i saw the it because of her

The Emoji fucking Movie

Well I saw it. I wish I could say it was everything I expected it to be but it was worse. To summarize everything in one fluent and well-arranged thesis is too daunting a task because there’s simply too much to say about this blaspheme and so little time to properly convey it all. so here’s the main points on everything you need to know about this film

-i thought the Wreck It Ralph comparisons were bad enough but we find out Jailbreak was formerly a princess emoji but she rejected her status in favor of something more spunky and rebellious like holy shit they’re just unabashed in ripping off the beats of a superior movie.
-Sony hates millenials despite the fact that this movie was tailor-made to pander to them in the worst ways possible. Case in point, at one point the main human contemplates texting his crush and his frind tells him to only use emojis before saying in the most dude-bro way “words aren’t COOL”  at one point the teacher is talking about hieroglyphs and has to liken them to “the original emojis” because the students don’t want to learn any other way! they’re too obsessed with their phones! they have no attention spans! get it? GET IT?
-ADDING ONTO THAT! what is the message of this film? it doesn’t have one! there’s a scene where we see the main human deleted an email of lyrics/poetry he wrote for his crush but he deleted it because as his friends say WORDS AREN’T COOL. and you think “oh. the message will be that teens need to actually talk to each other more and express their feelings whatever” but oh no no no this is THE EMOJI MOVIE we’re talking about and the climax of the film is resolved by Gene (the main emoji) using his multiple faces to make the first emoji composed of multiple feelings back to back and gets sent to the crush who says “wow! I loved your emoji! it’s so nice to see a guy who’s willing to express his feelings” WHAT THE HELL? SO YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE FUN OF YOUTH FOR USING EMOJIS BUT ULTIMATELY EMOJIS SAVE THE DAY?
-There’s a stupid subplot about Gene’s meh parents having a falling out but it’s okay because they reconcile inside Instagram by hijacking a romantic photo and using the right filter
-TJ Miller touted the film as having a feminist positive message and let me tell you this is what it is. In Candy Crush, Gene finished one of Jailbreak’s sentences when she has an idea and out of nowhere Jailbreak yells “MEN ARE ALWAYS GETTING CREDIT FOR WOMEN’S IDEAS AND I’M SICK OF IT!” it comes immediately and ends abruptly. Gene doesn’t respond to it and Jailbreak doesn’t build onto that. the subject ends there. 10 minutes later Jailbreak says out of nowhere that in the early days emoji women only had the choice to be “princesses or brides” but that in the cloud she can be whatever she wants to be. again, this is never brought further or built upon. it feels so tacked on and barely even surface level like fuck they patted themselves on the back for this progressive-ass movie
-speaking of progressive, an internet troll calls the Just Dance lady a g***y. so yeah, add a slur usage to the list of offenses
-they go to Dropbox? Becuase kids love using Dropbox????
-Gene creates a new dance. The Emoji Bop. yes there is a dance party ending. 
-Someone tells Poop that he’s going soft. Patrick Stewart had to say the following line. “Not too soft, I hope” 
-Jailbreak in her princess form whistles and summons a twitter bird
-they go into youtube which has viral videos that are in live action and it’s super disorienting
-because this is a Sony movie, everyone uses Sony smart phones
-the 15 year old human has one of those fake-out apps that looks like a dictionary to his parents but it’s meant to hide like porn and illegal downloads so yeah fun for the whole family 
-if there’s one and I mean ONE good thing about the film it’s short. like barely 70 minutes. and yet that still feels like too long

The Emoji Movie is what you get when you have too much money. and nothing else. wait for a camrip online before watching it ironically. please please do not give this money. please. please. please please pleaskd qn

I witnessed something wonderful on my walk today.

We went down to the park, where the lake drains under a footbridge into a stone-lined gully that someone generous might call a creek. Usually it’s a trickle at best, but it poured last night, and the water was still moving pretty briskly. 

As we got closer, I heard kids yelling, so we went over to have a look. I was nervous, because earlier this summer we’d seen a mother cat and her kittens hanging out a few times in the (then bone dry) spillway. We hadn’t seen them in over a month, but I didn’t want to think of them being there when the water started coming down.

Instead, when I looked over the side of the bridge, I saw a skinny kid (maybe 8-10 years old) carrying an enormous catfish clasped in both arms.

The catfish had to be the length of this kid’s torso, and it was flopping around trying to escape, but the kid doggedly kept climbing over mud and slippery rocks until he reached the lake and chucked the fish in. And behind him came… another kid, holding a fish.

