i saw like 4 of them today

1. Last weekend I almost called you but I didn’t want to bother you and my hands were shaking too hard to dial anyway.
2. I kissed a boy I met a few weeks ago. I swallowed my tears when he wasn’t looking and when I showed my mum a picture of the two of us, she told me he looks a lot like you.
3. I fell asleep on my best friend’s couch and she told me I was crying in my sleep the way I used to when I missed you.
4. Last night I was walking alone and the air felt like it did the first time you kissed me. When everything was cold except for us and cool air was hitting my teeth because I couldn’t stop smiling. I almost walked into a damn pole.
5. I was in the shops today and I saw a keychain with your initial on it. I’ve been squeezing it in my hand so hard it’s leaving marks on my skin. There are still marks on my heart from the night you left, I’ve stopped thinking they’ll go away. Battle scars I call them.
6. I watched your favorite movie 5 times today.
7. The boy I sit next to in English smells like you.
8. I was just calling to see how your mum was doing.
9. I stopped drinking ice-tea because it tastes too much like the days we spent together. I also stopped sleeping.
10. You left some stuff in my pockets, maybe you could come pick them up and we could go for a milkshake or something?
11. I play your favorite song a lot. I don’t even like it.
—  alannahclairem11 ways I tried to tell you I really miss you

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Ok, so you inspired me to keep stickers in my pockets at work and I've been handing them out to kids and I'm the only one at work who does it so all the kids know me. Anyways, today a kid (probably 4 or 5 or so) came in and saw me on the register and he grabbed his dad's sleeve and said "Dad! Dad! Look Dad! The sticker lady is here!!" And then my heart exploded and melted and then I died. Just thought you'd like to know.

I have never been this proud in my entire life

Pet Store Fun...

I work at a popular pet store where we sell just about everything, from dog food to fish and other small furry animals. So this woman comes up to me (in her early twenties maybe) and starts asking about buying a rabbit. She tells me she knows nothing about rabbits and wants me to go through with her all the basics and everything she would need to buy if she were to get a rabbit.
No problem there, thats part of my job. Always happy to make sure people have everything they need for a new pet.

So we go through everything from food to cages etc. But then this stupid bitch asks me if it’ll be fine in the house from 9 til 3 when theres no one home. So I’m like, well rabbits are really social so ideally we prefer if they’re going to be alone a lot that you take two of them.

And she goes, but my dogs will keep it company!

Say what now?

Turns out she has 4 dogs, including a Husky and a German Shepard. Dogs who have never lived with another animal before. Dogs who will look at a rabbit and think “dinner”.

This stupid bitch thinks shes just gonna buy a baby rabbit and leave it to frolic about the house with her 4 dogs every day! 

I try to explain to her how they absolutely cannot be left unsupervised together, that the dogs will most likely go for the rabbit and the rabbit will be terrified of the dogs. And shes like, well I’ll just keep it in the cage and let the dogs go up and sniff it, they’re so friendly! Honestly, she just kept going on about how friendly and well behaved her dogs are like that was all that mattered. 

I don’t care how friendly a dog is. If it isn’t used to rabbits, its still gonna think that the rabbit is dinner. I mean, my dog is ridiculously friendly and grew up with 2 cats, but I still wouldn’t leave her alone with them just in case!

I’m trying to tell her to at least go home and take a few days to properly research rabbits before she decides to buy one, but shes like well I’ll go home tonight but I’ll be back tomorrow because I want one. Umm, no. That isn’t how this works. She literally told me she only came in for dog food but saw the rabbits and decided she wanted one. She’d never even touched a rabbit before today and knows absolutely nothing about them!

And then she gets all like, why are you trying to put me off though? Well bitch, my first and only concern is the welfare of that rabbit. You don’t get to just impulse buy a rabbit when you have 4 dogs and know fuck all about rabbits.

I told my colleague too who would be in the next day that if she comes back don’t sell her a rabbit. Thank god no one who works there is a fucking idiot and we’re totally allowed to refuse pet sales to arseholes like her. Also I’m sure all animal lovers here will be happy to know that my managers would have totally backed me up there too and also refused to sell her a rabbit. 

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Does anyone know if there were ace groups walking in the New York City Pride March today?? I was there from 12 to 4 on 36th street but I don't think I saw any. Was wondering if anyone got photos if there were!

I don’t know if the group was walking like offically signed up as part of the parade but I know the NYC aces group is very active (and from what I hear really nice) I’d love to see and boost any photos that people might want to share so any NYC aces or any aces in general please send them by way. (Just be mindful of who’s in your photo and if they’d want to be) 

 also aces make me want to move to nyc tbh

GD Scenario: "Hi~"

Words: 1446

Short summary: You are the leader of a girl group with 7 members. You attend Big Bang MADE concert and the fan meet with one og your members Hyori. Some of them recognize you and you made some plans together… 

Read the rest to find out what happened…


Hope you like this one. I am a little busy rn because I have a lot exams in April so I don’t know when will I open requests -.-

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Shape of You

Hi guys! It’s really unbelievable for me that I post my writing in english. I write in hungarian since 2012 but this is my first time to translate something to english. I hope you will enjoy it and please be gentle because my first lenguage isn’t english and tried to do my best but I don’t know if it was enough. I hope it’s okay for you! Enjoy this little thing of mine!

Also wanted to say that this story has already two parts but only the first one is translated and If you liked this one just let me know and I translate the other one too! I really appreciate the feedback! Thanks!

Ps.: This first part is quite a personal one because the girl’s thoughts are my real thoughts and I am currently in the same situation as her… I just began my journey but I’m really enjoying it! Hope you don’t mind I wrote about it!

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Word count: 4404

Summary: Going to the gym have become an addiction to our reader. But it was a good one because she needed this. She wanted to get back her body, the control of it. She needed this… and one day when she had almost quit… she met someone.

Inspiration: When I first heard the song I was already in love with it… but when I saw the video… it was my ultimate motivation. I knew I had to write about it!

Please let me know what you think after reading this part! THANK YOU!

I knew this wouldn’t be easy but I also knew that I had done it before so I can and I will do it again. But this time with more insistence and more presence of mind. I have never been a skinny girl I was more a curvy one or even bigger than that. During my high school years I lost 45 pounds but after that I didn’t pay much attention to my meals and workouts so what I had lost then… I got it back. Even if I was healthy I didn’t felt good in my own skin.  I wasn’t mad at myself because I knew that I can do it again and now I have the real willpower and self-disclipne that will help me. When I started this again I knew that I needed this kind of constancy in my life. This was the only stable point in my days: going to the gym, every single day.

