i saw some really fantastic cosplays


Some of the AMAZING Undertale cosplays I saw today (sat) at AB16. (I saw some other fantastic ones- these are just the few that I worked up the courage to ask for a photo :P)

The blue Nicecream Guy (holding the nicecream) is fallska ! ((I totally DID see you on tumblr before going to the con!! :D))

The Asriel with the horrifying Flowey ((IT PLAYS MUSIC!)) is ramslayer ! 

If you see yourselves, and you want to be tagged, shoot me a message. You’re all wonderful

…this might be the silliest thing I’ve ever made.

Saw this fantastic post and…I had to. I even flame-singed the cape. For a tiny cosplay on a prop crow.( ̄□ ̄;)

Potato photos because it’s late and I’m tired.

I’ll have to figure out some way to perch him on my shoulder without damaging my coat when I’m Ozpin at Fanime…


(hey guys! Look, it’s proof I’m at Anime North this weekend! Yaaaay! These cosplayers were fantastic and I’m really glad that they said I could post these pics. I’m not sure who they are though, so if anyone happens to know their tumblrs (if they have them), can you send it along so I can credit? So happy to see some BH6 cosplay running around today! But so far these were the only BH6 costumes I saw. I’ll keep my eyes peeled though! And once again if anyone is at AN and wants to say hi, I’ll be wearing a Yveltal costume tomorrow. Hope to see some of you there!)

Edit: Thank you to blackbirb, who has helped me identify the cosplayers! waytres, your cosplays were awesome, thank you for letting me get a photo!