i saw the it because of her

Guys…Natsu did not friendzone Lucy, you can’t friendzone someone you don’t know has romantic feelings for you because the only thing that person is and has always been is a friend. Seriously people use now that concept for everything.

I’m going to explain it this way, someone confess to you, but you are not interested or never saw that person in a romantic way, so you say that you just see him or her as a friend. That’s not friendzone either, because it’s a respectful way to say no without trying to hurt someone feelings. You can or not be friend with that person.

Hold up. Okay so I saw a post about how in the trailer there’s a wormhole and the next shot features Lance falling into some abyss type shit after like sacrificing himself and how that could be related to what Jearmy said about Lance dying and whatnot. And then I saw this photo and thought “what if this shot is after Lance supposedly dies after sacraficing himself to save the team and Black is just fed up with all of the teams shit because they lost their Paladin and now they’ve lost Blue and her Paladin and they lie down and just refuse to do anything.”
-I came up with this theory in like 3 minutes, feel free to add to my madness-

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What if instead of Jason's dad figuring out that Jason is a Power Ranger, it's Zack's mom because he leaves a lot more now than he used to. And she puts two and two together and yeah. I also think that if she saw Trini and Kim together in the same room she would secretly be giving Zack tips on how to push them together. And that's how Zack becomes a wingman.


I feel that all of their parents figure it out eventually, but Zack’s mom is definitely the one who figures it out first. She knows when Zack’s schedule for when he’s at school/work because he stays home to make sure she eats and takes her meds. She definitely starts to suspect it when Zack explains he has friends when he’s not at the house as frequently and it makes sense to her when she learns all of their names and everything. 

Her suspicions are confirmed when Zack brings them all over when she gets better and she’s just the PROUDEST mom ever. If she could she’d probably run around angel grove saying that her son is a Power Ranger. 

She’s so good at reading people, that Zack finds it hilarious also low-key scary, but he loves his mom when she meets Trini and Kimberly for the first time and the first thing she says in Mandarin is “Are they dating?” And from their on, Zack always gives her little updates on them or has her help him get them together. 

I just have a lot of feels about Zack’s mom she’s a badass okay

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I'm so damn sh00k because I just saw this account run by a 15 year old and she was talking with an anon about her kinks and how orgasm denial and over stimulation are major kinks of hers but like ??? You're like 2 my guy??? (Also your outfit gave me a lady boner because you looked so hot like keep slaying boo boo you better work honey!❤👏👌😫💦)

???? No! Like dude stay your ass in school and get your books with your nasty ass. Like thats just. Ugh. Like I haven’t even had my first yet so it blows me how younger people are just so wild and out there I’m just like 👀👀👀👀👀 well damn. But also side note thank you 😳 that’s the first time I was told that but ayee I’m damn proud of myself then. ,💖💖 its okay love just suppress that account from your mind you’ll be fine. Here lemme spam you with some things to make it better.

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we were never actually dating, but we were in love for two years, and everyone knew it. we were too scared to admit it to each other. i guess the wait was too much for him, because one day, he got back with his ex and left me without even telling me why. it's been almost two years since he left me for her, and almost a year since i last saw him. i'm completely over it now, but i always wonder what my life would've been like if one of us had the confidence to say how we felt.

I kinda know how it feels because you see I was dating this girl and I never told her how I felt about her, I fucking loved her and I never got the chance to tell her. I wonder if she knew if things would be different.

A Lesson in Love

Soooo, as many of you probably saw yesterday, I added onto a post for some Alyanette, tropes so I decided to make some more Alyanette cause it’s been a while, and I’m working on my Alyabug fic, but I decided to make this to hopefully cheer up @alya-bug and give her some more content to enjoy. I’m also tagging @lahiffed because I used their idea for Alya to teach Marinette how to kiss, so I hope you guys enjoy this! <3 I’m surprised by how long it turned out honestly…It gets a little steamy, but still a T rating, so not too steamy. ;)

FF | AO3

There were many rituals that came with friendships among teenage girls, and slumber parties were a staple. Staying up late, gossiping about cute boys and mean girls while watching corny chick-flicks as their nails dried… Marinette and Alya were no exception to such traditions and held such events as often as their parents allowed. The two girls had been practically inseparable since they met, and something inside of them just clicked when they were together. Alya was Marinette’s first really close friend, and something about Alya made her feel comfortable and secure, like she could tell her anything without fear of ridicule or judgment. With Alya she was safe, and Marinette cherished their friendship more than anything.

She’d never really been physically affectionate with anyone besides her parents, but as she laid across Alya’s lap, scrolling through her phone, she felt completely at peace. After sometime, Alya began to braid her hair, and they moved into the gossip portion of the evening.

“Can you believe how angry Chloe got when Mme. Bustier announced that you’re gonna play Cinderella in the school play? I thought she was going to bust her designer cardigan and turn into a she-hulk,” Alya mused, twining her fingers expertly through Marinette’s fine hair.

