i saw some post that many ppl reblogged it so :)

anonymous asked:

I also saw the post by the person (Pxxxxxxxxxxn) and it grossed me out. I also saw many Gillovny reblog it and it made me so angry.

But not everyone knows what the person did, anon. And some just prefer to pretend nothing has happened. I am not a tumblr police and really ppl can do what the fuck they want, right? ;)

But I am not ok when I see this person’s posts. She did a huge mess, to the fandom and to Gillian. She used her position here. She lied, she had heard things through the work. I remember that day very clearly when she wrote it and what huge drama it caused. How many ppl deleted their blogs only bc they believed her… Then I heard she’d disappeared and now is back and happy and I am not ok with it. At all. 

Tagged Posts

So, Tumblr ( @staff) recently did away with tracking tags because they thought it was helpful??? I really don’t understand what goes through their mind sometimes. 

Anyway, now tracked tags don’t give you new post alerts, and if you click on it it takes you straight to a search page rather than the tag. You can see why this is incredibly stupid as there is no proper way to see new posts in a tag and you will only see the popular posts, thus losing all the posts with not so many posts. Here at HalseyDaily we like to reblog posts that we’re tagged in and work sort of as a big community, so I’ve been working around it to look at your posts. 

This is what it looks like when you click on a tracked tag now:

But, if you take offrecent’ and ‘change search’ to ‘tagged’, you can see recent tagged posts.

So, now it looks like this:

I hope this helps some of you! And continue to tag us in your edits, as we will continue to look through the tag.