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May I present to you: Jensen “I Hate Cats” Ackles and Misha “My True Form Is an *Actual* Cat” Collins

So I’m reposting this image on my art blog because it’s buried on a blog I no longer use, and this image deserves to see the light of the sun again.

This was from Chicon 2015.  There’s a pretty funny story that goes with it.

My friend and I came up with the idea to ask them to wear cat ears.

(Here I am, trying to push the blame off on her… let’s be real: this was MY idea.)

Anyway, we giggled at the thought of asking them to wear the cat ears and play with a ball of yarn because, I guess, we’re bad people? It was funny talking about it. It was funny planning it. 

But then, when you’re standing in line holding two headbands with cat ears clipped to them and clutching a tangled ball of yarn and slowly approaching two of the most beautiful men you’ve ever seen, it maybe doesn’t sound as funny anymore.  Because you’re going to have to look these men, who you are suddenly TERRIFIED of, right in their BEAUTIFUL GODDAMN EYES and ask them to do something VERY silly.

My friend and I planned our strategy while waiting in line. Everyone says that the photo ops go SO FUCKING FAST. Well, they’re not lying. We knew we wouldn’t have a ton of time to explain what we wanted them to do. My friend asked me if we were actually going to do this. It wasn’t too late for us to take our own ears off and stash the pairs we brought for Jensen and Misha and just ask for  hug instead. But no, I had bought those damn rainbow cat ears, and I had this image in my head, and I was all in at that point. We agreed that she would hold Jensen’s pair and go straight to him and explain, and I would hold Misha’s pair and the yarn, and do the same for him.

It was finally our turn. I made a beeline for Misha, holding out the ears in offering. His eyes zeroed in on the headband and he gave a bemused smile.

“CanyoupleaseputtheseonMishapleasethankyou!” I managed to squeak out. Misha smiled and took the headband and put it on, and the moment those ears touched his head he got this haughty little look on his face. His back arched just a little bit.  I swear, in that moment, that man became a fucking cat. He somehow just casually embodied the collective universal feline energy, and it was instantaneous.

I glanced over at my friend, and she’d clearly asked Jensen the same thing, because he took the headband, and with the BIGGEST, MOST EXAGGERATED long-suffering sigh and a massive eye roll, he put the ears on his head. He looked fucking adorable. And grumpy. He literally WAS a grumpy cat.

We moved in to pose, and I remembered the yarn. I held it out at them, babbling something like, “Canyouguys, justlike,  playwiththeyarntogetherTHANKYOUSO MUCHOHGODOHGODOHGOD”. Misha grabbed the yarn and held it out to Jensen, who gave another eye roll.  I stepped back, unable to do anything other than SQEE internally. And then…click. It was done.

They took their headbands off and handed them back to us. Misha fussed with his hair.  Jensen was actually smiling, but in a very sassy, y’all are weird and I don’t understand you and I think there is actually something wrong with you kind of way. My friend and I thanked them profusely, and we started walking away, dazed and euphoric.

We must have gotten about five feet away when we both heard Jensen call out, “I FUCKING HATE CATS!” We looked over our shoulders, and Jensen and Misha cracking up was the last thing we saw as we were ushered out of the room.


So yeah. That’s the story of how Misha is apparently an avatar of sacred feline grace, and Jensen just really fucking hates cats.

And now this image exists.

You’re welcome, internet.


Also, I’ve recently started using this as a meme background for my “Quotes Without Context” on my meme page.

The quote that inspired me to use this image?

“I’d rather be watching the news with my cat.”

If anyone is interested in were I got the ears, they were purchased from PricelessCompanions on Etsy. They are awesome.

Back to the Future: Part 1

Summary: Imagine getting sent to the future and making love with future Cas. Imagine coming back home and finding out you’re pregnant.

Pairing: Cas x reader

Word Count: 3.5k (YAY ME)

Warnings: brief descriptions of smut, language, angst, pregnancy, a cliffhanger ending bc im an asshole

A/N: so regular Dean is just called Dean and future Dean is called future Dean BC LOGIC IS AWESOME hahaha.

also, welcome to a new series, my friends! should be a wild n fun time :-) feedback is so greatly appreciated!

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You blinked slowly, your eyes squinting open as you took in your new surroundings. It looked like you were in some kind of…shack?

With a groan, you tried to sit up, and that’s when you realized that your hands were cuffed to a chair. You turned to your left and saw Dean in the same exact situation as you, and you knew this wasn’t looking too good.

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|| fault ||

[[request prompt: could you make a peter parker imagine in which he is in love w/ the reader, who is one of his friends (not best friend, but, ya know, friends) but thinks that she doesn’t feel the same, so he starts dating liz, and then suddenly the reader stops talking to him at all and he doesn’t understands why until he discovers that she was in love w/ him too, but was too shy to do anything, and when peter started dating liz she got upset?]]

whispers I’m using my school’s computer to type this out. If my style of writing seems different, then that’s why ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́), I can be a little more detailed when I type, and my thumbs don’t hurt as much lol

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post-brahamanism  asked:

Of course I'm not defending the British as an Indian, but I always heard that they brought an efficient postal and railway system to India? Among other stuff? Idk I thought that they might have a few positives (though not enough to justify colonialism obviously lmao)

sorry @post-brahamanism, you must have sent this ages ago but I just saw it

this article has some great information about the British ‘gift’ of railways to India, worth quoting at length:

The construction of the Indian Railways is often pointed to by apologists for empire as one of the ways in which British colonialism benefited the subcontinent, ignoring the obvious fact that many countries also built railways without having to go to the trouble and expense of being colonised to do so. But the facts are even more damning.

The railways were first conceived of by the East India Company, like everything else in that firm’s calculations, for its own benefit. Governor General Lord Hardinge argued in 1843 that the railways would be beneficial “to the commerce, government and military control of the country”. In their very conception and construction, the Indian railways were a colonial scam. British shareholders made absurd amounts of money by investing in the railways, where the government guaranteed returns double those of government stocks, paid entirely from Indian, and not British, taxes. It was a splendid racket for Britons, at the expense of the Indian taxpayer.

The railways were intended principally to transport extracted resources – coal, iron ore, cotton and so on – to ports for the British to ship home to use in their factories. The movement of people was incidental, except when it served colonial interests; and the third-class compartments, with their wooden benches and total absence of amenities, into which Indians were herded, attracted horrified comment even at the time.

And, of course, racism reigned; though whites-only compartments were soon done away with on grounds of economic viability, Indians found the available affordable space grossly inadequate for their numbers. (A marvellous post-independence cartoon captured the situation perfectly: it showed an overcrowded train, with people hanging off it, clinging to the windows, squatting perilously on the roof, and spilling out of their third-class compartments, while two Britons in sola topis sit in an empty first-class compartment saying to each other, “My dear chap, there’s nobody on this train!”)