“As if she doesn’t hate me enough already,” She said with a sigh.

“Not to mention Adrien is playing Prince Charming,” Alya cast her a sly smirk as Marinette’s cheeks darkened. “Have you been practicing your lines?”

“It’s not the lines I’m worried about,” Marinette admitted glumly sitting up. “There’s a kiss scene at the end.”

“I know! By the end of this production, you’ll have kissed that boy so many times it’ll be just as effortless as walking,” Alya said, patting her shoulder.

“But I’m bad at walking,” Marinette giggled pointedly, and Alya conceded her point. “I guess I’m just nervous because I’ve never really kissed someone before.”

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Open Your Eyes - Stiles (part 5)

(Y/N) is the new student at Beacon Hills High School and she has a secret. Being born blind, she was never able to see a thing, until she was attacked by a wild animal. To this day she has never told anyone about it. So will she do it now?

word count: 2228 

Other parts: part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4

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“What? What do you mean “you have to tell me something”?” I shouted after Lydia as she left the room. It was too late. She was calling them. Everyone! And right after promising to keep it a secret. What was wrong with me? Believing that I could tell her now. ONly because we had a few hours of fun. Pathetic.

I grabbed my thing and tried to sneak out, but she saw me.

“(Y/N)? What are you doing?” Lydia said. She looked at me sadly.

“I have to go.”

“But the weather.” she pointed at the window. It was still raining madly and from time to time we could hear thunder.

“I cannot be here when they arrive. I just can’t,”

“(Y/N), believe me. They won’t be mad or weirded out because of it.” Lydia tried to calm me down. I was feeling my heart picking up speed. Yeah, there it was… a panic attack. Just what I needed.

“Lydia, please,” I begged. My eyes stinging and my throat closing as I tried to keep breathing, She didn’t say anything, realising there was nothing she could do to stop me. I opened the front door, about to step out, as I was met with Scott and Stiles. Stiles was about to knock on the door as I opened it, so his fist was right in front of my face. As soon as he realised I was standing there, he pulled it back. Giving me a small smile.

I didn’t do anything. I couldn’t move. The only thing I could think about was leaving this place. Leaving my only friends behind. I was about to ruin everything I had, simply because I had to blab the first moment I had the chance.

“Hey (Y/N), how are you,” Scott asked. I didn’t answer. They walked into the house andI took my only chance and walked out, I closed the door behind me and ran. The rain fell on my face. I run for a few blocks until my feet couldn’t carry me anymore and my lungs were burning. So, I walked until I could breath normally again.

At this point I was completely drenched. I was shivering from the cold. I had no idea for how long I ran and walked, but at some point I reached a small park with a bench. I sat down and tried to think. I had to think of a good reason to make my parents move to another city. But that couldn’t happen. We only moved here a few days ago and my dad has finally got a good job. There was no way we would leave. That left only one option: run away. Nobody would know where I went. I would be completely alone, but when wasn’t I. these couple of days were the first ones I didn’t feel completely miserable. And now I would leave this all behind…

“(Y/N)!” someone shook me. I looked around and saw Stiles in front of me. He was, just like me, completely soaked. But he didn’t care. He looked at me with concern.


“Oh thank god,” he sighed in relief, “I thought you passed out. I was calling you for the last three minutes.” he hugged me tightly. I didn’t hug him back. What was he doing here?

“I was so scared something happened to you. We’ve been looking for you for the past hour.”

“What? No, that’s impossible. I just got here. I - aaah,”  i screamed. Stiles did too. Suddenly the rain was joined by a fast bolt of lightning and a gigantic tree started to fall down, just a few feet away from us. It all happened so quickly I didn’teven realise I was holding onto Stiles until the tree was on the ground.

I looked up, into his gorgeous eyes. He was looking into mine. Did Lydia tell them already? The thought was driving me insane.

“Come on. They are probably waiting for us.” he said with a very small smile. I took his hand and we walked to his car, which was parked at the end of the street. The drive was silent. Not an awkward silence, but not a pleasant one either. It was something in between that was definitely not good… like purgatory.

Once we had finally arrived at Lydia’s house, we could see the whole group sitting on the porch, rolled up in blankets. As soon as they saw us drive up in the driveway, Lydia and Scott ran up to the car, letting go of the warm blankets and Lydia opened my door immediately at the moment Stiles pulled out the keys.

“(Y/N)! WHat were you thinking? We were so worried.” I wanted to laugh and say that they sounded like my parents… but that was not true. I only sighed.

She brought me under the roof and Liam handed me a giant towel to dry myself. Then we headed inside. I knew what was waiting for me in there. A conversation. One that I avoided so much, I had almost died tonight…    if it wasn’t for Stiles.