I don’t say that every single day I had the motivation and the smile on my face when I hit the treadmill or anything else in the gym but I knew it then and I know it now too that whenever I am able to do even a 20 minutes workout it’s more than nothing. I can do it, I can do it… it was my mantra.

I was spending my third year at the NYU. Before I lived in a little town but I always loved the spirit of New York and I really needed a change after my years at high school. I had to get out that ambience, that town because I felt I was choking there and that it was poisoning me constantly. My so-called friends, my family… everything made me want to leave.

This all happened 3 years ago. I had my own ups and downs but I always thought about myself as a positive girl, so when I had enough of the poison I decided to put myself first and get the control of my body back.

This decision was made 4 months ago after I got back to New York from my trip to my hometown where I had my worst days of my life… I felt really hopeless and I knew if I don’t figure it out soon how to get rid of this stress… it could end really bad.

During the last 4 months the gym, my workouts were my refuges and some kind of addiction but my body was really thankful for that. I really changed my lifestyle, I was on a quite strict diet but it was worth it (I needed that change because the things I was eating… was all trash).  Just after the end of my 4th month in the gym I checked my weight on the bathroom scales. 23 pounds were gone. I am not really a scale person because I don’t believe in numbers but this time it made me really happy… like I felt I could fly.

When I started all this and I was searching for a gym the most important thing for me was to find one that is not so popular. I don’t have problems with dealing with people I think I am a really friendly person I just wanted a real quiet place that was all. All I wanted that was to focus on myself and not anybody else.

As the days and months passed I worked up my own routine. When I got out of the dressing-room I put my headpones on and shut out the world. Sometimes I lost myself so much in the music that I started to dance or even sing a little bit. I didn’t care, other people opinion never bothered me. I did this for myself and this was the most important thing for me. It was my mission.

But today didn’t started the way I wanted and the problem wasn’t even that it was Monday. When I woke up I felt that I have zero motivation and I don’t want to get out of the bed… for a week. At least. I had no strenght and no humour. I was thinking about quitting this whole damn thing.

- You still here? – my roommate entered in my room with so much noise that if I would have been sleeping she would have woken me up. But I was not sleeping at all.

- As you can see. – I waved her then let my arm fall back to the pillows. I didn’t want to move at all.

- By this time… you usually are at the gym already… aren’t you? – she asked me and I pulled my cover to my face. I just couldn’t imagine that I would get out of this bed today.

- Hmmm… I have literally no motivation for life today. – I said and took my pillow to my face and screamed into it. I did not really know where I wanted to be.

- My darling… you are the one who finished her exams already and not me… I had 4 more to go… you have plenty of time doing whatever you want and I know that the gym became an obsession of yours these days and you don’t like to skip your workouts so… better get yourself together and get out of this bed. Anyway… I brought you some breakfast!- she said and she waited until I sticked out my head from under my pillow.

- Ohh… that’s so thoughtful!- I smiled at her and took my shaker from her hand. – You shouldn’t have… - I shook my head while I had my first sip, it was my favorite: strawberry-banana-milkshake. I rubbed my eyes once or twice and tried to believe that I don’t have bags under them. I knew I looked terrible… like somone who hasn’t slept the last few days… and it was only Monday.

- I would do anything instead of stuDYING… you can believe me… I was thinking about cleaning the windows… - she said with a disgusted face. It was quite a funny face… for me.

- When do have your exams today? – I asked her.

- One at  1 pm and the other one at 4 pm. – she replied and I saw that she is about to die. If she was thinking about cleaning the windows… she was really dying.

- Until that… you have plenty of time to clean the windows… - I said and I started to laugh and she inmediatly joined me. This is what friends are for… to make each other laugh. To make each other life better.

I knew that she don’t usually study on the day of the exams so she made herself other mission… and it was: motivating me. She got out of my bed, took my laptop and made a motivation playlist on my iTunes and even started to dance and asked me to do that too. And the mission was completed… when Shake it off by Taylor Swift came on… I couldn’t hold back my moves.

After our morning dance session I had enough motivation to leave our dormitory but when I arrived to the gym it was all gone. The gym stepper broke when I was at it and I almost fell of the treadmill… and my phone didn’t just almost fall. It really fell. I was so misarable I wanted to die.

- Is everything okay? – a familiar voice asked me when I was sitting on the floor trying to put my mobile back together. Just like a puzzle.

- Mmmm… sure… - I nodded and when I looked up to see who this unknown familiar guy was I almost had an heart attack. Like a real one… because the guy who stood next to me was Sebastian Stan.

- I’m glad to hear that. – he smiled and pulled back his baseball cap while wiping away his sweat from his forehead then he got on the treadmill next to me and continued this plan. Nobody bothered to ask me while I was almost crying on the floor… only he did this.

I thought that I should do the same thing but before that I had to stay alive… like I just had an inner heart attack. Sebastian f*cking Stan was in the same gym as I was. He could choose any fancy gyms in New York but he choose this one. What were the chances? My soul tumbled one and I just hoped really really strongly that my feelings were not on my face… just inside of me… in my mind.

After a few minutes I got up and looked in the mirror. There wasn’t anything strange on my face so I calmed down… I kept it cool and least I tried. I decided to get back on the treadmill but this time the only free one was the one next to Sebastian. I couldn’t believe it. I tried act normal and beside the first few minutes when I looked like a ghost I succeeded to focus on my cardio. Slowly my face turned quite red and started to sweat like a pig but somehow I liked it even if it was disgusting. I didn’t even realise that I spent more time on the treadmill than I usually did. Maybe the man next to me or his smile that I sometimes saw in the mirror kept me going. He was like a walking motivation.

I didn’t know that I will have ever a day quite like monday was but I didn’t care. I saw Sebastian Stan when I had no motivation and without even a word he helped me that rough time of mine. It was all magic I knew… even only with his presence he was capable to do this. That week I didn’t skipp not even once my workouts and I tried to do my best and even better than that. Maybe the reason of my energy was the fact that Seb returned to the gym every single day on that week. We didn’t speak at all. I didn’t have the courage and I kept the distance but sometimes I secretly looked in his way and what I saw always kept me going. His presence kept me going and thanks to him I didn’t give up.