Nor were Indians employed in the railways. The prevailing view was that the railways would have to be staffed almost exclusively by Europeans to “protect investments”. This was especially true of signalmen, and those who operated and repaired the steam trains, but the policy was extended to the absurd level that even in the early 20th century all the key employees, from directors of the Railway Board to ticket-collectors, were white men – whose salaries and benefits were also paid at European, not Indian, levels and largely repatriated back to England.

Racism combined with British economic interests to undermine efficiency. The railway workshops in Jamalpur in Bengal and Ajmer in Rajputana were established in 1862 to maintain the trains, but their Indian mechanics became so adept that in 1878 they started designing and building their own locomotives. Their success increasingly alarmed the British, since the Indian locomotives were just as good, and a great deal cheaper, than the British-made ones. In 1912, therefore, the British passed an act of parliament explicitly making it impossible for Indian workshops to design and manufacture locomotives. Between 1854 and 1947, India imported around 14,400 locomotives from England, and another 3,000 from Canada, the US and Germany, but made none in India after 1912. After independence, 35 years later, the old technical knowledge was so completely lost to India that the Indian Railways had to go cap-in-hand to the British to guide them on setting up a locomotive factory in India again. There was, however, a fitting postscript to this saga. The principal technology consultants for Britain’s railways, the London-based Rendel, today rely extensively on Indian technical expertise, provided to them by Rites, a subsidiary of the Indian Railways.

“My daughter has not seen her biological dad since she was four. She’s 11 now. When she was two he contacted me and asked if I would allow him to terminate his parental rights so he could stop paying child support and I agreed.. I wanted to spare her the heartache of a revolving door father and the sacrifice of the financial support was well worth him never being able to disappoint her again. I never lied to her about where he went or who her dad was.. I have always answered her questions in the most age appropriate way possible. When she was four he contacted me and told me he has been diagnosed with cancer and would like to see her. I set aside a day and we met in the park. He had asked for two hours. He stayed 20 minutes and we never heard from him again.. Over the summer we ran into somebody that knows him and they commented on how she looks like his other children. They elaborated that he has settled down and has a family now. My stomach tied itself in knots thinking of how hurtful that must be to my daughter.. I cut the conversation short and we got in the car to leave and that’s when I saw her smiling. She said “mom.. He figured out how to be a dad. That’s such a nice thing. I’m happy for his kids.” And that’s the day an 11 year old taught me all I need to know about forgiveness”
– A comment on a Humans of New York post

(Bakusquad’s chilling in the common room)

Kaminari: Hey Kirishima?

Kirishima: Hm?

Kaminari: What’s with the sleeves on your costume upgrade?

Sero: Yeah, I don’t really get why you’d decide to add them now, especially since you don’t seem to need them.

Kirishima: Oh! I decided to add them because my hardened skin’s pretty rough, and I don’t want to hurt anyone I might be carrying to safety, so they’re there for padding!

Bakusquad: *quietly thinking to themselves* We must protect this kind cinnamon roll, he’s almost too good for us.


As if sensing my thoughts, Lucien said, “You don’t need to waste your time convincing me. I get it. I get … I get that we were not what you wanted. Or needed. How small and isolated our home must have been for you, once you saw this.” He jerked his chin toward the city, where lights were now sparking into view amid the falling twilight. “Who could compare?” 

I almost said Don’t you mean what could compare? but held my tongue.

I know there are multiple ways to read this but. My baby ginger was so upset that he lost his bff :(((((

things that happened tonight

-when Billie came out (last) he kind of startled when he saw me wearing my hat and pointed at me like ?!
-during Holiday I took the pink bunny ears off and threw them his way and HE CAUGHT THEM THIS TIME omfg what a wild moment everyone around screamed and he looked at me like “HA!” and I blew him such a big kiss and he put them on!! AND SMILED SO MUCH AT ME
-Letterbomb when Billie says “don’t you just wanna fuckin lose it?!” Mike does the funniest hop/jump/skip/stick his tongue out move lmao
-St Jimmy again was SO FUCKING WILD he came over again and did the first line RIGHT IN OUR FACES ugh his eyes were literally glittering and sparking it was insane
-he finally got me right in the face/hat with the hose lol
-for Knowledge he was walking around going “WHO KNOWS HOW TO PLAY” and he was staring at me literally for so long I felt like I had to say something so I went “I don’t!” And he said into the mic “oh, you don’t.” WTF like did he want to bring me up?! What the fuck I hate myself the girl who got up didn’t even play well anyway I actually can play better than her I’m such a fucking IDIOT
-a kid had a sign for She??? Asking if he could play??? and Billie pulled him up and let him play Blue?! I was shook
-he did the fuckin sexiest ever stick-his-ass-out-and-pout pose during KFAD I wanted to die
-idr when but he kept singing really high pitched stuff???? Idk whyyyy
-during KFAD he came over so I threw him my fuzzy rainbow thing but it must have gone under the stage because he was laughing and pointing to show me where it had gone lmao omg he just wants people to throw him shit
-I was kind of quoting along with Billie at one point, like just saying what I knew he was gonna say and Tre saw and laughed at me
-as still breathing ended Billie closed his eyes and I could literally see him exhale and he looked so moved I wanted to cry
-the whole group came out for good riddance 💔😭
-idk I feel so fucking weird right now I love them so much

Each time I saw her smile, hope and joy rose up inside me with the force of blooming sunflowers. I was reminded by her beauty, and by her gestures, which were so dear to me, and by her luminous skin, that the center of the world, the center to which I must travel, was at her side.
—  Orhan Pamuk, The Museum of Innocence
||Revenge Is For Couples||

Joker x Reader

rape (mention)
suggestive things

this is the beginning of Mister J’s reign, before Harley Quinn and everything! enjoy!!! I have a sad ending in mind but i don’t wanna ;-;

Revenge was The Joker’s specialty. He knew every button to push, every bone to snap and every way to break a person down mentally and physically. Your father was an unlucky man. Actually, scratch that, your father was plain stupid. A stupid scientist of J’s that lacked the funds for a personal project and attempted to steal from The Clown Prince.




You weren’t born the same way babies came out of their mothers. Technically, you weren’t born at all. Your father took his deceased brides DNA and his own, creating you in a large tube. However he didn’t have enough of your mother’s so substituted it with a birds. When you were growing in the tube, your father noticed the bumps on your shoulders. He shrugged it off and told himself to check it out in the morning. However overnight, wings sprouted on your back and by morning they were covered in white feathers. Your father began to weep when he saw them. “My, (Mothers Name), we had an angel together..” He cried, “Our angel, (Name).”

