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Hi Olivia. I am screaming at how good the SDCC was for us. But I am terrified of Bellamy pairing up with someone. I like angst but I really hope they do Bellarke justice. But anyway, when Bellamy hears that message from Clarke, he will drop the fling for Clarke.

I could be wrong but I saw someone saying that Bob laughed and said ‘no’ when someone asked him about Becho yesterday. Anyway I’d be okay with Bellamy getting with somebody because I know that Bellarke is endgame. Bellamy doesn’t even know Clarke is alive right now, can you imagine how freaking happy he’ll be when he sees Clarke again? No one else will matter to him. Also THAT SIZZLE REEL? WAS BLARKE AF? We’ll be okay guys.


This makes me so angry.

If you work in a movie theater and you do this I have no respect for you.

My younger brother is Type 1 Diabetic.

When we go to a movie theater, we always get him diet soda. If he were to get regular when we asked for diet, we would not give him the insulin he would need for it. If that happens, his blood sugar level could go so high he could go into a coma, go blind, or even die.

If somebody gave him regular soda instead of diet without telling us, that person could be responsible for a nine-year-old being killed or blinded.

Just thinking about that makes me so angry. I get scared every time we take him to a movie in case the people working there saw this picture and decide to do the same thing.

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i am SO SICK of people (including other girls) putting girls down for everything they do. y’all won’t let us win. you’ll make fun of a girl who like starbucks and victoria’s secret leggings for being too basic, make fun of an athletic or muscular girl by saying she “looks like a man”, call any girl who likes nirvana or classic rock a poseur but girls who like rap music ‘thots’, and harass “art hoe” type girls for liking popular, talented artists or yellow fucking backpacks. i swear to god, anything a girl likes becomes a meme. young girls are a joke and it’s time we get treated with some fucking respect.

time and time again have i heard “why don’t you just be original and do things you actually enjoy?” like what??? the fuck??? is this??? no girl can EVER enjoy anything that anyone else has ever enjoyed, EVER. absolutely not. and honestly who gives a shit if she developed her interests based on somebody else’s? that’s how we learn and grow and discover ourselves. i guarantee you that you wouldn’t enjoy shitting in the toilet unless you saw the rest of the world do it first.

it’s not funny, it’s pure misogyny. and it has to stop.

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Hello! Can I make a request? I saw somebody else do this & i couldn't help requesting it here because I love your writing! RFA + V & Saeran 7 minutes in heaven? Huehuehue 🌚

(●♡∀♡) Ooooh!

This might be a little self indulgent. Also, I’m assuming this is a spin the bottle type game? Or it is now in this hc post.


- His huge ass grin when the bottle landed on you and everyone else’s groans made your face completely red, but you followed him along in the closet anyway.

- I mean…He was a gentlemen, right?

- As soon as the door closed, you were pinned against the wall, blushing furiously as he leaned down to whisper in your ear

- “We don’t have to go too far, princess, but I would love to kiss you.”

- “I- Okay. Yeah, okay.”

- Part of you couldn’t believe he was asking you permission, but it was nice he was willing to at least make sure you were okay with this.

- It was sweet at first- He tipped your chin up, lightly brushed his lips against yours before placing a soft kiss on you. 

- But as you kissed him back, it just got deeper and deeper.

- Soon you had your body flush against him, feeling his half-hard cock against your thigh as you slipped your tongue in between his lips, teasing him with a light nip on his bottom lip

- You even managed to get him to let out a low groan that sent a fast shot of nerves right to your crotch.

- “Whoa whoa whoa, break it up you two.”

- Seven had opened the door while the two of you were, erm, busy. Zen instantly pulled away, a light blush on his cheeks as he cleared his throat.

- You could see Yoosung moping and Jumin looking pissed in the background, Seven just waggling his eyebrows at the two of you.

- Part of you wanted to smack him for being so dumb, but you ended up stepping out and instantly pulling your phone out.

- As the bottle spinned again, you saw Zen pull his own phone out and that blush deepen at the message you had sent him

- Like hell you were going to let just seven minutes be the end of it.


- He was so smug when you were chosen to go in with him. Zen was yelling and trying to make excuses for you to not go in with the ‘trust fund jerk’, but when you told him to hush, you almost made Jumin grin as Zen nearly lost it

- He let you step in first, closing the door behind the two of you. Before you could even have a coherent thought about the situation, he had you pulled to him and his lips greedily on yours.

- When you made a surprised noise, he pulled back a bit.

- “Is this what were supposed to do?”

- “W-Well, yes-”

- “Good, we only have a few minutes.”

- He started kissing you again, nipping your lips and starting to kiss down your neck as his hand slipped under the band of your pants-

- “Jumin!” You scolded him instantly, clutching his forearm as his middle finger slipped in between your legs and started teasing your clit

- “We have a few more minute-”

- You let out a gasp as a shudder ran through your body. How in the hell was he so stoic through all of this?

- You felt his breath against your neck as he attempted to say something else, but the door opened before he could.

- “Bzzt, times- Oooohoho shit.”

- Jumin just reached for the door handle, pulling it closed and holding it as Seven and the others started a fuss

- You ended up laughing, finally finding it in you to pull his hand out of your pants, giving him one last peck on the cheek.


- You nearly joined everyone in a groan when the bottle landed on him as he let out a doofy grin

- But, you smiled as you joined him in the closet. Yes, he was basically a living meme, but he was sweet and cute, too.

- The door closed, and you could hear how nervous he was in the little laugh he let out

- “So, Mc, whatcha going to do now?”

- You rolled your eyes, but pulled him a bit closer to you and planted a kiss on his cheek

- Okay, you missed a bit in the dark and felt your nose hit the frame of his glasses, but you kissed his face and counted that as a win

- He laughed a bit, cupping your face in his hands and managing to meet your lips with his own. Nothing hardcore, just a sweet and gentle kiss.

- “Have I told you how soft you are, mc?”

- “… I would find a better way to word that, Seven.”

- “Softer than our precious Elly~”

- “Seven.”

- You felt his breath against your lips as he chuckled before kissing you again, letting it last a bit longer

- Even though he was such a dork, his kisses were so sweet and careful. 

- You returned his kiss, and soon the two of you were starting a string of soft kisses.

- … Until the door flew open with a stern Zen interrupting the two of you.

- “Alright, alright, it’s been seven minutes!”

_” Oh, you misunderstood the name of the game, Zen. It’s minutes with Seven, so there’s not a time-”

- “Out.”

- The two of you laughed, but you both left the closet. Though, you made sure to grab his hand and make him sit next to you afterwards. 


- As soon as the two of you were shoved in the closet, you could just imagine how stiff she was due to nerves

- (Was she going to kill Seven? Yes. Right when she got out? Yes.)

- She certainly wasn’t going to do anything, but that didn’t mean you weren’t going to

- Carefully, you slipped a hand in hers. When she gave your hand a squeeze back, you slipped your other around her neck, pulling her closer to you and giving her a soft kiss on her lips.

- She froze, but after a few more soft pecks, she started returning them.

- It was awkward, clumsy due to the dark, but after a bit you pulled away and giggled, still holding onto her hand

- “M-Mc, you didn’t have to-”

- “You’re too cute, I wanted you to relax a bit.”

- She clammed up, but you knew she was blushing. 

- The two of you ended up just holding hands for a bit longer, and then Seven slammed open the door with a loud “BZZT!”

- (Seven may or may not have gotten socked right in the gut)


- When the bottle landed on you, Yoosung turned such a bright red. Seven pushed the both of you towards the closet, and once you got in Yoosung was rigid with nerves.

- “Mc, you don’t-”

- “Shh, it’s fine, Yoosung.”

- Your hands found his, and you could nearly feel the heat radiating off his cheeks

- Apparently the both of you moved to kiss at the same time, resulting in the two of you bumping noses. You pulled back and giggled, Yoosung letting out a shy little laugh in return

- You cupped his cheeks, pulling him towards you more carefully now, planting a soft but decent kiss on his lips.

- He clumsily returned it, his hands finding your hips and pulling you a bit closer.

- After a few kisses, he was starting to get the hang of it a bit, but he froze with a small yelp as you nipped at his bottom lip

- (Okay, might have moved a bit too fast there)

- He pulled back a bit, his hands leaving your hips.

- “W-Was that okay?”

- Your hand found his and gave it a squeeze. “Yeah, that was good.”

- “I haven’t really…You know.”

- “That’s okay, I mean we can always practice.”

- When Seven opened the door, you got to see how red Yoosung’s face had gotten from that, and it was hard not to giggle.


- No one really objected when the two of you were going in the closet. Not even Yoosung, but he did look a tad grumpy

- V, however, was blushing like mad. As soon as the door closed, he was going on and on. “Mc, you don’t have to do anything, it’s alright, don’t feel pressured. We can just talk.”

- You ignored his anxious ramblings, slipping to your knees, lifting his shirt up a bit, and placing a kiss right above the waistband of his pants.

- He let out a soft gasp, instantly covering his mouth. You could tell he wanted to say more, to insist that you didn’t have to do a thing, but you’d be damned if you weren’t going to continue.

- A few teasing nips and you unzipped his pants, pulling them down enough to slip his half-hard cock from his boxers. You felt a blush creep up to your cheeks with the realization you were going to finally give this man a blowjob, but you shook it off, giving his cock a few pumps to get it to stand at full attention

- He let out a strangled and low moan, trying his best to keep quiet. You could hear him start to whimper your name, but you didn’t give him a chance to finish before you slipped the head of his cock in your mouth

- You knew you were running short on time, but you were desperate in making this feel amazing for him. When was the last time he was able to fully relax?

- You started pumping your hand along his length as you bobbed your head, sucking on his tip and loving his free hand wrapped desperately in your hair

- You could feel him straining to stop himself from thrusting into your mouth, so you let your hands rest and hold his hips as you finally took him fully in.

- God the sound he made

- It didn’t take long for you to taste a hot and salty liquid in your mouth, his nails digging into your scalp as he struggled to keep his groans quiet enough. When his grip loosened, you teasingly and slowly pulled his cock out of your mouth, loving the little whimper he let out.

- You stood up as he quickly pulled his pants back up, both of you thankful he was able to right before Seven pulled the door open with an annoying sound

- You just smiled and left the closet, V still leaning against the wall with a stunned blush on his cheeks


- As soon as the two of you were in the closet, he had you pinned, your chest flush against the wall.

- “Do you think we could sneak a quickie?” He teased, his hands already fumbling with your pants as he grinded against your ass

- Sure, the two of you may or may not have been seeing each other in secret… And you might have been teasing him through text during Seven’s silly RFA afterparty….

- But you weren’t expecting him to already be raring to go, jfc

- You bit your lip as he tugged your panties down, his lips teasing at your sensitive neck.

- “Try to stay quiet.”