May or may not I liked him a little… a more than a little. He was an amazing person, a talented actor and he was so down to earth. Sometimes the world of tumblr sucked me up and every single time I had to realise that this man can not be real, he had to be something supernatural.

I never deny that I am part of a generation with my twenty something years where the people live in a relationship with their phone. When I don’t have company I am usually on one of my social websites because I like these things. It’s really interesting that these sites help me a lot because everytime I see a post from one of my favorite artist, musician, actor who captured their time in gym or something like this it motivates me because I see that they are in the same situation as I am and for their health they have to do something too. They are real people just like us. It was a common point in our life. They knew that it was important what they communicate to the people, to their fans and their words, their actions, pictures could mean the world to someone, they really have the power to motivate a lot of people. This happened to me too.

I didn’t know what to hope… maybe that Seb was planning to move into the gym but this didn’t happened. After that miracle week he never showed up again. I expected that this was going to happen because I knew that he is an actor and he travels a lot because of the shootings but it happened too fast… I needed his presence. Maybe it was a silly thing of mine but I didn’t care but I also knew that the show must go on.

I kept his memory in my mind and everytime I felt bad and reminded myself that he was here and what a lucky girl I am that I shared with him the gym.

The next 4 months easily flew away and we were already in the middle of may. These days I was the happiest girl in the entire world because I finally reached my body goal. Like in the t-shirt that I brought to my first workout session I would fit like 4 times. This time I loved my body like never before. I felt really healthy and strong. I felt like I can beat anything and I can face everything. The best part of it was that I had to change almost my full closet because my clothes were to baggy. I loved this feeling.

- Even if the windows are open… this gym is like hell. I felt like I am next to Satan. I could blow up outside. – two girls walked in the dressing room when I was dressing up. – Hi. – they saluted me.

- Hi. – I said back and I decided hearing them that this time I won’t keep any t-shirt on myself and I put away my leggins too. It was my bravest outfit here… like ever. But I felt really confident about myself so wanted to surprise myself a bit so I just got a sports bra and a really short short.

After I finished my spring exams I was happily headed to the gym like I was dancing while stepping in here. I was so happy with everything that I could not imagine anything that could make this even better.

- Y/N… right? – just before I stepped outside one of the girls from before said my name. I inmediatly turned my way back to them.

-Right. – I nodded I tried to figure it out what they wanted from me while I was smiling so hard I couldn’t believe that that didn’t hurt me.

- You are unbelievable… the body you achieved… your transformation… wow. – one of them said and hearing this from strangers was one of the best thing in the world.

- Just a few weeks ago I started watching your workouts and all I can say is that even watching you I get exhausted… - the other one said this and started to laugh.

- Your are a real pro… We just saw your transformation picture on the wall. Congrats on that! – the blonde one said this and I didn’t really get what she was talking about. I thought that I was mistaken for someone else.

- Ohh… you didn’t know… - they were really surprised. – You should check it out… - they said and saying a quick goodbye I headed to the desk where I knew I could see what they are talking about.

And they were not lying. I was really on the motivation/transformation wall. I almost started crying because of my happiness. Seeing my before-after picture was surreal. 50 pounds minus.

- Wow… - all I could say was this.

- Ohh… Y/N. – the girl behind the desk just noticed that I was here. – I hope you are not mad that we put your picture out here without asking you… but we needed a freshening and we thought about you last night with the other girls so… We hope you don’t mind… If you do we can take it off right know. – she said but I shook my head. I was so moved by this and instantly felt so much energy in my body that I thought I was gonna explode… because of happiness of course.

- Don’t worry at all. All I can say is… thank you. It means a lot to me. – I smiled at her and almost flew to the mirrors where I warmed up my body for my running time. I felt like I could run the marathon.

Even after my long time on the treadmill my smile still was on my face. It was really permanent. I was so happy with the picture I saw in the mirror. I was kinda proud of myself.

When I jumped off the treadmill and started to stretch my legs someone from behind me touched me legs and I almost fell down. I only did it almost because this someone helped me avoid the falling with his body. And he not just helped me not to meet with the ground but he helped me stretch. My right leg was put next to my head on the wall.

- I hope you don’t mind… - he said getting even closer to my back and felt real goosebumps on every part of body. EVERY DAMN PART.

If I said that this place was hell before now… it was hell multiplied by infinity. I was about to start burning.

- Ohmmm… nope. – I muttered with a shaking voice and slowly let my leg down and turned around just to do the same thing with my other leg but this time I had to face him. I had to face Sebastian. He was here. He was back. Specifically right next to my body. I even forgot to get a heart attack.

- I saw you arriving… I couldn’t believe my eyes. – he explained and without any hesitation he helped me strechted my other leg and arm. – You did a really amazing job with your body. – he looked at me up and down with a real big smile. I think my face got a new shade of red while he was doing this. – Ohh… I am so rude… I didn’t even introduced myself… Sebastian Stan. - he said and lent his hand to mine. When our hands touched I almost died inside. I didn’t know what was happening to me. My body have go to an unknown place.

- Y/N. – I said quitely and closed my eyes. I was certain about that one of my nightmares became reality and I fell one of the weights on my head and I was already black-out. This could not happen.

- It’s kinda cute when you blush… - he said and smiled at me. When I opened my eyes he were still there. In front of me.

- I just trying to get my lungs back. – I explained and I didn’t really know what to do now… like run away or something?

- By chance… do you want to stretch with me a little more and after that workout together. I just got back to the city yesterday and my workout buddies aren’t here yet. – he asked me smiling and… I almost died. Almost died inside. How supposed to answer to that? Is there somebody who could say no to this?

- Ohmmm… - I couldn’t find the right words. I didn’t even now where my head is.

- Oh God… Shit… I didn’t want to scare you. – he smiled at me shyly and ran his fingers through his freshly cut hair. When he was here months before he had much longer hair but it was all gone. – I just really find you an inspirational person… I saw your picture on the wall and wow… you are quite amazing. What a strength, a real commitment! – he admitted and in that moment I didn’t really know that I wanted… to put myself in the ground or go to heaven inmediatly.

