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Black Coffee And Bad Pickup Lines; Chapter 2

Chapter 2: It Didn’t Mean Anything!

Moana ran down the high street a flustered mess. Before reaching her shop, she ducked into the small alley that ran down the side. She liked to think that, to any onlookers, she was a sophisticated young woman whom was simply late for work and was therefore ‘speed walking’. As she pressed herself up against the wall, however, Moana knew the cold truth; her hair was everywhere, her cheeks were flushed (from the running or the incident in the coffee shop, or maybe both, she wasn’t entirely sure) and- wait, was she sweating?

The hard, uneven brick wall digging into her back seemed to calm her, and Moana slowly exhaled the breath she didn’t know she had been holding. The coffee cup had been pressed up against her chest as she ran, cradled preciously in both hands. Eyeing it cautiously, she took a hesitant sip. Shit, it was good. Now she couldn’t use what she hoped would’ve been bad coffee as an excuse to never, EVER step foot in Lalotai again… or was it an excuse for her to return?

Moana shook off that train of thought before it left the metaphorical station. Her lunch break was almost over- she didn’t have time to get all worked up over infuriating baristas and their infuriating smirks. She collected herself before turning into the street, falling into step with the mob of people as if she hadn’t just been wildly hyperventilating in an alley.

Pushing through the set of glass double doors, Moana skirted around any customers and made her way back to the counter under the neon pink PLEASE PAY HERE sign. Fi gave her a smile upon her arrival, and she returned it easily, a comfortable silence washing over them as they worked the cash registers side by side. The rest of the day passed simply enough, but, even as she served countless clients, he was never far from her mind. Her brain was plagued by rolled up sleeves and spiralling tattoos, and sparkling eyes and brash laughs, a smooth overconfident voice swirling around in her head amidst the whirlpool of confusion and annoyance. But the end of her shift came sooner than expected. Moana reached out for her coffee, but the lightness of the cup revealed that there was none left. Frowning slightly, she moved to put it in the bin but-

Something kept her fingers clasped around the cardboard, her arm hovering above the trash awkwardly, unable to let go. Moana sucked in a breath, eyebrows furrowed, because why did she hesitate?

“Mo? …What’re you doing?” Moana snapped her head to her side to see Fi watching her suspiciously. Her forest green eyes flickered between Moana and the cup. Instinctively, she stretched her fingers over the writing, but they were too goddamn short. Her lofty co-worker’s eyes, like a freaking hawk, honed in on her stubby fingers pathetically trying to cover the black scrawl.  Fi made a small inquisitive sound and suddenly made a dart for the cup. Moana squealed, backing up quickly and tripping over a discarded cardboard box. She landed clumsily on her rear- and ohhhhhh man was that gonna hurt in the morning. She groaned slightly to herself as Fi triumphantly plucked the cup from her hands and squinted at the sharpie-marker imprinted on the side.

“Mo… is this.. is this a pickup line?”  

Moana sat up quickly, her face burning, “Wha- is that a pickup line?! Hahaaa whaaaat? I- cause I was- I didn’t- it’s not- erm,”

Fi chucked the cup half heartedly back to Moana, folding her arms across her chest and smirking down at her. She seemed all of a sudden so much taller than before, “That looks like a pickup line to me,”

“Well… I- ah- it might be?”

Fi grinned and sat down on the floor in front of her, still managing to make the action look effortlessly graceful as always, “Soooo… who’s the lucky guy?”

Lucky guy- Fi, it’s just a pickup line, we’re not getting married-,”

“Shut up and tell me about him,” she fixed Moana with a knowing look, and cut her off when she opened her mouth to retaliate, “And don’t you tell me it didn’t mean anything, because if it didn’t you wouldn’t have found it so hard to throw it away,”

Moana sighed. “Fine. He was exasperating, I’ve never met someone who I’ve took such an instant dislike to- don’t give me that look, I’m serious. He was annoying as all hell, I mean… he probably just wrote that to irritate me,”

Fi stared at her with an unreadable expression for a few beats, before picking herself up off the floor and patting Moana on the head patronisingly, “Bet you you’re back there within a week,”

“Wha- Fi- it didn’t mean anything!” Moana called after the tall brunette, but she was already on her way out. Speaking of leaving, she should probably think of heading out before the rush hour traffic. She hauled herself off the floor and flung the cup into the trash can in annoyance. She fetched her bag and coat from the back room and strutted towards the doors, but paused as her hand folded around the handle.

Moana snatched the cup out of the trash, tucking it into her bag before she left.