We all sat down on the couches and chairs and they stared at me. From the way they looked at me, I could see that Lydia had not told them yet. That did make me feel better… but also worse at the same time. If that was even possible.

“So!” Lydia finally spoke after a too long moment of silence. She bit her lip, showing that she had no idea what she was doing. “We wanted to tell you something, (Y/N). Scott?” I was not expecting that. I thought they were here to listen to me. I thought I had to tell my secret. What was going on?

“We thought it would be easier for you, if you knew who you were actually talking to.” Scott said. I narrowed my eyebrows in confusion. I had no idea what was happening.

“It’s kind of a long story,” Scott said.

“I can manage,” I replied.

“Well, it started - and this may sound crazy - with a dead body,” he started telling his story. Everybody looked at me for my reaction. I, surprisingly, wasn’t bothered by it. I kept looking at Scott and said: “Go on,” casually.

“So Stiles, who had heard it from his father, came to me and we went to look for the body. We went to the woods and there we found several things.”

“We had found the body!” Stiles said enthusiastically.

“Well, actually only I found the body and with that, something found me.”

“A wolf-like monster?” I suggested. Scott looked at me. His expression showing as much confusion as I had moments ago.

“Yes. How did y-” Stiles wanted to ask.

“Because that happened to me too,” I said, “Only, I wasn’t looking for corpses of course. Just camping. But I was attacked by a wolf… something. I passed out and the next moment I know…It was days later…in the hospital…and I could…see.” I said the last part softer than a whisper. But it was so quiet, everyone could hear me. No one said a thing for the next minute or two.

“Well, welcome to the pack.” Stiles said, breaking the silence and the clear tension between all of us.

“Excuse, the what?”

“The pack. You’re not the only different one here,” Stiles kept on talking, “Scotty over here is the Alpha, but don’t think about it too much. The only difference is that his eyes are red.

“Lydia is a Banshee, it technically means she hears dead people-”

“Or about to be dead people.” Liam added.

“Yes, or that. Liam here is a brand new werewolf. Accidentally turned by Scott. He was trying to save him from falling of a roof. It’s a long story.

“Malia is a Werecoyote. We’re not really sure what the difference is, but she lived in the woods most of her life as an actual coyote, so yeah,” he looked a bit awkward.

“Kirs is a Kitsune. I believe you could say it’s a Japanese Were-fox. That’s it really.” He looked around, as if trying to figure out if he forgot about anyone.

“What about you and Mason?”

“Oh, yeah. Sorry. We’re fine. For some time Mason was possessed by the first Werewolf to ever exist, but he’s dead now….And I was possessed by  a Nogitsune. It’s a…I’m still not sure what it was. But it doesn’t matter. What it means is: we are all something and it doesn’t matter. We are a pack. We are together.”

“So what am I?” I asked. Stiles wasn’t expecting that question as he let it go to Scott. Who was clearly showing his Alpha powers here.

“The only thing we know that happened after your werewolf attack is that you got your sight back. Did you notice anything else strange. Like, visions for example?”

“I don’t think so. I sometimes have dreams, but-”

“What kind of dreams, (Y/N)? What happens in them?” Lydia asked. As she was the banshee, I assumed she would know something about visions and strange dreams.

“I don’t remember exactly. But they’re never nice. I only remember waking up screaming…and..” I couldn’t say it. Fortunately, they understood and didn’t force me into it.

I was very thankful for that, because how could I explain telling them, that I had a dream where they were all running from something. There were different things that they were running from. But that was months before I moved to Beacon Hills. I had no idea who they were and quickly forgot about the nightmare. But now that I had a deep thought about the dreams, it came back. One word came back to me specifically.

“Deadpool.” I said. I felt a bit spaced out as it came out. I stared at the floor.

“What did you say?” Malia spoke out.

“That’s the only thing I can remember from a dream I had months ago…  And an image: of you all running away from something. I don’t know from what.”

“It doesn’t matter. We ran from a few things back then.” Scott said. I looked at him, taking my glasses off. “What am I.” I said.

“Is it possible she’s a banshee too?”  Lydia suggested. But we all knew she was just saying what we were all thinking.

“Maybe we should talk about this, some other time? I mean, it’s all fun but-” Stiles said. We all agreed. Lydia told the rest of the pack that it was probably better if they stayed for the night, as the weather had not yet cleared up.

The tension of the conversation before finally broke and the pack started to loosen up a bit. They joked around and talked about random things. It was weird to see how casual they were, just moments after…that. But that only made me see how much messed up things they had seen, that my story was just a casual friday night. It wasn’t offended or anything, it was interesting at the most.

Slowly, people started to go to bed until it was only me and Stiles left. We somehow managed to end up cuddled next to each other on the couch.

“I can’t wait to show you Star Wars. It’s like the most amazing franchise to ever be created.” I listened to him as he talked about all of the different things he wanted to show me.