- Me? Inspirational? – I started to laugh like a little kid. It was really awkward. – You were the one that helped me no to stop this whole thing… when you appeared here months before I was about to quit the whole thing… and you gave me so much energy… you could not believe. – when I started to say these things I inmediatly regreted it.– Oh Jesus Christ…I just talked too much.  I am so sorry… I didn’t… - shook my head, picked up my towel and my water and just wanted to go as far from here as much I could. – I’m such an idiot. – I told myself when I felt fingers around me wrist.

- Just slow down a little bit… - he span me a little just to face him… this time I met his body again. His chest. I thought that I could not be in a more awkward situation… I was wrong. - … so you remembered me? You were thinking about me? – in his words I heard his smile that was on his face. I coulnd’t look at him, I was so scared.

- I think I just gave myself away… - muttered myself quitly and I didn’t know which situation was worse… the one I was currently in where I only could see his sculpted body because of the sweat that soaked his t-shirt or the other one (which didn’t happened yet) where I looked into his eyes. I was out of control. I knew that my workout for today was over because if I would done anything after this I would probably die… at least.

- Good… because you were on my mind a lot while I was away… it was a really long 4 months… really, really long.  – when he said this I started to laugh. This could not happen, I thought. – What is so funny? – he asked and I don’t know how he made me look into his eyes. It was all magic.

- This is unbelievable… the biggest lie on the planet. – I rolled my eyes still laughing.

- You think I’m lying? – he didn’t get my reaction.

- Or you just bumped your head somewhere. – I told him a much more realistic explanation.

- A-a… - he shook his head and put his fingers in his hair. – It’s quite unbelievable that you don’t believe me… and now… I will convince you that I would never lie to you… never. –he said and pulled my hand in his and started to go to that separeted part of the gym where all the mattresses, boxing bagges and these type of stuff were.

- I am done for today. – I was so glad that he finally stopped.

- Now… I know that you are lying.  – he said and I think he thought that he knows everything. He was quite confident now but it was rare… not because he wouldn’t had reason to be but this was different.

- I changed. People change. – I said back and I shocked myself too that I was this fast at feedback.

- Nice try. – he said and pulled off the towel from my hand and first he looked and the ground than at me… and he repeated this a few times.

- You don’t usually give up… don’t you? – I asked him. I was a really headstrong girl and not even a bit naiv or stupid. I always knew when something was a lie.

- I know that you don’t want me to give up… I know it well. – he said with such a confidence that I started to laugh… again. – I’m glad that I can make laugh a beautiful girl like you. – he said and then I was really shocked. People don’t usually say this kind of things to me. Especially not men…. or when they do they make it as a joke. They don’t know the real meaning of the word, its weight. Sometimes I think about myself as a beautiful girl… but only in my head. I don’t usually say it out loud.

- If I am willing to be you workout buddy… will you shut up? – I proposed an option that surprised me as well. I should’ve gone already… what the hell am I doing right now?

- Maybe… - he thought about it a bit with a childish smile and before I fell to to ground because of my heart attack I sat down without getting any injury. He just wanted to stretch a bit and  do a workout. I can make that. I tought. - … don’t panic… it’s just me… - he went to my back and put his hand on my lower part and started to pull me forwards carefully.

- Ohh… - the sound that left my mouth was not for this place. – Ohhh… - I couldn’t hold it back. He continued what he was doing and it felt amazing. I felt my muscles calm down even the ones that I had no idea that existed.

- Tranquilly… just let it out… - he whispered this in my ear and I couldn’t do anything but oblige him. It was quite pornographic… I mean the sounds were. When he disappeared from behind me I almost cried out loud. Maybe not just almost. I will dig myself to the ground. I knew it. – Take it easy… I’m right here. – he said and I inmediatly knew he was in front of me. He sat down, straddled just like me, got my hands and pulled me forward for his way. I had to bite my lips not to cry out load. It was again that phornographic sound… and feeling. After a few moments I did the same with him and he let it out the same sounds. I blushed. There was a moment where I thought that what would it be like to pull his body to mine… just to cover me. I had to wake up from this dream.

- Do you want to try something new? Do you trust me? – he asked and when he stood up he helped me to get up too. His touch made me almost die. I will not survive this day.

- I am all yours. – spread my arms and when I realised what I just said I had to turn him my back and get a deep breath. Can I just disappear right now? – Can we just forget what I said? – said to him when I was facing him again. I really hoped that he would say yes.

- Nope… - he shook his head frimly and his lips formed a really wild smile.

- Excuse me… what?

- Not just we will not forget this… but I will remind you again… and again… and again… that you are all mine… all mine

Sebastian Stan Request

Hii! Could you maybe write an imagine where the reader is a famous actress and she’s married to Sebastian Stan, and she’s away filming in another country and sees pictures of seb and their 1 year old son out in NY (where they live) and she finds it adorable and then they face time and stuff?

AN: I think I got the time zone diff right but if I didn’t just go with it

You slumped in bed after a long day on the set. You were currently in New Zealand filming your first movie after having your son Noah who was just now over a year old. It was 6 am and you had just gotten back to your hotel room after shooting some lengthy night scenes. You opened your phone and instinctively opened your Instagram to look at the photos of your son and husband that you had previously shared with the world. When the app opened you saw a number of notifications pop up and when you clicked on your tagged photos you saw pictures of Sebastian out with Noah in downtown New York.

There were pictures of Sebastian pushing Noah in a stroller, pictures of Sebastian carrying Noah in their matching jeans, black leather jackets, and black sunglasses, and pictures of them both laughing at year other. The pictures made your heart flutter. You checked what time it was in New York and face timed your husband. When the connection went through you were face to face with your grinning husband and little boy. “Hi my loves,” you exclaimed.

“Hi Momma,” Seb waved Noah’s hand. “Say ‘Hi Momma!’ What are you doing up babe, isn’t it, like, 4 am there?”

“6. I just got back. We had a late night. How’s your day been so far? I saw you’ve been out and about today.”

“Yeah, the paparazzi got some pictures of us today.”

“What did my two favorite men get into?”

“We got up pretty early today. Had some yummy breakfast, got ready, and went out shopping for some stuff. Noah got a cool new stuffed lion and an awesome Captain America shirt. Didn’t you buddy?” Noah yelled excitedly and clapped his hands. “And we got another matching outfit so we can be the envy of every play date.”

“Mama,” Noah looked into the camera and reached for his Dad’s phone.

“Hi Baby,” you cooed. “I miss you guys so much. I can’t wait to be home. What are you two doing with the rest of your day?”

“We just got home for some lunch and I think after that we are going to go play outside.”