A/N: Wow… for my first proper fic, the reaction I’ve received from this has been amazing, thank you guys so much! Your comments make my week! I’m so glad you’ve took the time to read my story and enjoy it, so thank you all so much. ALSO, earlier today I saw that @debby-san has actually drawn some AMAZING fanart of Barista Maui, and it is seriously the coolest- go check it out, because everything about him is just as I’d imagined, right down to the freaking Lalotai lighting! Just a little filler for the moment, next chapter I PROMISE there WILL be some more Moaui.

Tyler Joseph Fic Part 4

This is the last part to my Tyler Joseph fic that I have yet to name, hope you guys enjoyed it xx. 

Christmas morning came and went in what felt like an instant.  Tyler always said the holiday should be a week-long event, because it always felt like a lot of hype and excitement that just ended way too suddenly.  

Tyler was starting to feel guilty for lying to his family, but at the same time, he couldn’t help but be grateful that he did. If he hadn’t spun the web about Y/N, the last few days wouldn’t have happened, and Tyler would have gone on continuing to stubbornly dislike her. Maybe Tyler would tell his family the truth in the future, but not today.

On Tyler and Y/N’s last day in Columbus, Josh called, inviting the two of them over for the afternoon.  When Tyler looked to Y/N for a yes or no, she nodded her head excitedly.

Despite how close by Josh lived, the two of them still opted to take Tyler’s car to avoid walking in the blistering cold.  

“I feel kinda bad that we barely saw him at the party,” Y/N admits.

“Oh don’t worry, Zach told me that he ended up leaving early.  Apparently he had plans with this girl named Debby,” He made air quotes around Debby’s name and chuckled.

“Wait,” she said, “What’s with the quotes?”

Tyler burst out laughing, “There’s absolutely no way,” he said, “Josh’s supposedly been seeing this girl for month and I’ve never met her. He showed me a picture of her one time,” he added with a shrug. “But I’m pretty sure it was just a selfie he stole off of some random model’s instagram account.”

Y/N let out an obnoxious snort, followed by a fit of laughter.  She covered her mouth with her hand and doubled over in the front seat.   Now that Tyler was giving her a second chance, he found that he thought pretty much everything about her was adorable, especially the things he once found annoying. Tyler used to roll his eyes at the stupid way she laughed, but now it seemed endearing and kinda funny.

“Maybe we should set him up with someone!” she suggested, face lighting up in excitement. “Does he prefer a specific type or is he flexible?  Because I know a friend of mine mentioned a friend of hers who—”

“No,” Tyler interrupted. “We aren’t setting him up with anyone. That’s how people end up with fake girlfriends in the first place.”

“Worked out okay for us, didn’t it though?” she asked. She winked at Tyler, but still looked anxious for affirmation, like she still wasn’t positive Tyler was actually giving her a second chance.

Tyler smiled at her. “I’d say so, yeah.”


The ride back to Chicago was much more enjoyable than the ride from.  Tyler thought it might have something to do with the fact that he no longer despised his passenger, but there was no telling for sure.  

Even though the ride was less dreadful, the two of them were both still exhausted by the time they pulled into the lot of the apartment building.  

They lugged their bags up the stairs in silence, only stopping when they got to Y/N’s door.  

“What a weird trip,” she said, smirking.

Tyler nodded in agreement.  It felt weird to be dropping her off at her door after spending the past three nights in the same room together.

“Thanks for inviting me though, I really did have a good time.”

Tyler nodded. “Yeah, anytime I guess,” he said awkwardly.   He wasn’t really sure what the protocol was for dropping your fake-girlfriend off at her door after a weekend spent together. “I guess I’ll see you around?”

She nods while opening her door.  

Tyler starts to walk towards his own door when she calls out to him.

“Hey Ty?”

“Hm?” he says, turning around instantly.

“Mark’s throwing this New Year’s party at his place.  I wasn’t going to go, but I thought with you, it might be fun.  Would you maybe want to go with me?”

Tyler smiles.  “It’s a date.”


The week flew by in a blur of work, sleep, and Tyler panicking about his first official date with Y/N.  He knew he shouldn’t be nervous.  He’d spent three entire days with her for Christ’s sake.  But this felt different.  

“What should I wear?” he asked Josh over the phone on the day of the party. “Maybe a sweater? Keep it casual?  Or maybe it’s a fancier party and I should dress up a bit?  Should I ask her?  Oh and should I bring a gift?  I bet other people are bringing gifts.”