I couldn’t help but notice how his eyes lit up every time he mentioned something that I had to see, or had to try. I also noticed how he gave me a small smile, every time we made eye contact. That made me a bit self- conscious.



“What do you think about my scars?” I asked. It clearly caught him of guard. “I’m sorry if I…” I was about to apologise when he answered: “I think they look badass.”

“Really?” I said hopefully, “You don’t think it’s… hideous or anything?”

“Definitely not. I don’t think you’re ever seen you’re scars. They aren’t as bad as you think.” he held my hand and put my finger on the scar. I traced the thin line from my forehead to my chin. It was big, but it didn’t feel as if it stood out much.

“It’s mostly you’re eyes that people look at.”

“What’s wrong with them?” I got scared for a moment. I always had to wear glasses. And I was always so concerned with my scars, I never thought about how my eyes looked. But Stiles just smiled at my small panic attack, what made me calm down a bit.

“That’s the thing, they are amazing.” he laughed. I didn’t understand what he was saying. I was starting to get really tired. I yawned and snuggled more into the blanket. 

It was so strange, I thought, how the mood immediately could change when it was only the two of us. It was a good feeling, but the thought of it was strange. 

And that was the last thought I had in my mind as I fell asleep, with Stiles’ arm around me. Just before I actually fell asleep, I could have sworn I felt a pair of lips on my forehead, but that could have been anything…right?



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Oh wise power ranger one I have to ask but the end scene where they are all in detention. I know Trini's off to Jason's side and Zack is behind Billy. But I was a little sad that the end scene it doesn't pan to all of them. When Kim tosses Jason that paper ball he looks over at his team (kim/zack/billy) But no trini... :( Our little girl got left off. Also Kim really at least toss it to your girl.

Please tell me that people on here are calling me the ‘wise power ranger one’ because I’m amazed lmao. 

I saw that final scene as a callback to the first scene when it was the three of them in detention, that’s why Zack and Trini were in the background. Kim was definitely tossing her girl notes after the scene ended tho.

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I love Trini and Kim and Billy and Jason, but I feel like Zack is ignored by most people. He is a very well written character, but I believe his story line could've been extended. I would love to see more of him taking care of his mom, and all of the rangers helping him. Like staying with her while he goes out for groceries or something. Idk, I just feel like we need more of Zack's Backstory. And Trini, she didn't have a lot of dialogue and I hate that they cut out the locker scene, but yeah. 💖

I totally agree!! I do wish Trini had a bit more dialogue but in general she’s a very quiet person, so I understand her not having as much lines as the others. The scene with Rita attacking her really establishes her as a main character/important to the plot but with Zack we don’t see anything like that.

I really do wish we saw more to Zack because he’s definitely the one of the five who gets pushed to the side, so if there’s ever a sequel, hopefully we’ll see more interactions between him and his mom and possibly the other four meeting her.

so i finally saw the Turf Wars leaks and i saw a comment about “oh, great, the Air Nomads were perfect and the Fire Nation are evil again, thanks”. and while i agree from a metatextual perspective that they definitely did miss the opportunity for some of the Air Nomads’ teachings to be called into question and/or to show that the Fire Nation was progressive in ways beyond technology, i think that from a textual perspective, it makes perfect sense that Sozin criminalized homosexuality.

why? he was a eugenicist.

we see in The Search that Ursa was forced to marry Ozai because her bloodline had some of the strongest firebenders, including Avatar Roku, so it wouldn’t surprise me that this principle got applied to the rest of the Fire Nation under the Sozin dynasty as well. Sozin criminalizing homosexuality, to my eyes, appears as merely the logical endpoint - how dare a firebender not produce new firebenders? (granted this is a cissexist point of view, but until we learn more about how the Avatar universe handles transgender issues, i don’t think it’d be unlikely that those attitudes existed.) so while it may not be the best story to tell, it does fit in nicely with what we already know about the world’s history.

some people hate mary watson

There is no denying.

The fans that hate Mary are exclusively those who ship Johnlock, and they do only because John loves her and Sherlock wasn’t jealous. They hate her so much because they know, deep inside them, that she is the proof that Sherlock and John are not in love.

It’s like what happened to me the first time I saw Irene Adler. I had a huge crush on Sherlock… you know, those crushes on fictional characters that you are convinced you could lure into your bed if you were part of their world (truth is 90% of the time you wouldn’t). I hated Irene so much it was ridiculous and I kept denying the obvious sentiment she and Sherlock felt for each other.

It was absurd and pointless… But the reason I was so adamant about that was because deep inside me I knew it couldn’t be denied.

Years passed, my stupid crush faded and there was it.  Sherlock and Irene were again in front of me and even though I wasn’t expecting that, I swear, I finally could see that.

So, I hope this is going to happen to those people who hate on Mary so much. I hope in some years they are going to watch a rerun on the telly. And there is going to be Mary again in front of them… lovely, witty, badass Mary.

