i saw no ghosts


“…Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire…”

I am Still a cartoon lover

I was born with a pineapple under the sea, 

I learned things in Cyber Space,

I was raised with kids in the cul de sac.

I found the escaped experiments in hawaii,

I saw ghosts in the town of Amity Park,

I watched Weird World with the Saturdays,

I had misadventures to find Candy Island,

I trained with teens in a T shaped tower,

I defeated the Fire Nation,

I fought in the Gem War,

I survived Weirdmageddon,

I broke out of St. Olga’s,

I made it over the Garden Wall,

I had silly adventures in the land of Ooo,

BUT I’m not done yet!


(I made this as a redo on my original “I am a Cartoon Lover” showing where my love of cartoons began and how I grew up with cartoons because why not?? As I am still a cartoon lover no matter how old i grow) 

  • Ghosts and Guardians that are close to each other
    • Ghosts acting like mini-heaters and nuzzling their Guardian’s neck when it gets too cold
    • Ghosts playing hide-and-seek with their Guardians, hiding behind their marks, in their hoods, or in their coats
    • Ghosts massaging their Guardians after an especially harrowing mission by rolling around on their backs
    • Ghosts fiddling with their Guardian’s radar to redirect them towards interesting finds
      • Ghosts, during relatively peaceful missions, picking up small trinkets (tiny flowers, funny looking rocks, etc) for their Guardian
    • Ghosts resting on their Guardian’s head when they get tired
      • Ghosts resting on their Guardian’s head and getting swallowed up by their poofy hair
    • Ghosts playing pranks with their Guardians- giving them the wrong weapon in the Crucible, changing their armor, mimicking their voice, etc
    • Ghosts staying up late with their Guardians and acting like their flashlight
    • Ghosts insisting on taking snapshots of their Guardian’s best kills like a proud parent
    • Ghosts stargazing with their Guardians, pointing out the different constellations and stars, making up new ones
    • Ghosts and Guardians being each other’s best friends- never needing to look behind because they know that the other is always there
  • Alternatively, Ghosts and Guardians who have a strictly professional relationship
    • No deep talks, just business- Guardians protecting Ghosts, Ghosts powering Guardians
    • Both understand that trust can be had with superficial care, that not being close does not negate their importance to the other
    • And then something happens and they start developing a friendship because fuck yeah
  • And then Ghosts and Guardians that have no relationship
    • Ghosts having Guardians that abhor their duty
    • Ghosts being kept in the dark by their Guardian, being left behind, being given minimal care
    • Ghosts looking at other Guardians, wishing that they were matched with someone else, harboring resentment for their Guardian
    • Ghosts who eventually lose their Guardians, whether because they turned to the teachings of Darkness, or chose to take a permanent death
    • Ghosts wondering what they could have done differently- but feeling little sadness, for their Guardian was nothing but a stranger

Photographic Evidence


Danny sulked as he dropped into his seat for study hall. Tucker was already sitting in his own spot, playing on his phone. “Long day?” Tucker asked.

“I. Hate. Wes.” Danny punctuated each word with with hitting his forehead on the desk.


“Wes.” Danny buried his head in his arms, fully intending to forget the mess his day had been, curl up, and take a nap. He was mostly caught up for once, and an hour-long nap sounded perfect.

“Still not following.”

With a groan, Danny glanced over at Tucker. “Wes. Wes Weston. Red-head. Bane of my existence. Constantly tries to prove I’m a ghost.”

The boy looked up from his phone, eyebrows wrinkling. “Are you,” Tucker reached out and brushed his hand over Danny’s forehead, “okay?”

“Am I okay?” Danny said, pushing Tucker’s hand away with a scowl. “Are you okay? How can you suddenly not remember Wes Weston?”

Tucker blinked, then turned to the girl next to him. He asked, “Wes Weston - heard of him?”

The girl stared at him blankly for a moment before shaking her head.

“Oh, come on!” Danny said, throwing his hands in the air. “He’s on the basketball team. He’s annoying and somehow mousy and gangly at the same time.” After a second, Danny snatched Tucker’s phone and started flipping through pictures on the school website. “Look. Right…” Danny trailed off.

Wes wasn’t in the picture of the basketball team. Or the soccer team. Or the whole class photo, and Danny knew for sure the redhead had been standing behind him making bunny ears. Instead, there was nothing but a faint red blur that could have been just discoloration in the image.

“Danny? You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” Tucker joked, peeling Danny’s fingers off the phone and taking it back. “You find your mysterious Wes?”

“Uh…” Movement at the door caught Danny’s attention and he looked away from Tucker.

Peering through the small glass window in the door was Wes, pointing two fingers at his eyes and then at Danny. I’m watching you.

“Maybe,” Danny said.


*retreats to a corner to suffer in silence for what she did to Gabe* I LOVE THIS MAN, but he surely doesn’t have it easy.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13

Also, in case you can’t read the text from displays on first panel they say this :

Phone panel : “Not sure I expected to ever see you again after all that happened, Reyes.. But to meet you as a shadow casted by even a darker matter is something I wish I never saw.”

“I never believed in ghosts either, but it seems like my beliefs were wrong. You know I always enjoyed the dark.. Jack.”

Sombra panel : “Sorry for my attitude earlier, Gabe. I really want to talk to you.. And I got churros >3″

“Fine. Come over. Just don’t make me get up for the door.”

“Got ya!”