You grew and matured until the desired age of 17. You were able to talk, feel, move and function perfectly once you were out of the tube. Your (s/c) skin was incredibly soft and your nails sharp as talons. (E/C) orbs resembled your mothers, as well as your (hair style) and (hair color) locks. You were a “beautiful specimen”, as your father would say.

Although people rarely came into the area, it was the most enjoyable time. Your father would make you wear a large sweater dress to cover your wings- good thing it was constantly cold in the lab. People questioned you maybe once or twice and your father told them the truth, you were his home schooled daughter. His coworkers had grown to love you and treat you with care so your father never seemed nervous about lying! That is.. until the day the green haired man came in. You thought it was funny when he visited. He would do everything he could to make your father tug on his hair in frustration.

“Who might you be?” The green haired man asked, not smiling which made him more terrifying.

“This is-” Your father stood in front of you but was shoved out of the way.

“I didn’t ask you!” J growled at your father but turned to smile at you. This eased your frightened state a bit.

“I-I’m (Name)..” You blushed and looked at the ground. He sure was handsome. He couldn’t be too much older then you, 3 years at most. Why was he so feared when he could be just 20 years old!

Then you figured out why.

Joker, or J, as he asked you to call him, hired a new scientist. Mrs. Nanika and this lady did not like you. At all. J came into the lab more when he knew you would be there, to your delight and your fathers dismay. For some reason, your father became antsy and stressed when Mister J was in the room. You didn’t notice the little things J did but your father saw it all. He would bring you chocolate because your father didn’t let you have any sugar. He would sit close to you as possible without you being uncomfortable- which was very close, you didn’t have much of a bubble. The most noticeable thing J did for you was treat you like a person.
However he wasn’t the only one, everyone could see that. Mister J would never be nice to anyone unless he had a motive but even then he wasn’t genuinely kind. You were special and everyone knew it..

Except for Mrs. Nanika.

J found you crying one day. You were in your usual hiding spot in the break room, in the cabinet beside the fridge. It was comforting to you to be in such a confined place, most people would be claustrophobic. J opened the door and sat on the ground, immediately concerned.

“What’s wrong, little dove?” He asked with a tilted head. Your beloved nickname he gave you couldn’t make you smile.

“The new lady was mean to me.” You whimpered, wiping your tears away. You didn’t see J lips curl up in disgust while you rubbed your red eyes but you saw his usual smile had disappeared when you looked at him again.

“What’d she do?” J asked as calmly as he could but his breathing revealed how pissed he was. Normally he wouldn’t need any more reason except that someone hurt you but this scientist was promising. Not to mention curiosity was a weakness of his.

“She yelled at me for sitting at her desk. I was drawing you something so she took it and ripped it up.” You began to tear up again as you held a out a shaking hand full of pieces of paper. J took them from your hands, angrier than before. He stormed from the break room and into the laboratory. The criminal flipped Mrs. Nanika’s desk, making her jump back in surprise. He dropped the drawing pieces from his hand.

“Sir, I-” Mrs. Nanika was cut off by a gunshot to her head. J growled and ordered two men to take her dead body away. After that, two more men came to clean up the mess and J returned to you.
You were still in the cabinet but slightly out, curiosity plain on your face.

“I’m going to tell you a secret, (Name),” J began, crouching next to you, “You and I are the same. We both are curious but we’re not cats.”
You were familiar with the quote “curiosity killed the cat”. J told it to you, it was one of his favorites. However you were still confused so you stayed quiet to listen.
“I’m not a good person. I thought I was a heartless monster- I kill, steal and threaten people.. but you make me curious, (Name). You make me think I still have a heart because something hurt when I saw you crying.” J continued, “You are a dove- no! - an angel, pure and perfect!”

He was talking so fast, he must have been scared and nervous. Once J finally stopped talking, he looked like he was ready to cry but you knew he wouldn’t. His breathing was shaky and harsh so you took his hands and made him look into your eyes. This made him calm down considerably so.

“J, I know you’re not a good person b-but I don’t want to change you! I met you this way and I want you to keep being.. this.” You held his hands tighter, your smile never faltering and your eyes never looking away from his. J knew when people were lying or trying to deceive him, it was something he was working on and he was quite good at it. However he saw no traces of lies in what you said. His heart began to beat faster as he pushed himself forward to kiss you. You had no idea what was happening but embraced the sweet kiss. J moved his hands to hold your body closer when you pushed him away. He looked slightly offended and mad but more worried that he had overwhelmed you.

“I… I have a secret to tell you too but,” Your eyes darted around the room, “I can’t tell you here…”

“I know a place.” J smiled.

You were now alone. You and J standing away from each other. He looked excited and nervous at the same time. You pulled your sweater over your head and dropped it to the ground. He gasped and jumped back as you fully stretched your wings. J would probably hate you now, thinking you’re a freak. Your eyes began to tear up as you looked at J, expecting rejection.

It never came.

J was behind you touching your shoulder blades, the base of your wings. He stroked them, cautiously touching the feathers and tugging them now and then. He seemed in awe when you folded them as tightly as you could and turned to look at him.

“You really are an angel, aren’t you?” He smiled but his face darkened, “How did this happen?”

“M-My father. He made me in your lab.” You said as you struggled to put on your sweater dress. This increased his anger but you didn’t realize it wasn’t towards you. Your father had betrayed a very dangerous person, The Joker for fucks sake! J was left in a position he’d never been in before.

He didn’t know what to do next.

Revenge was his absolute favorite thing to do! There were so many ways to destroy a scientist- all of them fun and made J laugh. However they would involve the disposal of their research… meaning you. You were the one person in his world that he gave a damn about! Not to mention the only person who didn’t want him to change. You admitted your feelings for this psycho just moments before. J couldn’t get rid of you but he couldn’t let your father go unpunished.
J was seething, his fists clenched. You reached out to touch his hand but he yanked it away and started to run his fingers through his hair in a frustrated manner. You held your hands close to your chest and stepped backwards.

“This was a mistake.” You whispered and started to run out of the room. J gasped and pulled himself from his thoughts, leaping and closing the door before you could slip out. He slammed each hand on either side of you, trapping you. Your (e/c) eyes shot open, frightened as you stared at J. He looked confused himself but he didn’t move.

“You like me, (Name). Right?” J nodded and tilted his head. You nodded with him, calming down slightly but your heart beating faster. J stroked your cheek gently with his thumb, “That lab is mine. Everything in it is mine. By making you, your father technically made you for me.”

