i saw one i could reblog but i just wanted these three in it

bring me the night

promptcould you do a Clexa one where they’re internet friends, or something similar idk, and meet each other for the first time? (filled by @cosima-phdhaus, who would like to say that you should all stop sending such good prompts because i want to turn them all into multi-chaps)
song: bring me the night - sam tsui and kina grannis (if you want to increase your feels) 

Clarke’s fingers clattered across her keyboard, several tabs open in the background of iMessage. Yes, I’m working on my paper. I know more than I ever thought was possible about the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus. The response was almost instantaneous.

I literally just saw you reblog a “tag urself” meme.

Clarke’s head sunk to her chest as she laughed, hiding a blush that Lexa couldn’t see from 3,000 miles away. She guiltily pulled up her paper, noting in the corner of the screen that she was three pages away from her assignment minimum. She minimized the document again to respond.

It isn’t my fault that you’re more interesting than my research paper.

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