senator-organa @twentyeightghosts @waltzingchristoph @alpacin0 @whaile and anyone else who wants to!! 


an aleks & james intro, drake & josh style! saw a few people asking for something like this. had a lot of fun recreating it, i know it’s not perfect - but as always, hope you enjoy!


At the funeral home, there were smells. No, not death smells if that’s what you’re thinking. At least, not exactly death smells. Smells to conceal death, I guess. Make-up and flowers.

I knew I wanted to touch Dad’s hands again. Dad’s hands were impossibly soft, like marshmallows wrapped in plastic wrap. They were almost fluffy. Just the other day, Seth was remarking on how soft they were. So soft.

I knew I wanted to touch his hands, but in retrospect, I don’t know if it was the best idea. His dead hands were hard. “Embalmed.” Suddenly I saw the word “Embalmed” flash in my mind. And in that moment, I was so briefly curious about what all that entails, but I’m pretty much over that moment now and would prefer to remain oblivious.

Well, his hands were like two change purses full of paperweights. Rough. I could see where one edge of his thumbnail was just a bit uneven, and I dwelled on it but didn’t dare touch. Too much. But I touched the skin. As water-balloon-sized teardrops hit his coffin, I touched his hand, fought back a surge of disappointment when I realized that they were not what I wanted to feel, and sent him a message with my mind. 

(Side bar: Ginger talks to Dad as though he’s on the phone with her, quietly listening on the other end. But to me, it’s like, since Dad has passed, he knows what I’m thinking because he’s beyond words now. He’s beyond my voice. He is my thoughts. So, I didn’t touch his hand and say anything; I touched his hand and thought something real loud.)

But anyway, I was supposed to be talking about smells. So, yes, after that, my hand, which had been alternating between hot-and-clammy and cold-and-clammy all morning, smelled like what must be the make-up they use to make his hand look still alive. 

It smelled like stage make-up, and there’s great irony there if you want to play around with that.

The whole week after his death has been filled with smells:

  • Dog pee
  • Bounce
  • Lavender Swiffer dusters (so vile, they almost did me in)
  • Pumpkin Spice Hand Soap (which I mistakenly used to try to get rid of the Lavender Swiffer scent. Joke’s on me!)
  • Dog farts, trapped in the car
  • Lilies
  • My Uncle, who smells great
  • And then, the make-up

Ginger told me that when they took Dad to the hospital in the ambulance that night, the neighbor, a yoga instructor and aroma therapist (real job title!), gave Ginger a hug and left her scent on her. She would catch whiffs of it at the hospital and remember Taia’s kindness. It comforted her.

I tried to chase the smell of my Dad around the house all week, but it was elusive. There was a bit in the leather of his chair, but just a bit, and I quickly smelled it all away. I thought surely it would be in his office, but that wasn’t it. Not on his thirty year old desk chair or the various piles of paper that only he really understood that were cluttering his desks. It wasn’t really on his ties either, which I thought was a sure thing. They just smelled silky. A component of his smell, but not the whole thing. I picked up his vintage bottle of CK be perfume from his bathroom sink and smelled it. I know for a fact he hasn’t worn that in years. I think I gave it to him. There was another cologne, something I hadn’t seen before, but it didn’t smell like him at all. It must’ve been new.

But I found it.

It was, of course, in his car. A gold 2005 Subaru Outback with 60,000 miles on it. In the backseat, there was a hasty collection of random papers, a few receipts, and an artifact I would later ask Ginger if I could keep – his Tilly Hat, a vivid memory from my childhood in all its sweat-stained glory. The passenger’s seat was a jumble of gloves and his ID badge, which I found out at the service he hated wearing. The smell was most certainly a mix of his farts and sweat, his deodorant and breath, leather with a hint of garage. His car(s)–the Scout, the Nissan Maxima(s), the Lexus, the Subaru–have smelled like that my entire life, and there it was, a memory in olfactory form. I’ve always heard that those are the strongest.

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Eugene the Cat - Unexpected Vibes

couldn’t listen all the way through | not my thing | it’s okay | kinda catchy | I really like this | downloading immediately | already in my library

oh man the number of surprises I had even before the song started: I thought from the name it’d be a weird dr. seuss type song, then I saw the thumbnail of the video and I thought it would be a mysterious orchestral ost, then when I heard the first 15 seconds I thought it’d be a nice unique piano piece. Boy was I wrong on all three counts. Unexpected vibes indeed.

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Hey I saw you posted about night in the woods. Is that game scary? Holly's thumbnail looks like maybe it is and I am a big baby lol. But now Suzy is playing it too so I want to watch both​ of them... But ahhhh idk. And I don't want to google it and then accidentally get the whole plot, you know?