When the lake flooded, it must’ve washed a bunch of these catfish downstream, where they collected in pools. Now the water levels are starting to go down, and the fish are trapped, doomed to dry up and die. Not on these kids’ watch. As we watched, they rescued four fish, and one of the adults present said there were at least six left. The kids showed no sign of stopping. This is the kind of thing you love as a kid, a life or death mission you can throw your heart and soul into while getting gleefully covered in muck and slime. I was tempted to offer my assistance, but this was their Quest, and I did not want to impose.

When we continued on, the Great Fish Rescue was still going strong. Godspeed, kids. In a time of such great discord and meanspirited behavior, you will live on in my memory as a beacon of goodwill. 

i like how Steve is never like, embarrassed by Diana’s lack of understanding about Man’s World. like sure he does’t hold her hand or let her pet the baby, and he makes excuses for her in the war room, but it never has a condescending tone, he’s not exasperated or annoyed at her, he just 1) is scared, stressed, running on fumes, and still dealing with his own mental health issues from the war, 2) is trying to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible because there are literally millions of lives at stake, and/or 3) is trying to avoid attracting any attention, esp from German spies. once they have a moment of peace, he’s excited to dance with her and explain about snow. any issues of his aren’t with her specifically, just a result of their circumstances

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #186 - The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: I think so.

Do I remember it: Better than I did the 1st one, which isn’t saying much.

Did I see it in theaters: No

Format: Blu-ray

I nominated the recap for the first Princess Diaries to @princessofsunnydale because she nominated it for my (Re)Watch so I thought I’d do the same for this post. Thanks!

1) I think it was a wildly smart decision to move the setting of this film from San Francisco to Mia’s often spoke of but rarely seen dominion of Genovia. It’s an organic next step to her story. We saw her learn how to be a princess in San Fran, now we see how she actually adapts to her home country (which is a lively character in its own right). The decision to jump ahead five years ahead instead of three (the number of years between releases) I think also is nice. Mia is more comfortable in the agency she gained in the first film, the relationship with her beau Michael is not hanging over her head, it just allows the film to not be dogged down by some plot points from the first film.

2) Sir Fat Louie? Did they knight him? Can you knight a cat?

3) I didn’t remember this line before I put in the movie but I do now.

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4) Shonda Rhimes co-authored the story AND wrote the screenplay? Huh.

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(I don’t actually watch any Shonda Rhimes shows, now that I think about it.)

5) Chris Pine as Nicholas.

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There is a strong initial chemistry Pine has with lead actress Hathaway, allowing the audience to grow invested in their relationship quickly. Even/especially when they’re not getting long, you can just fell the sexual chemistry in the air between them. It’s fun, making the film stronger because of it.

Chris Pine on his own is as charismatic and interesting as ever. In lesser hands the character of Nicholas could be an even bigger jerk and while there are antagonistic qualities to him the audience UNDERSTANDS his motivations. He is trying to honor what he believes his dead father wanted, he believes he’s trying to do what’s best for Genovia. And when he sees he was mistaken, he tries to step aside. There’s a nice honesty to Pine’s performance. He doesn’t play Nicholas as an over the top mustache twirling villain. All in all, Pine does a fine job in this film and helps support it.

6) Except for one black guy, Genovia’s parliament is made up of all white guys saying they don’t want a woman to rule unless she has a man by her side.

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I think Queen Clarisse has the perfect response to that.

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The law is severely sexist and antiquated. One of the members of parliament claims it should be respected because it is 300 years old. Saying a law is that old is not an effective argument for it as much as it is AGAINST it. 300 years ago in 2004 that’s 1704. That’s slavery, that’s a fundamental lack of women’s rights across most countries. Don’t use the fact a law is old to argue for it. Laws should evolve as the world does.

7) John Rhys Davies is a wonderful character actor who plays Nicholas’ uncle as a holier than thou elitist arrogant jerk. I love to hate him in this, but I might need to watch Lord of the Rings or Raiders of the Lost Ark next to balance out my feelings.

8) Hey guys. Remember that time Catwoman stomped on Captain Kirk’s foot in front of Gimli and Mary Poppins?

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I’m sure someone has made this joke before, but still.

9) The last film was largely about Clarisse putting her duty as queen aside to be Mia’s grandmother, a relationship which is as strong in this film as ever.

Clarisse [after Mia stomped on Nicholas’ foot]: “As a grandma I say right on.”

10) Like the first film, this movie’s biggest flaw is definitely pacing. Many scenes serve no purpose for the larger plot and instead distract from the main conflict. But - like with the first film - these scenes are also some of the most memorable. So…I’m not sure what to say then. I’m just going to move on.