“Tyler,” Josh sighed, “You need to relax.”

“I am relaxed Joshua,” he snaps.

“She invited me, you know?”

“What?” Tyler asks.

“Y/N invited me and Debby to the New Year’s party.”

“You and Debby?  It’s not even her party…”

“I know, that’s what I said.  But she told me she checked with that dude, what’s his name? Matt?”


“Right, Mark.  She checked with Mark and he said it was cool. She told me that she knew I was your best friend, and she wanted me to be there if it meant you’d have a good time.”

Tyler’s chest deflated a bit and he let out a heavy sigh.  

“She said that?”

Josh hums in response.  “She did.  She likes you man… A lot.  So just relax, okay?”

Tyler nods before his face breaks out into a huge grin, “Wait a minute… Are you coming to the party then?”

“That’s the plan.  As long as I can crash as your place.”

“And are you bringing Debby?” Tyler sneers.

“She’s going to see if she can get work off, but hopefully, yeah.”

“Can’t wait to meet her, bro,” Tyler says, his voice thick with sarcasm.  He still wasn’t convinced that she was real, but he didn’t comment any further.

When it came time for the party, Tyler texted Y/N, just to make sure she was ready.  Her response came moments later with her telling him to get his butt next door, respectfully.  He smiled at her intensity and grabbed his coat.  

He knocked an odd little rhythm on the door before stepping back.  He waited, bouncing lighting on his heels before he heard footsteps and an off voice call, “Coming!” from inside.  Suddenly, there were knots in his stomach again.

When Y/N opened the door, her face immediately broke out in an immense grin.

“Hey there,” he said, smiling back. “You look great.”  

He surveyed her outfit.  Simple.  Dark jeans and a black, knit sweater.  But he meant it.  She looked incredible.

“Thanks,” she said, closing the door behind her and clutching her purse to her chest.  “You ready to party?”

“I was born ready,” he snickered, extending his arm for her to take.  She side-eyed him, but willingly took his gesture.  

“It’s still strange— you showing affection when there’s no one around to impress.”

“Well, you never know when they might be watching,” Tyler teased as he led the way down the stairs and out of the building.  

Mark only lived a few blocks away, so the two of them decided it would probably be easier just to walk over.  There was a small dusting on the ground, but nothing that couldn’t be trudged through.

“I heard you invited Josh,” he says.

She looks up, looking guilty, “I hope you’re not mad.  I didn’t want to overstep— I just thought you might like it if he was there.”

Tyler waves his hand like he was swatting away her nonsense.  

“Good,” she says smiling at the ground, “I also kinda wanted to see if his girlfriend was real or not.”

Tyler laughs out loud, pleased with her deviance.  “I knew there was a reason I liked you.”

The party was already bustling with people by the time Tyler and Y/N arrived.  They saw the lights flashing from the outside window on their way in, and the noise only increased the closer that they got.

“Mark’s in media, he knows a lot of people,” she explains.

When they get to his door, Y/N doesn’t even knock before pushing her way inside.  

Tyler is initially speechless at the size of Mark’s apartment.  Even with the crowds of people hanging around, the place looked huge.  

“I should add that Mark’s very successful in media,” she says after taking one look at Tyler’s gawking face.

She takes his hand and drags him inside, right in the midst of the madness.

Tyler finds himself third wheeling most of the night.  Y/N knows, quite literally, everyone at the party.  She pulls Tyler around, introducing him to people above the loud music before dragging on to the next group.  He wonders if this was how she felt at his family party.  

“No fucking way—“ he says suddenly.  A puff of pink hair comes into view and Tyler nearly chokes once he sees the pretty blonde attached to his side.  

Tyler turns and nudges Y/N’s shoulder excitedly.  

When she catches wave of what he’s looking at her face lights up and she laughs.

“Holy shit!”  

The two of them make their way over to Josh and his date with smug looks plastered over their faces.  

“Josh!” Tyler calls, breaking free from the crowd and hugging him.

“Hey man,” Josh says, giving him a pat on the back.  Once they’re done, he moves in to hug Y/N.  He squeezes lightly before backing off and putting his arm around the girl.

“Tyler, Y/N, this is Debby… my girlfriend.”

Tyler wishes he could wipe the shit eating grin off from his face, but he can’t, so instead, he plays it off as just being over-friendly and rolls with it.

Tyler finds himself having more fun than he thought.  A few drinks and introductions later, and he’s started a beer pong game with Josh as his partner, versus two guys he barely knew.    