You smiled innocently, naively following J’s words as he sweetly spoke. The green haired criminal gently moved you away from the door, backing both of you to the middle of the room.

“You don’t have to be mine, (Name). Say the word and you can go.” J walked back to the door and opened it, holding it open dramatically.

You shook your head, “I do want to be yours, J.”

J moaned and ran towards you, letting the door close again. He gently pushed you up against the nearest wall and kissed you passionately. J tried to reel himself in but the taste of your soft lips drove him mad. Your wings fluffed up as J moved his kisses from your lips down to your neck, making you give little moans. Then he stopped kissing and bit your shoulder. You yelped at the bite and wiggled but he didn’t let go until he was satisfied. J pulled away and smiled at your panting face. He unbuttoned his shirt and bent down, pointing to his shoulder he said, “Now it’s your turn.”

“H-How do I..?” You blushed which made J laugh.

“Bite down as hard as you can and don’t stop until it’s left a dark mark.” J purred and guided your head towards his neck. You mimicked his actions and kissed his neck a few times, earning another purr from J, before you but down as hard as you could.

“Haha! Is that as hard as you can bite?” J teased which made your face flush red. You bit down harder and received a growl in response. After a few seconds, you let go and looked at the mark you left.

“Why did we do that?” You looked up at J. He smiled and wiped your lips of some saliva, rubbing it on his pants.

“To mark each other. You’re mine and I’m yours.” J said.

“You won’t let anyone else mark you?” You asked, looking up at J. His heart skipped a beat and he nodded. No one else would ever replace you. His angel.

Enough with the lovey-dovey crap.

J had a revenge to execute and he would need you on board.

“Little dove, I need you to help me with something…” J began.

You gulped as you looked into his dark, icy blue eyes.

“…You’re not gonna like it.”

J slammed your father to the ground and watched as he picked himself up again. He told J everything, knowing it was pointless to lie now that he had been caught. However J was determined to ruin the last hours of your fathers life.

“Let’s make this fun!” J said with a sadistic laugh.

“Pick a number… Let’s say an age.” J asked, circling your father like a shark.

“17.” Your father answered, coughing up blood from the beating he was just given.

“17!? I was hoping a little younger but high schoolers play some interesting games, don’t they?” J smirked, glancing at you. You sat on the floor, a few feet away from your father and the criminal. Duct tape covering your mouth and holding your hands behind your back. Two large men stood at on either side of you. Your large (e/c) eyes were red from crying.

“Would You Rather! That’s a good one!” J complimented himself and turned back to your father.

“Would you rather, Dr. (Last Name), kill your little baby girl. Or! Kill yourself.” J growled the last part, still smirking. The pale man forced a gun into your fathers shaking hands. Your father was falling for J’s trick perfectly. However J wasn’t about to let you die, as always, he had a plan.

“Please, Mister J! (Name) won’t survive with out me, she needs her shots!” Your father gave a pathetic attempt to beg to save his own life. You stared in disbelief.

“Then I guess you better choose correctly.” J said, standing behind your father and winking at you. You put on your best poker face but felt giddy inside. You remembered the plan, J had predicted ever move your father would make. Yet.. You didn’t expect him to look up at you and have tears streaming down his face. His (e/c) eyes stared into yours, “I’m so sorry…”

He was choosing you to die.


Your father pulled the trigger and listened to J’s laughter instead of a gunshot. The man was howling, holding his stomach at the scene.

“For a guy of logic, you’re really stupid!” J managed to say, “How did you not see it?”
The green haired criminal began to circle your dad again.
“I saw it.. You’re infatuated with…” Your dad looked at you again as you were released. You had on a normal shirt, wings fully extended and stretched out. You glared at him, not moving from your spot between the goons.

“No, no, no, no, no… Not an infatuation. I love her.” J smiled genuinely at you, “(Name) is an angel and I’m going to treat her like one.”

“You can’t love anyone, you’re insane!” Your father shouted and J back handed him as a response. He sighed and looked back at you, his eyes meeting yours and his demeanor calmed immediately.

“(Name) doesn’t care that I’m insane and I don’t care that she’s not.” J smirked as he pulled out a gun, aiming it at your father.

“Does she need the shots to live?” J asked, his smile gone.

“No..” Your father answered honestly which made you clench your teeth.

You hated those shots.

J asked a few more questions about your life, making sure there wouldn’t be any complications with you.

“One more question, doc.” J chuckled darkly, “Can she get knocked up?”

Dr. (Last Name) clenched his fists, “No. (Name) isn’t a real human, therefore she cannot give birth.”

“Round the clock sex then!” J howled with laughter before shooting your father in the head. You laughed and ran up to J, jumping in his arms so he could spin you around.

That was before he was sent to Arkham for the first time.

Damnit J, why did you have to be so careless? He wanted people to know his name and that lead to his capture. He would be out eventually but the waiting game was never fun. Now you were trapped in a room with a hammock and a large bird swing. Very funny.

Daily routine:
1.) Stretch.
2.) Clean feathers.
3.) Sit on your swing.
4.) Nap while guards are away.
5.) Sing when they come back.
6.) Whistle when they tell you to shut up.
7.) Watch T.V.

And so on.

This was your routine every single day. You were slowly going crazy.
The only enjoyable time you had was when Frost visited you and updated you on J. He brought you one of J’s Arkham shirts (that smelled like him!), a picture of him and, if he had paper, letters! You cherished them all as you waited for your clown’s return. Anxiety made you think J would forget about you, no matter how much Frost tried to convince you otherwise. So the next time the man came with more gifts, you plucked out the whitest feather in your wing and told him to give it to J.

You don’t know if he ever got it.

Suddenly Frost stopped coming and occupying yourself became harder to do. The room was only big enough to stretch your wings but not fly which made them cramp up often. Your feathers were no longer pure white but dusted with brown and yellow. Your feathers also became matted and gross from lack of proper treatment. J would have his veterinarian come and preen your wings every month. You didn’t have the proper tools to do it but even if you did, you couldn’t reach the right places. The most you could do to care for them was stretch and flap them to air out the feathers.
The so called “guards” outside of your room only let you bathe once so far- you felt absolutely disgusting and probably didn’t look any better. With Frost not coming anymore, you could complain to anyone.

The guards knew this too.

They were convinced J was never getting out of Arkham and decided to have a little fun with you. They pushed you off the swing while you were asleep, pulling your wings and some of your feathers out. In a panic, flew to get away from them and hit your head on the ceiling. In result, you knocked yourself out. You woke up naked and bruised, everything hurt. You hugged yourself and cried for the first time since J was captured. You never slept again while the guards were around. You managed to pull the swing’s chains up higher so if they ever came in the room, you were just out of their reach.