- You didn’t get a chance to respond before he slipped the head of his cock between your wet folds, rubbing it against your clit before finally moving back a tad and pushing inside you

- You started to let out a groan before moving clamping a hand over your mouth

- Saeran wasted no time in trying to get you to come as quickly and as hard as possible. One hand kept your hip in place as the other reached around to rub your clit. The two of you didn’t have long befor-

- “Bzzz-OOOKAY!”

- As quickly as the door had opened, you only caught a glimpse of a surprised Seven before the door was slammed shut.

- Saeran only paused for a moment, a bit surprised at how fast seven minutes had came and gone, but he wasted no time in starting his pace back up

- Guess the two of you had all the time you needed, now.

ok…for some reason i haven’t seen anyone talk about this but it’s been eating away at me so i’m just gonna…talk about it.

in “ark of taujeer”, coran attempts to win over the red lion. it’s a funny scene bc coran is dressed up in yet another ridiculous outfit (between this and space mall, does he have a huge wardrobe hidden somewhere?), lists off his full name, and the red lion totally ditches him. but?? like?? also??

[image: coran standing in front of the red lion saying “finally, alfor. i will walk in your footsteps!”]

alfor was totally the red paladin, right???

it’s a passing reference and i can get why it was overlooked. i think some people believe it just means alfor was a paladin in general? but let me talk about why it would be so, so good for alfor to be the red paladin.

  • for alfor being a paladin in general: there’s the “father, we must form voltron!” scene that’s been frequently mentioned (paladin allura??), as well as how it makes sense for the leaders of two major species to both be paladins. BUT the ‘yellow armor’ people claim he’s in…isn’t actually paladin armor. i’m pretty sure it’s just a royal outfit.
  • red lion in galra captivity: alfor puts allura in the cryopod, which coran also ends up in at some point, but?? the castle ends up safe and hidden on a distant planet?? alfor seemed to have had a plan (“if all goes well, i will see you again soon”), but he must have separated from the castleship to enact it. it may be that alfor ordered the other paladins to hide their lions (with black remaining locked in the castle and sent away), but he himself was followed by a vengeful zarkon – or perhaps flew in to face him head on – and the red lion failed to escape.
  • drama potential: my guy, just imagine how pissed allura would be if the pilot of her father’s lion ended up being a galra – OH WAIT! it’s not that much a stretch bc she was pretty pissed about keith, huh? allura, of course, has plenty of reasons to be distrustful of a galra on her team, but if that was enflamed by the fact that this particular galra took the place of her father, who was killed by the galra, i think her anger is even more justified.
  • parallels: i’m…pretty sure that after zarkon went off the deep end, alfor became the new leader of voltron. wow, red being second-in-command? why does that sound familiar…
    • bonus black paladin allura potential!! the only decision we really saw alfor make was to scatter the lions instead of standing and fighting – a decision that he (or at least his AI) later admitted was a bad choice and he should have listened to allura. it sounds like the red paladin wasn’t really sure of what to do and somebody else should have been in charge, hmm…?
    • drama + parallel potential: if alfor really did try to face zarkon head on…and coran was still awake to witness it…i can imagine that there might’ve been an exchange such as “get out of there now! zarkon is too powerful!” “this is my chance to put an end to the galra empire! i have to take it!”
  • it’d be fukcing hilarious bro: imagine this character we’ve been built up to believe is a sage and wise and regal king, only to find out that this whole time he’s been a taller and slightly-more-mature keith.

anyway thank you for reading and please consider red paladin alfor from here on out.

You would be jamming out to No More Dream, unaware that Namjoon has been watching you this entire time. In the middle of the song you would do the splits and you got startled when Namjoon clapped. He would quickly turned off the song and carry you to the bedroom
“I wonder if you can do the splits on my dick baby*

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He would watch you with lust in his eyes as you did the splits while dancing to War of Hormone. He didn’t know you were able to do that and he was turned on to say the least
“Holy hell baby. Do that again but maybe naked this time”

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He knew that you were a dancer but didn’t know how good you were. So when he saw you spin then jump into the splits while dancing to 1Verse, he wondered what else you could do
“Somebody’s flexible..let’s see what else you can do”

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He would come with you to the dance studio and watched you dance to Autumn Leaves. He would be impressed as you slowly went into the splits. He would be really turned on by your flexibility.
“Shit babygirl that’s pretty hot.”

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You too planned on doing a dance together to his song Lie and during the bridge of the song, you lifted one of your legs behind your head and went into the splits. You look up and saw Jimin licking his lips and his eyes were full of lust.
“You see what you do to me? Now we have to take care of this”

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You guys would just be goofing off just dancing to random BTS songs in your apartment. As you danced to Baepsae, you did the splits and all of a sudden Tae had other plans.
“Let’s take this to the bedroom”

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Once he saw you do the splits while dancing to Blood Sweat and Tears, he would be a little shook but he got over it real quick and needless to say, he wanted to fuck you against the wall
“You look so sexy doing the splits. I want you to do them again after I fuck you.

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forget the fake dating plots, give me the fake engagement plots because it’s a hundred times more angst i mean?

  • when muse a has been telling their parents they’ve been seeing somebody and finally say they’re engaged to get them off their back, and then surprise!! the whole family ships out to meet the lucky person and they gotta suddenly scramble for a fake fiance/fiancee
  • when the person they ask is their friend and muse b has been secretly hiding that they actually have feelings but say yes just to get close to muse a and hopefully get rid of the feelings but god knows that doesn’t work
  • the moving in together and having to get used to sleepy faces and sleeping in the same room and awkwardly brushing their teeth in the morning but it eventually becomes very familiar and natural
  • meeting the family!!! listening to embarrassing stories and cute naked baby pics while muse a sits around moping bc “mooomm why are you showing these i asked you to burn these”
  • having to practice being affectionate so it looks real
  • “what do you mean kiss? right now? in front of the whole family?”
  • “kiss me right now in front of the whole family”
  • what becomes normal hand holding and touching even when they’re not in public
  • mom/grandmother bringing their old wedding dress and insisting muse b trying it on and it’s huge on her but the mom/grandmother is crying and muse a comes in and the dress is literally falling off muse b and their family members are crying in the corner
  • the family throwing a bridal shower and the couple casually cheating to win the newlywed game
  • actual bridal dress shopping!!! when muse b tries on ‘the dress’ and everybody is like omg…and muse a is like “shit shit these are real feelings ABORT MISSION ABORT MISSION
  • when the family leaves and the two try and go back to normal but deny there are any real feelings :(
  • when muse a starts dating somebody else and their family is like “they’re okay but i liked muse b better”
  • A N G S T
Netflix night.

Author’s Note: Hi guys! How are you? I hope everything’s right. I bring you here a one-shot of fluffy Steve! I hope you all like it! I promise one day I’ll continue the series I have been writing, okay? Sorry!

Warnings: FLUFF. And some ass smacking 

Words: 1,126.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader.

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I saw something like this and decided to share my own

Things I love about critical role:

- the way grog and pike talk with each other and the little voices they use

- when scanlan sings and everyone joins in (literally my favorite, especially mid battle when everyone’s stressed and you know it’s exactly the momentary relief they need)

- vax using his crazy stealth to prank vex and grog

- when keyleth or someone who’s trying to Do Good™ looks to pike for support and pike kinda shrugs with a “Well…" because she's part of the shenanigans herself

- taliesin’s "that’ll do"s

- the little gnomes always rolling low initiative and scanlan saying he was preoccupied with his flute playing or some Unimportant Thing

- Matt making kickass NPC voices on the spot

- the side conversations and jokes that happen while someone is talking to Matt

- when you can see them interact and makes faces at each other from different tables

- keyleth when her voice gets soft and high and optimistic

- vex when her voice gets low and sultry and coy

- when vax runs into something without consulting the group and they all collectively face palm/panic

- when a party member does something and Matt’s eyes go wide and he laughs because holy shit he didn’t see that one coming but boy is it marvelous

- "How Do You Want To Do This?” followed by a collective: "WHAAAAA!!!“ and near table flipping

- when keyleth casts a spell and marisha’s shoulders turn and her front hand comes up in a reaching/grasping motion

- percy trying to be all diplomatic and adult and then Taliesin just losing it because grog said something quietly across the room

- when grog says something quietly across the room and ashley’s the only one to hear it but she’s too focused so it doesn’t register for a second but then it does and they just laugh in the corner together

- vex calling everyone darling

- laura getting frazzled and saying "well i’m just gonna shoot it again!” in a really distressed voice and everyone reassuring saying “no no that’s good” and “yeah do that”

- scanlan mentioning his many titles

- the shits

- when they all are legitimately crying because this shit is real

- when grog and scanlan go off together

- lady kima being salty towards scanlan

- pike being in awe of lady kima because that woman is badass

- literally everything about Gilmore

- scanlan trying to leave trinket behind all the time and vex getting worked up and annoyed because he’s helpful scanlan

- when travis wants to say something so bad and you know it’s painful to hold back but he has to because grog wouldn’t say it

- magic poop?

- when somebody is about to do something questionable and they look to everyone else and they are all being like “no don’t do it” meanwhile scanlan and grog are grinning and nodding from behind them

- the fleeting look of panic when Matt has everyone roll initiative

- all of vex’s reactions all the time

- when matt is describing something and somebody asks for clarification and then get excited because he described it just like they saw in the head

- when travis starts dancing

- when vax leans back on the bench to disappear and when laura does the same thing but because she’s laughing too hard

- the fact that I can’t interchange the characters and the players' names because they’re different people to me and the reaction that travis has is completely different to the reaction the grog would’ve had

- when two characters are having their own moment and everyone else is reacting and making faces and trying desperately to not make too much noise

- Ashley rolling for a check and pausing for a second and asking about having advantage or getting a bonus before eventually trailing off and saying “so… I rolled a four.” and everyone laughing because oh my god Ashley is the cutest

- the sun tree and the fact that matt not only does the voice but the whole persona as well

- dagger dagger dagger

- “I would like to rage”

- scanlan lowkey saving the entire party from huge conflicts all the time because he’s so amazing and charismatic and deceitful

- honestly just the entire show it has consumed my life I love it so much

Soulmate AU: Soulmates Get Reincarnated with Their Memories Usually Intact

P/N = Previous Life’s Name

The images were usually very fragmented and fuzzy for you but if you focused hard enough and just long enough, you could make them out.

It was the 70s, you were in a hospital bed, and you could see his silhouette. He was tall yet the furthest thing from intimidating, even as he stood over you, saying something. You could never really make out exactly what the words were, but judging by the tone of concern that surrounded them, you could tell that they were words of worry. Maybe even a light scolding. You felt his hands cup your face and his lips pressed to your forehead. If you looked down, you’d see that your leg was in a large cast.

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Rose x Ten, post GitF-au/fixit; angst, fluff, romance, more angst, and possibly some smut later, but this part (and all parts on ff.net) is sfw (minor exception for brief language).

