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ML Requests: Jealousy- Adrienette

Requested by: @animatedsuperchick19

Still finishing these up, plugging away at this and a new art request I received. Love all your requests. Thanks for keeping me busy :)

“Duuude!!! She’s wicked hot! Damn I wish I could hang with models like this all the time!” Nino oogled the picture of the girl on his phone. One of Adrien’s older model friends was coming to town and well the guys had practically been drooling over her arrival all week.

“Excuse me?” Alya narrowed her eyes at Nino.

“I mean- uh- you know- she uh- she’s really not THAT hot,” Nino spluttered.

“Uh-huh.” Alya nodded skeptically.

“You know Marinette, Azalea works in fashion design sometimes too, I could introduce you if you like,” Adrien offered up to Marinette who at this point was absolutely seething. Oh great, Marinette thought, Another thing she’s perfect at!

“Yeah that would be great,” Marinette said through her teeth. Alya raised an eyebrow at her. Adrien didn’t seem to notice her barely contained rage.

“Great! I’ll bring her by the bakery sometime,” Adrien beamed at Marinette.

“Peachy,” Marinette muttered in response.

“When are you taking your hot model friend to the bakery Agreste? I think it only fair that you introduce me to her,” Kim sauntered over to Adrien’s desk. Marinette gripped her hands into fists to resist the urge to slug Kim. She was really tired of hearing about Adrien’s beautiful, perfect, amazing model friend! This had been going on for nearly two weeks and Marientte was on the edge of her patience. The girl was everything Marinette wasn’t, conventionally beautiful, able to speak to Adrien in complete sentences, tall, brunette, stunning, exotic, a model, and apparently a fashion designer.

“I looked her up online and it says here that she sings, is she doing a concert in town?” Max interrupted. Oh and apparently she was a singer. Great. Just great. Marinette was fairly certain steam would rise up from her ears any second. She hated feeling jealous but after two weeks of this she had lost her a majority of her willpower and cheeriness.

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Home For The Holidays

gift for @therozzy

A/N: I hope you enjoy! I went for holiday humor + fluff. Apologies for any typos I wanted to get this in before the deadline!

James comes home with Lily for the holidays and he is endlessly fascinated by all things muggle.

Rating: K+

Word count: 4,344


“I’m starting to think bringing you home to meet my family was a rather large mistake,” Lily Evans remarked to her newly minted and incredibly disheveled boyfriend. The aforementioned boyfriend, none other than James Potter, gave her a characteristic wink.

“You’re just starting to realize this now Evans? You were supposed to be the smart one in this relationship. I’ve got to start reconsidering everything now.”

“I’ve been reconsidering everything for the past few months,” Lily quipped.

“Nah you haven’t,” James replied with a grin.

“You could at least take off that ridiculous sweater,” she sighed.

“We haven’t been away from school for two hours and you’re already trying to get me out of my clothes,” James shook his head, “shame on you Evans. Some Head Girl you are!”

“James please,” Lily said on a more serious note. “My family already thinks I’m a freak as it is. The last thing I need is for you to be wearing that when my mum and dad come to pick us up from the train.”

James looked down at his sweater. He liked it. It was cherry red and decorated all over with miniature snowmen. Each snowman had a different facial expression covering the entire range of human emotion.

“Remus assured me that Christmas sweaters are perfectly normal,” James protested. Lily snorted.

“Yeah for fancy dress at the pub,” she shook her head. She really should have known better. Remus might appear level headed but he still had a mischievous streak that ran as wide and deep in him as it did in the rest of his friends. Clearly he still couldn’t resist the chance to play a prank or two on one of his mates.

“That’s too bad,” James really did look a bit forlorn at the idea of having to change. Lily felt an all too familiar surge of affection for her ridiculous boyfriend.

“Mum would actually love it,” she told him resting her head on his shoulder. “But I should warn you, Dad will make fun of you for weeks after you leave.”

“That I can work with,” James said happily.

“Pet will probably spend most of the time with her awful fiance anyway,” Lily shrugged.

“And will we have the privilege of meeting this awful fiance?”