Keys jingling made you open your eyes. This signified it was 3pm, when the guards normally came around. You stretched and scratched a tally mark on the wall, another day wasted. However as you stretched very limb and cracked a few bones, you realized something.. peculiar. The clock on the wall suggested it was 12am which was bizarre considering the guards never showed up before 3:00pm after Frost stopped coming. The door was flung open for a moment, a small device was thrown in and gas leaked out as the door was quickly shut once more. You sniffed the air and covered your nose instinctively. Sliding to the ground, you sat there as you began to pass out.
You woke up in a bathtub. A real bathtub, big enough to fit your entire body- wings and all! A smile graced your cracked lips as you splashed and cleaned every inch of your body. You weren’t sure how long you had so you made an effort to be efficient and quick. When you were satisfied with your squeaky clean skin- (s/c), the way it was before that damned room- you drained the water. You turned on the faucet, making the water cold and rinsing yourself one more time. You then sat in the bathtub patiently waiting for someone to retrieve you and take you back to the room. An hour had gone by.


You’d never had this long to bathe before. You wiggled your toes when you realized you weren’t chained up like your “guards” had originally done during bath time. The sound of a door opening made you jump but it wasn’t the door to the huge bathroom you were currently in. A delicate knock came from the other side which made you tilt your head.

“C-Come in?” You managed to find your voice and covered yourself up with your wings as the door opened. 4 asian girls, mid 20’s at least, came into the room. They all wore the same outfit, black strapless dresses, loose with cold trimming. They looked comfortable and had genuine smiles on their faces. You were beyond confused as they greeted you with a curtesy.

“Hello, Lady (Y/N),” One of them said, “Would you please step out of the bathtub?”

“C-Can you please tell me what’s going on?” You asked, slowly folding your wings behind your back. This was the most hospitable you’d been treated since J had been taken! You were shocked and scared but felt these ladies were harmless. The girls all giggled as if you’d asked a dumb question. The one that had spoken earlier walked towards you and offered you her hand. The other three dispersed around the room, grabbing items on the counter and such. You took the ladies hand and she helped you to your feet, holding on as you stepped out of the tub.

“My name is Minorin, these are my friends, and we are here to clean you up!” She said kindly. You say on a bench type chair and they promptly got to work. They apologized for the slight pain you might feel but “beauty is sacrifice”. You nervously sat there and tried not to fidget as they smeared warm wax on your legs, ripping it off until your legs were smooth. They repeated this all over your body, making sure there was no hair they didn’t want to see. They filed your finger and toe nails down nicely and painted them black afterwards. Then lied you on your stomach and rubbed lotion everywhere, giving you the best massage you’d ever had. They didn’t touch your breasts or bum but made you put lotion there as well. You marveled at how smooth your body was now. They revealed you to a mirror and smiled at their work. You were shocked! You looked exactly the same as you did before J was taken. You hadn’t changed at all. The depressing fact that you weren’t human settled in and replaced that shock feeling you had. They dipped their heads as you thanked them all, walking out of the room and closing the door. You were left in a towel, staring at your reflection once more. Your feathers still looked matted and mangled.
As if someone read your mind, your old veterinarian lady came in with a smile on her face. You began to cry as you hugged her, the first familiar face you’d seen in 3 months! The ladies caught you up to speed on the outside world but nothing else. They wouldn’t tell you about J and neither would the veterinarian in front of you. She brushed your hair the way she used to, calming you down. Once you were relaxed she extended your right wing and began to work, plucking and stoking the pearly white feathers. She repeated this on the left wing and after made you extend both wings. The lady perfected them and made sure you were healthy.

“Can you tell me anything? Where I am at least?” You asked, eyes filling with tears.

“(Name), don’t worry. You’re safe now. I’ve brought you some clothes.” The lady said calmly, turning to get you the clothes. It was a dress- your favorite one but new! It was black and faded to green at the flowey bottom. It had long sleeves that covered your hands, like that sweater dress you’d been accustomed to. The back of the dress was open, as a lot of your clothes were for obvious reasons. You happily twirled around in the dress, looking at yourself in the mirror for the 4th time. A knock at the door pulled you away from the mirror, your face hardened when you saw your “faithful guards”.

“Ready to go?” One asked.

“Where?” You demanded, feeling your confidence returning.

“To him.” The other one said simply. Your heart leapt and a smile graced your lips, you nodded and followed them out of the bathroom. It lead to a big bedroom but not yours, not the one you and J shared. You followed them into the hallway, listening to them as they spoke to you but not replying.

“You’ll tell him we treated you good, right?”

“Real good.” The other one laughed with an implying tone.

You suddenly felt sick.

These idiots acted as if you wouldn’t tell J everything. Or maybe they thought he wouldn’t care. Your stomach flipped at the thought. You didn’t have time to worry, the door opened and they lead you to the business room. You now remembered where you were. You pushed the goons aside, running into the room and looking around but you found nothing. You saw his black shoes poking out of the curtain and darted over, pulling the drapes back.

Not here either.

You smiled at the trick he had played and picked up his shoes with one hand. Your smile faded as you looked around the empty room. The door closed and you sighed, looking down. Alone in a room again. Suddenly hands gripped your waist and pulled you back. You dropped the shoes and squealed in delight, turning around and hugging him. J. Your J was back in your arms. You kissed his neck as he held you in a tight embrace. You both whispered how much you missed eachother, questions and “i love you’s”. J lifted you up and walked over to the couch, plopping himself down. He lied on his back and looked up at you as you straddled him. J was really here! He looked exactly the same but had a “J” and a star on his face now. You touched them gently, tracing your fingers along his face and through his hair, holding his hands tight after. He smiled but you knew he was confused.

“Making sure it’s you..” You said quietly.

“It’s me, angel.” J replied. Your eyes widened as you forced his mouth open. There was silver in his mouth! Where his gorgeous, white teeth used to be!

“What-!” You gasped as J pulled your hands from his mouth. He laughed and licked his grill.

“Before I was caught, I had a run in with the Bat. He wasn’t too happy about his dead bird.” J smirked proudly.

You smiled and tilted your head, “I can get used to it.”

You and J caught up, he told you everything. He apologized and held you as you began to cry. J did every trick he remembered that calmed you down, holding you as you relaxed.

“Th-The men.” You whispered in his ear, “I want them dead.”

J’s demeanor changed instantly.

He sat up, rage in those icy blue eyes. His fingers gripped your hips tightly but not enough to hurt you. J felt his heart break at the sight of you, tears forming again in your eyes. Your pure (e/c) eyes. J calmly pushed you off him, sitting you on the couch. You panicked slightly and grabbed his arm, “Don’t leave me!”