(see the end of this part for notes and special thanks)

(full-size image)

Minuet, Part II

Part I | Part II | Part III

Twisting in his grasp, Rose cranes her neck to look at him, finally, and there he is, all furrowed brow and tight mouth and eyes glittering with anger, and god, if she wasn’t so irritated with him right now, she just might kiss him.

“That’s what you were going to do, isn’t it?” she asks instead.


Eyes widening, the Doctor only has a moment to let his mouth drop open in surprise before another gentleman steps in—time to change dance partners. Rose slips into position with the newcomer without so much as a blink or even a glance in the Doctor’s direction, never faltering in her rhythm; a quick peek at the Doctor moments later tells her that he has allowed himself to be swept up in the tide of dancers, sidling up to his new partner across the room.

Rose turns away, swirling in her partner’s arms, but she can feel the eyes of the Doctor boring into her. She shivers despite the summer heat.

“That’s beside the point,” he whispers when they meet again, touching palm-to-palm first with one hand, then the other. “I’m a Time Lord.”

“Really? First I’ve heard of it,” Rose replies drily.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time, Rose. A very long time. I understand the risks.”

Rose rolls her eyes. “And stupid apes don’t.”

At least the Doctor has the decency to flinch at those words. “That isn’t what I meant.”

“Of course it is,” Rose sighs, and they both step back, granting a berth for other dancers to flit gracefully between them. “After all,” Rose continues when they reconnect, hands clasped, “I’m hardly one of the most accomplished women who ever lived, am I?”

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Open Your Eyes - Stiles (part 3)

Stiles x Reader

Y/N) is the new student at Beacon Hills High School and she has a secret. Being born blind, she was never able to see a thing, until she was attacked by a wild animal. To this day she has never told anyone about it. So will she do it now?

Word count: 2584

Other parts: Part 1  - Part 2 - Part 4 - part 5 -

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“What were you thinking!” my mom shouted at me from the passenger’s seat once we got into the car. I didn’t say anything. Not because I was ignoring my mother, but simply because I had no idea what to say. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I was thinking in the first place. And everything because of those beautiful whisky eyes… 

“(Y/N)! Are you even listening?”

“Of course I am, mother,” I said, as calmly as I could. 

“So what did I just say?” she crossed her arms and looked at me with great expectations. I just sighed and didn’t respond. That was clearly enough for my mother. 

“Well, I hope you had enough alone time with your friend up there, because I forbid you to see him.” Soon after she said it, she realised that she made a big mistake with her word choice. “You know what I mean.” 

 I did. But that didn’t even bother me. What was stuck in my mind, was how she said that word: friend. It was so full of disgust. So what? Now I couldn’t be friends with boys? My mom always had problems with me hanging out with the male gender, but it never went this far. Well, then again, I never ran away from a dinner party before with somebody of the male gender. 

 “Fine.” I said, “But I do want to let you know that he was the only person today that did not think I was a freak.” 

“I really do not care now!” 

“Honey!” my father finally spoke up from behind his steering wheel. He gave my mom a stern look, but she totally ignored it. At least he tried. That was probably the only thing you could do with my mom: try. Especially if she was angry. And in this case she was pissed. 

 At home I was directly send to my room. Which was fine, as I did not want to talk to my parents anyway. And if I went to sleep now, I could see Stiles again. 

The next morning, I was woken up by my father for a change. 

 “Wake up sweetie.” he said softly. I opened my eyes and was greeted with my own reflection from my glasses. My dad put them into my hand and I put them on. “There are some clothes on the chair. Put them on. Breakfast will be ready in a bit.” and he left, closing the door behind him.  

I got up and looked at the clothes that were neatly left for me. It was a simple black t shirt with some skinny jeans and a hoodie. I put it on and walked to the kitchen, with my cane in my hand. 

 My mom was already up and cooking. She didn’t say a word to me. Drama queen. I sat down and she shoved a plate of food in front of me. I ate it without commenting. 

 When I was done with my breakfast, dad told me to get the rest of my stuff because we were leaving in a few minutes. I walked back to my room and got my books. I put them into my backpack and with that I was ready. My dad was already waiting for me, so we could quickly leave for school. 

 At the end, I did say a quick “Bye,” to my mom, but obviously she just ignored me. 

As if it became a tradition, neither I nor my father spoke while driving. I started to get used to it. Not talking was definitely easier than making up lies as answers to their stupid and unnecessary questions. 

Finally arriving in the parking lot of the school, I opened the door, but I was stopped by my father: “Do I have to walk you to the entrance?”

“No, it’s fine, a friend is actually picking me up from here,” I lied. 

“Well, than I’ll wait until she gets here.” I wanted to tell him he shouldn’t, but as if on  queue, Lydia’s car drove into the parking lot. I released a deep breath that I didn’t know I was holding. She parked right next to my father’s car and once she got out, she greeted me with a wide smile and a hug. 

 “(Y/N)! Good morning.” 

 “Morning,” I said a bit awkwardly. I did not expect her to be a morning person. She finally let go of me and said a quick hello to my dad. He, in his turn, just waved and drove off. 

 “He seems-”

“Don’t. Just don’t finish that sentence.” I sighed. “Let’s go inside.” Lydia agreed and we walked towards the school. But surprisingly, we were stopped in our footsteps when my father’s car almost drove us over. Lydia stopped my right in time, otherwise I would have been a pancake. He rolled down his window and looked at Lydia. 

“Here are mine and her mothers numbers and out adress. If something happens call one of us. But better call me.”

“Okay, thank you sir.” she said unsure. Of course, my dad didn’t say anything back, just nodded his head slightly and drove off again.  

It was still quite empty in the building. I even think we were the only ones here. 

“So, how was the dinner,” Lydia surprised me with the question. How did she even know about it. 

 “Yeah, Stiles SKYPE’d all of us afterwards and told us about it,” she explained and I immediately started to blush. I started to wonder about what exactly he told them. But, did anything happen actually? 

 “Oh.” I simply said after a while. From the corner of my eye, I could see Lydia give me small smile. We stopped in front of her locker and she put some books in it. Slowly, people started to turn up. 

 “Hey guys,” I heard Malia’s voice from afar. She walked up to us. She was still looking at me the same way as yesterday. Fortunately, she didn’t comment on it this time. She started to talk to Lydia and I tried not to listen. I looked around, without looking like I was actually looking, for somebody else I knew. 

“Scott, shut up,” a voice erupted from the end of the hall. A few seconds later. Stiles showed up through the crowd. He smiled when he saw me, but I obviously couldn’t return the favour. 

 “Hey, (Y/N). You going to your locker?”

“Yes actually. Do you want to join me?” 

 “It would be an honour.” he lightly bowed down and I had to hold in a giggle. Why was he so adorable? 

 Stiles said a quick “hey” to the girls, took my hand and lead me to our lockers. Even though more and more people started to show up in the hallways, it was still empty where we were supposed to be. We stopped in front of my locker and I unlocked it. Stiles was leaning against the wall next to me and just looking at me with a small smile. It was a bit strange, but I enjoyed it. 

 “So, last night,” he said once I closed my locker again. 

 “What about it.” 

 Stiles thought for a second. I could see he was bothered by something. “Uhm, nevermind.” he shrugged and walked to his locker. I followed him with my eyes from behind m dark glasses. As usual, he looked amazing. His dark hair was up and messy. His shirt showed off every feature that needed to be showed off. But what amazed me the most was, how he didn’t notice how good he looked. From the other side of the hallway, I saw two girls looking at him and when he turned around to say hi, they immediately started to blush. And there were plenty of other girls who would react the same. 

 “So, I was thinking,” he said after a minute, “would you like to hang out today, after school?”

“I would love to,” I said, but quickly my smile faded, “But my mom kind of forbid me to hang out with you after, you know.” 



 “Well, I have lacrosse practice today, so if you want, you can come by and we can talk there.” he suggested. 

 “Don’t you need the… I don’t know, practice then.” 

 “Oh no. I don’t really do anything there. I’m pretty bad.” I wanted to say that I was sure he was better than he thought, but right at that moment, the bell rang, so we had to head to class. Just like yesterday, Stiles guided me to the class. And the next one too. And the one after that. And also to lunch. 

We were the first to arrive at the table so we just ate in silence and waited until the rest arrived. 

“Hey, guys,” I heard Scott say once he arrived at the table with Kira. They sat next to each other, opposite of Stiles and I,  and to be honest, I was so jealous of how cute they looked together. Stiles started to talk to his best friend and without realisation, he put his arm on the back rest of the chair I was sitting on for support. I knew it was no big deal, his arm wasn’t round me it was just behind me. But I just couldn’t help but smile to myself at the thought of being embraced by… 

 “(Y/N)?” My thoughts were broken by somebody calling my name. 

 “Huh? Sorry, what were you saying?” I asked, whoever had called me. 

“I was asking if you know anything about lacrosse.”  Scott repeated himself.

 “Uhm, not really. I don’t know anything about any sport.” I said a bit unsure. I felt so stupid. So… alone. Nobody knew what it was like to be like me. No one could relate or genuinely say: “I know what you mean” or “I know that feeling”. Because they don’t. I mean: How many people that are born blind, get attacked by an wild animal and get their sight back. But of course, they don’t want to be turned into a science experiment, so they still have to pretend to be blind. Only this time, they also have a gigantic scar across their face. 

 “That’s okay. I will tell you everything about it,” Stiles said with a big smile as he, this time for real, put his arm around me and gave me a sideways hug. I thanked him and hugged him back. I gelt everybody at the table looking at us. Together with Lydia and Malia that had just joined us. I could see that Malia was trying very hard not to stare at me like she did the day before, because she only looked very quickly at me and Stiles and never made “eye contact” with me ever again. It made me very uneasy. There was definitely something about me that she didn’t like. 

The bell rang and I walked with Scott, who I shared my next lesson with, to the classroom. He was very sweet, but nothing compared to Stiles. 

“What do you think?” 

“Of what?” I answered his question with another one. 

“Beacon Hills, School, S-” he coughed, ‘uhum, us.” 

“Everything is great. Except for the fact that my mom hates it that, for the first time in my life, I’m making friends.” Scott clearly did not know what to say. Who would blame him?  After sometime, he finally managed to say something: “I’m sure she’ll get over it quickly.” right at the point that we stepped into the room. For reassurance, I sat down next to Scott. 

The class was very boring. Just like the other teachers today (and yesterday) clearly heard of what happened at ECON, so nobody had asked me to introduce myself or put my glasses off. I was officially the creepy new girl that even the teachers were afraid. Just what I wanted to be. 

After the last lesson of the day, I was dragged outside by Lydia to the bleachers of the lacrosse field. Malia was sitting behind us and I could feel her eyes drilling into the back of my head. 

 “(Y.N)” Stiles yelled my name. I immediately felt my cheeks heat up. Fortunately, the girls didn’t notice it. Or at least, they didn’t comment on it.  