Maybe that day they will really see her.

I remember when I was obsessed with the show kim possible, but never with her because instead I was always in awe of shego and I am pretty sure that is the reason why I love powerful females with authority in an antagonistic role. I mean all I ever did was admire her attitude, her passion when it came to consistency, she was never dominated by dr drakken nor did she ever give him the chance too but if anything he was whipped by her and what not. It was also probably because I saw a female for the first time being a villain at a young age and she was never portrayed as a sidekick, her personality and presence would always be something that is prepotent than anyone else in the/a scene.

Alright so here’s what SDCC has proved, at least to me, so far:

-Malec isn’t breaking up (so calm tf down now)

-Someone fucking dies in the season finale

-Luke needs some loving (maybe with mama Lightwood?? ;) )

-Simon is cute and unproblematic as always

-Sarah Highland is the seelie queen and I’m already dying (she’s gorgeous af and hearing Dom talk about her made me cry I love them)

-Clace will happen (but like we already saw that one coming)

-Matt loves farm animals a lot and he had a PSA about calling out to them if you see them because it makes them happy (like honestly I love him so much)

-Finally, no one, and I mean NO ONE, ships Malec more than Matthew Daddario himself. 

Key quotes from Matt about malec:

“You mean like you’re mixing the hearts, because it’s one heart after awhile. ”

“Because you’re not insulting malec right now. No way” 

*When Em suggested Magnus cheated on Alec and kept it from him* “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! WHAT HIDEOUS THING ARE YOU SAYING?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” (literally my favorite thing ever) 

*when the interviewer said malec was his favorite ship* “Damn right it is!”

Anyways, Matthew Daddario is special and I love him. Have a great night/day/afternoon/morning. 

I met a little princess recently. A real one. 

She’s my niece, I’ve been staying in London with my brother and his family. Devon is an honest to god princess. a REAL little girl.

But she’s not a little princess because she likes dresses, or because she wont eat off of any dishes that arent pink. Thats not what makes her a princess.

What makes her a princess is that she doesn’t need to prove that she’s a princess. When she cuddles her doll she cuddles it because she wants to, not because she looked around and saw all the other girls doing it. She doesnt force herself to play a little bit of house every day because she thinks she needs to learn to enjoy it to be normal. She doesnt wear dresses and keep clean because she feels like an imposter in her own skin, and even the smallest speck of dirt might unhinge her flimsy perception of self. She doesnt latch onto labels, negative or positive, because an identity, any identity, is better then the nothing she faces every time she looks in a mirror, or hears her name. 

She says “You know that I’m a princess!” without even knowing what that means. No one told her. Her parents dont even allow princesses in the house because they dont approve of the misogynist baggage. She doesnt need to attach “warrior” or even “sorcerer” to the title. She doesnt need to make the princess more masculine so she could bear to call herself one. She just is a princess, she knows she’s a princess. she says so every chance she gets. 

and looking at her, watching how EASY it is for her, hearing my mother’s voice in my head arguing that “you always wore dresses and carried dolls, you were the girliest of all the girls!”

its not about the dolls. Its not about the trucks. Its not about the games you played or the clothes you wore, or any other ‘proof’ that your parents shove in your face every chance they get. Just because you used to wear a crown, doesnt mean you were ever a princess. fairytale castles arent supposed to feel like cages. If your dress never fit you right, it was never really your dress. 

some people’s gender experience is fluid. Some people were the gender they were born as, but then grew into something new. Thats some people’s experience, but it might not have been your experience. And just because you sat still and let your mom braid your hair, doesnt mean she has any idea what was going on in your head. 

If you were ever a princess, you would have known it. If you werent, then regardless of your actions as a child, you arent now either. You never have to be ever again. 

Anthony Trujillo - Lost Phone

You and your boyfriend, Anthony, had decided to go out for a walk around LA.  On your walk, you managed to misplace your phone.  You’d used Find My iPhone to find it, and tracked it to the park you’d circled around twice.

“I’ll look over by that tree,” you said, pointing to a tree that had a lot of people surrounding it.  “You start asking around.”  You ran off without waiting for Anthony to respond to you.  You ran over to the tree and started scouting around.  You knew you’d be able to spot it because you had an un-released Chance and Anthony phone case on it, so you’d be the only person with that case.

You saw a woman sitting at the base of the tree, looking at a phone in her hands.  You caught a half-second-long glimpse of the Chance and Anthony logo, and ran over to her.  “Excuse me?” you said as you walked up to the woman, “I think that’s my phone.”

The woman looked at you.  “What makes you say that?”  The woman was glaring daggers at you.

“T-The phone case,” you said.  “It’s not released yet, so I’m the only person who could have it.”

Within two seconds, the phone case was off the phone and in two pieces.  “What phone case?” the woman asked.