11) I dig this.

Matarazzo is a continued treat in this film as she was in the first, stealing a number of scenes and infusing some quality humor into the plot. The way she mixes with Genovian life and culture can lead to some nice fish out of water observations, and Matarazzo plays the role with as much commitment and heart as she did in the first film. God bless Lily.

12) The bachelor selection scene is - by far - one of my favorite moments in the film. It is directly related to the plot and has an incredible amount of humor to it. Also, it’s not nearly as long as I remember.

For those of you who didn’t watch the clip above (or even if you did), here is my favorite moment from the scene.

(GIFs originally posted by @ezrajamessharkington​)

I mean it’s small, but I appreciate that both this film and its predecessor acknowledge the LGBTQIA+ community more than other Disney films did at the time.

13) Callum Blue as Andrew Jacoby.

Much like Michael from the first film, Andrew is able to be a good guy while avoiding the trope of Nice Guy™. There is a respect he has for Mia, an understanding and a fondness. They clearly have a connection and appreciate each other’s company, but it is clear that neither of them love each other. And Andrew does not force this on Mia. He’s pretty much at her service, ready to respect her wishes without being a total pushover. He’s a good guy, someone who could have easily been a jerk or a bully but the fact Mia could plausibly end up with him just ups the stakes.

14) The fan scene is a nice moment of chemistry between Hathaway and Andrews, which (much like in the preceding film) is one of the strongest elements of this movie.

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this film one of those moments is when she is reduced to tears because John Rhys Davies spooked her horse and revealed that - SHOCKER - women actually prefer to not ride side saddle. I suppose it’s better that she’s too hard on herself than not hard enough though, as she will be queen.

16) Damn, Joe is a badass.

Mabrey: “Sir, you will find that the word ‘fear’ is not in my vocabulary.”

Joe: “Perhaps. But it’s in your eyes.”

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17) Hey look! The foot pop!

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18) Okay, Nicholas is being creepy with Mia at the fountain. Yes, they kiss. But then she says no to him. Multiple times, too. Yet he keeps groping at her and chasing her around the fountain until they both fall in. And MIA’S in trouble?

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19) The parade.

By far the strongest moment in the film. It shows off not only the agency Mia gained in the first film (she has the confidence to stop a parade), but also her incredible heart. She shows off such kindness and care for the people of Genovia, accepts her role as a leader, and is able to create a positive change through the sheer depth of her heart. Also, little Abigail Breslin is very cute.

20) Holy crap, Paul Williams is in this movie.

What is this movie?

21) The bridal slumber party is another scene which doesn’t really add to the plot and it goes a little long. BUT - again - it is wildly memorable. Especially seeing Julie Andrews surf on a mattress after giving a wink to her most iconic character.

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22) Julie Andrews’ song.

Julie Andrews underwent surgery in 1997 to treat what she referred to as a muscular striation on her vocal cords. She emerged from the surgery with permanent damage that hurt her singing voice and gave a rasp to her speaking voice (for which she sued the hospital for malpractice two years later). Julie Andrews basically lost her singing voice. Her song “Your Crowning Glory” was the first time she sang on screen since the surgery. Although it was set in a limited range to accommodate her voice, she was reported to have nailed it on the first take and brought tears to the eyes of crew members on set. Raven Symoné - who duets with Andrews on the song - was so moved when she told she’d be singing with the legend that she too was reportedly brought to tears. If for no other reason, I am grateful this movie exists for all of that.

23) Nicholas is very ready to step aside and let Mia rule.

Nicholas [after his uncle notes all their work would be for nothing]: “It wouldn’t be nothing. Genovia would in good hands.”

I love that. I love that he’s true to his beliefs about doing what’s right for Genovia, NOT himself.

24) So there’s a slight bit of foreshadowing here.

Nicholas [at Mia’s window]: “Rapunzel, Rapunzel…”

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Chris Pine would later go on to play Cinderella’s Prince in the 2014 film adaptation of Into the Woods, which also featured the characters of Rapunzel and her prince.

25) I’m surprised Paolo’s back. I mean, Larry Miller is great. But didn’t he totally betray the trust of the royal family in the first film? And also, why is he suddenly kinda bad at styling Mia?

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26) Bless whoever made this

(I just found this on google. If this is your’s and you want credit let me know and I’ll be happy to give it.)

27) Um, guys…

What the heck is Stan Lee doing in The Princess Diaries 2? Is Mia going to join The Avengers? Is Genovia a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? What is happening!?