Stiles walked up to us and he sat down next to me. I don’t how or why, but he managed to look even amazing in a simple, old, grey shirt and some track pants. In his hands, he held his lacrosse stick. As he sat down, he accidentally poked me with it in the leg. 

 “Sorry,” he apologised. I told him that it was fine. “You wanna hold it? Like, know what it actually is that I poked you with. Wow, that sounded terrible.” 

“Yeah, sure.” I laughed at his rambling. He handed me his stick. It surprisingly felt lighter than what I imagined it would feel like. Which was still a bit heavy, but it was doable. I put my hands on the top of the stick, where the net it, and felt it. It felt rough and old. A bit worn out too. 

 “You probably have to get a new net. This one feels a bit old,” I told him. Stiles did not seem to be amused by my comment. 

 “HEY KIDS, LOOK OUT!” suddenly somebody shouted from the field. I looked in front of me just to see a small white ball rushing towards me and getting bigger and bigger. Without thinking I swung with the stick and expecting to get hit in the face, I hud behind Stiles, but nothing happened. Instead, people started to cheer. I sat up straight again and looked at the stick that I was holding. This time, there was a heavy, white lacrosse ball in it.  

“Hey, girl. That was amazing. Can you throw it back now?” the coach yelled. 

 “I don’t think she can!” Malia yelled from behind me. 

 “I probably could with some help.” I looked to Stiles with a little smile. We stood up and he put his arms around me, embracing me completely as we held the lacrosse stick together. He showed me where my hands had to be positioned and then turned me to the right position so I would actually throw it in the direction of the coach. Unfortunately, then he let go. I realised there was some wind rushing to the the left, so I swung a bit more to the right. Everybody watched the ball as it flew through the air. It passed coach, but landed perfectly in the net of a stick that was laying on the ground. 

 The small audience on the bleachers erupted in cheers and yells. It actually scared me to realise how many people saw that. “Oh my god! Did I hit somebody?” I asked Stiles, looking a bit a scared. His expression changed very quickly. Before I was looking at him, he seemed to be extremely confused, just like Malia yesterday. As soon as he looked at me, he gave me a wide smile and hugged me. 

 “You did absolutely great.” 

 “That doesn’t really answer my question. I have a feeling that you would be extremely amused by me hitting any person on that field.” 

 “True. Sadly, no. You didn’t hit anyone. In fact, you threw the ball straight into a net of a stick. How the hell did you do that? Are you like Daredevil or something?” 



Your Speed

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

Summary: Your life was amazing: you were co-captain of the Vixens with your best friend Cheryl, you dated Veronica Lodge, and you had straight A’s. But Cheryl thinks your life could be better without your girlfriend.

A/N: Thank you anon! This one is so cool.

Pairing: Veronica x reader (feat. angry Cheryl)

Warnings: Swearing, cuddling, bit of tears

“Okay girls, practice is over. Don’t forget to stretch tonight, ice your legs and drink lots of water! Good job today. Same time tomorrow!”

To say you were the favorite co-captain of the Vixens was an understatement. The girls loved you. You were sweet, compassionate, kind, a great helper, and you gave them water breaks. Plus, you were dating the star girl on the team, Veronica Lodge. You two were a power couple. And everyone knew it. 

The girls were packing up, talking about the routine and classwork for that night. Betty called your name, asking you for notes history. As you went to the opposite corner of the gym, Cheryl approached Veronica.

“So, how long has your relationship been going on for? I mean, probably not long. And not for much longer, either.”

Veronica raised her eyebrows, and closed her water bottle, setting it on the ground.

“Almost three months, and what do you mean by that?”

Cheryl rolled her eyes and squatted down to her level.

“Listen, (Y/N) is amazing. One of the best flyers on this team. One of the smartest kids in our grade. But (Y/N) can do better than you. You are just… something else, Veronica Lodge. Maybe you can settle for somebody in the sad breakfast club? Or how about those geeks who sit by the trash? More your speed, am I right? Anyways, good job today. See you tomorrow.”

Cheryl stood up, winked at her, then walked away with a sway in her hips. She walked over to you, lightly grabbing your arm and tugging you away from Betty. Cheryl was talking about tomorrow’s plans and you saw Veronica grab her bag and leave the gym. Nodding to what Cheryl said, you watched her leave, sprinting out.

Veronica was on her bed, crying into the satin pillows. She held her phone in her hands, thumb over the send button. As she pressed the blue button, you opened her bedroom door.

“Hey, babe. What happened earlier today?”

You noticed her tears and walked over to her bed. You sat down and pulled her into your lap, wiping her tears. You pressed a kiss to her forehead, and Veronica hugged you tighter than she’d ever done before.

“Cheryl said you and I were gonna breakup. That I wasn’t good enough for you. She’s right, you’re too perfect and-”

You cut her off, pulling her into a kiss. You held her face in your hands, and her tears met with the kiss. Salt touched your tongue, which made warm tears fall from your eyes. You pulled away reluctantly, your foreheads still touching.

“If anything, you’re too good for me, Veronica Lodge. Don’t listen to Cheryl, she’s just jealous I have a beautiful girlfriend. Ronnie, I am in love with you, and you make Riverdale feel right. You’re my world.”

Veronica pulled you into a hug, throwing you two back on the bed. You two cuddled the rest of the night, walking into school the next day with hands clasped together.  At practices, you cheered for Veronica. You weren’t just a Vixen, you were a cheerleader for Veronica’s team, too.

Flustered || Peter Parker imagine

Peter walked around the common room in the Avengers HQ constantly muttering to himself. He was practicing for when Y/N would walk in and he would have to talk to them. It’s not like he didn’t want to. He did, very much but just didn’t know how. Going to Tony for advice had been helpful but he doubted that it was gonna make him stop sputtering like an idiot whenever Y/N was around.

“'Hey Y/N’,” he muttered. “‘How are you? You look good today!’ Today? What the hell Peter? They look good everyday. Alright then, not saying the today part.”

He looked around. “And now I’m just talking to myself. How perfect.” He stopped in front of the window where he could see himself in the reflection. “One of the many reasons why they’d never go out with you.”

“So what do you think is hiding in that vault?” Tony’s voice came from the hallway.

“Hard to tell. Could either be information we require or just a fluke. We can’t tell unless we go down there to investigate.” Another voice replied Tony’s question.

Peter’s heart skipped a beat. That was Y/N. He quickly ran a hand through his hair trying to make it tidy than it was. He swiveled around as they entered, still talking to Tony.

“You’re gonna take somebody with or fly solo?” Tony asked.

“Well everyone else is too busy. I’ll maybe ask Peter to come,” you said.

“Alright good plan. Now I gotta go do some sciency stuff,” he looked over at Peter and smirked. “Spiderling is already reporting to duty.” And with that he marched away.

Y/N spun around and a smile lit their face as they saw Peter. “Hey Peter! I didn’t see you there.”

“H-hey Y/N! Uh did I h-hear something about a mission?” Peter stuttered as he shoved his hands in the pockets of his hoodie.

“Yeah. They found a ravine with a hidden door. Everyone’s a little apprehensive to approach the area. Well everyone except me. And you if it’s alright?” Y/N inquired.

“Definitely, anything for you. Hopefully we don’t have to leave now?” Peter laughed a little.

“No don’t worry. I’ll swing by your place when we do have to leave. The Avengers here already have so much to do.” You walked over to him. “Hopefully Tony isn’t working you too much.”

Peter went a little red in his face. “No no no. He’s not actually. Not at all. He really wants me to focus on school and everything.”

“Yes well,” you grinned at him, making his face  even more red. “School is important.”

Silence fell as you just stood there together. Neither said a word as you just looked at each other smiling.

“Well uh,” Peter coughed. “I-I should go now. Aunt May is expecting me to be back any second.”

“Yeah of course.” You stepped more closer to him, reaching for the zipper on his hoodie. “Don’t freeze out there,” you smiled as you pulled up the zipper, your hand lingering for a moment before you pulled it back.

“I’ll try not to,” he breathed out, starting to walk away and trying his best to not trip over his feet.


All that matters (Peter Parker x Reader) (Part II)

Part 1: http://imaginingspiderman.tumblr.com/post/145750740393/you-deserved-it-peter-parker-x-reader

You had just made it home, ignoring your mother’s voice calling you for dinner, ignoring your little sister asking you what was wrong. Everything was wrong. Peter was stupid. He was going to get himself killed one day, and he didn’t even care. Did he not realize that you were scared for his safety? How would Aunt May react if she ever found out that her little boy was dead because he had been fighting crime?
You rushed into your bedroom, wanting to just lay on your bed and sleep all day. But when you got there, you saw Peter sitting there, still wearing his Spiderman suit.
‘Look, I’m sorry. What I said was wrong. I-I realize I haven’t been spending time with you anymore, and that makes me a horrible friend. I know. It’s just that I have been so busy lately. I know that’s no excuse -I wasn’t there when you needed me, and I regret it. I wish I had. I understand that you are worried, but you have to understand that I do it for a reason. I-I can’t risk having what happened to Uncle Ben happen to somebody else. I still feel guilty about knowing it was my fault. I could have stopped it, and I didn’t.’ Peter said. He sounded so genuinely hurt that it pained you to see him like that.
‘Peter, I understand. But you have to understand that I worry about you. I can’t help it. You are my best friend. You are everything I have. If I lost you… God, if I lost you, I would die. You… You are the reason I want to go on everyday. No matter if I have a rough day, you are always there to brighten it up with your smile and corny jokes. I can’t help but worry about you. Last year, you were just a scruffy little boy that didn’t know how to punch. And now you are fighting crime, swinging off of buildings and expecting me not to worry. It wasn’t your fault, Peter. The fact that bad people exist isn’t your fault. Yes, maybe you could have stopped it. But that doesn’t mean it was your fault. I could have stopped my dog from being run over by a car if I hadn’t let him out. But that doesn’t make it my fault. What happened to Uncle Ben was horrendous, but it was the man’s fault, not yours. You have to realize that. You are an amazing person, Peter, and that’s the reason-that’s the reason I love you.’ You said, tears in your eyes. Knowing your best friend still felt guilty hurt you.
You hadn’t even realized you had confessed your love to him until you felt his breath so close to your lips. His hand on your cheek, eyes looking directly at your lips. Looking up at your eyes, he softly said ‘can I?’, and didn’t even give you the chance to nod before softly kissing you, making the butterflies your stomach had been holding for so long fly free.
He was there, with you, and that was all that mattered.

Imagine being a slave to Ivar

Request: Can you do a series where Ivar has had a very shy nearly mute female slave that has looked after him since Ragnar gave her to him when they were small. Bonus points if he hates her the majority of the time because he thinks her weak, then falls for her after she does something to change his mind.