“I’m in the lock screen.  It’s a picture of me and my boyfriend.”

She rolled her eyes.  “Look, girly, this might’ve been your phone, but it isn’t anymore.  So I suggest you scram before someone gets hurt.”

You took a deep breath and shook your head.  “I’m not leaving without my phone.”

The woman slowly stood up and pulled something from her pocket.  “I’ll give you one last chance to back down.”

You looked at her hand.  She was holding a knife.  But still, you wouldn’t back down.  That phone had all your pictures of you and Anthony on it, you weren’t going to give it up that easily.  “Give me my phone.”

Within the next second, you were on the ground.  You expected to be in pain and for there to be a knife somewhere in your body, but instead you felt a familiar strong pair of arms protecting you.  Anthony.

He slowly let go of you and you both sat up, looking at the woman.  She’d toppled forward, meaning she’d swung at you with the knife.

“Don’t you dare touch her,” Anthony said as he stood up and glared down at the woman.  “Now give the phone back.”

The woman threw the broken phone case at him, then threw the phone behind herself.  “Go find it, a stupid phone isn’t worth this much trouble.”

Anthony helped you stand up, and you quickly walked over to where she threw the phone.  “Are you okay?” he asked once you found the phone.

You threw your arms around him and buried your face in his neck.  “That woman tried to kill me,” you whispered as tears began to fall down your face.

“Key word tried,” he said as he held you tightly and rubbed your back soothingly.  “You know I’d never let anyone hurt you.”

You kissed his cheek, then hugged him again.  “I love you.”

He squeezed you tightly.  “I love you, too.”

“Hello! I saw that you are taking requests now, so I thought I would drop by! How about the RFA (+V and Saeran if you can) reacting to MC who has hair that almost reaches her knees? (I go through shampoo and conditioner like crazy because of this but it is worth it lolol)” ~ @hendratds

• You are his rapunzel
• His beatiful mermaid
• Will not stop talking about how gorgeous your hair is
• He likes to play with your hair a lot
• You probably share shampoo and conditioner
• Will go with you to the store to get all kinds of hair products while simultaneously bragging about his beautiful girlfriend

• Amazed
• until you come from behind him when he’s playing lolol and  purposfully put your hair over him
• “MC I can’t see through all this hair!”
• Then pay attention to mee
• “Pleeeeaaase! I’m in the middle of a guild battle!”
• owo
• You have to buy your own shampoo and conditioner cause he broke af
• but you love him anyways

• Oh …
• I mean Jaehee’s hair was long once too but this is a whole other level
• How do you brush all of that?
• Doesn’t it get caught on everything?
• You look great but she is perplexed
• Probably likes to play with your hair while watching Zen’s performances at home

• Need a lot of shampoo and conditioner?
• No problem
• Probably starts a project on shampoo and conditioner
• You’re just reading on the couch while Jumin’s at work
• Elizabeth 3rd starts to chew on your hair a little bit
• It’s kinda funny so you send a picture to the messenger
• Until a chunk comes off
• Thankfully the stylist he hired was able to hide it
Ellie I love you but stay away from my hair for now on

• He likes to play with your hair a lot
• He’ll wrap it around his head like a beard and pretend like he’s an all powerful wizard
• “I am the great SEVEN ZERO SEVEN! I will use my amazing powers to save my Ellie from the cold-hearted Jumin”
Seven stop you’re pulling my hair
• He likes to braid your hair
• He’ll put on one of his wigs and make you braid his hair too
• You end up having to clean up after him all the time
• because your sick of getting trash and honey buddy chips in your hair
• Seriously Seven, wtf

• He's  BLIND
• Well mostly, he can still see a bit out of his left eye
• But he doesn’t notice just how long your hair is until your sitting on the floor
• and he slips on it
• He has a mini heart attack when he hears you yelp in pain
• When he realizes what happened he apologizes frantically and gets you an ice pack
• If your hair gets yanked really hard like that then chances are your head’s gonna be a little sore for a while
• Buys you flowers as an “I’m sorry”
• He likes to run his fingers through your hair and tell you how beautiful you are
• He’s blind so he can’t really do much when helping you get shampoo and conditioner
• But he still insists on going with you
• Blind bab wanna help

• You drape over his shoulders while he’s sitting on the couch
• Your hair getting ALL UP in his face
• “Get your greasy hair off me!!!”
But I don’t wanna~ (and it’s not greasy you little shit)
Saeran no
• “Then get off!”
• “Why are you doing this to me?”
Because I looove yooooooou~
“Fuck off”

SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG TO DO THIS This request is like 5 months old but I dropped out of the fandom for a bit ; ; Trying to come back though!

First things first, I am shook.

Second of all, I think its gonna be Max and Jace that are gonna die BUT they’re gonna stick with the CoG plot and Jace will come back to life after five minutes whereas Max’s death is unfortunately permanent. This still technically sticks with “one will die”.