All humor aside, as I understand it Stan Lee will cameo in any movie asked as long as he gets his standard fee. I think he wants to have the record for most cameos ever.

28) I dig it, Andrew.

Andrew [after Mia calls off the wedding]: “Uh…thank you. Thank you for saving me from doing the proper thing for once in my life.”

29) Much like the first film, it is Mia who must take her own fate in her hands. She’s the one who argues against the marriage law, she’s the one who convinces the people and parliament to strike it down (although the Prime Minister is again incredibly supportive and I love that). It’s her taking charge of her life, which I think is absolutely great.

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30) I 100% forgot that part of this film ended with Clarisse and Joe getting married. I am very okay with that.


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Like the first film, The Princess Diaries 2 held up surprisingly better than I was expecting. Obviously it’s aimed at a younger audience than me but it was pretty enjoyable. Anne Hathaway is strong as ever, as is Julie Andrews, while Chris Pine is a welcome and fitting addition to the cast. The themes are nicely feminist as is the ending. Overall I just find it an enjoyable film worth the watch.

My mom who only saw a few separate episodes of supernatural with me and only because I had harassed her until she accepted, asked me today about CAS (she knows that he is my favorite character).
I told her that Cas died in the season final and her first reaction was: “Oh my God it’s so sad! Poor Dean! how is he doing, he must be devastated!“
It was really hard to hold back my tears.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I saw your post about declawing cats, and I absolutely understand that declawing just for furniture is awful, but my parents declawed the front paws of our cat not the back. Not for furniture, but because my mom had psoriasis and cuts from cats can sometimes make her grow new psoriasis spots since her skin is so sensitive. I just want to know what you have to say about that.

While I understand the motive to declaw the cat, it still doesn’t really make it okay. Declawing a cat isn’t just removing their claws—it’s amputating the last bone of each toe. “On a human, that’d be like snipping off your fingers at the first knuckle.” You can imagine how painful that sounds!

There are some “good” seeming motives to declawing cats, yours stated…but the teeth of cats, their litter/feces and fleas are far worse for the owner’s health than their claws. Instead of declawing your cat, you could have trimmed its nails, or taught it where to scratch, like on a scratching post.

(I understand that the cat might accidentally scratch somebody due to it being frightened or antsy, but trimming the claws every four to six weeks would make the scratches much less deep and painful.)

After a cat is declawed, not only do they lose their main source of protection if they happen to get loose, but it also causes permanent damage to their bodies. They are at risk for long-term effects of lameness, behavioral problems, pain in their paws whenever they walk, infection, tissue death, and back pain. Cats need their claws because they walk on their toes, not on their heels like humans do. Declawing forever changes the way their foot meets the ground. 

Another side effect is that the claws can even grow back inside the paws, and in some cases, the feline will become more aggressive, and will even use the bathroom outside of the litter box because of the discomfort it causes.

Cat’s scratch because they need to, not because they want to destroy stuff. They scratch to shed the dead husks on their claws, to mark their territory with the scent glands in their paws, and to stretch when they get the urge. Removing a cat’s claws in no way benefits the animal. It’s a painful procedure that can lead to side effects that can last the rest of the cat’s life.

And yes, there are alternatives like nail caps, but those aren’t really the best option, either. If left on for too long without allowing the cat to scratch, the husks on the claws could grow to an uncomfortable thickness, and the inability to scratch will stress the poor kitty out!

To make things short, declawing is a painful, unnecessary process. If scratching concerns you, trim your cat’s nails, or put nail caps on when you want to cuddle the cat to avoid skin being scratched. Just be sure to take them off so kitty can scratch its scratching post. Cats need to use their claws whether we like it or not, and the pain that a cat goes through during and after declawing isn’t worth the process!

Thank you for the concerned message, though! I hope this helped a bit!

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Ok so yousef wasn't present for eid this time because "turkey" (aka the worst reason ever) so he couldn't see san in her dress. Of course he saw the picture she sent him (and you can bet he also stalked her instagram ) and that vision alone physically pained him because she was being a literal sun princess in oslo and he was stuck in turkey??? unfair much??? and he keeps this picture of her in her pink and gold dress with her pink hijab that makes her look like a flower on his phone and (1/?)