Summary: You are serving Ivar for a long time now and nothing really changed, you were terrified of him. That he prooves again during dinner when Sigurd challenged him. Because of that he want something else of you that night, something he never asked you before.
Words: 1656

Being born in this world wasn’t something you decided, just as you didn’t choose the place or status you were born in … in your case, as a slave in Kattegat. Being the dreamy type you always had some adventures in you head during your usual work. You thought how life would be if you could travel around, you liked to go travelling. Sometimes you were a little jealous when the raidingsparty from Björn departured. It would be amazing, seeing things in the world other than Kattegat were you lived already your whole life. ‘Y/n!’ His voice was sharpe, demanding and you startled right awake out of your daydreaming. You turned around, facing those hard bleu eyes of him. Yes, you were his slave, a slave from a cripple and he treated you like his personal toy or punshingbag. He showed you his empty cup and you rushed over with the ale, pouring his cup full again. All that time he looked at you with his piercing blue eyes. It didn’t only maked you uncomfortable, you were terrified of him. Margrethe looked at you from the other side, with eyes full of compassion. The other brothers always felt silent when Ivar demanded something from you. You saw Ubbe look with some kind of caring in his eyes while Hvitserk chew on a piece of bread. Sigurd was always angry so he looked at his brother with the same hatered as usual. 'Don’t look at them.’ Ivar commanded. You looked down to the ale in his cup and than towards him.
'Sorry Ivar.’ It wasn’t more than a whisper before you shuffled away. He was very clear about you, nobody could have you, nobody could touch you and centainly nobody could interfere with how he treated you.
‘Can you fill my cup to Y/n?’ Sigurd asked. Sigurd was the exception on that part, he tried to push Ivar to the limits, tried convinsing you to step over the boundary Ivar had made. You tried hard to keep your eyes at Ivar while he was looking at his brother with so much heat you knew he would let his rage out on you later. He killed a little boy when he was young, what should whole him back of killing you in sush a mood.
‘My sons.’ Aslaug interrupted the moment by walking in. You looked up to the woman who immidiatly saw the situation between Sigurd and Ivar.
‘Leave uss.’ She nodded towards you and Margrethe. She left, in a hurry but you looked at Ivar, knowing he was the only one who could give sush a command. But he nodded and you rushed after Margrethe.

She was kind of your best friend here, Margrethe and she always told you everything. She even told you about what Ivar did to her. ‘You should be carefull around him Y/n.’ She said soflty. Why it was you that was his slave you had to thank to Ragnar, he gave you years ago, just before he dissapeared and never came back.
‘It’s not like I have another choise Margrethe.’ You whispered, looking down to your own chest were you rolled a strand of hair between your fingers.
‘You can go.’
‘He would take it out on you.’ You replied. He did it once already, because she had his other brohers. And if you could, where would you go, all by yourself? Margrethe folded her hands around yours and you looked up to her.
‘Just do what he wants and please be carefull.’ She smiled concerned. She always cheered you up. You didn’t felt a stupid girl when she was around, you were equals.
‘I lived for so many years with him already, I can handle a little bit more.’ You tried to see it positif. You saw Hvitserk walking out, looking at the both of you and Margrethe jumped up.
‘Be carefull.’ She warned you again. You nodded and looked how she shy walked over to Hvitserk. If only those brothers could see what you really are, but know …you and Margrethe were just slaves, though she had more luck then you had.

Ivar was still angry when you filled his bath that night. Despite the fact that it was way to late for you to be still working … with him you were always as alert and focussed as you could be. No mistakes or you would regret it. ‘Why did you looked at my brothers?’ He asked, sitting straight in the bad. You looked at the water that you poured in the bad.
‘Because they were looking at me.’
‘And why aren’t you looking at me now?’ He asked further. You jerked your head around, immidiatly searching for his gaze and you found it. He was amused by your fast reaction and splashed some water in to your face.
‘Is there something else you can properly do other than being a slave?’ He asked you just when you walked away with the bucket. You frooze a little and turned slowly around, reminding yourself to look at him once in a while.
‘It’s the only thing that matters.’ You answered carefully. He tilted his head a little, looking at you with another kind of look and you swallowed slowly.  
‘Did you never do something other than being a slave?’ Was this an interrogation?
‘I’m only here to please you Ivar.’ You reacted out of instinct. He smiled, a dark smile … in some way he could be verry attractive but it was the danger in his mind that kept you as far away from him as possible.
‘Good, undress and get in the bad.’ He commanded you. You just stood there, watching him hoping for a little joke to follow … but he wasn’t. He never asked for something like this before, certainly not after what happened with Margrethe.
‘Y/n, you said it yourself, you are here to please me so,’ he pointed towards the other side of the bad. ‘pleace me.’ He mocked. And he knew you never answered back so he watched how you walked to the bad, somewhere not far from him and looked down over your sloppy dress. You took a deep breath before pushing the dress over your shoulders, leaving you completly naked before him. He reached for your hand, pulling you a step closer. Your cheeks were burning like hell but you looked down at him. He was admiring you, his fingertips softly stroking the skin of your thights. You body reacted, spreading goosebumps all over your arms. ‘Never thought you had a body like this.’ He softly murmured. You wanted to say something like; maybe you should look harder, but you didn’t. You closed your eyes when his fingertips stroke down your leg. ‘Get in.’ And you did. The water was warm, welcomed you to sit down. You pulled your legs up against your body, wrapping your hands around it, your chin resting on your knees when you looked back at him. ‘Did Margrethe told you that I can’t please a woman?’
‘No.’ But maybe you said it a little to fast after.
‘You’re lying. You think I don’t know you after all those years Y/n? Your weak, you always will be.’ He said with a straight face.
‘I’m sorry Ivar.’
‘Did she told you?’ You nodded in a reply. ‘There are other ways to please me, other than keeping me warm and filling my bad.’ He got further on the subject. You knew where this was heading and you felt cold again.
‘You want me to,’
‘Come closer.’ He intterupted you. You looked a little scared maybe because he narrowed his eyes a little. ‘I’m not gonna bite, yet. Aside for my mother you are the one woman that is truly loyal to me.’ He explained. Was that something that should comfort you? You tried to find some balance in the bath, the little space and his cripple legs didn’t maked it much easier. But as soon you were in his reach he wrapped his strong fingers around your throat and pulled you closer, leaving you no choise than to put your hands on his bare chest. His eyes looked like dacing blue fire and it didn’t really work out to get your eyes away. You sad practicly on his lap, feeling his narrow legs underneath you.
‘I would never do something to hurt you.’ You whispered. This was how Margrethe must have felt when he was with her. His fingers got away from your neck, playing with a strand of your hear. He was in thoughts for a moment, you didn’t try to moved but when you shifted a little of your weight he looked up from your hair again.
‘Good.’ He nodded slowly, getting his confident back, that cocky smile of his. ‘So please me.’ He commanded. You opened your mouth, what was he suggesting? You looked over his body before you looked back at him.
‘I never,’ your words got lost in the way he guided your hand down over his body. ‘If Margrethe couldn’t please you, why you think I can?’ You asked with a tiny voice. He pulled his body a little up, facing you with just inches apart.
‘You know me better.’ He smiled dark.
‘What do you want me to do?’ You asked, obaying everything he asked. His hand had led yours towards his crotch. You looked down for a moment.
‘Use that gorgeous body of yours to please me.’ He answered with no shame.
‘Something else?’
‘Stay afterwards.’ He followed. For a tiny moment you saw something different in his eyes, something vulnerable. You never believed somebody could be only bad … so you believed a little … believed that there underneath all that anger and arrogance still was a little bit of love he could share with the word. But his words keep repeating in your head, your weak … you always will be and he hated you for that. He was using you … he always would.

Note: Feels kinda crappy written … My head is still with the previous series I guess. But don’t know, feedback? Is it good or should I stop and try again? Doubts, always the doubts =/

Mrs. Malfoy (Draco Malfoy)

Requested: Yes, I hope this is what you imagined

Summary: Draco proposes to reader after dating for a long time

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Enjoy :)


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Lost Angel

A/N: I honestly hate myself for this! I cried my eyes out, even imagining this hurt so much! Enjoy and leave your comments behind! I may do a little bonus part! Depends on you guys! Picture is not mine!

 I slam the door behind me as I enter my bedroom, leaning against it. My body feels numb and I have no strength left in me anymore. My eyes are red and swollen from the uncountable tears I’ve shared no long time ago and all I do feel is pain. An unimaginable pain that kills me from the inside. An unimaginable pain that stabs me like thousand knives. An unimaginable pain that tears me apart. My legs no longer can hold me steady and I slid down the door, wrapping my arms around them and starting to sob again. How can my day end like this?

My happiest night turned out to be my worst nightmare. I still cannot process everything that happened in the last few hours. Everything went so fast and I couldn’t prevent it from happening. I have struggled with all my might but I wasn’t strong enough. I wasn’t strong enough to protect him. I wasn’t strong enough to keep him safe. I have literally failed.

Why? Is all I can think about. Why did it happen? Why did I have to lose him? Why? Why? Why?

My throat begins to ache as I scream out this question over and over again. Over and over again until I cannot handle it anymore and my vocal cords feel sore. I weigh my body back and forth, back and forth, trying to calm down but I can’t. The pain, oh the pain in my chest is too heavy. I feel like I’m dying. I feel like someone knocked the air out of my lungs. I feel like someone ripped my heart out of my chest, stomping on it in front of my eyes.

I want him back, just want him back. His kiss that he gave me for the last time still lingers on my lips. The feeling of his arms wrapping around my waist is still present. His beautiful scent, I can smell it like he’s right next to me. But he isn’t, not anymore. I will never see him again.

I will never have the chance to kiss him again. To feel him and to talk to him all day long. All these chances are taken away from me. No more hugs, no more late night calls, no more “I love you’s” escaping from his beautiful lips. If I had known what the night would turn into, I would have never agreed to go to this fucking party.

The darkness of my room is a perfect contrast to what I feel now. Empty. My other half is gone, leaving me alone with emptiness and a broken heart.

Still sobbing and choking, I tug at my hair. I try to erase the memory from this night, but I fail. That moment, that horrible moment is burnt deep in the back of my head. I think it’s my fault even though I know it’s not. I take the whole responsibility of what happened this night even though I shouldn’t. Because I had no control over what happened.  As I open my eyes, I can see it again, live in front of me. His motionless body.

“No!” I shake my head heavily. “No! No!” I want these images to leave my mind and never come back again. I never want to be reminded of the actions of this night. Never.

“Marcel…” I whimper out. “Please come back to me… please baby…”

-Few hours ago-

“Look at the stars. They’re shining very bright tonight, don’t you think?” Marcel pointed to the sky. We were strolling over the huge football field of our school, enjoying each other’s presence. His hand felt warm in mine as we walked around.

I looked up, staring at the stars that decorated the dark sky, shining like little diamonds. The wind lightly blew at our faces and the atmosphere fitted perfectly to the moment I was able to spend with Marcel.