“Well have so much fun you two. I gotta get to bed because I am exhausted,” you yawned. “I love you both so so much and miss you guys.”

“We love and miss you too, babe. You’ll be home in less that two months though. Just look forward to that.”

“That’s what keeps me going. Love you guys.”

“Love you Mom,” Sebastian waved Noah’s hand again at you. “Bye bye.”

“Bye my loves.”

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hello! a new persona blog to keep on my notifs! as first of many asks, how would the persona protags react to their future s/o confessing their feelingd to them? how would it go? where would it take place?

ahhh thank you for the ask!! I’ll do my best to keep your notifs updating!!


  • Minato’s S/O will ask to speak to him privately
  • not wanting to go too far, both agree to meeting after school on the roof
  • when the time comes, S/O is waiting outside Minato’s class and both embark for the roof
  • S/O is a bit more jittery going up the stairs but Minato ignores this
  • they sit down and get comfy before Minato asks what they wanted to talk about
  • like ripping off a bandage, S/O is quick to confess they like Minato and that they would like date him
  • Minato is taking his sweet time processing what they said because oh they really did ask me right? I didn’t mishear that??
  • poor S/O has to endure through awkward silence but they’re standing their ground
  • eventually Minato nod and gives the quietest “okay.” that S/O has to strain to hear it
  • both are heaving silent sighs of relief as they exchange contact info
  • they go their separate ways after a bit more chatting
  • on the whole route back to the dorm Minato is making plans with S/O for their first date with a slight smile on his face


  • Hamuko finds an anonymous love letter asking to meet at Paulownia Mall in her shoe locker
  • she’s really excited, she’s never received a love letter before!! she will show it to anyone who asks her what she’s been staring at all day
  • as soon as classes are dismissed Hamuko races pass everyone and makes her way towards Paulownia
  • she waits there for decent amount of time but no one is showing up
  • Hamuko is just about to leave pouting about being stood up, but someone is hold her hand all of a sudden so she turns to face them
  • it’s S/O and they’re panting out an apology while explaining that Edoka held them up after class
  • Hamuko’s face is getting really red as they properly confess and along with it comes the brightest, most genuine smile she’s ever given it’s S/O! S/O likes me!!
  • very immediately reciprocates those feelings and even suggests that they have their first date right now
  • “huh?! really right now?” “yes right now! the mall is right there”
  • they spend all evening at the mall until S/O walks her back to the dorm, hands tightly held together
  • S/O bids her goodnight and promises to come to the dorm early tomorrow so they can walk to school together, Hamuko is over the moon


  • Yu is already making plans himself to confess to S/O
  • Yosuke suggests taking them out to the city for a change of scenery from the country but Yu doesn’t feel like that’s personal enough
  • while he’s contemplating this he gets a call from S/O telling him they have something important to say and asking if he could meet them at the hill they first met each other
  • it goes over his head how nervous they sound and how relieved they are when he agrees because he’s concentrating so hard on solving his dilemma
  • Yu runs into them on the way up and asks them what they wanted to tell him but they insists on getting to the top first
  • when they’re there a silence befalls them as they stare down at the entire town of Inaba
  • finally S/O gathers their courage and they stumble to recite this whole confession speech they made the night before
  • Yu is blatantly staring at them and he’s ready to get down on one knee for them this. this is the perfect spot. how did I not think of this?
  • he’s pulled back into the moment when S/O is nervously asking for his answer
  • grasping both of their hands in his, Yu gives them a gentle smile and confesses his own feelings too
  • the happy couple spend the day on the hill, talking from topic to topic in comfort


  • Akira has known for a while that S/O likes him from the subtle change in their behavior whenever they’re alone
  • he doesn’t say anything though because he wants to hear it from S/O themselves
  • when they ask if he’s available to go out to Inokashira Park tomorrow, he gets a gut feeling he knows what this is about and agrees
  • they meet and he’s silently cheering them on
  • and he may or may not be teasing them with blatantly romantic gestures in hopes that they get the hint that he likes them too
  • unfortunately whenever they seemingly get the courage to confess they’re either interrupted or ditches at the last second
  • the day is coming to an end and Akira is slightly disappointed that nothing happened
  • they make it to Leblanc and Akira offers to make a cup of coffee before S/O leaves
  • while he’s busy with said coffee the words come out of S/O in a dreamlike fashion, unaware they had said that out loud
  • they’re both snapping their heads so fast to meet the other’s gaze when they realize
  • well…. I never saw that coming they both think (ba dum tsssss)
  • Akira is the first to regain his composure and a smug smirk lays on his face as he asks them to repeat that for him
  • S/O is too embarrassed and buries their face into their hands
  • they look up again when Akira sets down their coffee and there’s a heart made from foam
  • Akira relents, saying that he likes them too and that today was a wonderful first date

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Woah!! Thank you! The prompt I submitted was so well done my eyes are sweating of delight hahaha;; I saw another interesting one for merthur! I hope you will feel inspired by it: "you’ve walked past the bakery I work at and stared longingly at one of the pies at least 4 times today I’ll buy it for you if you just stop”

Glad you liked it! I always see prompt-posts on tumblr and usually don’t have the motivation to write a fic for them (or even choose which one to do, so many decisions!) Which is why these ficlets and your messages are so nice!


“He’s back again.” Merlin said. He rested his chin on his arms as he leaned across the counter while Gwen stirred a new batch of chocolate for the eclairs.

“Again?” Gwen asked, “What does that make it today?”

“Four times. I think that’s a record.” Merlin said, lazing about the empty bakery and watching the man through the window. “He’s eying that strawberry-chocolate pie like it’s naked and giving him a lap dance.”

Merlin.” Gwen scolded, although she giggled.

“It’s true. The man comes by daily but has yet to step into the shop! It’s like he’s waiting for the pie to ask nicely before ravishing it.”

“Perhaps he’s waiting for a reason to buy it.” Gwen offered.

No one needs a reason to eat pie.” Merlin put a hand to his chest in mock horror, “Who are you and what have you done with Guinevere Smith?”

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Diary of a Broken Heart

Originally posted by jonginmypocket

summary: after a nasty break up Joshua makes the decision to log how he feels for a period of 14 days

a/n: i’m so sorry for the emo and also this is written in first person pov just so we all know

genre: angst

warnings: swearing

Day 1

It’s been about a week since the breakup. Too much has happened since then. I’ve cried for 5 days straight just trying to forget y/n. Because in all honesty, I miss y/n. I miss going to eat with y/n, I miss watching random Netflix movies with y/n, I miss the random 3 am texts y/n always sent, I miss y/n.