once they starts dating for real of course he thinks she’s beautiful everyday and even if she mainly wears black he can see how she’s wearing a bit more white and colors as time goes by (that day she sowed up with a blue top and a white hijab to their date? he literally felt air leaves his lungs, literally breathless). But inside he’s just waiting for next eid to he can see her in bright colours again and for real this time because he still can’t believ he missed it the ifrst time and (2/?)a few days before eid she goes shopping for an outfit and he knows i and she likes to tease him by saying that she found a wonderful black and grey dress and that she’s going wear a black hijab and he’s like but sanaaaa! colooooooouuurs! and she pretends to be insulted by the fact that he apparently only thinks she’s pretty when she’s wearing colours? and does that mean he never finds her pretty? and he’s panicking like no no no of course not, you’re always beautiful and you glow (3/?) you glow whatever you wear, like black suits you so well especially with a light make-up and grey!! grey looks amazing on you and he goes on and on for like full 7 minutes about how grey and black and white are such vibrant colours on her until she can’t hold her laughter and she just burst out laughing and he’s like wait…you were kidding!!!!! and she says that yes of course she was and that she never thought someone could talk that long about this but she glad she pretended (4/? or 5? #lost) and then he goes back to being serious and he’s like but can you give me an hint? like not how it looks but the colours? or the style? because wouldn’t it be great if we matched? it’d be amazing sana come on give me a colour!!! and she straight up refuses to tell him anything and just tell him that he should go for something colourful too because last she remembers his colours palette is the same as hers!! oh yeah but taht’s because colours do'nt really look good on me! (5/? or is it 6/? ) and then she says well let me judge ok? and so he agrees to find something colourful and he buys himself a light blue shirt and he wonders if he should buy a tie but then decides that he’d look ridiculous and finally the day comes and he is standing in the bakkoush’s backgarden and he’s literally dying from expectations and he’s really worried about not matching with her and looking like an idiot next to her because she will loook like a princess he knows it and then the door opens and (7/?) there she is…he thought she had rendered him breathless and speechless before but this? this is like an out of body experience! how on earth is he lucky enough to call this wonderful woamn his girlfriend? she is wearing a really simple green dress. The fabric is light, the dress made out of several layers and very flowy and it’s just so elegant? and the color makes her look like a precious stone, some kind of emerald and her green hijab is wrapped in a different way and she looks like a princess, the dress is simple but so gorgeous and she is literally glowing like a freaking sun in front of him and she’s walking towards him and he feels as nervous as he did when they first started talking, like a kid in front of his first crush and then she sees him and her eyes widened and she seems to be frozen on the spot and he realizes that he’s not the only one feeling this way and he smiles and she smiles and she comes down the stairs to hug him and he says we’re not really matching but it doesn’t matter, you’re the most beautiful woman ever and she replies that he looks absolutely wonderful in this colour and that she promises to wear a little bit more colours if he does and then it’s a deal and they hug and elias comes and says your outfits might not be matching, but you smiles definitely are! bam the end 


Im getting into occult magic because this lady had a garage sale because her mother lived in the house and she died and was selling all her shit and i saw this sick ass old lookin book and i was like “how much?” And this lady was like “$3” and I took it and apparently this dead lady was a witch and now I have her magic book

anyways im going to need people to stop saying that louis is the most closeted  out all the boys because he literally isn’t? lmao like have yall forgot that liam also has a fake child or? oh i forgot yall think liam is homophobic and straight…but i just saw a post on my dash of someone basically listing all the shit that louis has gone through and im like ok but liam is/has gone through the same thing… liam also has a fake child with a women a lot older than him because she can’t get her career back so she’s needs tons of promo lmao like im real tired of yall acting like louis has it the worst because he doesn’t 


Greta makes an unexpected visit to her newest friends.

Good thing I saw her coming from the left side of the screen if not she would have scared the crappa-holy outta me because I was focusing on Grim. She’s sneaky that one.

It was a short visit and Grim goes inside to bed.

Transition Update #51 (Part 2) - Top Surgery

(Please don’t reblog this!)

I want to write out a bunch of thoughts about what happened when I went in to get top surgery before I forget. I’m on pain meds and I’m a bit tired, but I want to get some thoughts out anyway.

I still can’t believe this happened. Like, I forget that I’m not binding because I’m wrapped in an ace bandage, but I go to touch my chest and there’s nothing there. It’s incredible. When I woke up from the anesthesia I couldn’t stop telling the nurse how happy I was. The first thing I did was thank my surgeon when I saw her. It was a really emotional moment for me.