“They’re beautiful.” I commented.

“Just like you, sweetheart.” He answered, kissing my temple.

“Aww, stop Marcel.” I pushed him gently away, my cheeks turning red from his compliment.

“But it’s true!” He laughed and pushed me back against his chest. I wrapped my arms around his neck, my face nestled into the crook of his neck. If you’d asked me, we could have stayed there all night long, in the middle of the huge football field, like this. Being in each other’s arms. I felt his strong heart beat against my chest. A wonderful sound that always calmed me down when I had to deal with anxiety or stress. My fingers wandered up his neck, playing with the tiny curls that he couldn’t treat with hair gel.

A pleased hum came out from his mouth. “Do you want to go back to the party?” He asked.

I shook my head no, rather spending some time with my boyfriend where nobody could disturb us. Also, I had no desire to meet all those people who had fun with making my Marcel’s life a living hell.

A few of them were supposed to be my best friends and I felt disgusted that I once hung out with them. I belonged to the famous students in our school but traded that label against going out with Marcel. And I didn’t even care. I didn’t care for fame. I didn’t care if the other’s described me as the nerd’s girlfriend. I was totally content with that name and I couldn’t complain about it.

“Come on, let’s take a seat.” Marcel suggested, leading us to the benches. As we sat down, he wrapped his arms around my shoulders, keeping me warm at the same time. I’ve already gone out with many but no one ever made me feel like Marcel did. Special.

He treated me the way I need to be treated, with care, respect and love. Not even my ex Jason, also one of the famous boys in school, managed to give me those things. We have been dating, yeah, but I think for him it was more about being the hottest couple in the entire school. He never gave me the feeling that he was really interested in me. I think worked more for our relationship than he did.

“I can’t wait to graduate.” I said, leaning on his shoulder. In a few months, we would finish school. I couldn’t wait for it any longer. Marcel and I decided to move in together and to study in the same university. I was so ready to leave everything of this life behind me and to start a new chapter. I was looking forward for our common future. One day, I would marry him and we would have lots of children playing in the back yard of our huge house. Just the thought of it let my heart doing flips. A smile crept its way on my lips and Marcel noticed.

“What are you thinking about?” He inquired, giving me a loving kiss on my head. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of his sweet gesture.

“I’m just imagining our coming future. You and me as a married couple with children. I’m really looking forward to that moment.”

“Oh my pretty angel.” Marcel said. “I can’t wait for it too. If you ask me, I would want us to marry and having babies now but we’re too young. First, we have to concentrate on our career. And when the times there and we both feel ready for it, I will go down on my knees and ask you to marry me. It’ll be special, I promise.”

“Marcel…” I whispered, tears threatening to fall down my cheeks. Sometimes, he made me so emotional that I couldn’t help but tear up about the promises that he makes me.

“Don’t cry my, love.” He responded, wiping away the single tear that escaped my eye.

“I love you so much, Marcel.” I mumbled, bending forward to capture his lips with mine.

“I love you too, my angel.” He murmured before our lips met to a passionate kiss.

Thousand butterflies erupted in my stomach and I felt tingles running through my entire body, every single part of me felt alive. Words could not describe how much love I felt for this young man in my arms. How much I admired and adored him. He was my everything. The air for my lungs. The reason why I woke up every day and went through life. The reason for my smile. I would never be able to love somebody else as much as I loved Marcel.

As we pulled back, a genuine smile decorated our soft lips.

“Do you want to go home?” He asked and I nodded. We stood up, his body pressed to my side as we walked along the whole field to the gate.

And that’s the moment where the nightmare began.

We noticed someone shouting in the middle of the night, probably some drunk students from school. There was a party taking place and everyone was invited. We saw them coming towards us. My nails dug into Marcel’s arm, an uneasy feeling was overwhelming me.

And as I realized that it was Jason and two of his friends, I felt more insecure. Normally, I wasn’t afraid of Jason but when he was drunk, he was someone else.

“Look who we have here!” Jason slurred, he was completely drunk. “(Y/N) and Marcel! What a lovely surprise! Haven’t expected you guys to be here! What were you doing?”

His two friends laughed and I rolled my eyes, clearly had no desire for his stupid behavior.

“Hey Jason.” Marcel said, standing in front of me like a shield and trying to protect me from my ex boyfriend. “We were about to go.” We tried to pass the three wasted boys however Jason pushed us back.

“But we just came!” He whined. “Why don’t you guys stay here and we have a little bit fun, huh?” His eyes wandered down my body, licking his lips. I felt disgusted and uneasy under his gaze. Marcel held me closer to himself.

“No thank you.” He spat.”We are going now.” I admired Marcel’s braveness. I was ashamed that I couldn’t say a single word.

Jason’s eyes turned into a darker shade and it scared me. He still couldn’t bear the fact that I let him down for Marcel. His stupid big ego didn’t understand and he refused to let it go and move on. Even though he knew I had another boyfriend he still chased after me. I knew he wanted a pay back. He wanted his revenge. And now, his veins filled with alcohol he made a dangerous appearance.

I felt a firm grip on my wrist, pulling me away from Marcel. “You can go, Nerd. We will have fun without you, right (Y/N)?” Jason growled.

“Let me go, Jason!” I ordered, trying to get rid of his grab. But he refused to take his hand off of me.

“Leave my girlfriend alone!” Marcel interfered, pushing Jason hardly away from me. Jason stumbled back, almost falling to the ground (he was that drunk), but managed to keep his balance.

“Look at that!” Jason laughed. “The nerd finally showing his balls! Very cute.”

“Stop it, Jason!” I shouted. I wanted to prevent a fight between both sides and just go home as soon as possible.

“What?” Jason laughed. It was obvious that he found it amusing.”C’mon (Y/N), you know I’m better than he is and he’ll ever be. Come with me and I will make you feel good.”

“It’s not the way you treat a woman, you asshole.”  Marcel said, anger was boiling in his veins I could tell.

“What did you just say?” Jason shouted, triggered by the word.

“Asshole. You’re an asshole. That’s what I’ve said. You’re sick, Jason. You have no respect for woman or for anyone else. You just care about yourself! And you shall be true man? I feel sorry for you!”

And that was a moment for Jason to explode. No one was ever allowed to insult or underestimate his masculinity. “You’re going to pay for this, you fucking wanker!”

He punched Marcel on his nose, making him fall to the ground.

“Marcel!” I screamed, wanting to help but I was held back by one of Jason’s friends. He held me tight so I couldn’t escape out of his arms.

I had to watch how Jason and his other friend began to beat the shit out of my boyfriend. They wouldn’t stop kicking him. “Stop!” I cried. “Please stop!” I couldn’t bear to see him getting hurt. Tears wouldn’t stop streaming down my cheeks, and no matter how much I struggled to get to my boyfriend, it didn’t worked.

One of them hit Marcel on his chest and he let out a suffocated sound. It was an agonizing sound in my ears. Marcel had struggles to breathe. His upper body lifted and fell slowly. And it hit me. Marcel had a heart issue. They would kill him if they didn’t stop now. “Jason! Please stop! Stop! You’re going to kill him! Please stop!” I begged and begged and begged but they ignored me totally.

“That happens when you mess with me!” Jason grunted, keeping hitting on my boyfriend. Marcel tried to fend off the kicks but I knew that he became weaker and weaker. His moans and groans burnt themselves into my mind.

Jason hit his chest again, so hard that Marcel screamed in pain. “Jason! Stop! Please, I’ll do what you want, please!” I would do anything he wanted me to. He just should release my Marcel.

As the two guys kicked him for the very last time, one of the kicks hit his chest right were his heart was, Marcel’s eyes met mine and I screamed so loud that probably the whole world heard me. He stopped moving, laying there motionless.

As Jason and his friends realized that Marcel wasn’t moving anymore, they fled. The boy, who held me back the entire time, pushed me to the ground and run away. I landed hard on my knees, tears streaming uncontrollably down my cheeks and I crawled on all fours to Marcel.

“No… No.. no no no.” I sobbed. His beautiful face was covered in blood and bruises. His glasses were broken. He looked terrible. “Marcel…” I whimpered, shaking his body. My fingers went to his pulse, checking it. I couldn’t find it. It wasn’t there anymore. Shock went through my body. I checked it again but I didn’t feel it. “No…” I didn’t want to believe it. He couldn’t be. He couldn’t be gone. He couldn’t be dead.

“No, Marcel. Don’t do this to me, please!” I tried to revive him, pushing on his chest, checking up his pulse. I never received a respond. No matter how much I tried. “Don’t do this to me, Marcel. Don’t die on me! Don’t die on me! Come on! Please!”

I was a crying mess, not wanting to believe that I’ve lost the love of my life. I watched him die, taking his last breath in the worst way ever. “Marcel, baby, don’t do this to me! Don’t die on me baby, please!” I kissed his forehead. His cheeks. His lips. Hoping he would open his mesmerizing green eyes again. “You promised Marcel, we were going to marry! You wanted to propose to me one day, asking me to be your wife. You can’t let this go! Don’t leave me alone, my love, I’m begging you!” I buried my face in the crook of his neck, my neck wetting his soft skin. “Marcel… What am I going to do without you?! Baby, you can’t die, you can’t leave me alone! Wake up please!” I screamed over and over again. “Please!”

As much as it hurt, I knew he would never come back to me again. My baby, my Marcel was an angel now.


“I love you… I love you so much, Marcel.” I sobbed, staining my pillow with my tears. It hurt. It hurt so fucking damn much. Even lying in my bed hurt. There have been so many memories in here and I felt trapped in my own bedroom. Without him, living made no sense anymore. Without him, living was not worth it. Without him, I will never find love again.


Summary: You and Baron have been dating a year. Your relationship with him is strong until you have to kiss AJ Styles as part of a story line for TV. You get into an argument and break up and then he sees you with another Superstar, and his jealous side comes out. This is a long fic with a lot of angst and some fluff at the end.

*          *          *          *          *

“Hey, babe!” You said as you smiled at Baron as you walked backstage after escorting AJ to the ring for his match.

You reached up to give Baron a kiss, but he turned his head and headed back to his dressing room.

“Baron?” You asked in confusion as you watched him walk away. “Baron!”

“Everything okay?” You heard a voice say from behind you.

You turned to see AJ standing there.

“I don’t know. Baron just blew me off.” You said.

“I’m sure he’s just having a bad night. You did great out there tonight.” He said.

“Thanks, you too! I’ll see you later, okay? I’m going to go try to talk to him.” You said.

“Good luck!” He said.

You walked down to Baron’s locker room and opened the door. He was shoving items into his bag, and he mumbled under his breath.

“Baron? What’s wrong?” You asked.

“Nothing.” He said.

“You know I know better than that.” You said.

“Just upset about my match. It’s fine. I’ll get over it.” He said.