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A Beginning

A/N: inspired by the PV (specifically Kanan’s wistful expressions) - I just wanted to portray this not-so-friendly yet also not-so-hostile relationship between the two?? It seems quite different than what I imagined before after all XD I figure I better ramble jot this down before the anime airs (since who knows, by then my ship preference might change though I hope not)

For sure though, some of the background ‘facts’ stated in this bliplet would be disputed once the anime’s out since they’re most my own speculation >w> Characterization is also based on my impression of them so far

A/N2: Italicized words within quotations are spoken in Engrish English.
Words: 1,579
Ship: Kanan x Mari

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anonymous asked:

Oikawa being the worst sick person to deal ever! Its Iwazumi to the rescue after a peeved phonecall from whoever was minding Oikawa up until now giving up after he puked on them. Iwa find him a gross, crying and dripping mess who wants a hug, he keeps queasy burping on Iwa whilst he's being comforting and when they're leaving he projectile vomits down a flight of stairs. Please💙

When Iwaizumi picked up a phone call from Oikawa, he never really knew what to expect.  As a result, he was rarely surprised by anything that came out of it, since his expectations were, truly, nonexistent.  And yet, he was nothing less than shocked to hear this when he answered his phone:

“I’m sorry, but your son is the worst person I have ever had the misfortune of meeting.  Gah!  I don’t know what I expected, I already knew as much.  I suppose I thought it’d be worth it, but - ugh, I’m sorry, but I just can’t.  He refuses to stay still, whines incessantly, and insisted he wasn’t sick right up until the point where he puked on me, probably on purpose.  You can keep your money, and you’d better come pick him up in the next fifteen minutes or else he’ll be on the streets, I just refuse to allow him to stay here any longer!”

That sounded like Oikawa, alright, although Iwaizumi doubted his friend would actually throw up on someone purposefully.  Iwaizumi was silent, so absorbed in a continued effort to process the rapidly spoken words that he didn’t even realized that the woman on the other end of the line was waiting for his response.

Hello?  Are you there, Rika?”

Iwaizumi flinched and the phone flew out of his hands.  He scrambled around frantically trying to catch it, and was just barely able to do so.  When he brought it back to his ear the woman was speaking again.

“…I’ll just hang up and throw him out, then!”

“Hang on!”  Iwaizumi grunted.  “Look, I don’t know what’s going on at all, but let’s get one thing straight: I am not Oikawa’s mom.”

There was a pause, then muffled shouting.  Iwaizumi could tell that the receiver was being covered, but he could hear every word spoken anyway.

“Oi, you brat!  You told me this was Rika!”  There was a loud crash and a pained noise that Iwaizumi was very familiar with.

“Hey!”  He shouted, starting to protest, but it soon became clear that the woman still couldn’t hear him.

“Can’t believe you would set me up like a fool like this after all I’ve done for you!”

“But Iwa-chan…”  Iwaizumi heard Oikawa whine before his voice was drowned out by the woman returning to finish the conversation on the phone.

“Well, I’m sorry about that.  He informed me otherwise.  I suppose I’ll just have to throw him out now then-“

“No!  No, I’ll come get him, just let him stay inside for ten more minutes, please,” Iwaizumi begged, already pulling on his shoes and grabbing his car keys.

“Fine,” she said.  “Good-“

“Wait!”  Iwaizumi interrupted, panting as he slid into the car and ignited the engine.  “Your address- where are you?”

Beep!  Beep!  Beep!

The line had gone dead.  Iwaizumi only hoped she’d heard his last plea or that she would return the phone to its owner- and that its owner was aware enough to send Iwaizumi a text.  The dark haired boy waited, foot tapping, as the car slowly warmed up.  Finally, his phone pinged.  He snatched it up.

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This is part of a series of Starco shots I’m publishing in fanfiction! Hope you like them 

She frowned when he saw him talking to Jackie. She didn’t know why though. It has become an instinct…to do it without her consent. Is not like they were dating…actually she wasn’t so sure about that. Marco just began to talk to her and who knew they could get along so well? Maybe that’s what bothered her. That Marco acted weird when he was with her and the time between the two decreased. The weirder he was with her, the more normal he was with Jackie. What was up with that?