Day 2

Today I did absolutely nothing. I think Jeonghan is starting to worry even more too, he keeps checking up on me. I keep telling him it’s fine and that I’ll get through it but I don’t know if I can anymore. I feel like I’ve had all the power and energy sucked out of my body.

Day 3

I went biking today, it wasn’t as refreshing as it usually is. It felt empty like I was missing someone. I don’t think I will ever get over this. It’s just too much for me to handle.

Day 4

I saw y/n again today. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t cry, they used to be my whole world, and they still are. I’m trying so hard not to have a huge breakdown, but so far, I’m on the verge of one. I just can’t fathom the fact that I’m not dating y/n anymore.

Day 5

At this point, I’m really convinced that the world is out to get me. I saw y/n again today. Why can’t I go anywhere without seeing them? It’s like the world wants me to suffer.

Day 6

You know, now that I think about it, it seems like everything is against me. I try to be happy but the happiness is sucked out of my soul. At this point, I’m nothing more than a hollow shell of a person. I’m nothing like I was about two weeks ago.

Day 7

Everything has changed. People say change is for the good, but I beg to differ with that statement. Change can be bad. Not all change is good. Change can drive a person mad. Change can fuck your mind up. Change can make life feel like it’s not worth living. Change can make you feel like a hollow shell instead of the person you were two weeks ago.

Day 8

All I hear from Jeonghan is “Joshua this” and “Joshua that”. It’s getting pretty old because I am trying. It just doesn’t work. I don’t think he understands that. I’ve been trying every day for the past two weeks. Nothing works though, nothing at all. I’ve tried to go places but everywhere I turn I see y/n. Maybe this is selfish of me to say, but it hurts. It really fucking hurts to see them laughing and enjoying life while I’ve been here bawling my eyes out, barely eating, and sleeping way too much for the past two weeks.

Day 9

“If you want the rainbow you gotta put up with a little fucking rain” that’s what Seungcheol told me today. I honestly and truthfully don’t think I can put up with the rain much longer before I end up drowning in it. So many things have been shitty in the past two weeks. Too many as for that matter. All of the shitty things surrounding them actually. I wonder if they ever regret the breakup. I wonder what my life would be life if I didn’t fall for them as hard as I did only to get my heart broken in the end.

Day 10

Today was supposed to be our one year anniversary. Today would have marked us dating for one whole year. I can’t stop thinking about them. I wonder if they ever think about me.

Day 11

It feels like the world is crashing down around me. It seems like no one cares how I feel. I don’t think they understand how I truly feel. It feels like something is sucking the life out of me. It feels like I’m dying.

Day 12

It seems like things are looking up. In a way, it seems like things are getting better. I doubt it though, I predict in a few days everything will go right back to shit. Just like it was in the beginning.

Day 13

Honestly, I don’t even know what I’m gonna do today. I should probably go outside, considering the fact that I haven’t been out since I saw y/n. Maybe I should try to go to the park.

Day 14

Today has been pretty melancholy. Nothing happened, but I feel a lot better than what I have been. This could be the start to feeling happier. I sure hope it is anyway.

mini artist rant:

paint mixing videos piss me off.

Like yeah, I can see the appeal of them. Mixing paint can be fun,  I’ve done it regularly many times, and seeing it is pretty rad… but I can never help but think:

‘wtf r u using that for u just ruined a perfectly good shade by mixing it with that monstrosity of a metallic and now u have a MESS!’ 

‘are u using it for a painting? are those oil paints.. oIL PAINTS ARE SO EXPENSIVE U BETTER NOT BE WASTING IT’

it’s not helpful that on the instagram page they usually tag every kind of paint in fucking existence so i can never truly know what kind of paint is being used.

the ones where the paint has been frozen and they’re in neat shapes????? whaat paint is that???? u can’t freeze oils? you need extremely low temperatures for that and acrylic paint will be damaged in freezing temps… why are u wasting paint! I doubt they’re watercolor cakes too, because dry watercolor crumbles like dust.

I guess it could be tempera? The texture is weird tho.

Norta Elementary - Part 7

MY WRITING: One Week of Norta Elementary [7/7]

A cute Modern AU for Marecal on the pretense that they would be in the same 5th grade class at Norta Elementary. This is Part Seven, that I have taken way too long to write. The 5th graders get yet another project but this time the stakes are high for Cal. I introduce some Original Characters…and conflict. 

This is the last event for #one week of norta elementary so here’s Day Seven w/ the release of the new Part 7!

Please read them in order! Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

Ships: Mare x Cal

Words: 1,041

Rating: G <3 

     “Today we start our last project of the year. This is a summative assessment and it will greatly affect your final grade.”
     Out of the corner of my eye I saw Cal snap his head towards Adeline. They had been racing to be Valedictorian like never before. Cal told me that it would be a great way to balance out his ‘academic life’ along with participating in the library and the Swimming Team he recently joined.
     The Swimming Team his mother forced him to join.
     Anyway, I remember Cal telling me how ‘neck-in-neck’ they were. Cal was great in History and Math while Adeline was a better student in Science and Spanish. They were tied in English, so this project would be the deciding factor.
     I didn’t care about it that much. Your grades didn’t really matter in Elementary School. I guess Cal just wanted to win. He was pretty competitive.

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There they are, folks! All 4 of my Thor Ragnarok tickets from today. Set a personal record of seeing One Film The Most Times in a 24 hr Period. Feeling proud, VERY nerdy and slightly nostalgic.

Back when the first set of LOTR films came out, my friends and I went to see them numerous times in the theaters (back in the day when cheap movie tix were readily available). I saw Fellowship 3 times, Two Towers 9 times and Return of the King 7 times. We wore those statuses like badges of honor, like trophies of Nerd Cred that made us proud of each other and ourselves. I dunno how else to explain it and my purpose isn’t to offend anyone, this is just my feels about it.

Oh and I picked up a souvenir too, heh.
I’ll have a detailed review up soon, when my brain can properly categorize again LOL


7th April, 8 pm.
Dear diary,

Fuck it. Everything was great until today. I mean, it still is. Of course I had to develop a crush on the cutest boy in the school, right? The girls told me I should forget about him because I’m not his type. I didn’t listen to them. Today I saw him with a girl. They were right - I’m definitely not his type. I hate him so much! I hate both of them so much!
At least dad is taking me fishing tomorrow morning…and I like spending time with my dad.