J pulled his arm free and growled, punching the wall. He pulled a phone from his back pocket, calling Frost. He began to pace around the room, not leaving your sight, fearing something might happen to you if he left. As the tension built inside the room, with J yelling at Frost, you couldn’t help but feel tired. You barely slept in that room, fearing the goons would take advantage of you again. J was back and you felt more relaxed than ever. You didn’t notice that your eyes began to close. J turned to you to check in on your state when he saw you were sleeping. The 3 months away from you suddenly hit him, before that you were at his side every day. He didn’t realize how much he missed you. His mind wondered to your appearance- you’d barely changed. J relived every moment with you up until his capture. Things will be different now, J silently promised you as he caressed your cheek. Since he was taken away, his empire had grown. His reputation had increased as well, he was feared, hated and strangely admired. To his delight, no one outside his work knew of you. The Joker’s weakness, his soft spot, his angel.
Frost opened the door, pulling his boss from his thoughts.

“They’re outside.” He said simply.

“I like you, Frosty…” J spoke sincerely but his words dripped with anger, “Did you know about this?”

The henchman walked closer to J, looking him in the eyes. Before the man even spoke, J had his answer. He didn’t even need Frost to speak but allowed him to anyways. He knew the henchman took care of his belongings. You were probably Frost’s favorite companion

“If I knew, you wouldn’t have the pleasure of killing them.” He growled. J smirked at the comment. If Frost hadn’t already won his trust, he sure had it now. J placed a hand on his henchman’s shoulder. A quick sign of gratitude and forgiveness. Frost made his way over to the door and the two henchmen walked in. They stood tall but shook with fear.

“Gentleman!” J smiled, extending his arms, “(Name) has told me all the work you’ve done for me on my leave of absence.. You shall be rewarded so.”

The two henchmen, smiled proudly and puffed out their chests. Frost would have looked at J with utter confusion if he didn’t know better. Why on earth was he talking like that? His boss snapped his fingers and caught his attention.

“Bring them alcohol- and (Name). Bring my angel something to eat.” J said, turning away. Frost nodded and left the room. The henchmen sat themselves at the conference table, kicking their feet up. J was on the other end of the table, guarding you and stalking his current prey. His icy blue eyes locked on his targets, full of nothing but rage. When J managed to drag his eyes away from the men, he would look at you. You stirred a bit in your sleep from the noise. Your wings, fingers and toes would lightly twitch every now and then. J’s hard gaze softened slightly. You truly were an angel. Even in slumber, you looked so innocent and pure.
Minutes went by slowly until Frost returned. He dropped off the requested drinks and held the doors open for a few maids to bring in a selection of food trays. J smiled in delight at the assortment before him. He never thought he’d be so happy to not see meat on the table. Around you, J wouldn’t eat any type of meat- especially bird. In fact, during his stay at Arkham, a guard was murdered for bringing the man chicken for dinner.
The aroma of food must have woken you up. You stretched with your eyes closed, as you would if you were going to open them and see the dreaded room. You relaxed when you opened your eyes and saw your beloved J standing there. He handed you a crescent and you happily ate it, your stomach growling. You suddenly realized how hungry you really were. J pulled out the chair he was leaning on for you to sit in.
You forced yourself to remain calm while staring at the men before you. They were obviously drunk from the poison in their drinks. You smirked as you popped a grape into your mouth. J licked his lips as he watched you. He knew exactly what you were thinking from that cocky smile spreading on your plump lips.

“Angel?” He mumbled. You looked at J and tossed a grape in the air for him to catch in his mouth.

“What would you like me to do, my love?” J got on his knees in front of your chair. He began pushing up your dress and placing kisses on your smooth (s/c) skin. You were suddenly very grateful for the waxing those ladies did for you earlier. You placed your hands on both sides of J’s face, bringing his head up to kiss him passionately. He growled into the kiss, biting your bottom lip and regaining dominance. J pushed himself up to his feet and pried himself away from your mouth.

“I want,” You panted, “You to take me into our bedroom and make up for every day you were gone.”

J growled with a smirk, nodding his head for you to continue.

“And I want you to promise me every time that you’ll never disappear like that again.” You playfully tapped your chin as if you were thinking.

“Never, angel. Never,” J almost begged for the best part.

“As for them…” You glared at the passed out henchman then lovingly looked back at your J, “I want them locked in that same room for a month. We’ll talk about a real revenge after.”

J didn’t need you to finish.

He swooped you into his arms and ran straight for the bedroom, yelling at Frost on his way out. J was certainly going to show you how much he missed you.

To run
with a body
that strains
and screams
with limbs bones and ligaments
stretched at the seams
miles away
from seeking the gaze
of anyone anywhere
only the haze
of the finish line calling
the most primal parts
of an effort explosion
spray-painted like art
on the tunnels
that pass below
all that’s expected
of women in a culture
that worships the effortless.

is magnitude
felt in our bones
as we push back the earth
and bugs splat on the chrome
and gradually “maybe I can”
becomes must
and we haul toward the finish
our pulchritude dust
and all of the photos
show legs made of mush
with a jiggle and smash
of the violent downbeat
what if we saw them
and didn’t delete
but used them as tools
to evolve aspiration
to stand up and say
i’ll take strained ventilation
and skin patchworked
from vasodilation
from the blood that pumps
from my soul to my heels
because this is what effort is made of.

—  “Real Running,” Lauren Fleshman

anonymous asked:

Can we have a special Ben X reader fic for his birthday 😊❤️

A/N: okay I don’t usually do this but since it’s Benedict’s birthday I will 😁 so here’s a special birthday Ben X reader ficlet 😊 Happy birthday Benedict! 😄🎉


“He likes you, you know…” You slowly looked up to Amanda who had a Cheshire Cat like grin on her face. You rolled your eyes and playfully jabbed her side and she flinched on the spot laughing.

“No he doesn’t, and anyway we’re friends and he seems happy with that,” you told her in a matter of fact voice. You were standing with her on the set of Sherlock, you had been casted as Mrs Hudson’s granddaughter back in 2010 and had been on a few episodes since then as well as other acting jobs. Amanda loved to tease you by constantly telling you that Ben liked you.

She looked at you with a questioning glare “Are you?” Amanda asked and her question whirled around in your head.

You didn’t have time to answer her as the director shouted “Places!” And you and Amanda rushed to get into character. “Alright everybody! Action!”

You watched Martin and Ben work, their acting was flawless and almost effortless. Well flawless most of the time, as soon as the thought went into your head Ben burst out laughing at ‘Johns’ witty remark.

