i saw the thumbnail and was like

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I saw that ask about first haikyuu impressions and I honestly didn't like it at first(this was before I watched it) because this video on YouTube had a thumbnail of Yahaba trying to flirt with Yachi and let me just say his face was hideous. his ikemen face scared me off haha



I can feel your heart beat
fear was growing in your eyes
but you and me, we are all alone
and soon there will be clear blue skies
with the night, comes to goes
when the lights disappear
know that I won´t let go
and if dreams become real
you should know
there’s no retreat and no surrender
you should know
not here not now not ever
when your´re cold, when you´re lost and you fall for the lights
I will stay by your side with the song for the night
…the night will find, some piece of mine, knowing you be safe, sleep tonight,
…with the song for the night…   

Stanfour - Song for the Night

edit:changed some small stuff D:

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I was on Youtube and there is this one video called "Top 10 Worse Couples in Anime" and it has Gochi as the thumbnail (didn't watch it since I didn't want to give views). Even worse, since I watch a lot of Dragon Ball videos, I see the link to said video everywhere. Can you write why Goku x Chichi is good to cheer me up?

I haven’t watched the video on youtube yet, but I saw brief post made about it on tumblr and other gochi fans were upset about too…. :(

And sure I can do that for you anon !  💕 ^_^ ((I’m planning on making a proper tag that way other gochi fans can look at it when they feel sad. Like maybe “Gochi analysis” or “Gochi posts” ? but for now you can look at the regular gochi tag in this blog. And see why other people like this couple and why they are not bad like other people think.  ))

List of Why Goku x Chichi is a good couple! :D

((If you’re a Gochi fan and want to express why you love the couple too please tag this blog! :D @57fandom59   💕  ))

1. When they first met they instantly became buddies/friends. They just connected.  This is funny to think about because they didn’t even have a rivalry like Goku’s other friends xD The most that ever happened between goku and chichi is that she got mad for 1 second cause of the pat pat he did. 

But then you see her quickly giggle it off and instead forms a little girly crush on him. But overall, NO rivalry between them. They got along very well. xD

((Also note how on this one episode Goku offers Chichi an apple (goku only offers you his food when he really likes you as a person)  and he spends some time to hang out with her. He feels so relaxed next to her that he even falls asleep. xD ))

2. WHAT EVER CHICHI WANTS HIM TO DO HE DOES IT. Like gaaaaahhh that is so cute!!! >< You see him tell her this as a kid 

*boom they get married years later (even though he forgot his promise. BTW I wouldn’t blame him for forgetting cause it’s been years and plus goku had so much stuff happen in his life it is easy to forget. PLUS Chichi looks kind of different from when she was a kid. but regardless of him forgetting he still married her because he remembered the promise he made and that he wants to make her happy. )) 

((Also notices how when they do get married, you can see it in his face that he is happy for his decision! xD He is such a goofball I swear/// )) 

THEN as an adult he still does what makes her happy;;;; Like JC this boy is too cute to this girl.

For example, in the future Chichi tells him to get his driver’s licences. 

So he does. THEN chichi tells him to get a job. He does it. And is a provider for his family now. (he has 2 jobs actually, farmer + Security guard ). 

And when she tells him to get the groceries he gets them for her. xD

3. GOCHI HAS LOTS OF THINGS IN COMMON : Both martial artists, both can ride nimbus, both have black hair and black/brown eyes etc. 

4. They’re height difference! :’D  I know this is not a big deal but to me it’s cute because the boy was so much shorter than her

((few years later. Goku is getting there but is still shorter than chichi haha xD ))

((few more years later Goku is finally taller than her! ! xD ))

Then BAM he just gets so much taller than her that I just asdfasdfasdfasdf *explodes* 

He gets so much taller in fact that the poor momma has to go on her tippy toes just to kiss him! xD LIKE that is so friekn cute I swear


6. They’re ability to compromise and work out their differences! Like for example Goku wants to constantly train but chichi wants him to work.  LINK So they talked it out with each other and now the agreement between them is that Goku gets to go train as long as he puts some hours of work.