“Okay…well if you want to talk about it, I’m here.” You said.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” He said.

The two of you rode in absolute silence from the arena to the hotel. You could see Baron’s knuckles turning white from how hard he was gripping the wheel. This was definitely about more than just his match.

Once the two of you were in the privacy of your hotel room, you turned to him. You were going to get to the bottom of this.

“Okay, talk. I know this isn’t about your match. Did I…did I do something?” You asked.

“What the hell was that out there tonight?” Baron asked.

You sighed knowing exactly why he was so angry now.

You and AJ were currently in a romantic storyline and tonight was the next big moment in that storyline – Your first on-screen kiss with AJ. You cheered AJ on from ringside, and once he got the 1-2-3, you slid into the ring and threw your arms around him. You then pulled him in for a kiss, just like the script was written. It was a short, closed-mouth kiss. Nothing for Baron to worry about.

“Baron, you know it’s part of the story line.” You said.

“I didn’t realize you’d be out there sucking his face off!” He said.

“Baron it lasted like half a second. It meant nothing!”

“You couldn’t have given me a heads up? Do you know how it felt to stand there and see my girlfriend kissing some other guy on TV and not having any idea that it was going to happen?” He asked.

“Baron it’s just for TV. AJ is just a friend to me. For God sake’s he’s 10 years older than me!” You said.

“Didn’t stop you from kissing him, did it?” He said as his eyes narrowed at you.

“Baron it’s what I get paid to do! I do what they tell me to do! You know how it works.” You said.

“I didn’t realize that meant cheating on me.”

“Baron, are you even hearing yourself? I didn’t cheat! That kiss meant nothing to me! We’ve been together for a year! I’ve never given you a reason not to trust me!” You said.

“Not telling me you have to kiss another guy seems like a damn good reason.” He said coldly to you.

“Baron…” you said as you looked at him in disbelief. Was he serious? He didn’t trust you? You felt tears begin to form in your eyes as you stood there looking at the man you loved trying to process what he just said.

“I think…I think maybe we should take some space.” He said.

“W-what? Baron, it was just a kiss for TV. It didn’t mean anything!” You said.

“We’ve been together for a fucking year, Y/n. I’m not okay with the whole Styles and you dating story line. I haven’t since it started! I hate seeing you out there on another guy’s arm. But I know there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ve accepted that. But when you’re going to fucking kiss somebody else, I don’t think you telling me ahead of time is too much to ask.” He said.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I found out earlier in the night. I only knew like an hour before we went out.” You said.

“You saw me right before you went to Gorilla. You had the chance to tell me, and you didn’t.” He said.

He then opened his suitcase and started throwing his clothes into it.

“Baron where are you going? What are you doing?”

“Look, I’m just going to go crash in Corey’s room. I’ll talk to you later. I need some time to think about this…to figure out what I want.”

What he wanted? Didn’t he want you? Was he really that hurt over one little kiss that meant absolutely nothing to you?

“Are…are we breaking up?” You asked. You didn’t want to jump to conclusions but you and Baron breaking up was the only thing running through your head.

“Yeah…I guess we’re done.” He said.

You felt your chest get tight as his words hit you like a freight train. It was over.

“Baron, please don’t do this-”

“What’s the point of being together if you’re going to keep things from me?” He asked.

“I didn’t keep anything from you. I didn’t think-”

“Yeah, you’re right. You didn’t think.” He said as he looked at you with cold eyes. All of the softness and love in them that was usually present when he was around you was gone.

“Baron, please-”

“Save it, Y/n. It’s done. We’re done. Have fun with Styles.” He said.

“But I want-”

“Do what you want, Y/n…seems like you do it anyway.” He said before throwing his bag over his shoulder and leaving.

You walked over to the bed and sat down as the first tears escaped your eyes. You couldn’t believe you and Baron were over.

You laid in bed for hours staring at the ceiling, replaying the night over and over in your head. How did everything fall apart? It was one kiss that was scripted for the show. And now you and Baron were over because of it.

You kicked yourself for not telling Baron. You had seen him before you went to the ring tonight. You should’ve told him. But at the moment you didn’t even think about it. You didn’t believe it would be a big deal. You had been part of a storyline with AJ for weeks, and Baron had never said one word about it to you. You had no idea that he hated it as much as he did. He never told you how he felt about it until tonight.

You tried to close your eyes and get some sleep several times, but it was inevitable. You got maybe an hour and finally gave up on trying around 4.

You forced yourself to get out of bed and go into the bathroom. You glanced at your reflection in the mirror, and you looked about as good as you felt. Your eyes were bloodshot and puffy from crying until you didn’t have any tears left to cry. Your cheeks were a bright rose color. You had mascara streaks running down the sides of your face. Apparently, the makeup girls backstage hadn’t used waterproof last night.

You decided to take a long hot shower and hope that it would make you feel a little bit better. The hot water felt amazing on your tight muscles. Your body relaxed under the water, but your mind was a different story. All you could think about was Baron. The way his tone was cold when he spoke to you last night. The way his eyes looked when he looked at you, like all the warmth in them that you had grown to love was gone.

You had just pulled on a pair of sweats and one of Baron’s t-shirts. You knew it probably wasn’t the best decision for your emotional health but it was warm, and it smelled like him, and it brought you a calming feeling that you hadn’t had all night.

You were caught off guard by a quiet knock on your door shortly after 6.

You walked over to the door and cautiously opened it, wondering who would be at your door this early.

A small part of you was hoping it would be Baron, but you knew it wasn’t. You didn’t have much hope for rebuilding the relationship between you. You and Baron had had arguments before, but neither of you had ever walked away in the middle of one.

You were surprised when you saw Corey Graves, Baron’s best friend standing there with two cups of coffee in his hand.

“Corey?” You asked with a confused look on your face.

“How you feeling?” He asked.

“Umm…I’m okay.” You said.

“Grabbed you some coffee. One cream, two sugars.” He said as he handed you one of the cups.

“Thanks.” You said with a small smile as your brought the cup to your lips and took a small sip.

“Can I come in?” He asked.

“Y-yeah.” You said stepping aside so he could enter the room.

You took a seat on the bed, and he sat down in the chair in the corner of the room.

“So what happened?” He asked.

“What did he tell you?” You asked.

“He didn’t tell me anything. Just said it was over.” He said.

“Y-yeah. It’s…it’s over.” You said as you looked down at your hands. It was the first time you had forced yourself to say the words out loud since the fight. “He got upset about the kiss with AJ.”

“Listen, I know Baron. He’s my best friend. I’m one of the few friends he has here. He doesn’t get as upset as he was last night over a little kiss. He couldn’t sleep. Wouldn’t eat. Just kept pacing and mumbling to himself…” He said.

“He didn’t know it was going to happen. I forgot to tell him.” You said as you looked down at your hands. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at Corey. He reminded you too much of Baron.

“Now that makes more sense. I can see how watching the girl he loves kiss another guy would rip his heart out.” He said.

“I found out an hour before we went out there. I didn’t even think to tell Baron…and now…now I’ve lost him.” You said as you struggled to get the words out.

“He still loves you.” He said.

“You didn’t hear him last night, Corey. The way he said it. It was…I’ve never seen him like that. His eyes were cold. He’s never looked at me that way.” You said.

“He still loves you. I’ve never seen him torn up like he was last night. He’s in about as good of shape as you are. Just give him time to cool down, he’ll come around.” He said.

“I don’t know, Corey. I don’t know if there’s any saving us.” You said.

“For what it’s worth, I think there’s still a chance for you guys. I’ll try to talk to him.” He said.

“Corey, you don’t have to get involved. I don’t want to put you in the middle.” You said.

“I care about both of you guys. You’re both my friends. I don’t want to choose sides. I just want you guys to be happy.” He said.

“Thank you, Corey,” you said.

“What are friends for? You hang in there okay? It’ll all work out.” He said before he stood up and walked out of the room.

*             *             *             *

The following night you were sitting in the women’s locker room talking to Becky and Naomi. They were discussing their plans for the evening which apparently involved a club down the street.

“You’re coming out with us, right?” Naomi asked as she turned to you.

“Out where?” You asked.

“To the new club down the street. Supposed to be the place to be. A bunch of us are going out. You should come with us!” Naomi said.

“I don’t know guys-”

“It might take yer mind of you know who,” Becky said as she nudged you.

“I’m really not in the mood for going out.” You said. “Besides what if he’s there?”

“Already thought of that. He told the guys he didn’t want to go. Said he was tired from his match and was just going back to the hotel to sleep.” Naomi said.

“I don’t know…” you said as you tried to think of an excuse to get yourself out of going. The truth was you just didn’t feel like going out. But you had only been on SmackDown for a couple of months, and you didn’t want to seem rude by not going out with the other women on the roster.

“Girl, you’ve got to get out of your hotel room! Just come out for a little bit. You’ll have fun!” Naomi said.

“Okay fine. One drink. Then I’m leaving.” You said.

Later that night you were in the bathroom of your hotel room finishing up your makeup for the evening. You had curled your hair into loose beach waves and slipped into a fitted black dress that had a deep V-neck and cut-outs on the sides. As much as you didn’t want to go out, you had to admit you looked hot.

There was a knock on your door just as you finished applying your red lipstick. You opened it to see Dolph Ziggler waiting for you. He was dressed in jeans with a white shirt and black blazer. The two of you had talked here or there backstage, and neither of you had dates for the night, so he offered to walk down the street with you.

“You look beautiful,” Dolph said as he smiled at you.

“Thanks.” You said. “You look good too.”

The two of you made casual conversation as you made your way down to the club. But as soon as you walked in, you froze. There sitting in a booth towards the back with a few of the other guys was Baron.

“Everything okay?” Dolph asked as he looked over at you.

“Baron’s here.” You said.

“So? You guys are broken up, right?”

“Yeah…I guess so.” You whispered.

Technically you were broken up but you couldn’t convince your heart of that. There was a tiny glimmer of hope inside of you that told you that things would work out between you and Baron. It had only been a few days. You couldn’t just forget about him.

“Don’t let him ruin your night. C'mon let me buy you a drink.” Dolph said as he took your hand and led you over to the bar. He ordered the two of you a pair of shots to start off the night. You tipped the shot glass back as the liquid burned down your throat. You set the empty glass on the bar and then ordered a cocktail for yourself.

A few drinks later Dolph was a little too friendly for your liking.

“Let’s get out of here.” He said as he slid his hand onto your lower back, just above your butt.

“Dolph…please don’t do this. It’s not like that with you.” You didn’t want to sound harsh, but you didn’t see Dolph in that way. You only saw one man that way. And he was sitting at the back of the room in a booth.

Dolph pulled you into his chest as he leaned in to whisper in your ear. You put your hands on his chest to push him away. You felt so uncomfortable in his arms. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be with Dolph.

“Dolph, please stop.” You said as you tried to push him away.