You couldn’t help but giggle and Ben looked up over to you with a small smile on his face “Alright is everyone ready?” The director asked and Ben nodded, quickly apologising for his outburst before continuing with the scene.

You stood waiting with Rupert at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the flat, ready for the director to shout action. “I’m going to feel like the third wheel,” he lightly chuckled and you furrowed your brow.

“What do you mean? You asked, fixing your costume a little.

Rupert shrugged “Well when you two have a scene together it’s like you both enter a world of your own…” He trailed off and you looked ahead, composing your thoughts. Did that really happen? If it did you didn’t notice it.

“Everybody ready? 3…2…1…action!”

You ran up the stairs with Rupert “Morning Sherlock,” you chirped with a smile “I found Greg on the stairs.”

“Who?” ‘Sherlock’ asked.

You rolled your eyes “Lestrade!” Both you and ‘Greg’ said at the same time. You continued on with the scene perfectly, subconsciously trying to find this ‘world’ Rupert was talking about.

The next scene you were shooting was with Andrew, where ‘Jim’ had kidnapped you and ‘John’ and ‘Sherlock’ would have to save you. “A little bird told me that you’ve auditioned to be Cleopatra in the Globe theatres production of 'Antony and Cleopatra’.” Andrew looked at you with a smile on his face, a far cry from his almost petrifying Moriarty expressions.

“Uh yeah I’m waiting to hear back from them. Apparently they might be casting David as Antony.”

“Tennant?” Andrew clarified and you nodded.

“Yeah but I’ll have to wait and see if I get the part first.”

“I know some of the production managers there, I’ll give them a call and sort you out,” Andrew winked and you gasped, instantly bringing him in for a hug.

“Thanks Andrew that would be amazing!” You let go of him and prepared yourself for the scene. You had to wait for 'John’ and 'Sherlock’ to untie you from a chair that was in front of a loaded gun with a timer. You got into character and the scene began. Your character had their eyes shut and you cried some fake tears, your eyes opened when you felt hands fumble with the rope around you.

“Sh-Sherlock?” You sobbed out and watched as Ben avoided looking you in the eye. You wanted to furrow your brows but did your best not to break character. 'Sherlock’ untied you before pushing you to the ground as the gun went off.

“Cut! Perfect take guys!” The director shouted.

You barely heard him though, you were too entranced with Benedict hovering over you. Ben snapped back into reality and out of the trance he was being pulled into with your eyes “So-sorry Y/N…” He stuttered out and helped you up before quickly going to prepare for his next take.

You let out a small sigh and returned to your trailer just as you received a call “Hello?”

“Y/N! You got the part of Cleopatra!”


About a month later Sherlock was wrapping up filming and all the cast and some of the crew gathered around on set to celebrate “So Y/N…” Mark trailed off with a knowing smirk “Or should I call you Queen of Egypt?” You couldn’t help but smile and let out a giggle as the rest of the cast gasped with surprise.

“You got it?!” Louise asked with a delighted squeal before pulling you in for a hug.

“Yeah all thanks to Andrew!” You smiled at the Irish actor.

“Oh nonsense! You got it because you’re the best bloody actor in the country! Come give me a cuddle” you walked over to him and embraced him in a tight hug “Congratulations.”

You stepped back and found yourself looking into Ben’s eyes “Congratulations Y/N,” you wrapped your arms around him tightly, inhaling his goosebump inducing scent.

“Thank you…Sorcerer Supreme…” You teasingly whispered in his ear with a smile before pulling back, only to be still held in his arms. You smiled at his surprised face, he never told anyone, or at least couldn’t remember if he told anyone “A little bird,” you told him and he clicked on. That little bird was always Amanda.

You went back to your trailer for the last time in the series to collect your things when the door opened “Ben! Hey!” You smiled and put down a box of your belongings.

“Hi…” He slowly drawled out “Uh I just wanted to say well done again for getting the part of Cleopatra.”

“Thank you,” you bashfully smiled “Congratulations to you too! Dr Strange?! That’s amazing! I loved those comics. Marvel are very lucky to have you. When do you start filming?” You asked.

“I head out to Nepal tomorrow then Atlanta after that…” He trailed off with a sad tone and you gulped.

“For how long?” You asked in a whisper.

Ben burned his gaze into the ground “Five months.”

You felt your heart shatter, you wouldn’t be able to see him in person for five months. It would be the longest you would have been away from him. “Oh,” was all you could mutter out before you put on a fake smile “Well I’m sure it will be an amazing experience!”

“Yeah,” he sent you a half smile “Who has been cast for Antony?” He asked raising a suspicious brow.

“David Tennant was cast, I’m looking forward to working with him!” You smiled.

“Yeah…lucky sod gets to kiss you…” He mumbled so quietly that you didn’t hear him. “I’ll come and see you before the production finishes, I promise.” He smiled and leaned forward, pressing a chaste kiss on your cheek. It lingered for what felt like hours “Goodbye Y/N.”

“Bye Ben…”


Three months later you found yourself on the stage bowing for the final time as the crowd cheered and gave a standing ovation. You scanned your eyes across the crowd looking for a certain face but he wasn’t there. You tried not to let your disappointment shine through as you smiled and waved whist the curtain closed.

All the Sherlock cast had visited you, all except Ben. You sat in your dressing room that night, still in costume, looking at a photo from way back in 2010 at a young, fresh faced, Sherlock cast. You smiled and traced you fingertips over Benedict’s face with a sad smile. In the photo he had his arm around your shoulders with a large smile on his face. You both looked so young.

Your face had an even bigger smile on in. Sherlock was your first proper acting gig and from that your career propelled. A knock on the door snapped your from your thoughts and you hollered the person on the other side to come in. “Miss Y/L/N?”

You turned around seeing it was a backstage assistant “Um everyone has gone home but there is a person waiting for you on stage.” They smiled and left you utterly confused.

You walked to the stage, still in costume, and found no one there. That was until you heard a voice echoing through the empty theatre “I am dying, Egypt, dying; only
I here importune death awhile, until
Of many thousand kisses the poor last
I lay up thy lips.”

You flawlessly began to recite your lines as Cleopatra, quickly getting into character with a smile hearing his voice. “I dare not, dear,–
Dear my lord, pardon,–I dare not,
Lest I be taken: not the imperious show
Of the full-fortuned Caesar ever shall
Be brooch’d with me; if knife, drugs,
serpents, have
Edge, sting, or operation, I am safe:
Your wife Octavia, with her modest eyes
And still conclusion, shall acquire no honour
Demuring upon me. But come, come, Antony,–
Help me, my women,–we must draw thee up:
Assist, good friends.”