Thirdly, I’m super excited to see Sarah as the Seelie Queen. Shes always been one of my favorite characters and was kinda confused when we saw her as a child??? But faerie magic and the faerie realm itself is weird when it comes to the passing of time. But I’m super hyped to see what she brings to the table.

Lets address Maia. If I had to guess, she’s crying because she (for some unknown reason) has to rebuff simon’s affections. We see them kissing in the hunter’s moon in the trailer BUT shes wearing something different in both shots so theyre at least different scenes. However, shes also smiling when simon kisses her so there’s a chance he has nothing to do with it. We just saw a little bit more backstory in 2x16 concerning her family sooo I’m actually hoping that maybe we’ll get to see her deal with that upfront? This would also be a great opportunity to introduce my boy Jordan which I reaalllyyy hope they do. Maybe not in s2 but more likely s3. Either way, I’m worried about her and want her to be happy.

TIME FOR MALEC. So the first shot of them in the trailer consists of both our bbies looking unhappy. DO NOT APPROVE. In the second shot which is clearly a different scene, Magnus is holding Alec’s hand in both of his. They look a little sad. For this I am concerned. We also get the “You looked me straight in the eye and lied” line from 2x17 followed directly with “Magnus, I love you”. I’m solidly convinced these are different scenes. But possibly the same episode. Only 2x17 will tell. Then we see Battle Husbands^TM fighting off…A DRAGON??? when did this turn into Game of Thrones???

When it comes to Alec himself we see him in a shot of Magnus, Izzy, and him in the Institute and Alec is on the ground and idk maybe shit goes down??? As long as he’s not hurt. What really concerns me is SOMEONE GRABS HIM THROUGH A WALL. My guess? Our very own resident burnt toast babe, Sebastian. Except, like, as SEBASTIAN and not Jonathan since the arm that grabs Alec is normal. Which could mean that by the end of the season Sebastian’s true identity will be revealed. 

This brings me to Max. On the ground. Believe me I don’t wanna talk about it. but this gives me a very good idea that the rest of the season is going to go down a lot like the end of CoG. 

Moving on to Jace and Clary. it looks like everyone’s favorite heteros are going through some capital S Shit. for one thing, looks like canon Clace is gonna happen. Hopefully just a kiss cause i don’t want clace sex unless its in a cave. We clearly see jace running through a forest. Someone’s running behind him and I think??? its clary??? its more unclear where theyre running but i like to think its brocelind forest. We also see homeboy with a blade to his throat. Super chill nothing he cant handle. UNLESS ITS THE SOUL SWORD IN THAT CASE BOI BYE (and see you in 5 minutes). More importantly, we see Jace being dragged by a chain around his neck by sebastian and being hung by said chain. Right after, my wife Isabelle Sophia Lightwood says her only line in the trailer-”We’ll pay them pay for what they did to you” while its possible she’s talking to Max’s body (sorry) I think she’s talking to Jace referring to this unpleasant experience of his. We also see Jace being restrained while Clary waits to be beheaded? I’m 90% sure this is the same scene. But why the hell is Clary being executed??? Last but not least, Clary crying at the end. 90% sure this is when Jace dies buuutttt i think it could be Max or even finding out Sebastian is her brother.

So. Luke and Isabelle. We see Izzy in her natural state of ass-kicking several times. And at least twice with her staff. Kewl. Totally approve. Luke has some cryptic lines in the trailer and we also see ???him??? wolfing out. My biggest concern is actually the shot of him standing with a bunch of people sitting around him in what looks kinda like a warehouse. I’m guessing its a pack meeting, but he’s been through some shit this season and I hope he’s not going rogue. Just let him Dad everybody in peace thnx. 

Well what about Simon? The only thing I’m concerned with is a shot of him on the ground obviously being attacked. Pls leave my son alone.

Soooo this post is very long but I am not sorry. :)


Pairing: Cindy/Prompto, Final Fantasy XV

Rating: K

Words: 3179

Setting: Post Series, Hammerhead

Notes: This was inspired a song that played on the radio when I was at a 4th of July party. I just saw them dancing to an old song on an old radio in the garage and it gave birth to this. I also really love writing from Cindy’s perspective because we all know how he feels about her haha but we only ever get that she’s a workaholic. While yeah, true, I don’t for a second believe that wouldn’t mean they’ve wouldn’t have grown in to best friends as they lived on Hammerhead together and that she wouldn’t fall right back in love with him. It just might’ve taken her a little while to realize what she always had. 


Cindy never cared too much for having the radio on while she worked. Cid liked to listen to music, but save for the occasional song popping on she enjoyed, she could’ve done without it. She didn’t even know his ancient radio still worked till Prompto flipped it on one day when he was snooping around her garage. Cindy decided to let him leave it on, the music reminding her of when she was younger watching Cid and trying to learn everything she could. After a few days of melodies filling the garage though she didn’t have the heart to tell Prompto to turn it off; not when he started to tap his feet to the beat against  her work bench where he was usually perched, fiddling with something or other. Not when he’d move around in small dancing motions as he’d walk around the room, and especially not when she’d catch him singing under his breath cause he didn’t think she could hear him.