What really confused her is that once, Jackie would look her way and smile, then whisper something to Marco. Like reassuring him something. Though that only added more pressure onto the princess. That and this new found feeling.

She felt something weird at her chest. Like her heart aching. Then she looked up back again to where Marco and Jackie where talking. The ache came again. She frowned and started to march home, not waiting for Marco.

For every step she took, she still felt the ache. She never felt it before though. Is like…her heart was breaking. She widen her eyes. Hopefully is not literal. She sighed as she got to the doorstep and opened the door.

“Hey Star! Marco! Wait, where’s Marco?” Star smiled and waved a small hello towards Marco’s mother.

“He’s at school, talking,” Star said, a bit bitterly. The mother noticed this and walked around the counter and to the living room.

Star was now sitting down at the couch, staring blankly at the remote.

“Star, is-” the mom began,

“Is it possible that someone’s heart can get broken?” she randomly blurted out. Then once she realized she did so, she looked down, blushing. The mom smiled, identifying the problem.

“Depends. Sometimes our heart gets broken when we see things we don’t want to see, or when things seem to go wrong. Or when it seems like we are losing someone special,” the mom explained, rubbing Star’s back, like mothers do to console their child.

Star nodded.

“But it doesn’t really break, right?” Star asked a glint of paranoia in her eyes. The mom chuckled.

“No darling, it doesn’t. Its just an ache right in here,” the mom point at her heart making Star smile.

“Thank you.” the mom nodded.

“Now tell me, who broke your heart?” Star widen her eyes and turned to look bewildered at her.


“You heard me Star,” Star sighed. Hiding a small smile, touched that Marco’s mother was acting like her own when she needed her.

“Marco. It’s just he is talking with Jackie everyday and I feel like he is replacing me. Plus the few times we actually do hang out, he is always acting weird!” the mom nodded.

“I’m not jealous of Jackie though, she is a really cool person. But I think I might like Marco,” she whispered, shifting her eyes. The adult smiled and grabbed her chin.

“Then why don’t you tell him that? You guys are best friends, and I’m sure Marco would be-” her voice got cut off by some noise. Star and Marco’s mother peeked out the window, only to see Jackie giving Marco a ride on her skateboard.

“Ughhh!” Star groaned frustrated and headed angrily to her room, forgetting the conversation she was having shortly before they were interrupted. The remaining person just shook her head and let out a sigh.

Moments later Marco came in chuckling and she could see the other blonde girl skating away, also laughing.

“Hey Mom!” her mom snapped out of her thoughts and greeted her son.

“Hi Marco. How was school?” Marco shrugged as he left his backpack over in the couch and walked to the fridge.

“It was good. Kinda boring actually,” her mom nodded. She was thinking on how to bring up the subject about his new friend.

“I didn’t see Star though, is she already home?” His mom smiled and nodded.

“Yes. Marco, who’s your new friend?” She asked, trying to read any signals of his face. But the boy just replied nonchalantly.

“That’s Jackie. She’s helping me with something,” he responded, chewing one of the cookies his mom had prepared. Her mom nodded.

“I see. So what is she helping you with?” Marco suddenly seem uncomfortable. His cheeks got a slight shade of red.

“Advise?” her mom chuckled and raised her eyebrows and Marco sighed in reluctance, knowing how he was going to have to tell her.

“I like someone, so she is helping me in what to say and stuff since now I’m getting nervous around her,” he explained in a low voice, constantly looking at the stairs, hoping that no one was listening. Her mom widen her eyes…could it be?

“And is this person…Star?” Marco widen his eyes and clapped his hands over her mother’s mouth.

“Why would you say that!? She is right upstairs!” Her mom snickered and pulled his hand away, shaking her head.

“Well she was talking to me earlier and she said stuff about you,” Marco smiled,


“You should talk to her about that, along with what’s going on with you and Jackie,” Mrs. Diaz said, feeling a sense of relief at solving at least one of the teenager’s problems.

“Nothing is going on between us.”

“That’s not what Star thinks, sweetie,” she responded. Marco hit his head with the palm of his hand. Then he left his half-eaten cookie on the counter, rushing towards the stairs. But before fully disappearing, he turned to his mom.