We got to the hospital at 11am but soon found out that the surgeon was behind schedule. I went to a children’s hospital because they’ll operate on anyone under 26 for certain surgeries and they had a really good reputation. Because of this though, they prioritize younger patients over older ones because little kids get freaked out when having to have surgery. So they got me in a pre-op room by 11am but even though I was scheduled to have surgery at noon we soon learned that wasn’t going to happen. I kept meeting with different people, nurses and anesthesiologists and more nurses, etc. I must’ve met 5-7 separate people and signed so many forms, but everyone was respectful and calm and positive and very direct with me, which I appreciated.

By 12:30 or 1pm they had put the IV in my hand because I was freaked out about that (I’ve never had an IV before) but they just sorta… left it there for 45 minutes because they were so behind. I was able to distract myself with some #quality McElroy content (thanks @biomechatronic) which made me calmer. The good thing about waiting so long, however, was that I had time to get over my nerves and get to a state where I was like “just cut me open already.”

Then around 2pm they came in and brought me a sedative and said that they were going to get me prepped for anesthesia. They were going to give me a nerve block to my chest while I was under so I’d be in less pain when I woke up. The nurse put the sedative in my IV and told me that I probably wouldn’t remember anything after that, and the last thing I remember is thinking “yeah, right”… and then I woke up in recovery. I found out they operated on me at 3pm and I woke up around 6 or 6:30. I was really dizzy but I wasn’t in pain. My throat just hurt from the breathing tube I think. The nerve block really worked, and continued to work throughout that night.

My mom then came to see me with the surgeon, who told me that everything went perfectly. Then they brought me into less immediate recovery, gave me some water and ginger ale, and I was able to get up and walk around soon. Then they wheeled me out to the car and I went home. I barely remember anything regarding surgery, which is another reason I can’t believe it happened. I’m so grateful and happy that this feels like a dream. I haven’t been in a lot of pain recently because I’m diligently taking my painkillers and Tylenol, which I’m also grateful for. 

Thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes! I’ve been mostly shuffling around like a grandpa and sleeping. I’m also very excited for this week to be up so I can see my chest. And most importantly, wear T shirts again :)

I don’t know how to put into words what I’ve experienced but I’m not the same person anymore.

I went to the beach with a good witch friend and did shrooms for the first time to find understanding. They were given to me by a very earthy witch who’s my herbalist instructor and treats every herb in her possession like they are guides or teachers with a lesson.

It was the most intense and exhilarating experience of my life. I guess it’s going to be a turning point in my life. Everything I’ve learned I only hope can lead to a better wholesome existence honestly.

And I do really appreciate the positive messages because I was afraid I was only going to see bad things. But it’s ok cause everything subjectively negative I saw is just natural to this realm of being. My witchy friend understood because she said something along the lines of ‘I miss home’ and it’s like maybe I’m sensitive to all the negativity of this world cause I came from someplace better and I really felt that stress and strange sensation of home sickness. I’ve always wanted to end my existence here (in the most detached way possible- like I’m not even upset when I think of it I just want to leave. Like with the same casualty of leaving an unpleasant room) but I would never do that cause people here love me and think about me and it’s rude to say the least lol but I just know there was something nice I want to return to and I felt in such solid reality this detachnessed from my life like I was remembering something from a previous state of being and I’ve always felt existential but now it’s just like. lol I just want to go back to whatever it was that I remember.

There was a million other experiences that happened and I was going so far out that a tree helped us ground ourselves. We were both literally in a state of being that communicating with plants was very easy and casual and interestingly enough the tree was inside of a mushroom circle we only realized once we were more sober and left. I never had an experience where I could feel the conversation plants were having with each other. There’s many things I can write but I absorbed so much and don’t want to write a novel here. But it was an intense trial and I hope to make something of good from it.

I think fans should understand this...

I saw the rumours of Suran and Yoongi being together, because Suran posted a photo on her instagram with capatitions; S❤S Suran loves Spain.

Now, many assumed that S❤S means Suran❤Suga and immediately started sending her hateful comments on her instagram. I was realle surprised with the reaction of the fans. Like, this can but also cannot mean that two of those are together, but now think through this situation;

Would you like to be in a relationship, while tons of people are hating that, saying utterly rude things about your significant other or your relationship. It would hurt you for sure, or make you sad. Either way, not a pleasant thing to go through.

And also, this shows how careless fans are. They start hating someone, in this case Sura, without any evidence. They are in their own little thoughts, thinking how Suran stole Yoongi from them. Earth to those people, Min Yoongi was never actually yours. Yes, you like him. You maybe stan him. You can have him for your bias or bias wrecker. But you never owned him in any way to speak like that.

Don’t forget, Min Yoongi is a grown up man at the age of 25. I’m pretty sure he is very aware that he can date a person he loves. And we, as an ARMY should support him no matter what. He is old enough to decide for himself and can date if he wants. He can date Suran, he can date any other idol or he can date a non-famous person.