With only ten minutes until midnight and the New Year, Y/N sneaks up on Tyler and grabs his hand.

“Hey, come with me,” she says.

Tyler notices the bottle of wine in her hand and looks at her questionably.

“Where are you going?”

“Just common.”

Tyler lets her lead him across the room blindly.  He’s buzzed and happy and frankly, he’d follow her anywhere at this point.  

He stops in his tracks when she reaches the sliding door leading to Mark’s balcony and smirks.  

“Well? Are you coming?” she asks as she steps outside.  

The air is brisk, but when Tyler looks up at the sky, he gasps at how clear it is outside.  

“Look at the stars,” he mumbles, gazing at the thousands of shimmering speckles across the sky.  

“I thought you’d like that,” she whispers, passing him the bottle of wine.  

Tyler takes a swig and the two of them pass it back and forth, settling in on the ground with their legs dangling over the balcony and just staring up.  

Only when they hear the music die down inside and the countdown begin do they look back at each other.

“Ten!” they call from inside.

Tyler meets Y/N’s eyes.  


They were shining beautifully in the moonlight.


He feels the familiar butterflies return to their place in his stomach.


She’s smiling at him.  


It’s wide enough to make her eyes crinkle.  


He’d never seen laughter lines so sweet.


He’s anticipating what’s about to happen.


He bites his tongue.


He leans in.  


Tyler presses his lips to hers with intent.  He scoots himself closer so that he can cup her chin, where he strokes the skin softly with his thumb.  Their lips move in unison and he only vaguely hears the crowd cheering “Happy New Year!” in the back.  

When he finally pulls away, he can feel his cheeks growing red, but he immediately decides that he can just play that off as the cold’s fault.  

She smiles back at him sweetly and whispers, “Happy New Year, Tyler,” before turning to look back up at the stars.  

Tyler can’t help but stare at her instead, because man, she was so beautiful. And in all honesty, this time… he wanted to take his time figuring her out. There was still so much to learn about her, but he knew that something about them felt right.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked, eyeing him after clearly noticing him staring.

Tyler sighs softly, meeting her gaze and smiling softly, “You.”


What a tragic loss yesterday & today of mother and daughter actresses Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher. 

Neither of these are their most iconic or representative roles, but if I may take a moment to remember their spoopy contributions: this crowd probably knows Debbie best as Aggie Cromwell from Halloweentown, although she was a classic Hollywood actress with a huge filmography (you should see her in Singin’ in the Rain). And despite Star Wars being the most famous thing in the universe, I first saw Carrie and remember her best from her underappreciated performance in my favorite 80′s fun/spooky flick, The Burbs. Their wit and talent will be sorely missed and my prayers are with their family :(

Cast of Our Idiot Brother

Gallagher Garage: Chapter One

Ian fixes cars and Mickey races them, so it’s really not a surprise that they meet.

Chapter One (AO3)

Fiona swung open the heavy door from the shop and walked into the office, steel toed boots echoing on the ground as she wiped her oil and grease covered hands on her coveralls. Ian looked up from where he stood next to Lip at the desk and watched his sister grin when she saw the two of them together.

“I didn’t know you were coming in today,” Fiona said cheerfully, gesturing to Lip.

With the summer over and Lip’s classes starting up again, it was rare to see him at the Garage anymore. He would stop in sometimes to grab paperwork, go over the finances and make sure everything was still in order for them to function as a mostly legal business, but it was starting to become a less and less frequent event.

“Had some free time,” Lip answered, “And Debbie told me you got some government forms in the mail, figured I’d take a look at them.”

Fiona furrowed her brow and put her hands on her hips as she circled the desk, peering down at the pile of papers, “Anything we should be worried about?”

“Nah, it’s all pretty standard stuff, we’re good.”

“What’s up?” Ian interrupted.

It wasn’t often that Fiona left the shop if she could avoid it, she loved every second in there. Ian often envied that about Fiona, that she had her dream job just dropped into her lap and everything in her life fall into place. Of course, she hated it at first. Fourteen years old, already trying to take care of four siblings when Ginger died and passed the Gallagher Garage onto Frank and Monica (much to the chagrin of their cousin Patrick). Frank didn’t have a fucking clue how to run a business, nevermind manage money, and Monica was just as useless. Fiona had reluctantly stepped up, seeing an opportunity to keep everyone fed and clothed, but feeling completely out of her league. She didn’t do it alone though, Lip and Ian stood by her side and together the three of them struggled to make something out of the slowly failing business.

Everything snowballed from there.

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