i saw like 4 of them today

GD Scenario: "Hi~"

Words: 1446

Short summary: You are the leader of a girl group with 7 members. You attend Big Bang MADE concert and the fan meet with one og your members Hyori. Some of them recognize you and you made some plans together… 

Read the rest to find out what happened…


Hope you like this one. I am a little busy rn because I have a lot exams in April so I don’t know when will I open requests -.-

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Shout out into the void

It’s 9:30 pm
I’m so exhausted.
I just had my dinner.
I haven’t had a shower in 2 days or brushed my hair.
All i had energy for was to heat up my dinner.
I am incredibly tired.
I did 3 I&Ds in the A&E today. I saw 10 patients over 12 hours, sent most of them home and also sorted out ward stuff.
My hair is very dirty, I really need a wash.

I’m sorry. I know that it’s disgusting and TMI. But I feel like raging. Except what do I rage about? This is how oncalls are. This is what we have done with the culture of defensive medicine and the 4 hour limit. Patients who had previously been sent home with gastroenteritis are now being referred to surgeons to rule out appendicitis . Patient with renal colic are being referred to gynae and surgeons to rule out appendicitis and ovarian cysts.

I am exhausted. And i have another oncall to go. I want to cry cause I’m so tired. My room is a mess. I just want a hug. And I am all by myself in a new city.

The Grand National (Jumin x MC)

Victorian!AU: You go to attend the Grand National.

Word Count: 1143

I saw Beauty and the Beast today and it’s fantastic! I’ll be singing the songs for weeks and it’s such a grand spectacle, I loved it!

Do you guys like the idea of a Beauty and the Beast AU?

Other Victorian!AU prompts:

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“MC!” V and the other turned to you as you joined them, standing out along the rim of the outside of the fence, small bushels of people scattered about similarly. 

“Good afternoon!” You waved, pulling them all into small hugs as you greeted them. 

“Are you excited?” Yoosung beamed. “I sure do know I am!” 

He laughed awkwardly, shuffling his feet. “Um…school is actually pretty boring though so you could kind of put a rock in front of me and I may have a heart attack.” 

“That sounds like this will actually kill you,” Zen replied, shoving his hands into his pockets. 

“I think I’ll be fine with that if I miss schoolwork.” Yoosung snickered, dropping his shoulders, as though admitting some sort of defeat. 

“I’m sure you’re nervous MC,” Jahee stepped in, clearing her throat as she approached you. “but I can assure you Mr. Han has been working very hard and we will all be supporting him.” 

“Of course! He’s said how important this is to him, I know he’ll do his best!” You exclaimed, clapping your hands. 

“Yes, I just…I just know he’s been very stressed as well.” She shrugged. “Well, we all have, but what I mean specifically is the possible plans of America.”

“You’ve heard…?”

“There’s little about the business I don’t know. But yes, I’m aware.” She set a calm hand on your shoulder, dipping her head. “Don’t worry I’m not here to try and add some extra weight onto the scale. I’m sure you’ll make whatever decision you think is best.”  

You knew where the scale tipped.

You always knew.

It was just getting the words to come out was where you seemed to fail.

Because no matter what your world would irreversibly shift. 

You smiled weakly. “Thank you.”

“Of course,” She pointed, towards the track. “oh, it looks like they’re starting!” 

707 was nearly bouncing with each step he took, lights brighter than stars twinkling in his gaze. 

“This is going to be so good!” He huffed. “It’s a big thriller don’t you think? Why I’m about to just explode-” 

“That’s enough Luciel.” 

You watched intently as the horses began to line together, their hooves digging up dirt as they began to file into a slender row.

Yet even as it dissolved, the horses beginning the race, you still caught hold of Elizabeth, her coat still crystal clear in the murky weather.

You watched as Jumin hunched over, lifting his body upwards as the obstacles came, those less fortunate being dropped from the horses.

However, something quickly caught your attention. 

The track wasn’t round. 

And so, finding that there was only one logical thing you could possibly do.

You ran.

You dragged along V as you went, yelling after the others as you lifted the fabrics of your dress, racing along the fence. 

“MC, what’re you doing?” V said, the others confusedly following along.

“Well, he won’t be able to see us if we’re all the way back here! So we have to make our support portable!” 

“This doesn’t seem very proper-” 

“You know, I don’t actually care about the rules this time! Come on!” You quickened the pace, balling a bit of your gown in your hand as you began to shout.

“Come on Jumin! You  can do it!” You yelped, the others joining in, growing in enthusiasm. 

He was nearing the front, only really confronting a couple others, their eyes glued ahead of them.

But Jumin glanced back.

He saw you, and for a moment you swore you saw him smile. 