For the record I am like the least mechanical person on Earth. But today at Home Depot, when I wanted them to measure and cut my 2′ by 4′ board into two 2′ by 2′ squares, I felt like I was somehow more competent than the like, late middle-aged dude running the cut station.

For one, I measured the board myself and saw that it was in fact 48.5″, a little over four foot. It was also about 24.25″ wide. Well, that’s slightly too big for the Armies on Parade format but like, no one’s gonna give me shit for poking out a quarter inch over the table; it’s whatever. Just cut it smack in half so it’s 24.25″ square, right? No big.

Dude proceeds to be like “Nah these are four foot panels” and I’m like “But I measured it bruh” at which point he kinda measures it and goes “shit, ok” and then proceeds to make little notches with the saw to line up the center. Like? My dude? My guy? Do you not have a pencil? “Measure twice; cut once,” like literally everyone knows that, it’s the absolute bare fuckening minimum for any kind of cutting work?

But I kept my mouth shut because what fucking ever. He finally got it cut more or less in half, and since it’s literally for displaying small army men and not for, say, home repair, it can be a little off. 

Anyway yeah; turns out I’m a middle-aged man after all and no lack of mechanical aptitude can prevent me from gettin’ salty at Home Depot.

Different but the same.

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BTS AU (werewolf)

Part1 / Part2 / Part3 / Part4 / Part5 / Part6 / Part7 /

A/N. Here we go again with part5. I am still thinking how things are going to move in this Au and I don’t know how long it will end up being ,or how it will end.But I think it will be a fun journey for all of us, hope you like it. Sorry for any mistakes made.Requests are open.😁

Word count:  1,735

Warnings: Swearing from time to time

  Your mind was slowly coming back to reality and a warm sensation covered your body. Your eyes fluttered open and you found yourself in someone’s embrace. Jimin had carried you back to your home and had fallen asleep with you in his arms. Or maybe he didn’t want to let go of you in the first place.

  You moved a bit so you could look at his cute sleeping face, but just by the small movement you made, he quickly opened his eyes and looked at you.

“Jagya!” he gasped

“Who else do you expect?” he joked a bit to lighten up the mood, but he was dead serious

“Are you ok?”he asked you

“Yes, don’t worry about me.”you jumped up fast after remembering what had happened “How is Jungkook?Is he ok?”

  Jimin pulled you back into his embrace, covering your body with the blanket.He ran his hand through your hair, which calmed you down and you relaxed completely.

“I don’t know, once I saw you I didn’t go and look for him. But I am sure he is ok, you were the one who got hurt the most.If he wasn’t of my pack I would have bitten off his throat.” you could feel a bit of anger lingering in his voice

“Don’t say that, it was my fault for not warning him.”you said

“That is not true, you did warn him when you realized, but it was too late.” he continued playing with your hair soothingly. 

  You could feel that something was troubling him, but you didn’t want to openly ask him. If he didn’t say anything than maybe he doesn’t want you to know, yet it was starting to bug you as well. You tried not to think about it, but it didn’t want to get out of your brain, so you decided to ask him in the most not oblivious way possible.

“Jimin.”you turned your body to face him “Is something troubling you?” the best way isn’t always the direct approach, but then again there was no use in beating around the bush

“Call me oppa.” he pouted cutely 


“Is it that obvious?”he asked looking down at you

“It is.”

  He sighed “I just wanted to know what those symbols on your body were?”

“Oh that.” you hit his chest lightly “Don’t make me worry like that.” you lifted your hand “Look close.”

“They are still there.” he squinted his eyes to focus on your skin better

“You didn’t think that the power of the first clan was so little did you?” you asked him and he nodded “Oh come on. Really?” he nodded again and you sighed “Listen well. The power I have is far greater than what you saw today, but I have to hide it from other werewolves.I know how to do that, but just in case my grandfather placed the 4 seals on me.Every single one of them contains a part of my power.I made a promise with him ,that I won’t remove them, if it isn’t a in crucial situations.”

“But why are they still kind of visible? I wouldn’t have noticed them if you didn’t show me thought.” he asked 

“If the seal is placed on someone, that means it is there for a reason. The marks stay on the body for 2 days. By remaining on my body for sometime, they show the person who placed this on me, that I have released a seal.In a way it serves as evidence.” you explained 

“So in one day it will be fully gone?”

“Yes, it is just lightly visible because I released only the first seal…wait 1 day?”

“You were asleep for a whole day jagya.”

  You jumped up “What!” looking at him you asked “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“You needed to rest.” he stood up “Come let’s go down stairs.” he extended his arm and you took it

  Jimin started walking towards the door when he heard a loud falling sound. He turned around and saw you on the floor. Quickly he ran to you, picking your body up in his hands.

“Jagya are you ok?!” he asked you

“I am fine don’t worry. “he looked at your legs

“Is there something wrong?”he asked with a concerned look in his eyes

“Well…I won’t be able to move normally until the symbols disappear, which will be till tomorrow.” you explained 

  Jimin made sure you were comfortable in his arms and went downstairs.Holding you tight he gave you a glass of water and sat down on the couch. You placed the glass to your lips and took a sip.

“I envy this glass.”he looked at the cup of water

“Do you want to be a glass now?”you asked him

“If your lips were constantly on me, I wouldn’t mind.”he grinned playfully at you

“Look who is back to his old self.”you smiled

  You placed the empty glass on the coffee table and looked out of the window.After sometime Jimin noticed where you were staring off to and decided to take you out. You had been in the house for a day and a half almost, it was normal for you to want to go outside.

  Making sure he had a good grip on you, Jimin lifted your body up and walked through the door of your house.

“Sorry if I am heavy.”you said

“Heavy? You need to eat more I can’t even feel you.”he said “More importantly it’s cold outside.” he ran in the house with and placed a jacked around your body so you don’t get cold

  Jimin was looking for a good place to sit for awhile, until a lonely but lovely bench appeared out of nowhere. It was looking towards all the house and the big mountain behind them. He sat down with you in his lap, making sure you were warm and comfortable.