“O, quick, or I am gone.” You saw Benedict stepping out of the shadows in the most bizarre costume, quoting Antony. You couldn’t help but laugh at his attire and perfectly designed facial hair.

“What are you wearing?!” You laughed, clutching your stomach.

Ben smiled “Stay in character!” He told you and you managed to calm your giggles.

“It’s going to be hard when you look like that,” you waved your hand up and down in front of him as he joined you on stage “But alright.” You cleared your throat and composed yourself before continuing with your lines “Here’s sport indeed! How heavy weighs my lord!
Our strength is all gone into heaviness,
That makes the weight: had I great Juno’s power,
The strong-wing’d Mercury should fetch thee up,
And set thee by Jove’s side. Yet come a little,–
Wishes were ever fools,–O, come, come, come;”
Your breath hitch feeling Benedict’s hands soothingly rub up and down your forearms. You continued speaking with a trembling voice as the strangely dressed actor in front of you made your mind spiral out of control with nerves. “And welcome, welcome! die where thou hast lived:
Quicken with kissing: had my lips that power,
Thus would I wear them out…”

Your voice was nothing but a whisper as you finished your line “You came…” You trailed off.

“I tried to come sooner, I wanted to see you. We’re filming in London for a few days, I’m sorry I broke my promise.” Ben’s gaze fell to the ground and you were quick to place a finger under his chin, drawing his attention back to you.

“You’re here now,” you smiled “Dr Strange…” You teasingly smirked and ran your fingers over his costume.

Benedict let out a bashful chuckle “Yeah…” He drew out “I came straight from filming. I arrived in London yesterday and we started filming straight away. I’m so sorry Y/N.”

You smiled and propped yourself up on your tiptoes to kiss his cheek “You’re here now, that’s all that matters…and you got a private show.” Ben felt his cheeks burn when your lips left his skin and especially when you winked at him after the words 'private show’ left your mouth.

“You look beautiful,” he whispered and moved closer to you.

You look down to your outfit and shrugged, lacing the delicate fabric between your fingers. “We have very talented costume desig-”

“No,” Ben cut you off “You look beautiful…” He trailed off and cupped your face with his scared hands, which you knew was special effect makeup. “Always…” He leaned forward and passionately crashed his mouth to yours. You couldn’t help but moan as he intertwined his fingers with your hair. He pulled back leaving your lips slightly swollen and tingling “How was that kiss?” He asked with a small smirk, pressing his forehead to yours.

“Amazing…I’ve wanted that for so long,” you softly whispered and peppered your lips across his own.

“Better than kissing David Tennant?” He asked, standing up straight with a serious look on his face.

“Much better,” you hummed.

“Good,” Benedict sent you a half smirk “I may have lightly threatened him not to kiss you that good.”

“Ben!” You burst out laughing and playfully slapped his chest. He laughed along with you and wrapped his arms around you.

“Do you want to come back to mine for dinner?” He asked with eyes full of hope.

“I’d love that.”


“Benedict! Y/N! Benedict! Over here!” A hoard of paparazzi and press kept calling your name.

“They’re going to have a field day with us…” You gritted out with a smile directed in the direction of the cameras.

“I know,” Ben spoke to you in the same fashion “Spend five minutes with them then I’ll get you back to the hotel to get that dress off you…” He seductively trailed off.

“Ben…” You warned with a smirk.

It had been a few years since Ben kissed you back in the globe theatre and since then you both had been inseparable. You talked to a few journalists while Ben stood next to you, talking to others. “Firstly Y/N congratulations on your Olivier award for your role as Cleopatra in Antony and Cleopatra, secondly how are you enjoying the D23 Expo?”

You smiled and answered “Thank you so much! It’s absolutely amazing being here! I’ve loved meeting everyone and of course watching the Infinity War trailer. I’ve asked Ben countless of times for spoilers but he never tells me!” You laughed.

“You’re a big fan of Doctor Strange aren’t you?” The interviewer asked and you nodded “What other roles did you enjoy Benedict in?”

“Oh The Hobbit and obviously Sherlock. I love watching him work, it’s such an honour.” You smiled adoringly at the blue eyed man by your side.

“Does he attempt to deduce things when he’s not playing Sherlock?”

You let out a laugh and Ben glanced over to you with a gushing smile. “No!” You replied “Thankfully not! I mean he can barely say the word penguin so-”

“Hey!” He cut you off and placed both hands on your side making you jump “You said you’d never bring that up…” He sent a fake pout in your direction, one that you couldn’t help but laugh at.

“Sorry!” You defensively held your hands up “Sorry darling!”

The interviewer laughed “So are you planning on making Y/N Mrs Cumberbatch anytime soon?” The interviewer pressed.

You and Ben both let out nervous chuckles before you were both cut off by a voice “No! She’s becoming Mrs Robert Downey Jr!” Robert called from behind the both of you and you all burst out laughing.

“No she’s not!” Chris hollered “She’s going to be called Mrs Evans and we’ve already agreed to adopt Tom Holland!”

“No we haven’t! Plus I think Ben wants to adopt him!” You shouted back with a laugh. You felt Ben’s hand come around and gently brush across your stomach.

“I don’t think we’d have the space, love.” You smiled hearing the soft, whispering tone that lingered around your ear. “Sorry folks!” Ben waved “we’ve got to go!”

You walked off with him to a car “How long do you think it will take them to figure out we married in secret Mr Cumberbatch?”

“I’d give it a few months,” he let out a snort of laughter and pressed a kiss to your temple “Mrs Cumberbatch.”


“It is a curious thing, (…) but perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it. Those who, like you, have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well.” [insp.]

Tampered With
[ Natemare ]
Tampered With

Anonymous asked: “Natemare! My dude! Saw you were on the list and couldn’t hold back to send out a question. So what are your powers? Your desires?" 

Answer: Natemare smirked at the inquiry, floating a few inches above the ground as he mockingly put a hand on his chin. “My.. powers? My desires? Well if you must know.. I only want to protect children. I’m here to make sure that nothing.. goes wrong. My programming does not allow me to hurt anyone, you see. It would.. be very tragic if an accident were to happen,”

The entity chuckled after a moment and disappeared into his own shadows. His voice still lingered, but only for a moment.

“Perhaps.. it may even be tampered with..”

‘But the people living there are powerful, and their cities are fortified and very large; and what’s more, we saw giants there!
Numbers 13:28

- Giant like situations will always be part of life.
- There will always be giants that we have to deal with.
- However, the giants must not intimidate us!
- We have a big God for whom nothing is too difficult.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, I will not fear the giants that I am facing right now in my life, but I will believe that nothing is too difficult for You and You will fight the battle for me. Amen