Cindy found she started to like having the radio on. Maybe having the sound started to grow on her as opposed to just the sounds of her working or whatever was going on outside. Maybe she started to like the actual music that played; it was similar to the songs Cid used to listen to as well. It was a nice change and even she found herself nodding along to the music as it played. Prompto flipped the radio on just about every day he came to hang out in the garage with her, bringing the bright energy with him as he kept her company. Some days he was quiet as he read or tinkered with a weapon of sorts, other days he chatted with her about anything and everything that came into his head. The one thing she found she recognized the most was on the days the garage were quiet again were usually the days Prompto wasn’t there. While it was exactly how it used to be, she found it harder to work but she also found she couldn’t turn the music on when it was just her and no smile to greet her.

It was one of those days, and it had been for most of the week. She couldn’t remember exactly where he said his job was but it was a bit out of the way. It was quiet since he left. Not terribly quiet, there was still commotion outside at all hours, with hunters coming and going, taking a break or restocking and refueling. It was nowhere near as much as before the sun came back but people still had to make a living and for a lot of them it was all they knew.

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JT Anon

So you and I talked about this a bit. I know you disagreed w me, but i wanted to see what others thought.

What if the reason we didn’t see her was not because of some end, but the same reason we hardly saw her during the second “pregnancy”. it was to simply fix mistakes from the first one.

the first one we saw her all over the place and got to see how silly she looked when her belly got flat at airports and huge on vacation. They fixed that by hiding her and only bringing her out in sheets twice

last time we all remarked that she looked too thin too fast for a woman that had had a baby weeks earlier. they fixed that by hiding her for months, now she can strut her never been pregnant body and no ones the wiser

last time we all laughed at claims she was breast feeding when she was super flat. voila push up bra

last time we all chuckled at two parents leaving their brand new infant immediately after birth day after day after day going to every single social event on London calendar. they fixed that by keeping mummy home. sure, ben couldn’t be bothered to go home to his family when there were concerts in NYC, but mummy was there to struggle alone w them. so we can’t laugh that the new pilo is as independent as his older brother

before we laughed at ben basically arranging media promotion for his family whilst also trying to pretend this was totally real and he was a protective hubby and father. so they fixed that by having him not talk about it this time. no one can accuse him of marketing THIS baby! They just didn’t arrange pap ops for hals christening. they got to sell one at least

so what if all the things we though might have been an out was just PR fixing its silly mistakes that made the fact that this whole thing is one big PR STUNT, and now we’re right back to him arranging pap ops for dates, making sure there are articles ready, making sure the brand endorsements they are being paid for get links, that brands are being sold and links for purchase.

what if now that they covered all the stuff from before, we’ll get right back to his personal life being branded and marketed and sold as the PR STUNT that it is, w links to purchase and media mentions and promotion. they just cleaned it up so they don’t appear to be so desperately ravenously throwing paparazzi pictures at us every 48 hours. now that we can’t accuse them of not having a parent at home weeks after birth, now that we can’t accuse her of not looking preg, now that we can’t laugh that she is too thin, now that we can’t point out all the ways he branded and media marketed this child like the other, now that we don’t have dozens of pap shot clearly arranged (wonder why he couldn’t have avoided them w christ like he did w hal) they can get back to the job of branded and marketing his family an promoting shoes and clothes and products they are paid to push while they make sure their family is in the papers

J would you like some shoes T anon


I think you’re making a very interesting assumption JT:  basically that Weirdo is SO incapable of following instructions, that she had to be kept invisible for 7 and a half months, because she couldn’t be trusted with jeopardizing the second pregnancy’s validity like she did with the first pregnancy.

The reason why I say it’s an interesting assumption, is because I’m considering the fact that Ben is in the industry, so it would be that much easier for him to get in touch with some people in the field that could help her make a pregnancy look realistic.

I’m not saying your assumption is implausible because … we are after all talking about Fetchless Famewhore of the much-shape-shifting-belly and the smiling-straight-to-the-paparazzi-invading-her-alleged-son’s-privacy-and-safety.

I’m just saying that there are probably other reasons for this pap walk.  For me it comes down to two options:

Option 1:  Marvel, or Harvey, or both, want Ben to keep up with the family man image and Ben (having no other potential employers at the time) is following orders.

Option 2:  Like so many Hollywood couples before them, Ben and Weirdo are going to do a series of pap walks before one day, out of the blue, a split will be announced.  Because Weirdo fancies herself to be a Hollywood player.  And because she thinks she’s part of a power couple.  Because…. reasons   :D

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