  Looking at the mountain you told him “I miss that place, I used to go there everyday and train with my grandfather.” you sighed

“You miss him a lot don’t you?”Jimin asked you

“Of course I do, but there is nothing I can do about it. I don’t know if he still lives there, normally he would have killed me if he knew I released a seal with out his permission” you explained to Jimin

“If he will get mad, why did you do it?” he pulled you closer 

“It was a risk I had to take and plus that I only removed one seal, no big deal.” you laughed 

“Is there something that can make you remove 2 seals?” Jimin asked you

“If something happens to you I would remove all 4 of them.”you looked at him “I was told that all seals are meant to protect the once you love.In this moment, you are the only one important to me.” you leaned your head to rest onto his chest

“If you end up like this and it is all my fault I will never forgive myself.I am not worthy of saving, if you have to get hurt in the process, if something happens just leave me and save yourself jagya. I would rather die that have you go through all of this again. It’s not like anything will change you know, everyone will find a new pack alpha and things will go on.”

  The blowing wind that had turned into music, which made the leaves dance in an astonishingly beautiful way, was starting to stop. Jimin’s words were like a instrument loosing a string during a performance.

  The music stopped and the leaves fell onto the ground ,with a loud sound accompanying their end. The sound vibrated through out the world around you, spreading itself in the air without any troubles. 

  Even if the wind was cold, it had stopped and wasn’t able to sooth the red patch that was forming onto Jimin’s cheek. Surprised, his eyes focused on you.The last leaf touched the ground hand in hand with a lonely tear, which had just left the warmth of your eye, cooling down in it’s travel.

“J-jagya…”he stuttered not being able to comprehend what just happened ,even if the throbbing pain on his cheek was evidence enough 

“Don’t even say that again…”you muttered under your nose “DON’T YOU DARE SAY THAT AGAIN!”you yelled out and the wind almost like obeying your words began blowing once more, playing a song filled with anger.

“I hate hearing bullshit Jimin! Everyone will be sad if you weren’t here, I would go to the ends of this world for you. If you jumped in a volcano, I would follow you.” another tear left your eye

  Jimin’s warm hand wiped it gently away, placing a kiss onto your forehead.His strong arms pulled you closer.

“I am sorry jagya. I promise that I will always stay with you, no matter what.” he covered your hands to make sure they were warm

  Maybe it was from the cold weather, or from the sudden emotions you felt, but they were cold as ice. You lifted one of them and placed your palm onto his cheek.

“I know they are cold, but bear with it a bit. It should help with what I caused you.” the feeling of cold onto his warm slap mark was soothing and nice”I am sorry I slapped you, I didn’t mean to do that.”you said

  Jimin’s hand traveled to his face, grabbing yours and pulling it to his lips. He started placing little butterfly kisses on it ,which made you giggle.

“It was my fault jagya. I was talking too much without thinking about how you felt.

  The sound of your cute and sweet voice echoed ,turning the angry song of the wind into a melody of love. The leaves had found a partner and were dancing happily to the now blossoming emotions.

  Jimin’s hand traveled to your body and he started tickling you all around.

“Jimin stop!”you laughed out

“Nope, I want to hear your cute voice more. It is a melody to my ears.”

  He continued teasing you. But once he stopped ,you were once more tight in his embrace. This day will be remembered by you two and the forest forever, until the world exists and eternity continues to create time. Even the mountains that were away could feel the love you had for each other, thanks to the sweet song the wind carried with itself.

I met my childhood heroes.

On November 11th at 4:00 pm, I met Henry winkler.

On the same day- at 5:30 pm. I met Tj Thyne.

These people may seem like nobody to you. But they shaped me into the person I am today.

My heart is fluttering still. But this happiness will never last.

I did not cry when I met them. I merely laughed.

Laughed at this coincidence.

This beautifully timed coincidence, where my thoughts were based on just giving up.

then I saw them.

And my first instinct was to be there with them. To feel their temporary presence.

To thank them.

Thank them for giving me a bit a better push up the steep hill I had just fallen down from.

Thank them for being the people I strive to become.

A successful actress, known by people of all ages. And a successful person, respected by many.

My heart goes out to my childhood heroes.

Guys I saw BTS live today. Namjoon did a speech in english just second after Jin said in korean that there were foreigners in the crowd tonight and went like Namjoon you should speak then. And I lost my shit. I so lost my shit. Namjoon was right in front of us, the only freaking foreigners STANDING in a crowd of Korean people who were SITTING. He looked right in front of him, to us, and said “Welcome to Korea”. I can fucking leave now and go back to Italy. My whole experience in this country is complete none of this shit was planned, nothing. This morning I woke up and my first worry was skipping class because of hangover and now here I am, with G-100 Olympic Concert VIP Passes on my nightstand and my Pyeongchang Olympic lightstick. VIP passes given for free by chance, pure fucking luck, 30 minutes before the concert starting. Just cause a security guard liked us and was happy we were foreigners who could speak Korean.

I saw Brian Kang doing orgasmic faces, Yeonjeong dancing cutely, Yoon Mirae, Bizzy and Tiger JK rapping in front of my salad. Fucking Exo was there and Kai did his solo Power dance beautifully I saw stars I was truly in wonder. BAP lit the shit up with Honeymoon and Wake Me Up. Yoongi was freaking small and his jawline was a masterpiece it was made by the gods. Guys, HE WAS SO FUCKING SMOLL. TINY. A tiny pocket mini rapper. I lost my bias so many times while he was dancing where is he who knows I don’t. Bitch kept hiding between Jimin and Jeongguk, sticking his head out in the middle of those two and going behind to smile and smirk. Jeongguk had such a great energy while dancing he is so tall, a.tower. So so tall and athletic. Hobi kept waving at fans and Jimin was so delicate and strong yet Delicate. A Flower. A Smol Pretty Flower. Jin was truly a model during DNA. His voice was perfect.Tae was a dork and so so lively a puppy. And Namjoon. I will never forget this. Namjoon has such a strong leading presence. You look at him, hear him talk and can’t help but think wow this guy is going places.

Jikook whispered on stage right in front of me. Tae and Jin got scared by the fireworks in front of me. Yoongi looked at us from behind when JK turned to him and Jimin to talk and tell him something, to tell him he had seen something. He looked at us and smiled.

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every time minhyuk chokes another member i lose a year off my life

u reminded me i have enough to make a compilation now thanks… 4/6 members down 2 more to complete the set :))))