7. Chichi is the only character you see where Goku blushes around her or gets those cute anime beauty bubbles when he looks at her! xD LINK

7. Goku LOVES the fact that his wife can kick his butt!/her strong willed personality >:D 

9. And finally they have so much love and care the have for each other :’D They’re strong nakama bond! <333 LINK

((this actually turned out to be a long post…..lol whoops)) I hope you enjoyed this post anon! and that I made you feel better ^o^ 

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Congrats on so many followers! I would like to request the RFA + V and Saeran reacting to a YouTuber!MC and them joining her for a video. What would the video be about and what would they do? Thanks and congrats again! (I saw someone do a boyfriend tag hc, but I don't remember who it was so if it was you, please feel free to ignore this.)

I would never ignore you <3


He is like a stick and doesn´t move at all.

-“Jumin relax”

-“What if my father sees this or one of my workers”

-“I´m almost sure that no one of them is a subscriber of my channel, plus I will blur your face on the thumbnail”

- “The what?”

- “Just trust me!”

- “Alright…”

Ok, know he is a little bit looser.

And OMFG the camera loves him and since is one of those challenges of asking questions and have to tell the other respond like the other person would

Well, Jumin totally nailed that challenge. (He knows you as well as the palm of his hand)

And you didn´t do pretty well but you reward Jumin´s effort off camera

The video went Viral!!!

-“Son! Keep doing those challenges with your girlfriend they are really good publicity!”

And the dad of Jumin like it (+1 subscriber)


You said to him that he will do a “My boyfriend does my voiceover”

-“But Mc! No one will see my face”

-“That´s for another Video!”

- “Tsk ok…”

Zen new all the products and technics

And with that Sexy voice of him, Well…all your subscribers we going crazy and only ask for a face reveal of your boyfriend

Zen was Very happy


You did the “Try to not cry with boyfriend”

At first, seven was like “No pobremo! I´m the man of steal”

But when the sad video started to play, You were the first that cried and then Seven almost cried because you cried.

The first sad video ended and Seven said “And this one” he click on the second sad video that was about two Brothers and an alcoholic mother.

When you saw what was about you pause the video to see Seven crying (A lot).

You took his hand and drag him to the bedroom of Saeran

You two huge Saeran crying

-“WTF Get off of me!”

-“Sorry, brother…”Seven said

-“Jesus! You two are crazy”

Saeran could move for like 1 hour because Seven and you were glued to Him.


Same as Zen “My boyfriend does my voiceover”

Put he was very bad

-“So now I will be putting this creamy thing that looks like a milkshake and oooh no I´m bending it” He yells “That´s How is called MC?”

- “Yes,But don´t get distracted”

- “Oh sorry…Ohhhh!!! now Mc is usin- I mean I´m using aaaa…I know how this is call…Let me think …A SPONGE BOB Ssomething- no that´s not how it´s call”

Total mess



Since the first video was released you two were the most famous couple in the world.

A lot of People came to your coffee just to see you two.

Jaehee didn´t like it at first but now she loves it.

And that made jaehee make her own Chanel and she make tutorials of how to make different coffees

And she reviews differents types of coffee.





Two hours later

-“Ok guys today I will be doing the try not to laugh challenge with my boyfriend! Say Hi Saeran”

-“Yeah Hi”

Saeran didn´t laugh or smile at almost all the video and you were trying so hard

But then a video of a baby hitting himself make Saeran smirk

You didn´t saw it and you laugh after he smirks.

-“Did you laugh?” you question saeran


-“Well, I think I lose…you didn´t smile or smirk?”


-“Well I have to do my punishment of eating wasabi with cinnamon”

And when you were editing YOU SAW IT he smirk before you.

-“S-A-E-R-A-N you little liar”


So sweet and charismatic

You two were telling story about each other

And It was one of the cutest videos every

Almost too sweet for my taste

But it was pretty normal

(I wanted to put you made one of those videos of “Pranking my boyfriend with a positive test” but then I was like: DON´T DO THAT TO BABY V YOU EVIL WITCH)

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Masterlist: Here

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I just saw that Laci made a new video called "caught between extremes" and the thumbnail is "sjw&antis". I don't want to click on it. But I feel like I have to out of weird curiousity. Oh no.