Well, its not scary in the horror game trope sense, but it’s…dark? It deals with mental illness and being gay and trying to find a life for yourself. Plus it has a sinister undertone that i haven’t found the conclusion cuz im not done. All in all it isnt scary. Actually very charming and sweet!

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A letter to Markiplier

I’ve never written something like this before and I’m not entirely comfortable doing it, but I feel like I should. I found @markiplier and @therealjacksepticeye last year. I was bored and lonely and saw the thumbnail for Jack’s first episode of Fran Bow. I thought it looked cool so I watched it, and was entranced by the story and his voices for the characters. Through Jack I found Mark, and I haven’t looked back.

Mark, if you’re actually reading this (hi!), I’m not gonna sit here and say I’ve had the worst life ever, but it’s been pretty damn tough. My dad lost his job after the recession hit, and my parents lost their life savings while we tried and failed to stay afloat for over a year. We eventually had to sell my childhood home for less than it was worth, and wound up homeless for a month and a half from December of 2010-January of 2011. We moved to a town where I didn’t know anyone, and I was home schooled, which made my isolation worse. My dad lost his job again in 2012, and we’ve been more or less scraping by since. I’m going to college entirely on FAFSA money (since the money we had for that was lost too), and I’ve recently completed a mystery novel I hope to get published soon.

Writing is my passion, like YouTube and your fans are yours, Mark. I’m so grateful that I found your content, because not only do you help me combat the depression I’ve suffered from since childhood and the anxiety that’s cropped up more recently, you inspire me every day to do what I love. That’s irreplaceable, and wonderful, and it’s amazing that you inspire me and so many people on a daily basis. I know you feel lost right now, but I’m confident you will find your way again, because you’re an amazing man and you helped me find mine.

Thank you, so so so much.



Who saw the thumbnail for this and freaked the f*** out????? Like i almost screamed?!?!????!???

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How can you tell that the photo of BamBam and Mina is fake?

the pic might be real or it might be fake but idk i guess the editor in me just said “fake” the first time i saw it. there just seems something wrong with the pic. for one if this pic is as they said obtained thru hacking then they must have gotten the full resolution not something that looks like a site generated thumbnail. second is the lighting on bambams face, it just looks wrong for me. his hair is quite convincing tho. theres more but i just cant pin-point them i suck at explaining things TT. it looks like those fanmade otp pics i see on instagram.

tbh i dont really care if the pic is real or not what im worried about is how this will affect both of them.



I was about to go to sleep right? When something dawned on me.
There’s a sneak peak clip of the episode Know Your Fusion. (Please dont get mad at me for watching a spoiler, I just saw earthlings and it showed Smoky in the thumbnail and i am weak) If you haven’t seen the video and want to go search for it on youtube, it should show you like the first two minutes of the episode.
In the clip, Amethyst and Steven are making a cute lil plan on how they are going to show Pearl and Garnet Smoky Quartz.
Pearl mentions they are being suspicious and asks Garnet if they should ask. Garnet replies with “I can’t ask” which sorta comes off as a wee bit rude.
We will get back to that later.
Anyway, Amethyst and Steven fuse and show Pearl and Garnet Smoky. Garnet is loving it. She literally screams and shakes Pearl the entire time.
Then me and my friend were discussing, and said “It sure is nice that Garnet pretended not to know, on account of that whole future vision thing.”
Bare with me.

First off, when Steven fused with Connie, Garnet seemed a little calm. Still excited, but prepared. Like, she knew what was going to happen. She even had advice to give them.
“You are an experience. Make sure you’re a good one.”

But this time, she just screams and shakes Pearl. Like, she seems genuinely surprised. She really did not expect to see Smoky, and let me explain why.

We don’t know exactly how fusion works, but we can assume one thing. You can withold thoughts and info from the other partner/s in the fusion.
For example:
When Lapis tricked Jasper into thinking she would help her, but instead Lapis dragged her into the sea.
And when Pearl fuses with Rose to make Greg jealous, but Rose assumed it was just to make his video better.
And Pearl fusing with Garnet just to fuse.
And when Connie started asking Steven what was wrong when they as Stevonnie bought donuts.
None of them could just see/hear/know what the other one was thinking without permission.

Garnet was so surprised because half of her truly didn’t know. Sapphire kept her future vison from Ruby, just for the reaction.
Hence the reason why Garnet says she can’t ask because it’s probably Ruby thinking “SHES NOT LETTING ME SEE WHATS GONNA HAPPEN I SWEAR TO *insert higher being here* SAPPHIRE IF THIS ENDS UP BAD I WILL IWJCJDJWJJXIS”

But in reality, Sapphire just wanted to actually let Ruby get (happily) surprised for once, instead of knowing most possible outcomes and never really getting truly shocked.