It was gentle and warm, yet appeared to be the spark to light the flames.

And you remembered his words the very night before. 

You had both been sitting just outside the stable, looking up towards the inky dark sky above. 

And he asked you a question. “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

You had furrowed your brow questioningly, but laughed, nudging him. “Somewhere with you!”

“Somewhere…” He had folded his lips, his lids lowering. 

“Something wrong?”

“No, no…it’s just I know that no matter where we are, as long as you’re with me…I’ll be happy.” He chuckled. “My father would always say ‘home is where the heart is’. I didn’t understand until recently. But I do know.” 

He had let out a deep breath, his voice drenched in warmth. “As long as you’re with me, I’ll be home. You are my heart.” 

The memories were drowned by your yells, tears brimming in your eyes as you were finally able to come up with something.

An answer. 

The race had continued on, the rest of you obviously trailing behind, but Jumin taking the lead.

There was a clear distance between him and second place, with only one more obstacle determining that place.

And though the outcome seemed certain, your breath couldn’t help but hitch as he crossed the hedge, the crowd erupting into cheers and shrieks as he was announced the winner. 

“He won!” You yelped. “He won! D-Did you see it?He did it!” 

As though you had a surge of adrenaline, your tired legs shot with a burst of energy, racing towards him as he left the gate.

He noticed you right away, his eyes widening to the size of dinner plates as he hopped off Elizabeth, running to meet you halfway.

He caught you in his arms, spinning you about before embracing you, holding onto you as if you were more precious than the finest riches.

“Did…did you run that entire time…?” He smirked weakly, holding your face in his hands as you leaned back. 

“Yes…” You muttered.

“You…wow…you must be tired darling, here let me-”

“No-well yes-yes to that…but yes…” You began to nod rapidly. “Yes, I’ll go with you to America!” 

His jaw nearly dropped, laughing in disbelief. “R-Really…? You will?” 

“O-Of course!” You replied, your legs wobbling. “A-As long as we h-have each other we’re home! Just like your dad used to say ‘home is where the h-heart is’…”

His gaze became glossy at your words, an indescribable happiness taking over him as he lifted you up, the most beautiful laughter slipping from him as he held you.

And you both had never loved home more.

For the home was found beside the other. 

ok so i just had to dismantle the gym of the children’s home with my crush and suddenly he took his shirt off?? and i already thought that today’s my lucky day but it got even better because 3 little like 4-year-old kids walked past and saw us and asked “what are you doing? why are you dismantling the gym?” and like a dozen other questions and my crush patiently explained it to them and it was so cute i melted

Things that happened on my walk today:

1) I met A Dog. 

2) Her name was Rainy and she was a very good girl who likes pettings

3) Wrecked a friendly gym and got them to 10 prestige 

4) Met 2 little ones on plastic tricycles playing in the parking lot puddles

5) When I approached the little girl looked up at me and joyously informed me that they were “saving the worms” so they could “get better and grow up healthy again”. 

6) I saw A Cat. Very good. Sort of between a calico and a tortie, relaxing on a window. A+ would look at again. 

7) hatched two new pokemons (1 electric sheep, 1 teddy bear) 

Alright so, on my church today, I saw a little boy (maybe around 4 years old???) and a little girl (probably 2 or 3). The little girl was very cute, her hair was really short (almost like a boy).

So, they’re not related at all, they just happen to sit closely. The boy sat in front of the little girl. I found them cute because the boy started to look behind him a lot, smiling whenever the little girl called out to him.

IT WAS SO CUTE!!! >///< I wanted to squeal ;;; 
They both chat together, mostly the boy tho, because he was able to talk a lot better, the girl mostly laugh or just mutter some words when she replied. 
And then, the girl cried. And the boy immediately react to it!

He smiled at the girl, trying to make her smile again. He kept making silly faces, saying some things (that I can’t really hear), and slowly the girl calmed down. AND (probably the cutest thing I’ve seen this year) the boy booped the little girl’s nose and she started LAUGHING silly. AAAAaaaa it was so cute;;;

The boy asked if she needed some tissue, he kept smiling at the girl, and they both just really cute….

And mostly, this will actually make a really cute AU on how your OTP first met….

*whispers* rhink…

Story time. I am with my friends in Rome and today we decided to visit the Colosseum. We were in line and one of my friends forgot a knife in her bag… We delayed the whole qeue, which wasn’t a huge deal because the only ones in line were FREAKIN TAYLOR SWIFT AND TOM HIDDLESTON!!!!!! And 4 bodyguards who kindly said: “please make way, girls..”

Conclusion: I stood like 1 metre apart from @taylorswift and Tom Hiddleston, saw them kiss and made them wait. What is life.