I found it less disagreeable than I thought I would based on the title, but I still don’t think these two “extremes” were fairly represented. The harassment from popular anti-feminist vs feminist creators is not even close to being comparable. Not. Even. Close.


Rogue One: A Star Wars story → Darth Vader’s Castle

We were trying to go for a very iconic shape, and we always love tall towers. Ralph McQuarrie actually drew quite a few small thumbnail sketches [of Vader’s castle] that were very intriguing. They were kind of angular versions of a tower, and I saw the potential of where he was going, and I just exaggerated that quite a bit.One of things we landed on early was this idea of a tuning fork, a twin tower kind of look. And it was really interesting, because then that started to give Gareth a lot of ideas like, “Well, maybe the structure is built this way because it is like a tuning fork. It’s tuning the dark side in terms of the energy.” Doug Chiang


Some while ago I got an ask on my personal blog to help with this and because I had a lot of stuff with school and because I’m soo lazy, I didn’t do it straight away, but here we are! None of the pictures belong to me.

Let’s start with the eldest, shall we?

JINHO - Okay, so, Jinho used to be an SM trainee, but he left them, and honestly I’m so glad bc SM lost a gem. He’s the main vocal and even though he’s the eldest, he’s the shortest ;-; he has this adorable smile when his eyes crinkle *cries* fyi if you watch ‘Gorilla’ he’s the one in the Nirvana shirt 

HUI - our brave leader and main vocal! He takes care of the members but also loves joking around. You’ll easily recognize him by his fluffy hair and such plump lips, like damn. And when he smiles, oh my God… He has that eye smile and it’s the purest think ever.

just look at him omg

HONGSEOK - has some serious visuals, main vocal, hard worker. Was under YG, was in that reality survival show where iKON was formed and he did’t pass, so he moved to Cube and he’s ours now ^.^ He has such pretty eyes and plump lips and a unique face so it’s easy to recognize him, intellectual, a bit darker skin than the others, A B S

E’DAWN - main rapper, dancer, on the shorter side of Pentagon, basically a big ball of weirdness, kinda reminds me of G-Dragon with his rapping, usually parts his hair down the middle. Sang with Hyuna on her “Roll Deep” performance, fellow gemini,

SHINWON - tbh, the first time I saw him, he reminded me of Chanyeol (??) He’s the sub vocalist, tall as fuck and loves to joke around and laugh. He hangs out a lot with the rap line, visual, can play the piano, cuts paper with his cheekbones, in their latest Vapp video, I noticed that he likes unbuttoning his shirt 

YEO ONE - Lead vocalist, so pretty he puts Taeyeon to shame, seriously he’s so beautiful. He’s a hard worker and really talkative, has a cheerful personality. He’s very good at dancing and acting, he actually appeared in a web drama

YANAN - Another tall member, Chinese, sub vocalist never had a girlfriend, so soft-spoken and gentle with the cutest smile ever. yes, bias >< can look like a bad boy or an angel, there’s no in between

YUTO - Sub rapper, Japanese, acts like he’s emotionless,has a poker face a lot, but he’s actually a huge softie, tall, when watching their mv’s he’s the one with an insanely deep voice

KINO - Sub vocalist and lead dancer, he’s seriously a dancing machine. Has a very bright personality, loves to smile and just overall a nice person, very talented, maknae line loves to joke around. He’s only like 8 months older than me, I can’t believe *cries*

WOOSEOK - When I saw the Gorilla thumbnail, I was like “Kris?! :O” I’ve also heard of people comparing him to S.Coups, or a mix between those two. He’s the maknae and the main rapper, likes anime, the tallest in the group, looks like a bad boy but he’s a cutie :3

Basically half of the group are my biases and the other half are bias wreckers 

-admin Ella ♣

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HOLY SHIT! Did you notice that Mark wrote the title of the video as "Don't Play His Game" on Twitter? I'm freaking out, I can't handle this.

I saw that in my notifications and I was like, “…/His/ game? what” and then i saw the thumbnail and realized what that fischbitch was up to


I jut got back from Easter Brunch with the fam. But on my phone, I saw the thumbnail to Mark’s new video. Let me say I was excited. But, I want to delve into the video a bit more.