“Thanks mom.” he gave her one of those typical smiles and continued cimbing the stiars. Mrs. Diaz smiled back and watched him go.

As Marco headed to her room, he could see rays of light coming out of it. Then the lights also turned to sparkles. He approached the door, only to hear Star casting some spells. Probably to cheer herself up.

He knocked on her door, only for the sounds to disappear.

“Hey Star, can I come in?” there was a slight pause before she opened her door. She was wearing a smile, though he could tell it was forced. He entered her huge room and flopped down on her bed.

“What’s up Marco,” she asked with her normal enthusiastic voice. Marco smiled at her.

“We need to talk Star.” Star nodded and sat down beside him. He couldn’t be mad at her because well, she hasn’t done anything that would get either of them in trouble. So what could he say…unless he was going to officially announce his relationship with Jackie. She seriously hoped that was not it

“I’m sorry I haven’t been spending time with you,” Star smiled at him.

“Its fine. I mean, you and Jackie are together so it makes sense,” Marco cut her off.

“We aren’t together though. She’s been giving me advise about the person I like,” Star widen her eyes and looked away.

“That’s great Marco! Who is she?” That was certainly not the response he was expecting from her. He twiddled with his fingers, pondering if this was what the moment Jackie told him about. The moment he would tell her.

Star eagerly waited for his response, wondering what took him so long. Marco took a deep breath. It would be like karate, fast and hard and it wouldn’t hurt. So he would say it straight forward and quickly. He nodded. But maybe he’ll tell her in Spanish. Just to be safe.

“Eres tu, princesa,” he sad softly, stealing a glance at her eyes. Star just looked at him.

“Ummm I’m pretty sure that’s not her name. But you said princess…so…” He watched as she slowly began to make sense of what he said. Then how her eyes gained a certain spark.

“It’s me!” she gasped and Marco began to blush, looking away. Then Star smiled so widely and the hearts on her cheeks began to glow.

“Its me!” she repeated again, this time louder and with a certain bliss in her voice. Marco nodded, a small smile on the corner of his lips.

“Oh Marco, I like you too!” she said, throwing her hands up. Marco widen his eyes, reminding himself he owed one to Jackie.

Hugs!?“ He suggested, seeing how the girl was bouncing up and down in glee. The princess turned ay his voice and smirked.

"Mmm..how about…kiss?” And without needing any more from his part, she quickly gave him a peck on his lips and giggled, biting the top of her wand in amusement as she saw Marco’s burning red face. Marco shook his head after a few seconds, then smiled at the princess.

“Te amo mi princesa.”

Based on one of my favorite HCs for The Hounds of Baskerville.

Molly, I’m going to Dartmoor for a few days. Don’t throw out those bacterial specimens you were saving for me! I’ll need them when I get back. -SH

Dartmoor? It’s beautiful there! I went camping there with some friends in uni. Is it for a case? -MH

And don’t worry your bacteria is (are?) safe with me. -MH

Yes, it’s for a case. Have to find a big dog with glowing eyes. - SH

Does this have to do with Baskerville? I saw something about that on the news. Sounds spooky. Keep me updated. - MH

Don’t tell me you believe in this foolishness too, Molly! I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for what’s going on. Getting on the train now but I’ll e-mail you the details when we arrive. Might need your assistance later. - SH

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The Danger of Missing Small Details

The thing that both Merlin and Harry noticed, but never put much thought into, was that Eggsy didn’t really take after his father Lee all that much. He had his father’s bravery, and clear sense of unflinching loyalty, (albeit offered a little more warily, but that could be put down to the obvious trauma of having that unmitigated arsehole for a stepfather and growing up in the rough as he had since Lee’s death,) and that was good enough for the both of them.

In retrospect, Merlin considered with more than a little dismay as he re-watched the footage taken from Lancelot’s glasses, they perhaps should have been paying a bit more attention.

But then, maybe it was a mistake that could be forgiven, because it wasn’t exactly a natural or normal progression of logic to assume that a boy would be the last to test his parachute or stay firm in refusing to spill his guts despite the fact that a fucking train was going to run through them because going splat would be a temporary inconvenience for him.

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