“C'mon…one little kiss.” He said as he leaned in once again and pulled you even closer to him.

“She said no.” You heard that all too familiar voice say from behind you. You felt your heart start to race at the sound of his voice. What was he doing right behind you? Had he been watching you?

You turned to look as Baron who locked eyes with you for a brief moment. Then he put a hand on Dolph’s chest and pushed him away from you before stepping in front of you, putting himself between you and Dolph.

“I don’t recall her asking for your help,” Dolph said as he stood up to Baron.

“Guys stop.” You said as you stepped around Baron’s large frame and positioned yourself between them and put a hand on both of their chests to separate them.

“Just leave Ziggler,” Baron said coldly.

“We were just on our way out. Come on, Y/n. Let’s go.” Dolph said.

“Dolph, I’m not going home with you.” You said as you looked at him.

Dolph reached out to grab your wrist, but Baron reached out and grabbed Dolph’s forearm to stop him.

“Get. Your. Hand. Off. Me.” Dolph said.

“Make me.” Baron challenged.

Dolph then swung and landed a good right hook on Baron’s right eye before Baron turned back and knocked Dolph to the ground in one blow.

“Baron no!” You yelled.

He ignored you and leaned down and hit Dolph three more times before you reached out and grabbed his arm. You were a little scared to touch him when he was this angry, but you knew deep down Baron would never put his hand on you. He went to yank his arm away until he realized it was your hand on his arm. He froze and looked up at you. 

He stared up into your eyes for a brief moment before sighing and standing up. He turned and walked out of the bar without a word.

“Dolph are you okay?” You asked as you knelt down next to him. His lips were busted open, and he had a bruise forming under his eye.

“I’m fine,” Dolph said.

You stood up and walked out of the bar, determined to find Baron. You didn’t want him getting into any more fights tonight, and as worked up as he was, it was a sure bet that he would get into another fight if he didn’t calm down.

When you got outside Baron was pacing back and forth in front of his bike, running his hands over his face as he tried to calm himself down.

“Why’d you do that Baron?” You asked.

“He was going to kiss you.” He said.

“I had it under control.” You said as you looked down at the cement, avoiding his eyes. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him.

“Sure looked like it.” He huffed out, not bothering to look at you.

“You busted his lip open just because he was going to kiss me?” You asked.

“What you like him or something?” He said coldly. You could hear the venom in his voice.

“No…I…you can’t just go around punching anyone that tries to talk to me. I can defend myself” You said.

“He was doing a lot more than talking, Y/n.” He said.

“Baron, I can handle myself.” You said. “What I do doesn’t concern you anymore.”

“Y/n, he was going to drag you up to his room and do who knows what with you!” He said. “You really expect me to sit on the side and watch some guy take advantage of you?”

“Dolph wouldn’t hurt me!” You said.

“Do you know that for sure?” He asked. “I saw the way he was looking at you Y/n. I know what he had on his mind.”

“Baron, it’s really none of your business how Dolph looks at me. Or how any man looks at me for that matter. You lost that right two nights ago.”

“What? You fucking him now?” he asked.

“No.” You said as you looked at the ground. You couldn’t get yourself to look at him. You knew you would break down if you looked into his eyes.

It was quiet between the two of you for several minutes. Baron continuing to try and calm himself down, and you standing there trying to hold the tears back and not break down in front of Baron.

“Hey. Look at me.” He said as broke the silence. He reached up and gently grabbed your chin in his thumb and index finger. He lifted your chin so that you were looking into his eyes.

"I’m sorry, okay. About the fight. About being an asshole…” he said.


“I shouldn’t have freaked out like I did. You deserve better. It’s just…when I saw you in the ring with AJ and his arms around you and him kissing you…I…I don’t know. It fired something up inside of me…but I made it into a big deal that it wasn’t and I fucked everything up…”

You took a step towards him and reached up on your tiptoes and wrapped your arms around his neck. You pulled him down so that your faces were level and pressed your lips to his. You were hesitant at first, afraid he wouldn’t kiss you back. But when you felt his lips kiss you back you relaxed into his body as his hands reached down and grabbed your thighs, lifting you into his arms. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he supported you in his arms.

“You never lost me.” You said as you pulled away.

Baron’s lips curved into a smile before he pulled you back into him and pressed his lips to yours again, this time for passionately. More wanting.

He pulled away and leaned his forehead against yours.

“You want to go home with someone, go home with me.” He said.

“Wouldn’t go home with anyone but you.” You said.

“I rode my bike here. You okay to ride on the back?” He asked.

You gave him a weary look. You never liked riding on his motorcycle. In the year that you were together, you had only ridden on it once.

“I won’t let you get hurt.” He said as he set you down on your feet.

You took a deep breath and nodded.

“Okay.” You murmured.

“Here.” He said. He shrugged his jacket off and held it up for you. You put your arms into the holes, and Baron pulled the jacket onto your shoulders. He then spun you around and slowly zipped the front of the jacket up.

He then reached for his helmet. He carefully slid it onto your head and then tightened the strap.

He looked down at you and his lips curved into a smile.

“What?” You asked as you looked up at him.

“I always liked the way you look in my bike stuff.” He said with a smirk.

He swung his leg over the bike and turned the bike on. He then turned to you.

“You coming?” He asked.

You took a deep breath and climbed onto the bike. You wrapped your arms tightly around Baron’s stomach and laid your head against Baron’s back.

“You ready?” He asked.

“Y-yeah.” You said.

You felt him rev the engine slightly before the bike lurched forward. You tightened your grip on him a little, and you could feel the laugh coming from his chest.

You closed your eyes and clung to Baron the entire ride. You thought you felt the bike stop moving, but you didn’t want to open your eyes and be wrong.

“Y/n, we’re here. You can open your eyes.” Baron said with a chuckle.

You opened one eye to check and see if he was lying. He wasn’t. You were parked in the safety of the hotel parking lot.

You climbed off the bike and reached up to unbuckle the strap of the helmet. But it was a lot harder than it looked since you couldn’t see what you were doing.

“Here, let me do it,” Baron said as he reached up and undid the strap with ease. He then pulled the helmet off you carefully. Your hair flew into your face, but Baron surprised you by moving the strands out of your face and tucking them behind your ear.

He pulled you into his chest and wrapped his arms around you as he buried his face in your shoulder. He took a deep breath and let out a sigh.

“I missed you.” He said.

“I missed you too. Bed’s too big without you in it.” You said.

“Bed’s too cold without you in it.” He said as his lips curved into a smile.

You stepped out of his arms and started walking towards the hotel doors, but about halfway there you tripped on your heel and fell to the concrete.

“You okay?” Baron asked as he rushed over to you.

“Yeah. I’m all right.” You said.

He slid his arms underneath yours and pulled you to your feet.

“Come here.” He said as he wrapped an arm around your back and put one behind your knees and lifted you into his arms.

“Baron!” You said as you wiggled to try to get out of his arms. “Put me down. I want to walk.”

“Y/n, you can’t walk.” He said.

“Baron I don’t want you to see me like this!” You said. It appeared the alcohol was kicking in and that meant lots of emotions were hitting you. You suddenly realized you were an absolute mess and Baron was seeing all of it. You didn’t want Baron to see you like this.

“Y/n, relax,” he said as you continued to squirm to try and get out of his arms.

He finally set you down on your feet, realizing that you weren’t going to stop fidgeting. As soon as your feet were on the ground, you started running. You were afraid that he would leave you at any second. It’s all you had been thinking about for two days. The image of him walking out of the door replayed in your mind over and over. You couldn’t give into him tonight and have him walk out on you again.

“Y/n, stop running.” You heard Baron say from behind you.

“No. I-I need to go!” You said.

You walked through the doors of the hotel and made your way through the lobby, trying not to draw any attention to yourself.

“Y/n!” You heard Baron say from behind you.

You made it to the elevators. You hit the button repeatedly, and the doors opened. You stepped in and immediately pushed the button for your floor

Please don’t let him in. Please don’t let him in. Just close you stupid doors!’ You thought to yourself. You let out a quiet ‘fuck’ as Baron stuck his arm out just as the doors were about to close. He stepped into the elevator and turned to you.

“Y/n,” Baron whispered as he reached out for you.

“I can’t.” You said before you fell to the ground. It was like all the strength in your body was gone. You didn’t even have enough strength to keep yourself on your feet anymore.

Baron knelt down next to you and took your hand. You felt so embarrassed. You were curled up in a hotel elevator, looking like a complete wreck in front of your ex-boyfriend.

“Y/n,” Baron said again. You could hear the worry laced in his tone.

You lifted your head and looked over at him. He was on his knees looking at you with worried eyes. It looked like he was trying to hold back tears.

“Y/n, I’m right here.” He said.

“But you’re going to leave again.” You said.

“Y/n, I’m not going anywhere.” He said. “I’ll never leave.”

“You said that before. Then you left.” You said as you looked at him.

“I’m sorry.” He said. “Give me another chance.”

“Can you just hold me?” You asked. It was a strange request. But you didn’t want to talk. You just wanted to feel his arms around you and feel like things were back to how they used to be.

He held his arms out for you. You leaned your head against his chest, and he wrapped his arms around you tightly. He laid his cheek on the top of your head.

“I love you.” He said. “I’m so sorry.”

“I…love you too.” You said before you broke down even further. The silent tears that had been falling turned into loud sobs as you felt the emotions hit you.

“Shh. You’re okay.” He said as he rubbed your back.

“I’m sorry.” You said.

“No, I’m sorry. This is my fault.” He said.

Just then the doors of the elevator opened on your floor.

“C’mon, let’s get you to the room,” Baron said.

You pulled away to stand up, but he stopped you.

“I’ve got you. Just stay where you are.” He said as he stood up effortlessly while cradling you in his arms.

“What room are you in?” He asked.

“506.” You mumbled.

You reached into your pocket and pulled your keycard out and handed it to him. He somehow managed to keep his hold on you while sliding the key into the lock and opening the door.

He carried you over to the bed and gently set you down on top of the duvet.

You curled up into a ball on your side. You could feel the drinks catching up with you. You were a mess, both emotionally and physically. Part of you wanted to scream at Baron to leave. Part of you wanted him to hold you and rock his hips into yours and make you remember why you fell in love with him in the first place.

You looked up at him as he reached behind him and grabbed the collar of his shirt pulling it over his head. He then crawled onto the bed and pulled you into his side.

He reached up and ran a hand through your hair, showing you the sensitive side of him that you loved so much.

You weren’t sure how long you laid there in his arms. But the tears finally stopped, and your breathing started to slow down to normal.

“Hey.” He said as he gently lifted your chin to look up and meet his eyes. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” You said.

“I’m sorry for leaving you. I let my emotions get to me. I’ve missed you so much the last two days. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. All I think about is you.” He said.

“You’re all I can think about.” You said.

“Will you give me another chance?” He asked.

“Yeah.” You said.