He can date WHOEVER he wants. And he will date someone, maybe in a month or year. It doesn’t matter. He will date and so will all other Bangtan members and any other idol and person on this world. So, you should be as supportive as you can, because he deserved it completely.

You should be happy that he managed to find someone he loves and someone he wants to be with. People grow up, its time to understand the world and not act like immature children.

Being in a relationship shouldn’t be hated, yet supported. Its a common thing for everyone. A person chooses their significant other because of their feelings and not because of what fans think or say. Respect their decisions, it’s their life anyway. They are human beings after all.

How selfish do you have to be so that you could act this way without any guilt?? So many people hated the poor woman, and she never harmed them in any way. This all can be a complete rumour, but it doesn’t matter. Fans showed the way they would react if anyone from BTS would have a girlfriend. And once when they do, they can rethink if they should even tell us about that, because they would be scared if fans could hurt their loved one in any way.

Nice ARMY, most of you showed what kind of people you are when this happened…Hope we didn’t ruin Bangtan’s trust in us…

Honestly she’s such a child. You’re supposed to be what 28 and you act like that? Lol. The fact that you need fillers to twist to bash Sakura just because you self insert as Hinata is pathetic.  Are you all aware what a filler is? Oh yeah I forgot because fillers gave you your ship and byakugan power ups. What kind of idiot would use filler to prove anything? Oh yeah NH wankers/Hinata wankers. That’s who. I just find it so odd that someone would post anime only screenshots and start bashing Sakura. We already saw Sakura and Sasuke in the original manga in Gaiden. Everyone knows that Sakura works and does household chores and takes care of her kid. 

Stay mad. Sakura is miles above your fav in everything; SS was canon in the manga and it’s probably the most popular Naruto ship only rivaled by SNS.

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Do you feel like the show treats Bell and Clarke as equals?? Or does it feel like Bell is her second? (I was thinking about what Bob was saying about Raven being Bell's second, and i saw some comments about how that's better than Blarke's canon dynamic.)

Bellamy is Clarke’s equal because he’s always been her equal. They have canonically been co-leaders since Season 1. The idea that Bellamy and Clarke are not equals is an idea perpetuated by the fandom and the fandom alone.

There’s a reason their catch phrase is “together.” 

Definition of co-

1:  with :  together :  joint :  jointly coexist coheir

2:  in or to the same degree coextensive

3 :  one that is associated in an action with another :  fellow :  partner coauthor coworker. 

Meanwhile the definition of second is as follows:

I don’t know about you, but I’d take co-leaders over “Second” any day of the week.

dragonbound135  asked:

In WAY how did lysandra and Aedion first meet? :)

If you mean in general, they kind of always knew about each other. When they were younger, Aedion had to listen to Aelin complain about the annoying girl in school and skating who was also good friends with Sam. (Yes, Aelin and Lysandra hated each other at first. They were always jealous of each other). While Lysandra always saw Aedion with Aelin and around the rink.

If you mean relationship wise, we actually find out in an upcoming chapter. But they basically got close the summer before this fic starts, because Nehemia was working full time and Aelin was off in Italy with her parents. I don’t want to say anything else, because I don’t want to spoil anything to come :)

Send me your questions/thoughts about We Are Young

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Do you think Hades Harry would save people because of Y/N? Either because he thought of her, or saw her and she warmed his heart and he just couldn't do it (much like unfollowing people on here, you'll see a good post and have mercy with them kslellfe), or maybe because he knows Y/N would like them a lot since they take good care of their plants and animals?

I’m not exactly 100% sure about what you mean when u say “save people” but with “mercy” in there, I’m guessing you’re talking about when new souls are arriving and he has to judge them?

I do think he’d have mercy and save lots of souls because of Y/N, simply because when you spend years and years with someone, you pick up their traits and unknowingly incorporate them into who you are. And i feel like Harry would like this a lot about Y/N– it’s one of the things he loves the most. It’s do to the fact that it’s like having a piece of her permanently inside him, guiding him to be kinder and to break the cliche reputation that’s been placed on him throughout hundreds of years just because of who he is.

Situations like, let’s say, a person comes in and they lived their lives as a thief, but they did it because they were poor and were left with no other choice. Hades’ first instinct would be to throw them to the fields of punishment for a while because they did a crime that is looked down upon, but then the warm part in his heart where Y/N abides would tell him to have sympathy on the thief because the person only did it to survive.