Everything is fine and dandy through the beginning of the game/ video. There was one hiccup in the webcam right after the screen and game curved with the creaking noise that I thought was my video rendering, but no. It was put there. It around 2:57. It’s almost exactly like the Antisepticeye glitch in the PAX East video where the video looped. The quitting making the game warp and the creaking sound was interesting. I think that was more of a “show them what’s going to happen”. 

As Mark continued playing and started writing the script down on paper, he was looking at the camera when saying the phrases, especially “Do you understand me? No one does. Listen.” Now, don’t quote me on this, but I think this is a puzzle that Mark/ Dark wants us to solve. When looking at the file that this game was in, it said this game was bought on March 19th…so. What if Mark solved it and is using this to help Dark’s lore continue.

 I’ve already seen some people trying to solve it, I’m not sure if anything is completely 100% proven yet so I’m not going to write it here, but I liked some of the phrases. But, there is one more thing I want to say. Those of you out there that said this was an easter egg…I think you’re right. This is a stepping stone, a sneak peak, and easter egg of something that is coming later, whether the next video for today or a video in the future days. Either way. this is Dark’s way of saying to not forget about him.

EDIT: I completely forgot to talk about the ending of the video when he said goodbye. The voice was completely normal, nothing changed. It was 100% Mark, but the screen when black and white with the VHS filter and the ringing static. I thought this was interesting to say that, yes, Dark is a manipulator. He can make us think that Mark is fine, that he’s normal and everything is perfect, but underneath, it’s not. 

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How did you pefect all your body arcs in all your drawings do you already know who you want your pose to be or. Is it trial and error??

I know with poses I do a lot of thumbnailing which I dont always show online! I struggled with the whole ‘but what pose should they be in?’ and would end up making a lot of really quick messy doodled trying out different poses until I got one that felt right. Thumbnailing relaly helps with getting a buncha ideas out without feeling like you have to make a perfect drawing.

The inspiration for those poses came from a variety of places like life drawing classes, film, video games, cartoons, and observation from life. If I saw a neat pose I would eventually try to use it with a character somewhere. 

Back to thumbnailing though, I think it was partially just drawing a lot of poses over and over and over again that eventually helped me get it down. I can look at ever pose and think back to a time where I first tried it out and it looked awful. It just took reference and lots of drawing it repeatedly for me to get it down and for it to become muscle memory. 

There are still poses I struggle with to this day but its a good feeling when you actually do finally draw it and draw it right!

TL;DR: It is a mixture of finding reference, trial-error, and drawing the same thing over and over again.

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so about your ships with lars, i actually saw BOTH of them on a thumbnail for a video called " the WORST SHIPS THE STEVEN UNIVERSE FANDOM HAS COME UP WITH " and i was like... no, that's any gemxsteven ship. what's wrong with lars being with any gem? nothing. people are salty.

LOOOL I actually commented on that video bc i couldn’t believe it, it was so funny

I’m not offended at all (esp cause they credited me)

They were making fun of the ships, not the art! And honestly the whole Lars x Ame thing was an ironic shit-post-ship but now I just like it because…. well damn. I like the  characters together. I’ve been “Crack-shipping” since the early 2000′s when I was a wee bone, why stop now

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I'm autistic and have trouble reading emotions. That original quiz wasn't even about sociopathy. It's like Rhett and Link went out of their way to demonize mental illness while likely not even realizing that a lot of us watch their show because it is consistently there. The other sociopath episode was not great either but now they have writers and could have done more research or presented it differently.

Yeah, I winced when I saw the thumbnail. One of my cousins is on the spectrum and today’s episode reminded me of the bullying he has had to put up with because he can’t read social situations very well.

so i saw dom tweet about being in 12 monkeys and looked it up on youtube and found her in one of the thumbnails so i clicked and me and @comfycomets started watching it: 

*skips to where i see dominique*

oh hey there

thats….. gay

also, she looks. like. cammie. scott.

who r u


ohno oh fuck jk not gay



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The IMDb page for TLJ makes it look like it’s a Kylo Ren movie, I love it. The poster, plus the trailer thumbnail is Kylo. It made me notice that a lot of the reaction videoes and videoes of the trailer on youtube also use that image of Kylo as their thumbnail. 

I for one don’t blame them, it’s a money shot right there, if ever I saw one