Letters To The Zodiac Signs

Aries: I envy you. I envy your courage, your stupidity and your childishness. Maybe you’re asking “Why?” Well, wouldn’t it be beautiful if we were all children at heart, like you? Like seeing things so horrible yet still making corny jokes? Like telling your feelings, like running until your feet hurt? Like purity, like innocence mixed with knowledge? You have experienced the world, you have experienced life. And yet, you still stand here. Brave and tall. As if to say “I am not afraid of life. I am not afraid to live.”

Taurus: I will always associate you with flowers and colours. With lilies and roses and blood oranges. I will always associate you with fruit and red-green-yellow. We will speak in colours, talk in words others won’t understand. With red-grey sand and blue-green eyes. An encouraging nod, a hug with clasping hands. Words left unspoken simply ‘cause they were never meant to be said, they were meant to be. They were meant to be. Plucking petals like a grade schooler playing games about love. Holding a magnifying glass over your head, and I could not find a flaw. I just saw you. I saw you.

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I understand that a lot of people enjoy writing shipfics where they transplant characters into a college setting. Since some writers may not be in college, or may have graduated a long time ago, I thought I’d offer a helpful list of realistic college meet not-so-cute scenarios. Forget baristas. This is where it’s at. 

- I’m really passionate about this cause and I will give you this flier if I have to shove it down your throat

- vicious battle over the only left handed desk in the room

- my roommate’s boyfriend is staying over so can I please sleep on your floor

- it’s pouring and my final paper is in my backpack so I guess we’re stuck under this tiny awning together. do you think they’d deliver pizza here

- hey I have to photograph someone for class will you be my model

- hey I have to take someone’s blood pressure for class will you be my victim

- variations of the above

- I know I keep coming to the cookie shop and for some reason it’s always your shift but don’t you dare judge me I need these for my sanity

- all our friends are drunk

- it’s 3 am and I’m still in the library studying for finals and I’m losing my grip on reality and I think I just saw a ghost

- we’re the only two people in this club. what is this club even for

- humans vs zombies (see you can still have your zombie AU, best of both worlds)

- we’re the only people who ever talk in discussions it’s awful


Harry doing promo for this album, probably:

Interviewer: So Harry, what did you write Carolina about?

Harry: A girl named Carolina.

Interviewer: Uh, interesting, okay. So what’s Kiwi about?

Harry: Kiwis. I love that fruit.

Interviewer: O……….k. What’s Two Ghosts about?

Harry: Two ghosts I saw once.

Interviewer: Right. So what’s Meet Me In The Hallway about?

Harry: Meeting someone in the hallway.

Interviewer: Alright, um, I’m gonna just leave now.

Wayne Manor is Totally Haunted

(its still friday the 13th heeeeere)

b/c of the Wayne family’s extensive history & the fact that they’ve owned most of the land in what is now Gotham at sm point, ofc the manor & grounds are haunted

-bruce grew up in the house so he’s just in denial completely. its just the usual creaks and groans of an old house guys theres NOTHING HAPPENING

-when dick was in the circus, he was taught to ignore spirits. Ofc some of them could be friendly or familiar but there were too many bad ones trying pretend to be good. So better to not acknowledge any of them

-so ofc he just ignored all the weird shit in the manor before finally moving out & starting the Titans

-after meeting raven he made a promise to himself never to mess w/ supernatural stuff unless there was ‘an expert’ there. (he can, will, and has backed out of rooms w/ his hands in the air repeating “nope nope nope” until he was far enough away to be safe)

-babs always got bad vibes from the west wing of the manor but she’s only ever seen a ghost once on the grounds.

-it was one of the first times she visited & there was a groundskeeper pruning the bushes & making them neat. She waved politely at her & she nodded back and that was that

-it was only a year later when Bruce mentioned that they needed some more ppl to do groundskeeping, b/c there was only the one /guy/ Harold? she doesnt remember ever seeing him… & it’s been a good 4 yrs since they hired someone else… that’s when she realized she saw a ghost.

-she never rlly mentioned it until a year after that revelation bc she was kinda freaked about it

 -Jason nicknamed all the specific knocks and bangs ridiculous names. (& found out years later some of them were actually spot on for some Wayne ancestors ???)

-after he died, he was totally in tune with the dead. Still gave them nicknames, but now they were more appropriate & a lot more chill abt their /paranormal activity/ b/c jay understood where they were coming from

 -Tim is the only one who’s adamant abt there not being ghosts in the manor. (Bc it secretly freaks him out too much but he wont admit it)

-tries to combat his fear w/ memes

-Cass & Damian both know better than to mess w/ demons, so they ignore the hauntings of the house.

-but like dick, they take a ‘supernat. expert’s’ experience & advice seriously.

-steph chooses to remain blissfully unaware & blames everything on Bruce’s imaginary cat. (eventually on Alfred the cat too)

-“Bruce u rlly need to put a bell on that cat & get him to stop pushing stuff over” “steph, u don’t even live here??? Why.”

-duke was the one who put his foot down after his 3rd sleepless night

-“you guys know like 3 ppl who regularly talk to the dead. Each. cant someone come & exorcise the demons or help these ghosts move on???”

-suffice it to say, the manor got a lot quieter after that… but the grounds are still hella haunted b/c its so much harder trying to track down ghosts in the woods

-alfred is p sure that there’s a couple dead bodies in unmarked graves around the wayne property, but it was before his time so its not rlly of concern for the kids.

-”just.. don’t wander too far from the trails. i know you can handle urself but plz”