So he’d settle for sending them to the Field of Asphodel for a while, allowing them to work their way up to a better place.

I’d even go as far as saying he’d ask Y/N to help him in judging souls because, after all, she is the queen of the Underworld. And even though Persephone is a warm soul, she still knows when she has to set the iron first down because having mercy on everyone would lead to no on learning their lessons. This mindset would be the half of her that Harry has managed to wriggle into.

Just as Y/N influences him to be a kinder, more understanding ruler, he influences her to be a steadfast, effective one as well.

TalesFromYourServer: How not to get your kid their job back

This isn’t strictly about serving, but it happened while I was working.

tl;dr Ex-trainee’s dad asks for her job back after over a year, tells me she’s lazy, I tell him why I’m not going to just give her the job back.

Way back when, in March 2016, Location A of Mexican Restaurant Franchise underwent renovations. We were closed for four weeks. My boss saw this as an opportunity: instead of telling some new hires things were not working out, he could simply not call them back!

It’s a dick move, I know. But we accept certain dick behaviour because there are worse jobs to have. And because nowhere else I applied hired me, and I can’t afford to straight up quit. But I digress.

Fast forward to June 2017, a man wanders in during the 3pm lull while I’m moving boxes of booze.

“How can I help you?”

“Did you ever work with Katie?”

It takes me a minute, but I recall training a high schooler named Katie who was efficient at side work but fell apart at the slightest confrontation. One of the trainees that my boss didn’t call back, and tbh I almost can’t blame him for this one.

“Yeah, I think so, yeah, early last year right? I think did her training.”

“Well you never called her back after renovating! Real shitty of you to not call her!”

“Well I don’t handle the hiring process, I only train people.”

This is a weird conversation to be having over a year after we renovated.

“But why didn’t you call her back when the renovations finished??”

I just told you that I don’t handle that stuff, but ok. I make something up to see if it gets him out of the store and I can go do something actually productive.

“There was a government crackdown on teenagers working in places that serve alcohol. It’s possible she didn’t make it past training because she was too young. She was 16 at the time, yeah?”

“Yeah, but she’s seventeen now and really needs a job. You need to re-hire her.”

The drinking age is 18! Why would 17 make a difference?

As this conversation continues, I’m remembering more about her: she made the same ordering error three times in a night, she carried alcohol despite being explicitly told not to touch drinks, and as mentioned before, she broke down as soon as a customer or coworker said anything even slightly negative.

“I can pass her number along to my boss, but really she should re-apply with a resume.”

“Can’t you just tell your boss? I don’t see why she should re-apply if she already got the job once.”

Uh, maybe because it’s been over a year. Or maybe it’s because it’s becoming increasingly clear that whether Katie wants this job is immaterial; it’s Dad that wants her to have a job.

“I could text him her number, but when he hires, he hires from a stack of resumes I go through and set aside for him. A resume will give her the best chance of getting re-hired.”

“But why? She was already hired! Can’t you just ask your boss?”

Here’s what I want to say: I’ve explained to you the best way to get Katie a job here. It’s been over a year, and we’ve seen dozens of trainees since then; he won’t remember her, so bringing up that Katie received training with us, only to not get called back, is actually of detriment. Her best chance is to simply apply again the same way everyone else does.

Here’s what I actually say: “Fine, give me her number and I’ll pass it along.”

“Thank you!”

As he’s writing down the number on a post-it for me, he keeps talking.

“You’ve gotta get her out of my house. She’s driving me mad.”

Uh oh.

“Lazy as anything! Needs a job to whip her into shape.”

I take a gamble; I risk seriously pissing this guy off, but this way he might not come back in and waste more of my (or my boss’) time.

“I, um, uh.. I don’t really feel inclined to pass Katie’s number along to my boss now. It’s already strange that someone seeking a customer-facing job would send their dad on their behalf, but I really don’t think it’s worth it when you’ve just told me that she’s lazy and undisciplined.”

The dad backpedals hard. Spluttering and stuttering, tries to convince me he didn’t mean lazy in the traditional sense (what other sense is there?) and that she’s a really hardworking kid, great grades in school, just needs to get out in the real world.

“Look, I’ll still pass this along, but I have to tell my boss everything you’ve told me. Or Katie can bring in a resume, and I recommend a cover letter too. And she should really come in herself.”

Dad walked out, stunned. He called someone as soon as he was out of the door; hopefully to tell his kid she’s dodging a bullet not working with a hardass like me.

It’s been over a month since this incident. Haven’t seen a resume from Katie yet.

By: satanislemony