Chapter 8 of Futatabi is now up on AO3!

        Yesterday, I saw my 3rd graders for the first time since late November–I missed them dearly, but boy do I not miss waking up at the buttcrack of dawn. I talk Pokemon with them all the time and we’d talked about ORAS shortly before break started, so today I asked them who their favorite characters were. The majority of them said “Matt” because “he’s funny” but there were also a lot who like Tabitha “because he’s funny” and “he always smiles”.

I hope they are not reading this fanfiction.

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Previous chapters:

Imgur album with all updated artwork here.

i love when abled people are like “do you know how hard it is for me to cope with knowing people are disabled??? its so sad and it has been causing me serious anxiety honestly i wish they would stop making themselves so visible because i honestly can’t even deal with it it gives me anxiety and panic attacks”

like. okay sorry pack it up everybody who’s disabled your right to go outside and live a normal life is less important than one person’s, actually extremely toxic, feelings

i saw another one of those posts today. like i wish this was some ridiculous fake post i was making 4 the notes but i legitimately see this so much and what kind of mental gymnastics do you have to go through to convince yourself you are actually being victimized by disabled people because you have to see them in public, oh poor you

very belated realization

apparently sometime yesterday night i sent myself an email that said only “TAVROSPRITE????” and when I saw it today i suddenly remembered my half-asleep realization.


if vriska is alive, does this mean tavros was prototyped on his own? So when the new meteor crew arrives, will there be a tavrosprite waiting to meet them? He wouldn’t have had a reason to explode if he wasn’t sharing headspace with vriska.

(this assuming gamzee doesn’t just reshuffle the sprite mixes)

it’s funny because all along i have been assuming the new timeline’s alpha crew’s session went exactly as we saw it, and I don’t remember if we ever had any discussion otherwise. This kind of puts things up in the air.

Tavros would probably make for a very helpful sprite (assuming he gets over being alive again when he was enjoying being dead).

this is it for “very belated homestuck realization hour” with elanor pam


I’ve just got back from my ballet audition and I have amazing news! Out of 50 dancers me and three other girls were offered a place in the graduate program! I’m only 18 so they didn’t want to give me a full contract, they said I need to strengthen some muscles in my body because I’m too skinny, especially weak in my lower back area they could’ve just ask me to go home but they took me aside because they saw potential in me! I’ll also get the chance to work a long side the company and perform with them and get paid for it, so it’ll be like a junior ballerina! I have to prove myself to them. I am so happy though! All my hard work, all my training, all that rejection and finally I’ve been taken into somewhere. Just shows that never giving up on your dreams is something to invest in. Anyone can do it and that’s my lesson today, I thank god and also my mother for driving that 4 hour journey there and back. Sims story tomorrow if don’t finish too late I must go rest I think Black Widow gameplay oh and happy Valentine’s Day! 😊😊😊

I think it hit me this morning that I am a product of the 1D rebrand.

I always knew who One Direction was.  I heard their songs on the radio and I had maybe 3 or 4 in my itunes just for fun pop music to listen to.  Working at a bookstore for 2 years, I was very familiar with their books (which I sold in the children’s section) and I would occasionally flip through the pages just to see what it was all about.

But then I saw the boys promote Four on the Today Show.  I saw them (the OT4 coincidentally) sing and perform and put on an amazing show.  I saw Harry wearing a crazy shirt acting like a rockstar and I think it hit me then that these guys were adults making really fun pop music that also sounded like rock music.

Fast forward to a few days later where all I wanted to do was listen to 1D.  I listened to Four on spotify like 10 times that day, I was OBSESSED.  And I never looked back.  

Dinner conversation

Daughter, 7 years old: “So Mom, what kind of patients did you see today?”

Me: “I saw pregnant women and girls who didn’t want to be pregnant."

Daughter: "How did you help them?"

Me: "I did a procedure—like a little surgery—to remove the pregnancy."

Younger daughter, 4 years old: "From the uterus? I have a uterus. That’s where babies are."

Me: "Wow, how do you know that?” (Feeling impressed she came up with *uterus* on her own.)

Younger daughter: “We have a book at my school about making babies.”

Love my job, love my smart, curious little girls who are learning all about their bodies, and about abortion like it is a normal part of women’s health care. (Also love my daughter’s preschool!)

—From a family medicine physician 


Aug 29th, 2015 // 4:28pm // Saturday
So I finally bought myself a planner! I have been looking for a long time for one that I like. Many planners I found had a lot of extra stuff in them that was just taking up space or wasn’t specifically designed for an academic year. 

This planner from PocketSquares Paper Co. ended up being the one I bought. I saw it today at an art fair in my town and just had to get it! It features: 

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